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    Hi Kids

    We are open. Will be back ala Mikie.

    Ok, am back.

    Woke up from my nap. Told Gordon I was going to open a new thread on the Board as soon as I woke up a bit more. He said, "Here. You can post what I've been doing."

    Earlier I went in the kitchen and started choking immediately. I
    knew he was cooking with lots of spices. He said, "Not really. It's
    just that there's a spicy residue in the wok." Anyhoo I escaped before
    the fumes caused me to collapse on the floor.

    He's making Chinese dumplings using wheat starch. Lots of gluten.
    They're the ones that are translucent and resemble dead jellyfish lying
    on the beach.

    He planted his third crop of long beans. The second batch will be
    ready in 2 weeks. He repotted 4 orchids. Went to the library.
    Talked to the librarian about the post cards. She knew nothing
    about it. Just said, "Who knows what those people at the main
    branch are doing. It's a 4 story building, you know." (We got another
    post card to day.)

    And he has a question for those in the know. He watches QVC every
    day. Tells me there is now QVC II. They are so busy they now have
    two channels. Both 24 hours day. It must be true that there is a
    shopping gene.

    Anyway he saw a program where they were selling bras. He wants
    to know if it is true that women need to replace a bra after 90 days.
    We suspect it's just huckster hokum.

    Granni, Rita Morena was in a wonderful movie titled The Ritz back
    in the 70s. Saw it on TV not long ago. Still funny. Rita is one of
    the few performers to have won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and
    a Tony.

    Illustrating Gordon's helpful qualities, he just brought me a
    quote from a Hawaiian cookbook that he checked out of the library.
    "The French eat enthusiastically. The English eat apologetically.
    And the Chinese eat continuously." A quote from 2 Chinese writers.

    Mikie, a salad sounds good. Especially at those BOGO prices. We
    went to Ralphs yestereday. The stuff at the salad bar was $7 a lb.
    Yikes. Nowadays I couldn't chew it anyway. I've also read that those
    salad bars tend to be rather germy. Ditto the ready made sandwiches
    at places like Trader Joe's or gas stations.

    Sorry your new computer is doing strange things. It could at least
    wait till it's old like me. More acceptable to be cantankerous when
    one is of great age. I like "The more modern we get, the less civilized
    we have become." A nice epigram.

    Sun, I haven't seen any Aldi stores around here. I read that they
    are one of the biggest chains in the world with stores in several

    Julie, hope you are in Tennessee and having a wonderful time.

    Hugs to Barry, Spring, Diane, Judy and GB

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    Mikie: Getting back to ghosts, at our old neighborhood one of my friends claimed there was a ghost in their home....she experienced it quite often. Once she was down on her knees scrubbing the bathroom floor when she felt hands put on her shoulders. She thought it was one of her up...but the house was empty. Another time her teenage son, around 14 or so, was woke up and saw a man standing at the foot of his bed. Another son passed it in the hallway at night, and thought it was his brother, but went into the bedroom and found him asleep in his bed. They were the first owners of the house. We talked about this....thought perhaps someone had been killed years or centuries earlier. Of course all of this country was first inhabited by Indians and then settlers came.

    And I also remember another house, where a person had killed themself. Two people were sitting at the kitchen table and suddenly a glass moved right across the table in front of them.

    And when I was in college a friend and her boyfriend were at the frat house, upstairs studying. They heard a car drive up and stop, the front door open and 3 steps taken on the stairs, then nothing. They went to investigate thinking one of the frat brothers might be having problems.....there was no one in the house and no car. This old house was set in an orange grove with a long driveway so there could be no sound carried. She was VERY upset the next day at school, said she wasn't going back to the house.

    In the Bible it says "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord"......I believe that those who aren't followers of Jesus will flounder around, who knows where....possibly in limbo for ever. I believe that my parents and DH are in Heaven now......I wouldn't want to bring them back to give me comfort. They are at peace now. I've heard several pastors talking about a passage in the Bible that those in Heaven will have no recollection of their time on earth. I need to look for that.
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    ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again and for your newsy post. Sorry the smells in the kitchen from Gordon's smelley wok bothered you and hope you feel better now.

    SUN - How interesting about ghosts. It is interesting to hear about these stories but I have never heard or seen anything strange like that . We did stay in or close to a room that was supposedly haunted years ago and now I can't even remember where it was. Darn it, I hate it when my brain don't workee- right ROCK?? I'll think about it when I go to sleep tonight or something.

    JULIE Let us know when you get there when you can and if you can. Hope Lindsey is doing better. I know you will make her feel much better.

    Hope to get back here tomorrow sometimes after church probably after lunch. Hope the weather is good so DH can grill in the afternoon, right when the storms roll in, right MIKIE???

    Nothing else exciting happening thank goodness. Our kitties are doing well and also somehow jumped out of their kittie playpen onto the top of the bar this morning trying to get a ball or something we think. Their sleeping space for now is behind the bar until we know they are potty or litter box trained. So far they are doing fairly well with only a few accidents. It is funny how both kitties can be so different just like real brothers :)!! I have twin g sons that re like that. One kittie (Willie) is very easy and loves to be petted and get attention and not much bothers him but the other is skittish with any loud noises , etc and it takes him a little longer to get to know you (Waylon)..

    Gotta run for now. Washed my hair tonight, what fun but trying to do it as simply as possible with the new hair cut and with being naturally straight it is not a simple task.

    Love to everyone, inc all those not mentioned !!
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys! Made good time here around 5:30 pm. David was at work, but one of his co-workers was here with Lindsey...this fellow officer is a real sweet younger gal... Josiah calls her his girlfriend, lol!

    I can tell Lindsey has been up more than she should, but Brooklyn was here last night too and said Lindsey's color is better today. I'll just do what I can to help so she can get a little more rest. David is very helpful with housework and kids, but only so many hours in a day...

    I just finished cleaning the and Lindsey asleep, David doing some of his projects. I'm headed to bed. Take care, everyone!
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    View attachment 1433 Hey all,

    Julie - good to know you arrived safely and Lyndsey seems better..a big relief for her now that she has her mommy and can take the rest she needs.

    Sun - looks like DSons arrangements are on point. It really takes the stress off travel if you hv everything ready. My health being what it is, I can't handle last minute arranging accommodation and travel. The last time I went I made sure the cars were booked and I got collected at airport.

    I hope your pain is healed soon or at least gets to a more manageable level.

    Rock - the DH and son translucent dumplings last time when the family went for dinner out with BIL and cousin sis but I stayed back to look after house. I did not like the dumplings at all, some sweet and sour filling and some sweet and sour jelly like veggie curry. The briyani rice dish too I didn't like. I much prefer the plain dumplings I make myself. But I wish had Gordon's energy..he does so much ..and he does what he loves.

    Granni - you are a fond mommy..describing your kittens. If you haven't had a run in with a ghost you are heck lucky. I hope it stays that way.

    Barry - I don't know who the artist of the pretty lil book nook is. I got the net but there's no description. Do you hv mosquitoes? We hv huge ones now. They come in stripey colours and a bit smaller toward fall but they sting something awful.

    Mikie - I don't think I would like unseen visitors even if they're benign. Like Sun says the spirits belong in spirit world, they shouldn't be hanging around here. However, fact is not all spirits understand the same.

    Some spirits do move.on after a while. However, it's the other variety causes trouble. Those with no conscience except self serving. The reason why some gentle.people get scary, belligerent and sinister when under the influence of alcohol is because of these bad spirits. Or lost ones, let us say.

    Tomorrow is Full Moon here. However I dont know if i will venture out. The road is very muddy outside. And lots of road repair going on in the main roads. Nightmare in rainy weather. I don't mind the rain but not when the roads are ankle deep in water and slush.

    I've been feeling like I need to up my meditation and white lighting. I kind of sense a cold coming on or my shoulder starts tingling. Or I feel discomfort breathing in the middle.of the night. Sometimes the skin starts burning on my hand. I hate taking medicine so.I immediately healing. But I kind of sense that if I let my guard down and ignore the first symptoms I'm gonna be unwell.

    I gave.myself a banana facial after ages. Mostly becoz i didn't want the banana to go waste but also because I've neglected my skin terribly. A banana facial is nothing but mash banana and olive oil slathered onto the face. I used to use egg in older times and carrot. Hmmm...I used to take care of my skin a lot in my twenties. A home facial every week. What happened to me? Oh yes, CFS happened.

    I remember someone took a photo of me resting with mash carrot all over my face and my dog also resting with me also covered in carrot. I had extra so she let me put it on her face and then we both lay down on our backs to nap and let it dry...I will try and find that pic.

    Yesterday I tried to make mushroom dumplings but I left the mushrooms out too long..while I attended to.other stuff and they got black. In this weather they absorb moisture so fast. So I threw them out coz they also smelt musty. There was enough chicken curry for the others so I just munched on chocolate bars brought by DH on his.last trip and had yoghurt and mangoes.
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    Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    What a night. SV has been just horrible the last couple of nights. I'm not speaking to him and he's keeping a low profile. I don't know what gets into him when he acts like that. The neuropathy in my left arm was killing me, waking me up all night long. The nerve must have been injured when I fell and sprained my wrist. The big Sunday newspaper is here so I'll read it after my visit to the Porch. I think the AV is helping the Whatever Virus. Yesterday, every time I stood up, I'd get an ocular migraine and couldn't see. Those are scary if you don't know what they are.

    I am watching a gold jewelry clearance show on QVC. Some of the pieces are an arm and a leg. I used to like wearing my gold but not any more. I'd just as soon wear fashion jewelry. I'm wondering what the price is per gram. I'm not wanting to sell any of it. The last time I needed new tires, I sold some pieces I no longer wanted and it was enough for new tires for the Highlander. The tires for it are a bit expensive.

    Granni, I only saw West Side Story as a movie. Rita Moreno was in it and she was an amazing dancer. She was in the movie, The Four Seasons, which showed off her comedic talent. She cracks me up in the new One Day At A Time. She is Puerto Rican but plays a Cuban grandma. Some of her clothes are a bit too colorful for me but some of them I'd love to find. I've looked all over the web and can't find the kinds of things I'd love to wear. Of course, for everyday around the hood, I'm fine with my old tee shirts and Capri pants. Sounds as though DH has his work cut out for him, building those shelves. It's always nice to have more storage. I have ample closet space in the condo but not in the kitchen cupboards. Hope it doesn't rain on the BBQ.

    Rock, I've seen those dumplings. No matter how good they may taste, it's hard for me to eat anything that looks like a gelatinous blob. I've choked before on cooking smells and know what it's like. No different than when my allergies make me choke up. I used to cook in a wok but finally gave it away. I didn't clean it too much because all that residue from the old meals gives the new ones flavor. I'm watching QVC now. Yes, I heard them mention QVC II. I guess one has to go online to see which channel carries it in one's area. QVC and HSN are merging. I kinda hate to see that because HSN has better prices than QVC. Now, they will likely be pricier.

    I've also heard those salad bars are germy but what isn't? I don't eat food samples passed out at stores. The old people here like to go to Costco for 'lunch.' They see free samples and go into a trance, losing their minds and blocking the aisles. If I only had one or two bras and wore them every day, I might need to replace them more often. I only put them on when I absolutely have to and then, I take them off when I get home. Think I've mentioned I now wear a size 38 long. AACCKK!!

    Sun, the male spirit which appears and disappears so quickly at my kids' house usually appears in one of two places, by the kitchen door leading out to the garage or on the stairs. DD never told me about it but when I saw him standing behind her, she asked me if I saw him. Evidently, she could tell by the look on my face. So it wasn't the power of persuasion which caused me to see him. None of us has ever felt uneasy but perhaps it's because he comes and goes so quickly. I am a Christian and follower of Jesus but I have a bit of a different take on the Bible. First, it is a piece of literature which has been translated over and over throughout the millennia. I know from taking different languages how difficult it can be to get the same meaning when things are translated from one language to another.

    I believe in a God of love and He has spoken to me in the most loving ways. I don't believe he only allows Christians into Heaven. I know it says in the Bible that no one gets to the Father without going through Jesus but I don't believe that means that only Christians go to Heaven. Perhaps those who go to Heaven see Jesus before entering. I know that in our limited mortal existence, we have a limited understanding. I believe everyone on Earth is my brother or sister; we are all children of God. This doesn't mean either of us is wrong. I guess we'll both find out when we get there. I know I'll see my loved ones in Heaven when it's my time to go, not because I'm worthy of Heaven but because of God's grace. I hope your back is better.

    Julie, thanks for letting us know you arrived safe and sound. I'm glad Lindsay looks better. I'm sure just having you there is healing for her. Who is Brooklyn? Hope you can get some rest too after the long drive. Let us know how it's going.

    Spring, thanks for posting that kitty. I have to wonder whether it's been Photo Shopped. Maybe not; some cats have very unusual markings. I prayed and directed the healing light from God into my arm last night and it got rid of the pain but, the next time SV woke me up, it was back and I had to do it all over again. Thanks for letting me know about light healing. It has really helped me. I believe there are spirits who are surrounded by negativity and, if one of those were around, it would be scary to me. I also believe that some spirits just hang around; I don't know why. I believe those in Heaven can see us here and that is the message mediums bring us. I know my Mom lets me know she is always watching over us. Too much evidence for me to think otherwise. I'm glad she is. She, herself, never believed those who have passed on could see what was happening here on Earth. She said it would make them too sad. My reasoning is that they are on a much higher spiritual plane and understand that our suffering is only a blink of the eye in eternity. I also have to believe that suffering has a purpose.

    I am excited by the full moon. I almost always feel better when the full moon occurs. I could use the NRG so I can clean up that disgusting room. I'm anxious to get it put in order. I've decided not to clean too deeply, just enough so that condo is clean. I'll dig into the bowels of the closets later. I've just run out of time and NRG to get it all done before the kids come. I'm sorry the roads are so muddy. It sounds awful. Wanted to tell you that our state is using men from India in the Everglades to hunt the Burmese Pythons which are threatening the other species. Evidently these families hunt pythons in India from the time they are small children. These snakes have few enemies in nature and they are taking over. The program showed a python in India which had swallowed a man whole. He was still inside the snake when it was caught. Yikes!!! Hope your roads dry up.

    Weatherman says we will be back to our normal summer weather pattern starting today. That means hot sunny mornings and rainstorms in the afternoons and evenings. I have to run my garbage down to the dumpster and want to do it early before it's so sweltering. I hope for blue skies for everydobby and days which are not too hot.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Where is everydobby. Having a rockin' good weekend, I hope. I'm having a Herxin' good weekend myself. Herxing is good to get the dead pathogens out of my bod but it ain't fun. I've been chilling and have diarrhea. AACCKK!! My ears are ringing like crazy. I don't know whether that's from the Herx or the lemon I put in my water. It could be citrate that I'm sensitive to. Who knows? I just finished the puzzles in the paper and got them all done correctly. I paid some bills online and am glad to get that done. Earlier while it was still cool, I took my garbage down and got my mail. I ran into a sweet older lady who was a friend of my Mom's. She is so sweet and I'm always glad to see her. I got a neighbor's mail so took it over to her. Our regular mail lady must have been off yesterday. Other than that, I didn't do much today. My head hurts so guess I'll go take some acetaminophen. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Mikie: Interesting about the pythons. So the Everglades are now where they are living? A few weeks ago I was reading a story about a woman in the US who had rescued a python.....he rewarded her by trying to eat her. She was able to call 911, and the firemen came and cut the snake off her. I DON'T like snakes, can't even go into the Reptile House at a zoo.

    It's a tad cooler today. I sat outside trying to nap a little and the breeze was blowing and felt soooo good. Yesterday I was out there and turned on an old mister to cool the area off. I need to buy some new little brass screws that let the water mist not drip. But it was very hot so I didn't mind water all over. I've been sleeping awful for over a week. Quite often I get on the floor in the wee hours to stretch my muscles, also before I go to bed and right when I get up. I think I messed up my neck and back last week (have to be careful because of stenosis stuff in my spine) and not only am I having strange pains and tingling in my arms and legs but an awful headache that won't go away. Last night I was working my neck muscles, looking for trigger points. My entire bottom drawer in my freezer is filled with gel packs and frozen bottles of water, etc. What a life.

    I once heard a pastor with Calvary Chapel speak about his thoughts on "heaven". He said he wondered if Heaven was actually here on earth, but in a different dimension and not UP THERE. Interesting idea.

    I remembered another interesting happening with ghosts. Years ago I worked with a lady whose DH had died a few months earlier. She was having a hard time...didn't have children either. Anyway, one day she broke down and told me she hadn't been sleeping. Her DH was showing up all over the house to her, to her neice (age 9 at the time) to his best friend. At first she was comforted but it was getting very stressful. I put her in contact with a medium in So. Cal. I had worked with this medium's DD at another store, and BOY the stories she used to tell me.

    Anyway, this medium told her to go buy some white candles and burn them in every room where he had been seen and say a prayer. So slowly he was down to only appearing in the kitchen. One day his friend was over doing some electrical work when suddenly there was a huge amount of smoke in the kitchen. He got a ladder to the attic, no fire but as they watched in the kitchen suddenly the smoke just up and was like inhaled and everyone was gone. He never was seen again. Mikie: Tell your DD this story, they might decide to also do this with their home.
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    Hi Kids

    Midnight here. It's really quiet. No fireworks or sirens or helicopters or traffic or howling dogs across the street. Gordon is asleep. His brother may be too. Or he may have gone to work. Hard to tell with his crazy
    quilt work schedule.

    Sun, sorry to hear about all those aches and pains. My neck was bothering me for a while a month or two. But obviously my pains were minor since they went away after some chiro work and using that hot pad that one heats up in the microwave. Unfortunately, as you know, stenosis doesn't go away. I don't even know if there is any treatment other than surgery.

    Have you ever tried acupuncture? I tried it for CFS. Didn't work and was expensive. There was a segment of funny signs on the Ellen show. One
    of them was in the acupuncture office. "Patients. Be sure to check that all needles are removed before you leave the office." I may be demanding too much, but I kinda that the guy getting paid should be doing the checking.

    Granni, thanks for your concern. I was fine as soon as I escaped the
    kitchen with its deadly fumes. Gordon thinks my diet is boring, and I
    think his is too spicy for humans. This illustrates the words of Socrates
    (or was it Daniel Webster?). Opposites attract.

    How many kitties do you have? Do they all have names? Our old
    B & W cat doesn't have a name. I just call 'Kitty'. If she feels like
    it, she comes.

    Julie, glad to hear you arrived. Apparently your trip was without
    incidents. That's pretty funny that Josiah knows about girlfriends.
    I hope you're not wearing yourself out. I'm sure Lindsey was really
    happy to see you.

    Springwater, I've never seen a purple ghost. I never hope to see one.
    But I can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see than be one. That's by
    Gillette Burgess, American humorist. In the original it was a purple cow.

    Here's true story from 60 years ago. You can decided if you think it's
    a ghost story. I was working at the cave where I was a guide. It was
    evening, and it was past time to close for business. But we were
    waiting for 4 people who were down in the cave. Shirley, who took
    the last tour said she saw some 4 people sitting in the chapel. She assumed they were talking about whether or not to get married there. (Hundreds of people have been married in the cave.)

    Anyhoo we waited for another half hour, and the people never showed
    up. So Shirley went down and checked. She turned off the light.
    Heard no screams. So we decided she had seen an illusion or ghosts.

    Did you see the thread were people were talking about problems
    reading tiny print? You can make your font bigger by clicking on the
    second "A" on the bar above the box.

    Mikie, hope you're feeling better. Herxing and headache all gone.
    I wonder what got into SV. He acting normal now? Gordon says
    he agrees with you about prices going up on HSN. On the other hand
    he says they used to sell pretty junky merchandise.

    Saw a funny video on Youtube from somewhere in the middle east yesterday. The cast was our soldiers and flyers. The video clearly shows that our boys have not lost their sense of humor. I also think it shows
    that somebody knows how to photoshop pictures.

    Oh. What good timing. I'm all done here, and it's time for another
    forensics show on the boob tube.

    Rock the boob
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  10. Mikie

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    Good Monday Morning, Dear Ones,

    Wish I could wave a wand that would give us all the gifts of refreshing sleep and lack of pain. Maybe I could borrow DGS's Harry Potter wand when I visit. I don't know the spell for casting out sleep and pain demons. Well, I can just keep praying. SV was a bit better last night. I slept til 4:00; I got to bed so early that I got eight hours of sleep. I need it. I went out to look at the moon. It didn't look quite full to me. Perhaps tonight.

    Sun, I have thought for some time that Heaven is another dimension and not a place. Mediums say that spirits exist on a plane of higher energy vibrations. That is why yogis meditate, to raise their vibrations. They say it's difficult for spirits to exist in our lower vibrational plane. If that's the case, I wonder why some would want to hang around here. People who have had near-death experiences come back to talk about how beautiful Heaven is and that they didn't want to return to life here. They describe the higher vibrations as a wonderful energy that runs through everything there. Even the flowers there vibrate and bloom for the glory of God. There are supposedly different flowers and colors than we have here. When my Mom died, she reached out to someone or something I couldn't see with a look of pure rapture on her face. To be with her at that moment was a gift to me because I don't fear dying.

    That is an amazing story about the woman's husband's spirit. It would be really upsetting to have one so persistent. Mediums say that often just acknowledging them and lovingly telling them to move along is enough for them to go. I think some feel as though they have unfinished business. I am so sorry you are having so much pain and problems with your back and with sleep. When I was reacting to the magnesium and potassium supps, I had such a stiff neck and pain. My neck would crack and pop when I moved it. That is gone now. I don't fear snakes and am not repelled by them but really don't want to hang around with them. I'm glad it was a bit cooler for you. We are in the mid-90's right now. The A/C runs nonstop. Take care, my friend. I hope your pain is better.

    Rock, it's quiet here too. Usually is in the wee hours of the morning after the bars close and all the bar flies have gone home. The developer put single-pane windows in these condos and the noise comes right in. When we replace the glass, we have to have wind resistant glass put in. It is expensive. It isn't the noise which wakes me, though; it's SV. He sleeps all day and is ready to get up early. He has a bite to eat and then, he goes back to sleep. What a life. I'm laughing about the sign in the acupuncturist's office. If you fail to heed it, I guess you get the point! SV was better this morning. I don't know what gets into him. He changes his MO after a few months. QVC has been around longer than HSN and, in the beginning, both sold things that I wouldn't want to have but I don't think it was 'junk'. It was more like little collectibles and dolls. OMG! I'm watching the Q right now because there is a fashion clearance. Tops are still in the $50 range and they are hideous. Even the models look ridiculous in them. I don't know which is worse--the news or hideous clothing. Hope you slept well and wake bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    SV just sat up and tapped his claws on the slider, asking to go out. I opened the door and he wouldn't go. He likes to play these evil kitty games. I'm having none of it. Next time he asks to go out, I'm not opening the door. Now, he's clawing at the carpet to get even with me. He is a holy terror sometimes. His sister is downright evil and I guess it runs in the family. When he's good, he's a joy to be around, but when he's not...

    I watched more episodes of the new One Day At A Time yesterday. It has moments when I think it drags but it also has some very good moments where I laugh. There is a lot of "Cuban" humor but it's the kind which could apply to anybody. I need all the humor I can get.

    Hope all y'all are having a good start to your week.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Barry - I did some sleuthing and found out the name of the book nook artist...he is Stephen Darbishire ..seems to specialise in feel good pictures like the above.


    Rock - hahahahaha. You said purple ghost. As a matter of fact someone this medium sent some entities into the.light..they were toddlers and...they were purple in colour. The.last one looked back and smiled as if to say thank you.
    Is my font small? I just press and enlarge the page I don't think it's smaller than regular.

    Mikie - I just hope SV settles down soon. How tiring. Why don't you look up making a little auric shield and make it for him before he hunkers down for the night? Then he might not react to noises outside or stimuli. Or try this prayer and include outside stimuli when invoking..

    Our Pranic Healing has its own.prayer and is non recognizes whatever religious figure you feel comfortable with to keep out disturbances.

    Sun - i am so surprised you know about ghosts. Because our hostel wardens in school were very strict Scottish and Irish ladies, and didnt allow us to believe in ghosts. Obviously they didn't themselves.

    Can you elaborate more on the spirit who brings jewellery items? Do the jewellery stay or disappear later. Ive had lots of objects jewellery, keys, money, photos, clothes reappear later in places I've already looked. And it's not servants. I read about a yogi in India who had learnt the art of materialising objects. Or rather he was given the knowledge by a higher master but he used it to no good purposes, greed taking over and lost the power.

    Also a well known psychic James van praagh recounts the time he was called to a house where the lady was trying to build something in a house she just bought and something kept going wrong esp in a particular room. He psychically looked and saw a bad doctor spirit and a tormented spirit. He sent divine light after praying and they left.

    I believe there is another dimension where one usually goes immediately after transition..but it is of many such dimensions. And you go to where you keep evolving higher in spirit. It kind of made sense because I just can't imagine everyone going Willy nilly into one big heaven and staying there. A soul keeps learning on earth and no reason for it to stop once you transit.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I took a soak and cleaned the tub but Herxing is not done with me. Diarrhea is back as are the ocular migraines. I'm glad the AV is killing off the viruses but Herxing is hard on a body. Roomba is cleaning the carpets and I got the tile floors cleaned a couple of days ago. They have stayed clean. I still have a week before the kids come so I'm not in a panic yet.

    Spring, another beautiful, feel-good painting. Our newspaper just did an article on a woman who produced lovely paintings like this. She died three months short of her 100th birthday. She was born on the Edison Estate here. Her father was the caretaker of the grounds. He was actually a horticulturist but was treated like low-level help. The Edisons gave them a shack on the grounds to live in. It didn't even had the basics one needs to live. When the painter was a babe in her mother's arms, Mrs. Edison asked the young mother to come up to the house and polish the silver. The young mother told her she would if Mrs. Edison would take care of her baby. I guess some rich people haven't changed that much today. Of course, there are a lot of rich people who give so lovingly of their money to good causes. This story certainly didn't improve my opinion of the Edisons. The family left the Edison Estate and moved closer to relatives. The artist didn't have an easy life but she worked hard and was practical. Everyone liked her and loved her artwork. I have a very uneasy feeling about visiting the estate and never have in the 20 years I've lived here. I may never go.

    Thanks for the link for the prayers. They are very close to the prayers I say when invoking the light protection. I especially like the part about cleansing to move past negativity. I call on Michael the Archangel, he's my namesake, and the Archangel Zedkiels you told me about. I feel protected. I just wish God would heal me; I pray for that daily. Of course, I pray for healing for all of us. I try to invoke healing light too. Wanted to tell you that DD in CO found a white feather from my Mom when she was cleaning the guest room. She took it into her bedroom and put it on the table next to the bed. When she went back into her bedroom, the feather was gone. She looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. Mom has never removed anything that I know of; she just puts feathers where feathers wouldn't normally be. I'll trying invoking a cocoon of light for SV. He's just not himself right now.

    I had better get going. I hope y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I took a soak and cleaned the tub but Herxing is not done with me. Diarrhea is back as are the ocular migraines. I'm glad the AV is killing off the viruses but Herxing is hard on a body. Roomba is cleaning the carpets and I got the tile floors cleaned a couple of days ago. They have stayed clean. I still have a week before the kids come so I'm not in a panic yet.

    Spring, another beautiful, feel-good painting. Our newspaper just did an article on a woman who produced lovely paintings like this. She died three months short of her 100th birthday. She was born on the Edison Estate here. Her father was the caretaker of the grounds. He was actually a horticulturist but was treated like low-level help. The Edisons gave them a shack on the grounds to live in. It didn't even had the basics one needs to live. When the painter was a babe in her mother's arms, Mrs. Edison asked the young mother to come up to the house and polish the silver. The young mother told her she would if Mrs. Edison would take care of her baby. I guess some rich people haven't changed that much today. Of course, there are a lot of rich people who give so lovingly of their money to good causes. This story certainly didn't improve my opinion of the Edisons. The family left the Edison Estate and moved closer to relatives. The artist didn't have an easy life but she worked hard and was practical. Everyone liked her and loved her artwork. I have a very uneasy feeling about visiting the estate and never have in the 20 years I've lived here. I may never go.

    Thanks for the link for the prayers. They are very close to the prayers I say when invoking the light protection. I especially like the part about cleansing to move past negativity. I call on Michael the Archangel, he's my namesake, and the Archangel Zedkiels you told me about. I feel protected. I just wish God would heal me; I pray for that daily. Of course, I pray for healing for all of us. I try to invoke healing light too. Wanted to tell you that DD in CO found a white feather from my Mom when she was cleaning the guest room. She took it into her bedroom and put it on the table next to the bed. When she went back into her bedroom, the feather was gone. She looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. Mom has never removed anything that I know of; she just puts feathers where feathers wouldn't normally be. I'll trying invoking a cocoon of light for SV. He's just not himself right now.

    I had better get going. I hope y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well Folks, I'm back again.

    Rock, what is Gordon putting in his translucent dumplings? I've had them before, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember the contents. I do know that I liked them though. I've never eaten any Chinese food that I didn't like, but I'd pass on the duck's feet -- a little on the bland side. By the way, I have an old (1947) English cookbook my mum gave me called "Farmhouse Fare". It, like me, is in miserable shape (binding gone, loose pages, etc.), but has some fantastic recipes, all submitted to the Farmer's Weekly, back in the then. Behold: "Gooseberry Mint Jelly",
    "Savoury Sheeps Head", "Pig's Head Pudding", "Nettle Beer", "Celery Wine", "Carrot Jam", "Banana Tart", "Potato Apple Cake", "Braised Sheep's Tongues", "Mint and Egg Pie", "Stuffed Carrots", "Somerset Rook Pie with Figgy Pastry", "Mock Goose", (you need a bull's heart for this one). Okay, that's all because I don't y'all to drool too much.:rolleyes:.

    Ghost's, Presences, Gremlins! You guys better cut back on the spirits! I don't mind a nip once in a while, but I try not to over-do it. :p My preferred is a drop of Irish whiskey.

    Mikie, so sorry for your herxing. What AV's do you take?

    Springwater, Thanks for your sleuthing and the link to Stephen Darbishire! I went to the site and looked at all the paintings that they had --- LOVED THEM ALL ! The light, the flowers, dogs and cats, etc. in the paintings were so nice to look at. I advise everyone to look at them. YOU MADE MY DAY, my dear Spring. :).

    Richard just called so I need to help him unpack the groceries in a minute. I am basically homebound, so seldom go to town. I so miss the farmer's market....

    Blessings and Love to All,

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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon made his fruit soup. It was delicious. Orange juice, instant tapioca, and fruit: grapes, bananas, and strawberries. Perfect for your
    next ladies luncheon. Serve fruit soup, fruit salad, a fruity drink and for dessert, Juicy Fruit Gum.

    Well, the annual Lotus Festival has come and gone. The lotus flowers
    are pale shades of pink, white and yellow. Pic of the park with the flowers in the foreground and the vendor booths in the back. Haven't seen the cattle egret for months.

    Springwater, thanks for the Stephen Darbishire site. Barry was right. Wonderful pics. In answer to your question, Yes, your font is teeny tiny. But it probably looks different to you than it does here. After all, if water boils at a lesser temp where you are due to the high altitude, why
    shouldn't the font also be smaller? It's OK with me though. With my
    super duper 99 cent store glasses, I can read your posts just fine. I just don't want anybody deprived of the pleasure. And there were
    various posts about fonts too small to read. Don't recall if they
    were on his thread though.

    Barry, sorry to hear that your binding is gone and you are suffering from lost pages. Are you sure those recipes aren't from 1447? Gordon had an old cookbook (19th century, I think.) It was falling apart too. Had instructions for cooking game: possum; raccoon; venison, etc.

    For some reason your post reminded me the Volkswagen ads of the
    60s. Remember them? The usually had some humor and lots of
    white space. Seems like every 4th car on the road was a VW bug in
    those days.

    Mikie, I got the point of your acupuncture observation. Can anyone
    tell me why "acupuncture"doesn't have a double "C" after the "A"?

    Got to wondering if Edison's lab had been preserved. Apparently it
    has. And then some. It's now a National Park. You can also see
    his home in New Jersey.

    There was some sort of slide show, but it wouldn't play on my
    computer. Hope you feel better and SV shapes up. My B & W
    bundle of joy swatted me again yesterday. Only made a tiny hole
    in my leg this time. I guess I'll have to keep my distance unless I'm
    wearing jeans or shin guards.


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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Not much to tell these days. I got up in the middle of the night to get a fresh glass of water and discovered I had left the fan in the guest bathroom running for hours. I sprayed some cleanser in the tub and the fumes were getting to me so I had turned on the fan. Strange I never heard it. I guess the A/C fan had drowned out the sound. My mind still isn't back up to snuff since the supps caused side effects. I am still suffering the effects of Herxing. I woke feeling all hot. Every day, it's something to whine about.

    Barry, thanks for your kind words. I take acyclovir and it has always helped to get the virus back into a latent state. I have found those old recipe books have some really good stuff in them. On the other hand, the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook is a newer, more scientific book which is also excellent. The cooks know how various ingredients react to variables and they have tested and tested and gotten it down to an almost exact science. I noticed on The Great British Baking Show that they don't measure ingredients; they weigh everything in grams on little kitchen scales. I'm wondering whether this is British or a more universal modern method. Hope you, Richard and all the critters are doing well.

    Rock, I agree about acupuncture. I got the underline when I posted it and couldn't figure out why. Only one c? Why so stingy with c's. Spelling continues to daunt me but I daunt care. From what I've read, Edison also had a small workshop at his estate here. I do give him credit for his inventions. Speaking of inventions, perhaps you could invent some kind of protectors for the lower leg against cat swats. Maybe your kitty thinks she's on a swat team. SV took a nip at me yesterday to show his displeasure of my throwing him out of bed early when he was being a pest. We made up later on and all seems to be well now. He snuggled up last night in bed and acted very cute. Hard to resist. DD and I once hiked high in the Rocky Mountains to a lake. I was shocked to find water lilies on the lake. They were purple and resembled lotus flowers. A very friendly duck begged us to share part of the lunch we had packed. He wouldn't leave us alone. I hope your B&W kitty stops her aggressive ways.

    I have to shower and wash and trim my unruly mop today. I'm off my feedbag but desperately need some protein so will go see what appeals to me. Probably not much. Still a lot to do around here before the kids come. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie

    May the full moon energize you today.

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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi AWL,

    Maybe I can get to post now without interruption. I got up from the computer to go potty and bring a few dishes and cups to the sink and I got waylaid. About an hour later here I am. Had a phone call from the cleaning lady wanting to come tomorrow which will work out better om a way since Thursday our other DD and family are coming fri Crowley. That is going to be one busy household Thursday - Sunday till they leave. The kitties will probably go bananas esp one of them who likes peace and quiet unless he hs pouncing on his brother. They are so funny to watch. We got and put together yesterday with the help of DSIL a stainless steel bunch of shelves to put stuff out on that has been taking room everywhere in the house. Unfortunately the shelving has to be outside in the garage and so sometimes it gets pretty hot. I know some stuff esp spray stuff, not pump , is not good for outside in the summer, but I am putting other stuff there and paper products too. I am still in the midst of trying to find the right things to store there. DH loves to shop at Sams and so he gets lots of stuff in bulk or large containers. Sometimes it drives me bananas but DH is so $ conscious. I cannot blame him the way we both were brought up. Of course it was also a way different time than now, in some ways it was good. We never worried about not having all the right stuff and trying to keep with anyone else.

    ROCK - My DD 2 doors down and DSIL adopted two male brothers from a friend of mine from Houston who took in a mama cat who was pregnant. She already had 2 cats I think. Now she has 3 , will keep the mommy and the other babies are . Growing up for awhile I had a cat and dog but not at the same time. DH also had a dog. If we ever got anything it would be a dog but right now he doesn't want any more bills or responsibilities. If it were just me I might just get a kitty as they do their own thing and do not need lots of attention and care other than food and water and a bit of companionship and petting. Of course there would be kitty litter cleaning and all that but I would get that duty anyway :)!! However, a puppy wouldn't be out of the mix either.

    I think it was DIANE who spoke about the small fonts so I am TRYING to remember to do the print larger. Sometimes I cannot read some of the small print either. My eyes are getting so bad and have to remember to take of my readers when I am done. I could also wear my bifocals all the time but have gotten used to not doing so since I have one eye better or worse than the other. I originally got glasses in school for the blackboard when I was about 10 years old.. One eye was find but not the other and through the years the good eye has been trying to catch up with the other one :)!

    DIANE - Thinking about you my dear young friend and hope you are feeling better with less stress going on. We miss you !!

    YIKES, I can't remember if it was ROCK or BARRY who said their dear one had made fruit soup. It sounded great but not sure DH would go for it. Sounds yummy in the summer hot weather. I THINK it might have been ROCK.

    SUN - Hope all is well with you. Has all your company gone or are they still there? I have been so in and out lately I cant remember what is going on. Hope you are feeling better.

    MIKIE - Sorry that you are still feeling punk to put it mildly. I do know what you mean about every day there is something to whine about even though I try not to do so, or at least I hope that the ACV helps you. Do you need s script for that?? Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    JULIE - Hope all is well with your gang in Tn. Take care of yourself please.

    I had better send this before it goes poof.

    Thinking of everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Yes, I have a script for the acyclovir. I get a year's supply even though I only take it PRN. I don't have a co-pay for mail order meds. I'm glad my doc understands my need to keep the Whatever Virus in check. Those kittens sound like a riot. You should share a pic of the grandbabies with us. I have some extra shelves in the walk-in closet in the front room I use for a little office. I don't know why I have a home office. I did it before the days of Wi-Fi and laptops when I used my old PC for work. Anyway, I keep extra canned goods and other things in there. I have almost no storage for things like that in the kitchen. Horrible cupboard situation. I couldn't live here if I had family visiting all the time. As it is, it's cramped when the kids visit. Poor SIL is too tall for the queen size sofa bed. I offered to sleep on that and give them my bedroom but they will get a hotel room the 2nd and 3rd nights. I have no idea what to cook. Everyone likes pasta and I can get gluten free for DD. I use sauce in a jar and just throw together a tossed salad and I'm good to go. DGS and I may eat out by ourselves one night. I'm looking forward to seeing them but it's such a stress to try to clean up before they come. I'll have enough time and am already cutting some corners. Hope you enjoy everyone.

    My friend who always organizes our ladies' luncheons called to see whether I could make it on Thurs. She wanted to go to the beach. One of the other ladies remembered that there is construction on the two-lane street on the beach and that's the first day of school here. So, we are going to the Longhorn Steakhouse. It's just down the road. I told her I may have to beg off at the last minute if the diarrhea shows up again. By then, the Herxing should be done. I'm all sweaty now. AACCKK!. I washed my hair and gave it a trim. It looks good. I took about an inch off. This is a good length--not too long and not too short. I think I'm related to Goldilocks.

    I'm taking a wee break but need to get back to work. I probably should fix something to eat. I need protein so will fix some coconut shrimp in my little toaster oven.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from a nap. Wrote a postcard to my 95 year old Aunt. The
    pic on the card is the waterfall in an Oregon park where my brother, the
    Park Ranger, used to work. You've seen the picture. The waterfall
    is over 600 feet high. Wikipedia reports that in 1995 a 400 lb boulder
    fell in the pool next to the bridge were a wedding party was being
    photographed. The splash was monumental. Tragically I can find no video of same on Youtube.

    Mikie, your daunted pun should be much vaunted. Love the Blue
    Moon picture. There are several Blue Moon songs including one from
    the musical Little Mary Sunshine. But the Blue Moon scene in Grease
    may be the most graphic. How was the coconut shrimp? Never tasted
    same myself. And never heard of a shrimp coconut. Does SV like
    same or does the coconut deter him? I suppose it's better for a cat to be
    deterred rather than defurred.

    Granni, we got glasses at about the same time. I wore bifocals for
    decades. After my cataract surgery I didn't need them anymore. Only
    wear reading glasses, and the cheap ones from the 99 cent store work
    just fine.

    It was Gordon who made the fruit soup. He says it's easy to put
    together. Something new to many people. Give it a try someday when
    you are feeling full of pep and have some spare time. (Ha Ha! Hard
    to imagine you with spare time.) Are the kitties old enough to stalk
    a piece of sting?

    Barry, Gordon chops up meat and vegetables for his filling. I think
    he just uses whatever is at hand. Shall I ask him for a specific recipe?
    He's out doing errands right now.

    I've heard of Irish whiskey, but one seldom hears of an Irishman who
    can stop with one drop. Don't care for the taste of liquor myself. In
    the days when I was a social drinker I imbibed party drinks like a mimosa
    or a margarita. I learned never to have more than two drinks. Does
    that mean I sometimes wound up three sheets to the wind? I'm
    afraid so. The trouble with experience being the best teacher is that
    it would be so much easier and quicker if somebody just told you at the
    git go.

    Adios, Pards
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone: My internet has been down...probably just for I called Spectrum this morning and it will be changed over on thursday morning. I'm praying it will go easily with no problems. I'm to get my same land line #, more channels on direct TV and a fast internet. This morning I had to go to Starbucks to get email. I can't believe I actually got on now.

    Yes, my son is gone, leaving me in the wake. He upsets me so much....I think a lot of my back/neck problems are from STRESS. What a shock to realize he's an alcoholic. I feel very sad.

    Rock: That is Multnomah Falls? My DH and I saw it in November 2013....FREEZING there. I couldn't believe I was so cold. Had a woolen scarf wrapped around my head and face. And of course, no water falling. But spectacular.

    Did your brother ever talk about the Missoula Flood? A cataclysmic event during the ice age. Scientists just discovered it in the 20s. There's a NOVA PBS program on it on Youtube which I want to watch as soon as this internet is working. Also just heard about the Willemette (6th largest meteor) that landed up near Rocky Butte, Oregon. I'm sure your brother knows all about it.

    Mikie: I'm just finishing up watching Season 3 Suits! LOVE IT. Have to order #4 in the meantime I alternate with Turn, Washington's Spies which is also very good.
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