The Porchlight Vol. 857 is CLOSED

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  1. rockgor

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    Rosin on the Bow and Here We Go.

    Honor your partner. Curtsy and bow.
    Now grab your partner. Show 'em how.

    Circle the ring. Go twice around.
    Hear that fiddle play a happy sound.

    Ladies cross. Then back in place.
    Circle left till you reach home space.

    Allemande right with the old right hand.
    Listen to the sound of the Peterson band.

    Cross and back and form a star.
    Once more around. Don't go too far.

    Now all go home. One last spin.
    In 15 minutes we'll start again.

    Uff-da! I need some of that lemonade after all that.



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  2. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Kitties got me up at 4:30 but I was ready. Ate two scrambled eggs and three strips of bacon, plus a nice cuppa joe. Mmmmmm! Then, I came straight to the porch. I was excited to see so many posts. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm up to responding to each of you. I worked outside in the cold yesterday and, last night, I had the worst FMS pain that I've had in years. I went to bed early.

    Rock, thank you for getting us up and going again. You seem to be stuck in the place where I was not long ago, always where a new Porch was needed. I posted a "Closed" sign on the last two.

    It's good I am so very terse,
    Cause all I seem to do is curse!

    Love, Mikie
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon awl !!!! I should be doing some work around here and finishing up some of the Christmas stuff but here I am. Just went to church , came home and ate lunch. Cleaned up the dishes and here I am again . Trying to make up for all the time I have been MIA from the Porch and PH lately.

    MIKIE - Sorry that you have been feeling so badly with the FMS pain and all. I understand that and it isn't any fun.. However, it seems like I have it most of the time, at least that it is what it seems like to me. Hope you get to feeling better soon . However, I don't think all that extra work you have been doing inside and out have not be helpful in that regard. BTW, I also like your little terse verse :)! LOL

    ROCK - Thanks for square dance call, the pics as well as open up the porch again for us. Those pictures bring back fond memories and I wouldn't mind going back and just doing the regular square dancing. It was fun and good exercise. DH wanted to go on with the advanced which was way into Houston but that surely got to be a big drag ( the drive, that is).

    BARRY and DIANE - Was there a recipe of the soups posted anywhere. If so I didn't see them? If BARRY posted them to DIANE could you send it to me DIANE????

    Speaking of seafood feasts and the pickled herring.

    DIANE - Are WE invited too to your seafood feast ??? We always had that for years for New Years an love it. Not sure if we will get it this year . It isn't to cheap and we are waiting for our new Sams card to arrive hopefully this week. DH is lost without it and is having a Sams withdrawal :)!!! That home made pizza sounds yummy too.

    JULIE - Hope you are doing OK and the Gpas
    Hawaii . How exciting that must be. I would so love to be there. I could leave DH and go with someone else willing to go there for awhile. Need some more heat and sunshine. It is supposed to warm up for the holidays. I have just felt so cold lately even when the weather is not that bad or at least for other people. Yesterday we went to a lovely 65th wedding anniversary party for friends and were seated close to the door which not helpful but glad I had a heavy jacket on. Others who wore light sweaters were pretty chilly, at least those at our table. The food was yummy and it was a very nice affair. Hard to hear way in the back of the hall sometimes when they were speaking but it was a lovely gathering.

    Gotta run for now and think of more stuff I need to finish. Now if someone gives me some more money I will be set.

    A dr. apt tomorrow for the both of us, our yearly one. Then have to get to cleaning the house. I need to leave for now. Try to pop in tomorrow. No more singing practices tomorrow or wed for me. Will try and pop in tomorrow.

    Love to all,
  4. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All! Shall I once again say it is dreary and grey? Because it sure is. Flood alerts all around us, worse to come during the next two days; snow on the roads going east over the coast range to the central valley (where we never go.)

    Shorty doesn't like the rain. I have been playing with him in the house with his rubber squeaky duck until I am exhausted. He wants to pull the pop-out eyes out. He throws it over his back and races back and forth yipping and having a jolly good time. Slinky cat just sleeps. Well, she has been out all night (her choice) and has probably been chasing mice all night. She does have a crate with bedding under the house that she can rest in between mice.

    Rock, I don't know who Roseanne is, . Richard just told me that they had a sit-com. Never saw it. R is an I Love Lucy fan. Also Brit. comedies like Black Adder, Waiting for God, Fawlty Towers, Keeping up Appearances, and Are You Being Served. And others. We did like Mama's Family, and a few other Yank comedies, but I'm not going to stretch this out any more.....

    Granni, we discussed pea soup on the last porch. You can find the variations there under my, Diane's, and Sun's posts. (by the way Sun, I've never heard of liquid smoke. Sounds voodoo to me). :p

    Gonna do a few (very few!) chores, have some soup for lunch, then lie down for a nice read/nap.
    Best Wishes to All.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Barry - I need to check out the last porch for the soup info. to see if there is anything new I need to add to my soup. I already do use bones and ham if I have it. OH yes, I used to use Liquid Smoke all the time especially for making smoked BBQ brisket in the oven. You weather sounds similar to ours but no rain just dreary looking and a lot warmer I am sue even though I have felt especially cold the past few days. I am so cold natured !!! Not good for people with FM. I am ssssooo achy too.

    Gotta run for now. Making roast beef in the oven something I haven't done in years. Need to use up the stuff in the freezer.

    Hugz tyo all,
    Granni :)
  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: look for a bottle of liquid smoke around where worcestershire sauce is kept. That's another ingredient I can't live without, adding it to soups, stews, chili, whatever. And the liquid smoke.......a drop or two is usually all you need, because it's strong.

    Granni: I've been meaning to ask......did the naturpath doctor order labs? I think it would be best before adding iron, etc. if she's just going by her hunch.

    I read this today about a pretty good lab test concerning cancer.

    I'm busy with last minute things I needed. Ran to CVS, sewed on some velcro to a large vinyl bag I'm using as my "purse", which will hold a lot, but still have a large soft bag for carryon. My suitcase I had to pack in stages in the back of the van since I can't lift much weight. I'm leaving in a little bit.

    Hope everyone has a blessed holiday.
  7. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Up early with the cats. I came home from the party yesterday and just crashed so I got lots of rest. My chunky gold jewelry, black leggings and big white shirt were the hit of the party. Very Elaine Stritchesque. One man, who is a friend in the hood, didn't recognize me at first. I just laughed; I don't dress up much around here cause I'm always doing some kind of work. Also, he may have been two sheets to the wind. He lost his son last year. So sad; it broke my heart. My neighbors downstairs, who just lost their son to cancer, arrived in time to have some food. They had been driving all day and were exhausted. Very good to see them. Another man and his daughter were there; they lost their wife/mother to cancer last year. She is the one who gave me the orchids. So many really nice neighbors were there. It's always good to remember that I am surrounded by good, loving friends.

    My dear old friend was there. He still seems quite frail and I worry about him. I'm taking him to the airport tomorrow to catch his flight to Chicago for Christmas. He has a new great grandson. We women are gonna try to get back into working out in the pool this morning. It's been too cold, cloudy and rainy to go for about a week. It'll be in the mid-80's for the foreseeable future, including Christmas Day. I'll likely go to the pool on Christmas. I still have 10 lbs. to lose and I need to be working my heart and lungs. I wish it were cooler but, at least, steady warm temps keep the FMS flares from crippling me. It was the up and down barometric pressure which did me in recently.

    The woman, her daughter and her friend always fix wonderful food for their parties. She used to do brunch but now starts at 2:00. Lots of good things, including deviled eggs, shrimp and crab salad on little biscuits. They are the same ones served at Red Lobster. I had a few ounces of white wine. There were Martinis at the daughter's condo downstairs. I never liked them until I started drinking hers. Yesterday, she served peppermint Martinis. Yummmm! She is a beautiful woman who has MS. She runs all the time and her symptoms are in remission. She also has FMS as does her Mom. Mom has been in a lot of pain recently too.

    Granni, I'm sorry you have this pain nonstop. I think I've learned to live with it until I have a relapse and it is too much to ignore. The peptide injections, which I had thought were my salvation, no longer seem to work or, at least, don't work well enough. They do, however, seem to stop the dry mouth and dry eyes associated with the Sjorgen's. I'm glad you have a few days free from practice. Still, you are one busy mama! Hope your yearly doc appt. goes well. My doc's office will call me next mo. to schedule the labs and annual visit. When I was in 6th grade, the schools had Sat. programs. One was learning dances which were part of our history. I loved the sq. dancing. We got pretty good at it. You're not kidding when you say it's good exercise.

    Sun, you're probably gone by now but my prayers go with you for a wonderful time in Hawaii. What a great way to spend Christmas.

    Yikes! Weather has been updated and Christmas Day will likely reach 87! The good news is that this El Nino phase keeps the hurricanes in the Atlantic at bay. The bad news is that they increase in the Pacific. Good news is that they bring more precipitation to the West Coast. We also got a lot of rain this summer. Local newspaper just ran a series on how the water supplies are drying up worldwide. Govt. here doesn't seem to worry about it as they grant the developers free rein to pave over sensitive areas covering our aquafiers. As they dry up, and drilling goes deeper in search of more water, salt water is drawn into the aquafiers. It seems that, if we are to have sufficient water to drink and for agriculture, we are going to have to invest in ways to make salt water safe to drink and use. Desalination is expensive.

    Julian Fellows, the gent responsible for Downton Abbey, is doing a new series on PBS. He finds the big beautiful country estates in England and researches the history of the owners. It is absolutely amazing how the wealthy lived back then. It makes the Downton Abbey folks seem downright poor. He could write more series just based on the lives of those people. Politics, murder and trysts, oh my!

    Gotta go. Love, hugs and prayers for all my beloved Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's cold here. 46 degrees. Going up to 63. We've had scattered showers
    the last few days. This would be considered balmy weather back in
    the Old Country (Minnesota).

    OK. I've got delayed action from the keyboard. Hafta come back later.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Back from the store. I decided to bite the bullet and go today. I need to go to Costco but don't know if I can stand it. I'm beat just from going to Publix. I came home soooo hungry that I ate both thighs and drumsticks of a rotisserie chicken. Yikes! Three of us showed up at the pool this morning. I got in a pretty good workout but not too much as it's been a while since I've been there. It was only in the low-70's this morning and the water wasn't that warm but I don't think it was cold enough to cause pain. I'm gonna do some laundry but don't know whether or not I'm up to doing anything else. Whine, whine, whine!

    Rock, so sorry your computer has that nasty delayed action. I hate it when mine does that. It is cold there. I hope you are able to stay warm. No matter how cold it gets here, there are always Yankees and folks from the upper Midwest in the pool while we run around in coats.

    Think I'll go take a nap. YAWNNNNN!!! Hope y'all are havin' a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Okee Dokee, The machine seems to have healed up.

    Mikie, I bet you looked très élégant in your party outfit. It's been ten years
    since I retired. I think I've only dressed up once during the interim. It was
    for a funeral.

    That's great that you were able to do your workout this morning. The only
    exercise I do is bouncing up and down on my toes a few times a day to
    prevent the neuropathy in my feet from coming back.

    Barry, I agree with you on Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served.
    Two of the best ever. My mother loved Keeping Up Appearances. I
    found the stories totally boring although I like Patricia Routledge.
    I much preferred the detective series she did later. Did you know
    she could sing? Back in the 60s she was Little Mary Sunshine in the
    West End. You can hear her on Youtube.

    Granni, yes, dancing is great fun. Square or folk or rock
    or whatever. Even if one is not talented, it's still fun. As Dave
    Barry says: when you go to a wedding or a reunion or whatever
    and folks are dancing, it doesn't matter if you're a great dancer or
    not. Get up and dance!

    Sun, I hope you're having a heckofa time in Hawaii. And Mele

    Hugs Everydobby
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good evening Porchies. Another busy day with doctor visits for DH and myself. Nothing exciting, just the usual for a 1 year checkup and getting meds renewed. I am even alive but my b/p topped the charts again. Of course the running around this morning and no breakfast at the docs office probably helped a lot. I am not afraid in the docs office but it somehow gets my b/p up there. Then I come home and it is fine. The cleaning lady came this afternoon so that was busy for me putting things back the way they belong. We are anxious to see DH's cholesterol and BS numbers when they get sent it. It shouldn't be to long as they have a lab right there for some things.

    DH had quite the dinner last night with wine, real potatoes but not big ones, veggie and low fat and sugar ice cream that really tastes great. Two hours after dinner his BS was 118 so I am thinking that it should be pretty good. I will share what he is on now if it works. All of his BS numbers have been good since he has been on this stuff and hope it continues but it isn't to cheap. My daughter became a dealer of this but she doesn't really sell to anyone but me that I know of and her price is at least $15 less than online or other places. It just went up again in price. I may start just giving it to him and myself when we have our big meals mostly and stuff that can turn to sugar. He mostly eats Cheerios for breakfast and berries with sometimes nuts on it. Sometimes soup or sandwich/ or 1/2 for lunch. Not sure if sour dough bread isn't as bad as other bread for diabetes or borderline . I know it is good for me and the ND said I could have a slice a day. So that is a good thing. She also told me that SD bread is pretty good for BS . So we are eating that . He used to eat just the whole wheat as I did now no wheat for me.

    MIKIE - I would have loved to see you in your chic outfit, like ROCK said. I just dress comfy most of the time. Hope the kitties let you sleep a little bit longer and that your body lets you do so too. It not fun when you toss and turn and can't get comfy at all due to aches and pains.

    DH wants to take me out to go looking and maybe pick out a few things tomorrow at J C Penny's probably. Then maybe Sams CLUB. Speaking of Sams we finally got our new cards so we can shop again. I had to cancel my cards when I thought the purse had disappeared. I need to shop myself to pick up a few things before the big day. I also need some toiletries or something for the DGS's to round out their gift bags and gift card to Academy.

    Hi to JULIE, DIANE, ROCK, BARRY et al. Hope you all have a great Christmas. I think I will be going over to DIANE'S on Thursday night wo I can have a seafood feast along with possibly some pizza . That surely sound good. I love both of those things. Wed. night I will be going to DD's who lives here and we will all share our presents sine they are going to see his parents'. It probably will be close to a 5 hour drive . They have to wait for DGS to get off work so they wont get started till late. They will only have a couple of days off due to DG and his work hours at WM.

    Love to everydobby,
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Peeking in..

    its cold..not unbearably so but just about bearable..yesterday the sun refused to come out so it was kind of dreary..

    I did go out for a bit..but i was carrying heavy groceries so got tired and then cranky. Went to meet a relative who has come from outside. Winter is when most relatives living abroad come down to will be snowing so hard in europe and canada and they find our weather balmy.

    I got a nice jacket from her so decided i would give my own jacket to my niece but the zipper just broke..i will hv to get it mended before giving now. i guess i will first check if she needs a jacket..theyre bulky and take up so much space.

    i paid a visit to the pranic healing centre too because i was in the vicinity and had a nice chat..i couldnt go to their talk they had invited people for...something came up .and i wish i could have. its always nice to learn more about esoteric practises and peoples one on one experiences..and the speaker was a senior healer from India..

    Mikie - theres this one young person there, around 25 who was always plagued by stuff we believers call negative energy, and generational curse..he now is free of those things..(well, at least he says so, and his aura , (which i sometimes can see) was bright and white. he is a member of the trustee board and an active member.(And he was so angsty he used to try and kill himself as a teenager, his mom says.) Well, he was meditating and that automatically brightens the aura but he does seem 95 percent different than the person who first came. he and i entered the building at the same time, to enquire about pranic healing five years ago. he has made such headway in his spiritual practises..while i kind of fell by the wayside due to all the stuff that came up after. thank goodness i know its all the process of karmic clearing..

    you are still so involved in the doings of the building and its upkeep...its lovely to see your zest and interest in having the best for where you live..must be so beautiful. i hope the pain has let up a little.

    Granni - mmm your food makes my mouth water...i was thinking i will make bean soup now that there is such a noticeable nip in the air and nights get mighty reminded me of your bean soup..i think i will hv to mix something tho because the DH shouldnt eat too much protein..maybe a take such good care of your DH..he is lucky tohave you. There seems to be so much to remember when getting his meals.

    yesterday i was pretty tired and didnt want to go out and buy veggies in the cold night air, it was veggie day, which ive tried to implement twice a week, in the hopes that maybe my family wil follow me into vegetarianism one day) i fried the already cooked rice with onions tomatoes and egg and made lentil soup..

    Rock - thanks for the pictures of the square dance...wish i lived those times, and was young enough to do those steps...looks like they need energy and coordination. Keeping up appearances made me fall down in laughter when i watched it some years back. brit serials are so so funny! and so cheeky.

    Barry - Shorty seems so energetic and fun loving ...i loved dogs who love to play..ours were mostly playful but they get more staid and serious when they grow older. Certainly Shorty has no shortage of playing area! lucky pooch.

    Sun - first time im hearing of liquid smoke, i dont know what that is. I remember participating in a discussion about indie films without knowing what indie meant...i thought it meant a small film made in India...hahahahahaha..i also didnt know what cougar meant. i mean the other meaning. I just thought it meant a flirty, ravenous feeling. double lol.!

    I hope youre having a wonderful time. when i was about eight, my maternal grandfather, in India where we lived brought home a young American boy who visited the monastery my grandpa started..while having buttered tibetan tea,( he wanted to know how to make it :)), he said when he saw the poor in India, the lepers in the streets, he questioned as to why he was born in Hawaii, a paradise of paradises and why they were born into the slums.

    hmmm i think my DH returned from golf..or the steam bath he left early...his cars honking

    God Bless


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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another lovely morning here. Even in the Dog Days of Summer, the mornings here are pleasant. I will take a shower before leaving with my dear old friend to take him to the airport. I will send him off with a prayer that he doesn't fall or get sick. He is seldom sick but is getting a bit frail. He's in physical therapy to help stabilize him when he walks. Last evening, my good friend, Nancy, brought me a bag of shrimp left over from her party. These are medium to large shrimp and so fat, sweet and juicy. Best shrimp I think I've ever had. Mmmmm!

    My fasting BS was 97 this morning. Exercise is all important in controlling everything for me. Unfortunately, my weight is back up four pounds and I believe it's because I wasn't doing much of anything. I was in so much pain yesterday that I didn't do anything in the afternoon. Nancy is in a lot of pain too. I think our weather has a lot to do with it. I will be back to eating less and more healthy things. I ate but a wee bit of bread on two occasions and I believe I just can't do that. I got some of that long lettuce and it's leaves can take the place of bread in sandwiches. Suzanne Somers makes all her sandwiches that way. I certainly don't want to gain back the weight I've lost.

    Rock, I really wasn't what I'd call dressed up but, compared to my usual clothing, it was definitely a step up. I usually dress up a bit for the concerts but, again, I don't really get gussied up too much. It's sooooo casual down here. My Mom had neuropathy and she sat on the edge of the bed before getting up and kicked her feet up and down, like a flutter kick. That got the circulation going. She also walked in the shallow end of the pool with a friend and it helped them both. I have some neuropathy in my feet and hands and the running in the pool helps. I work my hands out in the water too. I was talking with an older lady in Publix and she said, "I thought these were supposed to be the 'Golden Years!'" I told her, "Only if you have enough gold." Most of the time when I shop, people talk to me. This is a very friendly place. Just being social when shopping can help elevate us. I'm glad your computer is cooperating. You would be the toast of the town if you lived here.

    Granni, I hope all the tests come back normal. You and DH certainly go the distance to stay healthy. As I mentioned, I will have to stay off the bread until I hit my weight target. I don't think it's a BS problem but it throws a wrench into the diet. I also had a few squares of dark chocolate to help my Tylenol get rid of the pain. Nancy's been in a lot of pain too and we figure it's the up and down barometric pressure. We seem to kinda mirror each other when it comes to our FMS. Kitties have been good except for wanting to get up too early. Fortunately, I got enough sleep by going to bed early last evening. I still need to visit the couple downstairs who just came in. They were gone a lot yesterday, probably shopping for food. Bet you're getting excited to get the new Highlander. What color did you get?

    Spring, too bad you missed the talk at the healing center. There is a HUGE interest here in being healthy. One cannot turn on TV nor read a paper without new findings on health. I'm glad that young man is doing better spiritually. Yes, meditation is so helpful. Brain scans of people meditating and/or praying show how healing it is. The young man's questioning about his own lucky circumstances versus the poor in India remind me of the Buddha. If one believes, as I do, that we select these lives and circumstances for a reason, it is no longer necessary for life to be fair. There is a reason for suffering that we are not privy to in these mortal existences. That is where faith comes in. My beliefs keep me from asking, "Why me?" Thanks for your kinds words. I think once the temps setting into the 80's, my pain will improve. I do love to try to make our bldg. as beautiful as possible. How are supplies there? I hope things improve for you.

    My friend, Nancy, and I are going to try to band together with some of the other owners in here to try to hold the board's and mgmt.'s feet to the fire to stop the illegal short-term rentals and commercial trucks. It seems we cannot get lax or the whole hood starts slipping into what Nancy calls, a Detroit ghetto. It is far from that now but if we are not vigilant, thing start to slip pretty quickly. Well, if I don't get some cleaning done in here, my condo will become it's own little ghetto. Yikes!!!

    Y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    I'm too tired to read the posts and reply individually. I think I'm coming down with a virus. UGH.

    So let me just say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and:

    The Carpenters (my favorite version)

    Frank Sinatra

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! Kevin is on vacation from tonight until 2016. So, we'll be baking, cooking, etc. I'll try to pop on and read, maybe even do a short post between batches of cookie baking. Or first thing in the morning, when I'm up before the sunrise, drinking my coffee, browsing on the 'puter.

    Love and hugs to y'all!!!


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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Big HUGZ to everyone. Not to much time to really talk to you all separately, at least to have a descent conversation . So glad to see you here. Went to JCP with DH today and tried to find something for myself. I did get a very nice black cardigan sweater on sale from about $54 to $24.(( I think. I tried to find black slacks but forget it, they were to dressy and to big and long . Not to wear with flats for sure. I also got a blouse on sale, I forget the price, maybe 9.99, not sure. Then I helped DH pick our a dress shirt and tie for church. He usually gets one every year and sometimes two if needed and a very good price. These were Van Heusen for $19.99 I think for one. They had such pretty colors if you could find the correct size.

    Then came home and had lunch and I went to good old WM as I wanted to pick up something else for the DGS's who we will be seeing on Christmas day, besides the gift card. So I got them some toiletries. They were the AXE brand and I hadn't heard of them, I is a gift set, not bad for $9.99( or something like that). I also got some other stuff we needed and some great nice looking polo shirts , with pockets for DH and DSIL. They were $7.99 each with pockets and so got quite a few. Rarely do we see polo shirts with pockets and both those guys do not want to wear one without a pocket. Some were pretty colors too, both solid and a little prints if you could find one in the right size. If I had more $ I would have bought even more of them.

    MIKIE - You talking about those shrimp got my mouth watering too. I just love shrimp and will be bringing some to our gathering on Christmas Day. Do you make your own sauce to go with them for the cold boiled. ? I buy them form Sams Club frozen all cleaned. All you have to do is thaw them. We got some jumbo ones. We usually get the ones just a little smaller depending on the price. I usually make it with catsup, lemon juice and horse radish and sometimes some worchestshire (sp) sauce. I am not supposed to have either ketchup or horseradish but sometimes I cheat.

    Oh dear DIANE, I hope you are not getting sick again. That is not good. Please check back with us if you are up to it. I need to go check that Merry Little Christmas you posted. I love Frank Sinatra and most of his songs.

    Hi to ROCK, SPRING WATER, SUN, BARRY and all the many MIA's I cannot think of at this moment. If I did, it would take up a lot of space on this page. I hope to be back here tomorrow. Tomorrow night we go over to DD's and have our Christmas exchange and dinner with them. I will need to go up and do some wrapping as the stuff I bought will not fit in the bags I had delegated to such gifts :)!! I also just got another card today from someone I had not sent to so I need to answer. At this rate I will not get rid of Christmas cards :)!!

    JULIE - That sis is something else, always an excuse with her. I can understand how you feel being away from all those little ones at Christmas time. Not many littles ones around here any more until hopefully some g grandbabies come along. That shouldn't be for at least a few years. No one is married yet. I will be happy to share what we do if we get a good report form the doc. It is mostly less starches and a few supps., one is not to cheap for sure. More later.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Slept for a few hours. Woke up around 10 PM. I saw more historical
    film from WWII today. Much of it In color. Amazing. Wikipedia says that two
    years after the war, only 12% of Hollywood movies was shot in color.

    The on and off rain has been going on for the last 3 days and is continuing.
    Gordon was going to help a friend do some work on top of his greenhouse,
    but they keep postponing the project because of the rain.

    Thus far I have received one Christmas card. It is from a jeweler. I bought
    a ring at his store 35 years ago. He's been sending me a card every year
    even though I've never been back.

    Granni, sounds like you picked up some bargains. I remember when I got
    out of college and had to buy clothes to wear at the office. A good white
    shirt by Van Heusen or Arrow cost $5. A decent suit $50. A galleon of
    gas about 29 cents.

    Diane, Have Yourself A Merry etc. is from Meet Me in St. Louis which I
    saw again on TCM two days ago. One of my many favorite films. The
    TCM host Ben Mankiewicz mentioned what I had read a few days earlier.
    The lyrics to the song were changed. Judy thought they were too
    depressing for her to sing to a child (Margaret O'Brien). Ben
    Mankiweicz BTW comes from a show biz family. Two of his relatives
    (uncles?) were screenwriters during the studio era.

    The song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. One of the
    guys I played bridge with was an accountant for Hollywood films. In
    his youth he was a dancer in Broadway musicals. He told me about
    a Christmas party he went to in New York in the 1970s. Someone
    was playing the song in question on the piano. Someone said they
    tempo was wrong. Someone else said, "Well, we'll have to ask Ralph
    Blane. My friend said, "Who's Ralph Blane?" The host said, "He's sitting
    next to you."

    Julie, we don't see much of our feral cat these days either. I fed it early
    this morning while it was still dark. Gordon fed it later. It hasn't been
    seen since. If it ever gets sick, it's not going to the vet. It would kill
    us before it would let itself be picked up. Like some people. Impossible
    to help.

    Mikie, I don't think something wrapped in lettuce should be called a
    sandwich. On the other hand, leafwich is ridiculous. I do admire
    all the effort you make to get and stay healthy. Personally I've
    pretty much given up.

    With regard to ghettos, I guess it was a couple years back I looked at
    videos of ghettos around the country. I was amazed at all the
    cities that had such terrible run down areas.

    Elvis had a top ten hit called "In the Ghetto" in 1969. His first
    hit in a few years. Written by singer-songwriter Mac Davis. I
    dunno if it would be a hit today or if it would cause controversy.

    "Only if you have enough gold" is a quotable line. I plan to do so
    in my next e mails. Although, serially, now that I think on it, more
    money wouldn't really fix me up. I need a magic spell. But I
    don't believe in magic spells. AACCK!

    Springwater, yes, the Brits have a lot of great stuff on TV. They
    also have a lot of stuff that just makes me go "Huh?" Anyhoo,
    have you watched Fawlty Towers? Great half hour programs
    written by John Cleese of Monty Python fame and Connie Booth.
    Connie plays a member of the staff in the program. She and
    Cleese wrote the scripts. According to what I read, they were
    also in the process of divorcing. Somehow the scripts turned out
    to be brilliant.

    OK, time to go. Hugs to all
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    My dear old friend got to the airport OK and wants us to have lunch on the 29th when he returns. I hope he has a wonderful Christmas with his family and new GGS. The grandkids didn't even send him a pic when the baby was born. I don't know what's up with that. He has a computer so it wouldn't have taken much for them to e-mail one to him. I am off to the pool again this morning. Forgot to take my fasting BS this morning but, yesterday, it was 97. I know this working out three times a week is sooooo good for me.

    Talked with neighbors who just got down from W. VA. They have some white mildew or mold in their unit. So did Frank and Ilona. We really had a wet summer. I think people will have to start setting their humidistats to 60 percent instead of 65, as the A/C tech recommend. One of my ex board members came over and we all chatted. He is not one of the nasty ones but he did vote against redoing the pool. He wanted to 'inspect' it before having it done. We are all laughing at him--a retired cop turned pool inspector. The grandma of the seven-month old baby boy brought him down to see my neighbors' dog. He is soooo cute; acturally both the baby and the dog are cute. Baby smiled at us, showing off his new teeth.

    Granni, from one shopper to another--Kudos!! Great bargain shopping! Don't you just love to get things on sale? I do. Sounds as though you saved a bundle. Like you, I cannot usually buy slacks without having to take up the hems a lot. I can't wear petite sizes because my torso is normal; it's my legs which are short. I don't buy sweaters down here but I still have some old ones for when I travel, especially to CO. We are all in shirt sleeves with this mid-80-degree weather. I just buy shrimp sauce but I hate horseradish so have to be careful which one I get. I put the shrimp in my Asian salad with ginger dressing yesterday. Mmmmmm! Hope you enjoy your family gathering.

    Julie, I am so very sorry for all the stress this Christmas. I know you miss those grandkids and they miss you too. It's too bad you get no relief from taking care of GPA. Bless you for all you do for him. At least, Den will have a day to do whatever he wants unless he gets called in. I don't think the trouble in our lives is necessarily to pay off a Karmic debt. It can be that we are here to grow in spirit through our suffering. At least, that makes more sense to me than just saying, "Life ain't fair." It is in the hard times that we seem to either choose to be better people or to go the other way. You are one of the best people I know!

    Diane, thanks for all the holiday cheer. How nice it sounds to have Kevin home and be baking. Nothing like a home filled with the love from cats and the aroma of baking (better than love of baking and aroma from cats). Sir Vester and Tweety were especially loving this morning. Now and then, when he sees me coming, he scampers over to his little bottle brush arch and waits to be petted. It's so cute. I'm glad I'm able to keep them. I just don't think I could let them go. Wish this darned blood sugar thing didn't keep me from baking a whole bunch of sugar cookies and frosting them lavishly. When the weight is all off, I'll be able to bake and eat a little of it. Have fun with Kevin and the kitties.

    Rock, Meet Me In St. Louis is one of my favorite movies too. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is a wonderful Christmas classic. I also love "Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis." Was that the World's Fair which Nicola Tesla and Westinghouse lighted with AC current? Everyone thinks Edison invented the lightbulb; he didn't. He did, however, perfect it. Wonder what he would think of the LED's. He was sold on DC but it wouldn't have worked for lighting whole towns. Poor Tesla died in poverty and depressed while Edison took all the glory and did Tesla out of $50,000 he owed him. At least now, Tesla is getting some of his due credit.

    Yes, I think a better name would be a lettuce wrap. I have eaten them in the past and they are good. It's just a matter of getting used to them. I figure I'm at a tipping point and my health could go either way. The three big problems which plague me chronically no longer respond to the peptide injections. I don't know whether they would if I could have them more often and ongoing. That would take some gold. As it is, I figure if I take control of what I can do to hold the line on my BP and BS, I can cope better with what is out of my hands. Aren't we always walking a tightrope with our health? I'm glad you are getting rain but it's too bad it is keeping you and Gordon from repairing the greenhouse. Not wishing for a white Christmas for you--just a sunny one.

    Well, Kids, I'm going to go see whether I got a paper today. The credit card co. froze the old card when I lost it so the newspaper couldn't charge my monthly bill. I just went in and put in another card no. They usually don't stop delivery right away. If I don't get it, I'll just read it online. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Hi Porchies...(color me waving).:D

    Just wanted to bop in to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! I hope Santa Claus treats you nicely since I'm sure all of you have been good girls and boys this year.;)

    Lotza warm hugs,
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Windy,

    Thanks for the sweet greeting. I hope your Christmas is wonderful. Glad you stopped in. Hope you can stop back and sit a spell. BTW, more and more, healthcare pros are recommending what you, Sun and I are doing--eating good foods and taking responsibility for our own health. My blood pressure and blood sugar are better now. NRG is a bit better but has a long way to go.

    I just got back from the pool where I worked out with my friend, Nancy, and her houseguest. It feels soooo good just to move around that much. My legs are always stronger when I'm using them more. I was up at 4:00 so needed to eat some protein. I cooked a steak and ate half of it. Think I'm up to doing a bit of housework or, in my case, condo work. Several neighbors stopped by to chat. With one exception, I love living here with these nice people.

    Gotta run. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie


    Mystery Solved:

    I got my mail and there were three tickets to the SW FL Symphony--single tickets to three different concerts: Rogers and Hammerstein, Hollywood's Greatest Hits, and My Sinatra. I usually opt for classical music or different concerts, like the Dixieland Band concert we are going to in Mar. I almost never do pops concerts even though I like them. There was no card nor receipt. These are excellent center orchestra seats. After some sleuthing on the part of the box office, it was determined that my kids in CO sent them. I usually go to concerts with my friends and I'll have to go alone. That's OK but these concerts are all in the same weeks as the ones I've already arranged to go to with my friends. Geez! I'm gonna be concerted out!

    I just polished off the shrimp Nancy gave me. They were sooooo good. I've been starving the last couple of days. Hope I don't gain back all my weight. I'm trying to get something done around here. I shared a shrimp with the kitties and they are passed out in pure bliss. I remember the first time I gave them shrimp. Sir Vester gave me love looks all day. This is the only human food they eat. Their boxes are clean. If I can do nothing else, I make sure they have clean litter boxes.

    Once again, Kids, I'm outta here.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Where are all our little Porchie elves? Busy getting ready for Christmas, I spose. I just walked out to watch the almost full moon setting. It was gauzy looking through the light cloud cover. It must be amazing shining over areas with snow on the ground. I'm going to try again to get some cleaning done in here.

    I've been so upset about these concert tickets. My kids spent good money on them and I really do not want to go to the concerts. I guess I'll just wait to see how I feel but, I'm afraid that going to so many concerts all at once will be too much. They will never know if I don't go but it seems such a waste. The tickets are nonrefundable. That money could have helped feed the hungry and I'd feel so much better knowing it was used for that instead of tickets I'll likely not use. It's so sweet of my kids and, for that, I'm grateful. My spirit is burdened.

    Neighbor downstairs wants more plumbagos with three of them on the side of the center planted area in front, outside her front door. I let mgmt. know but don't know when the landscapers will be able to plant them. She's been out walking their sweet little dog, Dusty. Nancy came by with a guest dog, Jack, who is sooooo cute and sweet. He is a small short hair who is black and white. What a cute face. I put my hands down so he could smell the cats. When I came in, I put my hands down so Sir Vester and Tweety could smell Jack. It's a win-win. I love dogs but could not care for one. How lucky am I that I can enjoy my friends' doggies.

    OK, I'm rambling here (nothing new there) so had better go. I'll check in later.

    Love, Mikie