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  1. rockgor

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    OK, Folks

    The welcome mat is out. Grab a chair and tell us what's going on with
    you today.

    Here is a joke for you. It comes with a quiz.

    What are you doing?
    Writing to my friend.
    You told me before that you didn't know how to write.
    No matter. My friend can't read.

    The question is, what is the subject matter of the above joke?


    As Ogden Nash put it,
    "I would live all my life in nonchalance and insouciance
    Were it not for making a living, which is rather a nouciance."

    Answer the above question with an essay of no more than fifty words,
    and send it with a box top (any box top) before the next full moon.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's gonna be 85 degrees out today and humid again. AACK!!! Tomorrow, it will only get to 77 as the cold front moves in. Sat. morning will only be in the 50's. Next week, however, summer temps in the mid-80's will return. In a way, it's nice because it's not as hot as summer is here in the 90's but I miss those lovely days of 70-degree temps. Tomorrow afternoon is sposda bring rain. Our landscapers have been out to mark the location of our plants and the edging we are having put down between a mulched area and the parking blacktop. For years, our mulch has washed away, bringing with it the topsoil. This should stop it. It would be great if they got to work today so the new plants could benefit from the rain.

    I want to make a run to Bealls with my new coupon. I need to start replacing some of my Capri pants with smaller ones. I lost another pound and am now down 29 pounds. It's sooooo close to 30 pounds lost. Only another 11 and I make my target of 40 pounds lost. I'm already getting excited about adding back in just a few carbs to try to rein in the weight loss. I figure I have about six pounds wiggle room to try to rein it in. I thought I'd feel better when I lost this weight but, if anything, I feel worse. My FMS pain is back and, as y'all know from my whining, I'm exhausted.

    Our bldg. looks all nice and clean since I swept it yesterday and cleaned the tops of the railings. Asst. mgr. is sending the pressure cleaning guy back out to do a small area on the sidewalk he missed. The pest guy is also coming out to try to get rid of our ant problem. There must be a nest of them just outside the downstairs bedroom window. Or, they are coming from our pool next door.

    Sun, I hope you get over that bug before Christmas. I also hope you have a wonderful time with your family. We will be anxious to hear how it all went when you get back.

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and running. I'm sorry I missed the fact that we had gotten to 30 posts on the last Porch. My mat is out and so are my chairs. Y'all stop by. My mat reads, Wipe Your Paws, and has paw prints on it. Those of you who are freezing can warm up here next week when it's back up into the 80's. I had to look up 'insouciance' to be sure it means what I thought it does. It is derived from the French word, soucier, which means to trouble or bother. So, by adding the prefix, 'in', it means not to be bothered or troubled; i.e., nonchalance.

    First, it is a funny joke but, as you suggest, there is more to it than meets the eye. I assume there is no one correct answer to the quiz but rather what deeper meaning it has for each of us. Some friendships go beyond needing to chit chat or write to one another. My love for my soul-mate friend, Richard, is like that. We don't need to write or share every little aspect of our lives with one another. I think of him and what he might make of what's going on in my life and vice-versa. When we do talk, it's like we've been together all along. So, even if I couldn't write and he couldn't read, we'd not miss a beat.

    You really didn't think I could answer this in 50 words or less, did you? Enclosed is my Ovaltine box top but I also want the secret decoder ring. Maybe it can help decode the craziness which is my life right now. Oy!!! What are you and Gordon doing for Christmas? If this keeps up, I may go to the pool.

    OK, Porchies, I'm a bit late getting going so will bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: I'm "knee deep" inside my dictionary! Needed to look up insoucience myself....but still can't quite get my brain around it, though I'm sure I'll think on it as the day goes by.

    So since you love these word games or rhymes, etc. here's a list of something to work on today. Maybe a poem?

    palaver (seems to me this word is used in in a song in Les Miserable?)

    Mikie: what do you think Barb will say when she comes back to the new landscaping? I'm sure your new outdoor area will be gorgeous. I hope you will take some before and after pics.

    And you can play along with Rock with these words too.

    I've been up since 4 this morning.....pain everywhere, so I make coffee to help kick start the ibuprofen but after almost 1 1/2 hrs. it ain't workin.

    I've been putting out clothes for the trip, plus all my important "comfort" stuff, and a few snack goodies for christmas in the islands, but I'm thinking I'm getting too much (don't want to pay and over limits on the weight charge) so I'm going to rethink everything. And since it's COLD here in calif, and we're leaving at 5:45 in the morning for LAX I'm wondering what to take to keep warm, since getting off the plane it will be hot.

    Julie: This will also be a different christmas for you too, not having all your little ones around you. Your dream obviously is you thinking that they might forget you, but just put it out of your mind. And that's great that David has found the perfect place for him.

    Spring: I'm totally amazed at the cost of weddings and that they're still expected by guests despite the rationing.
    And is that $200 a person in U.S. currency? When my son and DIL were married her mother HAD to have things her way, said she would be paying for a lot of it, so she convinced them to do it up grandly, then after things had been approved, she suddenly backed out of it, saying an uncle had died so she had to pay for that instead. My son and DIL had to pay for almost everything themselves, even when all they had wanted was a small simple wedding. But this was all because my DIL has a large family and her mother wanted to impress.
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    Hi Kids

    Here ya go, Sun.

    Each month you'll find it paramount
    That you review your bank account.

    My neighbor is one to drop by and palaver.
    But all it amounts to is noise and some blather.

    The parasitic tape worm
    Made the students gasp and squirm.

    Who else could pen a poem so lyric
    To match his graveside panegyric?

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Taking sunscreen?

  5. sunflowergirl

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  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Home again, home again, jigity jig! Couldn't decide whether to put one 'g' or two in jigity but, since it isn't a word, it doesn't matter. It's crazy out there but couldn't get started earlier. I stayed out to talk to the landscaping supervisor and stayed long enough to see one side planted. Then, my friend, Nancy, came walking by with her dog, Chewy, so, of course, I had to chat for a bit with them. Then, I came inside to shower and do my hair. I was just ready to leave when Joe stopped over and sat and chatted, which is a bit unusual for him. He is baffled by Barb's behavior but both of us consider her a friend so wish her no ill. I told him I cannot be close to her again because this just keeps on happening. He kinda laughs it off but he doesn't have to live next to her. He said if she asks, he will tell her the landscaping is beautiful. Oy!

    Well, the landscaping is beautiful. It turned out more lovely than I had imagined. The red shrimp bushes are larger than anyone expected so they make a beautiful backdrop in the little area. The smaller bushes in the middle are very green and will bloom with pretty bright yellow flowers. The dwarf ixoras along the front sidewalk are blooming with bright pinkish orange flowers. Our large terra cotta olla pots sit in the middle of the ixoras and I'll be looking for some flowers in purple to put in them. Along the intersecting sidewalks, there are blue plumbagos in bloom. There is new mulch where everything was planted. It is so new and clean looking. I'm very happy. If Barb isn't happy when she sees it, it's her problem. Joe agreed that it was a good thing to do since we can afford it. He is disgusted at the condition in the pool since I left the board. It is dirty and unkempt because this board only has three members who live here and one of them isn't with it. He's on a mission to go complain to the mgr.

    I found a pair of black tailored pants at Bealls. They are shorter than Capris and longer than Bermudas, about knee length. I got a 12 but they are roomy. I don't think I'll buy more until I know what size bod I end up with. I'm thinkin' size 10 and, if that's where I end up, these pants will be even roomier but not falling off of me like the 14's. I think I'll be taking up my casual pants I wear around the house. I can't afford a whole new everyday wardrobe. I ended up getting the new pants for $17. The price tag read $38. Not bad! Those coupons really help. The lines were long and people were sneezing and coughing so I hope I didn't catch anything. Traffic was getting bad too. I'll get an earlier start next time I go out. My back was killing me so came home without going to Publix. That's for tomorrow. Bealls was playing the original "Christmas Island Song" from the 40's by the Andrews Sisters with Guy Lombardo's band. I just love music from the WWII Era.

    Sun, them's some high falutin' words. Only Rock could do them justice. Traveling to a hot area, and back again, presents problems in what to wear for travel. One year, before I moved here, Mom and I vacationed here and returned to CO. I wore shorts on the plane but, when we returned home, there was a blizzard. Yikes! Good thing I had some sweats in my carry on to slip into. Mom thought that was funny. I hope you have a really good time. It's too late for before pix but I'll take some after ones. The area is confined so I won't be able to get it all in one. I hope your pain is gone. A little dark chocolate also helps the pain meds to work. Nice part is that, even though you feel crappy, you get to eat chocolate. Like my DD#2, I'm always looking for the silver lining.

    Oh, Julie, it seems as though your whole life is catering to GPA and his needs right now. I'm sorry your Dad is having some issues with his dementia. Does he have some bad days and some good ones? I hope he gets some good ones. I also hope his foot heals. I especially hope you can get some rest and enjoy Christmas. I know it must feel as though you are caught in an avalanche and it's just carrying you along at a fierce pace. I almost think 27 degrees would be welcome. We are soooo sick of this hot 'n humid weather. I'm looking forward to some days in the 70's before it's hot again. I guess we always want what we don't have.

    Rock, our resident poet and intellectual, you did yourself proud again. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and expanding our knowledge. You also entertain us. A true all-round man! I enjoyed your post on the Homebound Forum too. Come back when you can sit a spell.

    My computer is running a scan because it's infected with malware. I had better go check it out.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Grief!!! I've spent all this time trying to fix my computer. I tried to do a system restore but it didn't seem to want to work. I removed the battery and restarted it and it seems to have gotten rid of the pop-up malware which had messed it up. There is more of this kind of virus hitting computers now. The pop up stated that my computer had malware and gave me an 800 phone no. to call. If I had called it, they would have told me to let them take over my computer. Then, they would have phished for info to steal my ID. It appears to be fixed but I hate having to spend all this time fixing what some crook messed up!

    OK, gonna go check out Sun's website now.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - I think something tried to happen to my computer some time ago. It is a good thing that we didn't call that number. You should be exhausted from all that shopping. Went to the dentist today. a periodontal cleaning. Whoopie !!! Hope you can get your computer to work right after all this. I know mine was locked for a time and I was having problems but we did all kinds of stuff to it and it was finally OK. Crazy people who love to cause havoc to others - ridiculous.

    SUN an ROCK - Thanks or that adorable little drummer. He sure had that natural talent. Wonder what his dad does for a living and his mom too. Just popped on for a minute. so much to do. I need to go now and take a shower and do the awful hair project again !! AAACCCKKK !!!

    JULIE - Sorry about all the problems with your dad and Gpa . I saw some of this on FB. I know how sad it is to see your dad have to go through this and Den's Dad too. Tomorrow is another busy day and then off to another K of C party.

    We had a nice time and a yummy dinner last night at a lovely place that had specials at their CC on this night. It was all delicious and I ate everything including what I shouldn't have eaten and I enjoyed every bit of it including the wine :)!!

    More later.

    Love to awl,
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oops! Forgot to post my response to word number five.

    The Rustlers Are in Trouble Now

    The proceeds from the ranch are paltry.
    Cried the owner, "Call Gene Autry."

    BTW, did you know Gene Autry is the only entertainer to have five
    stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has a star in each
    category: Movies, Radio, Recordings, TV, Live Performance. I
    saw him in the Gene Autry Rodeo when I was ten years old. He
    and Champion the Wonder Horse looked great!


    I don't know what's going on with the computer. It keeps changing its
    tactics. Just tried to post some pics on the Homebound board. It
    wouldn't work. Now it's working here.

    And sometimes when I search for info I get tangled up with a search
    engine labeled "ASK" which is hopeless. It can't find anything. And on
    my last post the font kept throwing itself into bold type. Granni
    has also been having font problems. Well, maybe everydobby has.

    Frustration, thy name is computer user. (That's almost a quote
    from Hamlet.)

    See ya tomorrow, Kids.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I woke at 3:00 this morning, unable to go back to sleep. I had six hours of sleep so decided to get up and have breakfast. My tummy was growling. If it gets loud enough, Sir Vester will answer it with his own little low cooing noises. I see Joe's lights on; he must be getting ready to go fishing.

    So far, knocking on wood, the computer seems to be fixed. It is working better than ever. Again, knocking on wood.

    Computers make us tear our hair
    We are in want,
    Of a controllable font,
    Doesn't that seem fair?

    My fingers dance across the keys
    They stop,
    They go,
    Typing's a breeze.

    Then, suddenly out of nowhere
    The page is blank,
    I must be frank,
    I'm spitting in the air.

    I curse, I hiss
    Oh, why me,
    Wouldn't you agree,
    I don't deserve all this.

    I'm not alone
    My friends all suffer,
    While we wait for the buffer,
    As I moan and groan.

    A poet I ain't!

    Granni, I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner. I'm also glad your computer is back to normal. So many people fall prey to those scammers who lock up their computers. All they have to do is infect them with the malware and sit and wait for the phone calls to come in. Probably in some third-world hell hole country. Doesn't it feel good to have freshly cleaned teeth? My lower front teeth now stain so bad from coffee that, even with extra brushing, they discolor rapidly. I think I'll get some white strips just for those teeth. Hope you're not too busy to enjoy the season.

    Rock, when I was a kid, I had such a crush on Gene Autry. He was handsome, could ride a horse and sing. What more could a woman want? I didn't know he had five stars. Interesting! I never want to go to It's a mess. Every time you click on it, it sends you to another search. You wind up in search hell, never getting to a web site for what you want. The more websites you enter, the greater the chance of picking up malware. AACK!!! My computer is running a scan and it will be interesting to see what it finds. Nothing, I hope! Like the scan on my head; it showed nothing. Bada bing...

    I'm outta stuff to type so will see y'all later. Have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
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  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well, things seem a little slow around here.

    I've just finished my work- washing dishes and shaving. The last was an ordeal because I hadn't shaved in a week. But we were having water problems again and had to have a crew out to find out what was going on. It turned out that the pressure bag in the pump had ruptured and had to be replaced. Yay, it works again. Now for the bill ! $$$ :eek:.

    Raining hard today, dreary and grey, no nrg to play....not much to say....

    Richard made a wonderful split pea soup yesterday. Such comfort food for this time of year. He also makes a fine lentil soup. I used to cook a lot. The house is packed with cook-books, from English, French, Chinese (masses), and lots of other cuisines. Julia Child and Elizabeth David are there too. I have an old (covers missing) book on British cooking during the last world war. It has many interesting recipes in it --- how to cook a sheep's head, etc. I got this from my mum. I guess that is one of the reasons I like offal, like tripe, kidneys, sweatbreads, etc. Never cared for brains much, not even my own.

    Rock, you have seen so many famous people! I have only seen Eartha Kitt, Jim Morrisson (the Doors), and Janis Joplin ( smoked a joint with her), and that's all. Yeah, I was a hippie! I took LSD before it became illegal. That shows how old I is! ;)

    Over for now,
    Hope to hear from some more of our MIA's.
    Love to All,

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  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: this pic. is for this a Merrick?

    Mikie: good job on the poem. Writing is hard work and you did good.

    Barry: You smoked with Janis? How did that come about?

    Yesterday was AWFUL......still trying to get over the bug, so I went to the fabric store and bought some really heavy, really nice velour fabric for a long shawl that's so popular right now. I spent about 2 hrs. doing a blanket stitch with yarn on the edges, and I realized my eyes were burning, not my eyeballs but around them. Looked in the mirror and saw they were all red and swollen and yes my eyes were also bloodshot. So I went thru in my head what a doctor would HAD to be the fabric. I stopped at that point and tossed it into the washer for 2 wash cycles. My eyes look much better today, thank goodness. Sometimes when I walk into a fabric store I'm assaulted from the dyes in the fabrics. I'm down to the wire for vacation, still fighting a bug, still dealing with a lot of back/neck pain but I'm plodding on.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We just got back from the library. Picked up 16 books. Took me 3 trips to
    carry them up the stairs to the library (aka the storage room). And even
    after that there were still four large, heavy books downstairs. All cooking
    books. The biggest and fattest was by Marthla. There were two by Julia.
    Gordon says he will schlep them himself.

    Mikie, very creative. But I disagree with "A poet I ain't." You and I are
    both poets. We're just not great poets. Attempting something encourages
    us to appreciate the folks who can do it well. I remember in High School
    we had to write a sonnet. I don't remember the exact rules, but it must be
    14 lines and they are divided into 2 parts and so many syllables per line.
    I didn't get anywhere with that assignment, and neither did anyone else.

    Glad to hear the landscaping turned out well. I remember our neighbors
    at the old place had shrimp bushes. I asked them for the name. Was told,
    "We dunno. We just call 'em the shrimp bushes."

    I found a name and a pic. There are a couple spellings of the Latin name:
    justicia brandegeana.


    Barry, do you have this plant in jolly old England? No doubt it has some
    quaint name like Aunt Susie's Knickers. Yes, I have seen lots of show
    biz folks on stage. That's because I was an user for 7-8 years. I did
    see Ertha Kitt some years back in a production of Kismet. It was an all
    black cast, and everybody was fit and slim and beautiful except for
    the Grand Wazir who is always played by someone with an Oliver
    Hardy build.

    In the 60s I ushered for a production of Kismet starring Kathryn
    Grayson. Twenty some years later the actor who played the
    Wazir was a member of the bridge club 3 friends and I started.
    He was in several Broadway musicals including the original
    Camelot with Richard B. and Julie A.

    Sorry you're feeling dreary and gray. All I can say is, "Don't be sad
    and gray, Son."

    Hugs everydobby
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  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    uh....Rock......I think you meant you were an USHER rather than a USER! I'm sitting here chuckling at your faux pas, since Barry just said he had smoked a joint with Janice.......unless of course that's what you meant????? Tee Hee.

    I have a shrimp plant bush....only mine is more of an orange rather than the pretty coral color in the pic. So easy to start.....just stick a branch in the ground and in about a month, voila.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Sun

    As always you are correct. I meant "usher" as in "The Fall of the House of
    Same" by Edgar Allan Poe. Proofreading is difficult in the best of times and
    really difficult with a crippled mind. Looks like we were doing you know
    what at the same time. Did you post a picture? I posted some recently
    that evaporated.

    Glad to hear your eyes are better. Who would have thought a fabric
    store would be a hazardous place. By a strange kawinkydink, Gordon
    went to Jo-Ann, the fabric store today. I was going to post that.
    Then I wondered if it was a big chain that people would know about.
    When I went to the Jo-Anne site, I was informed that the nearest store
    to me is in Mission Viejo. But Mission Viejo is over 50 mile South of
    me. There are umpteen closer stores.

    Couple weeks ago I clicked on "Local Weather". Got the info for
    Mission Viejo. I don't know where the computer gets these
    weird notions. Several years ago when I would go to the weather
    channel I would get weather from other states; even other countries.
    Maybe the computer thought I moved a lot.

    About 20 years ago Jo-Ann used to be right across the street from my
    office. And it's regional office was in the same building as our
    office. I had a slight run in with one of its employees. Even though
    the parking spaces for the office building had signs, one of their
    employees parked in our territory behind my car. So I couldn't
    get out. And in view of my CFS and what not, I only worked half

    To further complicate the problem, the guilty party did not have
    the appropriate sign hanging from her mirror indicating that she
    worked in the building. Anyhoo, I couldn't go home when I wanted
    to so I took a nap. Five hours later most people were going home
    from work. So I concluded the car had been abandoned and had it
    towed. For some reason the lady who owned the car was a bit
    annoyed with me.

    Here's a couple jokes, Folks. Sent to me by my brother the deputy
    sheriff, ret.

    Eye doctor: Have your eyes ever been checked? Ole: Nah, dey alvays
    bin blue.

    My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    No need for the A/C this morning and not likiely to be needed the rest of the day. It's 59 degrees out right now. The kitties have been wild and frisky, running around and making all kinds of strange sounds. Good thing I fell asleep pretty early last night because they were up and at it by 4:30 a.m. I still have a lot of work to do in the condo so hope that this cooler weather will make me frisky, but not wild. My wild days are over.

    I watched the tribute to Frank Sinatra last night from Lincoln Center. There were Broadway stars singing his songs. Well, Broadway stars do not possess the voices nor style to do the songs justice and it felt anything like Sinatra. If they really wanted to pay tribute, they should have had Harry Connick, Jr. or even the teenager, Ethan Botnik. One of the singers wore a tux which looked like it was left over from his prom in the 70's. Yikes!!! Scary! That said, however, the dancers and choreography were excellent as were their costumes. Very Rat Packy.

    Barry, glad you got the pump fixed. We had some gray days and, after a few of them in a row, I got to feeling low. Soup sounds good but I'll pass on the organs. AAACCCKKK!!!

    Sun, when I go shopping, I often have sudden onset of allergies, especially near the racks of clothing which have just come in. Several clerks at Bealls tell me the same thing. Manufacturers often spray the clothing with chemicals to keep them from wrinkling in transit. Some people break out in rashes if they don't wash the clothing before wearing. Yikes! I've sent up a little prayer that you get everything done for your trip, that you feel better and that you have a wonderful time.

    Rock, yes, that is the shrimp plant. Ours look just like that. They can be kept cut to a nice bushy height. It appears from the pic that they can be trained to become trees, like bougainvilla (I probably misspelled that). I am still looking for something purple which can be placed in the olla pots in front by the pinky/orange ixoras. Yesterday, I went to Lowe's and got one of those philodendrons which put out new red leaves that turn to orange and then to green. I had to go to Home Depot to get a pot like the one we have under our stairwell. This one is for the other side of the bldg. Leisa, who lives over there, called me ecstatic over the new look and all the new plants. Unfortunately, she often leaves her junk outside her door and it looks awful. Right now, there are two paint rollers. It started to rain while I was out and I didn't want to get soil for the pots, and couldn't find purple plants, so came home. I'll have to go back.

    When people go from libraries to homes, they have to schweat and schlep their tomes. Ooh, ooh, I'm drooling from saying all those "sch" words. A good thing for someone with Sjogren's. I'm a person who moves my lips when I read and type. For some unknown reason, people often equate this with being dim-witted but my IQ says otherwise or, at least, it did. I'm sure I have shed many IQ points since I got sick. For some reason, if I move my lips or read out loud, the material seems to stick with me better. We have Joann's and Michael's stores here. I looooove to browse in them but don't need any more knicky-knacky things. Hobby Lobby has all kinds of temptations for home d├ęcor. You know what an easy sell I am when it comes to feathering my nest. I haven't decorated for Christmas this year 'cept for the Christmas wreath on my door. In keeping with good Feng Shui, I try to keep a clean, welcoming front door.

    I'm off to read the paper. Hoping all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    That's really a great verse you inked.
    It says it all; yet it's succinct.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - i liked your apt.

    Rock - so many cookbooks! Oh, this reminds me of Masterchef Australia..a 21 year old Chinese
    boy reached the last four before losing out..but what a kid! Reynold. They immigrated from some Asian country and his mum had to leave the two boys at home while she tried to make a living..and he spent his time trying out his mums recipes and found he loved cooking. I thought maybe Gordon looked like him when he was young.


    sorry the pic is so large i dont know how to make it smaller.

    from his behaviour i thought he might be an old soul, wise for his years and quiet and dignified.

    i think ive read the world insouciance in Tom means cheeky, doesnt it? Tom was a cheeky lil fella. i laughed so hard reading about how Tom fell in love with Becky Thatcher, his antics were exactly what went on in our school..well, i suppose all schools. what a beautiful time..oh and how far away. sigh..I am feeling my if i got infatuated with a guy, and he with me, (hypothetical, now dont start laughing at me)i dont think i would hv the energy to do anything but make eyes at my object of interest. and then rest after that effort.

    Sun - i get palpitations in the meat section of supermarkets..i too try and wash any new clothing i buy. yes, i meant USD..per head..of course that is the highest, the costs do taper down..but i would still think even the least costly would kind of be heavy on the pocket considering our payscales and the economy. but they still manage. a wedding is not to be denied to the folks here.

    Julie - i myself am amazed at what what you manage to do..considering everything..taking care of two elderly people who are needing attention at the same time. i dont consider what i do, really doing much..i just about am keeping my head above water. i might cook but then there is so much undone and no energy left over to do those..but i know what im i cut myself a lot of slack..and give myself half an hour to wallow in self pity and dark thoughts..then i just rest and read or something..till i can make myself move..but ..what a way to live..i dont even pray for a better next life..i pray to be delivered from life cycles..who is to guarantee my next lifetime would be that of the average normal persons even, devoid of thorny paths and quicksand and a constant struggle.

    Barry - i saw a video on Janis Joplin ages ago when i was in school, those it true she dropped dead while performing? aah it was the time paul mccartney had his Band on the Run audio cassette out. i had an uncle who was addicted to music. and we got all his hand me down audio cassettes and a lovely glass encased gramophone player..its how i learnt of sonny n cher, hermans hermits, kc and the sunshine flooding back.

    well, its cold again, tho warm in the afternoon. my part time help came shivering in the morning, she had bathed in cold water...and hennaed her hair. and put on make up and
    new clothes..someone had given her four tickets to a movie and she was going to make an outing of it.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)Almost good afternoon to awl and still in my jammies,

    I need to get off here as I have been checking my mail, etc. since I haven't been on here for awhile. Have been busy or DH has been on the computer. Another busy week coming up. Went to a K of C party last night that was very nice and I ate all the wrong stuff but didn't have much choice on the entrees. So I just ate it. However I did also eat some dessert, a brownie and have of apple pie , apiece not the whole pie :)!.

    Haven't read everyone's post so I can't post about them. Not sure if I mentioned that we bought anew car - a Toyota Highlander with all the gadgets of most of them, we didn't get the highest package though just what came on the Limited. Now we are very broke. Went to the ND yesterday. She saw a little improvement I think but am healing very slowly and thinks he reason is my low iron. . She is also putting me on a natural iron supp I forget the name and I haven't bought it yet. Also gave me another drink to take 2-3 x a day to sup for the glutathione that is so expensive..

    After coming out of the ND's office and buying some stuff the car would not start up so DH and DSILK helped to to start it and get it to the dealer to get a new battery - ugh !! Glad that I was not to far away from home and it was daytime and not raining.
    BARRY - Would love the recipe for the lentil and green pea soup that Gordon makes. I have recipes in an old book that belonged to DH's mom. I need to get busy and need to do some home made soup recipes but it all takes time to do . Oh but it is so good to eat. I have the ham bone and some left over ham so that would be good in it. We both go to the reg doc on Monday for our yearly checkup. That should be interesting. I will not be able to line dance or go eat afterwards due to the appts. and cleaning lady coming too,

    Thinking of all you wonderful Porchies. I need to go to the restroom and also get dress for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I wanted to start a new post and CAN'T FIND WHERE YOU DO IT NOW.

    Mikie: HELP

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