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    Hi, Everyone,

    Haven't been here for a couple of days. Been busy, tired and sick. This virus just won't go away. My neighbor has it too and we both got lightheaded on Mon. and by the time we got home, we had full blown vertigo. I had been in the store when it started and was glad I didn't have far to drive home. He was at the gym when his hit. I just stayed in bed with the room spinning around me. Guess I really am the center of the Universe :D

    Yesterday, Barb and I went to the condo mtg. and then headed out to my favorite computer store. Her old laptop died and she was able to get a newer version of the same one but it's nicer. We set it up and in helping her with Windows 8, I learned a lot about it myself. Guess I should get my new one out and use it. This one is more comfortable on my lap and I will still only do my banking and sensitive work on it so I can use the new one on public wi-fi hot spots.

    Celebrated New Year's Eve as I always do by going to bed early, waking to the sounds of the firewords at Midnight, and falling back asleep again. Woke about 4:30 and took Simon's New Years breakfast out. He wasn't there so left it for him.

    Granni, glad you colonscopy went well except for side effects. I have found that by having mine first thing in the morning and drinking Smart Water, it keeps my electrolytes in balance and I don't feel sick while drinking all that liquid. It's good to get to go 10 yrs. I've had precancerous polyps removed so have to now have one every 3 yrs. Had I not gone in way back when I did, I'd likely be dead. My biological father died of colon cancer so I've been getting tested for years.

    Diane, your kitties sound so sweet. A multiple-cat house is such fun. Never a dull moment. Found out that someone told a rumor to Julie's friend which turned her against Barb. Since Barb and I are together a lot, I guess Julie's anger rubbed off on me. Barb is going to try to talk to Julie and get things straightened out. I hope so because it might mean my getting to see the cats. I don't know why but, lately, there has been so much fighting in the hood. We try to live peacefully in our bldg. and wish the rest of the hood would take a cue from us.

    Springwater, it seems that feathers are a common "message from Heaven." We've received them in places where no feather should be, like indoors. Seems my Mom sends them when I need them most. She died on July 11 and I'll just be sitting there and have a compulsion to look at the clock and it's 7:11 a.m. or p.m. Same thing happens at 4:11, the time she died. Some people find pennies minted in the year their loved one died. Butterflies are often messangers as are birds. My neighbor lost her sister years ago. Whenever she would think of her and speak of her, some kind of blue bird would always appear. Like I always say, Believing is Seeing! Glad you got a good message.

    Paulac, yes, I remember that. Another of our favorite things is when Igor said, "Walk this way," and everyone mimicked his limp. When my friends and I go to a restaurant and the hostess says, "This way," we all say, "Walk This Way" and drag a leg as long as no one sees us. At our age, one would think we'd grow up and not be so silly but I think silly makes the world go round. Glad to have another Mel Brooks fan amongst us. BTW, he's a family friend in my DSIL's family and he's just as funny when he's just hanging out with friends.

    Barry, I make a steamed cranberry pudding with a very sweet hard sauce. It is delicious with both sour and sweet taste sensations. Haven't made it in a while. Used to for family dinners on holidays. Mmmmm!

    Leah, so sorry you have had so many problems. They do always seem to come in clusters. Glad you found a better vet and hope your kitty is better. Also hope the New Year brings an end to troubles.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you are sick and I pray for good news following your husband's surgery. Barb is on a blood thinner and she has to be off of her's just for a biopsy of a spot on her neck. I'll be praying for DH and you.

    Happy, Happy New Year to everyone. Let 2014 be a year of good health and happiness for us all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Happy New Year, dear Porchies and friends! Hope 2014 brings us all some good things...good health, "enough" finances, contentment, everything that goes with living a happy and fulfilled life. :)

    I can't visit on "stand-by" to help Den as he reroutes my dryer vent...long story, but when we moved in here he didn't want to make another hole in the outside wall, so ran a loooooonnnnnggggg section of that flexible plastic dryer vent hose over to his shop. But it keeps getting plugged with he is bringing the hose directly downstairs from the dryer and out through a hole in my "now kitchen" (which will eventually be the laundry room.)

    I can see us now...still "remodeling/building" in our 80's, lol!

    We rang in the New Year with sparkling grape juice and Lays potato chips (plain for me, sour cream and onion for Den) with french onion dip, and watched Netflix. Worked for us, anyway...:p

    David was working, so Lindsey and the kiddos turned in early, I think. Granni, she is due in August. Keira is still at her dad's...Amy texted me that she and Clinton were staying home cause she was sick with a flu bug. I keep hoping she is pregnant, but home tests are negative. That will continue to be one of my most fervent prayers.

    Oops, called to duty...see you all later!
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    Our cluster of unexpected mishaps was not complete apparently.
    The bathroom sink ceased to function and upon further review, the pipes fell apart.
    Amazing the new ways things can break. :)

    Kitchen is our only other sink. Difficult for me, as i spend more of my time in the bathroom than the kitch. LOL

    Landlords and repairmen are not to be bothered on holidays.

    We are fine. Those are all the small stuff.
    My more important challenges include communication, swallowing, eating and breathing. (Serious throat and voice problem continued all year.)
    And, oh yes, last but not least! ..... smiling as often as possible....especially at huz.

    Happy new year to all of you.
    Mikie, you are the center of the world. ;)
    And the center of OUR world. :) ;)

    Wish you could feel better Very soon.
    Thinking of you, Julie, and all others here.

    Leah Freida
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    We had a nice evening last night. We went out to a nice Italian Restaurant with another couple and then came back here for another drink and conversations. After they left and we got ready for bed I actually made midnight but DH didn't quite make the NYC call coming down :)!!

    Not much time to write. I am going to put a roast beef in the oven soon. The potato is already in the oven. I cannot remember when we had a roast BEEF. We have had it in the freezer for some time so we needed to eat it anyway. I will be up and down soon trying not to get the meat to over done.

    Spring Water - So glad you got to pop in again and to hear about your relatives and their info to go to that special place with the very long name to pray for your DB. How far away and how long did it take you to get there. Did you take public transportation and walk or car???

    Julie - Hope you are surviving everything going on at your house and that Lindsay feels well enough to really enjoy it. Hope she can enjoy eating food and that it stays down. You haven't really mentioned her present state of pregnancy an her tummy.

    How nice to read the notes from everyone. Hope you all will have a WONDERFUL, HEALTHY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR - 2014 to ALL my Porch and PH friends !!!

    I see JULIE and LEAH must have been posting about the same time as I was. Glad all is well with you both. Hope LEAH has a better year than last year. Hope you get to post more often.

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    So nice to heat fro so many on this Porch volume. I need to go take a shower since I didn't take one last night -

    Sun - So sorry to hear about your DH. Hope his test goes well and they find out the problem and and can remove it right away . I had to go off my Grapeseed Extract and Fish oil (for bleeding possibilities) for 3 days before my Colonoscopy. Hope all goes well for him and that you get better soon too. Nice to read your post even if it wasns't all good new like we want to here.

    Julie - I am like you and just love the onion dip made with sour cream and onion soup mix. I could eat it with a spoon but I don't do that and haven't made it for awhile. I do love it with chips too. Sounds like you had a little party. Did you and Den get your hose from the drier put in the right place?

    Gotta run all of you and take the shower I didn't take yesterday. I am so achey and should probably take a hot bath but that takes awhile just to fill up the tub.

    I forget what number of posts were in this volume so won't change yet. It might have been 28 but don't want to change volumes to soon in case my memory is not correct.

    Diane - Let me know if you want that choc chip recipe for no sugar with the two well as coconut oil. Pretty good stuff but not to cheap unless you find a place that sells the flours really cheap. I din't remember how much they were but the bags didn't look to large. They surely were yummy though.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Frieda: Are you under doctor's help with your throat/voice troubles? We missed you.....I think I was here a few weeks and you suddenly disappeared back around feb? Communication is very important to everyone, thank goodness for boards like these where one can at least have cyber friends. Anyway, I'm happy you've returned.....we missed your cheery, always upbeat personality.

    Granni and all: as to my DH, he' s been very down/depressed for the last month. Thankfully he's got a job where he's needed and of course that makes a big difference. If he was retired and at home I think we BOTH would be having a hard time. He's scheduled to see a surgeon next week.....I want him to get a second opinion before surgery. My daughter is not taking it very good but like I've told them God is in control no matter what happens.

    I think/hope my computer troubles are a thing of the past.......keeping my fingers crossed though. We just got back from the apple store and apparently a bluetooth switch was turned off.'s just now froze up again and I have to post, then come back to edit. SPRNGWATER: what type of problems are you having? this font is really acting up on this board.......and I couldn't get an I to type.....

    this board is really messed up since they did the change over................
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    leah - glad you got a nice doc to check kitty own poopsie is ill and i hvnt a clue.

    sun - i had a colonoscopy ten years back..another fellow patient found sores which had
    to be biopsy fortunately came out all right.. doc did tell me to come back
    after 3 months but i never did...i hope your dh will soon be well, and yourself too. is it
    winter is hard on most of us? so many feeling poorly.

    mikie - read about feathers and friend is a great believer in them...i kind of
    thought maybe THIS feather was a message, given the circumstances..i just wish the
    angels would make troubles go away.

    julie - not a bad way to spend new years eve..with ones dear one, no one else clamouring
    for attention, :)

    granni - the trip was an hours drive away..we hired a car. another trip soon for
    another ritual.

    i watched new years eve celebrations on tv all around world, what amazing fireworks!
    the dubai one was spectacular.

    god bless
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    sun - i thought it was a hacker targeting ipad wont type ..on this board, unless i keep hitting
    edit and getting a new page...for every post i edit at least five times...before, i used to type a long post
    and find it wouldnt post because mysteriously ive been 'logged' out.
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    Hello, all friends ,

    Thank you, sunflower....i will explain more about my difficult speaking problem,
    another day, when i feel up to it, but thank you so much, for asking and caring !!

    Always very good to see you too, springwater.

    Kitty is not doing well with the treatment so far, and i am confused and concerned. :(
    Holiday week . Plus major snowstorm, plus my limited voice, and my illness,
    All make it so difficult to call anyone or query vets.
    I hope she seems better the next few hours!

    Big, windy snowstorm, here, and very cold.
    I hope our power and heat stay on!

    Even during this weather, wild birds fly and come to our window,
    Where huz puts their favorite foods,
    For them, and for our delight to see them up close, and to help care for them.

    Kitty loves to watch them, also!

    I used a brief stamina , to make a traditional soup, this morning.
    That brought some comfort and nourishment.
    Huz does most of our simple meals now.

    Good thoughts to all,
    Leah Freida
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    Hi there everyone,

    Have been on here long enough but needed to check on my Porchies.

    Sun - I am sorry to hear about your DH and I am sure, especially with the dark and dreary COLD days and his condition has got him down. I hope his surgery goes off well and they get the darn thing out. It is depressing even when you are feeling fine. Glad they found the problem so they can get to removing it. That is what is great about Colonoscopys. They are never fun although the procedure never really bothered me just the prep. This time I got some blotches but I have recovered, from that anyway. ((((Hugz to you and DH))))

    Freida - What is your traditional soup? Sounds like it might be interesting, with any different ingredients? Hot soup of almost any time is wonderful especially in the awful COLD weather although I can probably eat it almost any time. Hope you dear kitty will get to feeling better soon. When you have more trouble speaking it is hard to communicate with others so a lot of things cannot get done, like calling vets, making appointments, etc.. Hope you keep your power on with your cold winter storms.

    Spring Water - Wow that is quite a jaunt for you to get up to the monastery or wherever you went the last time , etc. for your prayers and all. I am sure it is a lovely place however. Sorry you are having problems with your computer or whatever you said you were using. Sometimes they can drive you crazy. I have to really watch my fast typing that the words go where they are supposed to go. Hope you get it working OK and that you don't get any viruses or anything. It is a shame you have to watch out for spammers. Not sure I saw that last spammer on here but glad we got rid of him. I have been so out of it lately and busy and not always thinking about what I should.

    DH also was on the computer a lot so I can't really do that much on my phone, can't get on my phone to PH. I probably could if I worked at it but didn't want to be bothered each time with putting in my PW and all. Hope your family starts getting a little more normal each passing day after the passing of your DB.

    Julie - Hope all is well with you sweetie and that growing family of yours :)!! It is so cold here an cannot even fantom how you all are in your bitterly cold weather. :eek:

    Diane - Hope you are doing well too and no problems with the cold weather and storms. Make any good hot soups lately??;)

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    I had better go and some supper started.