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    Hi, Kids,

    No rosin on my bow. In fact, I don't even have a bow nor any talent for calling square dancing; however, I can start a new Porch for us. I'll be back to add to this post as soon as I reread the last posts on #860.

    OK, I'm ba-ack. Still tired and still feeling a bit of the adrenaline overload. I got a lot of sleep yesterday and last night. Kitties were exceptionally good. I lavished love on them and thanked them this morning. They really do seem to understand but, sometimes, I think their gremlins just make them ornery and they can't help themselves. I reward good behavior and not bad behavior. Too bad it doesn't seem to work on people. Just when things quieted down, one of the vines in our stairwell atrium area was cut down. I am leaving it lying on the ground for a few days. This goes beyond childish; it's sick! Thank God for Spring's suggestions for deflecting dark and evil energy away from me.

    DD#2 asked if I'd be up for a visit within the next month or so. I had to be honest and tell her how exhausted I am and that I don't think so. She is very understanding. I just hope I can get some NRG. I'm missing out a lot. Aren't we all? Whine, whine, whine!!! There is a real estate show on early on CBS. They have the most decadent properties. I like to watch to see the decorating. To me, homes like that would be a burden and I'd feel guilty taking up that much space and using that much more than my share of energy. The millions that it takes to buy, and maintain, those huge places could feed a small country. I thought the $17 million Laguna Beach home was expensive but not compared to the restored brownstone in NYC for $24 million. Yikes!!! I probably don't have to worry about such lofty problems unless I win the Powerball. Even then, I'd not indulge on such a grand basis.

    Granni, is the One Drive an acct. you have to store things in the Cloud? One of the problems with the Cloud is that, if their servers are down, you can't get in. With financial, and other critical files, it might be better to buy your own external hardware storage, like an external drive. You can back up your files on whatever schedule you would like and these devices aren't expensive. Check with DSIL to see what he thinks. People get stressed out over taxes but, if you can't get them done by 4/15, you can file for an extension. These extensions are automatically granted by the IRS. If you think you do owe taxes, you must estimate the amt. and pay them by 4/15. Tell DH to cool his jets; it's not worth getting stressed over. Bad for the BP. I hope y'all get into the files soon. The only thing worse than being stressed out is having a DH who is stressed out.

    Barry, I ate some Hormel cooked beef roast, whole-berry cranberry sauce and some Steamer frozen veggies. I think it may have been the veggies but I can't take a chance. I have to throw out the remainder of the food. My ex once got food poisoning. Our doc told me that, when one vomits undigested food within 30 mins. of eating, it's almost certain that the food isn't good. I wasn't sick and, after vomiting, felt OK. I did rest, just in case. No problems yesterday. I ate some of the chicken soup I made for my friend across the street. It was very soothing. I have to go to the store and think I'll get some sausage to add to the soup. Y'all are making me hungry with your talk about food. That is sweet of you to sit Romeo. I'll bet he, and his guardian, appreciate it. Your home sounds like a nice place to hang out.

    I tried to proofread my post and found a lot of errors. Hope I caught them all. When I'm this exhausted, it shows up everywhere. Typos, misspelling, and bad grammar, oh my! If anyone has any extra NRG, please send it my way but I'm not holding my breath. I know y'all get as tired as I.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for opening up the new porch MIKIE. Sorry that you are still feeling yucky to say the least. I have been busy this morning doing wash and fixing breakfast and cutting up veggie so bring to DD's house so we can watch the game. Hoping our DEAR TEXANS win today against KC who is pretty good, so that they can at least go on to the next level.. At least they are playing home which is at least some advantage. I don't follow it that much but I do want our TEXANS to do well. They are a pretty young team and have had so many injuries and QB problems of late. Their game starts at 3:30 and DD wants us there about 3:00 or so. There will all kinds of tailgaters and peeps celebrating their wild card win last week day.and playoff game today.

    I had to pop in since it was a new Porch so I could get any new posts on my phone from PH. Wish that we could just click on one thing like THE PORCH to keep in touch with all the time but I guess that could be confusing with the many new volumes on the Porch. I don't think I checked the old porch to see if there were any new posters which I should have done before coming on here. However, I don't always think straight :)!! I just checked and didn't see any one and then I tried to get back to my post. Luckily, I finally did and at first I though I might have lost it. Thank goodness, I didn't . BTW, I didn't find any errors, not that I was really looking for them.

    Hope everyone has a nice RELAXING day and weekend, no matter what they are or aren't doing. Sometimes doing nothing is great too. I don't have any NRG either just know some things need to get done and I don't do some of them they might not get done.

    Really need to go and start folding some clothes and put some more clothes in the drier and maybe another in the washer but we may be gone by then. DH is doing OK we are going tomorrow to see our DS the TECHIE GURU or whatever you want to call him. They were busy today probably having guest to watch the game.

    TTYAL !

    Granni :)
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    Hey everybody --

    Sorry I've been MIA. I had dental work early this morning, 4 fillings and a deep clean (all on the left). (My right "quadrant" was taken care of earlier.)

    I tried to post some replies on HB board. I just couldn't do it. Sooooorrry folks, be back when I can.

    My mouth and gums are throbbing. Time for an aspirin and a nap.

    BTW, nothing really new here. Kevin had to get his car fixed, from that paint scratch from a Christmas shopper who scraped his car. So that was $690 plus $125 for the 3-day rental car. If we turned it into OUR insurance company, it would have been a flag for an automatic increase in our premium, if something else happened.

    That doesn't seem fair! But the insurance agent was honest with Kevin. You get one claim; if it's less than $1,ooo, pay it yourself. If not, your rates will go up up up. Seems conflicting with the auto insurance commercials on TV, but our agent said -- "call, what I say is true." Sigh. And it is true, with all that we see in advertisements. What a business. With us, 20 years, no accidents or claims. Some idiot scratches the paint off Kevin's car -- and OUR rates go up. Sigh.

    I do read here every day and think about y'all. There's really nothing new here, except dental appts, med appts (just routine). Kitties are all well and running around!

    Everyone who's under the weather, feel better soon!!!!

    I can't type any more, my mouth hurts too much. I'll try to catch up next week!

    Love and hugs and prayers to y'all,

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    Just checking in...

    Happy to see you check in Diane..

    i hope you get to see the back of all those dental issues soon...the thought of being in pain is what keeps me from neglecting my dental hygiene completely some days.

    Mikie - thank you for opening the Porch..we seem to hv the same issues with people visiting isnt it, even if its loved ones...the damn fatigue! yes, how much we miss out on..but then it is what it is..maybe there will come a time when we can make up for it.

    All running as usual here..i did get out for a bit yesterday and went and got myself a nice South Indian dinner..the others i made chicken thukpa for them..boiled flat noodles thrown into a stew of chicken..a nice dish for cold weather.

    i laughed so hard when the dogs sat up on their haunches and begged for their treats..and chewbones..when we got them replenished from the supermarket..i just have to rustle the packet and theyre on red of them leaps high into the air in anticipationand looks so funny..

    my computer is giving me a notice it needs to run a scan on it and making a drumming noise so i will let it do that..

    will check in again when the coast is clear

    you all take cares..

    God Bless

  5. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Had some excitement last evening. I was streaming video on Amazon Prime so didn't get the tornado warning on network TV; however, my cell phone gave an audio alert with a text message that we should take cover. Yikes!!! :eek: I immediately turned on one of the networks and the radar was showing the trail of intense thunderstorms. The radar is capable of finding tornados high up in the clouds. That is the area in which the tornados may reach down and touch the ground. The radar screen shows the circular area on the map. It was mainly across the river in the Cape where, as it turned out, one did touch down and caused a lot of damage.

    So far, it doesn't appear that anyone died but cars were lifted and strewn about and houses were destroyed. A palm tree was uprooted and sent flying into a neighboring yard. Big palm trees are really heavy. Later last evening, the circle was right over where I live. I didn't scramble for the interior master bath but I was close to it. Fortunately, no tornados touched down here. Whew! Tweety seemed to know something was amiss and she was restless. Finally, when the danger had passed, she settled on the bed and intently watched the weather maps. Even though both kitties watch TV, I've never seen her so glued to the set. She likes those bright weather maps. Weatherman just came on with an updated radar weather map. It shows more thunder storms lined up off the coast for today. The cold front hasn't passed yet so, until it does, the storms will continue. We are in for some colder weather this week. So much for wanting to work out at the pool. Brrrrrrrrr! :confused:

    I had coffee with Ilona and Frank yesterday morning before I went to the store. She had an old 'fat' pic of us three standing out front. Holy cow! Were we fat! She has lost 10 pounds and Frank and I each have lost 30 pounds. We need to get another pic of our new svelte selves. I told them to try to imagine a 70-pound blob of fat lying on the ground in front of us; that's how much we have lost collectively. Ilona wants my old Capri pants which are too big for me. I won't get around to cleaning out that closet for a while until I get the front office cleaned out. I can do so little each day that it will take a long time. Also, my friend, Nancy, told me how to take them in. My size 12 Capris are now too big so I'm thinking I'll end up at a size 10. Think I'll give altering them a go. On the other hand, if I shop carefully, using coupons, I could probably replenish enough of them to have plenty to choose from. Big tops are in style so I can continue to wear them.

    I had taken a box of Puff tissues with Vicks down to them because I'm always using their tissues. She said she doesn't like tissues with anything in them because she can't use them to clean her glasses. Well, they like the ones with Vicks so much now that she asked me to buy five boxes for them while they are on sale. Publix usually gets $1.50 per box but they were on sale for $1.00 As y'all know, that's the limit I will spend. I usually spend less at Target but they don't have the Vicks-infused ones. I also picked up another five boxes for myself.

    I helped a short older lady at the store by standing on a shelf and using a roll of shelf paper to snag tissues on the top shelf. After I nearly killed myself, she decided she didn't want the ones with Vicks after all. Oy! I then found some with lotion in the green boxes she liked. She was very sweet and thanked me profusely. I stocked up on kitty treats on BOGO. I had to spend $50 in order to buy a $50 Shell gas card for $40. I spent $51 and change. Pretty good! I need to clean my car before I take my pals to the symphony on Thurs. Don't know what I'll wear. These concerts are at a smaller venue without the full orchestra and it is a bit more casual.

    OMG! No one won the Powerball jackpot. It will go beyond $1 billion next time. My guess is that there will be multiple winners to split the pot. Still, they will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Gotta get my ticket. Chances are soooooo slim but I have to do it. The Publix near me has had a lot of Lottery and LOTTO winners.

    Granni, I was pulling for the Texans too but things weren't looking too good for them last time I checked. :( DSIL #2 is a Cowboys fan; he grew up in Texas and Puerto Rico. His folks live near them in McKinney. My Broncos, with whom I have a love/hate relationship, are no. 1 in the AFC. New England is no. 2. NE is my adopted team. Barb was in a snit when the Broncos beat NE and said it was only because the 'whole team was sick.' Then, Miami went on to beat them. Miami! She takes these things personally. Another neighbor is rooting for anyone but NE because of her. Guess he takes these things personally too. It's just a game! Don't know whether you saw my response to you above about getting an external hard drive instead of relying on the cloud. Also don't know whether it would solve your problem. Check with your Techie Guru. Hope you had a good time watching the game with the kids.

    Diane, I'm sooooo sorry you are in such pain with that dental work. Did they tell you to swish salt water around in your mouth? It helps with healing faster. I'm glad that, other than that, y'all are doing well. Tweety and Sir Vester send love to Faithy, Rosie and Beety. Meow! Chirp! Purr!!! Also, other sounds for which there are no words. :) That's too bad about having to spend $$$ on fixing the damage done by someone else. I got scratches on the Highlander shortly after buying it. It's 13 years old now and, even though I try to keep it looking good, I don't sweat the small stuff. My neighbor, who leases their Kia, is always worrying about getting damage to it. I scraped up my running board doing a little unintentional off-road driving. :rolleyes: Take care and rest up so you can fight the pain and heal as fast as you can.

    Spring, yes--damn the fatigue and slow speed ahead! o_O I think I am feeling just the slightest improvement each day. That's usually how it goes when I'm starting to pull out of a relapse. So, I'll pace myself and hope to keep improving. Sounds as though you know this routine well. You have more on your plate, though, with all that is going on there. I'm laughing at the doggies and their antics over the treats. Tweety and Sir Vester know they will get treats when I return from being gone. She jumps up on the window sill and he sashays his way into the kitchen with his magnificent bushy tail waving high in the air. Both make all kinds of sounds while waiting for me to dispense the treats. I have to give her her treats on the window sill to keep him from bullying her over them. Ilona was shocked at how puffy and filled out they look now that they are indoor kitties. My computer was running really slowly so I went ahead and renewed the scan program for it. It's doing better now. Hope yours is OK.

    Rock, hope you are OK. We worry when we don't hear from you for a bit. Hope you are snuggled up with a good book or DVD.

    OK, Kids, gonna go check out the real Sun. newspaper. Perhaps, Bealls will have a coupon I can use to buy some new pants. Only problem is that, during Snowbird Season, they jack up the prices. I can do better off season. Macy's is having a BIG sale and I may check it out. I just hate going to the mall. There was an armed robbery of a 7/Eleven just across the street from the mall. I always go armed when I shop there. The mall is too close to the central area of town where all the violence occurs. We have much nicer malls just to the south of me but the deals aren't as good and, during Season, the roads are impossible.

    Hope all y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids, Just woke up. I see the sidewalk is wet again. What a change from
    last summer's drought. We put big plastic sheets over some of the
    orchids last night.

    Not much going on here. Gordon went to the library yesterday. We
    had several books on hold. I suggested we not pick them up for a while
    as we already had 14 to keep track of. So he waited one day. We now
    have 26 books checked out. Uff-da! I should say 26 items,I guess.
    Three are DVDs. I'm watching Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying
    Machines. A movie I took my mother to back in the 60s. It's still funny.

    Barry, turkey leeky soup reminds me of Turkey Lurkey from
    the story of Henny Penny. "The sky is falling." Never heard of
    Slab City, CA before. Read about it on Wikipedia. Don't think I'd
    care to live in the desert with no utilities. 'Course I don't much
    care for living in LA either.

    Diane, good to see you back. Is your dental work all done for now?
    When I hear about the prices folks are paying (including Gordon) now
    that our old dentist went back to Romania, I realize what a treasure
    he was.

    Do you ever see that program called How it is Made or something
    like that? Shows how factories produce things like CDs, golf
    clubs, musical instruments, saddles, etc. I came across a program
    last night that was just ending. It had a segment on carbon fiber
    panels for cars.

    Mikie, I never heard of tissues with Vicks as an ingreediment. Is
    that supposed to be beneficial if one has a cold? And why don't
    glasses get smeared when these are used for cleaning? All
    too confusiatin' for my small brain.

    I agree with you on mansions and expensive property. Dominick
    Dunne wrote a piece on crazy real estate prices for Vanity Fair several
    decades ago. The filthy rich were paying 3 million bucks for empty

    The heir to the Post Cereal fortune built the largest house in the
    USA back in the 20s. It was called Mar A Lago and had 126 rooms.
    Maybe you've been there. It's somewhere in Florida. Anyhoo
    Donald Trump bought it in the 80s for 5 million. He says the upkeep
    costs a million a year. According to my calculator that's over
    $2700 a day.

    Granni, how did your split pea soup turn out? I haven't made any
    for decades. My dad made great bean soup. Always used a big
    ham bone.

    Springwater, I am surprised to hear that your computer is making
    a drumming sound. You might want to check to make sure that
    it's a computer you have. Sounds more like a ruffed grouse. You
    can hear the sound at this site. Probably on Youtube too.

    Are things getting any better? All we have in our news about
    the government is incompetence and corruption.

    Hugs, Kids
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock, glad to see you here. Donald Trump bought that mansion, held it during the real estate bust and, I believe, sold it for a big profit. If he's elected president, he'll probably try to sell the White House but not before putting his name on it in big gold letters. The tissues with lotion or Vicks do smear the glasses; that's why Ilona didn't like them until she tried them for blowing her nose (what a concept). One is not supposed to clean glasses with tissues. They have tiny wood splinters that scratch the glass. Good grief! What do they do to the skin on our noses? That Vicks smell is very soothing. I subscribe to Vanity Fair for my DD#2 and for me. It's such an interesting read most of the time. Only thing is that it goes in depth to the point that I can't get through many articles. The print is too small too. I tried to download the app to read it on my Kindle but it didn't work. Rats!!!

    Glad you are getting some rain even if rain does make it dreary outside. I used to like dreary days and I'd bake cookies or read. Now, they just depress me. We've had too many of them this year. The last of that train of thunderstorms has gone through and the cold front should have passed. Everything is soaked outside. I finished my book and don't have any on the Kindle that I'm wanting to read. Can't have cookies but I don't have the NRG to bake, so that's OK.

    Guess I'll go clean the kitties' litterbox for them. It's the least I can do since they are willing to keep their business inside the box. Both are lazy and snoozing on this gray day. I had the lanai door open so they could go out but the 'healthy' neighbors downstairs are cooking. I don't know what they concoct but it smells so horrible that I don't see how they get it down. Yikes!!! They spend $1,200 a month on groceries for just the two of them. They don't buy expensive food; they juice, wasting a ton of produce. They brought some soup up for Barb once and it stank. She didn't eat it. Nice people, though, and I'm glad they are buying the condo below me which they had been renting.

    That's about it. I'm bored and feeling good for nothing so I had better go. Maybe scooping up cat poop will cheer me up.

    Love, Mikie
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  8. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody!

    Just checking in again, for a quick reply!

    Spring, Mikie, Rock ... HI! And HI to all the other Porchies!

    My mouth feels better today. My next step is a three-month checkup (April?), to check on the extensive cleaning I had done. Then, if all is OK, I need one more crown. Insurance won't authorize crown until all periodontal treatment is completed and monitored. Duh. Don'tcha just love insurance. For yesterday's work, for us it cost $340. I feel like money is just flying out the door right now! Sigh.

    Kevin's car is a Kia Optima LEASED. The lease is up, May 2016. That's why we had to get it repaired. I figured a phone call to our insurance agent, and all would be taken care of. Who knew all that is involved, these days? The lease is up in May, and I keep my fingers crossed that nothing else happens. I'd rather that Kevin leased a new car May '16, than buy this one. He's much better at keeping up with maintenance, etc. on the lease. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

    Granni, hope you got your computer stuff all sorted out. Must be scary, especially when it's financial info! Heard about the playoff game, sorry that your Texans lost.

    I didn't watch our playoff -- Steelers vs. Bengals, last evening. I couldn't keep myself awake. My Steelers won, but the game was BRUTAL. I keep asking myself: Whatever happened to sportsmanship?? I think we play Denver on Sunday, Mikie. :) Go Steelers! :)

    Spring, I wish I had your cooking skills! Your meals sound so exotic and sumptuous! Your story about the doggies made me laugh out loud! Aren't pets wonderful????

    Rock, It's a shame about the medical costs these days, medical, dental, prescriptions, whatever! We have insurance, but Kevin's employer keeps downgrading the coverage. While the executives in the company get $$$$$.

    You and Gordon sound like Kevin, with LIBRARY stuff! :) Sometimes Kevin will have 25 items checked out, and 20 more to pick up! LOL I limit myself to books, for now.

    Mikie, that must have been scary for you!! We had those types of tornado warnings here, maybe 5 years ago. I got my one cat into the basement. Then I caught the other two, they went into a carrier. Kevin got home and we watched the storm coverage on the basement TV. Whew. The storms passed by, did damage to the east of us. SCARY though. Glad you all are OK!

    Barry, did you and Richard ever make Italian Wedding Soup??? I asked Kevin to get me something SOFT to eat from the grocery store yesterday afternoon. The Wedding Soup was delicious, and hit the spot. I may have to look up a recipe for it.

    Well, guys, we are having a cold front move through. Winds are starting to gust to 45 mph. I hope no trees go down and take out power lines. Plus, we're expecting snow! What a winter. Before Christmas it was almost 70 degrees F. Tonight the low will be 16 degrees F. And the wind is really kicking up.

    I know I didn't get a chance to address everybody!!! I did want to say hi to SUN, and sorry you were ill on vacation. I can't remember anything else right now, the wind gusts are so high and giving me anxiety. And the cats are NOT happy either.

    I'll talk to y'all soon!

    Love and hugs and prayers,
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: Getting thru dental stuff is tough, especially for you and me. I'm dental phobic so I have to rely on some oregano oil swished in my mouth every night after flossing. Yes, it burns a little but it helps kill all germs in the mouth. Yep.....what a way to go on vacation then get sick. Since I have COPD I'm still feeling a little remnants from the bronchitis. This was the first time in almost 8 years that my oregano oil let me down, then I realized it was an old bottle of it, which was almost gone at that. I ordered 5 replacements last week online so I will be taken care of for awhile. It was buy 2 get 3 free.

    I made some Italian wedding soup last year when my cousin was talking about it (never heard of it) and there are quite a lot of recipes out there. Just last week I searched my freezer and came up with a container of it and it tasted really good. Honestly I don't remember it was memorable when I first made it but I suppose when you're sick any soup will fill the bill.

    Mikie: SCARY to say the least. Glad things are OK for you now though. Hmmmmm.....I think you need a tad more than cleaning the cat box to lift your spirits.

    Rock: What would we do without the excellent library system we have!

    Spring: I have to agree, you sound like an excellent cook. I've thought about trying some take out from a local Nepalese restaurant, but they're so darn expensive.

    Yesterday I went to my DGS soccer game (they're in the finals in a different division). They lost the first one and tied the second game which was 4 hrs. after the first one. I went to my DDs house to kill time. The had another one this morning at 8:00 which I didn't go to but they won that one so they play the last game at 1:45 this afternoon which will determine if they won 3rd or 4th place. I was telling my SIL's mom yesterday that we've been in 100 plus heat, freezing/damp at 10 PM at night and now we're all freezing again. We've been thru the gamut but we've supported him for each game.
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Y'all,

    Just popped in a minute before going nitey nite. Was off the computer all day. Went to church and then to DS so he could fix the computer. Of course it was something really stupid about a locked file which he fixed in 5 or less minutes. It only took us an hour or more to get to his house. Luckily, it was a lovely day out and sunny but pretty chilly especially with the north wind. I cannot stand this COLD weather. It will be in the low 30's I think tonight. Thank goodness I will be in bed sleeping. I plan on going to Line Dancing tomorrow morning without DD. She has to go shopping with DGS so he can spend his gift cards. I wish I had his money. I spent one of my cards on supplements - fun huh ???? I hope to remember some of the dances tomorrow:)!!

    I read all your posts and so glad to see SUN, DIANE, MIKIE there to read. Glad SUN's DGS has won some of his games even if they just win 3rd or 4th place that is OK. Teamwork is a great thing. SUN, sorry you have to endure the extreme's of temp to see the games but I know you enjoyed them and I know he knows that you are thee rooting for him and the team.

    DIANE - Glad your dental work is done for awhile anyway. I know what you mean about the prices, they are terrible and I am afraid of what they will find when I go back in a few months. I go in for the yearly exam where they take x-rays, etc. The insurance we have is a little helpful but the prices are still high.

    MIKIE - Surely you can find something else besides cleaning the kitty litter boxes to make you feel better. Hope you can find something more fun to do than that tomorrow :)!!

    Gotta run for now and sorry if I missed anyone . No time to post more. Good night everydobby. Hope to get back here tomorrow. Thinking of all my dear Porchies !!!

    Granni :)
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I am feeling a bit better than yesterday; I got a lot of good sleep last night. It is only 56 degrees out this morning and will only get into the 60's today. The kitties are good when it's cold out. I won't be going to the pool this morning. Think I'll run down and plant a couple of small bushes to fill in our variegated hedge in front. I've had them for ages in pots and now, with the ground all saturated, it is a perfect time to plant them. I also need to haul a bag of potting soil out of my car to the storage bin. Then, I need to clean my car before I take my pals to the concert. I wasn't up to going to the concert my kids gave me tickets to last Fri. I still feel bad about what a waste that is.

    Before I can clean out the car, I need to take the stuff to Goodwill that is in the back deck area. Ilona added a couple of bags of her stuff to it so it is full. I need to take it to the carwash because God's carwash isn't enough to get it clean. I have to use the soap-filled brush on it. Oh, if only I had more NRG. I keep taking short cuts with everything that needs doing just so I can barely keep up with it all. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    News has pics of all the destruction over on the Cape from the tornado. It left a 13-mile-long path, ripping up everything in it's sight. Fortunately, the path wasn't too wide and there were no deaths. What a mess, though. Tree branches and debris strewn all over and vehicles overturned. It even turned a big motor home upside down. There was an art fest over the weekend and some of the artists lost their artwork. The motor home belonged to one of the artists who was in town for the event. A big plastic trash can was tangled in electrical wires clear up at the top of the pole. It was an EF2 tornado with winds from 111 mph to 135 mph. Thank you all for your kind comments that I escaped OK from that storm. I feel so bad for those whose homes were so severely damaged.

    Diane, I'm glad your mouth is better. I hope it continues to improve and is all healed up soon. Many financial experts recommend leasing anything which decreases in value over time, like new cars. They say if one buys a new car, the best thing is to drive it til it won't go anymore. That's my plan but not by choice. I need for mine to keep going for the duration. As long as it doesn't get totaled in an accident, it should be OK. It's never missed an oil change and I take good care of it. With only 39,000 miles on it, it should keep running for many more miles and years. The thing I like about leases is that you do have the choice to trade it in on another leased car, trade it in on buying a new car or keep it and buy it. There is usually a guaranteed residual value at the end of the lease. I never count on the Brocos in playoff and championship games. They tend to choke under pressure. Isn't it Steeler fans who have those worry towels? Bronco fans need 'disgust' towels to mop up our vomit from being disgusted. AACCKK!!!

    Sun, how nice that you give your DGS such support for his soccer games through all kinds of weather. I hope the remnants of that bronchitis leave you alone. I have very light COPD and it is likely from all the respiratory ills I had in CO, plus smoking for years. I do so much better down here in the jungle with the humidity. It is horrible for my hair but my lungs are more important. Wish you were here to go with me and my pals next month to our art fest downtown by the river. The powers that be are finally refurbishing the downtown area and it is now a trendy place with art galleries. We also have a strong Alliance For The Arts where artists can go for classes and to display their art. For a small backwater town, we do have a lot of culture per capita. Hope the weather there settles down. It seems to be all over the place, all over the place, north, south, east and west.

    Granni, glad you got that file open. I know how frustrating that can be. I don't know what is causing Yahoo to be so slooooow. It's frustrating to try to send e-mails. Wish your weather would warm up. I hope you have fun at line dancing. My DGS is wealthy too, with all his cash and gift cards. He doesn't part with it easily. I've had so many expenses lately that I've not been shopping much. Still need to figure out what size I'll be when all this weight loss is over. At least, that, combined with not feeling well, is saving me money. How's it going with the new Highlander? I hope y'all like it. Guess I'll try to clean mine in between storms. Our little pond out back is full up. Usually, by this time of year, things are browning out. Not this year; everything is green and lush. Speaking of lush--this weather is enough to drive me to drink! Enjoy the line dancing.

    As always, on Mondays, I need to go read the virtual newspaper. I also want to see whether I can find the website for Magnolia Farm furnishings. It's owned by the young couple I've mentioned here who have the Fixer Upper show on HGTV. Her farmhouse chick decorating is becoming very popular. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I think the temp here is going to be the same as at your place. I
    looked earlier and wrote it down. Whatever I wrote on is no longer readily
    available. My mind is getting so bad lately. I've been having trouble
    with bookmarks for the last couple months. Who ever heard of such a
    goofy thing? Anyhoo, when I pick up the book, somehow the bookmark
    isn't in the right place. Yesterday the bookmark was two chapters off.

    And I've banged my head 3 times this week. The last time I shut a door
    on my own head. Ouch! Maybe I have a brain tumor. For the last
    couple months whenever I turn my head, to look at the bedside clock,
    for example, I get pain on the right side of my head. Not the kind of
    new and interesting things one likes to encounter. I'd rather stick with
    days that are generally quiet and on the boring side.

    I wonder if any of those works of art that were sent flying by the wind
    were Brancusi's Bird in Space. It sold for about 25 million a decade
    ago. Looks like a quill pen, huh?


    Diane, seems like Kevin gets more library books than we do. What does
    he like to read? I never heard of Italian wedding soup before either. Sound like
    something from Saturday Night Live. Of course the skit would include
    a priest, an opera singer and an old lady in a black dress with a mustache.
    I looked it up. It's meatball soup. Here's a pic.


    Sun, did you learn to make Ita. wedding soup from an Italian grandma?
    Yes, we do have a wonderful library system. I think it's great
    that they will truck books to the local library for us. Otherwise we'd
    have to run around to pick up books scattered among 77 branches.

    I will probably watch an old movie later today. It's called Stand By
    Me from 1986. The last movie I took my son to. The last time I
    went to a movie theater. I have no interest in seeing the current films,
    and I wouldn't pay the prices even if I did.

    All for now
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Well, cleaning out the litterbox did the trick. I got a wee bit of NRG and took the garbage down and changed the bed. Sir Vester used the box and couldn't cover it enough to kill the odor. Poor little guy was working sooooo hard. I got the plastic bag and the scoop and told him I'd do it. He did seem grateful. Phew! I really do like cleaning out their boxes. It's like an egg hunt, finding the clumps buried in the litter. I also like doing everything I can to make a good life for them. Tweety got all excited when I was putting the fitted sheet on the bed. She staked out a spot on the bed and is snoozing there. The top sheet is washing separately; I mix the blue and brown sheets on the bed. It's been so cold at night that I've been snuggling under the softy-wafty throw.

    It's clear and dry out and I may take my car to the car wash. Otherwise, I'll do it Wed., between storms. If I stay home, I can plant those two little bushes. I've decided to get the bed completely done before I tackle anything else. I had something I shouldn't for lunch--boneless pork chops in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. It's a convenience food so probably has MSG. I eat them now and then. I wouldn't eat that kind of food often enough if I had to cook it from scratch. It was sooooo good. I'm in heaven.

    Rock, that sculpture does look like a quill feather. I am sorry you are having so many problems. Remember not long ago I mentioned that everything I touched turned to something not so nice? I have the same kind of things happen. My Kindle is supposed to open up where I left off in any book I had been reading. Now and then, it will open up and skip several chapters. Even our machines have off days. I will have a string of injuries like that too. I'm just recovering from those two falls. Ilona was sent sprawling the other night when she and Frank put the hurricane shutter down in response to the tornado warning. She sprained her wrist and had to go to the Convenient Care medical center.

    You need a bedside clock like mine. It projects the time on the ceiling in a soft blue color. I love not having to crane my neck to see what time it is when I wake during the night. Of course, it doesn't work in the daytime if I take a nap. I don't usually nap anymore but often fall asleep before it's dark out in the evening. I agree with you about liking calm and boring days. I feel so grateful that the tornado, which was right over us, didn't touch down. It is so sad to see the folks whose homes were severely damaged over in the Cape. It coulda been us. A huge banyan tree was uprooted in someone's front yard. Stand By Me is a great movie. Like you, I don't go to the movie plex to see them. I wait til they are on TV or I can stream them. I barely know any of the stars now, particularly if they are new ones. I only caught a few minutes of the Golden Globes last night but all those new women stars look like pasty, starved waifs. Yikes!!!

    When I went to the store yesterday, I got a beautiful purple hyacinth plant (again, I'm tired and my internal speller is on the fritz). None of the four big blooms had opened. Today, they are about half out and putting out that heavenly aroma. Think I've told y'all about my Mom's buying me my own plant when I was about five years old. I have such a vivid memory of that and purple hyacinths take me right back to that day. I've always loved spring flowers. In CO, we had lilacs, tulips, jonquils and crocus. Oh, the colors and aromas!

    OK, better get going again. Hope y'all have a great day and, Rock, don't do anything to injure yourself.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Grief! Where are our Porchies? I hope everydobby is doing well. Just stopping in to check on spammers. I'll stop in later.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie,

    Am getting ready to color my hair but am not in any kind of hurry. It means getting in the shower to wash it out and it's only 54 degrees out. I know, that by your standards, that's not that cold but I'm a sissy from living in the subtropics for so long. You are right about the stress. It's better now that the kids aren't taking sides and being rude but, as you know, this kind of prolonged stress takes its toll. She is impotent to get people in the hood to get involved and turn against me. She is basically just a sad, sick old woman with no one to support her rants. She is the future model for anyone who makes so much trouble for others.

    I am so sorry that you are feeling anxious and down. I'm sure the weather is a factor but your ongoing stress has got to have a lot to do with it. I wish I could wave a wand and get rid of all the stress in your life. Mine is minor by comparison. I think of you often and pray that you are doing better. This time of year, it's really hard to make plans with all this crazy weather. I hope and pray you get a chance to get away to Tenn. and see the kids. I also hope things work out OK for GPA with the Care Center. I'm glad his med seems to help him. I was hoping Den would recover and be back to normal. It may just take more time. I'm glad he is supportive of you. That means a lot.

    I just walked into the kitchen where the hyacinth is in full bloom. The blooms are so huge that I had to stake them up. If there are any bulbs in bloom at the store, I highly recommend them for raising one's spirits. It's a promise of spring. I'm so glad you stopped by but wish things were better for you. Hang in there and do whatever it takes to survive this really rough time, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I thought with the removal of Den's thyroid that solved all the troubles. What is going on with him now? But at least you have him to cushion your troubles. It's always better to have two people to discuss troubles. It's been about 1 1/2 years since my DH died, and to say that it's hard is an understatement. My kids don't want to hear anything about anything, so I'm basically on my own, slogging thru so much.

    Mikie: I'm like you when it comes to hair color when the house is cold. But it's a necessary evil to look good.

    I requested the last 2 years of charges at the clinic I go to and got them in yesterday. OMG......seems I'm in bigger financial troubles than what I thought. The statements are hard to understand, I've circled what the charge was and what the insurance paid or rejected, and I'm surprised I haven't gotten a bill yet for all the unpaid at the clinic. But I guess when the bill does come, I'll just have to set up monthly payments like I did on the lab will take me 4 years to pay that one off, but the lab was good and doesn't charge interest or anything.

    Last week I opened my gas bill which usually runs around $40 in the winter and it was $95.......I called and said that was impossible since I was gone 1/3 of the month and had turned the heater off. A tech will be out on the 25th to check the meter but in the meantime it's freezing in the house since I'm trying not to use much gas. It's been down to 40 at night at early morning but I wear lots of layers in the house to keep warm. I have a little cube heater which I keep by my feet when watching TV. I've also called several companies to get a bid on more insulation in the attic. One is coming this morning and I have no idea what it costs for insulation.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - So sorry to hear that Den isn't still up to par. Even if his thyroid labs look normal they might not quite be. It depends on who is looks at those numbers. For years I was supposedly normal with a TSH of about 5 I think it was, which on the old scale was normal but a good Endo wouldn't think so. I am on meds but I still have some symptoms too. My NRG is still not normal but then again I don't what normal is nay more, to much pain and little NRG and just keep pushing. I don't envy you having to take care of Gpa and Den with all the interference you get from you know who. I would be pulling my hair out.

    SUN - Yes I do NV you sweetie at the way you handle things but I know it is very hard for you and I don't know that I could do as good a job as you. I feel so sorry when things aren't going right for you but glad that you have a talent that you love that can help you a little to get out of the doldrums as they say , at least a little bit ( your painting). That is like my singing, which I call "my therapy". I am sure that you do your share of crying too esp with your DH gone.

    I think DH wants the computer and I need to go take a shower. I will try and get back some time tomorrow. Sorry no time to name all of you.

    Love to all my very DEAR PORCHIES,

    Granni :)
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    My big project for the day is to fill my pill boxes for the week. Ordinarily
    I do this on the weekend, but with Alzheimer's comes instant forgetting.
    And when I do I remember I say, Well, I'll do it in a little while when I
    have more energy. When will that be? When the elephants roost in
    the trees. Remember that old song?

    I will come back when the elephants roost in the trees.
    I will come back when the birds make love to the bees.
    I will come back when the sun refused to shine.
    And President Coolidge is a cousin of mine.

    You might think it's a song from the 1920s because of the
    reference to Coolidge, but actually it's from the 50s. Marlene
    Dietrich recorded it, and Judy Garland used to sing it on
    her TV show.

    Like the sailing ships of old, I am stuck in the doldrums where
    the winds don't blow. As some ancient mariner might have said,
    "Can't move. I'm stuck here in the doldrums. I need a lever.
    Also some fulcrums."

    One nice thing, Gordon got me some DVDs of Mama's Family. I've
    been missing the family since Youtube removed them a couple years
    ago. Probably to make room for videos about the Kardashians or
    Lady Gaga or some such.

    Julie, sorry to hear Den is still not his old self. Very frustrating when
    modern docs and meds and tests can't find and fix the problem. Are
    you checking all those med bills? Don't know if it's a problem where
    you are but when I was in the emergency room 3 years ago for a broken
    nose, the bill was about $4,000. (I was there 2 hours.) Anyhoo there
    were some bills from doctors and medical billers I had never heard of.
    I didn't pay them. After about 6 months they quit billing. One
    time I asked my doc to look at the bills. He picked 5 or 6, and
    indicated he had not requested their services.

    I think some of these places are frauds. A contact at the hospital
    provides then with the patient's name and address and they just
    send bills and hope some get paid. Don't know if this is a problem
    in the Midwest. Calif., of course, is full of all kinds of crooks from
    con men to armed robbers.

    Well, better go back to bed. My back is bothering me. We were
    supposed to see the chiropractor yesterday, but he called and
    rescheduled. Maybe the new appointment is today. Back later, Kids.


  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Here is what I started to post yesterday but, evidently, never finished. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my brain the most! I'll add onto it at what was the end. Good grief!

    Was going to do some cleaning but the repair guy is here to reset those railings and I don't want to be in the back of the condo when he needs to talk to me. He's such a nice guy. Roomba is cleaning the tile floors so I am at least getting something done. I may climb up in one of my cupboards and start cleaning it out. I just had to stop for a cup of coffee to warm me up. It's supposed to get even colder here tonight. Yikes!!!

    Sun, I am so sorry you are dealing with these financial headaches. Yes, it is hard if you have no one to talk to, especially when you were used to having your DH. I can tell my kids anything but I try to spare them things, like how I'm feeling, if I can. I am so thankful we all have one another here. I know I can tell y'all anything and get so much generous support. I just hope things get better for you and Julie. I often wonder about Dar and how she and her DD are doing. Keep on keepin' on, Sweetie. In my Mom's words, "It'll all be OK."

    Julie, I can now smell those flowers all over the condo. It's heavenly. I sure hope they can figure out why Den isn't getting better as fast as you'd hoped. Hope GPA feels up to the paperwork at the Care Center. It does seem like it's a long time to fill out some paperwork. I know Obama Care was just to get the ball rolling on improved healthcare in this country but it seems we are still a long way from health care for everyone which doesn't leave us all in debt. There has to be a better way. Poor health used to be the number one reason for bankruptcies but it may have become the real estate crash in recent years. Not only can poor health cost an arm and a leg, but it can keep a person from being able to earn a living. I had to quit working but, at least, I didn't have big medical bills. I'm grateful for that.

    I'm gonna amp up my prayers for all of us here. Seems like there is a lot of stressful stuff going on, even more than our usual stress.

    Granni, you've posted since I was here. Brrrrrr! Just thinking about a shower makes me cold. I did get my hair colored yesterday but I nearly froze to death in the process. Unless it's reaaalllly cold, I refuse to turn on the heat. It was below freezing night before last up in Tallahassee and Jacksonville. We are in a totally different frost zone than those places in the northern end of the state. One day, a few years ago, I realized that I never sing anymore when I do housework. Well, I sound terrible but I now sing a bit because it is therapeutic, even if it is only in the privacy of my own home. At least, the cats like it. When I first sang to them, it scared them because they had never heard anyone sing. Now, they purr and want to be petted. I change the words in the songs to include their names. Stay warm.

    Rock, I hate having to sit down and fill my pill boxes. I do it once a week. I just can't do the ones for a whole month. Sometimes, it's the only way I know what day of the week it is and that depends on my having taken my pills that day. Otherwise, I depend on my cell phone or computer to tell me. How is the weather there in CA? Is El Nino still dumping rain on you? It is only 50 degrees this morning. I'm off to buy my Powerball ticket when Publix opens at 7:00 a.m. I don't want to have to stand in line for it. Only one of the doctors in a hosp. is allowed to bill Medicare for the same diagnosis code in any one day. They get pretty clever at just poking their heads in the door and finding some reason to bill. One of the good things about managed care is that they don't just automatically pay bills like Medicare does. Providers have to blatantly scam Medicare before they are caught. These scammers are so greedy that, eventually, many of them do trip themselves up. Here in God's Waiting Room, otherwise known as Florida, Medicare scams run rampant. Enjoy Mama!

    I still haven't started work on the valance. I took the supporting rod apart to try to adjust it outward. It still falls about an inch short. I now need to go to Lowe's to see whether I can find a solution. What appeared to be a relatively simple sewing project is turning into a real chore. I also need to see whether I can find the twisted silk edging for the top. After that nightmarish gridlock on the roads, I am loathe to go out. Our Snowbird traffic gets worse every year. I also have some painting I need to do inside so I need to get going.

    Found out that there is such unrest in the hood that four or five people are running for the big board this time. The problem is that they need to replace the ones who are incompetent. I hear so many complaints about the president who took my place and the other one who is so power hungry and rude that I hope they go. People keep asking me whether I'd consider running again but I won't. It just isn't worth it. I heard the old president before me is thinking of running. I hope she doesn't and, especially, I hope she isn't elected president again. She is the reason we ended up with so many money problems. She worked hard but has no head for business and the rest of the board just let her do whatever she wanted. She always took the lowest bid and we got some really shabby work. Oy!

    Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie

    Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

    Just got back from Publix. I almost had the store to myself. Got my Powerball ticket without waiting in line and picked up a few things I need. Going out just about froze my tuchie off so I'm home indulging in some decaf and some multi-grain toast. It's no better than the white stuff for me but I so seldom indulge in it. I need something to warm up and line my stomach before I take something for my cold-weather headache.

    Below is a post from WellnessCampaign that I find important.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Below is a post from WellnessCampaign which I think might be helpful to our members.

    Julie, this may be especially helpful for Den.

    I made a breakthrough this year that has never occurred in my entire life. I am able to support my thyroid with food adjustments and make dietary-based improvements. I was able to achieve a normal body temperature all of a sudden.

    This is of significance for all the people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia because an undersupported thyroid may play a part in the disabling effects of these syndromes.

    Here is what I did - eat as many iodine sources all at one time, and log my body temperatures. I can tell which ones work if I log my temperature. Also, adding essential fatty acids sources to my diet was extremely essential for bringing my temperature back up to normal like when I was a child.

    Iodine food sources list:

    Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Bananas, Pineapple, Eggs, Lima beans, Navy beans, Swiss chard, Cranberries, Turkey, Garlic, Prunes, Dates, Strawberries, Green beans, Rhubarb, Spinach, Hazelnuts, Lentils, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Apricots, Jerusalem, Artichokes, Asparagus, Dark green vegetables, Pears, Peaches, Nectarines

    I found that combining multiple sources of iodine at the same time, but not from the sea, worked the best.

    I am going food by food by food, and sesame, coconut, lima beans, are extremely important to keeping my temperature up. I have tried pineapple with the same result. Some people cannot have it because it is too sweet. However, it is an iodine source.

    Essential fatty acid sources list:
    Avocado, Coconut, Brazil Nuts, Sesame seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pine nuts, Cashews.

    When I ran out of nuts, I could tell I needed them for body temperature. Same with beans. I can produce bodily temperature changes with lima beans.

    Other than that, there are herbs which support thyroid function. I am trying the dietary method first.

    I didn't find that dulse or kelp was working and that is when I made the breakthrough. I dropped it, and started researching iodine food sources. My body temperature was reacting to what I was eating or not eating. I decided that since people cannot walk or bicycle ride to the ocean for sea vegetables or sea creatures that it was not a method that was meant for people for balancing their thyroid and that diet that can be obtained from any common source had to be the answer.

    I then found out shortly after that how badly contaminated the oceans and rivers are from research (dumping of chemicals, sewage, and other waste materials), and realized that dietary support would be ideal. I wasn't receiving adequate support for thyroid from the medical profession and that is what helped me out with this breakthrough. I am one of the many, of perhaps millions, who can complain of a need for a higher body temperature but no one can find the cause, because when the test is run, the "GP" (General Practitioner), or other medical doctor (no names) either cannot or will not acknowledge that the patient needs thyroid support.

    The testing methods that practitioners use are not working for many people, according to what I have heard from various sources over the years. A person can have a subnormal temperature and it can impair the way that they operate, but a health care provider will not acknowledge it, and instead diagnoses it as "all in your head" syndrome, or the latest basket case syndrome, which is costing trillions of dollars in counselling and medical costs for a community that could in fact work and be productive with home and work and family if they were acknowledged. I am one of many who want testing to be simple and easy, and not deny that the patient does indeed manifest need for thyroid support.

    My test is simple - if I have a lower body temperature, as tested in the morning, do something about it - put iodine sources and essential fatty acids foods sources in my diet and gauge the results day by day as temperature improves. However, I was noticing that taking my temperature under my tongue is what helps me. What happens if I try to seek thyroid support, taking the temperature in the ear is used when in fact under the tongue is better. Ears are meant to be warmer than other areas on the body so that a person doesn't go deaf.

    The person who needs thyroid support doesn't get helped properly if --

    the health care provider does not understand where to take the temperature (not my ears but under my tongue), the fact that the standardized testing does not help all people with thyroid concerns because there is something wrong with the testing method ("frequently diagnosed as subclinical"), and dietary sources of iodine are not understood.

    I have produced higher energy, a higher sense of wellbeing, a stronger mental clarity, and am much warmer, all due to my common sense in looking up food sources of iodine that are close by within every person's reach, not just the person who can travel. Let's see if this remission lasts. It's just been within several months I've been able to make this breakthrough.
    wellnesscampaign, Jul 20, 2015 Edit Delete Spam IP Warn Report

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