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  1. fibromickster

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    Hi Porchies, I will open a new Volume for everyone. So here we go on 311.

    To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

    I think all of us porchies have all three of these qualities, so kick it up and join the fun. I miss all you MIA's.

    TGIF - It is the weekend !!!!!!!

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  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, actually it is almost lunchtime for me. It is 11:30 and it sure is a chilly day today. So I am headed out for lunch (my bean and ham soup). I may do a little shopping at Kohl's on my lunch break too.

    I will catch you all when I get back.

  3. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Where is everyone??????

    I feel all alone on the Porch today. I wonder if you are all having problems getting on or something.

    Well I had my lunch and it feels like it should be 5:00 but it is only 2:45, urggggg. I want the workday to be over. I cannot wait to just sleep in as long as I want to tomorrow.

    Nothing much planned this weekend except that I am going to Columbia to visit Ashley.

    Lydia - Do you mean Columbia???? You said California, close to Jefferson City. I don't think so, LOL. That is a long long way from Jefferson City. Actually, Columbia is only about 25 minutes from Jefferson City if that long, so we will really be close to each other. I will be passing through Jefferson City on Sunday about 8 in the morning.

    Well, I don't have much to say, so I am going to get back to work so the time will fly by faster.

    Take care

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Things are quiet at the ranch. The only news I have is that the missing ashtray has been found. As is often the case, it was only found when we stopped looking. Gordon picked up his jacket, and there it was. In fact, it made its presence known by falling on his toe.

    He is pretending he thinks I hid it. He doesn't remember carrying it into the living room. I think he is getting brain fog too. Didn't know it was catchy.

    No, we don't have a dishwasher to check, Mickey. I'm the dishwasher.

    That reminds me of the eternal struggle between landlord and renter. We rented a duplex w/ a dishwasher that leaked. A couple of times the landlord sent someone over to fix it. This was usually someone w/ no qualifications whatsoever other than owning a wrench. Frequently someone who did not speak English.

    Anyway we lived there seven years. After we moved out the landlord sent us a bill for damages including: $400 for a new dishwasher.

    I hope your flare doesn't last as long as the last one, Elaine. Is there anything that helps other than rest? Granni, don't be doing too much yard work, or you'll flare up too.

    Mickey, are you and Julie talking about the town of California in Missouri? Interesting observation: people need a wishbone, a back bone and a funny bone. That's very astute. Note that none of them are real bones; all symbolic.

    Used to be a band/glee club called Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians. Very popular for about 40 years. One of their songs was "Drybones". Fred was sometimes called the inventor of the Waring Blendor. I read he was actually the financial backer for the inventor. There's a Drive named for him in Palm Springs. Lots of streets there named after entertainers.

    This post illustrates how everything is connected to everything else. "The kneebone's connected to thigh bone", etc.

    Later, alligators

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I hope your bean and ham soup was good. Thats was cute about your daughters; sometimes i think back to my school days and crushes and all....yes, its wonderful to be young.

    Im pretty sure dreams indicate something or the other...things we bury in our subconscious come out in dreams.

    Elaine - oof, how horrible about the flare up....and isnt it funny how it just comes upon one suddenly...good to know Mr Smith is around....and taking care of you...must be such a relief not to have to drive when one is in pain...well, i hope the flare subsides down just as suddenly and you wil be back to your spry bouncing self soon enough...

    Julie - Im sure your missing the DH. Your buying keira her little outfit reminded me of when my daughter was little, I just had to see a pretty little frock and i had to have it...its one of the joys of having a sweet little girl child to bring up isnt it? Arraying them in pretty clothes and ribbons and things. Dressing son wasnt half as much fun.

    Rock - this site does seem to have a problem getting messages posted...i wonder where the hitch is...did Gordons ashtray reappear? Or have the 'borrowers' taken it for good. Like my cupboard keys. Tho im sure now my keys were magicked away by the help. But i changed the locks so its ok.

    Granni - hmm DH must have been in a bad mood to complain of you being addicted...well I admit i am addicted...but its a good addiction to have, look how it helps us and how much enjoyment we get out of it; i have to have this...I cannot do without my puter. And get very testy if i am disturbed while engrossed in it. Its a good idea to get Christmas shopping reminded me of seeing a clip on tv where Christmas shoppers stood in the early hours of morning waiting to be first to buy the discounted Laptops...once the doors opened, was a free for all, people falling tripping, to lay their hands on the limited stock. I know i would have died of asphyxiation what with my mild claustrophobia and fibro.

    Yesterday and today have been slightly 'off'days..where energy is concerned...i wasted the whole morning doing nothing and then rushed in eveningto bathe and dress for the party held by cousin at this hotel. And i have never been in more of a 'I dont want to go' mood. Once there, however, as usually happens, it was okay. Managed to get through. Met a lot of cousins husbands side. But i did rush back home, staying only long as was polite. Once home, i watched Indian Idol. Of course, like always its stupid, becausethe good singers get voted out..just coz no one sent enough phone calls.

    Ive updated my flickr photo site....and added some garden and festival photos plus photos daughter sent from college

    Hello to everyonewho pops in and all MIA

    God Bless
  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    This is from Carla, she was unable to get on so she asked me to put this on here for her.

    Mickey it's almost time to go home! Thanks for taking care of us. I have just been busy in the yard while we had the beautiful weather.

    Daivd is home from the hospital and his family has not risen to the occasion as I thought they would. The one aunt who lives the closest got the flu this week and no one else has stepped up, so I have been spending more time with him this week and he doesn't have a phone so I can't get on the computer at his place.

    I am at work now and almost time for me to leave. I have tried posting a couple times today but everytime I got on someone would come in.

    So I just wanted you all to know I am ok, just busy. So here is a big HELLO and Goodbye to awl- I will try to be back this weekend, I got the yard taken care of and it will be cold and rainey but now have to clean the INSIDE, it never stops does it.

    OH BTW my golf cart died, really. I need the exspensive part that i have been putting off as I can't find anyone to work on it anyway, so no more rides :-(


    Mickey I tried posting this on the board but have not been able to get on, can you relay this to the porch please??? Got go-CArla
  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Springwater, your pictures are amazing and you are so so beautiful. I love your long black hair. You are gorgeous. I see where your daughter and son got their good lucks. Your place of home is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could be there. It looks so serene, and I love your doggies. Thank you so much for sharing, now I know what you look like. It is nice to have a face to remember now when we are chit chatting.

    Rock I am so glad you found the ashtray. Maybe go to the dollar store and get a couple more just in case it gets lost again.

    Well, I really need to get some work done since I am leaving here in a few moments.

    Love you all and have a wonderful weekend.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see that it was rather quiet on here today. I was on a bit this morning before I went to spend alot of my day in WM. Can you believe that they are already playing Christmas songs? Well, I was not surprised at all to tell the truth. I did come to do some Christmas shopping/looking, etc. I did get some clothes for the grandkids, jeans and shirts, pj's and that kind of stuff. Really exciting !!

    Springwater (and Julie) - Yes - it is alot of fun to go shopping for little girls. Although they do not have the little frilly things as much as they used to , the clothes are so sweet (most of them anyway). Unfortunatly, my grandaughter is almost 15 and is too grown up. Of course I got her some clothes but she picked them out . I got them on sale other wise I could not afford them. Actually I got them on sale and I had never even hear of the store before (brands) -American Eagle and Aerostatle (or something like that). That spelling may not be right. I got her a cute top and sweats - thrilling huh ! I have to laugh at some of these tops for young ladies now. They have the loose sort of pleated waist that hangs out. All the girls look like they are pregnant. Oh well, that is the style.

    Rock - I am glad that you or Gordon found his ashtray. That is right. When things are missing like that they usually just turn up in the weirdest places, when you are not even thinking about it.

    Hey some of you are talking about pictures. Are you able to post pictures on this new Board yet. SPRINGWATER - ROCK ?? I checked out Springwaters bio and I didn;t see anything. Am I missing something???

    Elaine - well you must be feeling somewhat better to post like that and then to write a letter to my DH. How sweet of you do do that (-: !! Actually, he is not on the puter alot. It is that he needs or wants to get on it at bad times. I am usually the one that almost could live on the computer if I wasn't doing something else that HAD to be done.

    Wow, that was a trick to get the laundry and yourself downstairs. I hope you didn't hurt yourself worse doing what you did. I am sure the laundry was no worse for wear,. Hey, how did you get it upstairs (the clean stuff)?? Please try and take it easy my dear so you do not get worse ! Glad "John" is there to help you out some.

    Mickey - Sorry you were on the Porch almost by yourself today. I did check quickly this a.m but I was not logged in and I had to get gone early. Thanks so much for starting up this new volume. That soup you had for lunch sounded great = yummy ! Thanks for giving us Carla's message.

    Carla - Glad to hear that David is home but to bad that no one else could be there to help him. You a are such a good friend. So sorry to hear also that your golfcart died !!! I hope it doesn't cost to much money andt take to much time to get it taken care of . I know you and the girls will miss it.

    Well, I had better leave for now. I will try and get on some tomorrow. Will be home, saving money again tomorrow night (-: !! We are now officially on a "budget" since all this stuff happened. However, to tell the truth ,my whole life I have been on some kind of a budget. So, that is nothing new. We have always been rather frugle (sp?) cause that is the way we were raised. Neither of our parents had much of anything ! Then we had 5 children and the money was needed so then I started doing home child health care. It worked out great at that time.

    Happy weekend to All !



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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am here and actually logged in so I will post. I will try to make up for the posting that I have not been doing of late. DH is off to the bank and so I decided to get on here and see if anything was going on. Well, I nothing is hapening yet with so many of you on different time zones. Of course on saturdays (or weekends) people are busy and usually do not post as much. I am sure when DH geets home we will be doing some chores. I finally stripped out bed and put the linens in the washer. I have been thinking about that for awhile. I never seems to get to it. Now, I have to go and remake the bed with new clean sheets.

    Friends of ours that we met in square danacing years ago are coming over tomorrow evening to play Tripoli and go out to a cheap restaurant. Speaking of cheap they are alot worse than us. Sometimes that can get annoying when you would like a change. Oh, we just found out yesterday that one of the plaes we like to go for special things closed. They have not been open that long and I think most people loved them even though their prices were on the higher end of the scale. After the downturn people are thinking twice about eating out and if they do they make it much cheaper than they were. That is to bad. There is another restauratn that opened up not to long ago that is on the high side. We have not been there due to the cost byut is supposed to be excellent. Wondering if they will be able to stay open. Most people cannot go there but once or twice a year if at all. Another new English Pub and Steakhouse just opened also before the downturn. Wonder if they will make it too. All these restaurants were right on the water by the lake where we live. Actually, we do not live on the lake but our community is off the lake.

    Springwater - I wil check your site and find your pictures. So that is where the pictures wee you were talking about. I thought Mickey also mentioned a picture but it was not in her bio.

    Elaine - I hope you are feeling a little better today. Please do TRY to rest !! We don't want to lose you (-: !! Is "John" making you behave yourself???

    Carla - Hope your friends is doing better at home. Sorry you have to be there for him. You are such a good friend my dear.

    Rock - How is your computer behaving? I know how frustrating when your computer starts acting up and you cannot post, or it disappears into Never Never Land. Hope you will be having a nie peaceful weekend.

    Linda, Sweetie, Joan, Mrdad, Jodie, Marta, and everydobby else not mentioned we miss you and hope all is well.


  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - I know that you had mentioned some time ago about getting married in Mexico. That sounds like alot of fun. I like Mariachi bands too. Do you have any idea of when you might be doing this? I am getting excited for you.

    Sorry you have not been feeling well and have been lossing weight. I kn ow what you mean about losing weight in the wrong places. I have been gaining it in the wrong places . I'll be you can guess where that is. When I used to lose weight alot it was i my face and upper body which is the smallest part of me anyway. Glad that Mr. M is there to help take care of you (and visa versa).

    All my weight, not that it is alot has all gone south and is in my belly too. I hope you, ELAINE- SPRINGWATER and whoever else is not feeling well, feels better really soon.

    Guess everyone else is out and aboaut on this lovely sunny day (at least it is here anyway).


  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    It does seem a lot of us are under the weather, Elaine, Georgia, Linda, myself. Well, mine is morethe ennui type; lethargic foggy feeling, not pain. Well, heres to hoping we all soon get back to normal.

    Mickey - thanks for the kind words. It felt like an ahievement at last getting all those pics up. I have been putting it off for so long. It just hit me, when Rock mentioned it, how right you were about the wishbone, backbone and funnybone!

    Rock - you found your ashtray...good. Here too, I am the dishwasher, along with some help from the help. Actually out of all the chores at home, i find dishwashing most pleasant.

    Granni - i hope you had a fun night out with your friends....i too wonder about all those businesses which must have opened out just before the crash..heaven help them..the only thing people can do when faced with economic crunch is to tighten their financial belts and that means the luxury industry gets hits hardest...upscale restaurants, pricey hotels, travel agents. It sounds really lovely to live by a lakeside! And restaurants by the lake...not something most people can just walk to.

    Carla - good to see your message and thanks for sending it to Mickey to be posted..just hope the net is up and running at your end soon. Good of you to step in for David, you are always so concerned for those pups. I hope David is on the mend soon.

    Linda - you too are having health problems...sigh..but Im glad you have Lucie Ducie there to cheer you up some. Im guessing when the snow comes, she is going to have fun discovering that too! None of us seem to have the energy to 'kick up our heels and do a jig' except possibly Granni here, but i did try to imagine looked very ungainly..but it felt like fun! My dogs immediately catch on to my mood, because when im feeling good, i chase them all over the house, and play catch/hide n seek with them...theyve learnt to seek me out, and stand with their ears back and in a coiled spring stance, to indicate theyve found where im hiding; if i pretend to ignore them, they let out a short sharp bark. "Hey, youre IT, now chase US, lady."

    Elaine - good to hear you are still able to run the side business..your method of transporting the laundry and yuorself down.....hahahahaha...I am still imagining it and are one of those delightful people who never totally grow out of their are still in touch with that part of your life and bring smiles to everyone in the process

    Georgia - hope your flare lets up soon...thank god, it doesnt interfere with your knitting...hope Ursula hasnt got into any more scrapes and is getting on well with Mr M.

    Well, off i go to start this day, and let us see what it brings....

    hugs to all and those yet to check in - JUlie et all and thinking of you guys MIA

    God Bless
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The above post i tried posting three wasnt getting posted, so i opened a new web page of pro health and copied pasted there and pressed time it worked.

    God Bless
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to my Emotions Anonymous meeting yesterday. I have been missing about half the meetings the last several months. The meetings start at 10:30 AM, and I am often asleep cause I didn't sleep the night before.

    I've fallen asleep at two recent meetings. Today, if I'm not asleep, we are going to WM and then an orchid show. But the orchid show is about 50 miles from LA, so it's a little iffy.

    Well, as we all know, pretty much everything is iffy w/ these DDs.

    Springwater, glad to hear your changed your cupboard locks. I'm thinking of changing the lock on the ashtray. I checked out your pics. Your family, your dogs, your flowers are all wonderful. We have bougainvillea here too. It was one of the most noticeable flowers when I first moved to California.

    Is that statue really supposed to be Freud? Doesn't look like his pictures.

    Carla, we got your message via Mickey. I hope your golf cart heals up. If it acts like computers sometimes do, you can just get out and let it sit for a while. Then maybe it will work again when you turn it on.

    In the meantime can you and the girls play tag or fetch?

    Granni, to see Springwaters' pics, go to her post above and find the site for the pics. They're not in her profile.

    Elaine, that was very crafty of you to slide down the stairs on an ironing board. Haha Just my brain fog. I did get all confusiated tho reading your letter to Granni's DH. Somehow I got the impression Mickey was involved in that too.

    I like fog too, Georgia. Long as I am walking and not driving. I used to think it was fun to walk to school (we really did walk a mile) on foggy mornings. As my mother said, you couldn't see your mitten in front of your face.

    Yup, Linda, the ashtray caper is over. If I still had teeth I would celebrate by making potato salad w/ capers. Just finished a mystery called "Murder on a Girls' Night Out".

    The real mystery is where the title came from. No one gets murdered during a girls' night out. There are two murders, but they take place off stage and not during any feminine frolicking.

    Julie, moving back into the big house sounds sensible. I hope you won't be lugging furniture. I hope you and Elaine and Georgia and any other fatigued flarers will feel fairer faster.

    Just had a council of war w/ Gordon. We are postponing any travels. He is cooking in the kitchen w/ Dinah and stumming on the old banjo. "My dog has fleas."

    Ha det bra

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just sat here and it took me nearly an hour to write my post and just as I was finishing up the page disappeared and went back to the main page, I did hit the back button as this has happened before and like Elaine it was still there. But not today-eerrghhhhhhhhhhh.

    I don't have time to redo it, then when I clicked reply it took me to the login page and I was already logged in. Technology is great when it works.

    I started to write it in my mail box and didn't, oh well. I did write each of you so the edited versoin is..

    Elaine I hope you feel better soon and Mr Smith can help you with whatever yard work that needs to be done and watch out for those steps.

    MIckey thanks for posting for me, it wouldnn't let me and I was getting ready to leave work. I hope you had a good time with your daughter.

    Julie there is a special place in heaven for you lady and you deserve to live in your house so don't feel guilty about it for one minute. You tried and you have sacrificed so much for everyone, you get your turn too.

    Springwater you, your family, home and animals are beautiful, you are blessed. Hope you can stay on the up side for a while.

    Rock glad the missing ash tray showed up, don't you hate when that happens. Glad you had a good trip to TOmbstone, except Gordon trying to play Flash Gordon in the hallways at night. Glad you came back to rescue him. The cart is dead, I have tried everything. So have been playing fetch and tricks and treats with them more often now.
    Granni tell Dh you want a computer for Christmas that should solve the problem.

    Georgia I had to catch a goat named Billy the other day, he belonged to David's aunt and got loose and wandered up here and got the dogs barking mad. I finally got them in and the gently approached him and he let me put a leash on him and followed me to David's then I found out "Billy" is a bad ars goat who has rammed most of them and broke a window out of the barn the other day when he stood up on his hind legs, he has a nice set of horns. So now I am the Goat Whisperer,lol.

    I hope you are feeling better and glad you and Mr M are there for each other.

    David is still in a recliner but hopefully that will change soon, his family finally got his paper work to his GP which needed to be done when he came home from the hospital. I had to jump in and take over to get things moving. Then his one aunt who lives close, got the flu and was really sick for a week and the other aunt lives 25 miles awhile so I have been spending more time with him and just taking care of his basic needs, then his uncles and nephews come and walk him a few times a day and take him to the bathroom. He has a plastic urinal for when no one is there.

    Well I need to get busy and take care of my own chores now-I will be back when I can-Carla
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, my dear do NOT feel guilty for one second. It is your house and you definately deserve to live in it . Sounds like it should work out good with David going back to Basic Training, etc. . Yes, You need to be there and enjoy it while you can.

    You deserve everything you can get my dear with ALL that you do for everyone else. No, and you are not bragging either. Yes, it does give yu a good feeling when you really help out someone that really needs it.

    I have to run and get ready for our company. We play Tripoli for 1 whole Dollar and maybe we win and maybe NOT. It is alot of fun. We go to eat first someplace close and cheap and then come back and play.

    No time to really write to everydobby !. Hugs and blessings to ALL .


  16. jole

    jole Member

    Hi guys....I'll have some hot apple cider while typing this 'cause it's been in the 30's all day today and I'm miserably cold....even though it's 73 in the house!

    Mickey, I've been thinking of you and hope your daughter and you had a great time this weekend. Bet it will be doubly hard to make it to work in the morning though!

    Rock, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah" sure brings back a lot of memories. In the summertime it was so hot in our little house that the kids and I spent a lot of time out under the trees, and that was one of our favorite songs to sing together. The other was "Playmate". Their grandmother taught them that one.

    Springwater, I haven't visited your website yet to see all your pictures, but I will soon, and know I will enjoy them just as much as I enjoy your posts here.

    Granni, gee, Christmas shopping already! You are the early bird. We don't buy this year....keep the money for our summer get-together at the lake with the kids, grandkids, dogs, and anyone else who shows up! LOL We do buy stocking stuffers but that's it.

    Elaine, sorry for the flare you are in. You always have such a good attitude about everything it makes me stop and think before I complain....think, I said....haven't quite made it to the not complaining phase yet, but I'm working on it!

    Georgia, that weight loss has me a little worried. Have you had a good check-up lately? I know you've been going through some hard times and that will also cause a person to lose weight....just want to make sure.

    Lin, I hope you find some answers to your health problems. It's soooo frustrating to go through and feel like you have no one to hear what you're saying. Best of luck to you, hon.

    Julie, YES! I am so happy that you decided to move back into your house! You know, as with all of us, your kids will get bigger and better things as time goes by, just as we did. You worked hard for what you have, and deserve the comfort your own home can bring. With your health problems just to have your own things in their rightful place will bring you some peace. You deserve that!

    I'm sure you miss your hubby by now, and are looking forward to seeing what you and your friends have accomplished in Belize. It's great that you have developed such a closeness to your friends there, and that will last forever, no matter where you are. Just be kind to yourself!

    Carla, wow, a broken cart and Billy Goat Gruff....glad you escaped that little escapade without any damage. What a story to tell your grandkids!!

    David is one lucky guy to have you nearby. I hope his recovery goes smoothly.

    Well, I'm down for the count, and if this doesn't go through I may wait until tomorrow to try to repost. Lost it the first time.

    By the way, where is Mr.Dad?????? I miss him, along with all of you I'm sure.

    Would tell you a quick joke if I could remember one. Love to all***Jole***
  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, I left St. Louis at 8:30 yesterday morning and arrived at 10:30 in Columbia to see Ashley. We went to church out there together and then she took me to lunch at her college. We buy so many meals a week for so she wanted me to eat at the Plaza. The food is so good there. You have your pick of a salad bar, deli sandwiches, chinese, pasta, breakfast and an assortment of desserts. It was great.

    We then went to her place of work, Bass Pro Shop and she introduced me to a lot of the employees she works with. They all just love her there and that makes me feel great. Then we went to Walmart to get her some things she needed and then back to her dorm for a little while. I was back on the road by 5:00 and home by 7:00. It was a nice short trip, but boy am I feeling it today.

    I have no idea why I am so sore today, my whole body aches and most of the time I was sitting. Well, we did run from her dorm to the Plaza to eat because it was so cold. Maybe that did it.

    Julie - Gosh, we would have been so close to each other if you would have went to Jeff City. Let me know if and when you do that and maybe we could meet up. I would love that.

    Georgia - I believe Mr M is definetly a keeper especially the way he just loves his knit sweaters. I am so glad you have him. Take care of yourself and find out why you keep loosing so much weight so fast. That can't be good, unless you really need to and from what I seen you look great.

    Rock - I still need to call the therapist, I have been so lazy about this. I was finally approved to go to one, so now I just need to call and make that first appointment. The group therapy just wasn't for me. Maybe after the one on one, but I didn't really care for telling all these strangers my life story. I think once I get it out all in the open with the one on one, it will be much easier for me.

    Jole - you are always so caring to all of us. How have you been???? What have you been up to lately???? I want to know more about you sweetie. Like I said above, I had a great time with Ashley this weekend. Her roomy didn't go home this weekend so I wasn't able to spend the night but at least I got to see her all day on Sunday. When I was leaving she have me a big hug and kiss and had that sad face, you know the bottom lip sticking out. She looked so cute and reminded me of when she was about 5 or 6.

    Carla - I sure hope you get that golf cart fixed ASAP, your girls are probably really missing their wild rides. You sure have been working hard lately. It sure has been keeping you busy.

    Granni, Elaine, Springwater, Sweetie, Lin, Mrdad, all the wonderful Porchies. I am pooped out so I will come back a little later. Take care and have a good Monday.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    dH is out shopping so I had better type fast. I also did some other on-line stuff to before getting on here. So, not much time. This will be such a busy week and hope it does not rain to much on wed as predicted so I do not have to stand in the rain while helping to collect the Food Bank items. Well, will be glad when that is over with. Then,, we will do it again next year. We were asked and we said why not, so will be busy bees again . A one time thing is good during the year.

    Well guys hope all is well. DH just got home and have to help put stuff away and do some other things. More later on.


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  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well, I am back from lunch. Today I had Steak N Shake. I am a bad girl, I had a double cheeseburger and fries and a small vanilla shake. I will just have a lite dinner to make up for it. I had a coupon for it, so that is why I went there. Their fries are the best.

    Elaine, you sure have a good head on your shoulders. You are very smart when it comes to doing the laundry and I love how you bring it up and down. LOL You are a very good patient when it comes to your doctor telling you things. I wish we all had a doctor like yours. The world would be a much better place.

    Julie - I agree with everyone else. You have worked hard all your life and it is your time to be comfortable and enjoy your days. You deserve it 100% That is so weird, I have never heard of California, MO and I have lived in MO all my life. I am going to google it and see how far it is from Columbia.

    Georgia - So you gained 5 lbs already, Wow that was fast. Well that is good because you were probably way too skinny in the first place. I wish I had that problem. I have never had to watch my weight before until i hit 40. Now I have to kind of watch what and when I eat. Playing on 5 softball teams did the trick too. LOL

    Well, just wanted to check in with you guys so come on in the Porch and chat some you MIA's.

  20. jole

    jole Member

    I thought since it was near the end of the volume and I really don't have much to say, this would be a good time to sneak in.

    Elaine, I enjoy your little "pep talks", even though I know you don't especially mean them to be. Sometimes I can get to feeling a little sorry for myself w/all these symptoms, and you always make me stop and think.

    Wish my dad had been like yours. Will just say that our childhood was not pleasant, to say the least, as far as our dad went. I watch dads with their little girls and think it is the most endearing sight in the world!

    Georgia, glad your weight loss has stopped, and if you gain weight, what better way than through eating chocolate! Yum!! And yep, that's exactly where all my weight is situated also....goes with age, lack of activity, etc. (so they say)....but I think it's just a safety factor so when we fall we don't end up on our head!

    Mickey, are you falling asleep at your desk today? That drive and activity yesterday would have done me in, without trying to go to a job also. Don't push too hard....

    Julie, get some rest before you leave so you can enjoy your trip. I hope grandpa's doc appt. turns out well. That will be one more chore to cross off your list....just don't overdo. We all worry about you, you know.

    Well, it's raining today....thought of you, Georgia. I think we'll have snow by morning and I'm simply not ready for it yet. I want more summer! LOL Guess I'll just have to pull a chair over by the living room window and watch those little white "blessings" fall when it happens.

    I feel really sorry for my hubby. He's the kind of guy that will do anything for anybody....well, his nephew works 2 jobs to pay bills (his wife is still struggling with having cancer and they have 4 little ones to provide for plus pay hospital bills) and he asked if hubby would help him work his cattle the rain.

    He will be soaked to the skin and hurting tonight (he's older than me and is 69, so has no business doing the things he does). Never has he said "no" to anyone who asks for help. He has also been helping our SIL cut milo the past 2 weeks because he had to let his hired hand go.

    He loves the farm and all it entails. I would like to move to town since I no longer drive due to seizure activity, etc., then I could use public transportation and go to the library and a few nonstrenuous things that I never ask him to do. At any rate, I think we're stuck here....own our home, etc. so why move unless we have to?

    Well all, enough for now. Love ya guys***Jole***
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