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    Howdy everyone! It will soon be midnight and I just popped in to read any news...looks like it is past time to start up a new volume. Hope everyone can find us over here...lots of new posts over on #672, so hop back over there and get caught up.

    I am alone tonight...since Den is on call, he had to go in around 10:00 pm to plow snow. He did shower and take a short nap earlier this evening, in anticipation of having to go to work. It started snowing here around 2:00 this afternoon and hasn't really ever quit.

    He had to go in this morning and install a new electric a house that had caught on fire yesterday. The electrician and homeowners were wanting to get the furnace going again...

    I was at Lindsey's some today...hung out with Lorraine while Lindsey and the babies took a nap. They are still having intestinal and stomach distress...and Liora wrapped her little arms around my neck and didn't want to let go. For awhile, I was dancing around with both babies to one of their kid CD's....they all three were just needing a little extra TLC :)

    Don't think I will even try to get out tomorrow...our high is to be 5 degrees. I watched Den drive down the lane and onto the gravel road. At one point, I saw him brake, go in reverse, then speed forward again...right at a place where the snow usually drifts. And those drifts will be rock solid with the temps falling...good thing we have a few 4WD vehicles on the farm, but (unless there is an emergency) I won't chance getting out until the roadgrader passes through.

    Better get myself to bed...still lots of things I can do tomorrow around home. Den will be tired and need to sleep when he gets home...

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    Good "bone chilling" Sunday morning. The web says it is 10 degrees with a wind chill to feel like 5 degrees. Den got home sometime in the night...I didn't even notice until I woke up this morning. Will try to stay quiet enough that he can sleep in as long as he needs to.

    Mikie, where are you? I am a little worried because I am used to seeing a post from you first thing in the sounded confused and not quite "with it" yesterday, after your fall. Please let us know that you are ok...

    Nothing going on here right now...I'm sure the wood furnace is out, but the boiler cycles on and off, so the house isn't too cold. Better go out to the shop and get the furnace going again...hope everyone is doing okay as possible and staying warm enough if in a bit of a "deep freeze" like we are.
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    Hi Kids

    Big news. Yesterday Gordon and I walked around the block. I think it's the second time I've in done that in 3 years. Used to take Zippy for one or two walks every day. But they kept getting shorter and shorter. Finally dwindled down to a precious few; September, November. Had to stop walking him 3 years ago. I felt terrible. It was the highlight of his day.

    The other news is I'm reading a book by Robert Galbraith. I started it and thought it seemed similar to a mystery I read previously. Eventually I discovered it was the same book. But
    I never read more than the first chapter or so. I don't know what happened. Why didn't
    I finish it? The world gets more confusiatin' every day.

    Anyhoo it's called "The Cuckoo's Calling" and the author's real name is J. K. Rowling. The J. K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter books? Yup. It's no secret. Her name is right on the flyleaf. BTW, I read an interview with JKR. Her name is pronounced "Rolling" as in Rolling Stones. Kids used to call her Rolling Stones.

    Julie, I'm also reading a book of poetry edited by Garrison Keillor. The poets are ancient and modern and in between. Two of them are from Iowa. David Shumate is from Iowa City, and Mona Van Duyn is from Waterloo.

    Hope your cold spell is brief. Here in the land of wonderful weather but numerous terrible
    other problems we are expecting days at 70, nights in the high 40s, light wind and no precip.

    Mikie, I hope you are feeling a lot better. Did you wear a crash helmet when you were piloting? Maybe you need something similar. Or just a pillow. BTW, just got my emergency room bill for my fall. I think it was in Oct. I forgot the exact amount, but it was somewhere between $3,500 and $4,000. I paid about $50 when I checked in at the ER; haven't been asked to pay any more so far.

    My nose is pretty much healed up except for discoloration and a bump on one side and another one over my lip. The doctor says they will probably go away in a few more months. Not that I care. So I look like a gargoyle. Nobody cares including me.

    Are you having dizzy spells? Confusion? Well, more confusion than usual. Ha Ha! Anyhoo,
    I know you will be alert for problems and symptoms.

    Dar, thanks for the Irish blessing. Had not seen that before. It was appropriate. My great
    great grandpa was from the Old Sod. That's all I know about him. Don't even know his
    first name. Boy, you sure have a lot of meds and supps to keep track of. I have lots of stuff
    too, but I can't keep track of it, and don't even try anymore.

    Where is Diane? Did she and Kevin go on a trip? I'm sure she told us. Just can't recall.

    Will try and post some more later. HUGS
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    Hi Rock, Julie et al,

    DH is off to a s special old timers day luncheon meeting and gathering. They have done this for years but now DH and many others are OLD TIMERSs. However, many of them like DH that are still out and about helped to organized the meeting and lunch. We and other couple were in charge of the salad. Hope he doesn't bring how a pile of it back. We have enough salad fixings right now. After that We are supposed to go to a viewing of the one of the Knights of C that passed away due to cancer. They are supposed to have an honor guard for the casket and then a Rosary said. DH is supposed too dress out in his garb but not sure he will get home in time to change to go to the funeral home or not. We need to go tonight. Not sure if we will get to the funeral tomorrow supposed to be terribly COLD and windy weather tomorrow for the funeral. They were not asked to participate tomorrow.

    Mikie - Hope you aren't feeling to badly today after your fall. Yes, please do drop a line, not a book just to tell us you are OK and trying to rest and recover. Did you get to the doctor at all after your fall. You mentioned concussion but was that just a guess?

    Julie - Our weather is getting cold and brutal but nothing like yours. Poor Den having to be out and about in it but he is helping others so that is a good thing. Sorry those babies are still under the weather but maybe doing better if not throwing up. Hope you don't have to get out in it or anyone else but I am sure poor Den will have to be with all the bad weather and people having electrical problems, etc. God bless him and people like him doing all those helpful things in awful times of distress.

    Rock - I THINK that Dian and Kevin may just be at home esp on the weekends when he is usually home. Hopefully they still have their power. Up that was may be having bad weather problems too and still have their electricity for heat and all. Sorry to hear about your larges ER bill. I am afraid thee is more to come of that stuff, high bills. Hopefully we can keep seeing a doctor if we really need one too.

    Made spit pea soup yesterday and there isn't much and DH kept saying how wonderful it was. Nothing different than usual but do not make it often. This time it got really smooth with the stick blender. BTW, DH calls it "Army Soup". Growing up his mom called it that too cause of the green color. Oh., this time I also had some left over chicken broth left over from my procedure so I used some of that along with the usual water. Used carrots, onions and celery as usual and some garlic powder and regular pepper afterwards, There is a little left which we will share. There isn't to much. I probably should have made a double batch.

    Diane - I wrote a post to you and others regarding Diabetes. Please drop by and post when you can. I hope your weather isn't to awful and that you keep your electricity, power, and heat.

    Hugs to Dar, Sun, Spring Water Joan, Jam, Soul, and everydobby else not mentioned!! You too ELAINE :)!!!
    Granni :)
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    Dar, in case you missed my query on potassium...sounds extreme dosing.

    Dar, looking at your supp list, 2380 mg potassium, I take extra potassium per day in the form of 3-4 99mg caps of glucconate or citrate but your high dose...WHY....when I get my annual labs my potassium comes in on the low end of range, and I take extra for more energy (I hope).......I eat no bananas, they are full of sugar and mold content.....I'm off them.... one can overdose on potassium and get very
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    Hi all! OOPS! I did it again! My last post was on 672 in reply to Jam's question regarding my Potassium dose. I don't know how to get it to the new thread. If someone would please help out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    Rock, Am so glad to see you posting again you old Sod! I'm glad you enjoyed the Irish Blessing. My mother used to cross-stitch and had framed Irish blessings all over the house. She was proud of her Irish heritage. Though I had to go clear back to the 1300's to find it when doing the genealogy for her side of my family tree. It went back to Thomas Stout and Sarah Moon who moved to Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, England from an unknown location in Ireland. That is where my backward trail ended.

    I was so glad to hear your NRG level was up to a walk of that length. Bravo!

    It's a whopping 5 degrees here with a windchill of around 14 degrees below zero. It was 30 degrees yesterday for the high so I went out and topped off my gas tank, topped off my antifreeze, topped off the oil in my Explorer and haven't poked my nose out today and do not intend to! Brrrrr!:eek: The good news is, my cough is lessening and my snoot is less drippy. I'm on the mend from the bronchitis. :)

    Stay well and warm everyone!
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    Ok,hopefully the last time for this potassium stuff:

    Well, you saw this, I moved it to the new porch and here is the you had a gastric bypass??? ummm, I'm sure that would CHANGE so much in a person's body....thinking about it.
    Wonder how much that dose you take equals OTC, I'd bet SO MANY come in on the low end of their labs and doc just sluffs it off, potassium is vital for heart and helps with energy....a friend here on the board takes higher dosing of OTC and some times 700mg bump...but usually 3-400mg daily as I remember...she deals with challenging CFS....I muscle test, as does she, and our body tells us what we need, usually...
    We do need sodium, I had a friend who is now departed, but she was paranoid about salts as she dealt with HBP and avoided salts, but at the end of her years was passing out while sitting and in the ER was found to be almost depleted in potassium...she thought a banana would be her help...not so. Oh, thru all this with my old friend, she developed horrible pitted edema and I really tried my best to help her but she kept with kaiser and their so called advice....she had taken grape seed ex in some early years but went off it...grape seed ex is great for edema issue. but the other issues are critical to be addressed and balanced.....

    Hearing all the horrible weather you guys are challenged with, it's 70something here and in my OLD DAYS, I'd be out walking up a storm....the OA issues keep me from doing that and the old broken record, all worse since hip replacement.grrrrrrrrrrrr later gators.....jam
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    hello all

    hope most of you are warm, snuggly and safe!!

    julie - den works so hard! going out in those temps...!! and getting things
    to work again..bless his sweet soul..the two of you make a pair..i must say.

    dar - i love that you hv a pyewackett...what a personality...and how comforting.
    of my now five doggies, two are sweethearts...the other three try my patience.

    mikie - pls be safe. take it easy. two falls consecutively. it doesnt sound like
    you had any thing broken or anything but it did sound like you were winded
    up a bit. maybe this is what your mum was trying to warn you
    keep alert and on your toes..when you said she was seeming to try n connect.

    rock - i laughed like heck when you gave us your 'big news'. i thought you'd
    won something or something. trust you to always squeeze out a chuckle even
    with one line.

    granni - mmmm, pea soup...your dh must be enjoying himself, all those gatherings
    and hving to dress up..i love it. do you like the cold weather? i was watching CNN
    and they had these record breaking temps all over!

    we spoke to daughter, she said they spent a day without water because the pipes
    had frozen! or rather water had and the maintenance had about 40 calls complaining
    before theirs! luckily she spent the snowstorm time inside instead of gallivanting

    her college professor who was writing a book and for whom she interned as research
    assistant has wrapped up his project and is dedicating a thanks to her too, when it
    finally gets published, not that i will be reading the book, it is a science journal.
    she said she went to new york for christmas, to her friends place and her friend
    had other friends over and then lost it, because a guy n gal were in her bathroom
    kissing and all that, and friend screamed and shouted and threw the two out into
    the night there and then!!! well even here her best friend has always been this
    sassy no nonsense me, it sounded like an episode of 'Friends' or

    leah - that was indeed heartening news to hear Pearl is improving. my own
    Poopsie has too. but she is old. and not spry nowadays. hasnt gone back to
    windmilling like she used to...still hoping.

    yesterday, i went and visited MIL. she and her son and the once a week gardener
    were potting plants. dianthus...she always keeps her garden nice n fully stocked.
    dont even ask about mine right now. shudder.

    from there, i went on and repaired my phone. something wasnt working.

    well, all take care

    god bless
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Sorry I wasn't online yesterday. I rested except for going to Home Depot with Barb to pick up yet another plant and pot (to put the plant in, not MJ :) Our beautiful red, green and cream stromanthe plants were fading. They like bright light but cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Well, sho 'nuff, as the sun has changed direction in the sky, they were getting an hour or so of direct sun. I moved the one in the pot downstairs and will replace it with another plant and pot. I will have to replant the one at the other end of the bldg. I didn't do anything but just buy these things as I'm still a bit stiff and sore all over. Our beautiful new hibiscus are in bloom and are spectacular.

    I have had a number of concussions in my lifetime, some serious and some not. This one was not a serious one but a concussion nonetheless. Concussions produce a state of confusion unlike anything else and are not difficult to diagnose. No reason to see the doc as he would have just examined my pupils and sent me home. I can do that myself and cut out the middleman. I put my hands down to try to stem the fall this time so my hands, arms and shoulders are sore as is my back. It's getting better. It's my own fault. I had stuff all over that room and was trying to walk around it. Just tripped on something. Stupid!

    Thank you all so very much for your kind words of concern. I really appreciate them. I'll come back later to respond to everyone personally but, for now, just wanted y'all to know all is well. Frank and Ilona downstairs will be rolling in tomorrow afternoon. They drive from Boston to D.C. and their car is put on the "car train." They ride the train overnight and the cars all come off the train at Sandford on the East Coast of FL. They drive on down here from there. I've already turned on their water, hot water tank and refrig. Will be glad to see them. Connie, across the street is down from Buffalo but haven't seen her yet. It takes time to get settled. It is supposed to be really cold down here tomorrow so Barb is making spaghetti and I'm going to make a pot of chili and some corn bread so that Frank and Ilona can eat a hardy meal. Our little flock of Snowbirds are homing in.

    I fell asleep early last night and missed all the good TV shows. Thank God for On Demand. While I was in bed with my concussion, I binge watched "Dexter" on Netflix. Has anyone else noticed that during busy viewing times, the picture on Netflix degrades and it takes longer to load? I thought it was my Wi-Fi but my neighbor says Netflix needs to beef up their servers.

    OK, in spite of everything, I still wrote a book; can't help myself. Wishing you all a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Oh, the weather outside is frightful...but the fire is so delightful!!! :p

    Looking forward to our "high" of -5 degrees F. It is -9 right now and we will drop to -14 before we reach our high. Windchill makes it feel like -11, at the moment. We used to miss most of the coldest weather, back when we were doing mission work in Belize...glad to be home right now, though.

    Amy was worried about Keira walking from her "before school daycare" to the school...their schools have cancelled for today, as have many others in the area.

    Mikie, I am so glad you are okay!!! And that you just needed to rest and "sleep it off." How thoughtful of you and Barb to make a "welcome back" meal for your friends. I never thought about a "car train"...what a great idea.

    Springwater, to even be thinking about doing some outdoor planting...what we do this time of year is browse through seed catalogs and dream about what we are going to plant in the spring...

    Yes, your daughter is in the super "deep freeze", isn't she? We told our kids to open the cabinet door under the kitchen sink, and to keep a trickle of water running while it is so cold here...water bill might be a little higher, but cheaper (and less aggravation) than Den having to crawl under the house to repair frozen pipes. We are to have a high of 12 degrees tomorrow, then gradually warming up to the 20's and 30's by the end of the week :)

    Rock, I would take your wonderful weather...could I skip the problems this time? ;) Well, every area has their share of troubles, I think. Glad you made it on such a long walk...and that you are recovering from your tumble.

    Dar, glad you are recovering from your bronchitis...and that you got your vehicle all ready for this blast of winter. I am happy for you, that you got your meds and supps routine down...and that it is working for you.

    Freida...glad to see you more regularly. I can't imagine all you have been going through with your voice, etc. Am glad to hear good news of sweet Pearl.

    Granni, hope your hubby enjoyed his "Old Timer" meeting...the Army soup sounds yummy! I had chili and chicken-rice soup in the freezer, so we have been enjoying that.

    Saturday, I made several of those "salads in a jar"...for Den to take in his lunch and for us to eat at home. Saw it on facebook or maybe pinterest...they are supposed to keep in the fridge for several days. The key is to put the dressing in first, then the veggies, eggs, cheese, etc...then the "greens" (lettuce, spinach, etc.) goes in last.

    "They" say that it will keep great, as long as the dressing and lettuce, etc. don't touch. We shared a quart size one last night at supper, and I took one over to the kids also...was enough for the two of us, to go along with sausage gravy and biscuits.

    Sun, I am thinking of and praying for your hubby and your family.

    I will get out and go to town check on my dad, and pick up some things for Lindsey (who, by the way, finally got the stomach flu bug yesterday and last night...but hopefully, is better this morning :()

    When David came home from work last evening, he said our gravel road was drifted and that he was going to go a different route back to work this morning. So Den took his big 4WD pickup to work today...then called and told me that the wind had blown the snow OFF the roads during the night and it was fine to get out. I am going to take the Jeep, just to be safe...

    Well, I will just say a big "Hello" to everyone I have missed...hope you all are doing okay. Better check the wood furnace, then get myself up and around.
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    YIPES! I feel for all you people in the COLD weather. Take care and keep bundled up. I can't imagine having to deal with anything that low. Us wimps in the warmer climates can't function if it gets below 30.......I'm not joking. All people stay indoors unless it's necessary to go out. Usually when low temps are forecast for night everyone runs out with sheets and tries to cover plants that will freeze. I lost a big aloe because I didn't think it would be bothered. In the morning it was a sad mess of lifeless jellied leaves.

    My husband sees the surgeon tomorrow. I have questions for husband just seems to present his body without questioning anything. Guess I got this from so many bad doctors. He's 73, spent his entire life living it for work, made lots of mistakes in his life, and my feeling is that God is doing this to get his attention. Life is too short and fragile. I'm having IBS for the last month which I'm sure is from waaaaay too much stress, wondering and praying about so much..........thank you everyone for your kind words.

    Mikie: so thoughtful of you and Barb preparing food to welcome your northern neighbors. And I understand why you don't need to see a doctor since you've already gone thru this before. Have you ever seen the gorgeous HUGE hibiscus flowers in Hawaii? We can grow them here, but I was amazed at the ones on Kauai. I'm talking 7 and 8" across! It must be the volcanic soil.

    I miss a ton of shows on TV because I'm tired and need to go to bed by 9 PM. Yesterday my daughter downloaded an app from one of the prime stations here. This Ipad thing is all new to me and it's opening up a whole new "transportable" world for me!!!!!

    Rock: I'm glad to see you back to posting. Good for you, taking a walk. Try to do it everyday, it doesn't have to be much, but surprisingly, putting out energy for walks will actually give you a tad more energy.

    Julie: Darn......that flu bug seems to be circulating in your family. Stay're needed.

    Frieda: So good to see you posting again. I'm happy to read that your kitty is much improved.

    Hello to everyone else.......sorry I can't type anymore. I've had to post/edit 5 times already. This board definitely hates Ipads. Go figure. I have to do some work on my regular computer today and will have to limit
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    A really quick HI to awl again today. It surely is COLD today and was in the 20's over night. Will have the same tonight too. Should have gone to a funeral today but did go last night to the viewing and Rosary. This morning we found out two of the people we knew died. One was expected but the other not. They suspect heart attack as thee have been problems in the past of others in his family. He was such a neat guys and was in DH's investment small group. He had been trying to lose weight and had lost some but perhaps not enough yet. I think he was in his early 80;s or so. He knew so many people and had quite a bit of $ but you would never know it. Both he and his wife were/are so sweet and thoughtful people. I guess there will be another funeral to go to soon, actually two but we didn't know the other guy that much but they had been very active in our community.

    Yes, here in TX we are wimps when it comes to cold an especially when we are older and not sued to it and have chronic problems with pain and stiffness normally too. One wouldn't know however that I cam originally from up north in NY and we surely had our share of SNOW and ice. Right now I can do without the cold. Luckily it has been dry which is a good thing.

    I will be out again tonight and then tomorrow afternoon with two of our singing groups. BRRRR- wish it were warmer. I found my long johns that I bought for our trip a couple years ago to Alaska. Every little bit helps :)!!I am .stiffer than stiff these days :)!!

    Julie - You are a brave one getting out there in that cold and icy stuff. Glad the snow blew off the roads for you and lucky you were warned by Den on what to expect.

    Sun - Glad your DH will be going tomorrow to the specialist. Have a list of questions ready. If your DH is like mine he just waits for me to ask them anyway :)! DUH ! Hope they can take care of him quickly and that he will be all fixed up as good as new really soon. Hope you feel better too.

    Diane - Drop a post when you get the chance on my other thread about borderline diabetic foods, etc. I know he has hi b/p to and you are both watching the sodium too. We watch too but don't make our own bread. Do use Dash and as little sodium as possible in dishes as we can. We rarely salt anything. I know most processed foods and soups have their share of sodium in them too. Mikie was talking about GF pastas and foods. Do you use them (pastas, besides just breads)? If so, for how long how have they been working out for you and Kevin? What flour do you use when you make your bread? Not that I am going to make any, I don't think. I gave away our bread maker some time ago.

    Hi also to Dear Dar, Mikie, Jam, Rock, Spring Water, et al !

    Please stay WARM and safe !

    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies,

    Got up to go to work this morning, dead (frozen)battery! Had to call in and let work know I was stranded. The Administrator was good about it. Had to wait for my daughter's roommate and herself to come out in the afternoon. He took out my old battery, took it to Auto Zone and got a new one to put in. It still took a jump to get the car to start due to the extreme cold conditions here. He had to try twice to even get it started. Once started he let it run for 20 minutes. Shut it off, restarted it twice to make sure it would start again. I'm going out in about an hour to start it again and let it run for another 20 minutes before toddling off to bed.
    I'm not happy. I can't find my good "duck" boots. I'm wearing these flimsy little suede jobs with 2 pair of socks!

    It's supposed to drop to 13 degrees below zero tonight with winds up to 25 mph. Tomorrow maybe a high of 18 above zero with similar winds. I do believe I will be cancelling our Out To Lunch for the residents tomorrow and rescheduling it for a better day. :confused: We'll just hang out and play music bingo. They like that one.

    Diane, I do not have a copy of Bell, Book and Candle. I read the book, and I've seen it on the movie channels on occasion, but would like to have my own copy to watch over and over. I need to find one. Good movie. Funny you should mention Sabrina. That's the only one I didn't get to watch. I have the old version with Humphrey Bogart and the newer version with Harrison Ford.

    I'm glad you enjoy my Pyewackett stories. He's also a squeaker on occasion. Which sounds so incredibly wrong coming out of a cat of his proportions, (36 lbs)! He sounds like a kitten! He has very unusual dietary habits as well. He loves bacon, ham, pork in any form, chicken, liver, fish, beef and all the usual stuff you'd think a cat would like. The odd thing is, he Loooves pork & beans, kidney beans, navy beans, green beans, any old bean. He also loves mushrooms, green peppers and onions but only if they are cooked. Oddly, though he loves crab, shrimp and clams, today he turned his nose up at a sea going scallop. o_O He loves seasoned french fries but will only eat the ones that come from "Checkers". No McDonalds for this connoisseur. He also enjoys teriyaki stir-fry with rice.

    I love that your kitties say Mow. And, Herrrrro! How funny. :D Does Rosie have any Oriental relatives? My BooBoo says Maaaaa! The snitty siamese , KoKo, just says Noooowwwww! Noooowwww! in that plaintive voice that all siamese seem to have. Mostly at food time is when I hear this. Otherwise it's a Maaaaa or a disgusted snuffle. Pets are so cool to have. They provide so much entertainment and laughter. Good for the soul and what ails you!

    To Sun, Heartfelt prayers for you and your DH and Daughter. Much Love.

    Granni, So sorry to hear you've gotten more bad news. It's so sad to lose people one cares for. Stay warm in those long johns! Hugz.

    Spring, What kind of doggies do you have? I used to have dogs until I went to work again full time. I miss my Nanuk. She was a great dog. Alaskan Malamute.

    Mikie, Glad it wasn't a majorly serious concussion. Be careful please. We only have one noggin! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Julie, Thanks for the kudos regarding the supplements. So far so good. Any improvement is a good thing for any of us. Sounds like you're in the deep freeze too. Stay well. Stay warm.

    Love to All,

  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sorry so many of you are dealing with such cold temps. It got down into the 40's here last night so I brought in the more delicate flowers I thought might have a problem, even though it didn't get down to freezing. I brought in our beautiful Calla Lily, my pot of orange New Ginnea Impatiens, and the newest member of our garden, the Flamingo plant. The leaves are green and the spaths are a deep pinky rose. We put it in a beautiful dark terra cotta pot with lighter Aztec-like designs around it. I'll put everything back out this afternoon when it gets into the 50's so as not to shock them from going inside to outside.

    I don't know whether we will have a condo mtg. this morning. When it's cold out, we sometimes have it in the president's condo. After, I need to run to Publix for my chili ingredients. I think I have a decorative pan for the cornbread. Have to climb up into the cupboard over the fridge to look. And, yes, I'll be careful :confused:

    Julie, isn't it great to have 4X4's when it's snowy and icy? I had a Jeep when I lived in CO. Hope Lindsey feels better. The stomach flu is going around. I had it early on but it came back to get me again. This latest virus is different. I think (hope) it's gone. Take care of yourselves.

    Diane, yes, it is a different world down here. Not only is it tropical all year but other things are different. What first struck me was how friendly everyone down here is. We get a lot of people from the Midwest and some from the Northeast. People make friends fast. There is a lot of corruption in govt. and the development industry. I'm so glad we finally have two great universities in SW FL to provide a work force for something other than just the building trade. It's paying off in more high-tech businesses coming in. Nothing wrong with the building industry but we need a more diversified business climate than just building and tourism. Stay warm.

    Sunflower Girl, don't remember seeing those huge hibiscus when I was in Hawaii. One of our new ones has blooms about 6" across. It's beautiful with red, orange and purple in the middle. Only problem is that the blooms last but one day. I took pics. I hope and pray DH gets good news at the doc's and I hope you get your questions answered. Most men don't like to discuss their health with docs. Must be in their DNA. Good luck.

    Granni, you are like the Postal Service--neither cold, nor sleet, nor rain will keep you from your appointed singing rounds :) You are right about living in warmer climes; it turns us into wimps. The Yankees come down here and, when it's in the 40's, they are in shorts and we are in long pants and jackets. What horrifies us is when they go in swimming when it's cold. Yikes!

    Leah, keep warm while you are in the "deep freeze." If I know you, you are looking out the window and finding something beautiful to be grateful for.

    Dar, I belong to AAA (no, not AA :) and they brought their truck with them when my car didn't start. They were here post haste. They can run diagnostics to tell if it's the battery or alternator. I had a bad cell in my battery so no sense in trying to charge it. I could have had my car towed to garage or have the AAA guy install a new battery on the spot. I chose the latter and it took no time at all. Cost for the battery was comparable with what is sold installed elsewhere. It gives me such peace of mind if my car is dead, needs a tow, or I have a flat. AAA certifies my mechanic and guarantees his work. They require a lot of him in terms of education, equipment, and ability to keep the certification. I also enjoyed reading about Pye's distinctive palate.

    Rock, guess I didn't realize you had fallen too. I hope you are on the mend. I'm glad you made it around the block. I've been around the block a few times myself but that's another story not suited for this venue ;) Take care of yourself.

    Last night as I was bringing in plants, Simon showed up. I put his food and water under my chair and I think he ate a little. He seems to like company, at a distance, when night falls. Jeff used to feed him his evening snack. Don't know whether he still does now that he moved one street over (Jeff, not Simon :) I put a small blanket just outside my door where Simon sometimes curls up to stay warm but he was nowhere to be seen this morning. Now that he's looking better, his coat looks healthy so it probably keeps him warm. I don't know what feral and homeless animals do in the horribly frigid areas of the country.

    Think I'll get dressed and run to Publix early so I can come home and get some things done. I don't need to go to the mtg. I do need to call the lab for an appt. for the tests my doc wants done. I have a series of doc appts. for the next few months and I need to schedule one for a new spot on my cheek. It's probably just an age or hormone spot but down here in the Sunshine State, one doesn't take chances. Barb just had a mole biopsied on her neck and is waiting for the results. She has nice olive Italian skin; it's the pasty Irish/German people like me who have to worry.

    My love to everyone, especially those I've missed here. After being away, I kinda had to start over with the latest posts. I'm feeling much better since increasing my Special K from 1.5 mgs. to 2 mgs. Doc said this generic isn't a good one so I guess it just takes more to get the same results. Good thing cause I have a LOT to do. While I was still achy and confused, I couldn't deal with the mess. I also love the old movies when I'm down and out but chose to binge watch "Dexter." It's dark but also interesting.

    Love, Mikie
  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Wow...3 degrees at almost 9:00 am...up a couple degrees from about an hour ago, although it says the wind chill makes it feel like it is still 1 degree. Truthfully, when it's this cold, a few degrees don't make a whole lot of difference :confused:

    Now, when it starts to warm up into the 20's and (dare I say it?) the 30's...then it will be time to PARTY! Speaking of parties, where is that Elaine, anyway?? :D

    I am wearing Den's clothes today...I don't know where most of my winter clothes are (haven't needed them since we moved to the shop, due to those wonderful hot flashes...and hadn't really needed them for several years when we were going to Belize) AND have "outgrown" many of the pairs of jeans, etc.

    Not that this is any Earth-shattering news, but it might give a chuckle or two if anyone could see me. :) I am wearing a pair of camo long underwear (I got him for Christmas) with some stretchy capris over the camo part sticks out below the black capris. And one of his heavy sweatshirts...will probably be able to shed a layer after the house warms back up...the stove was about out, but I have a nice toasty fire roaring again.

    So, now that I have given everyone a "visual", lol, I am out of "computer time" and need to get busy. Just want to say Hi to Diane....I think I left you out yesterday :( I am sipping on a mug of beef bone broth right now...Lindsey couldn't "stomach" it, so it is ALL MINE! :p What a great idea to add some cooked rice to it...will do that the next time.

    Take care all, and stay warm (or cool, whatever the case may be.) :)
  16. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Mikie, heard on Coast to Coast radio last night that FL has more than ever cremations vs burials.....To me, that is the smart way to go and I've had that plan for over 10 yrs and all written up in my papers....right now my cremation will be under $700, Neptune is MUCH higher in costs and one pays payment isn't made until I'm gone....I carry a card with all the info.... When I think of the $$$ spent for these funerals, but everyone chooses that's for sure.....

    George Nory who hosts Coast to Coast which was hosted by Art Bell, also got on flu vaccines and said he has NOT had one in eons, sounds like me.....he had Dr. Tenpenny on talking about this vaccine issue and people were calling in who had the flu vaccine and some talked about how sick they blows me away why MERCURY and all the horrible stuff is in these vaccines....and at one point they comments that "dog" DNA stuff was in the recent vaccines...‎
    Gardasil offers no protection · Benefits of HPV Vaccine Questioned ... Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will be speaking at the 2014 California Jam, in Costa Mesa, ... I was a speaker at this event last year, and I can say for sure that Cal Jam is by far one of ...

    Also talked about the horrors of Fukishima and nuclear plants in general....
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2014
  17. bct

    bct Member

    Is the Polio vaccine bad too? This Tenpenney woman seems to be an extremist to me, despite her "creds". Kind of upsetting to read this kind of stuff. Should I not have taken my Pneumonia shot?

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, still hope Lindsey is feeling better. Yes, I do have a visual of your cold-weather getup. Sounds perfectly fine to me. I've been known to wear some strange things myself. It's still too cold here for me to want to be out but will put Ilona's little plant out so she can see it. Then, I'll bring it in for aother night. It's probably hardy but it just looks frail to me.

    Jam, I'm going to let my kids make whatever decisions the want once I'm gone. I told them to find the cheapest cremation and do whatever they want with the ashes. I'm glad older, typically more traditional, people are opting for cremation. It makes sense to me. I'd even like a pyre or my body in a small canoe, set on fire, and pushed out to sea ala the Vikings.

    Frank and Ilona rolled in and I went out to greet them. The webpage timed out and I lost half my post.

    Barry, in the meantime, you posted. Sorry I missed you.

    Gotta go. Take care, everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Jam: When my mom died 6 years ago it was soooo hard for me. At that time I decided I didn't want my kids to go thru it so mine is all paid. And if God takes me up in the Rapture, then my kids will have to deal with everything.

    Barry: I get Dr. Russell Blaylock's newsletter and he just was discussing what all is put into vaccines and shots. If you're interested you can find a lot of info on this. It everyone's own decision what they will do.

    Thank you Freida for that sweet prayer. I appreciate everyone's good thoughts and prayers.

    My DHs surgery is scheduled for almost 3 weeks from now. The doctor will do a cancer type operation on the colon, cutting out the tumor removing part of the colon and reattaching it. He also said that the terrible anemia he's got is probably as a result of this. It will take 4 days for the results to come back and if he has cancer he will start chemo.
  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Barry, it's done....I surely can't answer that....I often think, if only I didn't do the hip replacement.....where would I be today, better off than now or in a wheelchair as my MD said I could end up. That scared me for sure....but the surgery really messed my body up big has changed drastically for me in the last 3 yrs since.

    I've done no vaccines for over 25 yrs and do a lot of prevention in hopes my preventatives are working for with the shingles vaccine so many talk about, I take 500mg Lysine daily to "help" prevent any of the shingles virus from attacking my body. And grape seed ex, keeps my immune system no flu vaccine for me. I'm generally very healthy except for the mess from the hip surgery.

    Sun, sure hope all turns out good for your husband... jam