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    Well, the latest exciting news is that I took a job at our local bakery...I kneaded the dough. :p

    Just kidding, of course...but there really is a spammer on the loose. Proper authorities have been alerted and hopefully he will be deported back to the galaxy from which he came. Meanwhile, don't open any of the links that are in any of his posts...who knows where they will lead.

    I'm not going to even attempt to stay and visit right now...took some Nyquil a couple hours ago and am not sure if I am making any sense right now or not.

    Will check in tomorrow and see how everyone is doing...
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    Good news: Spammer is gone.

    Rock, I liked your comment on duct tape. Always the punster. Some homes fall within a designated "Historic District." If one owns a home in that area, even if it's not old, the people who meddle in these things feel free to try to dictate what you can do and not do. Now, that said, if we didn't have those districts in some areas, we would lose beautiful old bldgs. My kids own a home in the Historic District in Galveston (it survived the big hurricane) and is considered Victorian even though it doesn't particularly look Victorian. The kids were glad to consult the Historic Committee before making improvements because it improves the value of the homes in the area. Still, in a mixed area, one would think common sense would prevail. I also went to Costco yesterday after the condo mtg. Never made it to Lowe's cause it was lunchtime and there was a roasted chicken with my name on it calling to me. I came home and ate.

    Diane, Julie, Jam and Sunflower Girl, I hope all of you are feeling better. That virus I had really took the wind outta my sails. The head injury didn't help either. Whine, whine, whine!

    Julie, I think using the wood from your tree is a wonderful way to honor it and never have to lose it. You also have that beautiful pic which you can frame. Restoration Hardware scours the country for old wood from trees, barns, etc. because it has such character. You can order custom made tables made from the old wood and they look like my 200 year old antiques. Hah! New Antiques. Isn't that an oxymoron?

    I am still so tired that I can only be active for half the day, usually in the morning. Then, I just have to give in to it and lie down. This morning, I see the urologist and have to take my x-rays in for him to see. So far, I don't think there is any infection and I've been off the ABX for two weeks. Then, I hope to stop at Lowe's to pick up my stain and try to find paint I can use on the bench at the tennis courts. It's some kind of manmade resin or recycled plastic. I do a lot of work around out condo bldg. but I like to volunteer for the whole hood now and then.

    Yesterday, we had our bldg. power washed. It looks so nice. In the summer, when it rains nonstop, green and black mold get on our bldg. in some spots. I love seeing it so clean. I had to hustle to get everything inside from the balcony. Same thing I do every time we have a hurricane. Our new plants are taking off beautifully and it's a pleasure to come home. The Hibiscus are all blooming and are beautiful. Our lemon trees have blooms on them and they still have lemons ripening at the same time. Those little trees are champs!

    Got my new Surface2 out so Ilona could see it but the battery was dead. I still don't know much about using Windows 8. I'm going to copy Barb's little booklet which came with her new puter. Mine came with nada. Then, I'll sit down, in my copious spare time, and do the You Tube tutorials on Windows 8. That's after I refinish my table and paint the tennis court bench. Oh, to have more NRG. I know it'll return but I'm not a patient person. Prayer for patience: God, give me patience; give it to me NOW!

    OK, gotta go take a bath. Thanks to everyone who reported our spammer. It really helps us do our jobs.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie---I hear you on the's good stuff....Ive had one heck of a head cold since Sunday....fortunately, buy the luck of the draw, yesterday was my yearly appt with my GP for BP, height, weight, and all that he poked and prodded at me...looked into my head from all angles, and said it was just a bad head cold...but if I wasn't much improved in a few days, to give him a shout.....That's really cool you are 're-purposing' the tree for cabinets in your new house....I am forever using and reusing things for other than their designated purpose....After the divorce, I filled the gun cabinet with all of the DVD's that he left, as it was a really nice gun cabinet, and the DVD's fit in there so nicely....

    Mikie...I hear you about the no energy.....I really dislike being sick...I have better things to do with my time....LOL...As to the Win8...most people seem to really like it once they get used to the interface....I still have 7, but I will probably upgrade the next time I have my computer ripped apart to 'tweak' something.....I would really love to see a picture of all your tropical plants that you have in your condo.....sometimes I wish I lived in an apt, so I wouldn't have to do all the upkeep and stuff, then in the next minute, I'm glad I own my own rules or regulations...especially living in the country like I do....

    Anyhow, my soup just beeped, so gonna goal for today is to be awake more than I am sleeping....:cool: What an exciting life I lead.....LOL

    Take care Y'all!!
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    I can't take cold medicine.....just have to use oregano oil, vit C, and nasal rinse. I HATE feeling loopy and out of it. What would I do without ibuprofen? And those of you who take acetelmenifen I was listening to NPR a month or so ago and they were reporting that an overdose can occur on just 4 tablets a day. Big time liver damage. So I did a search on it and they were right....lots of info on the net. Sorry about the spelling but I don't have any in my house to look up the spelling. But apparently you don't have the same problems with taking ibuprofen aside from kidney damage if not enough water is consumed to flush it out. Oh Joy!

    Paula. I love that you've put the gun cabinet to good use. I hate tossing or giving to goodwill something I can reuse. There had been a program on HGTV.....two brothers would scour the streets for discards and remake something amazing from rejects. I have one of those large OLD kettle barbeques and I turned both bottom and top into great, large planters for my garden. When we remodeled a bathroom there were 2 mint green oval sinks from the 60s when the house was built. They're now residing in my garden with plants growing in them.

    Well, I got one call yesterday from a H.S. boy, wanting the job. He said he was 18 and had one other job at the county fair last summer. I need to find out how much the pool guy next door charges and then decide to weigh everything before I decide to hire a kid.
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    I'm baaaack. Doc said there were a couple of bacterial cells in urine but that may be nothing. Just in case, it's being cultured. I have no more symptoms of the UTI. I see him again in Sept. I have no more problems. It's so I can get another x-ray and he can compare the size of my small kidney stones. I hope they just stay put and don't grow.

    Stopped at Lowe's and got a primer guaranteed to work on the tennis court bench as long as I sand or wire brush it first. After it's primed, I can paint it with exterior white paint. I also got some stain for my table. It still needs another sanding and I'm not sure the stain will be the right color. It's impossible to look at the pics of the stains unless you are using the same type of wood as the stain. My table is pine but has a warm honey colored stain. I may end up mixing my own batch to get it just right. Hey, if it works with hair color...

    It's getting cold outside, at least, for us. I got all the flowers and outdoor furniture put back outside. We are in for a cold spell. Think I'll change and sand the table. I'm tired of projects.

    Paula, I don't have live plants in the condo. I do have a few plants on the lanai but nothing exotic. All the beautiful plants, like the hibiscus, are outside. I did take a photo of my Xmas Cactus in full bloom on the lanai. When I upload them to the puter, I'll post it. We have a beautiful Desert Cactus in dark red on the Balcony and a rust colored Calla Lily. Nice thing is that we can grow beautiful tropical plants but not the ones I loved in CO, like Lilacs. After my divorce, I pretty much had to move into a condo. I was bummed about it until the first weekend when I lay at the pool instead of having to do the lawn. Also, no shoveling in the winter. Down here, I can work outside and enjoy gardening as little or much as I want. Over time, condo villages develop a little character and do not seem so sterile. It all depends on the residents. I'd love a nice little house but, in reality, this is more ideal, considering my limitations.

    Sunflower Girl, one of the few silver linings of catching a cold for me is taking Nyquil just before bedtime. I feel all snoozy and drowsy and sleep soooo well. Aaaaah, drugs! I'm really careful with acetaminophen and ibuprophen but do take them for pain from time to time. I always drink lots of water. I'm also a fan of HGTV. I've learned so much from watching those shows. I love recycling and repurposing.

    Well, Kids, guess I had better get going before my git-up-'n-go gets up and goes. Wishing y'all a great afternoon and evening. BTW, please keep on reporting the spammers when you see them. Just got another one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Glad to hear you found a job, Julie. People who are willing to work hard, generally rise in the
    world. One of my nephews who graduated from the college in Storm Lake, Ia wrote that a
    friend of his took a job last year with the Iowa State Historical Society. But the guy quit
    after several months. Decided there was no future in it.

    And a cousin's grandson from New Albin, IA, got a job at the Como Park Zoo in St.
    Paul. He was assigned to the ungulate dept. with the giraffes as his special responsibility.
    Sad to say he was terminated after 3 months. Boss said he just wasn't up to it.

    Here's a stagecoach stop anecdote fur ya. And SG too. Ha Ha! A lady in our Minnesota village was a local Grandma Moses. She took up painting late in life and was very good at it. She gave my mother a picture of a local landmark. A year of two later my mother was visited by a young woman who was the daughter of one of my mother's childhood friends. Said childhood friend having moved to another village nearby.

    Mother came back in the livingroom with coffee. The visitor said, "I've been looking at your picture on the wall. I'm trying to figure out why it's so familiar. So Mom told her the history of the painting, and her guest said, "OMG! I've been there. Years ago. My Dad was born in
    that building."

    (This is a true story. No names have been changed. Or even provided. No giraffes were
    harmed in the etc.)

    Got a book of biographies of early country western musicians and movie stars. One of the
    bands was called "The Light Crust Doughboys". The radio program on which they
    appeared was sponsored by a company that made flour.

    They were from Texas, Granni. So was Hoyle Nix. Isn't that a great name? You can hear
    these guys and lot of others on Youtube, of course. Unlike modern performers, these
    guys were generally photographed wearing suits and neckties.

    I have nothing on my schedule today except to bring in the empty trash bins. Gordon
    is going to run a couple errands. He has two checks to deposit. Both from Chase
    Bank which apparently has a hole in its corporate head or some strange accounting

    Anyhoo, Gordon got a check for some funds in a dormant account. He decided to
    deposit it in a different bank which is in Chinatown. So that makes sense so far. But
    simultaneously they sent him a second check for one cent! You know what Homer
    Simpson would say.

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    Yes, indeed, Jam, another spammer. I've been here three times and gotten rid of three spammers. They are coming out of the walls. Thanks again for reporting them. I'm getting better at using the website's features.

    Rock, I hear if you work in a bakery, you are rolling in the dough and making a lot of bread. You can't loaf, though. I heard of a girl who went to work for Victoria's Secret but they gave her a pink slip.

    I did finish sanding my table top and put the stain on it. It matches the rest of the table perfectly. Tomorrow, after I get home from the lab, I'm going to put the first coat of polyurethane on it to protect the surface. Twenty-four hours later, I have to lightly sand it again and put the second coat of the clear poly on it. I hope it looks good when done. I have soooo much begging for my attention around here. It's going to be cold for a few days so I ought to be able to get a lot done. I bought some minutes for my TracFone. I used a bunch during the holidays and I'm not a talker (I'm a writer of loooooong posts :) Maybe I'll have some time to learn Windows 8. There doesn't seem to be too much to learn, just where the common things are hidden.

    Maybe I can find out where some NRG is hidden. If I find it, I'll let y'all know where it is.

    Love, Mikie
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    So did I yesterday, report the spammer. So glad that we got rid of that one, talk about lots of posts from out of nowhere making no sense other than buy buy buy or trying to spread viruses, etc. I didn't dare to touch of those or click should I say :)! Wonder how many of us did , report him that is :)!!

    Hey JULIE, you better not have taken that job . That is just what you don't need - not that you don't need the money but your time is shall we say rather limited to doing anything extra. You are lucky to get done what needs to with the kids needing so much help. Maybe when they move you can rest a little :)!!

    Mikie - Sorry you are still feeling a little puny and I hope it passes quickly. It is o fun having no NRG ! You are so busy in your condo maybe you could come here and help me do something around here, not sure what but I could find something. That is great to be someone who can fix things up in the house or redo something to make it look pretty or just better.

    Hi also to Rock, Jam, SW, Sun, Dar et al. I spent my morning at WM after going to the chiro. . Didn't buy anything to exciting. I am pooped but unfortunately have choir practice tonight. It is cold again or colder. You never know what to wear around here.

    Jam - let us know about the Great Lakes Green Gelatin and if it helps you. Forgive me if I got the name wrong. Trying to much to fast :)!

    Did I read that Diane is taking another break or isn't going to be around as much as she had been? If so, I sure will miss her. You are all writing such interesting posts. Mine are just there to say hi to awl :)!!! he he I should be working but I am to tired.

    Gotta do some more stuff on the computer. TTYL !

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Jam - Is the gelatin in a capsule or what? Is that supposed to help with pain, joints and otherwise? It sounds interesting. Need to also figure out what kind of drinks to make for breakfast. However, I only have a small chopper or blending. It is not juicer or extractor.

    Do you or anyone make drinks for breakfast in a machine that is not a juicer? If so please let me know. I think there were only a couple of drinks in the little book that came with the blender. I probably should have bought some bananas to make a few drinks. However, I hesitate to buy many as we do not eat them that fast and I have to almost force DH to eat a half of one :)!! My daughter bought me a big can some time ago of I think it is the Whey powder, I guess with a lot of protein. I haven't looked at it in some time and hope it lasts a long time in an unopened can :)!!

    A BIG SPECIAL HUG TO LEAH that I forgot to mention last time. Y0u are seam to be dealing well with your problems and your DH is so helpful. Have you thought of any kind of speech help. A friend of mine in line dancing has a husband who all of a sudden could not speak too not sure why. It wasn't a stroke I think and he goes weekly for speech therapy and it seems to be helping of course if you cannot get anything out that may be another problem too. Hope you start to get better real soon from all your problems.

    Hugz to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi all!

    Not much time to post. Got home late from work. Tired. Glad the spammer's gone. Sheesh! What a bunch of gobbledy goop! I lost a very long newsey post right before that. Oh well.

    Mikie, Rock, great pun fun. I used to work in a bakery. I was the sweetest smelling girl in town. (I frosted all the stuff that needed frosting, filled the jelly-filled bismarks, filled the creme horns, & filled the long johns). My dad loved it. He got fresh Italian bread, (his favorite), still warm from the oven when I'd get home in the morning. I worked from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m..

    I stopped making donuts, I just got tired of the hole thing. Did you know, bakers trade recipes on a knead to know basis? Bakers earn the majority of their income in the morning, they earn most of their dough at yeast by leaven o'clock. ARRR! ARRR! :D

    Will try to post more tomorrow. Going to beddy bye now. To all on the porch,

    Much love N' hugs
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone,

    Not much to write about. I'm waiting, and fasting, so I can get my blood drawn. Thank God my appt. at the lab is early. Table top smells and will likely smell worse after I put the polyurethane on it. That's oil based stuff and takes longer to dry than the stain. I'm just sooooo pleased with the color match. A little Liquid Gold is all the rest of it needs.

    Granni, sorry you are feeling punny too. You do a lot more than I do, what with the singing and dancing. I can barely walk through my condo without finding things I need to do. Mostly just cleaning, not big projects. I think I've done my last project, at least, any big projects like I used to do. At some point, don't we earn the right to just do what we want? Actually, that's kinda what I do now. Hope you find more NRG too.

    Leah, I hope and pray you get to feeling better. Glad kitty is better and bless DH for being such a good guy. I had physical therapy for my FMS years ago. The exercises were very gentle and could even be done in bed. They helped to preserve strength and agility. Most of us can't exercise like "normals" do.

    Jam, I'll have to check out the green gelatin. I'm glad you are optimistic about it.

    Dar, I dub you the Queen of The Pun. Enjoyed them; thank you. I know how busy you always are. Take care of yourself. Flu season is in full swing.

    It's so cold out this morning. Simon had been sleeping on the cushion on my chair out on the Balcony. He jumps down and sits and just looks at me. I talk to him a minute and then open the door so I can put his food out. He still goes down to the landing and stays until it's safe to come up to eat. I'm so happy at the way he looks and moves. I think he is in pretty good condition for a homeless cat. I sure hope he found Jeff over on the next street after he moved. Jeff feeds him too.

    Guess I'll have to put on my long pants to go out this morning. When I come home, I'll change into my work clothes. I keep one old tee shirt and one pair of stained Capri pants to work in. If I'm up to it, and it doesn't rain, I may go over to the tennis courts and try to get the bench wire brushed so I can prime it. Or, I may just lie down and watch TV. If I read, I'll fall asleep. Oh, NRG, where art Thou?

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning awl. Had someone here to put in a new shower head and faucet turner on er or whatever you call it. Well, the turner on er that we bought didn't have the right screws or something so he and DH have gone to Home Depot to find something that hopefully will work. Trying to change out stuff in an older bathroom sure is challenge. We had also wanted to try and change the faucets in the Jacuzzi or hot tub and if we do we take the chance of cracking the tub. I would love to replace it but DH doesn't want to spend the money. It already has a big stain on it that I did in trying to remove hard water stains. It went almost down to the last layer of what it is made of. It may just have seen that way but someone tried to fix it but didn't do a great job years ago.

    So much to do. The gal in charge of the luncheon reservations for our club is on vacation so I am to pick up the numbers from the other callers and e-mailers and send to the club. I am boing crazy to get all the numbers .

    Jam - Thanks for the info on that gelatin. I will check it out. Is it supposed to help nails do you know. My hair is fine in fact maybe to thick if you call that a problem. My nails on the other time stink and keep on cracking and breaking. I had heard years ago that some gelatin is good for that.

    Hi to Mikie and Julie, Rock, Dar, Sun et al. I need to go and do some more work on these reservations plus some wash. Hope to pop in later on.

    Granni :)
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    Good morning all...still fighting this stomach pain and fatigue. Amy thinks I should go to the doctor, but don't have the energy to drive myself...and not serious enough to have Den take off work to take me or to have Lindsey try to get away to drive me there.

    Am just taking it easy and will see how I feel the first of the week...trying not to let it get me clear down; I have so many things to do, most of which can wait, but need to get some bills paid, etc.

    Hi to everyone! Yes, Dar, you are the Queen :p
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Sorry you are still having stomach pains. Do you have loose bowels also or just cramps? I know that is no fun. Do you also have nausea? How are you eating - not much but broths and soups and crackers, etc.? Yes, it is Granni Nurse talking now :)! Yes, keep those puns coming. You, Dar and Rock can have a contest :)!!

    Yes, not sure it will warm up that much for you to want to get out in the bad weather but at lest it is not snowing , is it??

    Yes, that is a good time to just do quiet things that are needed to do like your bills. Remember to eat though, EVEN THOUGH JUST LIGHTLY IF THE APETITE IS NOT THERE and keep hydrated. I know myself I have to remind myself to drink a lot more than I do. Stay warm and hope you get better son. STAY WARM !!!

    Back to my chores.

    Love ya,
    Granni :)
  15. lydia1

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    Hi all...feeling a little better this evening. Thanks, Jam, for the reminder about baking soda...drank some in water and it did help. :) I don't usually have any stomach problems, but I think the bug that got ahold of me, did a number on my stomach and intestines.

    Granni, I have actually been very hungry, lol! But trying to be careful not to eat something that will make things worse...bowels moving, but still feel full in that area. Have increased my fiber and water...hoping that helps.

    I was able to be up a little more today, but am going to have to take it easy now, the rest of the evening. David was grilling (in the snow :D) so I had him fix a couple of our steaks for us. I only ate a small amount of mine, but it tasted so good! I talked myself out of eating it all, by slicing part of it very thin and putting it in a tortilla wrap for Den's lunch tomorrow.

    Amy and Keira are coming either tomorrow night or Saturday...I am going to send a grocery list to her and she will pick things up for me. Den starts "call" and might not be able to get to a grocery store...our local one is outrageously priced anyway.

    Amy will go back home Saturday night or Sunday, then Keira will hang out with the rest of us till Monday (no school) and I will take her home.

    Lindsey and David are looking at a house in town Monday evening...hoping it will work; hardly anything on the market right now.

    They found out that David will be gone for two weeks of Guard Annual Training, just a couple weeks before Lindsey's due date...will be out of state, but the commander said they would send him home if she went into labor. is all in God's hands.

    I am starting to wear down, so gonna head to the couch. Hello to everyone, hope it has been a "good enough" day.
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies,

    Julie, Kudos on the new job! No matter how you slice it bakery jobs are not a dime a dozen. :D Glad you're feeling a little better. When I had a stomach bug last winter, the nurse at work suggested straight honey in the morning before eating anything and again at night before retiring for the antibiotic properties. When you've had a gastrointestinal problem, the stomach lining and intestinal tract can be irritated for weeks and weeks afterward. You may want to stick with "bland" foods and avoid anything acidic,, tea, soda, heavy spices... for a while longer as well. The nurse was right. It helped a lot.

    Mikie, Sounds like your table is coming along nicely. It's always so satisfying when a project like that goes well and turns out as hoped. Hope Simon finds his other benefactor as well. Thanks for the "dub". :)

    Hi Granni, I think the word you were searching for was "spigot". That's the turner onner thingy. I got such a kick out of that. You sounded so much like my Mom when she was around. I still use a lot of her idioms. Whatsit, thingamabobby, thingamajig, whattayacallit, who'sit, whatchajigger,.....etc... I miss that! Thanks.

    Yes, I do enjoy a good pun. Ya do have to love Rock's sense of humor
    , but I think he'd win a pun contest with me. Next to Rock, I'm an amateur. Mikie and Julie are no "slouches" either. Such fun!

    Well, my phone just blipped. Gotsta go.

    Love N hugs to all on the Porch,
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I think if stomach problems continue, it might be worth a trip to the doc. Flu can cause complications. I drink Smart Water and it helps me to keep from becoming dehydrated. It has electrolytes but, unlike Gatorade, it has no taste except the best water I've had since drinking glacier water in CO. Also, rest up. Flu really takes it out of us--literally. When I got to feeling better, I was starved but wanted strange things I don't normally eat. The body's way of asking for what it needs to heal.

    Granny, old valves in showers and tubs will not take new turner-oners because the new valves have what is called "positemp." It keeps one from being scalded if anyone flushes a toilet when one is showering. I got all new brushed nickel fixtures for my guest bath and had to cut through the wall in my utility closet so the plumer could install the positemp valve to accept the new turner-oner. Then, of course, I had to patch the wall when he was done. Lowe's still sell the old style turner-oners so simple replacement is possible but not if one wants a new fangled style. I'll likely never do my master bath because it would mean cutting through my dining room wall. I have a fancy-schmancy shower head and hand-held head in there so the turner-oner isn't the star of the show. Old shower/bath valves can sit for years and still work. Positemp valves have to be run from time to time or they will not work. Just a handy tip.

    Jam, I've used baking soda too but it increases my BP so I try to find other things. Is your gelatin still working for you? I hope so.

    Yesterday was soooo cold that I went down for coffee with Frank and Ilona. Another friend, Joan (she pronounces it as Joanne) was there. We had a good time and decided to go to lunch and look for another storage box for behind our hedge. Didn't find one like the one we have but we may have to settle for a different kind. We went to a Chinese buffet and it was delicious. I wish I could eat more as everything was sooooo good. If I overeat, though, I feel lousy the rest of the day, so I ate conservatively. I'm going to go online to see whether we can order a storage box.

    I didn't get my coffee table coated with polyurethane because it was too cold to open doors and windows. This morning, I have the heat on. I need for it to be at least 70 degrees or the cold goes straight to my bones. Living down here makes one a wuss. I am hoping that by this afternoon, it will be warm enough to open things up. As it is, it will take two days, and two coats, to finish the project.

    Simon was all tucked up on the cushion on my chair. Poor little guy, I think he would almost rather stay there than have to move to get his breakfast. I'm just always glad to see him as I know he'll have something to eat to carry him through the day. I don't know what will happen when he gets too old to hunt or his teeth fall out. Guess I'll be buying canned food. The dry stuff is healthier and I hope it is helping him keep his teeth and his health. Wish I could just sweep him up in my arms and scratch him under his chin.

    OK, that's all there is to say about my unexciting life. Unexciting suits me just fine. Hope all our Porchies have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids
    Got outta the house yesterday. Went to the mall to look for bedroom slippers. The trip
    was exhaustenizing. Also a sad commentary on the state of business in modern America.
    It used to be that a business was successful if it provided a good product at an affordable

    Now, at least in the world of shoes and slippers, the stores all market the same shoddy,
    overpriced products, so you really don't have much choice. You can't buy slippers in
    your size, because the sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. But I need a size 10.

    And they are all, I was told, of medium width. But that's not true. Or they have changed the
    definition of 'medium'. I wear medium but these slippers were all too tight in the
    front and too loose in the back. The ones that cost $90 didn't fit any better than the
    ones at Penney's that were marked down 50% to $15.

    At Macy's there was nothing that fit, so it was suggested we go to the back of the store and
    check out their Remainder Sale. The clerk provided us with all they had: two boxes of slippers. The first pair didn't fit and second pair wasn't even a pair. There was only one slipper in the box.

    Anyhoo, after visiting 3 stores I was worn out. On the way out we stopped at See's
    which sells delicious candy, but it's priced accordingly. More than a buck an ounce.
    When we got to the car I took the free sample piece out of the bag and immediately
    dropped it on the floor. (My hands don't work right anymore.) Well, there are few things
    dirtier than the floor of a car. Truck stop's rest room maybe. Anyhoo, Gordon, who
    was supposed to be focused on his driving, snatched it up with the speed of summer
    lightning and threw it in my bag of candy. Thus contaminating the whole bag.

    I didn't say anything to Gordon, but I tossed them. Overreacting? Maybe. Had a bad
    experience when I was a young adult. Ate a frozen meal that had been unrefrigerated
    overnight. The County Homemaker's Office said it would be all right. I was sick for
    three days. It cost my half a month's salary for lost earnings and doctor fees. After that
    I never took chances.

    Mikie, never heard of those positemp valves that have to be run regularly. Sound kinda
    temp-ermental to me. BTW, I often listen to an old radio program, ca. 1930s and 40s.
    The kitchen faucet is always referred to as "the hydrant".

    Dar, speaking of dime a dozen bakery jobs, Gordon brought some home last night. They
    were left over from his orchid meeting. They were cookies, and they were not worth a
    dime apiece. They were from Vons Bakery. Red velvet cookies and raisin oatmeal. The
    first had no flavor and the second overpowered you with cinnamon.

    Jam, had not heard of that green gelatin. Are you talking about Jello, or a drink or
    something else altogether? (I can't review your post without a high risk of losing my post
    which has already taken me 35 minutes. Yikes!)

    Julie, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Just think how far we'd be in a couple
    months if we could all feel a little better every day.


    (Time elapsed: 56 minutes. If I get any slower, I'll be like that snail that rode on the back of
    a tortoise and went, "Wheeee!)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Mikie - So far so good with the shower fixtures. He just had to go and get a new or different turner on er plate as the screws wee in a different place. We just needed to get the same brand as before. We will see with the tub. The guy we use says we can do it most likely but will have to take the top of the tob off for the Jacuzzi or whatever you call it and hope it doesn't crack due to age. He said he thought he would warn us but that it usually doesn't happen. We will go next week to go and see what HD has to offer. The ol caukihg was already cracking so it should e easy to remove, I think. We will see.

    DH needs the puter so need to get off. Will try and get back later.

    Julie - glad you are feeling a bit better.

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Rock: Sorry about your slipper adventure.......thing have changed greatly at clothing stores.......thanks to everything coming from China. I have two pairs of slippers in the closet but find that I would rather just wear socks, go barefoot, or slip on some sandals. But when I got to the candy story......dropping on the car floor and Gordon snatching it up.......I lost it in laughter. Not funny, but you gave me a release which I mightily need.

    And I wanted to pass on the title of a very good book I'm listening to from the library, The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer. I know how you devour might like this very long book, very indepth story.

    Granni. If the cAulking is loose All around (that's this board that's doing this!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR) your plumber can probably run a blade all around it first. If this font gets any smaller I'll need to put on a second pair of glasses

    There is a foothill fire near us, started yesterday. The smoke was horrendous, started blowing this way in the afternoon. I heard this morning some have lost their homes and it's still not contained. We used to live in that town, and I'm familiar with the terrain. It's sooooo dry in california and the temps are up in the mid 80s again.
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