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    Julie: I'm so very sorry to read all this bad, depressing news from your family. First off, that makes sense about the mold and the quicker they get out the better for everyone. And I'm sorry about your kitty Sapphire. We know our pets AND us get older but it's still hard. And I can understand about the way Lindsey feels about Sheba. I did the same thing with our springer spaniel years ago. She was having little seizures and the vet wanted to put her down. I balked and took her home so the kids could love her up. She surprised us and lived another year without too many problems.

    And thank you everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. I'm trying to be the strong one in the house.....he kinda lost it yesterday, but I think he's better today after talking to someone at work who went thru the same thing, but even with cancer she didn't have to go thru chemo. I think that lifted his spirits. I'm the one who worries something awful and he's done all the bill paying etc. for ever. I had to ask him this morning where the checks are in case I needed them. To put it bluntly, I'm really a nervous wreck.
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    Oh SUN - I understand what you are saying about your DH doing all the heavy finances ( the big stuff). I also have my checking acct. but that is not much and what I get from SS but I buy lots of little things from that. OUR total finances is a bit more complicated. Not that it is a lot of money really but he pays bills from one account and sometimes has to transfer $ money from one to another and it can get a little complicated and for me sometimes a lot :)!!! he he !! I am not a working with all the heavy finances and math person. He does the taxes thank God but I need to start trying to learn more of this stuff. I do have a book where I have written some of this stuff down. During the past couple of weeks we have lost 3 men friends from either the K of C or two from our subdivision. Didn't know one that much but he was very involved as was his wife with our club. The one we didn't know that well has had a couple of strokes and it got to the point they had to remove the life supports. How sad that must be for all of the family. They were older than us I believe, at least he. Go to another visitation tomorrow and Friday is the funeral service. Boo hoo - this is not a good start to the new year and it is still young yet. One had cancer and the other it may have been heart that was in his family.

    Julie - Sorry to hear about you having put Grandma Kitty to sleep but you know when it is time when they are suffering so. Hope Sheba has some more good years for the family too.

    Sorry also to hear all your bad stuff with the mild , sicknesses and the kids moving but it is the best for them, and probably you. Maybe then you can take it easy just a little bit and not have to be there all the time. I know you love them and don't mind but it tends to get you ill or feeling worse after awhile.. Sorry Linds is still sick. I am thinking it could be a combo of both too and I supposed that mold may not be helping. Many times people get ill due to allergies and then it goes into something worse, as you know. Hopefully a change will be very good for their health too. That weather has got to not be much of a help either, for any of you,.

    Diane - Glad to hear from you and sorry you are still feeling stinky so to speak. Hopefully the doctor visit on Friday will help to clear things up for you a bit. It must have been bad outside if it was like a ghost town at work the other day. It is wise to stay home on such occasions. Hope things get better soon for you and Kevin weather wise and health wise too.

    Hi Paulac too- Hope you are doing OK. I see you live in PA too so you must be pretty cold yourself. It is warming up today or trying to and it is in the low 50's today and drizzly some outside. Wish I didn't have to go out to practice tonight. The director was sick and wasn't at masses on Sunday. He is not one to take off from any duties at any time so this was a very big surprise. He should be resting home in bed. However he doesn't do that well. Stay well and try and stay warm or get warm :)!!

    I need to go and start dinner so we can eat early and then go to church to practice - brrrr. If you all cam here you probably would think it was summer in the low 50's today.

    Hi to everyone also no mentioned ! Gotta run for now ! Tomorrow will be another crazy day, the chiro, then get my hair done it is so long and unruly, and then in the evening we have the visitation at the FH. Not much rest for the weary and have been bad about doing my exercises.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Thanks Granni, Jam and Diane. Yes, I'm trying to think positive thoughts and pray. Yesterday at the doctor he was really consumed with anxiety big time and I had to remind him that God is always in control. Then today I have to remind myself of the same thing.

    I handled all my mom's medical stuff, finances, etc. I think when she died I had been so overwhelmed with it all that I just let my DH take over ours, sitting on the sidelines with everything. He pays all the bills online, moves $ around on the internet, and I honestly forget the names of banks, etc. I used to do all our investments too. A few months ago I had him give me a list of every account, etc. and passwords, so I do have that. We've also had a revocable trust drawn up a few years ago........something for everyone to think about.

    We also made a visual chart for our circuit breakers. Don't laugh! I told him if he wasn't here and something happened I wouldn't know which button controlled which switches. That was a HUGE job, but if something blows I can check the circuit switch.

    For the last 2 years I've been cleaning out closets and garage and taking unnecessary things to the thrift store. We have a big house and it's FULL. If We/I ever have to sell it would be a big project.
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    Hi Porchies one and all!

    Oh Granni, Such a year! It seems that many of the Porch friends have had so many friends and relatives passing away. So sorry you have to attend yet another funeral. I feel so sorry for your DH's friend. What an awful shocker for his wife. Poor thing. At least he had a long life, a mate who loved him dearly, and good friends. Sad though just the same.

    Julie, I was so sorry to hear about your beloved Sapphire. And poor Sheba. You did the right thing with Sapphire though. I have a friend, my best friend, who spends tons of money trying to keep her animals alive long past when they should have been "let go" because they no longer have a good quality of life. It's so sad to watch for me sometimes. I understand she loves them, Lord knows, but if they are suffering and failing it's more humane to let them have peace and release from pain. Let them go to Heaven. I've had to have animals put down, and it's not easy. It's like losing a child. But you are doing the right things by your animals.

    I sure hope you all get well soon. Seems like you've all been sick so much for so long. Even a little mold might be the culprit if you and your family are sensitive to it and/or have immune systems that are already being taxed. Stay well dear friend. And your family too.

    Paulac, Nice to see your post. Stay warm and cozy and take care of yourself.

    Diane, I sympathize with your "cold weather". We've been hit pretty hard here this week. Right now it's 3 degrees above zero here. This cold weather takes a toll on people. More so, I think, on those of us who aren't optimum anyhow. Believe it or not, they actually closed the Mall on Monday. The Mall! It never closes. But it was so wicked here they closed it up at 3:00 p.m. to discourage people from going out in such dangerously cold weather. That was the same day my car didn't start and I couldn't get to work. Probably for the best. Stay toasty!

    Sun, You are such a good person. A strong person. Your DH is lucky to have someone like you in his life to be there for him. This has got to be so hard, particularly watching the reaction he's having. Not surprised you're a nervous wreck and him too. My heart goes out to you both. This too shall pass, but it still hurts so in the passing. Your DH sounds like a take charge sort of guy when he's not in a grieving process. It's okay not to be good at everything. Nobody is you know. Hugs to you.

    Jam, I agree with you 100%. A positive outlook can make all the difference when facing unpleasant and saddening life experiences. I meditate, talk to the "Man Upstairs" as I refer to
    my perception of the "Supreme Being" as some refer to it. I don't think everyone has to share the same belief or paradigm as long as you have a belief system of some sort, it will help to carry you through a lot. A belief system is sort of like "Damage Control" in one's existence. Concentrating on the good things and keeping a positive attitude through any means one can is a healthy way to handle what the world throws at us.

    To those I may have forgotten to mention, Love to all!

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    Dar - you are so right about having a belief system ! It can also be a very big help when getting into very hard and worrisome times.

    Yes, so much bad stuff happening. Went to the beauty shop finally today, boy did it need it. I met another friend who I still am friends with and her DH is friends with him but we haven't seen each other in awhile.. She had just had her hair done and she was rather upset. Her hubby, probably in early 80's or so had blood either in the stool or just coming from that area. We didn't go into it much. He was in the hospital and was having a scoping done to find out what is what. I hope they find the problem and get it taken care of quickly. Also hope it is nothing really bad. They too are such good people. Some of our grandkids used to play a few summers at their lake and had taken some golf clinic lessons years ago with them. Am hoping that all goes well and he is OK. They are a little older than we are.

    Sun - Glad you have been cleaning out the house little by little through the years. We have too. Also, each time we moved we got rid of more. DH is great for cleaning things out and I don't like to throw out things as quickly as he does but I have been doing some but need to do more, I know. Hugz to you both. Am thinking about you and your DH along with all our sick friends and those who have passed this week.. Right now it is dreary and raining as it was yesterday too. That can be a little depressing so trying not to dwell on things but sometimes it is hard. However, yesterday it was more drizzle. It is getting warmer but until the dampness goes away that doesn't help me a whole lot.

    Yes, I also agree about the positive attitude thing. It has helped me a lot I think. I tend to look at the glass that is half full and DH thinks of the glass being half empty. Yes, we are very different people, but how did we survive together all these years :)!!

    Hugs to everyone inc those not mentioned ! Have to get dressed to go to the Funeral Home - this stuff has got to stop ):!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi Leah Freida,

    Glad to hear kitty is improving. Yaaayyy Kitty! Glad you posted even if it was short. Feel better soon. :)

    Granni, Re: The glass is half full v.s. half empty. Well, they say opposites attract. ;) Probably why you and Hubby have had such a wonderful relationship. I think that variety is a great thing between two people. That way you always have something new to impart to each other. Keeps things going so you both continue to grow and your relationship doesn't get "stale". I like to think of the glass as half full and keep trying to find ways to top it off! :D After the funeral, when you get home, try and do something for yourself that makes ya feel good. Will be thinking of you.

    To all the rest of The Porch, Hi Y'all! Hope everybody's doin ok. Hey! it's 22 degrees above zero here! Woohoo! We're havin' a heat wave! :cool:

    Love N' Hugs to all.

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    Hey Rock! I found the like button! :D Hope you and Gordon are doing well and you're feeling up to "snuff".