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    Dear Porchies,

    I going to night night right now. Hope I am not caught in the door. Please check the last volume for Joan's long post to us all and others.

    Pippi - shame on you, you do no tlike cauliflower or cheese?. Didn't your mommy tell you to clean your plate :) !!! I was forced to eat some stuff I didn't like too but now I like almost everything. I just cannot imagine anyone not liking cheese but I won't make you eat it my dear.

    BTW, a light snack awaits you all but try not to eat much before bed or you won't get to seelp. I know, ask Elaine and she is right !!

    Love to everydobby,

  2. jole

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    Granni, thanks for the start up. You're right on the ball, as usual.

    Nothing of interest here, other than the fact that we just can't seem to get past the cool weather. Still in the low 70s during the day and is usually in the high 80s by now. I like the warmer weather....and am still waiting to get a weekend in at the lake.

    My daughter/SIL were here last weekend and hubby let him take home an old International pickup. He's so darn excited about fixing it up, repainting it and driving it, you'd think it were Christmas! lol Can't remember what year it is...50 something I think. He told his 5 year old daughter it's going to be her first car to drive when she gets old enough, and she gave him a drop-dead look..already! So funny!!

    I actually swiffered my floors in the basement today and did a couple loads of laundry, and then started a new book by James Patterson since we had no electricity. They are replacing some electric lines/poles near here so have been shutting the power off from time to time the past couple weeks. Today it was for 8 hours....Springwater, I thought of you!

    Pippi, regarding food...I have a grandson who is very picky about food also...lived on PB&J sandwiches and cereal for years. Now will eat chicken and ham, pasta plain with nothing added, ice cream, peeled apples and french toast. That's about it. It's a texture thing with him also....if he doesn't like the feel of something, he just can't eat it.

    Elaine, thanks for the dress you made me! It got here just in time...we have a funeral to go to tomorrow and I have absolutely nothing in my closet but jeans, capris, shorts...never go anywhere to dress up. Enjoy your time with JS, especially the no-stress, enjoyable moments!

    Joan, it's so good to see you back more often. Hope you enjoy your trip and all the family. Family time is the very best, isn't it? You sound as though you're doing well....I'm glad.

    Mickey, sorry you're back at work...but I'm sure you had a great time off. How are things working out with your hubby? You haven't mentioned him lately....and I hope you don't mind me asking??? I wish you the best in that department, 'cause I know you're very happy with your daughters.

    Carla, glad your grass is growing. I remember how you struggled getting your yard taken care in ditch, grass planted, etc. Your efforts seem to be paying off. YEA! I loved hearing that you and your grands are sooo close now. Aren't they fun?? The best part of life, I think.

    Rock, I need to spend more time looking things're full of info...not that I really care about any of those museums you I can relate to the soup in a flat plate!!

    Georgia, oh, the shoes! At least when I did that trick they were both brown...mismatched, but the same color. Bet yours looked great :) I have a pair of orange flip flops you can borrow to go with your pink ones if you want.

    Springwater, I'd still like to take a trip to your monastary (sp?). It sounds so relaxing there.

    I'm running out of steam....Cate, Deb, everyone I forgot, I'll catch you all next time, okay? Love ya all***Jole***

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    Hi Jole - so glad to hear from you and that all is going pretty well for you. Speaking of grandkids, 3 of them from eldest daughter will be here next week - mon-friday. The 11 yr old twins (boys) will be going to golf camp and the 15 yr old granddaughter will just hang out. Luckily we have frirends who have a boat and lakefront property and also have grandkids that ours know from previous years. So, don't expect me to be on the Porch much :) !!

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you too. Jole asked what I was thinking about your DH.,. Hope things are also going well in that department.

    Joan - I am so glad to hear from you on the last volume. We have all beenthinking about you. Glad things are starting to settle down some for you but know how it is when you just keeping thinking of your loved one. You will always do that, I am sure. He will always be in your heart. Now, try and do a few things for yourself tht make you happy, no matter how simple.

    Elaine - thinking about you to my dear. Hope things are much quieter over their with John. Still working on my sleep problems. I may decide to up my melatonin or valarian. Some nights are better than others but I do usually fall back to sleep. BTW, I finally find some valerian root in WM. I still not have seen plain valerian anywhere, even where I obtain some of my other mail order supps. I think when WM gets a supply of that and the melatonin 5 mg they go really fast.

    Carla - glad things are coming along for you, even if slowly but surely. I know you will remember your trip to see your daughter and granddaughter for quite awhile. Glad you got closer to your gradndaughter and hope her mom will come around soon to be as close aw you would like..

    Hope everydobby is doing well here. I gotta go do some things before DH gets back and I hae to leave.

    Gotta write fast since I hae lots of stuff to do and DH is to the bank and the store. When he gets back I need to go also. The in the afternoon I will be at my small singing group that usually goes nursing homes and places like that to entertain.

    Love to ALL,

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  4. fibromickster

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    Another rainy day here in St. Louis. I feel so bad for all the people East of here, gosh they really got it bad. Jole are you in that area since you have no electric?????? I am so sorry about that and I can see why you were thinking of Springwater, poor girl has to deal with that all the time.

    My DH is still the same old person that doesn't show emotion or sympathy towards his loved ones. He will never change and i just have to accept that for now. One day i will find my happiness when my girls are gone and dependent. Unfortunately he is like that with his own family too. He has no problems with friends, daughters (thank goodness) and co-workers, it is so weird how he can treat his own family and loved ones that way. I just don't get it.

    Oh well, like i said my time will come and everyone is pushing me that way as well. I came from a broken family growing up and i do not want my kids to ever go through that while they are home, although they feel the same way too. They know how Dad treats me and would not blame me one bit to pick up and go on with my life, but i just don't have the courage to do that right now. Oh geez, here i go with my pity party again.

    Anyway, Lindsay is supposed to have a softball game again tonight and sure enough I am sure it will be rained out. They have had 4 games in a row rained out and have only played one game since the season began. Oh well, they will be playing a lot of weekends i am afraid. She goes to camp in a few weeks and will probably miss a few of the games.

    I am redoing Ashley's room for her birthday (june 19 one day before mine). Her comforter set just came in from Cabella's (hunting store). It is beautiful tan suede with western stars going around the bottom of the comforter and has matching shams and pillows with it too. I am going to distress her existing furniture and stain it and we are going to paint the room. I have already gotten all the decorations, lamps, pictures, etc...... She is going to be so happy not to have the little purple girlie room anymore. LOL

    Well, other than that i do not have much else going on except i better get back to work for now. So everyone have a wonderful day and i will check in later.

    Love ya,

  5. rockgor

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    My mailbox is "on the warpath" or "on the fritz". Expressions my mother used.
    I have a tape of an old radio program from the 40s. The alarm clock was
    on the warpath.

    Anyway, it would be folly to attempt a long post on the board. But I did find
    a reply button.

    I find it often help if I turn off the computer for about 4 hours.
    I do this every ten minutes.

  6. Pippi1313

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    Hi everydobby!

    Gosh. The more I read your posts, the more I have to think about.

    Relationships top the list. Personal, family, at work. I wonder if those peeps around us will ever realize the one important thing: No relationship, no matter how casual, can ever be merely neutral. Everybody is either a positive or negative influence. To varying degrees, of course, from realtively minor to extremely serious.
    We can cut off contact with some of them, but realistically, we're just stuck with some of them, & have to learn how to detoxify (or at least lessen the toxicity) these relationships.

    Children. Children we know, whether or not they're ours, are a source of great joy and/or great pain.
    I don't have kids. I have little nieces & nephews. I once dated a guy with kids (not reccomended, no matter how sweet the child(ren) may be!!!).
    Ever since I was a baby, I was treated like an actual human person with a brain & everything. That's how I relate with kids. I've never baby-talked at a baby. I simply talk to them. They seem to like that.
    It's a good linguistic strategy, too. I never had to un-learn baby-talk, in order to learn to speak correctly. (Thanks to my wise Mom.)

    I learned something from my nieces & nephews.
    I see my parents interact with them, as grandma & grandpa (something I'm still not quite used to). At first, I felt like telling the kids that those nice people they call Grandma & Grandpa, are NOT the same people who raised me! LOL! Then it hit me! I adored my grandparents. They could do no wrong. They walked on water, as far as I was concerned. I realized that those nice people I called Grandma & Grandpa, aren't the same people who raised my parents!!!
    Why was that such a stunning revelation, I wonder?
    I've learned SO much about life by simply paying attention as life happens all around me.

    BF's, GF's, Hubby's & Wives. So complicated! I dropped outta the game altogether. I don't even date. But I'm SO happy for those with a supportive SO, & so sad for those who have an SO but no support.

    Pets, travel, hobbies, work, books, movies, food, moods, musings, jokes, silliness, seriousness, daily life, life & death...

    We cover it all, here on the porch.
    There are no "rules" on the porch. That's because we don't NEED rules on the porch. NO ONE on this porch has to be reminded how to be compassionate, supportive, respectful, concerned, kind, understanding...

    I hear peeps on tv shows, talking about the "cyber world" vs the "real world". They just don't get it. This place, right here, is as real as it gets! This is the only safe place to BE real! We sure can't be our real selves, out there in that phoney-baloney "real" world!!!

    Ok. I reckon I'm done rambling for now. :D
    I sorta logged on & found myself in a contemplative mood.


    (PS: Answering a question: No. Nobody ever made me "clean my plate"! LOL!!!)
  7. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I thought I'd better check in. I have been staying busy but taking time to relax and grooming the dogs- they have went into their summer shed and brushed Missy for over an hour last night sitting on the porch enjoying the crickets and my whipper will seranading me.

    Granni thanks for getting us started and hope the DH plays more golf so you can have more puter time.

    Joan it is so good to see you and that you are carrying on, my freind who lost her husband on Mother's day is doing the same, just gets up carries on. Oh I remember the shoe fiasco and glad you got it covered this time. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

    Pippi I LOVE ice cream for breakfast, have done since I was kid, not as much anymore but it is ALWAYS in my fridge. I don't do veggies either, I have rather a bland diet too, just like certain things and texture is a thing for me too.

    Georgia I have done the shoe thing too-lol- mine were navy blue and a black one, similar shoes just one blue and one black, got to work and lived with all day. Like Reba says "Give em sumthin to talk about". Glad to hear your enjoying your classes. Next time grandpa goes fishin and comes home empty handed, send the cousins to follow him, esp if he comes home smelling "fishy".

    Jole I love this 70's weather, I can't take the heat much. Yes I have worked so hard on my yard and it is finally looking like one and not a desert. Still have a lot more to do but doing it in stages, I may be done by fall-lol . Cute story about the 5 yo giving daddy the drop dead look about the big truck. Do you have a generator you can use when your power is out? Hope you get to the lake soon, wish I could with your, I am a camper type of camper not a tent kind :)

    Mickey glad the wedding went well and sounds like you are coming along with Ashley's room, I bet she will love it. I understand about your Dh but you can still live your own life, the girls will be gone one day starting their own family, we all need our own independance even if we are in a realtionship. When you give all you have to everyone else, then you won't have anything left for you. I know you have freinds and such and just start doing something once a week or every other one with them. You are a great mom and deserve some "me" time too.

    Elaine I wish you all the best with your upcoming procedures and good for you for standing up for yourself and removing yourself from the toxic stuff at home, I am so glad you have JS to go to.

    Rock aww soup on a plate, I don't know if I have done that one but have a long list of other silly things but can't find my list now :) I spent 2 days combing the house for the dog comb, I finally found it in the first place I looked in day one, don't know how I missed it but there it was. I bet Missy did it, she is like that, silly girl. Hope you get your email worked out, computers are great when they work and the pits when they don't.

    I have put some some new vidoes on youtube

    This one is one I made for my grandaughter, her BF calls her Babe, I know really original but she was feeling down the other day so made this for her, she loved it as did he. The song was sample music that came with my computer and fits her pretty well. Then click on the "SEE MORE FROM CKBALL" on the right of the video to see the rest of my videos. I have been chasing dogs instead of being chased by them, so far it works, I just got really tired of dealing with them and the owners do nothing to stop it so I am fighting back. Don't worry I do have a big stick and a bottle of vinigar too-lol. They are all bark and no bite.

    Hello to everydobby else gonna post this before I lose it

    BTW if anyone is typing and the word disappear, right click your mouse and choose "UNDO" it really works, I have already done it once in this post- Carla

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well it is the end of the day for me and getting ready to drive home and relax for the evening. My daughter's game got cancelled AGAIN, so I get to go straight home. I am kind of glad, but i won't tell her that. LOL No matter how tired or how i feel, i would never miss one of her games. My mom was never at my games and I remember how much it hurt, so Me no way, I would never do that to my girls.

    Anyway, Elaine are you kidding, there is plenty of room and if not we will make room. I will kick Russ out so there will be one extra side of the bed for someone in my room, LOL. Gosh wouldn't that be great, all of us in one house with a Porch. LOL

    Pippi, how old are you??? You are so wise and mature for your age and have so much intelligence. I am in awe of your post. It really made me think. Oh and you are as cute as a button too. You know, when you write that down, what does "cute as a button" mean anyway. I really never thought of a button being cute. So what i mean to say is you are as "cute as a little puppy yellow lab", how that is Cute!!!!!!!!!. LOL

    Carla, your videos ( i watched a bunch of them ) almost made me cry. I bet it did you when you were making them, all those memories in each picture i am sure had a meaning to each one. Your grandaughter and daughter are so lucky to have you.

    Well I do have to go gang before traffic gets to be a bear (ok there is another saying i don't understand), LOL. I will shut up while i am ahead.

    Love you all and have a safe Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    2 of my friends who believe in reicarnation, tell me I've been around a long time. I suppose that's as good an explanation as any. Or, it could just be that I've been paying close attention to the world & studying peeps, pretty much since I was born.


    (PS: An old friend of mine always told peeps they're "cute as a bugs' antenna". I always wondered where he came up with that one, & just how cute a bugs' antenna actually is. LOL!)[This Message was Edited on 06/09/2009]
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - I never heard about "cute as a bus antenna", BUT I have heard about "cute as a bug" or "cute as a bug in a rug" . I never thought bugs were cute in the first place except possibly ladybugs. We used to try and catch them or of course lightening bugs which for some reason you do not see in this region.. Also if I saw a bug on or in

    a rug, I am not to sure I would think that was very cute either. Wonder how and when people came up with some of these sayings. Also, for some reason some people just seem to be born more mature or grown up than others. My mom used to say that I was born grown up or mature. I think I alsways had alot of comon sense and was mature about doing (or not doing) dangerous things anyway, unlike my brother :) .

    Well, DH is playing golf and I am stil in my jammies,// I need to do a bunch of stuff though including some weeding that keeps gettign put off. It has to be done in the morning before it gets too hOT !! It has been then mid 90's later in the afternoon.

    Mickey - sorry to hear that DH is seems to have such lack of compassion or should I say show love, shall I say. I sort of know what you mean but that is not what I call it. I think that many men especially just don't seem to have a clue if they are not suffereing like you are. Only people suffering from FM, CFS, arthritis etc can understand how bad you feel. My husband TRYSs to be or show caring when it comes to the way I feel .

    However, when I mention that I do not feel well cause this or that hurts he has to tell me that he hurts to. Then I say, well not like me 24 hours a day. Is this supposed to be a contest? They just do not understand and I think many people, men especially if they have always felt well and have been the center of attention just cannot understand. My DH is a good guy but he was an only child so I think that is part of it. However, he does try to be a caring person towards me and the kids (family) most of the time. However, when he wants me to help wiht certain chores aroaund the house inside and out I just want to scream. Wish we had lots of money and could afford to get help.

    I do not remember what everydobby said since I didn't attach to the current volume. So I will just leave for now. There are so many things I need to be doing as I sit here typing in my jammeis :) !! I will not name you all but I send my love to EVERYDOBBY, MIA's and Porch peekers also. Thinking of you ALL !



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  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Granni: No lightnin' bugs where you live? My friend out in Oregon told me they don't have them either. I thought she was just kidding me at first, but she's serious.
    I never knew lightnin' bugs were regional.


    Tomorrow is the day I go to the hospital for my treatment. I'll just be in there for the day, & get to come home in the evening, if there aren't any complications.
    My plan is to lounge about with the IV in my arm, watching Animal Planet & plunking around on my computer.
    I tell everybody I'm looking forward to getting this done, cuz I'll start feeling better almost immediately. This is true. If there aren't any complications.
    What I don't talk about, is the fact that those possible complications are definitely on my mind.
    I don't tell peeps that part of the med-teams' preparations include parking a "crash cart" outside the door to my room. There's a minor but real risk, that the medicine can cause my heart to suddenly stop.
    For the first hour-n-a-half. the nurse sits right there with me, watching everything closely. After that, they physically come in to check on me & take vitals every 15 minutes, watching for any slight change in anything.
    It's not very likely anything will go wrong. This will be my 3rd time having this treatment, & I was fine before.
    Besides, I don't have a real choice about it. My bone marrow is completely depleted of some vital ingredients, & can only produce immature, malfunctioning blood cells. A body can't function very long in that condition. This treatment will fix that for now.

    Which is why.....
    Mom & Pop are coming by in a little while to drop off my walker. I left it in their car, when they brought my old wheelchair.
    But after the treatment (like the very next day!) I'll start getting my strength back & the pain will start to go away. I'll get outta the chair - onto the walker - & finally back on my feet, over the course of the next week to 10 days.

    (Dang! Mom just called. I REALLY have to assign her a different ringtone. That one makes me jump! LOL!)

    OK porch peeps. Time to get outta my pj's & get this day started!!!

    Everydobby start sending me positive vibes. Even though the treatment isn't til tomorrow, my nerves will start working on me today. ;D

    Love & Hugz!!!
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I think I missed something. What treatment are you going for tomorrow? Sounds like it takes alot out of you, I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well or you and you get back to your old or young self( whatever that is) :) !!

    Julie - where have you been my dear - still painting or what?. I can't keep up with you at all for sure. I was outside pulling weeds for longer than I should have and came it all bent over like an old or should I say a VERY OLD lady. I couldn't stand up which in not terribly unusal for me. Hope all is going well with you and you do get some time to rest - HA!

    I am atrying to get up what little strength I have for 3 of my grandchildren coming on sunday till the next friday. Luckily we do have good friends with a boat and a lakefront home who have invited us there for most of the time since their gkids met ours a few years ago at golf camp. Otherside I wouldn;t know wht to do with them all since they are used to be goind and doing all the time, unleike some of my other grandchildren.

    Linda - hope you are starting to feel better after your surgery. How is little Ms Lucie, has she been still trying to get in you lap -ouch !

    Jole and Spring - hope you both are up and doing whatever needs to be done and feeling happy about it (whatever it is).

    Roick - where have yolu been hiding lately? I hope that your puter has not been misbehaving AGAIN !!

    Joan - Hope to see you soon again after your last post. We are thinking bout you my dear !!

    Carla - you still busy ?? Sorry but I cannot see your utube videos. For some reason I just can install it, even after they say it is installed the video won;t come on. GRRR!! Dod you put any more pics on yoru site, not the videos.?

    Georgia - Hope all is well at home and work and that the brat is not causing any more problems.

    Luv n hugs to all,

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    This is my first post w/ the new mouse. Do you know it's almost impossible to buy a mouse w/
    a cord now? They only had one at Best Buys. I let Gordon install it, because even simple tasks
    that require hand-eye coordination are difficult for me.

    Unfortunately, after Gordon got the new mouse installed, the keyboard was not plugged in. So I
    plugged it in, but it still wouldn't work. Tsk, Tsk! Anyway, when he woke up he solved the

    Now, I'm on the board. I visit 4 boards a day. Have to sign in separately on each board. Then I
    have to mess around to get a reply button. Why are simple things so difficult?

    Georgia, I asked Gordon if he read the book you mentioned. He said, "If it's by Monica Ferris, I did."
    And it was, so he did.

    He reads lots of mysteries by women writers. Seems like all the heroines are in business: yarn shop,
    tea shop, catering, book shop, etc. Somehow they just keep stumbling over dead bodies.

    Pippi, yes I saw 12 Angry Men decades ago. The Henry Fonda theater is not far from us, at the
    east end of Hollywood near the Pantages Theater. The Oscars were usually presented at the Pantages
    or the Shrine Auditorium until the last few decades when newer venues were built.

    Haven't seen old Norm for a while. We haven't had any TV reception for the past 6 years. Reminds me
    of a fellow in my hometown who had a workshop. He had a yard full of bird feeders, windmills, and
    whirlygigs. Don't remember the exact number, but it was in the teens. At Christmas he put lights
    on them.

    Julie, I had a site for you to visit where you could hear the Anniversary Song. Well, it got lost w/
    the rest of the previous post that went puff in the night. Al Jolson used to sing it a lot.

    Carla, I looked up reciprocal saw. Site said "a larger version of the saber saw". Reminds me of the
    "Saber Dance" by Aram Khachaturian. Glendale (near Pasadena) has the largest Armenian population
    in the state.

    There is an Armenian grocery store chain. Has several stores. The produce is 2-4 dollars cheaper per
    pound than the big stores like Ralphs and Vons. Of course it doesn't look as pretty, but unless
    you are painting a still life, do you really care?

    Cate, I see you are busy doing good works. How old was this Rawandan girl who had her first
    b'day party. That was so nice of you. Is she old enough to send pictures back home?

    Pippi, Did you say you live on the 15th floor and can see McAlpine Lock? Where are you? You must
    be in Switzerland or Scotland.

    Elaine, glad to hear you are taking steps to deal w/ your toxic relatives. I believe it is still illegal to
    shoot them, at least in some states.

    Glad you and Jack had a fun outing, Mickey. Reminds me of the time we went inner tubing on the
    Apple River in Wisconsin. Had a picnic afterwards. Over 40 years ago.

    What the heck are Western Stars? Stars you can only see from the Western hemisphere? Stars
    wearing little cowboy hats? Hoppy, Gene and Roy?

    Sorry to hear the outages are back, Springwater. Maybe you should start a movement. You
    could borrow a slogan form the Hippies: Power to the People!

    Sisland, I forgot what I was gonna say to you, but anyway it's great to see you again. Are you a
    fan of John Denver's "Wild Montana Sky"? I am. Never forget the first time I heard "County Roads".
    Went to a party. The guests included a barbershop quartet. After much coaxing, they gave an
    impromptu concert. Also many decades ago.

    Here is today's question. Who says, "Gotta run. Lots to do today."?

    Well, I've been here for a while. Maybe a problem to get this to post. Hugs and hollars to all


    Hint for today's question: And she says it in every post.

    That's right. It's the Miss Energizer Bunny we all know and love, Marilyn aka Granni.
  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm not sure who the McAlpine lock & dam is named after.
    It's the lock at the head of the falls of the Ohio River.
    Way back in ye olden days, cargo boats had to be offloaded above the falls & carried overland to the base of the falls, then reloaded into the boats.
    The neighborhood there is known as "Portland" cuz it was the portage site.
    The oldest remaining inland marine hospital is located there. (Great pix at their website! Just google "marine hospital"+louisville.) These were hospitals for the rivermen. There's even a cupola where the patients could climb up to (when they were well enough) & watch the river.
    The building was abandoned for many years, but it's being renovated & turned into a river history museum. I help out a little bit, with small donations cuz I've been fascinated with the place since I was a baby. (We lived just a few blocks from there, in my grandma's neighborhood when I was born.)
    "Friends of the Marine Hospital" is the group in charge of saving the old building. You could google them, to see pix, too.

    I'm so glad the old building didn't meet the wrecking ball! It was a close call.

    PS: If ya got a laptop, you wouldn't have mouse troubles! LOL!)

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well i just fell up the stairs, now isn't that funny. I went up to the 3rd floor to deliver a statement to a tenant and fell, hahaha. Geez I guess my legs were too heavy to lift up to the next step.

    Anywho, I would have guessed that is a split second Rocko "gotta run, lots to do today", yes, that is our wonderful, charming, lovely Granni. So cute.

    So you got a new mouse, huh, hopefully that will help a little with your computer. You must have a lot of patience with that puter. By the way the comforter set that i got Ashley with the stars on it is here:

    I call it the Western Stars. I am doing her room all country since you know she is a hunter and river rat and loves the country. Oh, and by the way i did not pay that much for it, i had a few coupons and such. I figured this will be something she can take with her when she moves out later on down the road. She is just about 19 now and kind of grew out of her porcelain doll room with the pink and purple, LOL.

    I wish so much i could post pictures on my profile, i would show you all the picture of Jack in the water at the river, it is so cute. I tried but it is still not letting me change my picture. I don't know what the deal is. I think i told you guys before that Jack is afraid of the water. When we first put our pool in he fell in and could not get out and ever since then he won't get near water, so when he got in the river I was so excited. After all he is a Lab and Labs are supposed to love the water. Maybe now i will be able to get him in the pool, I hope.

    Pippi, I will definetly be thinking of you during your treatment, please let us know how you are doing. I will be online tomorrow if you want to chat while you are sitting in the chair getting your treatment. Just click on the reply button by my post so i know you are on line on the porch. I am sure you will be fine honey. Is your Mom and Pop going to be there with you????

    Yes where is Julie, yoohoo Julie, where are you?????

    Granni, Rock described you perfectly, you do remind me of the energizer bunny. You should be on that commercial with the drum going back and forth instead of the bunny. LOL That would be so cute.

    I really hate complaining about hubby, that is why i don't talk about him too much. Not much to talk about anyway, he goes to work, comes home, sits in his chair and hordes the remote the rest of the night. LOL His hours changed so now he doesn't get home until about 7, which gives me about an hour to watch my recorded shows. LOL

    I have so many more pictures of the wedding and Jack on my Facebook. I wish all you guys could get an account on there. We could all share everything. I am friends with Carla, Julie and Monica now. It is great. Oh well, if you do let me know and i will give you my URL so you can invite me to be your friend.

    Well gang, i better get this lease done for my boss, so toodooloos for now.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm back from the bonecracker. He has a secretarial
    service now. Used to be I'd call him up and tell him I needed
    some cracking. he'd say, "Com'on over."

    Now I had to spell my name and give my birthdate and la-de-da.
    Here's the goofiest thing. The gal give me an appointment for
    90 minutes later. Then she said, "And if you don't cancel at
    least 24 hours before the appointment, there's a $25 charge."

    She is from Wisconsin. Nice people in Wisconsin (it's right
    next to MN, you know). I suspect, however, she's been wearing one of those cheese
    hats you see at sports events. Evidently it's too tight and cuts off circulation.

    Jole, that kid's diet didn't sound too bad. You know p-nut
    butter and breakfast cereals started out as health foods. I think
    Coke-a-Cola did too.

    Granni, hope the 11 year old twins enjoy golf camp. Did they
    give you any FOREwarning?

    I don't think Pippi's treatment will take anything out of her. It's an I-V. Puts things into her.

    Carla, I made a couple attempts to see your latest videos. The one about Haly froze up at 42
    seconds. "Me Chasing Dogs" froze up at 1:24. Anyway, a very nice pic of you holding Haly.

    Mickey, it's not a pity party. It is therapeutic sharing to come here and talk about problems. Good luck
    w/ your redecorating project. If I participated, the results would be similar to those
    of Lucy and Ethel.

    Remember all those feathers flying around? Remember Ethel
    papered to the wall? They didn't have stuff like that on "Cheers" or "Seinfeld".

    Was it you who asked about cute as a button? Couldn't find
    any derivation. I suspect it's because little kids have a nose that is both small and cute
    ie, a button nose.

    Pippi, don't know about a bug/s antenna. Maybe it's just a
    matter of how you feel about those feelers.

    So you're saying a laptop has no mouse? As Johnny Carson
    used to say, "I did not know that." So how does it work? You
    just touch the screen?

    Anyway, thanks for the info about the falls and Portland. So
    I now know you live in Portland, Oregon. I've been there several times to visit my son
    (before he disowned me) and my goofy, dysfunctional brother.

    Georgia, Gordon and I visited a yarn shop whenever we went to
    Portland. On one trip a clerk showed us a pattern she had designed that was printed
    in a knitting magazine. She said she didn't get paid for it, but she was awfully pleased.

    Pippi, sending you Ultra-Positive-Super-vibes. Of course I'm
    sending them UPS.

    Elaine, I wrote something by your name, but can't read it. I
    don't dare go back to look, cause I'd probably lose my
    post. Maybe it says, "You should ______ more often."

    Well, of course, we should all do that.

    Joan, I know what you mean about thinking of things to tell/write those who are gone. I did that for
    2-3 years after my mother died.

    Yes, I remember the shoe mix-up. I read a recent study that said 87.4 % of adults had done that.
    The rest just have poor memories.

    Carla, you mentioned whipper wills. Jerome Kern wrote a song by that name.

    Who said, "It's a bear"? Might come from Irving Berlin's rag,
    the Grizzly Bear. Berlin wrote several rags in his early years.
    Max Morath recorded an album of them back in the 70s.

    The bear song and the whipperwill song both came out about
    the same time, ca. 1910. My dad was one year old.

    Well, I'd better turn my attention to other matters. My assignment for the day is to eat up t
    he chicken salad Gordon made. I think chicken salad is 6 or 7 bucks a pound at the deli.

    All for now


    OK, I copy and pasted the above from my mailbox. Somehow, during the trip, the
    sentences got all discombolulated. Some have 20 words. Some have two. Anyway I
    fiddled around trying to make them somewhat regular.

    Additionally, (Always something) while I was gone the messages somehow got too wide to be
    read. I have the width set on narrow, but that isn't helping this time. The therapeutic value
    of coming here is kinda diluted by all these technical glitches.

    OK, I finished the chicken salad and it's time for a nap.
  17. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    You crack me up, that is all i have to say. Thanks for making my day brighter and funnier. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'll definitely be online while I'm behind enemy lines. LOL

    Mom and/or Pop would gladly sit there with me all day, but I told them I'll be OK by myself this time. If there aren't any complications, I will be OK. But I know they'll be calling me all day to make sure. And if I so much as suspect anything even might be amiss, I'll call & they'll come running!
    If they call & I don't answer the phone, they'll come to find out why I didn't answer.

    I'm tempted to tell them to come & stay with me anyway...
    If I even just don't feel well, I'll call & ask one of them to come, in case anything goes wrong.

    The only reason I'd even consider going by myself, is cuz the same peeps in the same place, have done this procedure the last 2 times, & they do seem to be competent.
    If I was having it done anywhere else, there's no way I'd go alone!!!

    I'll talk to them on the cell phone, cuz I'll have the computer jacked into the phone line in the room.
    I get a room to myself, with a bed & everything, during this. That's good cuz I can nap if I get sleepy, & stretching out in the bed is way more comfortable than sitting up in a chair (like the chemo-chairs I see at my hemo's office).
    It's also good cuz I hate being surrounded by sick strangers & all their creepy relatives when I'm sick & getting medical treatment.

    That's why I'm actually glad I have to be in an isolation room whenever I'm in the hospital. I'm much less stressed when I'm in a private room.

    Even being an isolation-case, I hafta take signs I printed on my computer, reminding everyone who enters to wash their hands when they ENTER, & not just when they leave my room!
    Only about half of the peeps who come in my hospital rooms use a mask or gloves, even though their own instructions are posted on my door. I see them wash their hands when they leave, but not when they enter. I guess they think I'm a danger to THEM, when the reality is they're a danger to ME. But if they're lazy about protecting themselves, it means they're NOT protecting me!
    So, I make my own signs. They're colorful, to get their attention (I don't wanna have to TELL them), & I take a roll of tape in my hospital bag, so I can put the signs where I want them. I put 1 on the door, but also put 2 more inside the room, so they can't miss them.

    If anybody even makes a snide remark about my signs, I'll get the nursing supervisor in there, to get rid of that person, AND I'll call Mom.
    They really don't wanna tangle with Mama Bear!!! LOL!!!

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - You can got to be kidding, me with little to no NRG?? I just push myself and just got off the bed this afternoon with the heating pad after weeding for quite awhile. Where is MONICA when I need her. She probably doesn't like to weed either :)

    For some reason I cannot get videos or other pictures when they say to update the Flash Player. I do so , it says it is updated and I still cannot get anything or find anywhere on the computer where it says it is now on my computer.

    Rock - I am proud of you for doing all you have been able to do on the computer - really. If I cut and pasted , it never works right either so I just don't bother anymore. I see Gordon made it so I am sure it is really good. Sounds like a good assignment to me.

    Went out to lunch with Dh at a good Mexican place locally. It wa so yummy - enchiladas mmmm good. Their chips, salsas and dips are so ood to.

    I have choir tonight so will have something quick for dinner. Dh said he wanted a salad for dinner but I am still full. Tomorrow morning or their abouts I and another gal will be taking over the job of choir music librarians. So, we will go collect all the music from Easter, etc. put them away fix up the library and possibly hadn out more music. We are just started to get organized on it and fix up the library. So it will need alot of work.

    Well everydobby I have to go. Lots I could do but not sure what I will do. Not moving to fast with this aching lower back. It is the getting up and down that is the worse and hard to straighten up.

    Love to y'all,

    [This Message was Edited on 06/10/2009]
  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh Granni, i am sorry you are hurting. I wish i could come there and give you a nice long back rub or you can come over and lounge in the pool, that would help tremendously. That is what i am going to do when i get home tonight. It is so hot and muggy out I can't wait to do that.

    Pippi, that is so inconsiderate of people to come in your room like that. No wonder you have to make your own signs. Wow. My daughter is going to become a nurse (that is what she is in college for). I sure hope she never turns out like that, although i could never imagine her being like that. She is the most caring, loving person i know and is perfect to become a nurse, especially with children. That is what she wants to do, work with children.

    Well you are in my prayers for tomorrow and i will be around so if you get lonely just click on me. LOL

    PS Rock, I email you some pictures. After you look at them, make sure you delete them so not too clog your space.

    [This Message was Edited on 06/10/2009]

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