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    Hi gang! Mikie had a newsy post towards the end on the last volume and Windy popped in to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving. Granni was busy cooking for a bunch of guests and I posted a pic of my and Den's dads. More to read, I'm sure, but I forget already, lol! But please go back and catch up.

    Hope everyone had an eventful or uneventful day yesterday, however you chose to spend it. Ours was a little different, in that our kids all had other plans and Den was on call, so I spent most of the day with my dad and my FIL. Those guys have always gotten along, so we had a good time.

    The nursing home had lots of rooms reserved, for the residents who had family coming in to eat with them...board rooms, classrooms, any room with a table and chairs became a private dining room, so loved ones could be with family or friends. The meal was very good, and we three all chose pecan pie for dessert :)

    After I picked up Gpa from his house, we drove in to one town to see Sis in the hospital. I was going to just stay in the waiting room, but Gpa really wanted me to go in and say hi.

    I had ordered flowers to be sent to her on Wednesday (the day of her surgery) and put Gpa's name on them, along with all of ours. She hadn't mentioned anything to Gpa about getting them, so he was going to check when he got to the hospital.

    I was several minutes behind him, buy the time I parked the car. When I got into the room, he said, "Here are the flowers." They were as far across the room as they could be, on a window sill, behind a door...I guess Sis didn't want to see anything from me?

    That pretty well does it, as far as I am concerned...I don't need to play those games...I've got enough things that need my time and attention. It was obvious she didn't want me in her hospital room, so I quietly told Gpa I would be in the lobby and to take his time.

    We then drove to the next town to eat with my dad, then drove back to that town so he could visit Sis again (I came home to take a nap, cause it's only 15 minutes from our house and he wanted to stay a couple hours.) Was just about asleep and Gpa called me to come get him cause Sis was resting.

    So, I took him on home, then came home myself and went into town with Den. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but happy for the "good" times and will put the cr*p out of my mind. Gpa and I talked about Sis and he understands how things are, but also understands that I or Den will be there for him anytime.

    Saturday, I get to take him to his sister's Thanksgiving dinner...she has such a big family and not really room for a lot of "extra" people, but Gpa is her only sibling that is left (Gpa is 92, his sister is 91) so she likes for at least him to go. I will stay too and take him home in the afternoon.

    I don't mean to hog the volume so much already and just realized I'd better get it posted and not leave the "changeover" in limbo, lol!

    Better get over to Lindsey's and let Sheba out and get organized for our Amish neighbor girls who are coming to do some cleaning for Linds.
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    Well....since I wrote a novel on the first post, I thought I would add this as a separate one. Mikie, let us know how you are doing...when you get your shot this morning...hope it helps, and I am so sorry you have been feeling so rough for so long :(
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    Hi again, everyone! Jam, hope it's okay if I move your post over here to the new volume...don't want anyone to miss any of anyone else's news :) Below is Jam's post...

    Mikie, microwaves and I are NOT friends, never have owned one and certainly won't start now...

    My T Day was simple too, picked up a nice hot deli turkey spread from Whole Foods and a neighbor brought me a care package from her sister's's interesting to taste other's foods, so far her sister's dreassing tastes pretty bad as I took a smidge last night....

    My daughter and grands had other plans and it's all OK with me....I can't keep up with them anyway....

    I had a neighbor come in a we went over her labs from our MD in common...she has some concerns....

    Glad I'm out of the shopping world, don't miss it for a minute....I'm waiting for 2 long sleeve T's I ordered from Penney's online.....hope I like them and they fit good...

    Hope the booster helps you....when I get acupuncture my eyes water a lot and I think of you with your dry eyes....perhaps acupuncture helps Sjorgens, never checked that one out....

    I'm off to a bridge game today for mind stimulation and laughs......take care all.....jam

    We're raining here today, we need rain so I don't complain.
    FM dx 1999, OA since 18, messy hip replacement...
    HypoT and HBP under control.

    Most Profound Support: Grapeseed Extract, Armour, Iodine,
    D3, MSM, Anatabloc and other supplements...

    The Glass is HALF Full, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!!!!

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    Hi Jam...I am so "illiterate" on the computer, but will try to copy/paste it for you, if you want to send it to my email. I don't know how to get my own pics on here all the time, but have been copying them from facebook (after my girls post them for me, lol.)

    I will private message my email to you and we can go from there...
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch and for the adorable Kitty Titanic pic. It cracked me up! No wonder you are all in. You've done a lot of good things for people; I hope they appreciate it; I know GPA does.

    Springwater, sounds as though you've been busy too. I'm glad DB is doing better.

    Jam, I got a microwave when my kids were in junior high school so they could safely fix snacks for themselves after school, before I got home from work. When I was a kid, a friend's little sister set herself on fire trying to heat up a can of soup on the stove. She burned herself alive. It was such a traumatic event early in my life. I never forgot it. I remember going through an open house, newly built, in the 50's. The had what they called a Radar Range. It seemed like magic. Microwaves have been around a lot longer than most people realize. I've had one so long that I don't think I could do without one. Never had a toaster oven til this year. Now, I don't think I could get along without it. Have never tried acupuncture but wish I could afford it. Ins. doesn't pay for it.

    I did get my shot at 9:00 and by about 2:00 p.m., I was drooling. I don't feel well the day of the shot nor the day after. I've been without my blood pressure meds for four days now. Tomorrow, I can take them. Also, the day of the shot, I can't have anything to eat for an hour after the shot. I always have headaches until things get back to normal medwise. I'll take it fairly easy today too. Don't want the BP shooting up. Then, I have to get things cleaned up in the condo before I head out for Denver. It's going to be cold there so am getting out my warm clothing. Wan't to pack my fuzzy-wuzzy robe but don't know whether I'll have room.

    I was shocked to see almost no traffic on the road on the way to the doc's. On the way home, I stopped in at Target for some rolls and to Comp USA to look at the phone. I didn't get it. They had an even better phone free if I wanted to sign up for an $85 a month plan. Heck, this crappy TracFone is looking better and better. DD offered me her old iPhone which is so sweet. Still, I'd be stuck with an expensive plan. The idea is to cut cash outgo. I can get online with 3G but not on any Wi-Fi. I almost always use my laptop for getting online. If I ever am out and need to get online with my phone, I can use the 3G. I have no desire to read my e-mails on my phone. I basically only use it to make or get calls. I did need a new phone as the old one was doing all kinds of crazy things. The phone was basically free due to the minutes which came with it.

    Was surfing HSN last night as Adrienne Arpel was on. I am running out of her basic five cream with Retinol. Since the facial chemo, I am supposed to use it and vitamin C cream. She had her BOGO on it so I ordered some. She does the BOGO twice a year. I still have so much of her stuff but I use this cream a lot. I think if I could only use one cream, it would have to be this one.

    Watched the first two episodes of "Game of Thrones" on HBO last night. This makes three times. It's amazing how much more I understand this convoluted story each time I watch the old episodes. The costumes and scenes are amazing but it's really gory. Still, a very good story. Don't know where this season will take it. The whole main family in the beginning was slaughtered at the end of last season so it's changing.

    Guess I had better stop "W&P" here. Got my Xmas wreath on the door. It's so pretty; I use it every year. I love big lush wreaths. Classes up the place :) Have a great day, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi there everyone,

    I sit here exhausted after a busy two days of preparing and cooking, etc. and then this morning ( very early) my daughter #4, here DH and 9 year old son who has some autism and other learning problems left to drive home ( about 4 hours) very early. He has to work this afternoon so they wanted to get an early start. I did a bunch of washes today and also changed the Thanksgiving tablecloth to a Christmasy one since I had to take the old one off and wash it any who ( as Rock would say).

    My x son il came with two of the boys on Thanksgiving and it was good to see them and to see that he has gown up some ( the sil). I wish I could say as much for my daughter . Received an e-mail from X SIL this afternoon who went to our daughter's birthday or anniversary of her supposed sobriety from AA. That went well supposedly. However, someone spoke to him afterwards and told him some things he didn't know of what was going on with her and where she was staying - apparently in a hotel and car is being fixed and also has a lien on it and apparently she has been telling them all sorts of lies. We will see if we can ever get in touch with her. We tried calling her at the hotel where she is being put up temporarily and she wasn't there at the time. We will try later . It seems like she was sleeping in her car for one time too. She no longer has the car and who knows if she will ever get it back. We have some idea but she may not want to go along with it and we can't take her in for many reasons, including my health and being responsible for her. Enough of that. My b/p is already going to go through the roof. I told DH that HE needs to talk to her and not me. She won't like that probably and hope she will not hang up on him one time when he called and not in quite this bad a situation. Enough of this MESS for now. All I can do is worry and pray. DH will try calling her tonight. :(

    Julie - thanks for changing over the volume, getting us started again and moving over Jam's post too.

    Hi also to Mikie and Spring Water and awl.

    Hope everyone has and is still having a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Need to do some exercises. I missed so many days with the holidays but did the Denneroll yesterday for the first time in about 4 days or so.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    I wanted to move Springwater's post over here too, it accidentally got on the previous volume...


    Julie - lol, nice pic of kitty titanic....

    loved yr photo of yr dad n FIL too

    mikie - did u get the phone...

    jam - i loved the acupuncture i got for nine days..they used to give a lovely
    massage at end of it

    helped me keep on top of things when i went to visit daughter, was able to
    cook a large meal over two days for all her friends without any help except
    daughter who made salad..n helped with dumplings..

    yesterday, was getting ready for lunch b day party when SIL called, brother
    had to be taken again to hv water pumped out of his stomach..felt sad n
    scared but went on to lunch anyway n decided i wud look in on them at
    hospital..glad i went...the normal party banter kapt me from dwelling
    on fearful thoughts, me n healer friend went together, about 20 of us
    were there, mostly indians, the b day lady is indian....

    after that i tried calling brother, no one picked so got into a cab but halfway
    got sil and she was cheerful told me dont bother it is a long way off the hospital
    and no need to worry at i turned back..

    at home, dh was back from 3 day trip for work...relieved not to be alone..

    friend had done some healing on me so i felt a bit better inspite of ongoing

    i shall hv to hunt out my warm dress, dh just told me we hv to go
    for a wedding in evening..brrr..but i wont hv to cook at least

    yesterday had some tacos with kidney beans n raw cabbage spiced
    on top...kind of tasty...also a lovely custard with fruit in it for pudding
    need to learn those..

    take care all
    god bless

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    Oh my...I don't remember when I have been so tired! Ended up taking Lorraine with me to take Gpa to his sister's for dinner...Lorraine had been crying for me while in Tennessee and I hated to be gone all day today...they just got back at 10:00 last night and the kids were all asleep so we didn't see them.

    It's an hour drive, even though we ended up only 15 minutes away from our house, the time I went to Gpa's, and drove him back to town. We were there from 11:00 am till after 3:00, so by the time we got Gpa back home and back to our farm, it was almost 5:00 pm.

    But it gave Lindsey a chance to regroup after the long trip...David had to go back to work today. However, I am exhausted! Den is on call for his coworker tomorrow, and I had considered fixing lunch to take to Amy and her family (and go to church with them) but I don't think that's going to happen...just heated up a quick supper for myself and Den and not sure I will make it off the couch, except to go to bed :eek:

    But it was worth it to see Gpa enjoying himself and seeing some of Den's family that we have not seen in years...and Lorraine had a couple of younger "distant cousins" to play with. She was really good until time to go home...then she started crying because she didn't want to leave her friends.

    Jam...I never saw a picture from you. Did you see my message, giving you my email address? I have been checking the regular and spam "mailboxes" but haven't seen anything come through.

    What I do is open the porch (or wherever you want to post the pic) and get ready to start typing. Then open a new tab and go to wherever your picture is and "right click" on that picture and a "drop down" should appear, allowing you to click on "copy". Then go back to the porch, where you are ready to go, right click on that and a "drop down" will have an option of "paste"...just click on that and your pic should appear.

    I'm not very great at explaining these things...but maybe someone else can make it more clear. Hope you can get it to work...

    Granni, I am so sorry about your daughter...hurts us so bad when our kids make poor decisions that lead to them hurting also. Worried about your b/p...I know you know that you need to take care of yourself first...hard to do, but necessary.

    Springwater, glad your brother rallied...what a worry for you and all those who love him.

    Mikie, I figured you were having to take it easy after your injection...oh, I hope it helps!

    I would love to stay on here and chat some more, but I can barely keep my eyes open. I think Den is going to join me on the couch and we will watch a movie or something. If I go to be this early, I will be up "who knows when" during the night.
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    Hi, my exhausted Porchie friends,

    I hope everone is recouperating from TG.

    Julie, I do hope you are taking good care of yourself. If not, sweetie, you can't continue to take care of others and I know taking care of loved ones is not what you do--it's who you are. Stay well, especially with little ones carrying all those viruses.

    Granni, I am so very sorry to read about your DD. Nothing is more difficult than to watch a child in harm's way and nothing you can do for her. I will keep you all in my prayers. Watch the BP, please, and take my advice to you too to rest and stay well. The exercise should help with the BP. Today is the first day I've been able to take my BP meds in four days because of the amino acid solution (formerly called, peptide) injection. I've had to take it easy because just doing a couple of small things drove my BP way up. Also, I always think the shots have a better chance if I rest a couple of days.

    Springwater, I didn't get the phone. They offered me a newer on free if I signed up for a two-year contract at $85 a month. Free? In a pig's eye! I went online and found out that so many people with the ZTE phones have the same problem I'm having--they can't get the internet to load using Wi-Fi. Well, I needed a new phone anyway and the minutes which came with it just about make the deal break even. It does work on 3G but I don't know how the minutes are applied to data downloading. I do not want to read my e-mails on the phone. I just though a few apps on a smart phone might be nice. I'm sure it would but not with this crappy phone. So, until I win the Lotto, TracFone and I seem to be joined at the hip.

    The booster shot worked! I got it at 9:00 and by 2:00 p.m., I was drooling. This morning, my eyes are moist. My hands and wrists no longer ache. I had so much energy that last night, I couldn't get to sleep. I finally fell asleep at 2:00 a.m. this morning and slept til 7:00. Woohoo! I feel soooo much better. In addition, I now know the ultra exhaustion associated with Sjogren's. That's what I had been feeling. That, and dry, burning mouth. Also, the arthritis in my hands and wrists. Those were the last two conditions I picked up after CDIDS and FMS. For me, the Sjogren's exhaustion was far more profound than any other. I just hope this shot works and I don't have to start another series of them. I'll see the doc on the 11th and discuss it with him.

    Today is the birthday of my ex's DGMA. She is long passed but I think of her and how special she always was. Her nickname was "Jake." Don't know why but she was always Grandma Jake to us. She would bake cookies and ride the bus to our house when the kids were small. I miss her.

    I did get one thing done yesterday. I have a natural denim slipcovered sofa but it looks white, just not the bright white of some summer slipcovers. The bottom cushion covers always get dirty and I removed them and washed them. It feels so good to have accomplished something. Then, I took my BP and went to lie down and watch TV because it was so high. I love to watch "Through The Wormhole" on the Science Channel with Morgan Freeman (I'd watch almost anything he is in). TV has been awful unless one is a big sports fan, both college and pro teams. As I've mentioned, TV is my life.

    Well, think I might take some mocha out to the Balcony. It's cool and gray out. Then, I need to shower and try to get more done around here. I want to get this place decent before I leave for Denver on Fri. Can't wait to see my kids and have some decent Mexican food.

    Hope we hear from our MIA's. My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yay, Mikie! Glad the shot glad you are feeling better and will be able to enjoy your trip.

    Yep, some of that "free" stuff ends up not being very free at all...

    Diane, I have been wondering about you....and many others that we haven't heard from recently. Sometimes we know what's going on (schedules, etc.) and sometimes I see porch friends post on facebook. I am wondering about Rock, though, hope he didn't have any other complications from his fall out of bed.

    Diane, it sounds like you and Kevin had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope there is nothing seriously wrong with Faithy.

    I woke up this morning, still tired from the past week's busy activities. I was trying to decide if I even felt like going to church, or whether to go to ours or drive to Amy's...had just about concluded I should just stay home and take it easy...when Lindsey texted that everyone at her house, but her, was vomiting.

    David was even staying home from work...he seems to be in the worst shape of all of them. I took some oatmeal over and ended up getting "puked on" by Lorraine and while I was cleaning that up (and Lindsey was taking care of David and Isaiah) Liora vomited all over herself.

    Oh boy...I now have Lorraine over at our house, and left Lindsey to deal with the twins and Daddy. So, if I'm not on here for a few days, you will know WHY!
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    So far, so good here...Lorraine hasn't vomited at my house and I just rocked her to sleep, so plan to join her in a few minutes. Den had to go over to his dad's and fix a water leak in Sis's bathroom. Comments were made that maybe he didn't "do it right" when he installed things three years ago...well, I think if that were the case, it would have leaked long before now.

    Couldn't possibly have anything to do with her storing bags of cat food in the actual bowl of the pedestal sink and maybe knocking the drain loose? But since Gpa called, Den felt like he should go over and look at it...

    I cooked a bunch of food and timed it to be ready at noon, but planned for leftovers in case any of Lindsey's family feels up to eating. All that sounded good to Lorraine was cheerios and juice, and she did eat part of a carton of peach yogurt. I made noodles and added some pieces of roast beef, mashed potatoes, a "California Blend" of steamed veggies...thawed out some homemade applesauce, and heated up some scalloped corn from the other night. And I think Den polished off the potato salad I had made a couple days ago...

    We got word that David's mom and his nephew are pretty sick now...and to think that none of the kids' family had any symptoms when they left to go down to visit...

    I have had some pretty sharp stomach cramps, but no vomiting or intestinal "upset" yet...we will just deal with whatever we have to. I may need to go to town and get more Sierra Mist and crackers...that's about all I can keep down when (if) I end up with this stuff.

    Jam, I still don't see any pic from you...not sure if you have sent it to either me or Diane...but she would be better than me, I'm sure, as far as technical savvy :)

    Diane, I am glad Faithy can be treated with the eye drops...good that you guys caught it early enough before she had complications.

    I'd better get a nap while I can...hope everyone else is doing okay.
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    Jam - that is the cutest doggie pic.

    Diane - I am so glad to hear from you and thanks for posting that cute doggie pic. Glad you got the meds for Faithy. Hope she doesn't pass it on to Beety or anyone else. Just curious I animals can pass s tuff like that on to their human owners.

    Mikie - Glad the shot has been helping you. I know you are anxious to go on your trip to see your family. I know you will have a wonderful time.. How long is your flight? Where was is, I have forgotten.

    Waiting to hear something from our x SIL. Hope he will have some luck with DD. She ended up hanging up on my DH when he tried to speak to her yesterday. DH didn;'t even mention the stuff I wanted him to mention about what her x was told at the gathering. She just kept talking over him and probably didn't hear a word he was saying. This is probably one of the most mild mannered of the kids. Don't think she is getting some good advice from some people. More later, nothing really new except frustration. :(

    Need to do my Denneroll thingy now. I have been so bad about exercises. Haven't even started my Christmas cards yet. Yikes.

    Hope all are well. So sorry to hear that Lindsays's group is sick again , JULIE. They never seem to get a break.

    Love to you all,'
    Granni :)
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    Oh, Jam, Tori is a cutie, for sure! Thanks, Diane...I never could find a pic to post...editting here to say I finally did get an email from you (with the cute turkey picture) but Diane had already posted the pic of Tori...isn't technology fun when it works :)

    Granni, I hope things work out better for your daughter. Glad your ex-SIL is willing to communicate.

    I think everyone is on the mend, as far as the flu bug is concerned. We had Lorraine here till early evening...she was still hanging out with Gpa Den when I left for a grocery run in town.

    I am really hoping I don't get anything other than the few cramps that I had today. Our weather is supposed to be really WARM the next couple days...45 degrees tomorrow and 48 on Tuesday! Hoping to get the rest of the outside work done...glad there is no snow on the ground so it shouldn't be too muddy, etc.

    Just hopped on to check on everyone...will visit more tomorrow.
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    Hi, Everybody,

    Julie and Diane, I'm so sorry those horrible viruses keep making a comeback. I guess I should feel blessed mine only came twice.

    Julie, thanks for posting Jam's DGDG's pic. What a cutie. Jam, I'll bet you love to see her.

    Diane, hope Faithy's pinkeye clears up. I've had it and it hurts--stings. Glad y'all got some med for it.

    Haven't seen Simon in a few days. Looks as though the newspaper guy scares him off and, yesterday, I slept til 7:00. I've found the key to going back to sleep after I get up to pee is to put my sleeping mask on and make it pitch black for my eyes. I just put his food out but it may be too late. He's probably wondering why my schedule changed.

    Yesterday, I got up feeling all fine and, all of a sudden, I was overcome with fatigue. Then, came the UTI symptoms. I drank a lot of cranberry juice with lemon and took some colloidal silver. Someone put a recipe for not getting UTI's over on the CFIDS/ME board and I want to revisit it. I can't get sick before I leave. I fly to Atlanta where I have a three-hour layover. Then, is the long leg to Denver. I upgrade to business class when I can for that part.

    Saw an interesting show on near death experiences last night on CNN. No one mentioned a tunnel but all mentioned the bright white light where they felt loved unconditionally and totally at peace. I enjoy hearing these stories. They reaffirm what I believe.

    I am also worried about Rock. I hope he, and all our MIA's, are OK.

    Love, Mikie
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    HAPPY CYBER MONDAY!!!!! A lot of people will be getting great deals...not me, but that's ok. I did all my shopping already; put what I wanted on "no fee whatsoever" layaway, made payments every week or so, picked it up week before last and wrapped everything while the "farm kids" were gone...

    I think online shopping is great, though...especially for ones who can't get out and pick things up themselves. And being able to "drop-ship" a gift, etc. directly to the recipient is wonderful!

    I do need to write down recipes yet, for my girls. I got them each a recipe book that is also a three ring binder and has vinyl sleeves that hold recipe cards...I am going to write down recipes that the girls keep asking me for, and add some from their grandmothers (might even be able to make copies of their actual handwriting :))

    Mikie, no no no! You can't get sick before your trip! I am praying that you feel better than ever so you can enjoy your time with your family.

    When my mom was dying, she reached out to someone or something that only she saw...I like to think it was my grandma or grandpa (her mom or dad) or some other loved one, welcoming her..

    Oh boy, I need to get busy...slept till 8:00, then messed around paying bills that I should have had taken care of days ago, and now it is after 10:30. Checked on Lindsey and the kids....they are all doing fine and David went back to work today. So, I am going to take advantage of this 2-day "heat wave" and do some outside things. Highs of 45 degrees today and it says 58 for tomorrow (hope that wasn't a typo, but I'll take it...earlier it had said 48 for tomorrow) but some rain.

    I was going to the far away chiro tomorrow, but changed my appt. to Thursday so I could be home and working during the better weather. Never a dull moment around here, lol!

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    Hi Jam...I never did get the pics of Tori...just one email with the pic of the turkey and telling me that Diane has posted the Tori one for you. Weird, for sure...I even looked in my "spam" folder and they weren't in there. Oh well, at least it got done :)

    Honestly, many days I would welcome a slower pace for myself. It "feels" like the situations of taking care of our parents, then kids and grandkids have been "thrust" upon us, but in reality, we could have said "no". But we just had to do what felt right at the time, and do what we were able to. As Mikie said, it's not what I do, it's what I am...very good point.

    Tis the season, true! I don't mean Christmas...I mean that, just as you and Granni and many others who are a few years older than me, had your busy/crazy years...these are mine right now :p It's more than possible that in 20 years, I will not be driving three hours to a chiro appt. or even two hours to a family dinner or school function.

    I know you all understand, better than I do, since you have already "been there"...I would just be happy to feel a little "caught up" once in awhile. Am feeling very overwhelmed right now...sorting things in my parent's mobile home. I have actually gotten rid of some things, but the piles don't seem to be getting any smaller.

    I know my one brother's kids would probably like to have some of their gma and gpa's things, but they are living with my brother and his wife right now, so have no room to store anything. Still, I am trying to get the knick-knacks and usable things "on display" so they can come pick out (and take) what they want....things that I feel pretty sure my dad won't even remember and certainly doesn't need.

    But in the 2 1/2 years since my parents moved to the care center, their trailer not only has their stuff back in there, but some of Lindsey and David's things...and some of our things (that we had to store when we moved to the shop/house.)

    Maybe I'm a hoarder, and just haven't been "diagnosed" as such yet? If so, I come by it quite naturally, seeing some of the things my parents had kept. And so does Den, by looking at the things his dad has hung onto. So, we both are screwed, lol!

    But, I am trying to remind myself that when our things start controlling our lives, instead of the other way means we have too many "things." And I tell myself over and over that I don't need to "save" anything for anyone else...the kids and grandkids probably aren't going to even want our stuff...they will already have their own stuff, lol!

    There, now I've given myself a lecture/pep talk...and am ready to go tackle some more...

    Thinking of everyone, hope you are all doing as well as possible.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Don't feel bad about feeling or being called a HOARDER. DH thinks I do the same thing and I am not event close. He throws stuff out even if that means will may have to buy whatever it is soon.

    Mikie - Sorry you are feeling badly again. Just baby yourself now, the heck with the house and getting it pe.rfect while you are gone. REST ALOT . Yes, the timing stinks ! I have had similar problems with feeling bad right before a trip or special occasion. Hope you feel better soon so you are really up for your lovely trip.

    SW, Jam, Rock and everydobby , a special shout out to you all too. Gotta go get ready for our special dinner tonight out with 2 other couples in a great Italian place - my favorite.

    Hope all are well. Stuff is still not good with DH . We heard from DD's x hubby who passed on some words to us which we not very good. I am just afraid she my end up dead someplace or something else happening. At this point not sure she would even accept any $ from us and she has none, I believe, no car or permanent place to stay. The AA put her up at a motel in town somewhere. We'll see if she communicates any more with him. She was upset and didn't want him to give her place address or phone number to anyone or US. Very upsetting !:(

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Jam, et al,

    Thanks for your input but she already goes to AA and supposedly has been free of liquor or wine for 1 year. One of her sons pinned her the other night with her 1 year pin. Something really screwing is going on. According to someone there who told my x sil that she has been doing a lot of telling tales or lying. So I am suspecting lots of stuff she has told us lately is not true either. As of now she doesn't want to speak to us. Who knows if that will change. She may go up to her x's place to be close to the boys which would be good. However, she will need a car and clothes and he doesn't have enough to support her and doesn't want to have to. We may offer a bit of $ but she might not even take it. He is not even sure that she will contact him again. This DD has not much self esteem or confidence. The really weird part is that she stuck it out with the boys until recently when he wanted to take the boys and he was having his problems. She was there for the youngest when he has leukemia. Now he is leukemia free and doing well. At that time she was doing all the running of him back and forth to the hospital, etc. and I think her x's dad told him he had better step up and do what was best for the boys.

    There may be psychological things going on and maybe depression after she couldn't find a job and losing her boyfriend an even fiancé at one time. At one time back when she called him her ROCK !! Not sure she can take all those things plus the liquor problems and who knows if other things were in play either. She kept lots of things to herself about any problems other than her x SO. Also had no idea of her problems with alcohol that I figured she had a long time ago, her x husband did some pretty heavy beer drinking too. I am thinking and hoping he has cleaned up his act. I know his dad has tried to steer him on the right track for the boys. She is 46 and he is probably close to that.

    I just cannot get to involved with stuff and I know that will not be good for my b/p.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :(
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    This is the 30th post so will go start a new Porch when I'm done.

    Julie, thanks for good wishes about my health. So far, last night and this morning, no symptoms of the UTI but that's how it all started--off and on. I still have some ABX and will take them with me when I go. On top of everything else, Denver is going to get a ton of snow dumped on it on Wed. and Thurs. I just hope it's all cleaned up by Fri. and the delayed flights are back on time. I may end up staying with other DD in Atlanta and going to Denver another time. At least, I have some options; I got trip insurance. Thanks for your prayers. My Mom also reached out to a person, or people, I couldn't see in her room when she died. She had the most amazing look on her face. It's such a comfort to know that something so wonderful awaits us.

    Jam, I think there are a lot of us for whom just staying home and doing what we want is the best way to celebrate a holiday. My DD once said it was hard for her to celebrate Xmas, knowing I was alone. I told her I had had many Xmases with her and her sister and my ex and now, it's her turn. They don't realize that some of us change as we get older. I have the most beautiful red, green and white satin jammies and robe, a gift from my Mom, and I plan on wearing them out on the Balcony on Xmas to have my coffee.

    Granni, you and your family are still in my prayers. I pray things work out for your DD. Thanks for your good wishes for my trip too. I'm actually more concerned with the weather. I can take the ABX I have on hand if the UTI rears its ugly head. I have to go over to the condo mtg. to turn in receipts for the landscaping supplies I bought so I can get reimbursed. My printer won't print until I change out the color cartridges. It's always a pain to do it. Or, I could wait til I get back. Not gonna pressure myself about anything before the trip. I do want to clean the floors and should be able to get that done. All that traipsing in and out while I was planting and then, feeling too crappy to clean has left my floors looking awful. When I get back, I'll need to shampoo the carpeting.

    Well, Kids, that's about it since I've done nothing of note for a couple of days. Again, hope we hear from our MIA's, even if it's only to let us know they are OK.

    Love, Mikie