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    Hi there Dear Porchies,

    Please go back and check out all the posts some of you haven't read. Rock and I and Mikie have left longs posts. Please check back to see if you have missed anything. Hope to see you later on , probably tomorrow !

    Love you awl,
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    Hi, Granni, thanks for starting a new Porch. It's amazing how fast we get to 30 or more posts. I'm sorry your weather is so miserable. Since living down here, it's really hard for me when it's lousy out, even if it's just rain and gray skies. In CO, the sun shines more than 300 days a year, so I was used to sunshine back then. I like to go out by myself now and then to shop. Other times, I enjoy the company of a friend, especially if we do lunch. I really don't need much but that table was screaming for something and I didn't have anything to put on it. I no longer do major redos around here but I do change up the accessories just to keep things fresh. If I don't get the car out and up to, at least, 50 mph, it isn't good for it. Yesterday, I jammed it into pass mode and no black crud came blowing out the back, a good sign.

    This program we are seeing is called, "Women of Ireland." I'm sure there have been other shows with other names too. The pics in the program were tantalizingly gorgeous. A lot of the Celtic music is eerily beautiful and some of the folk pub songs are delightful. It's just going to be nice to dress up a bit and get out of the condo for a nice evening. I already have my outfit picked out, including high heels. Hope I can endure them.

    I woke at 4:00 this morning and put Simon's food out. He didn't show yesterday so I hope he is OK. Today I will get all the condo stuff out of my walk-in closet and into the new storage bin. If my NRG holds up, I'll clean out the room. What a mess I have going on in there. I don't think it'll take much to clean it up, though. Maybe if I can finally get this place cleaned up, I'll have some time for some things I really want to do. It does give me a lot of pleasure to look out at my sparkling clean lanai.

    When I was moving the old storage bin over to make room for the new one, the lid slammed on my arm and rolled up the skin. Yikes! There are no exterior handles so one has to open it to move it. Of course, we almost never have to move these bins. Thank God! I came inside and washed my arm with soap. That hurt as much as the original injury. I sprayed it with Lidocaine with antibiotics and it numbed it. I was then able to unroll the skin and put antibiotic salve on it. I bandaged it up and when I removed the bandage, it looked great. The tear in the skin is just a straight line now. The bruise is huge and an angry purple. So, one more week without going to the pool. It's been so cold here lately that the water isn't pleasant anyway. We are in the 80's now but another cold front is coming through. The days are pleasant enough in the 70's but the nights are cold and the pool loses heat.

    I'm going to have to see the doc about my hip. I've been reading up and there are alternatives to total hip replacement, including exercising in the pool, losing weight and exercises to increase strength in the muscles in the legs. Also, they do the Synvisc injections in hips too. Guess I'll have to see the doc and get it x-rayed to see what needs to be done. Don't want surgery.

    To all our Porchies: If you are closing a Porch thread and plan to open a new one, please post in large colored text so that no one else will continue the thread. Just a suggestion but I think that might help.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning awl ! In the 20's this morning and one of our heaters wouldn't go on. So we are having someone out to check it. DH changed the batteries in the thermostat and it worked a bit and then quit. So a guy is coming out this afternoon late.

    Mikie - That is a great idea about highlighting or changing colors to the new Porch Volume. However, I was checking that out and I don't see where you can change it ( the icons that are usually above the post). Am I missing something

    Julie - Sorry the kids didn't like the house or all those railing, etc. It does sound like it might not be idea for all those little ones running around. Hope you get to feeling better. Sorry about your brother and his MIL being so ill. It is tough, I know.

    I will try and get back but have some stuff I need to do before DH gets back. Thinking of all my dear Porchies !!

    TTYAL !

    Granni :)
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    So sorry to hear this Julie. I know your family must all be very sad. It must be especially terrible for the family living close by your brother and his MIL. Sounds like she is a lovely woman Hope she isn't suffering any.:(

    I just had to pop in to tell you that. I need to go and start thinking about what I am going to wear, makeup and all to a dinner with some friends who are planning a trip to New Orleans in a couple of months. It should be fun !! I look like a mess right now :)!!

    Leah - glad your throat is a little bit better. Hope that continues.

    Hi to you both. TTYAL ! Mikie and Jam I am editing. I noticed you both must have been typing while I was. Sorry you are having more discomfort Mikie and Jam too in your knees. Aging for sure is not for sissies but Mikie is still YOUNG :)!!

    Hugz to you, all an Leah,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: I'm very sorry to read your post. It's a hard thing to watch as your loved one flies away to heaven......I do pray that it will be quick so the family can start healing.

    Leah: That's very encouraging news about your throat and voice. You had mentioned that you and DH have worked on some exercises........that may be why you've seen improvement.

    Granni: If I read this correct this trip to N.O. will be for all of you? I love that city, but haven't been there in years.

    Mikie: I was also going to suggest to research bursitis. I was diagnosed with it about a year ago. The PT gave me some stretching exercises for the hips......some days I feel it in both hips, sometimes in the groin area, and last night I was looking up about the foot where I've got pain. Apparently there are bursa sack here, there and everywhere. One exercise I do is raise your left arm up, against a wall, while crossing your left foot over the right, then kinda lean to the left with you left hip. Count to 20, repeat several times a day. Reverse and do the same for the other hip. This stretches that bursa muscle.

    Saw my DH today at hospital. Yesterday he was depressed and morose, today he's just plain cranky. He just called after his surgeon came in, said he can go home this evening.

    Those of you who have asked about Windy, she's just busy getting about daily. I think she got overwhelmed trying to remember who was who and all the posts.
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    Hi Kids

    Just got back from running errands: library, market, the nunnery. Actually, the nunnery
    no longer houses nuns. It is now a shelter for women. We've been taking stuff there for
    more than a decade. They can generally use anything you donate, but if not, they
    pass it along to the Good Will.

    Here are two recent examples of Alzheimer's at work. At the library I called Yolonda
    "Yvonne". I guess because they both start with a "Y". She just laughs.

    And then we had a thread about the passing of Pete Seeger. I posted about seeing him
    and Arlo Guthrie in a concert at the Greek Theater. Looking on the net last night I
    saw a record album. One I used to own. It was from a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
    with Pete and Arlo and Bob Dylan and Will Geer and several other singers. I had forgotten
    all about it. I was there. In fact, I used to joke about my concert album. "If you listen
    carefully, you can hear me clapping."

    Bought a cauliflower on the market. I cut it up. I don't dare steam or cook anything anymore
    since I always forget and burn it. I left it on the table for Chef Gordon's attention.

    Leah, thank you for you kind words on the Pete Seeger thread. Glad to hear you are a tiny
    bit better. I wish there would be some medical breakthrough or advance in therapy or
    something that would make you substantially better.

    Glad to see you are back to your old posting self, Mikie. Seems like there are many jobs
    you could have done in an alternative universe: carpenter, decorator, paramedic, CEO.
    What's this about your hip? Is the problem due to your falls or other problems? I sure
    hope I never need another surgery.

    Reminds me of a funny line from a bridge club decades ago. A gal showed up to play, but
    her partner didn't. So when it was time for the game to start, the director told her, "Well,
    you could play with Milo." Milo had been a good player a couple decades before, but now
    he was pretty vague about went on at the table. He mostly dropped in to kibitz and chat.

    The response from the gal was, "Milo! I'd rather have surgery."

    Julie, I can understand why you and the family are shaken. Very sad news about your
    brother's MIL. Who wouldn't rather go in a flash than linger on with a crippled mind.
    I am a little worried that might happen to me now that I found out about this carotid
    artery business.

    SG, I thought a bursa was some official at a college. Oh, wait! That's a bursar. "Never
    mind" as Roseanna Roseannadanna used to say. If dear Hubby is depressed, morose and
    cranky, he sounds like a normal hospital patient to me. Great to hear that he can go home.

    Have to go. I've got my lumbar support on, but my back wood go out anyway. I
    say lumbar, you say lumber; "Let's call the whole thing off".

    Hugs and Kisses and Flowers and Candy to everydobby.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Yes, you are right about most hospital patients are crank, even if they try not to be. Most just want to go home and feel well AGAIN !! I know how cranky I am at home even though I am supposedly normal (whatever that is). I am sure I take it out some on DH who, after all these years, really doesn't have REAL CLUE as how I feel. If I say something hurts e he says whatever it is hurts him too. Good grief. I do know as we get older more stuff hurts us even if we are supposedly not SICK or have a particular ailment. Or we just have to many darn ailments - BAH HUMBUG !! Yes, we don't want you to cut off any fingers along with the cauliflower ! I almost did that myself not to long ago. Don't remember what I was cutting. We got some new knives and boy are they ever sharp.

    Sun - I am glad that he will get to go home and hope he feels well enough after the surgery to get into a happier place and try and forget about the possible dx. I know that is hard to do. God bless him and you too sweetie.

    If you talk to Windy please tell her we do miss her and she doesn't have to come by every day and post to everyone all the time and try and remember who said what. I have that problem myself.

    Mikie - Hope you find out your problem and can get away without surgery if possible. I know a few people who get more messed up with the surgery as Jam said. Maybe some exercises will help you and possibly topical meds , etc. heat..

    A friend of mine has had shoulder surgery 2-3 times and it didn't work and they actually want her to do it again. I think she said no and I agree with her. It is not so much pain for her as not being able to do much with the one arm and shoulder.


    Hugs to you all,

    Almost time to go out to dinner but wanted to check in.
  8. Darrae

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    Hi all,

    Granni, Thanks for starting the new porch. You're right, it goes so quickly here. You're right about Windy too. It's really hard to keep track of everything here. But one doesn't have to keep track. It's a place of support. I hope Windy posts again soon.

    Julie, My sympathies. So sad and heart wrenching to go through. My heartfelt prayers for you and your family. Warm prayers for your poor brother and wife. Things like that do make us contemplate our own mortality.

    Mikie, That sounded painful! Holey Moley! You've had your share of knocks lately! :eek: Easy does it. Glad you've been posting more. You must have a little more NRG of late. I hope with all that you are doing and accomplishing you don't wear yourself to a frazzle. I love Celtic music as well. Clannad and Enya in particular, though The Irish Rovers will always remain a favorite. Do you remember them? The Unicorn? I have the album. Celtic music is lovely and often "hauntingly beautiful". I have Celtic roots, so it's in the DNA I think. :)

    Jam, I do, on the rare occasion, still sneak in some broccoli or cauliflower in my diet. Just not much. I gave up the cabbage altogether in order to opt for the healthy green broccoli and, well.....I really like cauliflower. Your cabbage dish sounded so good though.

    Leah, A little improvement is good improvement. Glad to hear it. I'm praying for you. You are in my thoughts a lot.

    Sun, Good to hear your DH is coming home from the hospital. Not surprising, him being a little cranky or out of sorts. He's likely not feeling his best. Wishing you the strength to withstand the recovering time to come with him. Get your rest when you can dear. You sound as though you really could use some. Warm Prayers.

    Rock, How punny! It's good to know you have been more active of late. Sorry your back hurts.

    To all I may have missed, love n' hugs to all!

    Night Porchies,
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, I've logged in twice. Is it the board? My computer? The computer in my head?
    Good thing my father never had a computer. He would have put his foot through it.
    As Tim Allen did in some conspicuously forgettable movie I took my son to years ago.

    Dar, that was a veritable barrage of puns you unleashed in your post on the previous
    porch. Or maybe I should say it was a Darrage of puns. Speaking of knocks and Irish music,
    did you know there's a song called "Our Lady of Knock"? It's about a vision in County Mayo
    during the 19th century. Tommy Fleming recorded it. Tommy has a great voice and knows
    how to sing. (The two don't always go together.) He also has flaming red hair and looks
    like his barber works with a knife and fork.

    So your Sorels aren't sorrel, but a brand name. I looked 'em up. A pair costs more than
    the monthly charge on some places I've rented in the past. I bet you look very classy in 'em.

    Granni, "supposedly not sick" reminds me of an article I read decades ago. It said that there
    is no reason why old people should be sick. If they would just take care of themselves, they
    would be fine and blah, blah, blah. I found out in my 20s when I worked as a social worker
    and used to take people's history. The general rule: young people are healthy; middle aged
    people develop problems; old people have serious problems that get worse and worse.

    And speaking of sharp knives, Gordon found a whole set the other day when he was sorting
    and tossing stuff. An expensive set I bought from a cute young man: my son. First job
    he had after college. He severed his connection with that firm rather quickly.

    Julie, looked at the weather for Iowa. Well, tried to. The National Weather service said snow and blowing. No temperature given. Our government seems to be hopeless in all areas. Another site was similarly unhelpful. According to the TV station in Des Moines, the temp is 34 degrees. I don't believe it. Way too high. Especially for 11:30 PM your time. Whatever it is, hope you and Den are comfortable.

    Leah, are you able to read or listen to music? I can remember when people at work used to
    wonder what they would do when they retired. I always figured if I can still read and listen, I'll
    be just fine. Springwater, Barry, Joan, hope you're OK.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I am so very sorry to hear that your DB's MIL had another stroke. More prayers going up. You are sooooo good with your family. Bless you for all you do.

    Granni, when you post, there should be a tool bar across the top of where you are typing. You can make type bold, italicized, underlined, and pick the color of the text. Run your cursor lightly across each icon in the tool bar and it should tell you what the icon does. Type what you want to say about the thread being closed, highlight it, and then you can use the icons to enlarge the text and make it a different color. Hope this helps. Actually, I've managed to avoid knee replacement in both legs with the Synvisc injections and exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee. I'm hoping to do the same with the hip. Right now, I don't know what the problem is so will have to see the doc to find out what we need to do to avoid hip replacement. Thanks for your support.

    Jam, thanks for your info on the hip. As I mentioned to Granni, I've been researching before I make an appt. so I know what he is talking about, depending on what is causing the pain. I'll keep you updated. Barb has had both hips replaced and she still has pain. The only thing which might cause me to have my hip replaced is if it presented a major risk of breaking. That's far worse than replacement.

    Leah, so glad to hear your voice is better. Thank God we have this wonderful forum where your voice is heard and appreciated. Keep on doing whatever is making you better and I'll pray for healing.

    Sunflower Girl, DH sounds like a typical male patient. Hope his emotional state improves. Still praying for a good outcome from the pathologist. Thanks for exercise suggestion. I have read about some others online. Hip is actually better because I had to climb up and down the stairs so many times to put things away in our new storage bin from my closet. I think when we have pain, we stop moving but moving will help the pain. I'm thinking more exercise will help the hip.

    Dar, yes, Rock is right. You are also a Master Punmaker! I forgot to tell you this. Yes, my NRG is improving. Seems the more I do, if I pace myself, the more I am able to do. Had a good, productive day yesterday. Speaking of the "Unicorn Song"--in Denver, on St. Paddy's Day, one radio station used to play that song all day long. It's impossible to be sad and listen to the "Unicorn Song." It's like "Indian Lake," by the Cowsills. My roots are Celtic and German. We are called, Germish. Supposedly a volatile combination. Well, I like to tell people, "I drink whisky; I drink beer."

    Rock, that was a good pun about the knives--very sharp and edgy. On the cutting edge, if you will. Is that how you hone your sense of humor? We are losing our beloved folk singers. They represented an era. I think people our age are very lucky to have had so many experiences and to have seen so much change, although, not all of it good. You can buy an Oster steamer on Amazon. They are difficult to find in stores. They are all clear plastic in the steaming chamber so you can see when you need to turn it off. There are single, double and triple stacks. I got a double this time. Loooooove it!!!

    I haven't made an appt. with my doc yet for the hip. I have other appts. and my co-pays are now $50, so I don't want to have too many appts. at once. I also have co-pays for lab and x-ray. The recent Congressional cuts to Medicare have taken a lot of the old benefits of Advantage Plans away. No more preventive eye and dental. Only one check a year for glaucoma. I am a "low dental decay" patient so will be telling my dental hygienist that I'll only be getting cleanings once a year from now on. Will have to talk to my eye doc to see whether we can get my eye appts. down to once a year. So glad we got that 1.5 percent COLA increase from SS so we can maintain our extravagant and lavish lifestyles. Ah, sarcasm, how could I get through my days without you!

    As I mentioned above, yesterday, I was extremely active physically. My back and hip feel almost 100 percent better. Perhaps this exercise thing will pan out for me. Hope so. Also, being active reduces my appetite so that I don't want much to eat and I don't crave carbs. I have to work on my cholesterol as well as the hip. Just wish our weather would get back to "normal" so I could work out at the pool. We got a lot of rain last night, unusual at this dry time of year. Simon hasn't been around for two days but the brave little guy came out in the pouring rain to get his breakfast this morning. I was worried about him.

    Talked to DD in Atlanta last evening. We talked for more than an hour. She is usually so busy and calls me on the run. Don't think they will be coming down for Spring Break. I may go up to Atlanta later if I can get a cheap fare. Andy's school got out early and the bus brought him home. I saw the Atlanta Mayor and GA Gov. on TV, blaming the weather service. Huh? The weather reports were spot on and there was plenty of advanced warning. I do get it that cities like Atlanta are not usually prepared for heavy winter storms but they should have, at least, called off school. Atlanta usually gets rainy, icy storms which are just as perilous. On a good day, Atlanta's commuting traffic is a nightmare. They drive bumper to bumper at 20 mph over the speed limit.

    Lately, our little pond has been one big party for birds. We've had a wood stork, two gray egrets, a black 'n white anhinga, tons of snowy egrets, and tons of little white egrets. Yesterday morning we also had an otter but I didn't see him. There must have been at least 50 birds at one point. They get into fights over territory along the bank. No one fools around with the stork, though. He's much bigger and aloof. All the birds are waders except for the anhinga who has to swim and dive for his food. With just his head sticking out of water, he looks like a snake. He gets out of the water and spreads his wings out wide to dry them. He looks like the Batman of birds. The floating ring around the fountain head is like a game of King's Mountain. They fight over it. Such free entertainment!

    Don't know what I'll do today. May be a "spa day" for me. My nails need attention and I could use a little personal landscaping, especially if I go to the pool. TMI? Sorry... I'll leave y'all here. Have a great and blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    A quick note.

    Dearest Diane, so sorry for your anxiety ...... please be sorry for mine! Sometimes I really don't know what to do about it. Valium doesn't work, and my PCP doesn't give me more than 10 Xanax a month, though THEY DO HELP! Counseling has been suggested, but I just don't have the energy. Been there, done that. I AM WISHING THE VERY BEST FOR YOU! As Meher Baba said, "Don't worry, be happy".

    Dar: I wish someone would bring me some frog legs. I haven't had any in years. I think they taste like rabbit. Most people say they taste of chicken. Whatever, I really like them. And easy to cook too. Maybe I'll order some from the meat dept. at the s-market (if they are not from China!) Once in France I had cuisse de grenouille frite (hope I spelled that right) at a tiny cafe in a remote hill village. We ate outside with lots of cats. The frog legs were delicious; they were TINY, crispy on the outside and succulent inside. A HUGE platter heaped with tiny frog legs....... a nice memory of things I used to do. The frogs were caught locally by the town children apparently!

    Mikie, I loved the description of your pond and birds. I've always been fascinated by anhingas, and would love to see one. Also a wood stork! You are fortunate to live in an area with such wonderful wildlife! We have otters here too. I worry about all the water-lovers here in California with this historic and scary drought....

    Love you All,
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I'm feeling for you.......for what you're going to go thru......but I'm sure Kevin will be right next to you, holding your hand. You CAN do this......just repeat to yourself something along the lines of "I can, I am strong, I AM healing" adding your own words. When any thought enters your mind that starts scaring you, just TAKE control of your thinking.

    Mikie: I was fascinated at reading about all the birds who are visiting the pond. Has it been stocked with fish or what? I agree with Barry......I would love to see an anhinga bird. I've always loved the large water birds.

    I'm roasting beef and veggies so I can make a thin soup for my husband.......didn't want to turn to a can to open. So NOT tasty. He needs to be on liquids until he passes gas.......trouble is NO gas.!!!! We go to his coumadin nurse this afternoon for his shot. I'm heading for a short nap until then.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)Hi again to all my dear Porchie Friends !!!

    It is so wonderful to be able to come to a place so supportive and loving. You all understand even more than our husbands and S O's. No one really knows haw a person feels unless he or she has been there. I can only imagine about the panic attacks. I don't have those but do have hi b/p attacks of sorts.

    Diane - I have a friend who has had panic attacks for some time and she has told me about them many times. I just listen and try and give her support. I don't think she has had them for some time . They sound very frightening though especially when then they come upon you when you are not expecting them. However, something like the doctor's office I am not sure if it is better or not to expect them to come on when you HAVE to visit the doctor.

    Yes, maybe you can scare them away if you do and tell yourself what SUN just told you. Try and take control of your thinking , if you can. It may be a little difficult in the beginning but should get better after time goes on.

    I am hoping so much that the counselor can and will be helpful. You can help him or her by trying to talk yourself out of having an attack. I know easier said than done sometimes. There may be some tricks that she or he can give you to help to scare those scary thoughts away. We are with you and we do understand. I understand that I cannot always help my b/p either even if I am not afraid per se of having my b/p taken. However, I figure that as soon as the b/p cuff goes on it is about to go up and that the nurses are going to get all excited. I usually tell them before hand about my b/p spiking. I took it at home today for the first time in awhile/ since I had the Colonoscopy, and it was very good, for right now, at home.. When I was in for the Colonoscopy I think the stuff they gave me to clean me out surely didn't help and being up a lot of the night. It was really high and you don't want to know what it was. However, the med they give you to relax and put you to sleep brought it down nicely :)!!

    Rock - Thinking of you too but you usually sound so good on the Porch or other places in PH , unless you are fighting with the computer :)!! I know there is so much to worry about these days, isn't there? Great thing to come here on the Porch ! Hope you feel better soon, your hip or whatever it was that has been nagging you.

    I went to the chiro for probably the last time this morning. I got some help with my neck flexibility but really not the pain and pressure. I say that because if I want to go back I can, but he gave me a plan which was a couple times a month for a year. Still, a vear worth of adjustments isn't cheap. I knew he was going to do and DH said NOT to sign up for anything. As it is we are waiting for tomorrow for them to fix our furnace and not sure how much that will be. DH and I too are also really afraid of the taxes going to go up and all the medical care and everything medical rising in price. We just have to try and keep ourselves as healthy as possible and hope we don't have to go to the doc. Sometimes you have no choice, unfortunately.. DIANE - I understand about the $. It seems like most of my life I have had that problem even though I have had been blessed for the most part and have had what I REALLY needed and what the family needed, not many frills though :)!! .

    Sun - It sounds like you are making a yummy soup for DH. That would make me happy if I was eating some, especially in this cold weather. Hope he will start to feel a little more chipper and pain free soon and get a good report from pathology. I know this is weighing heavily on both of your minds. Big HUGZ to you and prayers also.

    Barry - Sorry that you have been having panic attacks also. I hope that something, the Klonopin or whatever can help you, at least somewhat. I take that at night, just 1/2 pill with my Flexeril. That helps me to sleep and also to go back to sleep when I have to get up and go to the bathroom.

    Thinking of all you wonderful Porchies and especially those of you will extra challenges right now. Hope you feel better soon too MIKIE.

    Mikie - I know how to make the letters different things in color in the paragraphs. However, when you mentioned that I couldn't find those icons or whatever you call them to do that when starting a NEW thread. I will have to go check again later on.

    Spring Water - I hope things are slowing down for you with all of your many rituals and prayer services for your brother. I know it is still a hard time for you and all.

    Julie - I know it is a very bad time for you all to know that someone so dear is in such a bad state and about to pass on.

    Gotta run now and start thinking of making supper - ugh. Maybe SFG has some extra soup to share. Hi also to Jam, and whoever else I missed. You too dear Freida !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Diane and Barry, I am so sorry that you both have had to deal with panic and anxiety. A little Klonopin under my tongue stops that panic attack feeling when sensory overload causes me to feel as though I have to run right out of my own skin. Lately, I've had general anxiety. My life has been going along relatively well but I worry about the future, money, health, etc. There is no pressing issue to cause me to worry like this. I don't understand why it's happening. It's not severe and I can deal with it with prayer and meditation but I don't like it. I can only imagine how horrible it is to have more severe anxiety and panic attacks. I think a good therapist is worth his or her weight in gold. I couldn't manage without my Klonopin but therapy has gotten me through a lot of bad stuff, including clinical depression when I was younger. Good luck to you.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, the birds and the different behaviors is fascinating. We also have the large blue herons now and then. Anhingas and Cormorants appear identical to me except one has a straight beak and the other's is curved. Curved and Cormorants both start with "C" and that's how I tell them apart. I feel horrible that I don't know more about our wildlife and different kinds of palm trees. I have books but it seems the pics in them don't match up with what I see. I do know a few palms but not that many. A very tall one outside my front office is in bloom. There have been a ton of bees around the long, full bloom. I am glad to see bees and haven't found dead ones lying around this year. Perhaps their health is better. My favorite palm is the Foxtail. The fronds are bushy just like a fox's tail and very full. The Coconut Palms grow tall like in the South Pacific and sway in the breezes. It's very calming for me.

    I am so concerned about Calif.'s drought and the water situation in the whole world. Scientists know we need to find ways to concerve water and ways to desalinate sea water. We have the technology but it's expensive. Still, so is fighting wild fires. Fracking uses a lot of water and is permanently turning wells and aquafiers toxic. It's also evidently causing earthquakes. I guess I shouldn't be writing about these problems in a post about anxiety but these aren't the things which cause my anxiety. I am just aware of them and hope common sense will prevail and we will stop polluting our Mother Earth.

    I slept a lot of the day away. It's been gray and raining heavily since last night. After yesterday's marathon of activity, I figured I could take a day of rest. I also did my personal landscaping so if the sun decides to shine again and the pool isn't too cold, I can go over to exercise in the water. So far, all the activity really helped my hip so I am anxious to work out. Physical activity really helps my anxiety a lot. I think the sleep is a way to avoid it but it also serves to refresh me. I looked up the active ingredient in Z-Quill and it's Benadryl. Even though it's not recommended, I've found just the right combo of clonazepam with a very tiny sip of the ZQ to get a really good night's sleep. This new generic for Special K doesn't work nearly as well as the old one.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oops, two more posts while I was writing "W&P."

    Dar, I'm sorry that I don't remember what I said about older married couples and can't find it. I hope it wasn't anything negative. Since this last fall, my memory is still a bit dicey. "The Little Engine That Could" was also one of my favorite childhood stories. I loved all those Little Golden Books and "Highlight" magazine, especially the picture puzzles with hidden pics within. I'm glad you are doing better and Pearl is well. Looooove good news!

    Granny, I so seldom start a thread that I haven't noticed where the tool bar is. I was thinking of the last post in a thread where one could enlarge and color the type that this thread is now closed before going to open the new one. I would think that if the tool bar isn't there in the first post in a thread, one could edit it and change the text. Geez, I'm so computer illiterate! I got my new Surface2 and it has Windows 8. I watched a tutorial on You Tube. It's soooooo different than any previous edition of Windows, and has so many features, I couldn't keep up or remember. Think it's time to buy an expensive book to help me out.

    OK, I'm really going to go now.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all!

    Okay, it's official! One more drop of water lands in my office, I'm gonna go to the courtyard, start the Arc and lead the residents out two by two! :eek:

    After having our lower level flooded a week ago by a broken water main in the street, I thought our water problems were over. Oh no no no! I come into work this morning to find the whole first floor cleared out, workmen everywhere, carpets soaked, fans and extractors all over making a heck of a racket. I knew this would not bode well. :(

    I went to my office to find I'd been attacked from above this time. Ceiling panels soaked and broken all over the tables, floor, my desk..........water all over the floor. Sprinkler system pipe broke on second floor the night before and rained down on all the 2nd floor apartments, the first floor and basement. :rolleyes:

    Two and a half hours of my morning were spent with the Housekeeping Director reclaiming and drying out my office again. Thank goodness the Administrator had not left the building yet when the damage started. She was kind enough to go down to my office, throw a shower curtain over my computer desk, tucked my phone, clock, pencil sharpener etc...under it, put my trash can under the computer desk to hold all the electrical cords, rescued my grand children's pictures, and the rest of my stuff from my desktop and moved it to safer ground.

    Unfortunately, my office fan was a casualty. Dead. With all the exertion of lifting, pulling, tugging, pushing of boxes, furniture, rolling plastic towers of craft stuff, the popcorn machine, and various and sundry other items around, (not once but twice in a short period of time),.....I'm beginning to hurt like my body wants to have a flare. Not good. I've been doing so well.

    Anyhow, indoor horseshoe game was called off this morning at 10:30. On the "up" side, my office was clean and dry enough by then to switch gears and I got a good sized group for Crazy Eights. (Something we could play on a dry table). :D They were grateful for the diversion. They'd been bored out of their skulls not being able to leave their rooms for the lobby, coffee nook or t.v. room. No place to land and visit on first floor.

    It was dry enough by 10:30 down there that we did set up another t.v. and chairs outside my office and made a make-shift coffee area on a long folding table for them.
    Quite a few availed themselves of that area too. I'm hoping the lobby, coffee nook and t.v. area are dry by 2:00 tomorrow. I have entertainers booked and birthday cake to serve for our January birthday folks. January has not been kind to us. Oh's snowing again. :rolleyes: From now until Saturday! Can we say February? :)

    I haven't read all the new posts yet. Just scanned some of them.

    Rock, thanks for the appreciation of the "punnage
    ". Yes, my Sorels were quite expensive, but I've had them now, for 20 odd years. They still look like new. Only wear them when it's sub-zero out. I don't know how fetching I look in them as they make one walk like a "Yeti".

    Mikie, How funny. Indian Lake used to be another of those songs I listened to over and over. It's like, once you think about that one, it plays in your head the rest of the day. My roots are Celtic and German too. (German by way of Switzerland to Bavaria and Berne). Germish! :D I love that! I may use that one with your permission. Classic. Glad your back and hips are feeling appreciably better. I so enjoyed your description of the birds on your pond. It sounds so serene and beautiful. Enjoy the nails and deforestation at the spa. :)

    Julie, The memory you recounted of Faye was so very touching. It's okay to keep talking about this. You needn't apologize. This is the right place to do so. You must need to talk to help yourself cope. It's good to have an outlet, and we all are listening and praying for you and your dear brother and family. Love.

    Diane, Good luck with the therapist. Am hoping your "Doc" dilemma gets resolved positively. Wishing you tranquility.

    Barry, Wonderful! Another lover of amphibian! Frog legs are truly scrumptious when done right. Absolutely. I've never thought they tasted like chicken. Somewhat more faintly "fishy" I think. They just don't really taste like anything else. And frog legs in France? How cool that is! I can picture the outdoor cafe you mentioned and what a neat experience that must have been. The French do frog legs justice I've heard.

    Otters are so cute! Very unusual little animals. I just watched a program on PBS not long ago about otters. You are so lucky to be in an area where you can see them in their natural habitat. Sorry to hear about the phobias. I can relate. If you've checked my posts, you'll know I can relate. Hope you get some REAL help soon. Take care of yourself pal.

    Leah, I'm so pleased to read you still feel you are making some progress. Yes, it's an uphill battle, but you can do it. I know you can. Though you are frightfully ill, you are also a spiritually strong person, a good and kind person. I believe in you and your temerity. Keep fighting. Glad to hear Pearl kitty is doing well. My deepest prayers for you sweetie.

    Granni, Hi! The BP issue is a scary one at best. Untreated or under treated it can cause so many other dangerous health issues. Anxiety, I think, runs in all of us. Comes with the territory unfortunately. As for money issues, I think we all deal with that too. I've had to do without my meds on so many occasions due to lack of funds. Not good. But unavoidable as I have minimal insurance coverage. Hope you are having a good evening. Warm thoughts.

    Well, I've babbled long. I'm off to the crib to snooze. Love to all!

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Yes, if we cannot highlight the starting post of the Thread then we could probably highlight the last post of the old thread. That is a good idea !!

    I remember the Little Engine that Could too. Not sure that I grew up on Golden books but some of my kids did I suppose.. They didn't have the Highlight Magazine for me, I know. If they did we didn't have the money but I think they didn't have it. for ME or us older people :)!

    Yes, if I get something new I definitely need something to tell me what to do. A techie I am NOT. I need DIRECTIONS!!

    Our son was asked to go overseas for 2-3 years ( with his wife of course) but they have to decide whether they want to or not, It is definitely a good thing for him but they have to decide whether to do it or not. It is certainly a feather in his cap to be asked to do something like this. Don't know much more than that right now. We certainly will miss him if they go but we will see. He has to do what is right for him and his wife. Certainly a great opportunity. I forget the name of the cities now. As my mom would have said, my brain is a sieve but not even sure how to spell someof the places. MOre later. I think DH is talking to son right now. Can you believe my DIL posted this on FB after he got asked. That is how I found that out :)!! Technology , crazy huh :)!

    Oh, it is Malaysia and Quadalampur (sp??) where they might be going.

    Dar - I was posting the same time as you. Yes I am off to get ready for beddy bye too. Sorry just skimmed your post really quick. More tomorrow hopefully.

    More later !

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning,

    Dar, that flood sounds just horrible. You seem to take things in stride and carry on. Good for you! I hope it all gets dried out and no mold hangs around. Today, the experts seem to have the ability to clean up really well after water damage.

    Granni, I think being able to work overseas is a wonderful opportunity, unless it's in a dangerous place. After my divorce, I could have worked in Germany or England but I was in too much disarray to even consider it then. Heck, I've been in disarray for years :) Oh well, most of us here are; goes with the territory.

    It has continued to rain all night and won't clear out til middle of the day. Then, we are in for much warmer weather in the mid-80's. We needed this rainfall so I shouldn't complain. Can't decide whether or not to just let my hair curl up in a mop until it's drier outside. Ilona and I are taking Barb out early tomorrow morning to a McDonald's where the bus will take her over to Miami for her cruise. Ilona and I will have breakfast and if Barb wants to leave early enough, she can join us. She packs a hug suitcase like my Mom used to do. It'll take two of us to hoist it into the back of the SUV. I've never been on a cruise and doubt I ever will but am not saying, "Never." This last outbreak of the norovirus isn't encouraging me to want to go.

    I'm exhausted today and I slept all day yesterday. Not a good sign. Need some NRG. Whine, whine, whine :confused:!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Mikie - Sorry you are still feeling yuck. How nice that Barb is getting to go on a cruise. We have been on some really fun ones and never got sick, seasick either but we wore the patch just to make sure. Where is Barb going. It is supposed to get warmer today too. I am ready for sure. Hate the cold stuff ):!!

    Dar - I don't know how you even deal with all your problems at work with feeling as you do. You are a strong gal and I am so glad that you can do all you do for those residence. You are a GEM for sure.

    Just wanted to check the porch before I got up and dressed to go to lunch with 2 other ladies. It will someplace simple but with good food. There is a small sort of teahouse in the area we hope to go to. Haven't been there in some time.

    Hang in their Freida, Sun, Julie , Rock, and dear Diane !!

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Love y'all,
    Granni :)
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We are leaving to see il medico pronto. And speaking of things medical, I got a
    form from Medicare the other day. Couldn't make much sense outta it. I think
    they make this stuff confusiatin' on purpose.

    For fellow pun lovers, ya ever visit the site of The cartoonist is
    Dan Piraro. He sometimes has cartoon puns. Saw one yesterday. Couldn't figure
    out what the joke was. It showed King George IV lying in bed wearing his crown
    and robe. The doctor was standing nearby. I asked Gordon what he made of it.
    He said, "He's getting an I V." Aha! Well, it might have been clearer if he was getting
    it, but the tube was just dangling. Wasn't hooked up to his royal arm.

    From another source and slightly modified, I went to the movies last night. Sat down
    right next to my statistics Professor. What are the odds?

    Diane, I'm sorry to hear about anxiety. Does the Xanax help? I took Xanax decades
    ago even though I didn't have a problem with anxiety. I think the doctor just prescribed
    his standard meds without giving much thought to what was really appropriate.

    I know my depression was greatly helped (though not cured) with meds and therapy
    and a 12 step program. I hope you can find something that helps.

    Oops! Gordon is calling. Gotta go.