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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I think if stomach problems continue, it might be worth a trip to the doc. Flu can cause complications. I drink Smart Water and it helps me to keep from becoming dehydrated. It has electrolytes but, unlike Gatorade, it has no taste except the best water I've had since drinking glacier water in CO. Also, rest up. Flu really takes it out of us--literally. When I got to feeling better, I was starved but wanted strange things I don't normally eat. The body's way of asking for what it needs to heal.

    Granny, old valves in showers and tubs will not take new turner-oners because the new valves have what is called "positemp." It keeps one from being scalded if anyone flushes a toilet when one is showering. I got all new brushed nickel fixtures for my guest bath and had to cut through the wall in my utility closet so the plumer could install the positemp valve to accept the new turner-oner. Then, of course, I had to patch the wall when he was done. Lowe's still sell the old style turner-oners so simple replacement is possible but not if one wants a new fangled style. I'll likely never do my master bath because it would mean cutting through my dining room wall. I have a fancy-schmancy shower head and hand-held head in there so the turner-oner isn't the star of the show. Old shower/bath valves can sit for years and still work. Positemp valves have to be run from time to time or they will not work. Just a handy tip.

    Jam, I've used baking soda too but it increases my BP so I try to find other things. Is your gelatin still working for you? I hope so.

    Yesterday was soooo cold that I went down for coffee with Frank and Ilona. Another friend, Joan (she pronounces it as Joanne) was there. We had a good time and decided to go to lunch and look for another storage box for behind our hedge. Didn't find one like the one we have but we may have to settle for a different kind. We went to a Chinese buffet and it was delicious. I wish I could eat more as everything was sooooo good. If I overeat, though, I feel lousy the rest of the day, so I ate conservatively. I'm going to go online to see whether we can order a storage box.

    I didn't get my coffee table coated with polyurethane because it was too cold to open doors and windows. This morning, I have the heat on. I need for it to be at least 70 degrees or the cold goes straight to my bones. Living down here makes one a wuss. I am hoping that by this afternoon, it will be warm enough to open things up. As it is, it will take two days, and two coats, to finish the project.

    Simon was all tucked up on the cushion on my chair. Poor little guy, I think he would almost rather stay there than have to move to get his breakfast. I'm just always glad to see him as I know he'll have something to eat to carry him through the day. I don't know what will happen when he gets too old to hunt or his teeth fall out. Guess I'll be buying canned food. The dry stuff is healthier and I hope it is helping him keep his teeth and his health. Wish I could just sweep him up in my arms and scratch him under his chin.

    OK, that's all there is to say about my unexciting life. Unexciting suits me just fine. Hope all our Porchies have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids
    Got outta the house yesterday. Went to the mall to look for bedroom slippers. The trip
    was exhaustenizing. Also a sad commentary on the state of business in modern America.
    It used to be that a business was successful if it provided a good product at an affordable

    Now, at least in the world of shoes and slippers, the stores all market the same shoddy,
    overpriced products, so you really don't have much choice. You can't buy slippers in
    your size, because the sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. But I need a size 10.

    And they are all, I was told, of medium width. But that's not true. Or they have changed the
    definition of 'medium'. I wear medium but these slippers were all too tight in the
    front and too loose in the back. The ones that cost $90 didn't fit any better than the
    ones at Penney's that were marked down 50% to $15.

    At Macy's there was nothing that fit, so it was suggested we go to the back of the store and
    check out their Remainder Sale. The clerk provided us with all they had: two boxes of slippers. The first pair didn't fit and second pair wasn't even a pair. There was only one slipper in the box.

    Anyhoo, after visiting 3 stores I was worn out. On the way out we stopped at See's
    which sells delicious candy, but it's priced accordingly. More than a buck an ounce.
    When we got to the car I took the free sample piece out of the bag and immediately
    dropped it on the floor. (My hands don't work right anymore.) Well, there are few things
    dirtier than the floor of a car. Truck stop's rest room maybe. Anyhoo, Gordon, who
    was supposed to be focused on his driving, snatched it up with the speed of summer
    lightning and threw it in my bag of candy. Thus contaminating the whole bag.

    I didn't say anything to Gordon, but I tossed them. Overreacting? Maybe. Had a bad
    experience when I was a young adult. Ate a frozen meal that had been unrefrigerated
    overnight. The County Homemaker's Office said it would be all right. I was sick for
    three days. It cost my half a month's salary for lost earnings and doctor fees. After that
    I never took chances.

    Mikie, never heard of those positemp valves that have to be run regularly. Sound kinda
    temp-ermental to me. BTW, I often listen to an old radio program, ca. 1930s and 40s.
    The kitchen faucet is always referred to as "the hydrant".

    Dar, speaking of dime a dozen bakery jobs, Gordon brought some home last night. They
    were left over from his orchid meeting. They were cookies, and they were not worth a
    dime apiece. They were from Vons Bakery. Red velvet cookies and raisin oatmeal. The
    first had no flavor and the second overpowered you with cinnamon.

    Jam, had not heard of that green gelatin. Are you talking about Jello, or a drink or
    something else altogether? (I can't review your post without a high risk of losing my post
    which has already taken me 35 minutes. Yikes!)

    Julie, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Just think how far we'd be in a couple
    months if we could all feel a little better every day.


    (Time elapsed: 56 minutes. If I get any slower, I'll be like that snail that rode on the back of
    a tortoise and went, "Wheeee!)
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    Mikie - So far so good with the shower fixtures. He just had to go and get a new or different turner on er plate as the screws wee in a different place. We just needed to get the same brand as before. We will see with the tub. The guy we use says we can do it most likely but will have to take the top of the tob off for the Jacuzzi or whatever you call it and hope it doesn't crack due to age. He said he thought he would warn us but that it usually doesn't happen. We will go next week to go and see what HD has to offer. The ol caukihg was already cracking so it should e easy to remove, I think. We will see.

    DH needs the puter so need to get off. Will try and get back later.

    Julie - glad you are feeling a bit better.

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    Rock: Sorry about your slipper adventure.......thing have changed greatly at clothing stores.......thanks to everything coming from China. I have two pairs of slippers in the closet but find that I would rather just wear socks, go barefoot, or slip on some sandals. But when I got to the candy story......dropping on the car floor and Gordon snatching it up.......I lost it in laughter. Not funny, but you gave me a release which I mightily need.

    And I wanted to pass on the title of a very good book I'm listening to from the library, The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer. I know how you devour might like this very long book, very indepth story.

    Granni. If the cAulking is loose All around (that's this board that's doing this!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR) your plumber can probably run a blade all around it first. If this font gets any smaller I'll need to put on a second pair of glasses

    There is a foothill fire near us, started yesterday. The smoke was horrendous, started blowing this way in the afternoon. I heard this morning some have lost their homes and it's still not contained. We used to live in that town, and I'm familiar with the terrain. It's sooooo dry in california and the temps are up in the mid 80s again.
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    Sun and Mikie - The caulking is not loose but you can see where it is a bit cracked in some spots. We will what happens next week. Monday we will probably find or at least look for some hardware or fixtures for the tub. That should be interesting. The shower wasn't to bad, just needed a different turner on er plate of the same brand as the old one so the holes would match up to screw it in. Also hope later on to get someone to at least cover the big spot I made in it years ago when cleaning. I used stuff to harsh and it ate through some of the stuff underneath. It was sorta fixed once but came back or at least you can see it. I would love to refinish it but that might be expensive.

    Actually I would prefer a new tub but I know that would be expensive and DH doesn't want go that route as we have other things in the house we need to do, like some new flooring.

    Julie - Glad you are feeling a little better.

    I need to go to some other projects at hand before leaving to go play Tripoli with another couple and eat homemade enchiladas. Need a good recipe !!

    Gotta run for now~ HI TO AWL NOT MENTIONED ALSO !

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Sun, it is TOO DRY and why our so called smart minds don't concentrate on desalization of our oceans vs high speed rail, makes me absolutely sick....we need water more than we need speed.....

    Green can of the gelatin Rock, not green gelatin....this company has two types the orange can and green cannister, the green cannister works best re: gelatin and adding collagen into our joints......
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    Well, I'm sorta bummed...I posted 10 puns to see if they would get a laugh. No pun in ten did :eek:

    Hi everyone! Actually, I am feeling very fine today; just a little tired, though. Went to town and got groceries myself, instead of having Amy pick them up on her way here. Ended up making three trips to the care center...the first one to check on my daddy, the second to take the things he asked for (and 15 pounds of those little Cutie Clementines) and the third time to take 10 more pounds of clementines, because I was afraid the residents and staff would run out before everyone got their fill.

    The excited looks on all of their faces, when I walk in with those little bags, is worth every penny I spend. I think the staff loves to be included, and I make sure they all know the clementines are for them too. And my dad is proud that I take them...everyone thanks him for them, also :)

    Such a small thing, to make a happy day for so many...

    But...I did wear myself out, by the time I made the necessary stops for groceries, etc. Den wanted me to get him some krill oil capsules...he has been reading about how good it is for heart health.

    Anyway, I am in the middle of fixing supper, but just wanted to pop in and say Hi to all...will catch up later on.
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    Hi Friends!

    Rock, sorry to hear you were slipped up by those slipper prices. I have the same problem you do when getting shoes. Too tight in the front, too loose in the back. I was told I have narrow heels. So I now have prescription shoes. They work. They cost! But, they work. Don't blame you re: the candy. I'm not a big believer in the 5 second rule either. If it hits the floor, I'm not eatin' it.
    I did not know the kitchen faucet was referred to as the "hydrant". Interesting. Learn something new every day.

    Sun, I was just watching on the news last night a report on a ridge fire in California. Apparently they are charging two individuals for starting the fire. It showed footage of people's homes going up in smoke. Horrible. Stay safe.

    Granni, enjoy the tripoli and boy do enchiladas sound good. I was so tired when I got home tonight that my visions of fixing myself a nice dinner turned into a breakfast omelet for supper. The ham was already cubed in the fridge, I had tiny Yukon potatoes, a portobello mushroom, shredded cheese, eggs in the fridge and a mandolin slicer. Zip, zip zip! Dinner!

    Jam, Here's a puzzler......Global warming. All this talk about Global warming..........It's freezing outside here. Record low temperatures. Global warming my derriere! If this is Global warming I have no desire to experience an "Ice Age". Just an observation. I agree with your comment re: desalization versus need for speed.

    Julie, so glad to know you're feeling better. And, I might add, that was a real "groaner". LOL!
    You must be feeling better. Good pun. Such a nice thing to do for your dad, the clementines. And for the other residents & staff. You are such a nice person. I'm sure they really appreciate you. Stay well.

    To all not mentioned, but not forgotten, if it's cold stay warm. If it's hot stay cool. If you're comfortable, stay that way!

    Love n' hugz

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    Dar, it's the hottest we've had in mid-Jan that I can recall living here almost 50 yrs....we had a darn cold early Dec and now this....and a drought on top.

    Who knows about this global warming, the icebergs are melting, etc.....mother nature isn't happy with her earth children....

    Julie, that's a lotta clementines....they are very tasty and nice of you to treat all the folks....I just ate a couple clementine tangerines...they were really refreshing....
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Rock, so sorry about your failed attempt to find slippers. Geez, I find all kinds of them for women at low prices in all kinds of styles and colors. I have found, however, that some are comfy and some aren't after a bit of wearing. Since I live in the jungle, I've never tried those fleece slippers but I would think those might be more comfy. I see them more for men than for women. There is a kind of hybrid slipper/driving shoe which is like a moccasin but with a rubber sole which looks like it might fill the bill. Just don't get fleeced. I used to love one of Sees chocolates. It had nuts and raspberries in it. They stopped making it and I stopped going to Sees when I lived in Denver. We don't have Sees here. Good luck with the slipper hunt. Because of scaldings in showers, the law was changed to make all valve manufacturers go to the positemp valves. People see new hardware and think it can be attached to the old valve but it can't. The whole shootin' match has to be changed out. Of course, if the old turner-oners and back plates are still sold, one can just change them out. By the time I was done, it cost $400 for the plumber and the new fixtures. It would have been another $150-$200 had I not cut the wall and repaired it. People down here may only live here a few months out of the year. If they miss a year, those positemp valves may not work. Someone needs to turn them on once in a while. I use that bath all the time. My old shower in the master bath can sit unused and it doesn't hurt it. Another good reason to leave the hardware alone.

    Granni, good luck with your bath tub and fittings. I love to redo things to update them but there seems to always be some kind of problem which pops up. Just like those shows on HGTV. Adds a little drama to the project. Mmmmmm enchiladas! Yummy! E-mail one to me, would ya?

    Rock, Jam and Sunflower Girl, those fires in such drought are awful. I pray for rain/snow. This is the worst it's been in ages. Inhaling the smoke isn't good either. Everything in the fire areas is crispy tinder. A man was on TV asking for prayer for an end to the drought and fires. Count me in.

    Julie, I'm glad you are feeling fine but this is the time when we tend to overdo things. Pace yourself. It's so sweet of you to take the Clementines to the center. They are yummy.

    Jam, I agree that Mother Earth isn't happy. Just watched a documentary on fracking and how, eventually, the cement casings all fail and allow chemicals to pollute wells and aquafiers. It's really scary. Those companies have contributed heavily to pols campaigns and offered jobs to ex govt. officials to lobby. The show pointed out that natural gas drilling releases huge amts. of methane into the atmosphere at dangerously high levels. Once our sources of water are polluted, they are lost to us. The documentary pointed out that we already have the technology from wind, solar, tidal and hydroelectric to eliminate the need for coal and gas. Not only is the water polluted but the chemicals seeping into the ground are making people very sick. They found the chemicals used for fracking in one woman's lungs at high levels. Yikes!

    Dar, climate change may be a better name than global warming. It's been labeled global warming because the waters in our oceans are warming and the ice at the poles is melting at an alarming rate. Some say it's just a climate cycle but a lot of experts say it's due to human use of fossil fuels. I say we should err on the side of preserving life on earth and find renewable fuels. People think there is no such thing as global warming when it's cold outside but there is much more to the story than that. It's even been cold down here in FL but all this cold is due to the loosening of the "polar vortex," which usually spins in a tightly held circle. I hope it stops soon so I can finish my coffee table and open my doors and windows. Stay warm.

    Today is our big overall condo annual mtg. Don't know whether or not I'll go. Need to get Ilona and Frank to Home Depot as I found a nice outside storage box but it has to be ordered and picked up at the store. Since it's still too cold to open up the condo, I have plenty of time on my hands. Been too exhausted to do much with that time, though. Slept most of the day yesterday. Seems I need to do that to catch up every now and then.

    Hoping and praying that all our Porchies are safe from fires and not too warm or too cold. Just like Goldilocks, we want to be just right.

    Love, Mikie
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    :confused::eek:Hi Dear Porchies,

    I'm still chilly but it is supposed to hit about 69 or so I think and then chilly again at night. Of course, lots of young people are out thee running around in shirt sleeves and I have long sleeves and a sweat shirt :)!! I found these great light long sleeved turtlenecks. They are like a night knit or stretchy material. One day when with my daughter who was here from NC one day we both bought a couple of them when on sale for $5 ea. They are so comfy and I can probably wear them most of the time till it gets really hot. In the house it is chilly most of the time it seems. They have been so comfy and wash up well and didn't really shrink that every time I have gone there and see them on sale I have bought a couple more in different colors. I can wear them in a small or med. Their small is 4-6 and I can still wear them but have gotten the 8-10 (M) when I can.

    Hopefully DH will call and talk to the guy tomorrow to see about meeting him down at Home Depot (his favorite store) or one of them to pick out what is needed for the new tub faucets. It looed like we had two choices in brushed nickel and one of them had the REALLY TALL faucet for like a kitchen sink. The other one wasn't as tall although the Moen with the tallest faucet is probably the best. It, was definately more expensive.. Also need to get the knobs that come with it and then the new drain ring and the thingy that plugs and unplugs the hole in the tub. Haven't done this in years and stuff is so different now too.

    I am so upset that our master bath faux painted walls or one of them have some white spots on them. I have been on occasion been able to rub them off with a soft cloth. Guessing that may have been from the cleaning lady who probably splashes stuff in there when cleaning. However, I saw some shite spots and did the same thing and they didn't come off. I am afraid also perhaps and hoping it is not the wallpaper is coming through. We paid the gal enough that it would be a good job a about 3 years ago. You can only see it when the light is right and sitting on the potty:)! or really looking for it. Depends on the light and if the blinds are open or not.

    Mikie, Sun Dar, etc. -Has anyone done any faux painting and over wall paper. I an thinking that I shouldn't wipe it with a wet cloth but do not know for sure.

    I thought I might call up or e-mail the people that did it or the gal in charge. However, come to find out that she is now in Austin. So, she won't be able to come over for sure. The problem is also getting colors for the wall to match what has already been put up. Now every time DH goes to the potty I wonder if he is going to see it. :eek: I keep on wondering what to do about it. Wonder how it would look with one wall with wall paper if we cannot fix or match it

    Mikie - Speaking of UTI's like you have had. I felt last night like I was going to get one again. So I took those OTC tabs and after awhile we were going to go out and I still didn't feel that great so I took one of the antibiotics that the doc gave me last time. It is one that is not so strong which is good. So far I feel OK today
    and haven't taken another pill of either kind. I did take a cranberry or capsule then.

    Julie - Glad you are feeling better. Hope the kids find something in a home that is good for them and in their price range. I know how hard that can be sometimes, especially with young people.

    Dar/Julie - I got the recipe for chicken enchiladas from the gal that made them and thy seem really easy with few ingredients. Let me know if you would like the recipe. I might have just added some extra cheese on top but they were very good. They also picked up from the grocery store some thin corn tortillas. You can used any kind of course. I am not always a big fan of corn tortillas but these were very thin, yummy and probably healthier than flour or very thick ones. I have also seen wheat tortillas. I bought them not to long ago but they were rather big.

    Well I have a few things to do before dinner. So I will run for now. Hi also to Rock, Spring, Jam, Frieda, Diane and everyone else I haven't mentioned today. Please try and stay as well as possible and warm !!

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)