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    Hi everyone...late night around here, so I thought I'd get a new volume going. Go back and catch up, if you have missed any news...poor Rock fell and had to go to the ER the other evening...hope you are doing okay!

    I don't have anything exciting to report...just hope I can get to sleep later on...didn't even have a nap today.

    Will check in on everyone tomorrow...
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    Thanks Julie for starting us up again. I saw that we were down to the wire, I think late yesterday and said to myself, forget it I am to pooped to start us on a new volume. Figured that you might do it as you get on the computer during all times of the day and night :)!! I hope you get to really sleep girl. Try not to wear yourself out . Hope Linds and family have a nice trip. How long will they be gone?

    The weather if almost freezing here in TX and they talk as if we may have some wet freezing stuff either tonight or tomorrow night. Around here they go crazy with it as no one knows how to drive in icy or snowy weather. There are enough crazy drivers around without adding ice or snow. Not thinking we will get snow but maybe some ice here on some bridges mostly.

    Went to church today and had a mini concert before Mass. It was nice but very short. They were selling tamales so we bought some and had some for lunch. Then started a wash and I had better go change the wash over to dry. I have been getting bad lately forgetting it is in there till late at night. Took steaks out of the freezer but will have them indoors due to the COLD weather. They never come out as well in the broiler but we will survive :)!! It will be good anyway. Maybe some sweet potatoes with it and salad. Funny how food helps to warm the body and the soul when it is COLD out especially.

    Yesterday, spent the morning in choir practice as we will not be having any this week. Practicing for so many things including the Contata and Christmas performance.

    Rock - Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you aren't in much pain or discomfort. I didn't read what exactly happened but hope it doesn't happen again.

    Now the rush for Thanksgiving begins. It will 10 people, much more than usual for Thanksgiving. A lot of work will be going on . Hope I get to the chiro tomorrow with the weather as I won't go again for a week- to much happening and company. One daughter staying till sat but they have to leave early as her DH has to work.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    P.S Julie - Do you have a recipe for that chicken and black bean and rice soup. Sounds good. It is so cold here now and soup sounds wonderful.

    Diane - Hope you are doing OK. Making any soup lately??

    Love you awl,
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    Hi gang! The kids are on their way...I got home at 3:15 and had just missed them by about 45 minutes. But I had some errands after church, then went to see my dad.

    He is so sweet...I told him that Den's dad and I would be in to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him, since the kids will all be elsewhere and Den is on call. I asked him if that was okay and said I figured I would just skip cooking a big meal this year. He said, "Well, you sure have cooked a lot of them over the years." And he is fine with us coming to eat with him...

    We will still have the family "holiday" dinner on Dec. 14...sort of a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are doing to call it a "Happy Birthday Party for Baby Jesus." Not exchanging gifts...just getting together at our house with my brother and his family.

    Anyway...Granni, the kids will be back sometime on Friday cause David has to work on Saturday. They left so late this afternoon, Den said they talked about staying somewhere overnight, then going on down tomorrow.

    Oh boy, bad weather in Texas is probably a lot like bad weather in Tennessee or anywhere that doesn't get much snow. Human nature to sort of "panic" when not knowing how to drive on slick roads. Even living in Iowa my whole life, I still get scared if I have to drive in some conditions.

    Rock, hope you are doing okay...I don't suppose one of those "whole page magnifiers" would help, until you can wear your glasses lay it on your book, etc. and it magnifies a big area.

    Granni, the soup recipe changes every time I make it :rolleyes: but I usually start with a box of chicken broth, chicken that has been boiled (then I use that broth also) or any leftover chicken, turkey, etc....a can or two of black beans (I rinsed them this time and the soup didn't get so "muddy-looking.")

    I also cut up some carrots and celery and add those. I precook the long grain brown rice in my rice cooker, then add it to the pot. For seasonings, I use salt, pepper, a little bit of thyme and some garlic powder. I also sometimes add a couple bay leaves, then take them out before serving. Mushrooms are good too...just if I have them or not.

    Can't "jazz" it up too much if the babies will be eating it too, but sometimes I divide it and add onions for me and Den. I like to add a can of water chestnuts to ours, too...but Lindsey doesn't like them, so I plan accordingly.

    I keep adding the chicken broth as it cooks since it gets pretty thick after I add the rice. One of those recipes that you can just "go with the flow", lol!

    I am thinking of just having soup and sandwiches for our dinner on the 14th. My kids love my chili, and I can make a couple other kinds too. We still have to decide when to have our own family's get-together (us and the kids) but will just work around everyone's schedule.

    I'd better get busy...need to remember to go over and give Sheba her supper...she will be lonely, but we don't really have room for her in our shop/house. But I will go over several times a day and love on her...and Lindsey has hired our Amish neighbor girls to do some deep cleaning while they are gone. All I have to do (or I can ask the girls to do it too) is go over the carpets with vinegar/water.
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    Hi Kids

    Good Grief!, Granni. I looked at your weather report. 35 degrees! That's practically
    freezing! And down to 29 tonight! Plus rain! I trust you are getting out parkas, electric
    blankets, mittens, and sweaters, etc. I haven't seen such cold weather since my last trip
    to the homeland which was a decade ago in the dead of winter.

    It's a typical nice day in LA. Temps around 67 this week; some in the 70s next week.

    Julie, I hadn't even thought of one of those full page magnifiers. Haven't seen one for
    ages. My recollection is that they produced a sorta blurry vision. Maybe that's because
    the only ones I ever saw weren't the top of the line. Or maybe science and technology
    were just too primitive back then.

    Anyhoo, Gordon went to the library and got me 5 LARGE TYPE books. I can read them
    fine without glasses. And I put a dozen more on hold, so they will be arriving shortly.
    My pain is all gone. I just have 3 tender areas. But my face! Ay yi yi! I look like a
    survivor of some terrible disaster. Enough to frighten little children and the horses. Good
    thing nobody cares what I look like anymore. Too bad it's not Halloween. I might
    be able to get a job in a House of Horrors.

    Hope everybody is having as good a weekend as possible. Hugs.


    Looks like you have a nice combination get together day planned, Julie. Your chili with
    water chestnuts sounds good. How about this? I like water chestnuts, but Gordon doesn't.
    Guess we picked up the wrong scripts.

    Here's a kids' riddle fur ya. What comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
    The "G".

    Now how do these paragraphs get outta order. Uff-da! Well, I'm not gonna try
    and fix things. Probably just make it worse.
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    Julie - What do you mean by a box of chicken broth. Oh I guess those boxy things to hold broth instead of cans, I guess. I usually don't have whole chickens to boil but I guess I could use the chicken breasts that I have. Of course the bones make it more tasty. However, I use the boneless and skinless chicken breasts. How big are the boxes, I have the cans right now.

    Need to get off here and take a shower, etc. More later. Hope to get back tomorrow. Another busy and COLD day.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hey Rock...glad you are doing okay and that Gordon found some books that you will be able to read. Hopefully the "bumps and bruises" will heal soon.

    Granni, I use the Swanson broth...I think it comes in a 32 ounce or so box. I just boil whatever chicken or turkey I have on hand...the other day I roasted a couple whole chickens, so had lots of liquid from that. If I don't have enough broth, I use water and some chicken bouillon...just whatever gives you enough liquid to work with the other ingredients. It's like so many things...just using what you have on I'm sure you are more experienced than I, with all those mouths you used to feed :)

    Heard from Lindsey a couple hours ago...they had been on the road for five hours and had only gotten 2 1/2 hours away from home...had stopped for supper somewhere, along with other stops for the kids. I hope they stop for the night instead of trying to drive all the way...that is a rough trip for everyone.

    Better get Den's lunch made and think about heading to bed...I have so much I want to do (of my own stuff), having a hard time prioritizing.
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    Looks like the twins are having a great time at their other Gma and Gpa's...Lindsey posted that she had sent David to Wal Mart to get some "baby-proofing" supplies. Hard to keep up with both of them without any baby gates, etc. and Mom does need to leave the room and go potty once in awhile, lol! But David's folks don't have any little ones around anymore...have other grandchildren down there who are older. :)

    Hope everyone is doing well today. I have been working on Christmas stuff...getting "cards" ready. I found a little poem about M & M's and the Christmas story...actually the "M" on the M & M's. I am printing it off and including it with some M & M's in a snack size zip loc baggie.

    At church, we drop off our cards in a big box, then the youth "deliver" them on the Sunday before Christmas. We have been so absent from our own church this year, I don't know a lot of the new people, so am just doing these for every family, old and new. I printed a little greeting from me and Den on the backs of the poems...makes a cute little card/gift.

    Also going to make a bunch of them to give to the Amish young folks when they come Christmas caroling. Probably not a high priority to be doing this right now, instead of cleaning/sorting, etc. But I also want to wrap gifts and I had the table cluttered with this other stuff....and I wanted to see how many I could get out of a big bag of M & M's. If I use an 1/8 cup measure, I can get 50 out of the biggest bag that I could find.

    I'll put the poem over on the Worship board, in a separate post...

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Hi Gang

    I see the twins are hard at work, Julie. Great pic! I guess they are exploring basic concepts like
    "in" and "out". We take stuff outta the drawer. You put it back in the drawer. Is it Isaiah and Liora? There's probably a kitchen sieve in that drawer that resembles my brain.

    I saw a guy in a documentary at a Hershey plant a couple decades ago. He was sitting at the end of the production line. Picked up a freshly made and wrapped bar, held it up, and said, "See. A perfect square." Poor guy was too old to have grown up with Sesame Street where
    basic concepts like in, out, and shapes are part of the fun.

    When my son was in the play pen stage he used to get lots of stuff from the kitchen to play with. Paper towel roll; egg carton; pan lid and spoon to bang it with.

    Your M&M project sounds like a great idea, but also a lotta work. Are the Amish allowed to
    eat M&Ms? Two "Ms" for the Romans were 2000, and I think that's too modern for them.

    Yes, my bumps and bruises are better. Guess what I found this morning. Five pages of
    instructions from the emergency room. Gordon somehow forgot to give them to me.
    Of course it was pretty much the kind of info you would expect. "If you develop excruciating
    pain come back or see your own doctor. Ditto if you nose swells up like a billiard ball or
    any part of your face falls off."

    We are going to see my internist this afternoon. I'll see what I have to pay under the new
    system. My supplemental insurance premium (in addition to what I pay for Medicare) went up 330%. The middle class is becoming as endangered as the rhino. Uff-da!

    We have lots of chicken broth at our house, Granni. Not home made; Swanson. The stuff
    was on sale at 49 cents a can if you bought ten. So we did; buy 10, that is. And another ten
    a few days later.

    I see there's an article today about improving the classic green bean holiday casserole. It costs
    more and takes much longer. Supposed to get rid of the soggy, old fashioned stuff. Soggy?
    Whoever heard of that? Peg Bracken said some products are designed to solve problems
    that don't really exist. For example, a salad dressing that won't slide off your lettuce.

    Guess I'll go clean up to be presentable at the doctor's. I don't want to exert myself too much.
    I'll shave, but I'm not putting on any makeup. HaHa! I looked like I had stage makeup on
    the other night.

    When we were at the emergency room, the doctor came over to see what was going on. Gordon told him we had just decided we'd have to skip the dinner party. He said, "Oh, really. You were going to a dinner party?" I said, "Well, we just altered our plans a little. Now we can go to a costume party. I'll be an extra from "Return of the Franken-Zombies"!

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    Julie - I really should be starting supper. It is so COLD our in the 30's already and raining. Those twins are soo cute !!! and getting soo BIG :)!!! Glad I do not have any where to go tonight or tomorrow. I canceled my chiro appt. on wed. will be way to busy. Good idea to be wrapping and hiding now that they aren't around. hiding presents. Lorraine might be the one to finds something good you have tried to hide :)!!!

    This stupid computer drives me crazy. I type away and some of the words go in the wrong places on the page or screen. AAAAck ! DH is calling me and I need to start dinner. Back later on whenever I can. To much going on and I went to WM this afternoon - what fun :)???

    Love you awl,
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    Hi Rock, Jam and Granni...yep, I'm enjoying a little quiet time this week :) But will be glad to have the kids back home on Friday. Lindsey posted a pic of Isaiah sound asleep in David's dad's lap...they spend a lot of time together..."Pap" can't do too much and Isaiah is just happy to rockabye and snuggle, especially at naptime.

    Rock, you are right on...Isaiah and Liora...not sure why the "i" in Liora, instead of "e", but pronounced the same as Leora...

    The M & M card/poems will actually be much easier than addressing and writing in actual Christmas cards. It is hard for me to hold a pen or pencil, due to the numbness in my left hand, so I let the computer do the "writing", and putting the "cards" together isn't hard.

    And I don't have to address them individually...will just ask the youth group to put one in each family's "pile." I'm already looking ahead for something similar to do next year, lol!

    I am so proud of myself :p...have been working in my OWN house, on my OWN things all day! Have only been over to the kids' to feed Sheba and let her out a few times.

    Not sure when I will shampoo the carpets (well, with vinegar/water) am going to wait and see when our Amish girls come to clean. They are planning to come on Friday, but said maybe Wednesday also. So, I will probably clean carpets Wednesday evening....then they have until Friday to dry and nobody will be tracking on them. Also, if the girls come on Wednesday, they will vacuum and that will be one step I can skip...

    Granni, I know you are so busy...take care and have fun!

    Den is home and taking a little power snooze, so I will get supper started here too. Have the kitchen table full of wrapping paper and presents...getting that job done way ahead of time.
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    Julie - That pic of the twins in those drawers reminds me so much of mine when they were small. I just gave them some drawers they could go into , as they were into them anyway. That way we didn't worry about what they were getting into or getting hurt. How did we all survive without all these child proof gadgets :)???? The only thing we used at times was a child proof gate especially around steps. Also thy were in pay pens off and on too although they are starting to get a little old. However, if they are running free and you need to go potty or if there is something you need to do without little hands" helping" you, it might work for a short time. How old are they now??

    My girls used to "ccok" with wooden spoons and pots and just have a wonderful old time. Lots of noise but no one got hurt and we didn't have to keep saying no get out of the drawers. The drawers were "theirs any way"..

    I am sure it is much to quiet for you with everyone gone by now since you are so used to being busy 24/7 and always having to help out. We never were that close to any of the kids . When our twins were tiny they lived in Longview, TX which is quite far away.

    You are very smart getting the wrapping done while they are gone, I need to get some of mine done now so those coming for Thanksgiving can take theirs stuff home ( with their parents).

    Gotta run for now. Hugz to Rock, SW, Jam, Diane and whoever else I forgot. Did Sun and Mikie go on a trip for Thanksgiving? I have forgotten who was going where and when.

    Love to awk,
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    Good Monday evening...well, it's after 10:30 pm :rolleyes:

    I did get all my gift-wrapping done. Need to buy Den's dad's something and exchange a pair of jammies that I had gotten for Liora (for a bigger size). Other than that, I am pretty well finished and can put away the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, etc. The guest room bed is stacked full of presents, but I hope to find a better place to keep them before the week is over.

    Granni, I think Sun is on her trip...but I checked back on the last volume and read where Mikie doesn't leave until Dec. 6. Hope everything is okay with you, Mikie...I usually see a post from you as soon as I get up in the mornings. :confused:

    Lindsey and I both have playpens in our handy for when the twins absolutely have to be "corralled" gates are great, too.

    Our high temps are only to be in the mid-20's for the next two days...felt plenty cold today at 34. I still have flower pots sitting around outside and need to get clutter cleared out of the garage so David can park his work vehicle in there. So many outside things that haven't gotten done...oh well, we can hunt for things come spring ;)

    I just gave myself a sugar "high" by eating a bowl of "Peanut Butter Panic" ice cream, with crushed Oreos, a sliced banana and chocolate syrup. Needed a chocolate fix and that sure did the trick, lol!

    Went over to let Sheba out for one more potty time...she walked out the door, turned in a circle and marched herself right back in, lol! Hope she doesn't have an accident in the night, but it hadn't been that long since she had been out.

    I need to get to bed, my eyes are getting very blurry and I'm just so sleepy all of a sudden...didn't get as much done as I would have liked today, but that means "job security" for tomorrow :D

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    Hi, Kids,

    Been gone a couple of days. Sun. was one of my "sleep all day long days." I need them every now and then. Have been trying to get a few things done around here but my NRG seems in short supply. Yesterday, caught up on shows before the new ones air, took a shower, and went shopping. Talked to the condo mgr. and she said I could only come in yesterday as she is planning on leaving for TG. Hope she gets to go; it's in the Midwest. But, I digress... I stopped by her office on the way to the store and we worked out all the little kinks in our budget for 2014 and set up our annual individual meeting just for our bldg. in Feb. Glad to have that done.

    Julie, pic of twins is adorable. I remember that stage. So glad you will have your dinner with GPA. You know, we have one person in the hood here who is an otherwise charming person but talks, and lies, about everyone to everyone. She's been around long enough that no one pays any attention to what she says. Sadly, now that she needs companionship more than ever in her old age, no one wants to be around her toxic aura. We all treat her kindly but she gets so bad that we have to find refuge from her for our own sanity. Eventually, the truth about sis will come out, if it hasn't already. Boyfriend might have something to gain from their relationship but I'm pretty sure most people with this kind of sickness are found out eventually. In the meantime, bless you for your restraint, creativity in seeing GPA, and you big heart.

    Granni, frankly, I don't see how you ever have time to work out what with all the singing and doing and cooking. Yikes! Makes me feel like I'm so lazy. In fact, I am lazy. Pillsberry rolls were on sale but only the crescent ones. I told a clerk, who was doing her own shopping, that I'm too lazy to break them apart and roll them up. I just want to take them out of the roll and plop them on the baking sheet. The people who work at our store are so nice. Several of them worked with me at other stores. I was surprised to see one of them working in the bakery. She is a beautiful Latina girl I used to call, "Suzita Bonita." It was so good to see her. That's about the extrent of my Spanish these days now that I'm not around Spanish speaking coworkers and customers. Use it or lose it. BTW, those ice storms are the worst. Be careful.

    Rock, libraries usually have large print books; I was surprised at the ones they have at ours. Also, they have tons of books on tape or CD. Trouble is staying awake. We are programmed from early childhood to fall asleep when someone reads us a story. My kids and I watched Sesame Street and they enjoyed it so much. I did too; their childhood was an excuse for me to relive my own but with better toys and TV. One of their first toys was a set of blocks with all kinds of shapes. They were learning geometry and didn't even realize it.

    Rock and Jam, you both live in CA where there are usually a lot of M/C Advantage plans. There are good ones and not-so-good ones. The best ones usually have no, or only a small, premium. There are co-pays for things like office visits and co-insurance for procedures. The only time you pay is when you use it as opposed to a supplement that has a premium every month. If one can find a good one which is a PPO, and not an HMO, it is ideal. Out of pocket for these plans is going up across the board. If you do have a supplement, docs who take M/C assignment should be fully compensated by ins. and you should have no out of pocket. Worth looking into. Don't be dissuaded by anyone who has had a bad experience with a poor plant. There are plenty of good ones out there. I switched from AARP United Health Care because they got rid of my specialists and went from an HMO/PPO to an HMO only. I will have BC/BS in 2014 and it is a no-premium PPO. I can see any specialist I want without a referral.

    I still have so much to do in here and so little NRG. Guess I'll just try to do what needs doing most and do what I can each day. I hope this awful weather is gone by early Dec. Flying in winter is always dicey. Next week, I can send DGS's Wii games to him Mom so she can make any exchanges before Xmas. Don't know whether they will be able to get out for TG to Dallas or not. I want to shop online for the rest of his gifts so they will be delieverd--easy peasy. I usually do this but only the stores had the best games for Target's big sale.

    I am convinced that, between having UTI's off and on for four months and taking lots of ABX, I am messed up and it will take time for me to recover. This last ABX was harsh. I need to stop in to Toys R Us to see which science kit I want to send to DGS. I'll check them and Amazon online. There are some nifty kits with transisters which can do all kinds of things. I was hoping he might like an electro/magnetic kit but he isn't interested in magnets. How could anyone not be interested in one of the most fascinating forces in nature? Maybe, if he had a kit...

    Well, better get going. My best to you all and a very Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not back before then.

    Love, Mikie
  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Tuesday morning, Mikie and everyone! So glad to hear from you, but sorry you are still having such a rough time. Just doing that budget, and all that goes along with it, would have me worn out.

    I can't help but think that your DGS would enjoy a magnet kit...Den can't wait until Isaiah is old enough to do "guy things" but his granddaughters are pretty interested in just about "anything Gpa does", he is happy to play with and teach them also.

    I'm not wanting to rush the other 3 into growing up too fast, but I've always really liked the age 5/6 "season" of kids' lives. And it is obviously much easier to take care of Keira now, than it is even Lorraine. I just don't want to have to birth and raise them myself, lol!

    Our Amish neighbor (the mom of Kathryn and 10 other children) just had surgery to repair a prolapse and some other the doctors will agree that it would be okay to have more kids! She is in her early 40's...but that is their way of life....

    I fed Sheba already and let her out to potty...happened to be outside as the sun was neat to actually watch it glide up to its perch in the sky. Red Mittens kittens needed some loving, so I sat on the step and held each of them for a bit. But it's only 30 degrees and I just had on 1 layer of clothes, so didn't stay out too long.

    Hope you all have a great day...I will work on my house some more.
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  16. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - Sheba surely is s smart doggie, JUST STAY IN THE HOUSE, IT IS TO COLD AND NASTY. I AM WARN OUT JUST READING YOUR SCHEDULE. We went to the bank today to get some cash to give to some coming for Thanksgiving for Christmas besides some gift cards. Did some more shopping at WM yesterday, what a MOB already. I don't know how you could have stayed outside at all with one layer of clothes. Guess you are younger and more used to the brutal weather. To me in the 30's and 40's esp. in the rain is brutal enough for me. Glad you got your stuff done for Christmas. I am not finished and wrap little, use and reuse gift bags. Oh I remember all the wrapping I used to do. Can you believe, way back when my mom used to ( early on) iron gift wrapping paper to be reused. I never did but did try to reuse some of the good paper. Glad you will get to see Grandpa and he can be with you for a a couple of days during the holidays. It is good for him and you too. He seems very sweet, and sometimes probably to sweet at times, if you know what I mean.

    Mikie - Sorry you are still feeling puny. Glad at least your weather doesn't seem to be to bad. Looks like another storm on way back up east and another may follow, DH said. Think you may escape though in FL. Now is just th very hustle bustle time of year and not great for people with ailments like we have - groan. I have some more aches and pains today around the area of lower shoulder area on one side. Maybe it was taking out the frozen turkey to thaw in the sink. At least it didn't help.

    Rock - Hi to you also. I am guessing your weather is great as it always is. Lucky guy :)!! Have to go to singing practice this afternoon in the neighborhood so that is not that bad. I still have organizing to do of the presents that are going to with those coming for Thanksgiving to get home, even if just envelopes with $. Hope where you fell the other day is not bothering you any or much. Is Gordon making a turkey or a chicken or something else you both like???

    Jam - Hi to you too and hope you have a nice day and everyone else I haven't had the time or brain to mention. Having a tiny turkey or going out to eat? Of course that depends if you like turkey or not too. We do love it.

    Have to run and send a few more mails before I leave this afternoon.

    I will try and check back some tomorrow but I cannot promise. That will be a busy cooking day of stuffing ( or dressing) and the ham and having that all sliced. The turkey will wait till turkey day as I only have one oven which stinks when you are used to having two with a large family. Our family is smaller most of the time but at the holiday time it can get bad with trying to cook and reheat. Thank God for Microwaves.

    A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MANY BLESSINGS TO AWL , if I do not make it back tomorrow. ENJOY your families if you will be seeing any. If not, enoy anyway and be thankful for what you do have.

    Love to everydobby ,
  17. springwater

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    hello everyone

    rock - sorry to hear about your fall, but relieved you are on the mend.
    im also glad there still is a library around...everywhere ive been as a
    kid, the library has been a friend, a quiet safe haven to hide in.

    the little bookshelf at boarding school in india, behind the long dining
    tables, hidden from view, holding Noddy books, and rupert bear
    picture books among others.

    then the junior school library, i still try n find online books i read
    as a child there, then senior, a lovely sunny room, where our english
    teachercwould take us if he didnt feel upto teaching, lol.

    then the school where i taught for a year, and our towns library.
    i can still remember a book ive read from each...

    now the e book trend is catching on...

    julie - a very busy big day coming up for you, all those trips...looking
    after usual...the s ituation with grandpa is heartwrenching,
    he, you all wanting to be together a nd this person whose been away
    all your lives comes in a nd keeping you apart...anyway, as you said,
    what goes around
    sorry for bold everyone, computer glitches..

    granni - busy season coming up, getting decos out n buying presents..
    you hv been practicing a lot, how did the big lunch turn out? strange
    to think of rain in texas and it being cold. brrrr

    mikie - ive been feeling like all day sleeping too, especially when
    theres a nice warm sun to counteract the chilly evenings n mornins

    will u be able to log in from yr DDs? hope you will.

    jamin - i agree with the less things the easier, still decluttering.
    i kind of hate that we hv to hv stacks of warm n cold garments, for
    winter summer...takes up so much space.

    visited MILs took chicken sesame, she gave me some fish to take

    went with my friend to monastery, had lunch together. we both
    been invited to a pranic healers home for b day lunch, told friend
    we wd giv a joint gift, since friend hasnt got a job, she is a single
    mom...dont feel like going (brother not doing well) and SIL crying

    i feel helpless and scared, asking God WHY??

    pranic healer b day lady told me coming to her lunch at her place
    wd provide a change from my situation...take my mind off, i
    guess is right, need to take it one moment at a time

    yesterday, they fixed the sink at last...took whole day, what a noise,
    they had to cut pieces of granite, and dust everywhere, ugh! but
    fixed at last...

    i hope joans fine, notice she hasnt been in...sunflower, dar, windy, soul

    god bless
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Granni, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. It feels sort of strange to not be worrying about getting groceries and starting things for dinner...but pretty nice too.

    Springwater, glad you got your sink fixed...hard to work in the kitchen without that major piece, even if it was rigged up a little so you could still use it.

    I am so sorry your brother is not doing has got to be such a strain on the whole family. I should hear from my brother sometime next week, as to what the doctor says about my sis-in-law.

    I made an attempt to rearrange my little kitchen today...really would like more "work space." Was going to move the fridge to the other end of the kitchen area, but it wouldn't fit between the sink and stove...they are on opposite sides of the "room" but it is too narrow for the fridge to fit. It is basically what one would call a "galley kitchen" and too narrow for two people to pass each other in the aisle.

    I just need to be patient...our house will get done eventually.

    Lindsey texted this afternoon that she had vomited. David had gotten sick when they first arrived at his parents' house the other night, but thought it was something he had eaten. Hope it only affects the two of them and is short-lived...and nobody else gets sick.

    We are a little worried about Sheba. She seems to be losing weight pretty fast....has so much fur that it wasn't noticeable at first, but Lindsey thought so when she brushed her the other day...and I could feel her ribs when I was petting her this evening. She has lived a lot longer than St. Bernard's usually do, so it is quite possible that she is not well...will let the kids see about her when they get home.

    I'd better get on to bed...will check in tomorrow.
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good "Thanksgiving Eve", lol! Hope everyone who is cooking a turkey has it thawed out and ready to go...anyone doing a "deep-fried" one this year? On the news last night, a fire chief was on, telling everyone how to safely do this...he said they have some calls every year because of turkeys starting fires in those cookers. I'm not cooking at all, but the next time I fix a turkey, it will be in the oven, like I always do.

    Granni, I wonder if you could get one of those big electric roasters? We use them at church a lot, to cook turkeys and hams, etc. Personally, I think it is good to have some of the meal done ahead of time, but a roaster would allow you to do it all in one day if you wished...would have to store it the rest of the year, though...

    Lindsey called this morning and she is still sick with the flu. David is fine now, his was short-lived. So far, the kids are not vomiting, but have started coughing again.

    I told her that my coffee was not wanting to settle this morning. If I get this stomach bug, I will have to cancel having lunch tomorrow with our dads...

    I'd better see if I can get anything done today, in case I end up in bed later :(

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I agree, just reading everything you do makes me feel tired. I am glad you have enough NRG to do all you do. What you said about GPA feeling safe with you brought a tear to my eye. You are so kind and understanding and not working under the best of circumstances. Bless you. I agree that kids get more fun in many ways when they get a bit older. My DSIL thinks the sun rises and sets on DGS. They do so much together.

    Hi, Granni, yes, for the most part, we will miss most of the storm except for some wind and rain. It's mostly cloudy and in the 70's today. It may get down into the 40's tonight, though. We kinda like it when we have cool weather (cold, for us :) Kids are in Dallas but are concerned about returning to Atlanta on Sat. I hope that by then, the flights are back to normal. Hope your dinner turns out well. I'm betting it will.

    Springwater, prayers going up for your DB. I know when bad things happen, it's so hard to keep in mind there is a bigger picture, one to which we mere mortals aren't privy. Life truly isn't fair so I guess we have to look for its meaning in something other than fairness. Our worst times offer us the chance to grow in spirit but, at the time, it can break our hearts. My prayers go out to you. BTW, yes, my kids just got a new puter, one with Windows8, so, maybe, they will help me learn how to use it. Doesn't look as though I'm going to have the time to do it here. Actually, it isn't time so much as NRG. When I see my doc next month, I'm going to ask for a booster peptide shot. I can't help but think those ABX screwed me up.

    I found a physics kit at Amazon. It has transisters and all kinds of connectors. DGS can make a clock and radio and all kinds of things. I'm hoping this will stimulate his interest in something other than fishing and rocks. I think those things are fine interests for a boy but his DD and I are interested in science and we'd love it if he were, at least, a bit curious. Just got "Popular Science" for DSIL and for me. S&H were free and I don't have to send it. Woohoo!

    I think I'll concentrate on just cleaning up the kitchen today. If I can break things down into smaller jobs, I think I can do them. I not only have no physical NRG but feel lackluster and a bit depressed. I don't think it's situational; I think it's more likely linked to my physical problems. I did manage to call TracFone yesterday and talk to a very polite and nice techie. I had a bit of trouble with his accent but he was patient. If I use 3G, I can get online, but that eats up my minutes. If I try to use any Wi-Fi, nothing will load. Wish I had known this before getting this phone. I'm going to use my 800 minutes and go buy a phone and get a no-limits plan. One of the techies at my favorite computer store got the Windows phone and he loves it. Well, if I learn Windows 8, the phone should be a snap! No more TracFones!!!

    Again, Dear Friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love, Mikie