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    Here's a new volume...and moving Freida's post over here. Hope everyone has had a good day. I tried a new cheeseburger soup recipe for supper...Den said it was "okay". I figured he wouldn't "love it", because it has potatoes in it, but I thought it was really good. is a post from Freida, that was at the end of the last volume:

    Hello to all my friends on the porch,

    I am coping with feelings of discouragement......i guess trying to fight off winter depression, too.

    But am OK.

    I had to bathe today, and got thoroughly worn out from that.

    Several symptoms to cope with, this week.

    But am OK.

    Get the theme here? ;)

    SunflowerG, did you get that second fabric , to work out on your couch?

    I have a blue cotton, thin quilted fabric piece, i put on mine,
    Which helps limit wear on the couch, protect it from cat hairs, and from my spills, as well.
    And it fits into a washer easily.
    The fabric piece, not the couch. LOL
    Years ago, i sewed binding around the edges of it.

    SW, am still thinking of you, and the slow adjustment, after losing your brother.
    I hope no one else Catches the mumps!

    I hope you see Simon soon, Mikie.

    Hello to every one of you.

    That is all for now from the frozen tundra.

    Why did i say i like it here? ;)

    Take care, all,

    Leah Freida

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    Thought I would post this, just because it is "soup season" and I would consider it a true comfort food :p

    Cheeseburger Soup


    • ½ pound ground beef (use 1 pound)
    • ¾ cup chopped onion
    • ¾ cup shredded carrots
    • ¾ cup diced celery
    • 1 teaspoon dried basil
    • 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes
    • 4 tablespoons butter, divided
    • 3 cups chicken broth
    • 4 cups peeled and diced potatoes
    • ¼ cup all purpose flour
    • 2 cups of Velveeta processed cheese cubed (I used 16 ounce) or- 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
    • 1½ cups milk
    • ¾ teaspoon salt
    • ¼ to ½ teaspoon pepper
    • ¼ cup sour cream


    1. Brown the ground beef in 3 quart saucepan. Drain and set aside.
    2. In the same saucepan add 1 T butter and add onion, shredded carrots, parsley flakes, basil and celery. Saute until tender.
    3. Add the broth, potatoes and beef and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer 10-12 minutes or until potatoes are tender.
    4. In small skillet melt remaining butter (3 T) and add the flour. Cook and stir for 3-5 minutes or until bubbly. Add to the soup and bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 2 minutes. Reduce heat to low.
    5. Stir in the cheese, milk, salt and pepper. Cook and stir until cheese melts. Remove from heat and blend in sour cream.
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    Hi Awl,

    Frieda - So sorry you are feeling blue. I imagine that the weather you are having is contributing quite a bit too, even though it does look pretty. You can only take so much and not being able to get out at all to some nice warmth and sun also. Hope it warms up some for you and you get to feeling a little perkier and being able to do more than you have been.

    Julie - Thanks so much for getting the new volume started. The recipe sounds really yummy. However, I somehow get turned off when I see to many ingredients. I am getting so bad. Also trying to stay sway from white potatoes as much as possible. Once in awhile OK. We had sweet potatoes which we are trying to eat more of due to DH and his borderline diabetes. I know it is good for me. All you need is some butter ( I use Smart Balance with butter and olive oil) and sometimes some cheese and pepper. It was really good tonight with fish. We have been forgoing the starches many evenings. That is OK with me. However, DH used to be a meat , potatoes and veggie person all the time with a starch all the time. So we are trying to be good. I may try that soup sometime with maybe less potatoes . It sounds very comforting. Things I really love are HOT SOUP and CHEESE - OMG I would be in heaven.

    Thanks again for the recipe.

    Jam - I feel like you with - I love to EAT soup but the making is usually requires a bunch of chopping and WORK. I LOVE to EAT soup though. I could eat it summer or winter, even though not always DH. When I think of all the cooking I did, and actually still do but in the amounts I used to, I wear myself out just thinking about it. It sounds like JULIE is doing close to what I used to do but it was all the time. There were 3 adults and 5 kids every day, in between my daycare work at home. Our DFIL lived with us until he died after his wife died young at 51 or 52 of ovarian cancer. God bless him, he was a great guy and was a big help to me and us until he started with the Alz. a couple of years before he died.

    BTW, we have been eating Progresso Lite soups - they are very good. Their Lite New England Clam Chowder is also very tasty. Also, their lentil is very good even though it is not considered LITE it is just beans and tastes quite good for a canned lentil soup. Also, by accident I only had one can of lentil and one of their minestrone which isn't supposedly lite either probably cause it has some pasta in it. I mixed them both together for the two of us since I didn't have two cans of either. They tasted good soon sometimes I mix them up together quite often intentionally.

    Everyone please try and stay warm and stay WELL !!!! To many germs out there. Tomorrow will be another busy day, a luncheon and choir practice. That will wear me out and driving at night which I hate to do .

    Spring Water - Thinking of you. I know you and all must miss your dear brother so much. God bless you and your family as they deal with his loss. It is very hard I know and never completely goes away.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    The soup sounds good to me, Julie. Just about anything with potatoes sounds good to
    me. We just got back from the market. They had two-pound bags of baby white
    potatoes for $4. I remember when a ten pound bag of adult potatoes cost $2.

    I'd like to have some of the soups my folks made. They were both great cooks;
    ham-bean, potato, beef-vegetable. They stuck to the basics.

    In addition to buying cookbooks like a man possessed, Gordon sometimes gets rid
    of cookbooks. He found one in the garage the other day. "A Passion for Potatoes":
    Appetizers, entrees, side dishes,even desserts. Written by a lady who runs a cooking
    school in New York and writes cookbooks. One critic wrote, "the subtleties of the potato
    are expressed with great authority." Nothing like munchin' on the subtlety of a

    I think we tried a couple of the recipes some decades ago. Gordon seldom uses a
    cookbook. Just reads them.

    Anyhoo he called his brother in law from Hawaii who also dotes on cookbooks. Told
    him to stop by and pick out the ones he wants from a large stack in the garage.

    I can't understand why publishers keep putting out cookbooks. Surely there are already
    more than is necessary. How many cookbook devotees can there be?

    In addition to visiting the market, we stopped by the library. Gave our librarian friends
    some of the lemon bars. One came rushing out to the parking lot as we were leaving to
    tell us how scrumptious they were.

    Freida, I know what you mean about getting tired out by little things. Couple nights ago
    I was in the bath and planned a shampoo, but had to forgo same. Just not enough N R G.

    Jam, I used to work for an insurance company across the street from the Ambassador Hotel.
    We had a cafeteria. Low price meals; pretty good too. The chef always made leftover soup.
    But he didn't call it that. He'd call it "Chow Mein Soup", or "Mac and Cheese Soup".

    "And so to bed," as Boswell used to say.

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    Hi Porchies,

    Just poppin' in for a quick view of posts, then off to dreamland (with any luck).

    Thanks for the new thread Julie. Your soup sounds warm, hearty and welcoming! I like "spuds" too. :)

    Leah, You sounded so blue in your post. I'm so sorry you're feeling so depressed and discouraged. It's hard to stay up-beat. I know. Fatigue and being unwell play on a person. At least you haven't lost your sense of humor. That's a good thing. Winter does play a role.

    I, for one, am sooooo tired of going out into the deep freeze every morning and night. Right now it's 4 degrees above zero here. This morning it was sub-zero when I went out to start up my car to let it run a while before leaving. Had to dig the snow off it, shovel the porch, a path to the car, both sets of steps and the short sidewalk in between, and the big sidewalk from the top of my driveway to the top of the downhill neighbors.

    By the time I got done, my fingers hurt so bad from the cold! Even through my gloves. Usually my DD does it, but she's been staying at the place she babysits so as not to have to go out in this in the morning to be there to get the boys off to school. I came in frozen, sore, and out of breath. But, that's all I could do. The driveway is just too much to shovel for me, so I just slap the Explorer into 4 wheel drive and plow my way to the street.

    My prayers go out to you. Feel better friend.

    Granni, I are cheese & potato lover too! :)

    Rock, I haven't heard anybody mention Fannie Flagg in a long while. I used to enjoy her humor very much. Right up there with Erma Bombeck.

    Glad to hear you've been up to going out and about. The Hy-Vee had 10# bags of white russets yesterday for .99 cents a bag. Figures.........I'd just bought 10 #'s of potatoes the day before at $2.99 elsewhere. Raaaaattttsss! :rolleyes:

    You know Murphy's Law of course. Well, I've always said Murphy lives at my house and pays no rent. ;)

    To Jam, Windblade, SW, Sun, and all else on the porch, have a pleasant, comfy, cozy, warm and safe night.

    Love n' hugz
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    Julie: thanks for the definitely sounds good and hearty. I usually make soup with whatever needs to be cleaned out of the frig......left over old celery, bits and pieces of cooked meats, etc. so I NEVER know what's going to happen in the pot. I heard a chef on the radio talking about how everyone seems to end up with the same flavors no matter what you use because one tends to always use the same herbs or spices. So sometimes I like to pull out some rarely used ones and be surprised. A few weeks ago I was making chili and along with the usual spices, herbs I used some ground sumac........what a change in the chili......even my husband said it was REALLY good. I think sumac is from a ground berry, but don't quote me.

    Leah: I'm so sorry you're feeling down. Know that I understand where you're coming from and pray for you. The weather has a lot to do with affecting our moods, depression. Have you had any luck with locating some voice instruction on youtube?

    Rock: It sounds like Gordon has been very busy culling things that have accumulated in the house. And what would we do without such a wonderful library system!!!!! I feel sorry for those who aren't into reading. They just don't what they're missing. And I hope to make the lemon bars this weekend!

    What a tiring day I had. Determined I would find a fabric that would work on my couch, I headed to a fabric store 11 miles away. Nope.....almost bought one but decided I would go home and get the 30% off and then go to my local store. So stopped at a second store....nope. Then at home I couldn't find that darn coupon! So headed to the 3rd store, and found something very interesting that I could use. Came home found a missing remnant of another one, so started to measure and cut. I've got one cushion recovered and 2 more to go and then will work on the other part of this "project from hell". At this point I seem to be "possessed" at doing it right. And of course.......I'm fighting a bug again. Probably never fully recovered.
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    Good morning! The sun is shining here...21 degrees; supposed to drop down to 2 degrees by this evening...Dar, I am getting tired of the cold weather also. I have things to do that involve moving things from one building to another and I just don't want to be outside running around that long.

    I missed the 99 cent potatoes at HyVee, but don't really use that many white potatoes anymore anyway...mostly sweet potatoes. I usually shop at Fareway, HyVee and have been going to Aldi's more, because they are starting to get more organic produce.

    Freida, I'm sorry you are feeling the extra effects of the long, cold winter...I have been fighting off cabin fever (even though I do get out when I need or want to) but I can only imagine that with your added health conditions, it must be extra hard and frustrating. One thing about each passing day of winter...spring is that much closer :)

    Granni, Jam and Rock...I also like to EAT soups more than I like to make them, lol! I had some leftover cheeseburger soup for lunch today...added more milk and took my time "sipping" it.

    Sun, I'm sure your couch is going to be so pretty! I am a perfectionist also, but it doesn't show these days...

    Springwater, still thinking of you and the rest of the prayer ceremonies, etc....

    Mikie, missed seeing you on here this morning...hope your projects are going okay.

    Diane, I know you are taking a break, so just know that I am thinking of you also.

    Actually, Diane has a great idea about "less computer time" least I have been thinking about doing it myself. So, don't worry if I am not here sometimes in the next few weeks...I am still worn out from the weekend with all the kids, and I feel it will take several days to really recuperate. I would (and will) do it again, whenever we can all be together...and I know the consequences, so guess I won't complain, lol!

    I still feel that is what keeps me going, just like when Granni's hubby "makes" her go work out, etc....we each have that "thing" that gives us a reason to get up in the morning, true?

    Love you guys! Have a good enough day, okay?
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Sorry I missed this morning. Was called over to Barb's for coffee. Poor Simon; I looked out and he wasn't there so I didn't put out anything. Come to find out, he came late and I had gone back to bed. Hope he shows tomorrow. From now on, I'll put the food out even if he's a no show. Guess he comes and goes.

    I came home from Barb's and shampooed my traffic areas of the living room/dining room carpet. If was soooo filthy in front of the sofa where I sit. As soon as it's dry, I'll lay down the runner in front of the sofa to try to keep it from getting so dirty. It looks really nice. My table came out beautifully and it's sitting in the living room looking like a new table. Worth the work.

    I'm freezing because I have doors open and fans running. My hands aren't working, I'm dead tired, and I'm aching all over. So, guess I'll get into the tub and soak. Sorry not to respond to each and everyone but my love, hugs and prayers go out to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good (-2 degrees F) least the sun is shining, lol! Our heating fuel has gone up to $4.50 per gallon, due to the extreme weather all over. We have turned our boiler thermostat down and are trying to keep the wood furnace going as hot as possible. The cement floors are cold, but we can make it...not expecting any elderly or little ones over here any time soon.

    I am going to watch Lindsey's kids this afternoon while she and David go to her OB appt., then again this evening while they and Lorraine go look at a house.

    So, trying to get some chores done, in between times...

    Thought I would move this current porch back up...good to see others post, but it was on a closed porch, so not sure how many would have seen it.

    Mikie, I'm sure you were worn out, with all that cleaning, etc! Hope you are not still feeling the effects it does look great!

    Hi to everyone...better get back to folding laundry...
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    Problems, problems at our end. My DH and I were at his doctor yesterday for a final exam, blood tests, EKG, etc. The doc. called this morning and is arranging blood transfusion today, 3 units, as he is VERY anemic. I was trying to lighten up the somber feelings around here and said maybe a vampire is hiding in his closet! My BP shot up and have to try to calm myself along with him.
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    Another quick HI to awl,

    Waiting for the cold blast tonight and maybe even some snow, they say. If so it probably won't last long and the kids will or probably will have a day off from school and things will shut down and all will go out and look and play with the little snow that falls. Not supposed to last to long, I think which is a good thing.

    Sun - So sorry you and DH have to go through this surgery and getting ready for it. Hope all will go well and he will be rid of that growth forever !! When is his surgery? I know it will be wonderful when it is over with . The worry can be terrible. I would probably have the same problem if it were my DH. My b/p is very iffy and if something like that happens I know it would be way up there. God bless you both sweetie !

    Freida - The same goes for you. Sorry about the bad weather and the dreary conditions and you feeling so blue along with your usual conditions. Lots of hugz for you too my dear !!!!

    Julie - I need to go and fix a meatloaf which I haven't done in what seems like years. I need you to fix it for me. Not to much NRG either. Also, I think that the meat is 90% fat free but might be 80%. I hope it will not come out to dry.

    I wish I had some ground pork ( can you buy that or do it yourself) to put in meatloaf to mix with the beef. I have some bacon but it is the turkey bacon but will put some on it anyway. Maybe that will help some. Not, sure I have all the stuff I used to put in the meat loaf but do what I can, at least eggs and bread crumbs. Used to throw in onion soup mix for flavor too and some catsup. I do have that.

    Hi also to Rock, Dar, Spring, Diane and everydobby else.

    Love and HUGZ to all,
    Granni o_O
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    Hi Kids

    Have been trying to sign in for two days. The board computer just keeps telling me my username, etc. are already in use. Yes, I know; by me. Anyhoo Gordon called and talked to some nice gal who was able to straighten things out.

    At least part of the problem is that our computer froze up two days ago. We are now working with our back up computer. Isn't that cool? Like having a back up limo or tiara. Ha Ha!

    We took the computer to Gordon's former co worker who is coaxing the little electrons back into place. (Last year he sold us another computer tower [the backup] for $40.) He also gave Gordon the latest news from his office. Gordon's former supervisor is coming back. This will be her 3rd term of employment with the firm. Gordon is hoping she'll hire him back. Of course he doesn't really know if she will have the authority to do so in view of all the economy measures the firm is taking.

    He is off to the Soc. Sec. Office in Glendale to get info about retirement. He wants to work until he can collect maximum benefits. I agree with the fellow who commented on the news the other day. Start collecting your Soc Sec as soon as possible. The govt. may run outta money at any minute.

    Besides that, the men in his family don't have a record of longevity. His father died young. Gordon's younger brother died from diabetes in his 40s. Gordon has diabetes. And he's 64. He'll have to wait another 3 years to get maximum benefits. Oh, well. Up to him.

    Dar, does Murphy do any chores around your house? I wouldn't want him too. Too much
    chance of things going wrong. I read about a different Murphy's law on Wikipedia. I forgot
    what it said. Can't look it up. Too hard to maneuver this computer.

    SG, never heard of sumac as a spice. When I was a kid we used to hunt for it and other dry
    flowers in the woods and along the country roads. My mother used them in arrangements
    with stuff she grew: Indian corn, gourds, strawflowers. She also like the old riddle: Can you
    thing of a word besides sumac that starts with "su" and has an "sh" sound.
    The correct answer is, "sure".

    Julie, not surprised you're tired of winter. It always seemed to me that Jan. and Feb. each
    had 60 days in them. Waiting for a bus was H E double etc. But then, so was driving.

    Mikie, hope a warm soak and some rest restore you. Post a picture of your table if you can.
    Hope the elusive Simon shows up soon.

    Gordon has beans soaking to make soup tomorrow. I started a couple new books yesterday.
    Both were promising, but they didn't seem to go anywhere. And it's getting harder
    to keep track of the characters. Maybe I should just reread books where I already know
    the characters: Winnie the Pooh; Gone With the Wind; Little House on the Prairie.

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    Diane - Thinking of you too with special hugs and hope all goes well with you and all your appointments. Hope the Counselor helps you and you have a very GOOD doctor appt. Special prayers and good thoughts to you too as well as Sun and her DH. My list is getting to long. It is not just here on the boards, either,
    Off to get a hot shower. Raining harder and they are talking about possibly wintry mix or snow later on. If so it won't be much I am sure.

    Love you and all,
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    Good morning, friends! Still too cold here, at 14 degrees...our "warm" day is to be on Sunday (high of 40). Otherwise, the teens or single digits for the next 10 days or so. Speaking of school closings...several area schools have cancelled classes on these cold days. But I saw on the news the other night...they showed kids at recess at a school in Alaska...and it was something like 40 below! Well, I wouldn't want my kids outside for long in some of these temps...

    Oh Sun...I am so sorry for your husband's anemia...and for the whole all are certainly in my prayers.

    Freida, continuing to think of you and pray also.

    Granni, good for you, for working so hard to eat as healthy as possible. Some things, your hubby just might not go for...but find whatever works for both of you. I was trying to go completely gluten-free, and Den went along with it to a point...but then he finally said, "Okay, but just don't mess with my bread", lol! That man loves his bread :) I will be glad to make a meatloaf for you!

    Rock, glad you could get on here with your backup computer...we have a little one that we have just hooked up for music, but could use it in a pinch, I guess.

    Diane, I am so sorry you fell! I think the counselor is a great idea...wish you could just be better and not even have to have the labs, etc...but probably a good idea to make sure things are ok.

    We are really trying to conserve fuel...Den said it was expected to reach $5.00 a gallon by today. When the truck comes, and puts in 200 gallons of gas, that really adds up. We usually go through two or three "fills" a winter, but are on our first one yet this year...thanks to the wood furnace.

    But I still have a gas stove and gas dryer. I had Den hang some clotheslines upstairs in the shop, so I can "hang out" the clothes to dry. Still need to be "fluffed" in the dryer, but only for a few minutes per load. I don't know why I didn't have him do it sooner (he says he has mentioned it) but we just never got it done.

    I have to get out plan meeting for my dad mid-morning. Just routine, to make sure we are happy with his care, etc.

    Then may stop by to see my great-uncle and great-aunt...Uncle Max has been in and out of the hospital with chest pains. They were going to put in a pacemaker, but have decided to send him to Des Moines next week to be evaluated for a valve replacement...and may also still do a pacemaker. baby brother called yesterday afternoon to say that his FIL had found his MIL collapsed on the floor and unresponsive. They had gotten her to the local hospital, then sent her on to Des Moines. Brother called again from Des Moines...were talking stroke and were giving her meds to dissolve a blood clot.

    Brother's wife messaged me this morning...her mom is paralyzed on the right side, she can't talk, and can only see out of one eye. This is the brother who lives just 1 1/2 hours away. When he called, I could hear the panic in his voice and he was on the verge of tears. His MIL is a very special lady...and definitely holds up the whole family.

    I would have gone there right away, but was watching the kids for Lindsey and David (Lindsey had a good doctor appt., but had lost a couple pounds...but doing so much better than with the last pregnancies). By the time they got home and I checked with Bruce again, they had moved his MIL to the bigger hospital (2 1/2 hours from us) and I felt he was okay with both their boys there, so I didn't go on up.

    The kids went ahead and looked at the house, but didn't "fall in love with it." So, we'll see if something else comes up...

    I'd better go get ready for my town trip...would rather just curl back up in bed, lol! Gonna grab some groceries too. Den wants to take me to supper tonight and go to the home supply I get to make two trips to town today. That's okay, I can get whatever I forget this morning. ;)
  15. sunflowergirl

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    Thank you everyone for your prayers, it's sooooo darn hard on me when things go "stressful"....I feel like a real wimp. My daughter sat at the hospital with him for about 3 hrs. then I drove back again for a couple of hrs. Then back a 3rd time at 9:30 to pick him up. He looked completely different and "healthy" after only the first unit of blood. I talked to one son who said maybe the surgery should be postponed until his blood was brought back up. After a talk with the dr. who explained it HAD to be done monday because he would lose blood and need more transfusions so we're going thru for monday. Please keep him up in prayer.

    Diane: I'm sorry you took that fall. Yes, you will be very sore today. I hope you recover quickly. As I understand it you're going to have therapy for panic attacks? They're AWFUL and really be debilitating.....I became almost agoraphobic when my kids were young. But I learned to focus my attention on ANYTHING else.......a bird singing, the breeze on my face, etc. etc. I had to learn that whatever we put our attention on, it becomes stronger. And have you ever read any of Lucinda Bassett's books?

    Julie: I will pray for your brother's MIL and the whole family. Glad to read that Lyndsey is doing better with this PG. And how is the SIL doing on the chemo?

    I'm sorry I don't have time this morning to mention everyone.....know that I read your posts and pray for each of you.......we're like a little family here.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Diane - I totally missed reading the part about your fall. I am so sorry and hope it isn't to sore today. Did you put ice on your head booboo? Maybe a hot bath today will help the soreness some on your hip and any other areas. Hope you feel better soon and you don't have to many after effects.. Try and stay calm with your doc. appts. I know easier said than done. I am not afraid of docs at all but as soon as any one else takes my b/p up it goes - of course, It cvould have been fine at home. However, also rushing around and trying to get ready for a doc. appt. is not to great in helping the situation either.

    Frieda - Thinking of you an hugs to you too.

    Be back soon.

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    Hi Kids

    Couldn't log in again. Well, not without a lot of extra work and repeated effort.
    I really don't think much works in the modern world. As I mentioned
    yesterday, Gordon went to the Social Security office in Glendale. He checked the address on
    the computer before leaving. Somehow the address on the computer was wrong. Seems the
    Soc. Sec. people moved a week or two ago. Hadn't gotten around to telling people yet.

    And along similar lines, I got a letter from Blue Cross saying they would no longer pay any
    part of the cost for my diabetes med. So I need a new prescription. You might think
    Blue Cross would tell me and my doctor which meds they cover, but no. That would make
    things less complicated.

    Not that Blue Cross pays enough ta stick in yur eye. I got a form a couple months
    ago showing how much they paid on my prescription costs. Worked out to about 6%.

    And anyone who reads the news knows that this, that and the other thing are all
    fahklumpt. J. P. Morgan paid billions in fines and lawsuits last year. It's CEO was just
    given a raise. Oi vey!

    Diane, yes, I am from Minnesota. And rice wild grows there. Did you know it's not really
    rice? It's a member of the grass family. Anyhoo, the state law when I lived there
    prohibited anybody from harvesting same except native Americans.

    It is harvested with a canoe and some sticks. One stick bends the plants over the canoe
    and the other gentle knocks the rice into the canoe.

    Sorry to hear about your doctor phobia. That's really rotten for folks like us with our
    myriad medical problems. Hope your head bump is non significant. I was thinking some
    time ago it would nice if I got a bump on the head that cured my amnesia, and I
    could go back to my former life. (Well, it works in old movies and comic books.)

    Julie, I have vivid memories of winter in your neck of the woods. Could never go back
    to it. Weather will be in the 70s here till next Tuesday. Then it's going up to 82.

    Heard from my brother in LeRoy, MN last night. He is retiring after 30 years as
    a deputy sheriff. Further illustrating how incompetent people have become in the
    modern world, he retired 2 years ago. They day after his good bye cake, he was told
    there had a been slight mistake. He really needed to work another couple years if
    he wanted a pension. Uff-da!

    SG, you are not a wimp. You are dealing with a major stressor, not a rained out
    picnic. Of course you are upset. We are all wishing the best for DH.

    Hope the speech evaluation goes well, Leah.

    Dar, yes, I was an Erma Bombeck fan too. 50 years ago my aunt and uncle gave me
    a book by her. She was a new author to me. Subsequently read all her books including
    the one about kids with cancer. Here's a quote from Erma I like:

    "It is upsetting to many parents that their teen-agers introduce them to their friends as encyclopedia salesmen who are just passing through ... if they introduce them at all. I have some acquaintances who hover in dark parking lots, enter church separately and crouch in furnace rooms so their teen-agers will not be accused of having parents."

    Gotta go; maybe Gordon's bean soup is ready.

  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Freida: I've thought about you all morning since I read your previous post. I'm sorry you feel discouraged. Wish I could put my arms around you at this moment and give you a big hug and tell you NOT to let negative thoughts get to you. Is this an expert on loss of vocal ability? Did your husband drive you there or what? Hang in there......God can cause miracles to happen where there is no hope.
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hello Porch Pals!

    Wow. You miss a day and you miss so much here. Where to begin................

    Diane, That fall sounded like no fun at all! As Rock said, hope the head bump was not serious. I sympathize with you regarding phobia. I too have a phobia. Not doctors. Bridges. Don't drive over them. Panic attack city! Don't know why. Just do. I always feel sorta "stupid" in this regard. It seems so irrational. Yet, it is what it is.

    Had it "licked" for some years in my late 20's and 30's when I had to drive to Davenport daily across the Government bridge to get to a job. Then when I had my accident in '95, (no bridge involved mind you), the phobia and panic attacks returned. Saw a psychiatrist. Didn't help. Took imipraprine as he instructed. Didn't help.

    Took me 6 years to get up the nerve just to try to drive again, period. I drive every day. I just don't drive over the bridge. Problem solved. Just another thing, another condition prevents me from doing. When I need to go across the bridge, I call a friend and close my eyes. :eek:

    You, on the other hand, have a trickier issue. I can live without having to cross the bridge. Doctors, we do sometimes require. Most of us see them regularly. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. To go through it. I make light, because I understand. I earnestly hope you feel better soon.

    Maybe if you picture the doctor know, like people who fear public speaking? Never mind....... That could be an even more damaging image. Particularly if said doctor is beastly in appearance. :rolleyes: Buck up lil' camper. You are not alone. It just feels that way sometimes.

    In all sincerity, though, my heart goes out to you. It takes bravery to "cross the bridge" when it scares the bajeezez out of you. We're all rooting for you. I really hope the therapist helps. Feel better friend.

    Leah, it appears you've had a horribly rough time today. You sound like your stuffing has come un-stuffed. You've had such a long hard time of things haven't you? I wish I could wrap up a bottle of love and light and send it to you.

    Failing that, I send you love and prayers for a renewal of spirit and health. God be with you.

    Sun, You are definitely not a wimp. This is such a dilemma to deal with! The stress has to be through the roof! I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. I pray your DH comes through all this hale and hearty, that you and your entire family are able to return to a more peaceful existence, and that you get some much needed rest soon. My thoughts will be with you and yours.

    Julie, Wow. That was a lot of sad news. Hope the care planning went well for Dad. You sure do have a lot goin' on. Glad you can stay as "cheery" as you do. Speaks volumes regarding your inner fortitude. I don't envy you the price of the gas! So sorry. That's a big pinch! Stay well and warm you and yours.

    Rock, I agree. Our governmental "great minds" have lost them altogether! A raise! Oi Vey is right! And, no, Murphy doesn't lift a finger to help around my house. But I highly suspect he makes a lot of the messes! For your edification:

    Muphry's law is an adage that states that "If you write anything criticising editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written." The name is a deliberate misspelling of Murphy's law.

    My Uncle Charlie, who lived in Backus, MN, had rice paddy growing along the shore of the lake he owned by the dock. When I was 11 years old my Aunt Mavis had three Indian foster children. I remember the boy, I forgot his name long ago, tried to push me off the dock into the rice paddy. He was twice my size. Guess who wound up in the water? Not I! ;) I'm sure he still wonders to this day how I managed to knock him in. LOL.

    I think, of Erma Bombeck's books, I most enjoyed "At Wits End" and "If Life's a Bowl of Cherries, Why Am I in The Pits"? The woman fractured me. She had such a down to earth "Every woman" style to her writing. Anyone who ever had kids or knew people who had kids could relate. I loved her "husband/wife" stories. So funny.

    Hope your "puter" feels better soon. Maddening when they don't behave correctly. Oh.... that's right! "They're machines and do not behave, but are acted upon", as Dan Ackroyd informed Jessica Tandy in "Driving Miss Daisy". :D

    The story regarding your brother Leroy........Uf Duh is right! A sad commentary on the times we presently live in. :confused:

    Well gang, Yesterday it was zero out with a wind chill of 30 below. Today it was a whopping 17 degrees above zero! Whoohoo! Heat wave! (Discounting the distasteful winds). However, by Monday it's supposed to be 8 degrees below zero with a seriously wicked wind chill. And, kids, it's snowing right continue on through Monday morning. :eek:

    Wednesday the entire lower level of the facility was flooded by a water main break on 3rd avenue next to our building. This included my office! Oi! Luckily, since I was aware that this had happened before, (5 years ago the winter before I started that spring), I have never kept too much of anything to worry about on the floor of my office or my storage area. I have all my stuff up on shelves. :cool:

    When I came into work on Thursday, (wearing my Sorel boots), there was 4 to 6 inches of water covering the entire lower level. Now, mind you, this is a humongous building. I'm talking about some serious square footage here and a whole LOT of water!!! I "sloshed" to my office, grabbed my dry-erase board and markers, and announced over the P.A., "Hangman in the t.v. room at 10:00"! On with business as usual. :D

    I have to give great credit to our Dietary staff who served 2 seatings every meal for 2 days with the water shut off, and even bigger praise to our Housekeeping staff for the horrific pace they kept moving boxes of medical records from storage to my office tables, (I helped), sucking up all the water, flushing toilets over 9 floors of apartments with same water, and having the place, (by 10:00 this morning), looking as if it'd never seen water!

    What a crew! The residents suffered minor inconvenience with no running water for 2 days. But we got bottled water in for everyone, (105 residents), kept everybody calm, Activities, (that's me), changed gears and kept them busy, Dietary got them fed, Nursing went on as usual, and Housekeeping got their "toities" flushed with the water they sucked up out of the carpet and floors! Now that's ingenuity! ;)

    Our Administrator gave all the Department Heads kudos. We all work together like a well-oiled machine! :) I'm very fortunate and privileged to work with such dedicated individuals.

    Well peeps, it's almost 1:00 in the morning, and I've been up since 5:00 a.m. what is now yesterday. So..............I'm going to go see if I can crash.

    To all a goodnight and restful weekend.

    Love N' Hugz
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Wow, Dar...I was going to come in, all pumped up and proud of working outside in this weather for an hour and 20 minutes...seems like nothing at all, compared to what you and the rest of the staff managed at your facility...

    So great when people can work together...and it was all for the good of the residents :)

    Speaking of bridges, when we lived in Virginia, I was crossing the bridge going from DC to Maryland (I forget the name, George Washington Bridge, maybe?)...I got "trapped" in the middle lane, between two semis. I was driving our little CJ5 Jeep and felt like I was going to get sucked into one of those big trucks...I was afraid to drive over that bridge for a long time afterwards...

    Freida, I am so sorry the therapist couldn't help...yes, maybe the other one would be better for you. Just know that we all care so much about you...

    Jam, your breakfast sounded great...just the kind of thing that I would like, first thing in the morning.

    Rock, about computer problems...the kids have theirs plugged into the wall next to their dining room the cord hangs in the way when the computer is sitting on the table. Yesterday, Lorraine tripped over the cord and knocked the computer onto the floor...busted the screen and some other pieces.

    David had all of his Master's Degree work on it, and some sermons...was somehow able to plug something into the TV and salvage everything onto a disc or flashdrive...hope the adults have learned a lesson :rolleyes:

    Sun, you and hubby will be in my prayers, especially on Monday.

    Diane, hope things get better after you see the counselor.

    I haven't heard from my brother today. He did call yesterday morning and said the doctor called the husband and children into a room and told them they were considering this a severe stroke, and would likely be permanent damage. MIL is paralyzed on right side, can't talk or see out of one eye.

    They were going to do another CT 24 hours after they started the meds to dissolve the clot, which would have been sometime last evening. But told them that the med itself could cause bleeding, or when it broke up the clot it could result in bleeding.

    My dad had a good report yesterday...they say he is very pleasant to be around, has a good appetite, etc...but were a little concerned that he sleeps a lot. Had reduced some of his meds to see if that helps, but that is also part of the progression of his disease. He woke briefly when I first got there, then again when I came back in from filling the bird feeders.

    The staff is going to encourage him more to participate in the daily afternoon activities, but won't "force" him to go. He does seem to get more social after the supper hours...will go sit up by the nurses station and just watch them come and go. He always was more of a night person...must be where I got it ;)

    Den took me to supper last evening...I got home from town in time to go back with him, lol! Then we went to the home supply store...wild date, lol!

    This morning we got up and went back to "the tree"...he cut up the wood and I loaded it on the trailer. Wanted to do it early, while it was still fairly "warm" (36 degrees) is to drop to 17 or less by noon...

    So, now I am pretty much "done in" for the day, but will putter around in the kitchen. Den's "dream Saturday" is to work around the shop or farm in the morning, have an early lunch then short nap, then watch wood-working shows for a couple hours in the afternoon (often while still working in the shop, lol).

    Things very seldom work out that way as someone will usually call or drop by and need something from him...but today looks promising :) He works so hard, I think he deserves a day or at least a few hours to do what he wants to do...

    Hope everyone has a good enough weekend...