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    Good morning, everyone! The last volume was getting lost in the shuffle, so I just started a new one over here...hope everyone will see it.

    I will get this going, then come back to visit...
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    Going to add some of the "end posts" from the last least that is my "goal" good to see Freida back!!!

    From Freida...

      • I am so very glad to have found my way back to all of you, here.

        I am glad to hear everyone share the difficulties , and the joys ,
        and humor and general musings,
        sensible or not, none of us mind or would know the difference, and it is not of any importance here.
        We all value the welcome, the acceptance, and comraderie, and gentle kindness and respect.

        Thank you all!

        You are never boring, Mikie. :)
        And you warmed my heart with your reaction to my post.

        Rock, loved the funny coupon story.

        Rock,are your amaryllis in the ground outdoors?
        I have seen them that way in Florida, years ago.
        Here in the frozen north country, they only do well indoors, in pots.
        Great for this dark time of year here, where little else grows.

        I am very happy to read others posts too, here on the porch.

        Lots of workers came from other states, and spent their holiday week away from their families, to work in the harsh conditions of the ice storm, to help restore heat and electricity, to families in need.
        Some goodness still abounds in our difficult world.

        A warm hello to each of you, even though i am not up to mentioning each of you byname.
        And thank you for wanting to listen to me.

        Leah Freida
        freida, Yesterday at 4:55 PMReport

        From Dar...
      • [​IMG]

        I have TMJ too. My chiropractor, (who was an instructor at Palmer College of Chiropractics), adjusts my jaw. It's painful to have adjusted, but the resulting relief is amazing and can I eat pizza with abandon!

        Re: Your Computer,

        Delete the Chrome. It's junk. Install Firefox. It's faster and will work better. Should eliminate your problem.


      • Here is Mikie's from earlier this morning...
        Ah, Rock, that was a good joke! It was a slice of heaven and not cheesy at all. My puns have been amateurish at best lately. It must be the virus. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :oops: Target had a sale on Amaryllis plants in beautiful ceramic pots. I love them and was going to buy a big red one. When I looked, all of them had started to leaf out under the cardboard packaging and the leaves were all brown and withered. My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom and gets more beautiful every day. I'll take a pic of that when it's at it's most splendorifulous.

        A runner is a long narrow throw rug which one might put in a hallway. The one I got is only 24" X 5'. I'll lay it right in front of the sofa where my feet go. I don't think it's Kosher d├ęcor but it will be practical and save the carpet there from getting so dirty so fast. Everyone around here kicks off their shoes at the door but I can never remember to do that. I avoid oil in the parking lot/street. Still, my carpet is light and just gets dirty fast. My walls are white and one sofa is natural/white and the other is beige. My accents are black and beige. Nothing too exciting but easy on the eyes and relaxing. I throw in an accent of blue here and there. I have a blue pillow with a starfish on it and a beige pillow with a shell on it. I have some blue and beige candles with little starfish hanging on them from sisal ties. I do have a brightly colored large abstract painting above the sofa and all the books and knickknacks on the shelf behind it, including my salt lamp.

        Yesterday, I just didn't feel up to going out. I have to today if I want my gas card. It's the last day for them at Publix. I did one thing--I painted part of my kitchen window frame on the outside. The painters do a horrible job and ran the gray field color too far along the white frame. They don't mask it off and it looks messy. Feng Shui says that the entry (my window is next to the front door) must be clean with no clutter and in good repair. Also, until I quit having to dig out paint, I can't put my walk-in closet back together. Move one thing in there and I have to move five others. I shouldn't whine as I don't know what I'd do without that storage. I have to take down the Christmas decorations as they go up on the high shelves in plastic tubs.

        Seems we had someone posting in Russian. I took four years of it in high school but can no longer read it or understand most of the spoken word. I can still utter a phrase or two. I do remember a folk song. Funny, they were playing Christmas carols on my digital music channels on the TV on Christmas Day. They played a French carol that I remember the words to. Are we able to remember foreign languages when set to music? Does music imprint differently on our brains than just the spoken word? Music must involve both hemispheres and language only one. I noticed in college that if I wrote notes in class, I remembered the material better than just highlighting the material in the books. There is something about writing that wires info into the brain too. I just wish I could remember peoples names and other words that escape my pea brain at times. What's the word for that.........oh, yeah, aphasia. Couldn't remember it :D

        My co-pays from my generic meds will be going up the first of the year. All the plans are upping co-pays for everything. I finally filed a formal complaint with Medicare over how my ins. hasn't paid my lab bill despite numerous calls from me. The lab refused to help me in any way. The lady at M/C was outraged at that. She asked me for the name of the person at the lab I spoke to and, fortunately, I had it. I have to wonder if that's why I got the refund check from my shoulder surgery. My ins. co. must be under the gun to review all my claims. I hated to bring out the big M/C guns but sometimes, that's what it takes to get action. Now, all I have to do is stop in at my condo ins. office and bug them after numerous calls and no action. People go begging for jobs and this is what we get from those that do have them. Something just ain't right here.

        Got up early to pee and can't go back to sleep. I put out Simon's food but the sprinklers run today so he may not come. If he does, the paperguy may scare him away. I hope Jeff is also feeding him on the next street over where he moved--Jeff moved, not the cat :)

        Well, better see whether the paper is here. Thank God, it comes early. Had to laugh at CBS early morning news. The said, "We've been informing insomniacs for years." Good tag line. Y'all have a good day, ya hear?

        Love, Mikie
        Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing
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    Now that I might have us all thoroughly confused...I wonder if there is a way to add a "translation" to Williams posts, so people who don't read Russian can read them...

    Since I actually got to sleep at a decent hour last night (and slept in my own bed, instead of on the living room floor with a grandchild, lol) I woke up pretty early. Den and I are going to head to our own church this morning...with him being on call every other week and us sometimes going to one of the kids' churches, we haven't been to our "home church" together in quite awhile.

    We both took Keira to her dad yesterday afternoon, then ended up going on an impromptu date...saw the 2nd Hobbit movie "The Desolation of Smaug", then out to dinner.

    Den and I go way back to the "70's" as Hobbit fans...I have gotten him a new wall calendar for Christmas since we were first married. They used to be just called J.R.R. Tolkien calendars...then, when the Hobbit movies started coming out, they are now called Hobbit calendars.

    The first movie in this "series" came out last year, then we had to wait a year for the second one. Good thing I remember parts of the books, because I don't remember last year's movie much at all, lol! And, of course, the movies don't always exactly follow the books....

    Well, I'd best get my kitties their breakfast...Mikie, the only thing my cats fear is Sheba (the kids' St. Bernard) and that is only if she can get to their food (if someone happens to leave the garage door up.)

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day!
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    I am pasting a post by Jersey Nurse who posted on an old, old Porch. I didn't want anyone to miss it. I changed the last Porch title to "Closed." I hope this helps a little with the confusion. The Russian author is gone.

    Love, Mikie

    I have CFS and I suffered from gastritis for years on and off then I started to notice that whenever I was taking antihistamines, the gastritis would calm down within a couple days. During allergy season my stomach was always fine. Took me years to figure it out. Now I take a very low dose of zyrtec (2.5mg) 3 times a week and it seems to keep it at bay. NO more loud stomach noises, pain or that empty gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tried acid reducers for years. Acid was not at the root cause of my gastritis. It was histamine causing the main inflammation.
    I'm not prescribing here. Just wanted to let you know what worked for me.
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    OK, now that some forum housekeeping is done, I can post.

    Jersey Nurse, welcome to the Chit Chat Forum. I hope you like us here. This forum can be used for most any topic and we are like an Online Family which offers support in all areas. If you haven't already, you might want to also post this on the CFIDS/FMS Forum.

    Julie, glad your cats are near fearless. Cats have to be to survive. For Tweety, survival meant climbing the tallest and nearest tree. Now that she lives inside, she is safer. Simon, on the other hand, has obviously suffered a horrible trauma which means that survival to him is never letting a human get within reach of him. How I'd love to scratch his little head and tummy. Still, he lets me know with his love looks that he derives my love just by my talking to him and feeding him.

    I woke early, as mentioned earlier, and read the newspaper and threw it over to Barb. I jumped into the shower, got dressed, did my hair and makeup and went to Publix. I spent $55 so I was able to get my $50 gas card for $40. Saw two old coworkers whom I like; it's always good to see them. Had such a sweet cashier and bagger. Just love it when something I really don't want to do is pleasant when I do it.

    I bought some Ovaltine. Does anyone remember in "Young Frankenstein" when the lovely German nurse kept offering Dr.. Frankenstein one thing after another? He kept saying "No thank you," each time getting more and more irritated. Finally, she said in a thick German accent, "Ovaltine?" At that point, he hissed, "Nothing! Thank you!" When the gang in the hood is out on the Balcony and we offer a guest several things, we always say, "Ovaltine?" in a German accent. Of course, the other person must hiss, "Nothing! Thank You!" Well, now I can thrust the container of Ovaltine at them when I do the schtick. A lot of my family's humor, and the FL family's humor, come from the movies or cute things our kids and grandkids have said.

    I never did get to sleep yesterday and am dragging around today. Think I'll try again, not that I don't have tons of stuff which couldn't be done inside. It's raining all day today and, possibly, for another two days. So, I won't be getting anything done outside. Been getting a lot of attention from Mom and the angels in Heaven so I probably should pray and meditate. I might even try my crystal. I think they are telling me I've been spiritually lazy recently. Well, I've been lazy in all aspects of my life so, at least, I'm consistent.

    Sending you all hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Diane,

    Thanks for the warning regarding the Russian posts. Hopefully, he is gone. His posts were everywhere.

    Hope you are doing well. I think of you when Adrienne is on. I just bought her BOGO on her five ingredient face cream but have so much of her other products. I still enjoy watching her.

    Love, Mikie
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    :p:p:pHere I am!

    It has been a very hectic December! there were more wonderful things planned here and i looked forward to them. Well, an awful stomach flu hit here---I had it one night and awful----- so, again we were quantined to our rooms for 5 days! three meals a day were brought in on trays and so there were no choices. But the worse was that all of those lovely Christmas programs had to be cancelled------- 6 iin all.

    Then a horrid cold virus went around. one of the loadies at my table had it horribly and would not go to the Dr. Stubborn, Then I got it from her. Generous of her, wasnn't it? (Remember. I do typos and with my bad hands, etc. I dont correct. I know all of you will know wnat I mean) Then another lady at my table got a horrid cold---got Rx but didn't work. the last I saw her was on Christmas morning. Guess could just say----she is sick in bed!!!!!

    Now the last ofr my table mates has it.....

    I gather that there is another baby coming to visit on the Porch! Hope lindsey feels OK. She is a busy lady and grandma will alsio be busier.

    I had a nice holiday but I was soooo tiredMy # 1 son and wife, his son from Indy, daughteer from Denver and son from Seattle were here on Christmas eve day. Thiey took me out for a wonderful lunch, then we had christmas back here. on Christgmas Day I spent from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. here at my son and with all his family from here. Wasn't long but was great. The next day my daughter and hubby came from MI----after they got all of the snow in their driveway shoveled out. They came late afternoon, took me to Olive Garden (one of my favorite places) and then for a ride over the city to see all of the fabulous lights!! they stayed all night at a motel----I only have a twin bed----and the next morning daughter did my laundry which was mostly my christmas clothes (she took them home to store) and my blanket. The went on to his mother's at 11 when I went to lunch and they head back to MI today.

    I am not used tyo going "out" like that---4 days in a row-----and using my walker, etc. I was beat!

    I don't know if I ever mentkioned my hurting shoulder or not. I have so much pain and aching in it.......Diagnosis----frozen shoulder, arthritis, rotor cuff or bursitis. I do wish I knew! the only pain Rx is extra strength Tylenol, 2 twice a day. It doesn't work. RN here said to the Glusomine (spelling?) but I don't see any help. I ihave to lay so carefully at night-----not on it and I can't sleep on other side as it hurts my shoulder to find a way to lay my arm.

    Does anyone have burning of your skin?Sometimes mine burns sio much...always wash my hands in cold water!

    Rock: It is so good to see your writings.....I have always loved it. I will try to get back sooner and more cheerfully writing. my shoulder effects my typing and I am now a right had eater. I am left-handed so my wr iting is awful!. Glad that I still can type but in my usual bad way.

    I miss you all.. Gentle Hugs and luv....
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    Hi Joan/Lilac - so happy you got back here for a short visit. We have missed you and hope you get to come back soon. Don't get sick like all your table mates. Sorry about your shoulder and that so many of the fun programs at the facility were canceled due to all the sicknesses.

    Gee, I really have been off of here a lot. I missed all the fun with the spammer ( not that it was really fun) :)!! LOL I try and stay away from those type of posts if I can, strange sites, etc. Thanks to Diane, Mikie and all who helped get rid of it (them).

    Julie - Glad you got to have a "date" with Den the other night to see the movie and dinner I think you said. Hope Lindsay is not feeling as badly as she was with the wins with morning sickness or all day sickness or whatever it was. I never had any sickness with al 5 pregnancies but my mil was sick the whole 9 months with my DH. Crazy how it just hits certain people. I hope she feels better this time around and doesn't need a pic

    As I sit here my tummy is growling. Having a Colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Have been drinking lots of broths, juices, and jello. Tonight it starts all over with the drinking and will try this newer stuff to help clean me out. This is just for prevention or making things are OK. If this is like the Sigmoidoscopy I had years ago I won't know anything that happened till it was over. The worst part was the night before, all the bathroom trips and that terrible stuff to drink. This is not supposed to taste as bad but we will see. The gallon of stuff last time was like drinking salt water and so much of it - ugh !! Have to get up at 4 pm in the morning to take another bottle of that stuff and then drink more water. Meanwhile I will be doing a lot of peeing also. I usually don't have to drink much to have to go.:(

    Thinking about you ALL. Hi also to Rock, Spring Water, Jam, Frieda and everydobby else I haven't mentioned before. Glad to hear from Joan/Lilac again and glad she is doing pretty well, all the pain considered.

    Will try and check back tomorrow afternoon or evening if I can; Please pray all goes well and they don't find any problems.

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    Grannie: That is so awful taking all that stuff and spending all that time on the toilet! I had to take that 4 a.m. on too and I was afraid to (whoops) go back to bed and afraid to go to sleep! We all need prayers when having to go thru that routine. It is scary and usually OK. Hope that they put you out. I was half out and it hurt! I am taking it for granted that it is all over or I wouldn't be saying all this.:eek:

    Diane: When you talked of your kitties enjoying the box the best made me think of my great-grandson ion Christmas. He had toys, toys, but his dad got a b ig power saw in a big box. Well, that box was a hit!:)
    He got in it and wanted to shut the top and just play. He was so cute with it. he was 2 in Sept. and that is such a great age.:p

    How old are your kitties? I envy you. I brought my sweet cat with me when i came here to the assisted living a year ago. She had been such a sweetie both at home and here. She became ill in July so my DIL took her to the vet and I knew what he was going to say. I had already cried buckets of tears as I had known for abougt a week whad would happen and I petted her as she went ioff to kitty heaven. More tears. I miss her so very much. #1 son said as my age I didn't need another cat to care for and he was right.:(

    I think that it is time for me to get gown and robe on and sit!! Maybe even read a magazine but I do have a problem with that----dropping off for a short nap!

    Gentle Hugs to all,

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    Good Sunday evening! The link below is a video...could be someone we know and love? Well, in several years :p The lady is 88 years old...

    I can't figure out how to fix it to just click on it and go straight there...but if I highlight it and "right click" it will give an option to go there. I hope it brings a smile to your faces, as it did to mine :) Wait a minute! After I posted this, the video showed up on its own...all I had to do was click on the picture!

    Just have a minute, but wanted to say "Hi" to glad to see you here and glad you got to get "out and about" over Christmas. Sorry the programs had to be cancelled due to illness, though :(

    Thank you, Diane...and TigerLilea, for alerting us to the mystery scammer.

    Granni, hope your test goes just fine tomorrow...I am probably due, but haven't gotten one scheduled yet.

    Den and I made it to church this morning and, as we were leaving, the pastor and his wife invited us to lunch. We had a great visit with them and their daughter, and another friend of the family. Their daughter is handicapped...I forget what it is called...but she has a very hard time walking, because her knees don't bend and she just has to sort of shuffle along. Her name is Amy, and we adore her...she is in her 30's and lives with her parents.

    Came home and took a very long (too long) nap, but still feel "tired" so maybe I can still get to sleep at a decent time. I offered to watch Lindsey and David's kiddos tomorrow so they can go alone to the home supply store. They are wanting to do some remodeling before the new baby comes...rearranging bedrooms, finding space for four kids...may add on to the house later on.

    We went from mid-50's yesterday, to 19 degrees for a High today...and it is supposed to be as cold or colder the rest of the week. Not a good time to drag three little ones out...our store is having an 11% off Rebate Sale till next Saturday, so the kids are hoping to take advantage of that.

    Better finish Den's lunch...he had five days in a row off, but has to get back to the grind tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

    Yes, Granni...I was thinking of you in the video...hope that is okay!
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    Hi, Joan, so glad to see you posting. Also glad you had so much fun at Christmas with family visits. Too bad, though, about the viruses going around. Hope it clears up soon.

    Julie, will catch the video later. My breakfast just dinged so had better go eat.

    Diane, you cats really hit the jackpot for Christmas. Of all their toys, Tweety loved to sleep on the wrapping paper. I think she liked the sound it made. I took some of it over to Julie's and left it with two of her balls I found when I moved furniture out to clean.

    Hope everyone has a great day.l

    Love, Mikie
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    Good chilly morning! I just checked and it is 3 degrees F! But, not to fear, we can look forward to a high of 11, lol!

    Well, I did not sleep well at all....until about 4:00 am. Den and I took turns being up and down all night; he was sleeping so sound at 5:30, he almost slept through his alarm. He usually wakes up before it goes off, or wakes up as soon as it starts and shuts it off before I hear it...but this morning was different. The alarm starts out rather softly, then gets louder and louder...I did fall back to sleep until my own alarm went off. I am up, but not very bright-eyed or bushy-tailed :confused:

    This is the last Monday of the "old" year...anybody make any New Year's Resolutions?

    Better get my body convinced that it "wants" to be up, lol! Things to do, things to do :p
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    Well kiddos,

    I am just about ready to leave for my Colonoscopy. Doesn't it sound like FUN :)!! No not really but I am ready. The prep wasn't to bad but all that drinking was the worst, of 4 glasses of water afterwards at 16 oz each. Plus, I am starving !! My tummy is making all kinds of noises :)!!

    It is COLD here too Julie but not as cold as by you, I know. I think I forgot to ask, when is the new baby due? You may have mentioned it but I have forgotten. How far along is she? I sure hope she can eat more than last time and doesn' t get as ill.

    I wish I could see the video. I have the Flash Player but DS installed it in the wrong place, I think FireFox, I think that is what it is called.. So don't know how to access it.

    Joan - So glad you came to see us again on the Porch. We all have missed you. Stay well, I know it is hard when exposed to so many others people on a daily basis, except if you are "quarantined" in your room.

    Mikie - Sounds like you are doing better. I hope so, and busy as usual all things considered. The kitties and wrapping paper an boxes sounds just like my kids when they were little - simple pleasures.

    Diane - Glad you are enjoying your staycation with Kevin. Have to enjoy it when and while you can.

    Hi also to Rock, Dar, Sun, and anyone else I may have missed. Gotta do a few last minute things and then get ready to go have some fun ):!! he he You gotta do what you gotta do as they say.

    Granni :)

    P.S. Julie - It looks like we were posting at the same time. Sorry you didn't sleep well, either did I but I have different problems :)! More later.
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    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to pop in to let you know that all is well . I survived my Colonoscopy, they found nothing and I do not need another one for another 10 years, if I understood him right, if I want one. The hardest part was me trying to drink all that water afterwards and I think I may have been sensitive to the potion I had to mix with the water . I noticed the first time I took it I got blotchy and so I took a Benadryl. Didn't really notice it this morning but when I got there and went to put on my lovely gown for the procedure. Then I saw red blotches on my chest. Some may have been nerves but I am thinking that the Suprep may have caused some of it too. The stuff is not as awful tasting as the gallon of stuff I had to drink 10-15 years ago. That was too gross. I fell asleep like the last time and didn't remember anything. My b/p was down too. When I got there my b/p was VERY high, probably a combo of everything. After leaving the facility DH picked up some hamburgers and fries and we ate them at home. They didn't last long. They were SO GOOD !! Talk about starving :)!!

    Now the big fun will be trying to get DH to make an appt. or I will for him. However, he will have to say yes he will go :)!! It will also depend too on how much our insurances will pay. We do have a secondary insurance form DH's work, at least for this year. So this might be the time to do it. Everything for us will be supposedly the same FOR THIS COMING YEAR. After that all bets are off. To tell the truth we are a bit afraid but enough of that.

    Diane - Glad you could get back to us on the Porch again;. Make anything exciting yet or lately? You are always cooking or baking something good. MMMM!!!

    Let me know if you would like the recipe for the healthy no sugar choc. chip cookies ? They are really tasty. DD made them just for him and gave us the recipe. She is also very health food minded. There are two ways to make them. I think the original or one way calls for almond flour I believe and the other has that and also coconut flour. Our health food store carries them, not awfully cheap but good for you. It also calls for coconut oil. So we know how good that is for you !

    Gotta get ff here and do some more stuff as well as deleting so many old mails from my in box. I have been so bad lately about being able to get on and do what is needed.

    So glad to see and talk to my friends again here on the Porch. Sorry I have been so bad about keeping up. So much on my mind too. I really need to start putting some Christmas stuff away too. Not that there is so much out right now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    hey everyone...its 31st dec new years eve here so HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all of you dear people!!

    julie -the video was just so brought a smile to my face...and i had to LOL at the end at
    her swearing..what a gift to be like 88 and so full of life! we can all aspire to it,cant we?

    leah - long good to hear from you again

    joan - happy to read your doings...and going out with the family

    granni - i myself am relieved to hear your colonoscopy is clear and u dont need to bother
    for another ten years! whew..

    diane - nice to know you had some lovely down time with kevin..i could just imagine
    the kitties with their christmas toys..esp thebox. they must hv enjoyed torturing it,
    boxing it and pouncing on it from all

    mikie- on saturday i took my SIL, brother, friend to this holy site (Guru Padmashambhavas)
    cave because i had an errand and my SIL dreamt my brother told her that they should go there
    and pay their respects..she said he looked so healthy and happy. its an hours drive away out of
    the city and beautiful hilly country and on way back walking down the steep slope, a fluffy lil, white
    feather came wafting down and settled on my thick brown dress... i picked it up, looked up and
    around, NOT a bird in sight, i looked around the ground and bushes, not a feather in sight...
    me and my friend were pretty sure it was a sign from him that he was watching and to let
    us know he knew we went there.

    dar - you do take pains to keep your wards happy, you do hv a fulfilling job albeit stressful
    at times

    sun, rock, barry and everyone i missed, hv a good news years eve and 2014

    God bless
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    Just popped in for a minute....Mikie~ I cannot say "ovaltine" without the accent, either....loved that movie 'Young Frankenstein'....another good line is "PUT ze candle BACK!!"...

    nothing much going on here in my part of the world...other than it looks like a big snowglobe up here on the ridge....pretty!!

    Happy New Year's Y'all....
  17. bct

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    Happy New Year to All!

    Hey Rock, we had a mellow Xmas. An old friend of ours came down and brought a steamed Xmas pudding. He flamed it. Shorty got a quacky-duck for a present. It quacks when bitten, and its eyeballs pop out. This last factor means that the duck is now blind, Shorty having pulled them out. Now the cat is playing with them.....

    Richarde and I have watched Are You Being Served many times. Love it. I think my favourite
    Brit-com is Fawlty Towers. I can watch these episodes over and over --- just like I Love Lucy.

    Richard has decided to go Organic. This will be expensive. At least I got him to see that the price of organic Brussel Sprouts was $7.50 a pound, versus $1.89 inorganic. We settled for the latter, needless to say. I'm glad I was with him.!

    Tonight we'll have a chicken mushroom casserrole with quinoa. The mushrooms will be maitake (hen of the woods) and crimini. And we'll have the last of the blue kabocha squash. I bought a butternut yesterday. Diane, we bake all our winter squash types.

    FRIEDA, So Glad to See You Again! I have thought of you so often while you were absent, usually when I was looking at the birds out of the window. We don't have cardinals here, but I see them with you! We do have nuthatches though, and right now there are many Varied Thrushes. The V. thrushes are often driven away by the robins though, which seem quite aggressive! Lots of Hermit Thrushes, bush-tits. A wren-tit sat a few feet away from me as I did my daily chair-sit in the back yard today. I was literally eye to eye with it; I reckon it was three feet away. A lovely experience.

    Gotta Go,
    Running Low,
    Love to All and a Healthy New Year. Well, Happy Too!

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    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Frieda......sorry for all the troubles you've been going thru. Think positive and REFUSE those negative thoughts.

    My husband's colonoscopy testing didn't turn out good. He saw his doctor today after the barium enema yesterday....he's got a mass. The doctor said it could be a lot of polyps so he'll have to see surgeon in 2 weeks, be off the Coumadin for 2 weeks, and then have surgery. As for me, I'm down and out with this bug my son brought. I thought I had escaped it but it hit really hard yesterday....lots of aches and a runny nose I couldn't turn off.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone,

    Haven't been here for a couple of days. Been busy, tired and sick. This virus just won't go away. My neighbor has it too and we both got lightheaded on Mon. and by the time we got home, we had full blown vertigo. I had been in the store when it started and was glad I didn't have far to drive home. He was at the gym when his hit. I just stayed in bed with the room spinning around me. Guess I really am the center of the Universe :D

    Yesterday, Barb and I went to the condo mtg. and then headed out to my favorite computer store. Her old laptop died and she was able to get a newer version of the same one but it's nicer. We set it up and in helping her with Windows 8, I learned a lot about it myself. Guess I should get my new one out and use it. This one is more comfortable on my lap and I will still only do my banking and sensitive work on it so I can use the new one on public wi-fi hot spots.

    Celebrated New Year's Eve as I always do by going to bed early, waking to the sounds of the firewords at Midnight, and falling back asleep again. Woke about 4:30 and took Simon's New Years breakfast out. He wasn't there so left it for him.

    Granni, glad you colonscopy went well except for side effects. I have found that by having mine first thing in the morning and drinking Smart Water, it keeps my electrolytes in balance and I don't feel sick while drinking all that liquid. It's good to get to go 10 yrs. I've had precancerous polyps removed so have to now have one every 3 yrs. Had I not gone in way back when I did, I'd likely be dead. My biological father died of colon cancer so I've been getting tested for years.

    Diane, your kitties sound so sweet. A multiple-cat house is such fun. Never a dull moment. Found out that someone told a rumor to Julie's friend which turned her against Barb. Since Barb and I are together a lot, I guess Julie's anger rubbed off on me. Barb is going to try to talk to Julie and get things straightened out. I hope so because it might mean my getting to see the cats. I don't know why but, lately, there has been so much fighting in the hood. We try to live peacefully in our bldg. and wish the rest of the hood would take a cue from us.

    Springwater, it seems that feathers are a common "message from Heaven." We've received them in places where no feather should be, like indoors. Seems my Mom sends them when I need them most. She died on July 11 and I'll just be sitting there and have a compulsion to look at the clock and it's 7:11 a.m. or p.m. Same thing happens at 4:11, the time she died. Some people find pennies minted in the year their loved one died. Butterflies are often messangers as are birds. My neighbor lost her sister years ago. Whenever she would think of her and speak of her, some kind of blue bird would always appear. Like I always say, Believing is Seeing! Glad you got a good message.

    Paulac, yes, I remember that. Another of our favorite things is when Igor said, "Walk this way," and everyone mimicked his limp. When my friends and I go to a restaurant and the hostess says, "This way," we all say, "Walk This Way" and drag a leg as long as no one sees us. At our age, one would think we'd grow up and not be so silly but I think silly makes the world go round. Glad to have another Mel Brooks fan amongst us. BTW, he's a family friend in my DSIL's family and he's just as funny when he's just hanging out with friends.

    Barry, I make a steamed cranberry pudding with a very sweet hard sauce. It is delicious with both sour and sweet taste sensations. Haven't made it in a while. Used to for family dinners on holidays. Mmmmm!

    Leah, so sorry you have had so many problems. They do always seem to come in clusters. Glad you found a better vet and hope your kitty is better. Also hope the New Year brings an end to troubles.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you are sick and I pray for good news following your husband's surgery. Barb is on a blood thinner and she has to be off of her's just for a biopsy of a spot on her neck. I'll be praying for DH and you.

    Happy, Happy New Year to everyone. Let 2014 be a year of good health and happiness for us all.

    Love, Mikie
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year, dear Porchies and friends! Hope 2014 brings us all some good things...good health, "enough" finances, contentment, everything that goes with living a happy and fulfilled life. :)

    I can't visit on "stand-by" to help Den as he reroutes my dryer vent...long story, but when we moved in here he didn't want to make another hole in the outside wall, so ran a loooooonnnnnggggg section of that flexible plastic dryer vent hose over to his shop. But it keeps getting plugged with he is bringing the hose directly downstairs from the dryer and out through a hole in my "now kitchen" (which will eventually be the laundry room.)

    I can see us now...still "remodeling/building" in our 80's, lol!

    We rang in the New Year with sparkling grape juice and Lays potato chips (plain for me, sour cream and onion for Den) with french onion dip, and watched Netflix. Worked for us, anyway...:p

    David was working, so Lindsey and the kiddos turned in early, I think. Granni, she is due in August. Keira is still at her dad's...Amy texted me that she and Clinton were staying home cause she was sick with a flu bug. I keep hoping she is pregnant, but home tests are negative. That will continue to be one of my most fervent prayers.

    Oops, called to duty...see you all later!