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    Hi to everydobby,

    This is about the first time or second that I have sat down with all the work. It has been cold enough here that I can put some dishes outside on top of the freezer as the refrigerator doesn't have that much room with so much stuff in it. Cooked the ham an stuffing and will do the turnkey tomorrow. Will make the old fashion but fairly easy green bean casserole with cr. of mushroom soup. Don't have it often so it is good and fairly easy to throw together.
    Julie - Sorry the kids got sick when they got to David's parents house. Hope it goes away quickly and doesn't get passed around. Glad you are getting a bit of a rest and are doing a few things for yourself.

    Spring Water - Sorry to here you brother isn't doing that well. Your SIL I am sure is very upset at seeing if he is doing poorly or not so well. Glad you finally got your sing working, was that the new one finally?

    Milkie - Glad you are getting some things done even if it is a little at a time. That usually works better anyway. Glad you got a phone that you like and woks the way you want it to :)!!

    Rock - Hope all is well for you today.

    Sorry to anyone I may have missed. Gee this colored turned out bad but not going to fix it again !


    Granni :)

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    no lights but inverter has just enough power for me to look in, its become a daily
    ritual, opening up puter and skimming ever morn with my cuppa tea,

    julie - glad it isnt seeming serious, this times bout of flu..really hope you keep well
    and can go ahead with the TG programme.

    my daughter is helping out at a community repatriation centre for refugees, and
    they too are having turkey, probably for some their first asked daughter
    if they wd serve turkey raw or cooked!!! lol. she had to be up at the centre to take
    them for an outing at 8am..and its minus celcius in east coast!!! i saw abt the storm
    approaching, not sure if the programme still was on.

    mikie - those are cool gifts for yr DGS. by rocks did you mean rock climbing or he
    likes studying rock? he sounds like a nice kid.

    btw julie - i loved those beautiful pictures you took of the babies...precious.

    my cursor isnt moving properly so i couldnt tag that to yr post

    granni - my sink is the new one, its not the best job in the world because they had to cut
    and refit some granite around new sink which was different size but i wbent for usability
    rather tha n good in two basin sink rather than retain previous new
    granite is a tad lighter than original but is ok im just thrilled i dont get a hip ache bending
    over wash dishes every time because of wrong positioning of sink.

    im feeling happy to see sun coming up, its warm n nice. today will go shopping n try
    organizing my dining room, just wipe and put crockery n books in order, Little cousin
    has take n a desk for refurbishing and everything is just thrown around.

    the pedlar guy called, i nned to give him the old taps n sink....

    god bless all
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    Good Wednesday evening...22 degrees F, so just a little chilly. So glad to have a nice warm house and bed. Many, many people don't even have that...

    I worked on my house all a slow start cause my tummy was not feeling too good. Haven't gotten sick yet, so am still planning our big day tomorrow...relaxing at the thought of not having to fix a big meal, but my day will come in a couple weeks.

    Went over around 10:00 pm (it's almost 11:00 now) and woke Sheba up to go potty. She was a little more alert today and went out every time I offered.

    Granni, hope you get to relax some tomorrow and have a great visit with your guests. I imagine we will have a traditional turkey dinner at the nursing home, although they always have an "alternate" dish for those who don't want what is on the menu...something I really appreciated, for my mom's sake as she was kind of picky sometimes.

    Springwater, I'm thinking it must be very nice not to have to contort yourself in order to wash dishes...I have a dishwasher, but still end up washing a sinkful by hand every time I run it.

    Glad you can pop in, even with the power problems...

    I am going to finish putting some things away...have dragged out so much stuff while rearranging the kitchen, etc....would like to start putting up some Christmas decorations, but hate to do it in a messy, cluttered house.

    A big hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, it's cold here too--42 degrees. It's usually in the high 60's or low 70's at night. We are on the bottom tail of that huge cold front and storms. I did manage to clean up the kitchen yesterday except for the floor. I will do all the floors at the same time as it requires getting out my electric floor scrubber for the tile. I must not have made myself clear; this is the worst phone I have ever seen. I hate it and will buy no more phones from TracFone. In fact, the Windows phone is on sale at Comp USA tomorrow for $59 and I think I'll try to snag one. Good luck for your dinner.

    Springwater, sorry, I did mean that he loves rocks and gems. That's science if he learns about how they are formed and their characteristics. One of the neighbors is a rock hound and jeweler and he and DGS hang out together. DGS knows about geodes so he may be learning some geology. It's not that I think he can't enjoy a hobby without it's having to be a science lesson but, hey, two birds with one stone...(no pun intended). I'm quite sure he and his Dad, my science soul mate, will enjoy using the kit I sent. There used to be a show on TV on Sat. mornings with someone like a Mr. Science or something like that. He and two kids would do experiments which were safe to do at home. I was so intimidated by math, though, that I didn't take science, except geology, in school. Something I regret because I had to take lots of math when I got to college. I'm so glad you got your sink working. What an ordeal.

    Julie, yes, I did get that you meant more than just physical safety. It is likely very stressful for GPA being around sis. I'll bet he has to walk on eggshells. Around you, he can relax. That is a luxury that shouldn't be underestimated. I'm so glad he has you and I'm sure he thinks you are a saint and not just a "fairly good person." I admire your restraint and patience. Girl, you're putting many coins in the Karma bank.

    Well, I finally broke down and called doc's office to get another amino acid solution injection (formerly called, peptide shots). It's been a year but recently, I've had a bit of dryness in my mouth (thought it was side effect of ABX), sore hands and HUGE fatigue. It's the same kind of fatigue I had when my Sjogren's was active. Sjogren's fatigue was even worse for me than CFIDS. I go in tomorrow morning for the shot. It should work. I've done so well until all those UTI's.

    I see that Comp USA has the Windows phone at an amazing $59 tomorrow for Black Friday. I almost never shop on Black Friday but it's on the way home from the doc's and I may swing in if things aren't too busy to pick it up to activate when this piece of crap phone from TracFone is out of minutes. If the parking lot is full, all bets are off. It's next to Target. Newspaper was HUGE today but I mostly just scanned the ads. A ton of stores open tonight. I think that's awful for the employees. I hope they pay them extra.

    Simon hasn't been around much since it's been raining. He has a lair in a culvert on the north end of the village here and he stays inside if it's raining. This morning, he was between the warm newspaper, just out of the carrier's warm car, and my door. I startled him but he hung around on the landing til I came inside. I just looked and he had eaten quite a bit. I left the bowl in case he wanted to come back for a bit more to eat. Julie let Sylvester and Tweety out in front for a bit. Sylvester didn't want to stay out and came right back in. Tweety just walked around and eventually came back in too. I'm sooooo happy that they are now trained and happy to have a home inside.

    Was invited to a neighbor's for dinner but gratefully declined. Her condo is the same size as mine and she is having more than a dozen people. I am too fatigued to be around people in a close place with all the noise and confusion and touching. I still have touching issues, a leftover from my FMS. I'd likely have a panic attack. I'll be happier here with my Hungry Man turkey meal :)

    It feels really strange to have it cold out. I'm in my long robe made of that reallllly soft material. Ooh, it feels so good. Think that today, I'll tackle two electrical outlets: One was put in upside down and I can't use my flashlight in it; and, the other needs to be shimmed as it sinks in when I plug something in. It has broken the face plate. I had to shim the ones in the kitchen when I put in a tile backsplash to raise them to surface level. DIY tip, the stick part of a matchstick usually works perfectly. This has been bugging me for a while so might as well take care of it.

    Wishing you all a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving or, at least, one which is as good, or better.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just wanted to bop in to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


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    I'll be back later this evening...heading in to town with Den to watch him flip the switch to turn on the Christmas lights on the courthouse (since he's the electrician on call.) Wanted to post a quick pic of our dads from today...took Den's dad with me to have lunch with my dad at the nursing home. It was a great day :) Den's dad on the left, my daddy on the right...they are trying to talk him into being Santa for the Christmas party...

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    Hi, Kids,

    Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day. My Hungry Man turkey dinner was delicious and I only had to slave over a microwave for five minutes or so.

    Hi, Windy, glad you could stop in.

    Julie, nice pic of the Dads. Just watched "Miracle on 34th Street." Your Dad would make a great Santa.

    I woke at only 4:30 but got up in case Simon was waiting in the cold for his breakfast. Sure 'nuff, he was up against the door. I put his food out and he was eating when I heard the newspaper hit. I got the paper but he was gone. I will look through the keyhole to see whether he came back. He usually does. Poor little dude. I hope it warms up a tad.

    Both DD's called me yesterday. I'll be seeing the one in Denver on the 6th. We will definitely go out for Mexican food. There are almost no decent Mexican restaurants down here. This morning, I'm getting a booster shot as I feel I've been slipping back a little. I always have a headache because I haven't had my BP meds in three days. I won't be able to take them until Sun. At least, I can take acetaminophen for the headache an hour after the shot.

    Malls and stores opened last night. TV news showed crowds shopping. At first, I thought it was disgusting but then, I got to thinking, for some people, it probably was a great thing to get out on Thanksgiving night to do something and get great deals. What isn't great is people who have to go to work if they don't want to. As I mentioned, I'm going to check out the strip mall at Target and if it isn't packed, I'll stop in to Comp USA to pick up a Windows phone for $59. Radio Shack has them for $69. Otherwise, I'll come home, eat and rest up.

    Take care, my friends. Hope our MIA are OK. Rock, I hope it's only computer problems and not your health which has kept you away.

    Love, Mikie
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    This is how I feel today...not! But I'm gonna pretend, and see if I can get some things done, lol! BTW, Amy and I have a tradition of watching the Titanic anytime we get a chance, lol...went to see it when she was a lot younger, then again not that long ago on some kind of anniversary of when it came out.

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    Just realized we are near the end of this volume...hang on just a minute and I will go start a new one :p
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    Julie - lol, nice pic of kitty titanic....

    loved yr photo of yr dad n FIL too

    mikie - did u get the phone...

    jam - i loved the acupuncture i got for nine days..they used to give a lovely
    massage at end of it

    helped me keep on top of things when i went to visit daughter, was able to
    cook a large meal over two days for all her friends without any help except
    daughter who made salad..n helped with dumplings..

    yesterday, was getting ready for lunch b day party when SIL called, brother
    had to be taken again to hv water pumped out of his stomach..felt sad n
    scared but went on to lunch anyway n decided i wud look in on them at
    hospital..glad i went...the normal party banter kapt me from dwelling
    on fearful thoughts, me n healer friend went together, about 20 of us
    were there, mostly indians, the b day lady is indian....

    after that i tried calling brother, no one picked so got into a cab but halfway
    got sil and she was cheerful told me dont bother it is a long way off the hospital
    and no need to worry at i turned back..

    at home, dh was back from 3 day trip for work...relieved not to be alone..

    friend had done some healing on me so i felt a bit better inspite of ongoing

    i shall hv to hunt out my warm dress, dh just told me we hv to go
    for a wedding in evening..brrr..but i wont hv to cook at least

    yesterday had some tacos with kidney beans n raw cabbage spiced
    on top...kind of tasty...also a lovely custard with fruit in it for pudding
    need to learn those..

    take care all

    god bless
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