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    OK, Kids
    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Pull up a bale ah hay; sit and watch. Or grab a partner and join in.

    All join hands and circle the floor.
    Bow and curtsy to the folks next door.

    Promenade, single file.
    Step along with a nice big smile.

    Right and left grand, all the way 'round.
    Now head back to your stompin' ground.

    Pass through, Friends, and then go back.
    Keep on truckin' round that track.

    Allemande right with your milkin' hand.
    All together. Ain't life grand!

    Sashay round; make a star in the middle.
    Stay in step with the old time fiddle.

    Separate now; go once around.
    Then do si do, and you're homeward bound.


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    Hi Kids

    Nothing much going on here. I am reading a strange book. The strange
    part is not the content, but the print. Every now and then the pages
    have gray ink rather than black. Hard to read. And Gordon has a rather
    strange cookbook. The title is Fragrant Harbor Taste. Not very
    appetizing in my opinion. Harbor water is full of oil and fuel from
    the boats and whatever the houseboat population has tossed in.
    The harbor in question is Hong Kong.

    According to the blurb, this is "An extraordinary cookbook, one that
    is deliciously inspirational and serious enough to read just for fun."
    The juxtaposition of serious and fun seems oxymoronic to me.

    Springwater, I looked up brinjal. Wikipedia says it is a large,
    glossy fruit found in SE Asia. Turns out it's actually found in
    our supermarkets too. It's the eggplant. Or as Barry might say,
    the aubergine. I think they make better decorations than

    Brinjal reminded me of Benji, the movie dog. I took my son
    to see a couple of them back in the 70s. Frances Bavier
    was in one of the Benji movies. She was Aunt Bee on the Andy
    Griffith show.

    How is all that walking working out? Is it making you feel fit
    or exhaustinizated?

    Granni, are you putting shrimp in your chili? If you do, you
    can call it Louisiana chili. Be sure to wear Mardi Gras beads
    when serving same. I have some in my dresser drawer
    courtesy of my neighbors who went several times.

    Mikie, what sort of big bird did you see? I haven't seen the cattle
    egret for months. We do have a few ducks and grebes on
    Echo Park Lake. There used to be many more; even some geese.
    When the Park Dept. started their refurbishing of the park
    several years ago the birds were all caught. According to the
    official statement they would all be returned when the work was
    done, but you know how those official promises are.

    Yes, big business did some unsavory things. Some of the car
    companies and tire manufacturers bought and then closed down
    public transportation in several big cities. Thus encouraging
    people to buy cars. I saw a documentary on it. Don't gots
    the energy to hunt it up on the net right now. I remember
    there was a federal trial. The companies were found guilty
    and fined $5,000.

    Barry, Yes, the English nursery rhyme about the ladybug goes
    back to the 18th century according to Wikipedia.
    Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
    Your house is on fire and your children are gone,
    All except one, And her name is Ann,
    And she hid under the baking pan.
    These colorful critters were plentiful when I lived in Minnesota,
    but I rarely see one here. I remember an office party where
    one of the accounting staff brought her toddler daughter in a
    ladybug costume. Cute as a bug in a rug.
    Hope your head stops spinning.

    Julie, how has the Iowa winter been so far? Do you have an
    electric blanket? I love mine. How are all the grandkids? Do
    you have that skype thing where you can see and chat on
    the computer?

    It's 4:15 here. Going back to bed. Hugs everydobby.


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    Good Morning, Kids,

    BRRRRRR!!! It's only 51 out this morning. Like yesterday, my hands were freezing. Again, I cupped them around my big 16 oz. mug to warm them up. It felt so good. The coffee also felt good going down my gullet. I put the fuzzy-wuzzy throw on top of me last night and both kitties slept on it. After I got up and gave them their treats, they let me go back to bed and sleep til 6:00. That felt good! Poor Tweety is all curled up on my bed trying to stay warm. I went in and covered her up with the throw. Sir Vester has all that extra fur to keep him warm.

    Thank you all so very much for letting me vent about Barb and for your kind support. I really appreciate it. Some of you have asked about it so I'll try to 'splain. Our condo front doors open onto the balcony in front. They are only about 20' apart. We have always put some folding outdoor chairs and a couple of small end tables on the balcony so we can sit out there. Our lanais are on the back side of the bldg. and are only accessible from inside our units. Barb and her deceased DH had an in-law apartment, which the DH built (he was a contractor) in her DD's home up North. DD and DSIL sold that house this year and now, Barb only has a bedroom suite in the new house. I think that is part of her anger. Barb is kind of a snowbird in that she has always gone home for a couple of months during our hot summers. She also goes home for the holidays.

    Everything is fine unless she is in a rage. I've managed to get along with her until she pulled this manipulative act last year and again this year. She made a nasty comment about my neighbor's religion/her pastor to her and her DD made her apologize. I think the kid is finally figuring out what's going on. Barb now only has a few casual friends and they are ones who are newcomers in the hood. Older former friends only stop in for cursory visits and, basically, have nothing to do with her if they can help it. Again. it's very sad and doesn't have to be like this but I don't think she will change at this point. At the rate she is going, I don't think she will be able to continue to live on her own. At that point, her kids would likely sell her condo or her son would buy out the other two kids. I suppose they might keep it so they can come down here in the wintertime. It remains to be seen as her health continues to deteriorate. She is now telling people she has cancer but refused to let the doc do a scan on the mass they found in her chest; it's been there for a long time. I think all she wants is attention and to feel loved and cared for but, at this rate, there will be no one left that she hasn't burned. I'm done with her. I only wish her well but can't be put in a position for her to use me to vent her rage on any longer.

    Rock, thanks for getting the new Porch up and running. I closed out the old one. I had thought those tall birds were ibis but, after looking in my bird book, I believe they are large egrets. They are much taller than the cattle egrets. The one in the yard would come up to my chest. I'm 5'4". I once had one walking next to me in a parking lot and it was almost as tall as I. It walked next to me calmly as though we were chums going somewhere. People in the parking lot were pointing and laughing. We took the kids to the first Benji movie. We all loved it. I think that movie is responsible for whole new generations of those cute little types of dogs. There are so many abuses in business that it would likely be difficult to find a business with completely clean hands. For years, I drove VW's and thought nothing of it until I learned they were built by POW slave labor during WWII. What did I expect from a vehicle called the Hitler Car?

    Granni, hope the above helps answer your questions about Barb. Your chili sounds so good. Makes me think I might stop at Wendy's to get some. Last time I made my own, it wasn't that good and I was stuck with a lot of it. AACCKK!!! I hate to waste food, even lousy food. Too bad you won't be going to New Orleans but I can understand why you might not want to take that on. The Spring event is enough practice. You will be as busy as ever.

    Spring, hope all that walking is helping and not making things hard on you. Walking is so good for us but most of us want to be able to decide to walk for exercise and not because we have to. What will you do in monsoon season with the drenching rains? I'm glad you are getting more things in to buy but I'll bet the prices are high if it's black market stuff. As always, I hope and pray this whole protest/shortage thing goes away.

    I should shower and wash my hair but it's just too darned cold to get my head wet. I'll do the best I can with my hair until tomorrow. It will continue to warm up each day. I'll take a hot soak in Epsom Salts to get a good start on the day. I'm still working on organizing my paperwork, a job I hate. Roomba didn't finish the floors yesterday so I need to get it to finish. Sir Vester sat right next to where it was cleaning yesterday--quite a brave move for him. I hope whatever all y'all do today that you have a good one!

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Reading about your troubles with your "bad" neighbor, Barb, makes me realize I want to stay in my house as long as possible. So thanks for sharing all that. At our other house we had troubles with one neighbor. The boys had been friends, had a falling out and suddenly I was being "shunned" as I drove by, even by her mother! I came home after that happened and told my DH we were putting the house up for sale. Bad neighbor's can make life very unhappy. Luckily I've been blessed, more or less, at this house.

    Rock, I believe it was you who had mentioned lady bugs which brought to mind once years ago when my DH and I went hiking up to Mt. Baldy. There was snow on the ground, and after climbing up the trail I was shocked/delighted to see the ground was bright orange red. It was covered with ladybugs. I scooped up as much as my little cooler would hold and put them in my garden on the roses. But, the next morning there were only a few left, as all had flown away. I guess they didn't like my aphids. I was told by others that they winter up there because of what they can eat. And apparently there was a guy who had a small business gathering them up in small containers and selling them thru the Armstrong Nurseries locally. Just for the picking.

    Granni: What was the singing event in New Orleans that you will be passing on?

    Barry: I had to chuckle at your comment about Alka seltzer. Are you a user of this? Used to take it when I got home from a fun night out, but OMG I had to gag to get it down. Then I found some cider vinegar does the trick for me.

    Spring: Glad to read that supplies are being more plentiful. And what's the next big celebration that your city will be having?

    My cleaning lady was over yesterday, it's been a month since the last time and LOTS of cat fur! She said the couch was covered (while the cat's away the mice will play) (they're not allowed up there) and she had to empty the canister 3 times. I had hoped to go to an art group yesterday but she was running late and I honestly didn't feel like pushing myself. I ran some errands yesterday, then worked on some paperwork. But I hope to go to a class today, just to feel human again. I just don't like living alone.

    I also stopped at Lowe's and bought 5 gallon size reduced pots of stock. They looked perfect......I figured they had to move them out so they would have room for some new stock. So I got them planted in some larger pots and put them in back so I can enjoy seeing them. It's drizzly right now though we're expecting 4 days of rain.

    And my cleaning lady said she also had picked up this bug that I had.....bad sore throat, immediately went into the chest, and lots of coughing. Her doc said it's something going around that reappears after you think you're well. Great!!!! And my neighbor also had it last week, traveling to Colorado.
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    Good morning awl !! I just needed to pop in and fix the new volume so I can get it on my phone if any of your dear PORCHIES posted. It is 36 here this morning. So I even beat MIKLIE's temp . I know that I didn't beat JULIE's temp though. Or at least I would guess so.

    ROCK - Thanks for the picture, square dance call and starting us up again on a new volume.

    MIKIE - Colder than you today , BRRRRRR 36 :)!! . Thanks for the splanation of your Barb's living situation like as they say, walking on egg shells all the time when she is around etc. It is hard to live that way and it is to bad she lives so close to you, even if it is just part time. It is like walking on egg shells when she is around. I know what you mean about certain people that I have known also through the years and the very uncomfortable position it puts you in..

    JULIE - Hope you have a pleasant day today without to many stressors . I know that might be a hard one with Gpa there all the time and all his needs not to speak of his daughter who causes to much trouble. Stay warm and well sweetie.

    SW - Glad you said no to your friend so you didn't have to put to much more stress on yourself, going in the opposite direction you were going to go to. Sometimes we must think of ourselves too :)!! You are amazing dear girl for all you can do and are doing in your country's circumstance. Keep on hanging sweetie.

    I need to get off here and get dressed so I can remove some more decorations before DD has a cow :)!! He is such a neatness person with everything in its place at all times. His mom was that was and he was an only child soit was fairly easy to keep things that way.

    More later.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So much for plans. I was going to take my bath/soak and leisurely go to the store. Joe called me and had lots of questions about our condo insurance so we chatted for a while. Then, my friend, Connie from across the street, called to ask if I could lend her a stamp. She is sick with a cold and had run out of stamps. I took one over and mailed the birthday card for her son. Finally, I came home and took my bath and went to the store. I got a rotisserie chicken and decided to make some homemade chicken noodle soup to share with her. It isn't from scratch, with the precooked chicken and canned broth. but it has everything in it to help with a cold. It's simmering in the crock pot. I'll take it over when I take her the stamps she asked me to buy for her at the store.

    I have vented about Barb but the good people here in our little community outweigh the negative ones greatly. I'm just relieved that her kids aren't hanging around and being rude. Even so, I let it run off my back like water off a duck but it is stressful, being right next door. More and more, Barb is being left out of things. Next week, if the weather is good and everyone is well, we will start up our workouts in the pool again. It's a great group and we have such a good time. This month, my Dear Old Friend, another neighbor and I will go to the first concert this month. If anyone needs anything, there are always people lined up to help. Like everything else in life, condo living has its advantages and disadvantages.

    When I got home from the store, the lady downstairs came out to see whether she could help me carry my bags upstairs. How nice! She also said she loves the purple flowers in the big olla pots out front. The bright purple is perfect with the red geraniums and orange ixoras. There are also blue plumbagos. They will be closing on their unit the middle of the month and are so happy that I told our mgr. to go ahead and take the ins. which their mortgage co. insisted on in order to give them the loan. I'm very happy to have them buy in here and take the rental units in our bldg. from two to one.

    Sun, sorry you didn't get to your art class. On the other hand, having a cleaning lady is such a blessing. Roomba cleans up the cat hair on the carpet but I have to clean it up where they lie around, like the backs of the loveseats. Their fur is not as dense now that they live inside and they are curled up trying to keep warm. When they lived outside, they were bushier. I hope my friend's cold doesn't go into her chest. Her niece is a doctor and keeps tabs on her and the doc's mother, my friend's sister and the doc's mother. In other words, my friend and her sister both live across the street and both are soooo nice. This friend is the one who was bitten by the brown recluse spider a couple of years ago and was sooooo sick. It's hard to keep a good woman down! I've been living alone for 30 yrs. so it seems normal to me. If I want companionship/friendship, all I have to do is walk out the door. I hope you can get to the art class and that you are recovered.

    Granni, I really don't walk on egg shells now. I just come and go and pay her no attention. Attention is what she is after. Still, it's sad and stressful to see someone coming apart at the seams. I'm just glad she cannot get others to turn against me, try as she might. I think it's very depressing for her to see that she is being met with people who don't want to get dragged into this. I've told them I don't want them being dragged in. I also think she realizes that, this time, she has gone too far and dug herself into a hole in which she won't be able to climb out. BRRRRR!! You are colder than I. I feel for you. Hope you can get warm. It's warmed up here but I am still cold. Hope DH doesn't have a cow but I'm laughing at the phrase. I'm an only child and live alone but still can't seem to keep things neat and tidy, never mind clean.

    OK, I put the rotisserie chicken in the oven because it looked a bit pink in the middle when I got it home. It's time for lunch. In fact, it's way past lunch time for me. I'm gonna let the chicken soup simmer for a couple of hours and then, add the noodles once it's flavorful. Mmmmm! Hope y'all have a nice afternoon.

    Love, Mikie
  7. bct

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    Hey Rock! Are you saying that you don't like brinjal/aubergine/eggplant? I bloody don't understand you! I LOVE eggplant, and hope to grow some more this year; delicious sliced and fried in olive oil until done.... Do you like okra? Another veg that I love.

    Spring: How do you cook your brinjal? I get the idea that it is not the way I do.;) I sure hope the embargos end soon. Limited power, fuel, and high prices ---- it must take a lot of energy from you, not knowing what is going to happen. Any signs of a breakthrough soon?

    Sun, no I haven't had an Alka-seltzer in decades! Maybe my bubbling brain is champagne. By the way, do you grow any vegs. in your garden? Also, not to be too nosey, but how many cats do you have? I don't remember you mentioning them before. You bought some stocks in bloom? How lovely the scent is.

    Mikie, you are lucky to live where there is so much colour and so many flowering plants. I love Plumbago. Here, now, I live with fifty shades of green! All the autumn leaves have fallen by now. I do see catkins on the hazels though, and my Hellebore is sending up buds that are pinking. This is a double-flowered one, and very beautiful. Ricardo bought it a couple of years ago, mail order, and it has thrived, thank heavens, because it was $$$:eek:. As for the rot.chick, are you cooking it in the crockpot or the oven, or both. Rot. chicks are good from Costco here (60 miles away), but the local store ones are way too salty for me.....:(. How nice of you to be cooking chicken soup for your ill neighbour. Thank you!

    And now away to dream of an aubergine, make the bed, have lunch, etc....

    Love to All,

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    Hi JULIE - That is so exciting. I guess you are going to drive even though you really don't have much time to visit. No matter how long I know you will have a great time and the kids will all be very excited. That should give you a jolt of energy and hopefully will help you to get your brain and body feeling better again. Sometimes just a small break in ones routine can help you to feel better .

    Have a wonderful time sweetie. I know that we all need a big break now and then from all our stress and you have had more of your share lately. So glad that you have a place to bring grandpa so that he will have supervision while Den is at work . That should also give Den a break while he is home on the weekend and he can just take care of himself. I am excited for you and I know everyone will be so happy when you see them all again. When will you be leaving on Friday? That surely doesn't leave much time but

    How far away is the local care center? If not to expensive something like that might be good for you to bring Gpa there during the week off and on or on certain days. It might give both Gpa and you a break and as you said good for him to talk to others besides you and Den, and a break from you being around him constantly, too. If you can do that that break might be a good thing for both of you , even if it is for 1/2 a day or even one day a week. Can you do that? It is like Mother's Day Out for the kids but this for Gpa :)!! Just an idea that might help your sanity.

    Gotta go and start thinking about dinner but I saw Julie's post and had to answer her. I am excited for her too but I wouldn't be driving all those hrs myself. Dear JULIE is YOUNG though and I think enjoys driving. I do so cause I have to :)!!

    LOVE to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's not as cold as it has been but it's still too cold for me. Whine, whine, whine! Once again, I will not shower and shampoo my hair. It's short enough that it holds the style after I sleep on it. Just needs a touch up with the comb. I remember when I was growing up, women usually washed their hair once a week or had a weekly salon appt. I am not sweating so my scalp isn't oily. I can't get away with four days without a shampoo when it's hot and I'm active. As it is, I feel like a slug but it isn't bothering me enough to get in a hot shower only to freeze my tuchie off when I get out. Kitties don't want to get off the bed to walk on the cold tile so they have been letting me sleep in til 5:00. They were most interested in sniffing my hands when I got home from giving my friend's kitties some love.

    Frank & Ilona rolled in last night but I was in bed. I talked to them and we decided I'd go down this morning. I was tired and so were they. I had a bowl of my soup but I think it might be a bit too garlicy. My friend is Italian so I doubt anything is too garlicy for her. Also, the garlic is good for what ails her. Her beautiful cats usually shun people but they come out to see me. I think they can smell my cats and have decided I'm a safe 'cat person' to have around. One of them has the most intelligent face and always does funny things to show off for me.

    Julie, I'm sooooo glad you are getting a break from everything and getting to see the kids. They must be very excited. I pray all goes well on your trip and with GPA. I hope he likes this little change. Those people are used to making newcomers feel welcome and finding things for them to do that they enjoy. We have senior day care centers here for parents of working caretakers. Everyone I talked to who used this service loved it. The parents got stimulating activities which they liked doing and socializing with others like them. This is the best news I've heard in ages. I am also very happy for you. What a creative way to deal with your stress.

    Barry, that's so sweet of you to say thanks even though I didn't do anything for you personally. I do know that a good turn benefits the one doing it, the one receiving it and anyone who witnesses it. In this world of chaos, I think any good news is welcome. Just a trip to the store where people are friendly and kind to one another makes me feel happy. As I've mentioned, FL is a very friendly place. I prefer the Costco chickens. They are bigger and less expensive than Publix chickens but I wasn't up to the Costco crowds yesterday. I used the breast meat for the soup. The outside layer of breast meat was done. I put the rest of the chicken in the oven to finish cooking it before I ate the thighs. You remind me of a much beloved writer who had a column for decades in one of the women's magazines when I was growing up. My Mom never missed it and neither did I. She wrote about her home in the country and described the landscape and how it was changing each month and season. She also wrote about the animals. I could picture it all in my mind's eye, the same way I can picture what you describe. That's a real talent. Have you ever considered writing a column?

    Granni, I used to enjoy driving too but haven't driven far in a few years since my car, and I, have gotten older. Since the car only has 39,000 miles on it, it's probably safe to drive anywhere but I'm not so sure about me. Just going out to shop does me in. I'm glad you live close enough to family that the drive isn't that bad to see them. I'll bet you really enjoy driving the new Highlander. Are all the numbers you are practicing new to you? I think I mentioned that our jr. high school choir teacher was quite ambitious. We did The Passion of Christ for our Easter concert. It was beyond our years and talents but we muddled through it. That wouldn't happen today with religion out of the schools. I think it was good for us to reach a bit instead of just easy songs. Mr. Shane was the uncle of one of the singers in the Kingston Trio. He hated being related, in any way, to popular folk music. He was a bit of a snob. We did end up liking him and respected his desire that we do more than we thought we could.

    Well, Kids, it's time for me to read my 'real' newspaper. I'll end up giving it to Frank and Ilona when I'm done with it. I'll probably check in later. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Lots of rain yesterday. Gordon's brother brought home some plastic
    bags from Whole Foods which we spread on top of the orchids last
    night. These were large bags. Large enough to hold a love seat.
    Or a barbershop quartet. Or a small car. All these plants are
    way too much trouble for me. Gordon, however, is indefatigable.

    I started reading a series of books set in a village during the 1930s.
    The author is a very prolific writer; according her bio at the back
    of the book she has a Ph.D. and was a college professor. I wonder
    who she thinks is reading these books. They are obvious for older
    folks, not young people. Therefore, there is no need to explain
    that Shirley Temple was a child movie star. And certainly no
    need to explain it twice. I also question her use of the word
    'managerial'. I seriously doubt it was in use 80 years ago. Aside
    those minor quibbles, I am enjoying the series.

    Mikie, I guess your music teacher was the uncle of Bob Shane. The
    original Kingston Trio was Bob and Nick Reynolds and Dave
    Guard. I saw them in the 60s. I had several favorite folk groups
    in them thar days and scads of their recordings. Saw most
    of them in concert: the Limeliters, the Christy Minstrels, and
    the Chad Mitchell Trio when John Denver was a member.
    Talked to them after the show. (John wasn't famous then.)

    I used to read the books of Gladys Taber some decades ago. Read
    many of them twice. All the Stillmeadow books the library
    had and Amber, her book about her Abyssinian cat.

    Julie, I hope you have a wonderful trip. The kids will be so
    surprised! That's great that you can have an excursion and
    spend some time with people you love.

    Barry, I don't dislike eggplant. It doesn't have enough personality
    or flavor to be dislikeable. As for okra, I never ate any except the
    miniscule amount in Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup. Haven't
    had any of that for half a century. I did think the slices
    had an interesting appearance though. Kinda like little wheels
    with spokes.

    Bis spater [​IMG]
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    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Who was the author of this 30s series that you're enjoying?

    Glad to read Gordon now has some giant bags for covering his orchids. Too bad he doesn't have a REAL greenhouse for all his treasures. When I first got into the orchids years ago I dreamed of owning one in the back, but I had to settle for turning an unused bathroom into an orchid room. In hung lights from the ceiling and put metal shelves in the shower and around the small became soooo much work in taking care of them, so I shut down all the precedure.

    I LOVED the folk music scene. There were so many great groups and like you I owned a lot of the records. I was in college choir at that time so we sang a lot of the songs too. Lucky that you got to see them.'s what I do when I see fresh Okra in the markets.....kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Cube some eggplant, sauté onions, garlic, maybe green peppers in olive oil, toss in some fresh cut tomatoes (or canned) along with the cut okra and eggplant, add some oregano, balsamic vinegar S& P and Mmmmmmmm.....very Italian.

    Julie: I'm happy to read you'll be getting a much needed reprieve. I'm sorry you have that long drive though. I hope it works out at the nursing home where you could do this several times a month. You mentioned Gpa has the $ and he has to learn to give you some breaks. The constant stress from being a care taker can really wear on a person and you sounded like you were really ready for a meltdown.

    I went to an art class yesterday. Only 2 of us besides the teacher but it was actually enjoyable......chatting while we painted. The other lady is twice divorced, has lupus and FM, so we both understand each other what we deal with, still wanting to create. It was raining yesterday so I decided I didn't want to take my watercolors......took acrylic paints instead. They were old and acting strange! My paints not me! But the thing with acrylic paints is if you don't like something, paint over it.

    I was telling them about getting sick over in Hawaii and they both agreed that I probably picked up the bug from the air system on the plane. It just takes one person coughing to spread to an entire plane.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just checking in. I was reading my e-mails. If I don't stay on top of them, I have a ton of them to go through. I went down to have coffee with Ilona and Frank while the cable guy was there. They are out getting supplies--Frank and Ilona, not the cable guy! :) I took the garbage down to the dumpster. What a mess. AACCKK!!! People can't lift the heavy lid and get their garbage into the dumpster so they are just leaving it lying around. :confused: I have already called mgmt. and they called the trash co. We are sposeda get a new one with the little doors in the sides but it's taking forever. I'll let someone else do the complaining.

    Neighbor downstairs called so I went down. She and her husband are looking at other condos to buy because Barb is stressing her out so horribly. Barb has told her that she is not to mention my name to her nor her name to me. She rants at her over nothing. Barb's daughter made her apologize to this woman again and told her that they are taking her home with them because of the furor she is causing to herself and everyone else. This woman won't pick up the phone nor answer texts unless it's Barb's daughter and not Barb herself. She and her DH lost their oldest son to lung cancer just a couple of months ago and this stress is too much. I said if they can just wait it out a bit longer, the kids may make Barb leave. I hope so but she is very defiant. I've never seen a person self-destruct before and it's scary and sad.

    Roomba just finished the tile floors and it's time to have it vacuum the living room and dining area all over again. Sir Vester is shedding and, when he grooms himself, his hair comes out in little fur balls. He's decided that all this vacuuming is just too much and is yowling at me whenever Roomba is running. Poor little guy. Life is so hard for a spoiled kitty. :rolleyes:

    Rock, yes that was Mr. Shane's nephew. Once, when Mr. Shane walked to the back of the auditorium so he could do a sound check, one of my friends said, "Shane, come back Shane." That got a big laugh. :D I love folk music and have watched the PBS reruns with all those folk groups over and over. PBS reruns a show on John Denver too. I remember how sad it was when he and Annie split. He kept his plane in a hangar at the same airport I used, outside of Denver, when I was flying. He seemed to embody the spirit of CO. People there copied his clothing--sheepskin coats and cowboy hats. We loved Jimmy Buffett too as he embodied our fantasies of the beach life like the Beach Boys did in our yute. I am reading a book about a violin which was made in Cremona and ended up in the hands of an antique dealer under mysterious circumstances. It jumps back and forth in time from the original owner to the antique dealer. So far, it's a good light romantic read. I get one free book each month from Amazon and chose this one. I could no longer take as good care of my orchids as Gordon does, when I went into a relapse some months ago, and nothing is blooming. They are hanging on though.

    Sun, we must have been posting at the same time. I came back to edit. I hope your bug is gone for good. Glad you got out to the art class and have a friend who understands. I have friends who are empathetic but, unless one has what we have, it's impossible for them to truly understand. I have one who has FMS. I'll bet you are right; you probably caught the bug on the plane. Mix the stress of travel with a few sick people in a limited, low oxygen space and you have the perfect storm for getting sick. I hope I don't catch this cold going around. I laughed at your not acting strange. Funny! I have not done anything creative in ages. There is a snag with the valance. The new side panels have the grommets for the curtain rod to go through. They stick out from the rod about two inches further than the old tabbed ones did. The outer rod for the valance doesn't clear this increase. It is adjustable but I would have to buy a new center brace for it or have a wooden valance made which attaches to the wall and is covered. I'll figure it out and, since I'm so lazy and tired, perhaps I'll think up a solution.

    Nothing else much to tell. I'm still in a lazy mood and don't want to do anything. It's warming up and I need to get into short pants. I'm not used to having this much of my bod covered. Hope your days are sunny and happy.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - So sorry that Barb is making everyone's life so miserable that this friend of yours wants to move. It really makes me wonder why some people want to be so miserable all the time and make everyone else miserable with them. Life is to short to self destruct that way and no one wants to be around someone like that, unless perhaps they are the same way too. However, if they were the same they would probably look for all the same attention and perhaps kill each other trying - ugh !! . Hope your friend holds out till Barb is gone. I too am lazy and tired. Finally put the sheets in the washer. Need to remake the bed too before time to go to bed.

    JULIE - Enjoy your trip sweetie. I know the kiddos will be excited to see you and it will be just what you need right now. Just relax with the kiddos and have a great time. BE SAFE ON THAT TRIP. What time will you be leaving do you know yet? Hopefully Gpa too will enjoy his experience and then will be happy to go back again for some days during the week which I think will be wonderful for you both. The idea of Gpa paying for it too if he has it would be wonderful if he has the money . Hope he loves it there so he will also be willing to pay for at least part of it.

    SUN - Hope you are finally feeling a little better after your trip and getting sick. I know sometimes it takes awhile to get back to where you were in the first place. However, if where you were in the first place is not necessarily perfect , like most of us here too, than it might be awhile but I hope not to long. I have been busy doing this and than and went to work out at DH's insistence as we haven't done to great lately with the weather, etc.

    BTW, I finally got DH to take a BS reading last night with the new meter and it showed 166 2 hrs after eating. The meal itself didn't have to many carbs but the sugar in the wine and the ice cream I am sure did it. Plus he went out with a friend for Mexican food for lunch and I am sure that was probably still in his system. So need to keep checking it from time to time and to see what is causing what. DH has to learn also that he can't eat low sugar ice cream also low fat, that he probably can have it every once in awhile but not necessarily almost every night. I am happy that his cholesterol total went down to 178 and his HDL went up and LDL went down. It is just his mediocre blood sugar and increased triglycerides. The Tri just went up to one pt above normal . Could be the meat which he has always loved but have cut back quite a bit but still needs to cut back more on. Also wine they say and dairy which he does really drink or eat that much of when I buy cheese for him it is 2%. This is driving me nuts between him and myself our diets are crazy and I make one meal for us both, I am to old for this stuff ( two different meals, and crazy restrictive diets).

    Gotta fun for now and look up a few things before making the bed for tonight :)!!

    Love to everyone, inc all those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello, hope all is well, or at least not too bad.

    Sun, I liked your recipe for okra and eggplant and must give it a go when I've got some go to give! But I am a little confused; do you saute the eggplant and okra as well as the onions? And then add them?

    Rock, I as well as Sun would like the name of the author you mentioned in your last post! And also, Rock, does Gordon feel the same way about eggplant and okra as you do? o_O

    Mikie, I am sorry you feel run down and feel lazy. Don't you pace yourself? I pace myself but still feel flat. At least my eyes aren't too bad today. I used to write a lot when I was a lad, and took a few college courses in creative writing. My main interest was in poetry -- for which I won a prize from the Kiwanis in high school -- and I took some poetry courses in college from Philip Levine, a frequent contributor to the New Yorker magazine. Then I changed majors from English to Biology and then later on changed to Religious Studies in which I got my B.A. I was a long time in college!

    Romeo (dog) woke me up at 4a.m.wanting to go out. So 'twas done; pouring rain; had to dry him off; my sleep was totally disrupted. Even a Xanax did no good! Couldn't get back to sleep. Just listened to the rain pounding the roof -- a pleasing sound.

    I'm am beginning to fade, and will have lunch and then my regular after-dinner bed-read/nap.

    Oh NRG, please come back!
    Love to all,

    Have a good rest Julie -- you deserve it!

  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Sorry I was so confusing. Onions take longer, so do them first, after about 5 min add the cubed eggplant and cut up okra, the tomatoes and seasonings. Stir fry a few minutes then put the lid on so it helps cook the eggplant and okra.....about 10 min or so. Sometimes I add some cooked Italian sausage and more tomatoes plus some tomato sauce, which then becomes a sauce for over pasta. The onions, garlic, eggplant, okra, etc. leftovers you can use in a soup to get rid of or maybe in an omelette. I'm one of those cooks where I don't measure and just look thru my frig to see what I have to combine. I've also added some finely chopped celery at times to this basic mixture. And if you like Cajun type cooking you can adjust spices to suit.

    Maybe I'll go search the markets and see if there is okra. I'm hungry for it now that I've typed.
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    My big accomplishment for the day was writing a letter. It was to the
    former coworker who sent me a Christmas card and a newsletter. As
    a coworker she was friendly, competent, and as an added attraction,
    nice looking. Anyhoo Gordon enabled the printer so I could send her
    a snail mail letter. Don't have her e mail address.

    Sunflower, the author I was writing about is Susan Wittig Albert. She
    is very prolific. Gordon has read lots of her books. I've only read a couple.
    Got 2 more in the dahlia series today at the library.

    Yup, folk songs are not popular anymore, but the folks era was a
    great time. The Weavers were the first. I read the biography of
    Gordon Jenkins a few years ago. He was a composer, band leader,
    arranger, record executive, etc. He worked for Decca and did their
    first recordings way back in the 50s. So much great stuff on Youtube.

    Barry, is Romeo Italian? Wikipedia lists about 30 Italian dog breeds
    including the Maltese, the Italian greyhound, and the Sardinian Shepherd.
    BTW did you ever see the 1936 MGM version of Roman and Juliet?
    (I bet Richard did.) Juliet was Norma Shearer (Mary in The Women),
    about 36, and Romeo was Leslie Howard (Ashley in GWTW), about 42.
    One always has to say "about" when it comes to the age of stars. Back
    in those days, if the stars didn't lie about their age, the studio did it for
    them in press releases.

    Re: okra and eggplant, far as I know Gordon does not partake, cook or
    purchase same. He does, however, have an afghan he knit that
    is an eggplant shade of purple.

    Mikie, "Come Back, Shane" deserved a good laugh. The music teacher
    we had in High School was a short ex Marine (he claimed) with a
    macho attitude. (Even though "macho" wasn't in use then.) It was
    rumored he had a steel plate in his head due to a war wound. I
    frequently wished he'd be attacked by a large magnet.

    With regard to Cremona, my aunt used to put it in her coffee. Oh,
    wait. I'm thinking of something else. We had a short story in our
    9th grade English book about the violin maker of Cremona.

    Just looked to see if there was any info on the story. Didn't find
    any, but I did learn that in 1909 D. W. Griffith made The
    Violin Maker of Cremona with Mary Pickford. Apparently
    the projectionist had to hum since sound films didn't appear
    for another two decades.

    Hugs, Kids
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, that's a shame, Julie. Yes, lucky you had friends to come to the rescue.
    Hope your problem isn't as serious as the one below.


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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Mornin', Kids,

    What a night! The cats double teamed me. First, Tweety started rattling my closet door so I had to get up and spray the doors and carpet with Febreze and yell, "NO!" at her. She cannot take strong odors. I just got back to sleep when Sir Vester started ripping the loveseat apart with his claws. I chased him down and yelled, "No!" at him. I sprayed the Febreze on the loveseat but he isn't usually deterred by odors. Still, he is deterred by my tone of voice and knows that if I take the time to chase him down, he is in trouble. This morning, I gave them their treats but didn't speak to them as I usually do. They know when I don't heap the lovin' on them in the morning, they are in deep doo doo. They are keeping a low profile. By noon, all will be forgiven. They miss the lovin' and this is one method they seem to understand.

    I got my FL LOTTO tickets and my Powerball tickets the other day. I buy for two draws so have it for this Sat. since no one won last night. I think this is the largest Powerball in history. Of course, the odds of winning are astronomical but we all love to dream. Powerball fever will be at an all-time high so I'm glad I don't have to stand in line for Sat. night's ticket.

    Granni, if I were to eat ice cream, or even grapes, it would send my BS up. It isn't fat which causes cholesterol/triglycerides to increase; it's carbs. This is the big new deal in nutrition. Suzanne Somers tried telling everyone this years ago. Now, all the docs and researchers agree. Aerobic exercise helps to bring the bad stuff down and increase the good stuff. Low-fat diets, which are high in carbs, nearly did us all in. We just need to be sure we get healthy fats and not saturated fats. Meat and butter, in limited amounts, are OK. Fake butter and other hydroginated fats are not. Most of the docs now feel that we should eliminate dairy or, at least, limit it. This goes against what we were all told for years. Researchers blame the low-fat diets and fast food for the obesity problems we now have. I just take a pass on most everything which fires up my BP and insulin. Cutting down doesn't work for me. It's an ongoing battle. I hope Heaven is one big ice cream/candy store.

    Barry, like you, I pace myself but still have no NRG. I think I may have adrenal fatigue. When I wake up, I feel as though I am in the fight-or-flight mode. My legs feel all tingly like adrenalin is rushing through me. I don't know much about this syndrome but plan on looking it up. It may be from all the stress of anticipating Hurricane Barb. Now that her kids seem to know she has a problem, and are not being rude to me, it isn't stressful and I am doing better. Still, for the last six months or more, I've been in a low-NRG mode. Roomba has helped a lot and allows me to do other things while it cleans the floors. I've relaxed my standards over the years and am happy if my home is livable and not too messy nor dirty. Sounds as though you didn't get any more sleep than I. How I hate disrupted sleep. AACCKK!!! Hope we both sleep better tonight.

    Sun, that veggie mix sounds so good that I may try it. I agree that aubergine doesn't have much taste on its own but it is supposed to be good for us. I prefer that name to egg plant. Egg plant? I use frozen okra when I make gumbo. Frozen veggies are flash frozen right after harvesting and are even fresher than veggies in the fresh produce section. I think everything is improved by Italian sausage, especially the fennel sausage. The anduie (know I misspelled that) Cajun sausage is delicious too. I put that in the gumbo. The Italian sausage concoction would be wonderful on pasta. I find my system can handle pasta without spiking the insulin and BS if I don't eat too much. Cooking onions, garlic, celery, etc., in some butter and then adding some flour makes a tasty thickening agent for sauces and gumbo. Of course, the okra thickens dishes too. Thanks for the healthy suggestion.

    Rock, when I was a kid, people were always talking about vets with metal plates in their heads. I pictured a metal dinner plate inside them. It all sounded really weird and we kids avoided anyone who might possibly have one. I hope folk songs, Dixieland music and quality country 'n western music (is than an oxymoron?) do not fade from our culture. They are part of Americana. At concerts, many parents and grandparents are exposing the kids to this kind of music and the kids seem to love it too. Of course, by the time they are teens, they usually listen mindlessly to that horrible monotonous sound they call music. A special I watched on PBS explained that the really beautiful old violins were made in Cremona because the surrounding forest had the perfect wood to produce that sweet sound so sought after. This book is titled, The Moonlit Garden. It's not great fiction but a diversion from my usual whining. Did the projectionist have to hum because there were no films with sound yet or because he didn't know the words? These things are what brilliant minds like mine ponder. NOT!!!

    Julie, I'm so very sorry that car troubles stopped your going to visit the kids. It's probably a good thing the little ones didn't know you were planning on visiting. It's disappointing enough for you. It would have been devastating for them. I know they miss you terribly and you miss them too. I pray that you can get the car fixed and make the trip. I pray daily that my old Highlander doesn't end up looking like the pic Rock posted. Yikes! I pretty much stay within my zip code but will venture out if the reward is worth it. Also, it's good for it to get out and run on the interstate. Again, I hope things work out for you.

    Spring, I hope things have improved for you. I still have the bowl of salt water in my kitchen to protect me from the dark NRG. St. Michael and St. Zedkiels protect me too. It seems to be working. At least, I'm not so stressed. Are the shortages there interfering with your celebrations? I hope not. Your culture seems to be so much more colorful and interesting than what we have here. Of course, our culture is so much younger and is a mishmash of the cultures of all those who immigrated here from all over. We have to make the effort to learn about them all. There are Greek, Italian, Irish and German festivals every year but most of these cultures are rooted in Christianity. Since Depak Chopra, though, there is interest in Buddhism. I keep you in my prayers.

    Diane, I think of you often. I have ventured over to the Homebound Forum but I am so exhausted that my pea brain is no help in playing the games. I hope things are going well for you, Kevin and the kitties.

    Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby, including any MII's I've missed.

    Love, Mikie
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everydobby

    Nice to read all the new posts..

    Mikie - i feel for you when the kitties dont tiring. How awful for the couple who have to move because barb is stressing them out! this is not the legacy one wants to leave behind when one is done and dusted with life and goes to meet ones Maker...what is wrong with Barb! Use the salt water and visualizations for as long as possible...we can all use some protection in nowadays environment. If you feel upto it, you can send violet light into Barbs space might get her to a better frame of mind...that horrible energy of anger hanging like a cloud over her doesnt do her any good either. Angry negative thought entities cannot stand violet light...they start dissipating.

    Barry - i make aubergine curry. Roast the auburgine on the stovetop, peel and mash. heat oil in a wok and fry onion, ginger, tomato..add red chilli powder and salt and then add the aubergines and make it into a gravy adding a little water. Romeo is a real nice name.

    Sun - your painting session sounded nice, with meeting that lady you could talk to about common issues. Its scary to think one person aboard a plane can contaminate a whole planeload of others.

    Rock - i always feel good when i accomplish some written work..even if its some sums i work out to find out how much ive spent.;

    brinjal fried in batter is very tasty but due to being oily i dont make it.

    Julie - aargh hw disappointing about the car. I hope you can plan another trip real soon.

    Granni - so much to check up on...I would be very confused to hv to keep up with all that on the diet do and donts.. i may be needing to but havent bothered. dont gots no energy as Rock says..but i make sure i have my daily intake of food..and dont skip meals.

    Its been a quiet day, nice and sunny outside..aired out bedclothes....there are a lot of outside errands which are waiting...a lot of food which are two three days old in the fridge, i took them up to the terrace and the crows gorged feels good when i dont hv to throw away leftovers...the doggies are fussy...they dont always eat veggies and lentils etc. but the crows dont mind.

    last evening the DH brought some lovely club sandwiches....i ate half and found my sonny boy scavenged on the rest some time in the night.

    spoke to a friend and DHs cousin.. caught up...a little.

    Its cold..maybe will hv some nice onion soup.

    God Bless

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Sorry for your car trouble but at least it didn't happen when you were on your way to see the kids, so far away from home and friends. Also glad also that Lindsey didn't mention your coming to the kids otherwise I know they would be so very disappointed. Get the car fixed and then just make another date to go when all seems well.. I was just thinking about you leaving tomorrow and I saw your message. Hang in there AGAIN, as the saying goes. CUTE picture ROCK :)!!!
    I really need to go get going and get dressed. This stupid computer. I write a few sentence ( in a hurry of course) and then perhaps touch something and it disappears. I have no idea what makes it disappear but this has happened before and it is very aggravating.:( I need to get dressed so we can go shopping at the store when DH gets back.

    Thinking of everyone. Will try and check in later.