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    Hi Kids

    Pull up a chair and set yourself down.

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    Hi ROCK - Thanks a lot for starting up a new Porch. Just wanted to answer so I could make sure I could get people's posts on my phone.

    *****Everyone don't forget to check the old volume. I just posted one before dinner. Now I need to go wash my hair so it looks descent for tomorrow's dinner/concert.

    Hope you got the new shelter fixed ROCK with the help of Gordon and someone else I can't remember but he was good for only lifting heavy things :)!!! Hope this will withstand the storms. So sorry the old one was destroyed as well as some of Gordon's prized plants.

    JULIE - I hope you survive this whole next few days with all on your schedule.

    SUN - Hope all is well with you. Sorry that insurance mess is still upsetting to you. I do not blame you one little bit. it would upset me to . It is a shame when you try so hard to do things right and others screw up for you.

    MIKIE - Hope you are doing better. I need to go and wash my mop - hate it, not the washing but all I have to do to try and get it to look half way descent. Hope those kitties help you to sleep well tonight with no antics or whining to get in from the Lanai :)!!

    DIANE - Hope your tooth isn't bothering you . Drop a line on your plans and what you and Kevin plan on cooking. I always love to hear it. You can come help me any time.

    What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving next week? I cannot believe that it is almost that time again and Christmas right behind it. I posted about mine in the last Porch , at the end of the volume.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Hi Kids

    This morning Gordon asked me to help with more work on the chicken coop for the
    orchids. So or course I said, "Sure". Lay down for a minute. Woke up 8 hours
    later. Been decades since I had such a long nap. I have reached the stage
    in life where almost everything is too much trouble and more than I can do.

    Gordon was telling me about the annual Orchid Club banquet. He just left
    for same. His friend Jim made a bundt cake to take. He got started on the
    wrong foot by doing what everyone know you don't do. Making something
    new for an occasion. He used a bundt pan he'd never tried before. Not one
    with fluted sides, but one with elaborate decoration of flowers and etc.

    Then he didn't follow the instructions about spraying the pan with Pam.
    He shouldn't have been too surprised when the cake wouldn't come out.
    He also made a ganache to go on top, but he put it in the micro wave.
    Somehow it turned into a hard lump.

    Then the President of the club called up and twittered non stop about
    what if this goes wrong and what shall we do about this and so and so
    won't etc. Organizations are too much trouble. I only belonged to two
    in my adult life. Our bridge club and the Sons of Norway. Neither one
    made demands or presented problems.

    Granni, good luck with your concert tomorrow. As for Thanksgiving,
    we are doing nothing which is what we usually do for holidays. Gordon
    hates turkey, and I can't eat it anymore. I avoid get togethers with his
    family as they are incapable of carrying on a conversation. More
    boring than a business meeting.

    Julie, I bet the kids will enjoy Disney on Ice. I saw an ice show once
    when I was a kid. In those days they didn't have same on TV. And
    even if they did, there was no color TV yet. But I have remembered the
    ice show all these years. It was so colorful and dramatic and exciting.
    I remember there was a comic number where a light fixture fell on
    the ice and the couple that was doing the comic number ran into it.
    Nowadays I think, that was pretty risky. What if the stagehand who
    pulled the switch got drunk, pulled it at the wrong time and killed
    somebody. Well, that's the way one thinks after a lifetime working
    in the accident business.

    I know your schedule is jam packed, but go see the doc about your
    eye. What could be more important?

    Mikie, how long does that Red Tide business last? Kinda sounds
    like a movie from the McCarthy era. There was a movie
    on TCM yesterday that had something to do with Russia. I watched
    the opening credits. All the music was by Russian composers even
    though the film was made here.

    Never heard of Ethel's sugar cookies. In the series of books about the
    3 gals in Covington, Grace makes extraordinarily good sugar cookies.
    I always thought all sugar cookies tasted the same: bland.

    Well, running outta steam. Have to post more latter.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Julie: I have troubles off and on with either one eye or left didn't seem to want to focus to match my glasses. But......did you know that troubles with the sternocledomastoid will cause these problems? Ask your chiro about it. This SCM can also cause headaches, ear troubles including dizzies, neck pain, etc.

    When our kids were young we went to an ice capades show. I loved it, but don't the rest of family did.

    Mikie: do the kitties enjoy the new sofa also?

    Rock: 8 hrs.....yowee! maybe things are changing for you. Enjoy that long nap. The most I can sleep during the day is about 15-25 min.

    Granni: you asked about thanksgiving. I think I'll be leaving with DD and her family to their beach house.....San Clemente. Possibly tuesday to saturday, but not sure. It's heating up around here. Last night at the soccer game it was 57 degrees. A little while ago it was almost 80. Typical so. calif. weather.

    I spent about 3 hrs. on the phone this morning concerning insurance troubles. My brain feels fried.
  5. rockgor

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    Hello Kids
    It's going on one AM here. Just stuck my head outside to see if the feral
    cat was around. It's very nice out. A gentle breeze; 65 degrees. Supposed to
    get up to 82 later on.

    Gordon gave me a report on the Orchid Club Banquet. He was given 3
    awards. One for the service he provides the club. Selling the raffle tickets;
    distributing same to those who have earned them by bringing in plants or
    refreshments, etc. Two of the plants that he brought to the meetings during
    the past year won additional awards. Best of Show, I guess. One was the
    purple vanda that was pretty much destroyed by the recent wind storm.
    Gordon says there is a stub left. It is possible that it will develop into a
    blooming plant, but orchids are slow growers. Would take at least 5 years.

    His report on the food at the meeting was pretty bleak. The club provided
    a turkey and a ham. Both were cold and the honey baked ham was dried
    out. Several people brought baked goods. All from supermarket bakeries.
    Generally pretty tasteless. But there were a couple rice dishes he liked and
    a Jello salad with cranberries and sour cream that was interesting.

    His friend who made the botched bundt cake left it home. He brought
    "Roast corn". Gordon just shook his head. "It was canned corn. You can't
    roast something that's wet. And he didn't combine it with anything or
    use some spice. He shoulda brought what he usually does: pineapple bars."

    Granni, you've mentioned your mop a couple times. At first I thought
    you were talking about a floor mop. Remember how Dagwood would taste
    something on the stove? Then Blondie would tell him she was boiling
    the mop.

    Sounds like you are going to have a nice family Thanksgiving at DD's place.
    I feel sure the eats will be better than at the Orchid Club "Banquet".

    Sunflower, 3 hours on the phone sounds like slow torture. I don't like
    talking on the phone. I'd rather write. My brother the cop is just the
    opposite. My brother the forest ranger likes both, but I don't hear from
    him too much. He might send 3 e mails in a week and then not send any
    for months. We're at the age now where I often wonder if he died. He
    lives alone so there's no one to notify me. Well, I hope the fried brain
    feeling wears off.

    Mikie, that's cute about feeding the goldfish. Aren't you worried the cats
    will eat it? What? It was a virtual goldfish? Oh well, that's different. I
    guess the goldfish is its own reward.

    "In virtual reality the object in question is not new, but the relationship
    with the object may be real." Scot Adams, creator of Dilbert, (a cartoon
    I personal loathe) has issued a warning: When virtual reality gets
    cheaper than dating, society is doomed. BTW how many of those
    jiggers of ZZQuil are you tossing back?

    Going back to bed with an interesting book. Although the cover
    says it's about the Old West, the books starts ca 1940 when the
    narrator, a teenager, runs around from home and heads out West
    where he becomes a cowboy on his uncle's ranch. One of the
    champion rodeo riders he meets later becomes a movie actor:
    Slim Pickens.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Got eight hrs. of sleep again but this fatigue won't likely leave until the Red Tide dissipates. No one knows for certain why this nasty toxic algae blooms so profusely at certain times of the year, mainly in Nov. here. Evidence points to nourishment, like fertilizer used in sugar cane farming, being washed down the river to the Gulf. The RT has been hanging around our shores for about the same time as I've been soooo fatigued. It was mainly north of us but is now concentrated along Sanibel Island, not very far from me. My entire body is aching, my lymph nodes are swollen and I feel short tempered. RT affects breathing and is a neurotoxin. No one knows how to get rid of it so we just have to wait til it goes away. The smell of the dead fish is overwhelming at the beach and they are raking them up as fast as they wash ashore. AACK!!! :confused:

    TV news just showed a reporter standing outside in Boulder, CO in 80 mph winds. Remember I told y'all about how windy it can get there. He is having trouble standing. There is still snow on the ground. Instead of suffering the effects of RT, I could be there suffering from asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis or pneumonia, all prominent this time of year along the Rockies in the Denver area. Again, AACK!!! :eek:

    I was so proud of the kitties when the new sofa was delivered. They went to their "safe place" under my bed. I don't make them go out at night now but I do leave the sliders open enough so that they can go out. They don't seem to want to. Tweety sleeps in the living room and Sir Vester sleeps on the bed. If he stirs and asks me to get up, I say, "No. Go back to sleep," and he does. Tweety no longer tries to make noise to make me get up. Over time, they seem to just get better and better, except for Tweety's foray into the wild.

    Julie, you certainly have your hands full right now, even more than usual. Have y'all had a chance to close the roof or will it have to stay that way til spring? Seems anyone flying anywhere near the severe weather has been affected by delays and cancelled flights. I hope everything with David gets cleared up. I also hope the Disney on Ice is great fun. Wish I were there with you. I'd buy some really nasty sugary treats for us all and ditch the diet for one night. Please know you, and all our Porchies, are always in my prayers.

    Granni, I used to love midnight Mass on Christmas. Geez, remember back in the old days when we had to fast so we could receive communion? On holy days, when I went to Catholic school, the Altar and Rosary Society gave us breakfast after Mass. They had the most delicious cinnamon rolls, even better than Cinnabon (probably misspelled that). I'm glad you don't have to sing at that Mass and you can get some time off from singing. The American Legion has Kereoke (now I know I misspelled that) night and once, when I went with Barb, there were some men who sang. They were really good. I was surprised, not only at how good they were, but that these guys were willing to get up and sing in front of everyone. Your Thanksgiving sounds nice. I will get a turkey breast and go off my diet to have a bit of stuffing. I'll be eating alone but I like it that way, especially when I'm not feeling well.

    Sun, OMG! I certainly hope and pray you get your ins. problems fixed. What a pain!!! Sounds as though your Thanksgiving will be really nice. A lot of people here go to the beach on Thanksgiving. Richard and I went one year and it was really nice. Until the Red Tide leaves, I won't go near the beach. The RT algae blooms can dry and float on the wind inland for miles. Our winds will be blowing them offshore today so, perhaps, we will get some relief. Kitties have ignored the new sofa but then, they never liked getting up on the old one. They favor the back of the loveseat where they have a softy-wafty throw to lie on or their little pet bed. They also like the softy-wafty throw on top of the loveseat in my little front office. They can perch there and look out the window at the squirrels and the squirrelly neighbors. When I'm tired, my eyes don't want to focus, either with my glasses or contacts. As my eye doc says, "We see with our brains; our eyes are only the lenses." How's the fence look or has it been painted yet? Hope it comes out perfect!

    Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. Glad you got your eight-hour nap. You must have needed it. That whole escapade with the bundt cake sounds like something from "I Love Lucy." Remember the HUGE loaf of bread which came out of her oven? I might try making a loaf of pumpkin bread, using almond flour and stevia so it isn't so carb heavy. I have a loaf pan with pumpkin designs and a little cupcake tin with pumpkin halves which you put together with frosting to make little whole pumpkins. You can make stems and leaves with marzipan. Of course, if this cursed fatigue doesn't improve, I won't do anything. Bah! Humbug! Oh, wait--that's Christmas.

    Yes, we need Joe McCarthy to get rid of the Red Tide. I say we hold Senate hearings! There are differences in sugar cookies. Ethel's sugar cookies can be rolled out thick and taste like shortbread cookies or rolled thin and allowed to get crispy and brown around the edges. They are perfect to frost and decorate. My Mom always made the most incredible decorated sugar cookies. They sell some really good ones at the grocery store but they are like diabetes in a plastic container. I loooove Dilbert. I guess it's because I worked in the corporate world and know how insane it is. Dilbert just takes this insanity to a new level but it's all based on what happens when suits are promoted beyond their abilities. It's a game one must learn to play if one wants to be successful in the business world. Hope your nice nap helps you with some NRG.

    As Granni says, I should go shower and wash my mop. I also hate having to blow it dry, even though it doesn't take that long. It's just that it takes up what little NRG I have. I may put it off til tomorrow, like Scarlett O'Hara. I don't know whether to go to the pool or not to work out. That would certainly use up all my NRG but I hate to miss it. I already missed Wed. cause I was too tired after being up half the night, waiting on my friend's flight. I got everything put back in the living room and am deep cleaning now. UGH!!!

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I went over to Barb's cause I haven't seen her for a couple of days. She is seeing the doc this afternoon for something on her lung which showed up a few years ago. Doc wants to talk to her about it. I pray it is OK. She's been through enough.

    We sat outside and Joe stopped over. He's seeing the doc for a Baker's cyst behind his knee. I hope he's OK too. It's always something with someone here in God's waiting room. While we were sitting out, UPS delivered the new little area rug I got for under the coffee table in the living room. It looks really nice and will look even better when the new valance is done. I'm going to put the old one under my dining room table where the more geometric pattern will look good. I keep trying to clean and get sidetracked. Guess I'll try to keep cleaning the living room and dining room areas while I lay the rug in there.

    Talked to the woman in the office of the guys who repaired our car port. She said they would pay to get the tire repaired. My mechanic said they are as good as new when repaired. That's a relief. I hate to have crap I have to deal with. I was worrying that they wouldn't take responsibility. Now, if I can just get our management co. to forward the agreement the bank wants me to sign to our atty., things should settle down a bit--I hope! I'm not having big problems to deal with but, because I'm so run down and my brain isn't working well, everything is a mountain and not a mole hill to me. As I read the bank agreement, it would leave us in the lurch if anyone hacked our bank acct. I'm fiscally responsible for our funds so I'm not taking any chances.

    Julie, I'm so sorry you guys will miss the ice show but you are right; it's better to be home safe than out on the road during a big storm. I'm glad you are seeing the chiro and eye doc. I'll keep you in my prayers and also for the roof. I hope you can get that little spot covered too. Praying that David gets to TN safe 'n sound. Don't know where I'll put our little bird house/prayer box once the tree is cut down. I'll miss that tree but not the mess it makes. Is Den just about back to normal now? He's a hero if he's plowing snowy roads. Take it from a Coloradan who has waited for the snow plow to come many times. Hang in there, Kiddo! Things have got to get better.

    OK, I've rested enough to go on to trying to clean the dining room area and put that area rug down under the table. My back is messed up from doing just this kind of thing. I had better get the back brace. Cats love the new rug already but get scared to see their mommy huffing and puffing and hauling stuff around.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Glad to read the sofa and now the rug have arrived and all is looking great. Don't overdo it though. Remember how quickly we can injure ourselves.

    Julie: Those muscles around our shoulders/neck areas can all cause havoc to our bodies, and I know you do heavy lifting with the roof stuff. Our David gets home quickly with no trouble. I'm sorry to read about his dad.

    Rock: mmmmm....pineapple bars. Sounds really good. I'm so sorry to read that Gordon's prize orchid was basically destroyed. I'm sure he's sad about it.

    Yes, 3 hrs. were VERY hard to do. When I got off the phone with everyone I found I was shaking more than normal from stress so had to take my gabapentin early. "God's waiting room"........I like that idea, cause I'm waiting to go to my home in Heaven.

    I just talked to another gardener/landscaper who is working across the street. I had him look at a rubber tree I plannted next to my house about 8 years ago and I'm scared about the roots. Soooooooo.......I have to bite the bullet and have it cut down. It will be less $ for him to just cut to the ground and then drill holes and fill them with salt to kill the tree. The roots can work their way into sewage lines and it's right next to bathrooms.'s always something and I'm overwhelmed with worries. It's so hard to do things on my own.

    And first thing this morning I called the fence company, asking where the work crew was. They had to finish another job so it will be done tomorrow and then the painting on monday.

    Mikie: here's an interesting link on holy basil from Suzie apparently can help with stress naturally.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just have time to read the post for the most part. I need to go and do a little more practicing for our concert.

    JULIE - Sorry about you having to miss the Holiday on Ice or whatever show it was due to bad weather. Yes it is a good thing to be safely home than fighting terrible weather. Hope you get to feeling better too and you can get to the root of your eye trouble. Hope you can close up the rest of your addition to your house with all this bad weather coming.

    SUN - Sounds like you will have a great Thanksgiving at the lake house. Sounds like you really need that rest with all the stress you have been under lately. Take advantage of that time and try to really RELAX if you can.

    MIKIE - Hope you get to feeling better soon. Try not to overdo kiddo. You do to much physically. I know sometimes I do too if DH isn't here or I hate to ask him. What is the problem you are having causing more fatigue is it?? Glad those kitties already like your new rug. Now to keep in clean and furless :)!!!!

    DIANE - Hang in there kiddo and hope you and Kevin are feeling better with not to much discomfort from your tooth.

    ROCK - So sorry about Gordon's prize orchid being destroyed. I am sure that was upsetting to him. Hope the new structure to hold the plants will be stronger than the other.

    Need to go study my music some. Have a great weekend but hope to check back if possible tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another night of eight hours of sleep. I wake up off and on but go right back to sleep. I'm trying melatonin. The doc told Barb to try it. It's funny; if we look out in the middle of the night, all the lights are on in the insomniacs' condos. The melatonin is just like Special K or ZzQuil--it gets me to sleep but doesn't last all night. At least, I'm able to go back to sleep and the kitties stay asleep too after a bit of 'grumbling.'

    The light in our fountain in the pond out back is not working. It comes on for a few hours in the middle of the night. Mgmt. has to call the electrician. It'll probably take them forever. Seems since I left the board, and the board refuses to use our mgr., instead dealing with her inexperienced asst., nothing gets done. I had to keep hounding him to get the people, whose negligence caused my flat tire, to call me. When the woman in the office did call, she couldn't have been nicer and they will pay to get the tire fixed. My mechanic assured me the repaired tire will be good as new.

    One of the lights in the swimming pool is out. It has always burned out over and over and no one is checking the electrical in the pool. Had the board not refused to have the work done, they would have checked it. I just hope there isn't a short and no one gets shocked. Yikes!!! :eek: Gate to the pool still won't latch unless it is slammed. Again, another big liability that neither this board nor the young mgmt. asst. seem to take seriously. The old mgr. always took it seriously. Board is already complaining that the asst. seems overwhelmed. We shouldn't have to ask over and over to get things done.

    The bank is hounding me for my signature on the agreement and signature cards to open new accts. with them. I've asked three times for mgmt. to forward the agreement to our atty. for his or her advice before I'll sign it. When I read it, it appeared to me that it protects the bank and not us. Bank is upset with me but I'm not the one holding things up. Other assn. presidents in here just signed the agreement without reading it. Holy Cow!!! o_O

    Sun, sorry about the shaking. I've been like that with the Red Tide and have had to put 1/2 a mg. of Special K under my tongue to stop the jitters and tinnitus. Thank God we have something to calm that horrid feeling. I think it's too late to avoid injury. My back is killing me from hauling furniture out of the way for cleaning and putting the new little rugs down. I'll check the article on basil. It come to me in my e-mail but I didn't read it right away. Did you subscribe to her newsletter? So sorry about the rubber tree. Developer here planted live oaks too close to the bldgs. and we've had to have them cut down and stumped to get rid of the huge roots. We will just have the cassia tree next to our balcony cut down but will let the small stump rot. It doesn't take long down here for a stump to disappear on most trees. If a palm is diseased, we have to get the stump out and we can't plant another in its place. As beautiful as palm trees are, they seem to get diseases easily here. Hope you get the fence finished. Yes, it is really hard to have to do everything by yourself. I have to take care of everything here in our bldg. and it drives me nuts trying to deal with our landscapers. They didn't show on Wed. and the supervisor promised me they will be here on Mon. I'll believe that when I see it. I know it's difficult to do but try to keep telling yourself you are doing all you can and are doing a great job. It's true; you are. Also tell yourself that it will all work out OK.

    Granni, hope the practice went well. I used to be able to read music but probably can't anymore. If I ever get this condo under control, I'd like to get my little keyboard out and try that 'cheat book' with the chords. My brain could use the stimulation. I'd also like to go back to practicing Spanish and French. Spoke a few words of French with the lady downstairs. She had no family in harm's way in Paris. She just had her gallbladder removed; it was very infected. She is doing well but she's never had surgery nor children so this is her first experience with pain (she's my age). It's been very difficult for her. She's been here 38 years but her accent is just as thick as if she were still in France. When I hear her, it makes me want to speak French. It is Red Tide which is making me so tired and affecting me neurologically. RT is an algae bloom which can get out of balance when certain conditions occur in the water of the Gulf. The blooms on top of the water can dry and float for miles inland on the breeze. Some people suffer more symptoms than others. RT causes respiratory distress and neurological problems. It kills the fish because their little bodies can't take it and they live right in the algae mess. People are larger, which saves us but we still suffer neurologically. Take care.

    Looks as though we will have a beautiful sunrise but it is supposed to rain later. I no longer believe the weather people. They are wrong more than they are right. I know it's difficult to predict down here where we are surrounded by water on three sides. It's three different bodies of water with fronts steering everything. The winds change all the time. At least, yesterday, the winds blew offshore and took some of the Red Tide with them. A little relief was welcome. I got more done yesterday than I have in a month but hit the wall in the afternoon and had to lie down. Barb saw the doc and I'm anxious to find out what she learned about the mass in her lung.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I just want to let you know of Rock's latest woe. He has a hernia. He is very upset
    about it as it adds to all of his many problems. I got him a belt and it seems to be
    helping. He doesn't have any pain and does not have a fever - signs that would
    indicate a rupture in the guts. He doesn't want any more surgery.

    I have to convince him to see his GP next week to see what can be done - he just
    wants it all to end.

    Please send him your well wishes and support.

    Thank you,

  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock/Gordon: Bummer! Must be all those lifting of weights you've been secretly doing while Gordon was at the library. LOL. Seriously, I would say just be careful. My DH developed a hernia and like Rock, didn't want surgery. The doctor said it was no big deal, just to be careful about lifting anything heavier than a peach. It is usually repaired by attaching a mesh to hold it in. Yes, it is frustrating when we keep getting one thing after another as our bodies break down.......they weren't made to last forever. And like Mikie mentioned the other day about "Gods waiting room". Seems appropriate. I'll put you in my prayers. We've never met but you come off as a real sweety.

    Gordon, I thought about you today as I was shopping for the first time at a 99 ranch market......not to be confused with 99 cents. Wowie zowie.......all the fish, live crabs, lobsters, cat fish making faces at me at the window, lots and lots of produce at such a good price! I bought a small bass from Canadian wild waters, had it cleaned, plus a GREAT price on fresh ginger. My local Stater bros was asking $4.99 a lb. and from them it was .89 cents a pound. I bought two big net bags of it to make ginger tea for pain which is supposed to be equivalent to ibuprofen but much safer.

    I went to my DGS soccer game playoffs......they won after some overtime. YEA. Then I went out to lunch with the entire rooting section of family supporting him. 11 of us at lunch. At first I didn't think I would but decided the fence guys could function without my supervision. So when I came home after 4 PM it was done....looks great...looks higher than the other one though and of course all my wonderful bushes and tropical plants are gone. But I'm looking forward to putting in new plants to give it a fresh look after the painting is done on monday.
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  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Gordon - pls convey my best wishes to Rock...wishing him speedy recovery. Thank you so much for letting us know.

    Hi to all. will pop in later.

    God Bless
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Gordon, thank you for letting us know about Rock's hernia. Prayers are going up even as I type. Thanks too for taking such good care of our dear friend. You have become a dear friend too.

    Rock, I am so sorry for this latest health problem. We go through soooo much just surviving with what ails us without the odd ball problems thrown in. I know I also feel like just giving up when I'm so rundown and sick of it all. Please hang in there and see the doc. It doesn't necessarily follow that you will need surgery but the doc may have something to help you live with the hernia. As I mentioned to Gordon above, I am praying for you. Focus on what still gives you pleasure, including Gordon and all the people here who love you.

    Sun, so glad your fence came out so well. We are having old overgrown plants removed to make way for new ones in the front of our bldg. I dread the mess but look forward to seeing new plants and mulch. Landscapers have stood us up once so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they show up tomorrow. I need to be here because I don't trust them to do what they are supposed to do. How lucky your DGS is to have eleven fans to support him and how nice that you were able to go to lunch. Sounds as though the game was exciting.

    Julie, wow! Ninety-four years old. He's lucky to have so many people to celebrate his birthday. I can only imagine, though, how stressful it must be to have a meal with the dragon lady. Bless your heart! I'm sooooo glad you will be able to see the ice show after all. It's the best news I've had in a long time. I was sure it must have been very disappointing for you all not to get to go. Just shows to go ya that, sometimes, things work out just the way you want.

    Spring, how nice of you to pop in to give Rock your best wishes. I hope you can come back and stay a bit longer. I also hope things have improved for you.

    Yesterday was Barb's birthday. We sat out and had coffee. Later on, she knocked on my window and wanted me to share the HUGE fresh fruit basket her kids sent her. It was yummy with chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmm! She is eighty-four and is in amazing shape for all she's been through. The most difficult thing for her is trying to handle her business over the phone due to difficulty talking under pressure. She is one tough cookie.

    I got really tired yesterday and had to lie down. I woke feeling sooooo sick. I ached all over, including a headache. My lymph nodes were like golf balls under my jaw. Yikes!!! I don't know whether it was the Red Tide or not. I took 1,000 mgs. of vitamin C, some zinc and Echinacea just to be safe in case it is a virus. I want to be able to keep on cleaning and organizing in here. I did manage to sweep the lanai floor and clean the litter box out there. I also cleaned the glass in my sliding doors. I need to use my Mr. Clean sponge to try to get the dirt off of the white frames around the glass. Cats are less interested in hanging out there now that I just leave it open for them.

    I have finally decided to get rid of the expensive duvet cover I've been hanging onto. It wrinkles and is too heavy for our climate down here. I'm not ready to get rid of the expensive duvet itself but I'll likely not use it due to our climate. I had a king size pillow-top mattress and the oversized bedding costs an arm and a leg. I am going to get rid of some purses I no longer use. The three I own now serve almost every need for a purse. I might get a small clutch in black leather for concerts but that's all. This is taking time and NRG I don't have but, when it's done, the condo will be cleaner and less cluttered.

    Well, that's all the exciting news I have. BTW, if I didn't mention it, the area rugs look perfect now. I was soooo lucky to find the turquoise/teal one for only $40 for the living room. The similar one I had seen was $350. I had decided to try to find a reasonable facsimile. This one is Goldilocks just right.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends, and, Rock, know that your friends are praying and pulling for you.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gordon and Rock-
    Please do tell Rock we are thinking of him and praying that all will go well for him. Yes, I do hope that belt helps him but good to have it checked. Rock is such a treasure on our board and we need him to come back to us asap. Give him a hug from me and all of us. Yes, it is tough as we all get older, our bodies start giving way and even worse when we started some of this stuff at a young age. I was in my 40's when all this pain, etc. struck me. Yes, one can really get worn down and then who needs any of this extra stuff like hernias (NO ONE FOR SURE) !! Please take care of him an make sure he gets it checked out. BTW, also take care of yourself too.

    MIKIE - You sound like me, little by little I am trying to get rid of some of the stuff I haven't been needing or using. That rug for $40 sounds great. I love bargains like that esp when they look really nice.

    JULIE - So glad that Gpa had a nice b day party at the restaurant and that you are able to reschedule that Holiday on Ice. It sounds like so much fun. Take care of those eyes, and happy that you have an appointment for them as well as the chiro. I need to get ready to leave to go to church very soon. So can't stay right now. Like SW I hope to be back later. So nice to see SPRIN WATER popping in for a bit to give good wishes to ROCK.

    SUN - Glad you got your fence in and it looks nice also that DGS won their soccer game. It is fun to get into all of that although for us it wasn't soccer but was football, baseball, and basketball for a short while as well as softball for 2 daughters. We were always running someplace for a game :)!!!

    Gotta run to church now.

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Thanks you for your kinds words. Apparently our bodies are like the
    poorhouse blanket. Always room for one more. I looked on the net for
    hernia jokes. Turns out there are several sites, but upon visiting them
    one finds a) they have no hernia jokes, b) they have no jokes at all,
    c) they do have hernia jokes, but they are not even remotely funny.

    I had a hernia surgery about 30 years ago. Somebody, a doctor (?)
    told me they no longer patch you up with a piece of screen door. They
    use a plastic mesh. But during one of Minnesota's winter storms
    transportation was at a standstill. Stuff, including medical supplies,
    couldn't be delivered. So with no plastic mesh on hand, the doctor
    used his son's wiffle ball.[​IMG]

    He cut it in half and flattened it out. Worked too. The patient said the
    only problem is that whenever he walks past a park he has an irresistible
    urge to join in a ball game.

    Anyhoo thanks for your encouragement and support. I suspect I'll be
    back to my usual morose state in no time.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wait! We get blankets at the poor house? Well now, it doesn't seem so bad. I hope mine is softy-wafty.
    Rock, so good to see you posting, sense of humor intact. Sorry you couldn't find any hernia jokes. When it comes to jokes, you are always the one doing the heavy lifting. OK, that's lame but it's the best I can do. I have another lame joke: A woman gets a flat tire and pulls over to the side of the road but no one stops to help her. She gets out of her car and goes to the trunk. She removes and sets up two cardboard figures of men in trench coats and nothing else, revealing their private areas. Cars start to slow down to get a better look but, again, no one stops. Finally, a state trooper pulls up to see what is causing the traffic jam. The woman explains she has a flat tire. The state trooper tells her he can see that but asks what the two cardboard figures are doing next to her car. She says, "Oh, those are my emergency flashers." TADA!!! Speaking of screen doors, did you hear about the guy who ran through a screen door and strained himself? Oh, somebody stop me! I'll be here all week. Hang in there, Kiddo!

    Granni, how nice of you to stop in before church to wish everyone well. I hope you can come back soon. Yes, I do love a bargain. I've become more discriminating in my bargains and try not to buy what I don't need or like just because it's on sale. Of course, like everdobby else, I've made some mistakes here and there. I think the duvet falls into that category. I get a thrill every time I see the new rug. Cats like to lie on the area rugs. Tweety has taken to the old rug now in the dining room--something different. Silly cats! Have a good day.

    I just stopped in for a minute to check posts. We get spam in bunches and then, they die off. For a while, it was multi-level marketing spam. Then, it was porn. Now, it seems to be spam for clinics in Toronto. Good grief! I'm so grateful for our kind members who click on the spam button to help me get rid of it. I'm tired and lazy today but, if the landscapers show tomorrow, I may have my hands full with them. On Tues., I have to get my tire repaired and stop at mgmt.'s office to sign the bank signatory cards. I'll need to go to the store somewhere in there. Maybe I can leave the landscapers to their own devices for a bit tomorrow. Risky!!! Anything I can force myself to do today will pay off. I just don't wanna do it. Bah!!!

    We had more than an inch of rain yesterday so the ground will be perfect for the landscapers to remove plants. It has rained all morning but seems to be letting up. I think we got more than an inch today. The little retention pond out back is up to it's banks. This rain is compliments of the cold front which caused all the bad weather in the middle of the country. It's a nice surprise late in our rainy season or early in our dry season. I guess we're kinda on the cusp.

    Hope all y'all have a good Sunday afternoon and evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Glad to read you're a tad better today emotionally about your troubles. Half our problems is that we get sooooo down just ruminating on our poor broken bodies. God has sense a humor when it comes to bringing me back to my senses.......usually when I'm having a pity party in my car while driving I see someone far worse off than me and I'm jolted back to reality and I'm reminded that I should never go there.

    Mikie: So glad to read that the rug looks great. And of course a new place for the cats to try out. I'm been trying to do floor stretches on a yoga mat and my heating pad. Sometimes I get in a hurry to make coffee and leave it on the floor and of course, when I come back there's Clair stretched out where she knows she doesn't belong, so she goes running.

    I hardly ever am bothered by lymph nodes but with this bug......that keeps returning......several days my neck and jaws were very sore, and it seems like I have a continually drippy nose. And off and on I've also had stomach troubles. So it might not be the red tide completely though I'm sure it's contributing.

    I looked at the fence this morning then got out my tape measure. They shorted me a metal post.....between one and another it was 9'4".......that might lead to problems down the road, so I called the owner of the company. He said he was on his way right then to meet the painters at my house, painting to be done today rather than tomorrow. So they're working on it right now with a sprayer, and tomorrow he'll send a guy to put in another post and paint it.......I told him I would pay him when it was all completed. So I might just start putting in all the succulents I had broken off last week. Succulents are sooooo easy.....just stick them into the ground.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Wow! What a mess in the middle of the country with those snow storms. It is only 62 degrees here this morning and I welcome it. We will have a couple of these low temps and go back to low 80's during the day and low 70's or high 60's at night. It appears that El Nino is continuing to cause severe weather coming off the Pacific. The waters near the Equator are really warm. Our rain finally cleared up yesterday morning. I hope the landscapers show this morning as the ground is perfect for digging. If they don't, I'm going to throw a fit. I've had enough of their negligence.

    Tweety was horrid last night. She came in twice to rattle my closet door until I got up and sprayed the whole wall leading into the bedroom with Febreze. She is very sensitive to smells so she stayed outta the bedroom. I fully expected her to extract her revenge on the furniture in the living room but she didn't. I think she knew I meant business when I sprayed the wall and pointed my finger at her, saying, "NOOOOO!" She can be one evil cat when she sets her mind to it.

    I didn't get much done yesterday inside. I'm still exhausted. I hate having my condo look like this but I've made progress overall here and there. Barb liked how the area rugs look. Now, if I can only get the cleaning and organizing finished and get the new valance done... I've always pretty much used neutrals with a few pops of color so it's a big change to have this much turquoise/aqua/teal in the living room. looks good with my white sofa and beachy accents. Very trendy seaside looking without looking tacky Florida. My bedroom has been blue for several years but it's kind of a muted blue with dark brown drapes and lampshades. Very restful.

    DD#1 sent me an e-mail with their itinerary in NYC. They leave today and fly back later in the day on Thanksgiving. They won't take the subway due to terror threats. How sad that we have to be so careful but I'm glad we aren't letting the terrorists dictate to us and that we continue to travel and enjoy our holidays. Glad I decided not to go. I'm just not up to it.

    Sun, I laughed at Clair's getting on the yoga mat. Perhaps she knows some kitty yoga poses. Cats will get on just about anything lying on the floor. When things come packed in sheets of paper, I put them down and the cats get a lot of mileage out of them. If they crinkle, all the better (the paper, not the cats). It could indeed be a bug that I've had but, when the Red Tide kills so many fish that the county has to use a bulldozer type loader to clean them off the beach, I know the RT is causing, at least, some of the symptoms. Good for you for holding off paying for the fence until it's done right. I'm dreading this landscaping project. First, I don't know whether they will even show up. Second, the guys who do the work don't speak English and my Spanish is practically nil now. The workers are very low skilled and often mess things up. What could possibly go wrong? Hope your fence gets done and my landscaping does too. I'll also tell mgmt. to hold off payment until the job is done right.

    I have to go down and move some pots out of the way so the so-called landscapers can do their thing. I can't find my back brace so will be on a little hunt for it this morning. I need to put in a request to St. Anthony to find it. I hope we all have a nice peaceful and productive day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Very nice Julie. I have been gone most of the day too shopping or trying to. Now I have to fix dinner and go to choral practice. Hope you had a great time at the show. Great picture of you all. Keira is getting so tall !!!! You all look good !!

    Hope to get back tomorrow when DH has his meetings and I have no car. Hi to MIKIE, SUN, ROCK, DIANE, et al !!!

    Love to awl,