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    Here is the daily thought of the Day:


    Hopefully that brought a smile to your face. LOL

    Love you all,


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    for getting us started again. Hope work isn;t wearing you out to much.

    Everydobby please do not forget to check especially the last few posts from the last volune and the one from ELAINE !! She needs major cheering up and HUGS too!!

    Georgia - I am glad that the brat isn't bugging you to much but I still can't see why you needed to give her your office. I guess you are just to nice and are sick of havang to deal with her. GRRR!

    Pippi - Hope you are whipping quickly through your treatment today with little problems.

    Julie -- hope you start feelig better really soon.

    DH will be back soon and I will be leaving soon to go to the church to work on music with another gal and the director.

    Gotta run for now but hope to check in again tonight.



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    Sending great big hugs your way. Sometimes when life drags us down with too many missiles firing at one time, we want to lay down and say enough..its not worth it. I have felt that way many times. As have many other people on these boards. I know you have been through so much, but you are not your fathers daughter for nothing. You will get through this too. It wil seem worthwhile to go on again.

    I cant imagine this board without you. That is not to say i dont think you need to feel what you feel, give way to tears if that is what will ease your pain, Ive found occasional crying therapeutic...but i still believe such a spirit as yours was meant to soar not be silenced....

    I pray your health issues resolve..that your family give you the love and caring you deserve, that you will once again find reason to bounce around singing and dancing and doing the mad things you do..

    God Bless
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    Good morning, Boys and Girls. Today is trash day. Here in
    LA, we have bins in 3 colors. One of the trucks has already
    been here. Couple hours early.

    (This is an example of conversation of the disabled, people who don't have much to
    talk about since they seldom go anywhere or do anything.)

    Pippi, hope your procedure is going fine. You're right. I was
    pulling your leg. We have reached a consensus on where you
    live. In the Land of the Big Bat.

    I sometimes feel the last 3 decades of my life have been lived
    in Never-Never Land. I never wanted to come here, and I'm
    never going to get out. Well, at least not alive.

    You're probably wondering where that ancient expression "pulling your leg"
    comes from. I couldn't find anything on the
    net. "You can find anything on the net", is an urban myth.

    The info. might be there, but that doesn't mean you can find
    it. My own thinking on the matter is that the expression comes from Egypt in the time
    of the Pharaohs.

    The pharaoh used to have slaves to help him exercise. He would tell them, "According to
    this Pilates chart of Osiris, you should be pulling my arm, but instead "you're pulling my leg."

    Then the slaves would laugh in a hearty manner and do their best to avoid the whip of the overseers.

    Hope you have recovered from your fall up, Mickey. Statistically speaking, the damage
    from a fall up averages 73% less damage than a fall down.

    Note: These statistics apply only to stairs. See page 245 for statistics pertaining to escalators.

    When I was a claim adjuster in Las Vegas (over 40 years ago),
    there was only one escalator in the whole town. Forget which
    casino. Anyhoo, the escalator was being serviced.

    So the workmen opened up the pit at the bottom of the escalator. Then, to avoid accidents,
    they put up a sawhorse and warning signs so nobody would fall in.

    So along came some woman so engrossed in talking to her friends that she was walking
    backwards. Not only did she fall into the pit, she landed on the poor workman. He was injured.
    She was just upset.

    All of which teaches us that women would rather talk than almost any other human activity.

    What? Oh, not politically correct? OK, change it SOME women.

    Here's something else I was taught when I was a fledgling adjuster. Only women file claims
    when they fall down. That's cause men are embarrassed. Women are mad and want revenge.

    But men seldom fall down anyway. Women fall down because their walk is impeded by girdles
    and high heels. The are too vain to wear their glasses. Their attention is always on gabbing
    with friends, looking in store windows, checking their bra straps, etc.

    I guess this info is now not only politically incorrect, but out of
    date. Women don't wear girdles anymore, do they? I know they still wear goofy shoes.
    I doubt that will ever change.

    HaHa. Now everybody is mad at me. Except the ones who are laughing. They are
    laughing AND mad. HaHa! Anyway, wasn't that
    an interesting look into the world of the claims adjuster?
    Maybe I should write an exposee.

    Mickey, that address you posted was so long, I didn't think it would work. But it did.
    Great looking bedroom set! I bet
    Ashley will love it. If you guys haven't seen it yet, take a look.

    Julie, If there is no rest for the wicked, the corollary would be
    there IS rest for the non-wicked. Conclusion: Therefore, you
    will get lots of rest.

    I looked up VBS. Found a whole bunch of things including something to do w/
    computer technology. Also Valley BethShalom. Finally decided it must be vacation bible school.

    Well, this is getting somewhat longish. Better quit and come back later.

    Hugs and Waves
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    he doesn't get the capital "g" until he earns it.

    So... Either god hates me, or else he's just not paying attention...

    Hey, god! It's me. Over here. Wanna look in this direction occassionally??? Nah. Didn't think so...

    Hi Porch Peeps.
    As you've already gathered, today sucked royally.

    I'm alive. They didn't get to kill me.

    I'll start at the beginning:

    I've been laying around here for the past 2 weeks, looking forward to getting this treatment, so I can start getting better.
    Mom & Pop brought me my walker yesterday, cuz I'm supposed to be getting better now. I had every expectation of walking by fathers' day (even if it's still with the walker).

    Today was the day.
    I got to the hospital bright & early. I rolled 8 blocks instead of waiting for a bus.
    Got to my room. the tech took my vitals. The nurse came in. Then everything went to Hell...

    The hospital doesn't have the medicine I was supposed to get. Haven't had any for 3 weeks now. The nurses at my docs' office know this. The jacka**es knew that when they scheduled my procedure 2 weeks ago.
    My doc (a good doc) did NOT know this.

    My nurse at the hospital (her name is Cindy) was astonished that the doc-nurses scheduled me for the treatment. She was quite indignant, in fact.
    As things degressed, I did discover that Cindy is a hero. She's one of the few good guys in this story.
    Awhile back, she discovered that peeps were having very serious reactions to this medication. (One of the possible reactions, is that it can suddenly stop the patients' heart. They're required to park a "crash cart" outside the patients' room before the procedure can even begin.)
    Nurse Cindy, discovered that the hospital had switched to a generic form of the medication. (Of course, the pharm co's insist the generics are exactly the same as the name brand stuff, huh!)
    After several bad reactions, Nurse Cindy informed the doctors that she absolutely refused to give that medication to another patient, EVER!

    I'm in awe of her courage. I know for a fact, she put her education, job, & career in great jeopardy, to do that!!!

    So, the correct medicine won't be available until at LEAST late July.

    There I was, in my hospital bed, at the crack of dawn, being told to turn around, go home, & remain sick.
    I was stunned. Not surprised at their incompetence or lack of caring for us stupid, useless sick peeps. But I was stunned at HOW stupid the sitch was.
    I did what any rational, mature, individual would do. I called Mom!

    Nurse Cindy was making calls of her own, trying to find out why the friggin hemo nurses were still sending sick peeps over there for this medication. They were told weeks ago, the hospital didn't have any.
    She was also calling other hospitals, trying to find another pharmacy that might have some of the medicine.

    The hemo-nurses were of the attitude that it didn't matter (meaning I didn't matter), & that I could just wait til the end of summer & call them back to make an appointment to restart the whole process of making appointments to schedule things then. Ya see, "WE" don't consider this to be an emergency...

    I got on the phone with the hemo-nurse & informed her that "we" don't care if "I" lay around sick in bed all summer, missing life (as usual) when I should be getting better.
    I demanded to know why they'd scheduled my procedure, KNOWING the hospital didn't even have the medicine. Hemo-nurse had the attitude that I had no right to DARE to question HER!!!

    After a few insincere (dismissive) "I'm sorry"s. SHE had the NERVE to be offended cuz I was pissed off! Her "I'm sorry" had the ring of "Sorry bout your luck!", which is a snide phrase used around here that really means "tuff sh**, don't care".

    All hope had just been murdered before my eyes.
    I was sickened. I felt SO stupid for having hoped I could get a simple medical procedure. I was disgusted by the sheer stupidity of the situation. I was on the verge of a true Irish rage.

    Nurse Cindy clearly saw the situation was turning quite serious.
    She asked me to stay, so she could go get the nursing supervisor.
    I waited a bit, making phone calls to Mom, keeping her aprised of what was happening.

    I don't cry. So, when tears of the impending rage started rolling down my cheeks, I knew it was time to go.

    I put on my shoes, got back in the wheelchair & left.

    Passing the nurses' station on my way to the elevators, Nurse Cindy stopped me, cuz she had the nursing supervisor there, explaining what had happened.

    The nursing supervisor (I forget her name, so I'll call her the NS) walked with me to the elevators.
    Everything was a blur. We were downstairs. She asked me to go with her (a short distance down a hallway) to some sorta management office. She at least wantedto get transportation to get me home safely.

    NS was very kind & compassionate.

    At the management office, some man (who looked like he hated his job - either that or his face was all screwed up cuz of a massive case of 'roids) flatly said "we don't do that".
    NS asked if she could at least get me a TARC3 voucher. (That's a part of the local bus system that transports wheelchair peeps straight to their destination. Yeah. It's the "short bus"...) Roid-dude just said no, & went back to whatever "important" paperwork he was reading.

    NS wlaked with me to the lobby. We stopped & talked for a few minutes. She knew the entire sitch by then, & was horrified at the way I was being (mis)treated.
    She actually offered to WALK ME HOME!!!!!! She was serious. She knew I was too distraught to just head down the street alone.
    Her offer was sincere. That meant a lot to me.
    She's so worried about me, she asked if she could have my phone number, so she can check on me later today.

    I have some little cards I printed up a long time ago, with my e-mail addy on them. I gave her one so she could write my phone number on the back.

    As I left. she was in tears too.....

    (This post is getting long, so I'll pause here & start a part 2)
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    I rolled home, 8 blocks, tears streaming down my face.

    Called Mom to tell her I made it home.

    Was so severely affected, I actually vomited.

    The rage took over.

    There were some clean dishes by the sink.
    They're now dish-dust on the floor.
    Haven't even swept it up yet.

    I called the hemo-office.
    Told them I want an appointment to see Dr. Martin IMMEDIATELY.

    The person insisted Doc was booked & over-booked & double-booked thru July, at the downtown office.
    I told her I'd go to any office where I can get an appointment in a reasonable time.

    She curtly told me to "hold". Someone else answered the phone with: "May I help you?". I said I doubted it, cuz she got stuck with me, after somebody else couldn't handle the call.
    This one actually did NOT get offended! She must be the one who has to deal with patients when the main phone-answerers screw up...

    THIS one politely got me an appointment to see the doc tomorrow afternoon!!!! It took her maybe 30 seconds to accomplish this!
    At my regular office (the downtown office) no less!

    Uh-Huh! Booked solid thru July, was he?????

    Mom is meeting me there tomorrow.
    And whenever I do get my treatment, Mom or Pop is gonna sit right there with me the entire day!

    I called Mom to tell her about the appointment tomorrow, & she told me to try to relax & get some sleep for now, & we'll get everything squared away tomorrow.

    I did that. Rest & sleep, I mean. My primary doc recently rx'd a med that helps me sleep at night.
    1 pill is a dose. I took 2. I mean, seriously. Nobody ever OD'd on 2 pills.
    Then I slept for 6 1/2 hours, woke up, upchucked again, & came here to let y'all know what happened.

    See what I mean? So, which is it? Does god actually hate me,or is he just too busy with important stuff to ever look in my direction???

    Oh, I almost forgot:
    If I get much sicker, I'll be needing another emergency blood transfusion.
    The stupid hemo-nurse had said to go to the hospital if I get that sick. DUH!!!!!!
    3 problems: First, there's no reason to GET that sick. Second, Ican't even tell when I AM that sick. & third, no ER around here would even recognize the problem anyway...

    Know what else I think? I think if it wasn't for all the positive vibes from y'all, today would have actually been WORSE!!!! I'm serious. I mean that.

    Thanks for caring about me!!!!! HUGZ to EVERYDOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. rockgor

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    I am so sorry to hear about your abusive treatment. Seems to be the way
    the modern world works. Or more correctly, the way things don't work.

    Used to be a lot of people lived in small towns and knew each other. Now most
    of us have been reduced to objects on a conveyor belt. We are no longer people;
    just problems to be swept aside until quittin' time.

    I once showed up at Kaiser for a colonoscopy only to be told, "We don't do them
    on Wednesdays."

    "But I have an appointment."

    "Well, you'd better make another one."

    I once expected people in the medical field to look on their work as vital.
    But seems most of them now consider it just another job to be treated as
    casually as possible. The wrong meds? Oh, well. Too bad.

    Oh, I set the laser ray on "melt tractor" instead of "delicate eye surgery"?
    Too bad. Next! (Courtesy of Dave Barry.)

    You broke some dishes? I already obliterated a glass and a plate today. Thought they
    were plastic, but apparently it's some sort of brittle plastic.

    Hard to be serene when it feels like we're being attacked, diminished, abused,
    dismissed, etc.

    Well, you can report the hospital to the licensing board, but it probably won't do any
    good. You can sue for malpractice, but we've already discussed that.

    Very frustrating. You are absolutely justified in being outraged. If I lived nearby I'd
    come over and we could picket the place. Although we'd probably run outta energy
    after ten minutes.

    Well, I hope you feel better soon, and can get the necessary treatment next month.
    What a rotten way to start the day!

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    OMG I am so upset for you Pippi. If i could i would be there in a heartbeat to sit with you and let you vent and vent on me. I just can't imagine what you went through today, well I guess i can, you explained it so well, almost like i was there watching. That is unbelievable that you have had your hopes up for so long about this treatment and it helping you and then they go and do that to you.

    Julie is right, please know that God does love you, but i can definetly understand your anger and frustration. You must be a very strong person for God to let you go through this. There is a reason this happened. I don't know why or what it is, but for some reason he did not want you to go through this today.

    I am so sorry Pippi, we do love you here and will be here for you honey.


    I am back, well it is almost 5:00 and my quitting time for now until i get home. I sent my daughter Lindsay grocery shopping today because we have absolutely no food in the house. I told her if she wants to eat, she has to do the grocery shopping, LOL. She is out of school, no job so she can at least do that for me. Actually, she has done a lot for me lately without me even asking her. Yesterday, she vacuumed, did a load of laundry, cleaned her room and bathroom and picked up outside.

    I do have to say, she has always been a great help to me when it comes to doing chores around the house. I absolutely detest grocery shopping and i would be willing to pay anyone to do it for me. LOL, I didn't tell her that though.

    Pippi, i hope we were able to put a smile on your sweet face and i hope you got some more rest and your spirits are up a little bit anyway. Take care and i will chat with you some more tomorrow.
    Love you all, Mickey
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    I can understand your feelings! How awful to be pushed around by the medical perofession. I would be soooo upsset too. I am not up on all of your physical problems so must read back in a bit to find out what you were to have done. i AM SO SORRY!

    God does love you! He may be upset at those who messed you up but He certainly does love you! I have had that feeling too when I would go to the Dr. and he would say to my pain and fatigue - "I don't know!" Only once did my lip quiver and I tried to talk but could only mumble something to him. I think gthen he got the hint and decided that I did have those things.

    I'm getting along OK but------last night I went with friends to our usual end of the year choir party. It was held agt our organist most beaugtiful Victorian bed and breakfastk. I had a good time with good food and good friends but-------I kept thinking that I should go h ome and tell Harley all about it! I just can't get over that wish. I just talk to him anayway and hope that he hears me.

    Tomorrow I go up to the state park lodge fr my granddaughter's rehearsal and wedding and dinner. The forcast for Sat. is thunderstorms and 77. i do hope that changes. That is all we seem to have - rainly and cool!!! How about the rest of you? If you are in the midwest, I guess that is what you're having.

    To all of you who are having pain and misfortunes, "May the Lord bless you and keep you!'

    Love all you wonderful friends. Wish I could meet you all!

    Love and Gentle Hugs,

  10. Granniluvsu

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    I can't believe all of this. Nothing like having an appointment at the hospital to find out they do not have the medicine - or should I say the correct medicine. That is unexcusable. However, you were very lucky that you had two nurses that were understanding and compassionate, even if you didn't get your treatment. So glad that Nurse Cindy refused to give you the generic drug that has caused so many problems. She could have just given it to you, taking the chance nothing would happen. Luckily, she didn't do so.

    I do not blame you at all for being so upset and putting your hopes in getting your treatment after getting there and looking forwards to getting it done and feeling a little better. AAAACK !! Yes, I do not blame you either for screaming or for getting upset like you did. You are just normal. Hopefully your visit with the doc tomorrow will be a good one. He needs to know what is going on in that hospital. Hope they get the correct brand med. soon and you can get it without incident.

    How nice you have such wonderful parents that they will be there for you. Yes, if we all lived closer we could be with you and give you some support. Hope our good vibes did help you after all you went through.

    Lots of hugs to you sweetie !

    Hugs to everydobby else too !!

    Love Granni
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  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Thanks, everydobby.

    I did fall asleep again for several hours after I wrote earlier. I curled up in an old afghan my beloved Grandma made a long time ago, & cried myself to sleep. I'm still so sleepy, tho. I'm going back to bed as sson as I write this.

    I'm very disoriented right now. Just trying to string together words that make sense.

    If those idjits think I'm gonna miss the whole summer,laying here sick in bed, they're badly mistaken.

    Your support means more than you can know.

    When I got home (before pulverizing the platewear) I put a big Do-Not-Disturb sign on my door. I haven't called any friends. I haven't sent any e-mails.

    This was the only place where I knew I'd find understanding.

    I can't remember now if I mentioned this part:
    When I told the hemo-nurse on the phone, that I can't wait all summer for the treatment, cuz I'd need another blood transfusion before then: She casually said to go to the hospital & get one if I needed it....


    That's a plan. Skip all preventative measures & IF I survive long enough, I can have emergency procedures!

    OK. Back to bed now.

    Love & Hugz 2 ALL!

    I'll be back after my doc appointment tomorrow. (Yeah, that would be the same doc who wasn't available til late July or early August...)
    That'll be late in the day. But I'll be back here to let y'all know what happens.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jole

    jole Member

    Pippi, I love ya girl! You're such a sweetie, you certainly didn't deserve today...all that frustration and demeaning attitude! But I had to smile at you wondering if God heard you...been there myself! You're smart; you'll figure that one out.

    Yes, I do have to say there's a difference between big and small hospitals. The one I worked at would have bent over backwards trying to make the mistake right, and apologized....which yours should have also. I don't know why they think that snide attitude is going to help any!

    Oh, you definitely need someone along each time you go to the doc/hospital...strength in numbers (I know that's not how it really goes). I suggest Elaine. She can keep them all lined out if anybody can! And give them what-for if they screw up again....oh yes, she can!

    And by the way, you deserved new plates!

    Elaine, just have a new purpose in life...watching after Pippi so no one treats her like dirt! (While she makes sure no one treats YOU like dirt!) I'm sure you could push her wheelchair for her...over a few people! Or if need be, get one of your own and double the And I know Pippi could find you both somewhere interesting to go afterwards for a new adventure...Both of you are getting hugs in your mailboxes from me.

    Rock, thanks for the snickers!

    Try to be back to all***Jole***
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I totally agree with you on Elaine helping out PIPPI and visa versa. They would make a fantastic team together. OMG, can you image the two of them in wheel chairs :) !! Yes PIPPI, you do need to have someone with you for doc visits and definately for procedures in the hospital etc. It iw wonderful that your parents are so supportive of you.

    Pippi - Let us know how your doctor visit goes. Hope you are feeling a little better after your terible experiences yesterday.

    Georgia - to bad you hae to avoid the BRAT or as much as possible anyway but unless she is gone you will have no complete peace and not have t worry about her Why are there are always people in the work place or aother that just love to cause probles and troubles for others. My 3rd daughter had some similar problems some time ago.

    I am again writing fast cause DH is out on errands. I have to get dressed and we have a few things we both need to do. Then he will do some more painting today, hopefully. it is supposed to feel like 105 or something today with the humidity and all. So we need to get home and stay indoors as soon as possible. I do prefer the heat but I have gotten that I canot stand extremes of either on. Thank God for wonderful A/C.

    Elaine - Let us nkow how you are doing and how your visit to the surgeon went. Hope you had fun with your girl friends (I am guessing that you already have it but am not sure) OR was it this weekend? Hope that helped or will help you to feel more like your sweet and crazy self. Yes, family can be a wonderful support and then some of them can cause more trouble then they are worth. In that case, just stay clear and let them know why. Then just MAYBE they will change but then try not to count on it or dwell on it so much. Enjoy what you have, all your friends, here and off the boards, J.S. and all those who love and admire you more than you know.

    Well, I gotta get outta here and get dressed for starters. Remember please that I will be probably off the boards for most of this coming week. I will be having grandkids (3) of them sunday afternoon - next friday. If I can I will pop in to check in on you ALL.

    Love to EVERYDOBBY,

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  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Mornin' everydobby!

    First, I wanna apologize for being so wrapped up in myself & my problems the past few days. I'm reading all your posts & you're all in my thoughts. I know I'm not the only person out here who has "issues"!


    I don't hafta wait til my doc appointment this afternoon to tell y'all what's happening now. That's cuz the doc (the man himself, not a staff member) called me this morning to get things straightened out.

    There's quite a bit of "passing the buck" about who's responsible for the screw up yesterday.
    I believe the hospital peeps, specifically, Nurse Cindy & the NS.
    Doc believes his staff. That's cuz he's a good doc, but he's honestly unaware of whatta buncha screw ups he has running his office.

    Anyhow, he called cuz there's a solution. (And, I think, cuz he saw my name added to his appointment list today & said: Oh Crap! She'll bring her MOM! (LOL!!!)

    The solution is a different, & safer procedure.
    Instead of being in the hospital all day, getting the very strong meds, I'll go in once a week for 7 weeks, (2 hours at a time) to get a milder (& much safer) IV med.

    Of course, I called Mom so she'd know not to drive downtown today.
    I live a few blocks from the office & hospital, but Mom lives in an outer neighborhood.

    Even though the doc believes his staff, I think it showed good character to call me himself.

    His staff makes constant screw ups of all sorts, but nobody tells him about it, & they always act like their screw ups aren't a big deal (negating any need to be civil & simply apologize!).

    So... Starting next Friday (it's already scheduled) I'll get a treatment every week for 7 weeks.

    I suppose I can clear my oh-so-crowded social calendar for that... (HA HA! As IF! :D )

    Well... I should be well rested today... I just slept for about 24 hours. I think I woke up 2 or 3 times, for 5 minutes atta pop.
    (Note to self: ONE sleeping pill will suffice!!!)

    Rock & Mickey: Through it all, you both made me smile yesterday! Thanks!

    HEY! I just paused typing to answer my phone. It was NS calling to check on me & see if I'm OK. She's happy I'll be back next Friday, & I'm sure she'll be there to check on me during the treatment.
    I told her the docs' staff is blaming the hospital, but I don't believe them.

    OK. Time to get on with things, & pay attention to something & someone other than myself!!!
    Ummm... & maybe sweep up some shattered crockery....
    & take the do-not-disturb sign off my door...

    Elaine: Let's get together & "accidentally" run over some toes!!! ;P

    Thanks again to all of my Porch Peeps! You got me thru a really tuff day!!!!!!!
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    – girl, I hope youre feeling a bit better today; I was so upset reading your previous post and hearing the pain beneath the words. Im really glad J S is with you; like someone else said, he is something else, letting you have ‘you’ time with your girlfriends. Come on and let us know how you are doing okay?

    Pippi – terrible experience, that. Im so sorry you had to deal with those inept, uncaring staff. Seems to me, those in the medical profession ought ta go thru a mandatory extra exam – that which tests moral fibre, kindness and patience and then only should they be allowed to take up studying how to take care of and make people well. However, you do find one or two gems, like Nurse Cindy. I am glad she was there for you. As are your parents. Good to know the doc took the trouble to call up himself. I hope your procedure when it happens will be smooth and without incident.

    Julie – your after church acitivities sound interesting and how thoughtful of them to provide meals too. I started getting rather interested in St Pauls journey and life, the way you are teaching it.

    Mickey – I never minded grocery shopping but nowadays I hate carryng heavy stuff. I don’t drive so I walk home. And it always seems like I cant buy all that I need coz its too heavy to carry. Luckily the DH always stops in at the supermarket on his way home, its right on his way home, and he LOVES shopping!

    Georgia – I am a major grouch mostly these days, but yesterday and today, I was majorly so. And I dunno why. No external reasons. I suppose the pre menopause or menopausal stuff going on. I remember my daughters friend in grade 11, ringing up my daughter and complaining about her mum shouting at her and when my daughter asked her “why, what did you do? “ Friend replied, “nothing I did. Just Mom getting menopausal. “. And my daughter said she could hear the mums peals of laughter over the phone.

    Granni – I cannot stand extremes of temps too. Yesterday I almost melted, it was so hot in my bedroom. Turns out I didn’t put on the a/c the right mode. Today I have set it right, but if the power goes off, heaven help us.

    Jole – I noticed more nurses in a hospital are uppity and bossy than the nice sweet ones, I don’t know if it’s the stressful job or what, but the nice ones make up for the not so nice.
    Im sure you were a good kind nurse yourself.

    Rock - as usual, I enjoyed reading your post especially about the picketing..and running out of energy…if u two do decide to go, count me in…ive always wanted to be part of a protest protesting something I believe in….Im probably good for at least one hour of picketing.
  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    School was out on Tuesday. Had to go to a short meeting on Wednesday and then to pick up my kiddie from college.

    Have been doing the Rip Van Winkle thing since then. Today is the first I've been lucid enough to read up and I find that I've missed all the fun!

    1) Mickey's throwing people down stairs. I could have used that suggestion last week!!!

    2) Pippi's buying new dishes. If I had known, I would have gone with. I need some too!

    3) Elaine has finished her list of things for her Dad. Please send me some tips on how to get
    mine done! It seems like it never gets done. She's also being encouraged to join a bowling
    team with Pippi. I'd like to see that! I've seen a human chess game. I've never seen a
    human bowling game!

    4) Granni is still going just like the energizer bunny. I'm going to have to harness that woman
    and drag her over here. I have plenty for her to do!

    5) Rock is dicussing trash day. Fortunately for me, all I have to do is remember to take mine to
    the dumpster. It's up to the truck to remember what day to come!

    6) Julie is going to vacation Bible school. That reminds me that I have one week to do laundry
    and pack for our church campmeeting! (Here's something for you to study out, Rock!)

    7) Joan is going to a wedding. Eat lots of cake for me!

    8) Springwater and Georgia are grouchy. Does that mean they are dating Oscar and don't like
    the decor in his trash can?

    Have I got all of this straight? I sure hope so. I can see that keeping up with you folks is going to be really challenging this summer!

    I think I shall start by taking another nap!

    Love you!

    Have a great evening!


  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am back but I still have a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for my grandkids on sunday. I did some vacuuming but I need to do more. I also did some toilets and should do some more cleaning but not sure how much I will get done. They probably do not care about how clean the house is for sure. I am sure that I will have a bunch to do after they leave to go back home.

    Pippi - so glad that you have spoken to the doc and that your mom didn't have to come in with you today. It sounds good to me that you will be having to go in once a week for an hour or so for a month or whatever it was. Yes, I am sure that nurse Cindy will be there to check on you. That was so sweet of her.

    Jole -I think, you would agree with me through the years the nurses (RN"s) have been getting more and more things they are responsible for. I remember when I graduated many moons ago it was the doctors that did most of the IV's and precedures like that. Now the nurses do A LOT more procedures and there is so much more pressure on the nurses as well as there bring a shortage. Glad at least that they are now paying them a lot more than when I first started working, for sure. Maybe we will now get more nurses who really love the work !

    Springwater - it is so hot again but am finally in the a/c. At least do not have to go out again today. I need a few more things but will go early tomorrow.. How you are up and atem today my dear.

    Julie- Hope you are getting to rest even if just a little today.

    Elaine- thinking about you sweetie and hope you are feeling better. Try and keep on smiling !!

    Carla - Hope all is well with you. Wish I could see your new pics. Gotta run and send this before it won't go.

    Teacher - you must have been posting when I was. Thanks for the cute post !! I only wish I had all the NRG you and many on here think I have. I could easily stay in bed and not do anything but I refuse to give up.

    Love you all,.

    [<i>This Message was Edited on 06/12/2009</i>]
    [This Message was Edited on 06/12/2009]
  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Teacher & Rock:
    You mentioned trash day & that made me chuckle.
    Up here on the 15th, it's always trash day. That's cuz I only have to scoot down the hallway & toss everything into the garbage chute.

    Granni: I can tell you were one of the Good Nurses!!!
    I'm actually looking forward to seeing Nurse Cindy & NS for the next 7 weeks! :)

    Anydobby wanna help me pick out new plates? LOL!

    Hugz 2 All!!!!!
  19. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Good afternoon y'all. Just got back from running errands on my lunch (didn't have time to eat). However, i brought a bagel to snack on so that will tie me over until din din.

    TGIF, woohoo, i just hope the weather is going to be nice this weekend, my sister and niece want to come over swimming probably tomorrow. Other than that, this will be my only relaxing weekend in June. The rest of the weekends are busy busy, especially next weekend with all the birthdays and Father's Day.

    Teacher - I am impressed that you noted everyone in your post, I just can't do that anymore, don't have the memory for it.

    Spring, my husband used to love to grocery shop too and used to always do it. Ever since he started this job a couple of years ago though, he just stopped so most of the time we don't have food in the house. LOL I feel bad about that, but it takes so much in me to get to the store. I even hate going to Target or Wally World anymore.

    Well guys/gals, i am going to get back to work so i will check in before i leave for the day.

    Love you all.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon made baked, sliced potatoes w/ Parmasan cheese last night. Also a grilled cheese.

    Remember a few years ago when Woolworth's
    closed? Some reporter wrote that it used to have the best lunch in the world. A grilled cheese, a big dill pickle and a chocolate shake.

    When I was a kid you could get all that for under
    half a buck.

    Anyhoo the sandwich was so good I thought I'd
    make one myself. Had to e mail him to ask what he did w/ the cheese.

    So he responded. The cheese evidentally made him think about food as he considering what to make this weekend: Chicken and asparagus in
    black bean sauce; shrimp stir fry; meatloaf.

    It's not one from colume A or B. He'll make all three and probably something too spicy for me that he can take for his lunch.

    A very precise summary of the posts, Teacher. No brain fog at your house. Hey, Folks! You don't need to read all the posts. Just review Teacher's recap.

    Oh, you already read them because you didn't know there was a summary. Well, these things
    happen on the best of boards.

    I have several recordings of Deep River. "I want to cross over into campground." When I was a teen I went to Bible Camp for 5 years. That doesn't mean I spent 5 years there. It means, one week per year.

    Granni, do any of your groups sing Brother James Air? Did I ask you that before? We used to sing it in H.S. chorus. I had 3 recordings of it on records.

    It is a very appealing melody. Don't know why it isn't recorded more. Apparently the recording companies only know about 3 dozen hymns as they record the same ones over and over.

    Pippi, glad to hear a new treatment plan has been worked out. I looked up the old hospital
    you mentioned. A very stately building.

    I read the history. It said the boatmen it treated had the first pre-paid insurance policy. 20 cents a month was deducted from their pay.

    Elaine, I'm sorry you're feeling poorish. Bad enough to be sick. A dysfunctional family makes everything worse.

    Just finished the biography of Viki Lawrence. She and Carol Burnett and many of us came from terrible families.

    As one of my therapists said, "The only thing to do with a dysfunctional family is recognize it and get away from it. It will never give you what you need. There's just no way you can get shrimp scampi from McDonalds."

    Thanks for the slinky joke, Mickey. I'm so old
    I rember when the slinky was new.

    Julie, a friend sent me a video from an animal shelter in Burlington, Iowa. It shows animals mothering babies of other species. I.e., a dog nursing kittens. Maybe you've seen this.

    Jole, glad you enjoyed the snickers. Will send you a mars next time. Haha. I was in college with the De Met Turtles heiress. She was from New York. Pretended to be surprised that people in Minnesota had modern plumbing and weren't still fighting the Indians.

    Nestle bought out DeMet. Wonder if the heiress was included in the deal?

    Georgia, have not heard of Maggie Sefton before. Will put a couple of her books on hold for Gordon.

    Have fun at the laundromat and the pharmacy.
    remember, one deals in loads; the other in doses.

    Ok, got the word about the cheese. Am off to
    make my sandwich. For anyone who finds the
    noble grilled cheese too bland, you can add some zest w/ grilled onions and/or mustard.

    That's my Marthla tip for the day.

    Ha det bra


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