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    Good Morning,

    Dar, that flood sounds just horrible. You seem to take things in stride and carry on. Good for you! I hope it all gets dried out and no mold hangs around. Today, the experts seem to have the ability to clean up really well after water damage.

    Granni, I think being able to work overseas is a wonderful opportunity, unless it's in a dangerous place. After my divorce, I could have worked in Germany or England but I was in too much disarray to even consider it then. Heck, I've been in disarray for years :) Oh well, most of us here are; goes with the territory.

    It has continued to rain all night and won't clear out til middle of the day. Then, we are in for much warmer weather in the mid-80's. We needed this rainfall so I shouldn't complain. Can't decide whether or not to just let my hair curl up in a mop until it's drier outside. Ilona and I are taking Barb out early tomorrow morning to a McDonald's where the bus will take her over to Miami for her cruise. Ilona and I will have breakfast and if Barb wants to leave early enough, she can join us. She packs a hug suitcase like my Mom used to do. It'll take two of us to hoist it into the back of the SUV. I've never been on a cruise and doubt I ever will but am not saying, "Never." This last outbreak of the norovirus isn't encouraging me to want to go.

    I'm exhausted today and I slept all day yesterday. Not a good sign. Need some NRG. Whine, whine, whine :confused:!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone,

    Mikie - Sorry you are still feeling yuck. How nice that Barb is getting to go on a cruise. We have been on some really fun ones and never got sick, seasick either but we wore the patch just to make sure. Where is Barb going. It is supposed to get warmer today too. I am ready for sure. Hate the cold stuff ):!!

    Dar - I don't know how you even deal with all your problems at work with feeling as you do. You are a strong gal and I am so glad that you can do all you do for those residence. You are a GEM for sure.

    Just wanted to check the porch before I got up and dressed to go to lunch with 2 other ladies. It will someplace simple but with good food. There is a small sort of teahouse in the area we hope to go to. Haven't been there in some time.

    Hang in their Freida, Sun, Julie , Rock, and dear Diane !!

    Thinking of everydobby !!

    Love y'all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    We are leaving to see il medico pronto. And speaking of things medical, I got a
    form from Medicare the other day. Couldn't make much sense outta it. I think
    they make this stuff confusiatin' on purpose.

    For fellow pun lovers, ya ever visit the site of The cartoonist is
    Dan Piraro. He sometimes has cartoon puns. Saw one yesterday. Couldn't figure
    out what the joke was. It showed King George IV lying in bed wearing his crown
    and robe. The doctor was standing nearby. I asked Gordon what he made of it.
    He said, "He's getting an I V." Aha! Well, it might have been clearer if he was getting
    it, but the tube was just dangling. Wasn't hooked up to his royal arm.

    From another source and slightly modified, I went to the movies last night. Sat down
    right next to my statistics Professor. What are the odds?

    Diane, I'm sorry to hear about anxiety. Does the Xanax help? I took Xanax decades
    ago even though I didn't have a problem with anxiety. I think the doctor just prescribed
    his standard meds without giving much thought to what was really appropriate.

    I know my depression was greatly helped (though not cured) with meds and therapy
    and a 12 step program. I hope you can find something that helps.

    Oops! Gordon is calling. Gotta go.

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    Dar: a flood again! I know I wouldn't be able to cope with everything you you hear that? It's me giving you applause! You earn every penny you make. Have a question re: my 91 year old aunt who has been moved to an assisted living place. My cousins made the decision(she is a widow with no children) because she was showing many signs of alzheimers like another aunt who died from it. She was alone.....and wanting to die. Now she's as mad as a wet hen. Complaining of the food, of her table mates and everyone else there, complaining she doesn't have the right clothes, etc. etc. Said my cousin NOW has all her $ which is basically enough to pay the rent for one year. What do you suggest????????

    Granni: what a way to find out about your son's possible job overseas? I don't go to FB and don't want to. And like Mikie said, it all depends on the safety of the country.

    Mikie: About that BIG, heavy suitcase........when she gets home you should ask her what she packed that she DIDN'T wear. I learned a long time ago that I only wore half of what I packed. When we went to Portland I went down to a much smaller suitcase, but still didn't wear some of the things packed. Years ago my dream was to be able to toss something into a very small travel bag and just GO. Of course now half of what I pack is for my body comfort like two heating pads, rice filled things, etc.

    I've got a guy coming tomorrow to trim a ton of bushes. I wasn't sure if we would be home on saturday so I had him put the very heavy ladder outside.....and of rained a little last night on it. I've now got it covered with plastic....hoping it will be dry tomorrow so he can do the work. And the new pool service guy was out yesterday and did a good job. Needless to say the H.S. kids didn't work out, one was VERY slow and the other one didn't show up on saturday.

    Does anyone have dreams that they pay attention to? Had a dream this morning.....upsetting to say the least.....I had gotten off a trail that I knew well, to get on a bicycle, ended up at some fancy country club, and then couldn't find my way back to the correct trail.....I was lost. Well, obviously it has to do with what's going on in my life right now.....sometimes I can go back into a dream to finish it but no luck this morning. When I lay down next time I'll see if I can put my mind into thinking of this dream. The brain is amazing.
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    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
    Sun - that is interesting about your dream. For some reason I hardly remember what it was all about. I remember my mom used to say that either her aunts had what she called a dream book. Obviously she believed a lot in her dreams. That is about all I remember about it. Mother is no longer living so I can't ask her about it.

    You are right about FB . I go on there to see friends and family I don't get to see a lot or at all. However, I do not put much personal on there for the reason you mentioned. Nothing that personal that is. If I send anything personal, it is a not for all to see and is private. MY DIL , I guess, was so excited she had to tell her friends and of course everyone else. Of course it is not top secret but one must be careful these days.

    You surely sound busy these days doing so much while your DH is recuperating. Hope you get everything taken care of this weekend that you need to,

    Dar - Yes, you do earn every penny you are getting paid and you also need lots of patience. If you are feeling badly at work that surely makes things a lot harder. God bless you and all you do. Sun and Dar, I have heard even just recently about some with Alzheimers, at a certain stage become beligerant and complaining about everything, even those who were never that way. That is such a hard thing for the family members. Hope things change but not sure it will, but maybe after awhile. The thing is they get very belligerent and unruly, and many times they have to geto medicated and sometimes it may be overly so.. Sorry about your aunt, Sun !!

    Went out to lunch with 2 friends today to a nice place sort of tea room and you can have hi tea and stuff like that which is interesting. However, we only had water , iced tea and quiche and yummy soup or salad. We restrained ourselves and didn't have dessert. LOLDid lots of talking though !

    Julie, Rock, Freida, Spring Wate, Jamr and all I hope you are all well . Need to get busy doing something else before dinner time.


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