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    Hi everyone...looks like it has been an hour or so since Rock closed the last volume, so I will go ahead and start this one. But if I see he has started one after all, I'll just delete this. Not sure if he had computer problems or had to go do something else...

    Gonna submit, then come back to visit...
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    It is going on 1:00 pm, my time, and we are still waiting for the big snowstorm that was supposed to start earlier this morning. The funeral for my brother's MIL was a couple hours ago...I am glad the storm has held off until afterwards.

    I went to the visitation last evening; good thing it was at a later time because I got a late start from home and had to stop and tell my dad about Fay on my way to the funeral home, which was another 45 minutes away.

    Hope nobody thinks I am just "whining", although I guess that is what it sounds like...just wanted to explain what's been going on.

    Helped Lindsey more over the weekend because David was gone for Guard training. This is the 3rd weekend in a row that I've had extra to do.

    Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave and Linds called for me to come stay with the girls while she rushed Isaiah to the doctor...he was acting like he was either going to have a seizure or go into shock. All the kids had woke up cranky and crying from naps, and all of a sudden Isaiah started shaking. I was holding him while Linds got stuff ready to go and his eyes looked like they weren't even focusing.

    The homeopathic doctor said he has been fighting off some kind of infection, etc. and his body was already stressed physically. When everyone was crying and it was so chaotic for a bit, Isaiah just "overloaded", emotionally and physically. Lindsey had given him a remedy, so he was a little better when she got to the doctor, and doc said she had done exactly the right thing. So, doctor also gave her something for whatever else was going on, and some for Liora too, as both twins were just not acting like themselves the past few days.

    Fast forward to this morning...(I got home late last night; more like 1:00 am because I stopped on the way home to stock up on groceries in anticipation of the storm)...Lindsey called and said she was bleeding a lot and David was going to take her to the ER. It took me a couple minutes to wake up and comprehend what she was saying, then I ran over there.

    The ER doctor told her first thing that he thought she was having a miscarriage, but they did labs and an ultrasound...found a tear in the placenta. The baby is fine, but Lindsey has to be on bedrest for a few days, not lift over 10 pounds and just generally take it easy.

    I guess this is a pretty common occurrence, and things should be okay, but causes a greater risk for preterm labor...just what we do not need. She is only 12 weeks along, and better chance for the placenta to heal itself (somewhat) than if she was farther along.

    I keep putting off my chiro appt...hope I can still get there before too long, but it involves being gone almost a whole day. And I am to be at Amy's next week...before and after school on Wed. and Fri. as Keira's daycare provider will be gone those two days.

    This puts a lot more work on David and me...I will check to see if we can get some Amish help, but the mom is pregnant with her 12th child and not doing so the older girls are having to do more than what they usually do...and may not be able to help Lindsey.

    David's schedule is all rearranged, so I'm not even sure when he will be home to help...I am just trying to "suck it up" and do the best I can.

    So...that's where I've been, lol! Hope everyone is doing fairly well. Sun, I am thinking of you, as you await the test results...
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    OMG, Julie just what you need, more work. Of course you are there to help Lindsey hold this pregnancy. How long is she supposed to be on bed rest for the tare to heal ? A few days doesn't sound like it might be enough but who knows. How can she be careful with three little ones already?
    Sorry to hear about your brothers MIL but glad it is over but I know it is awfully stressful for everyone. Glad the weather seems to have held up for the funeral. Hope so !

    Wow, it sounds like so much is happening at your house and family almost all at once, including that bad storm. Hope it comes and goes without to much problem for all.

    Rock - thanks so much for ending the old porch and letting us know with the RED ALERT :)!! Good job !!. I just checked on it . DH has been on the computer and the men were here to put in the new furnace. They got here late but it didn't take them long as thee were 4 of them, I hear it chugging away and getting warmer so that is a good thing.

    Sun - Yes, we are thinking of you and hoping all will be well with the pathology report. I know the waiting is just awful for everyone.

    Have to figure out how to get the Pro Health board to come onto my phone. Sometimes DH is on it for a long time and so I can't get on to chat or at least read.

    Bye for now. How to check in again later. Will be having our small group practice this afternoon and have to pick up another gal who just lost her car, age 91 I think who sings with us. She really does great for her age and hope I can do half as well if I make it to her age. Hi to SW, Jam, Diane, Joan Dar, Frieda, Elaine and everydobby else I love.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Wow! Julie, you have been through the grinder. Prayers going up for everyone. I hope everyone is OK. Both situations must have been really scary and this on top of a death in the family. Thanks for starting a new thread.

    Rock, thanks for ending the last thread. Very chatty post!

    Granni, hope practice goes well. I don't understand the getting PH on your phone. Do you have a phone DSL line for your computer?

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for your good wishes regarding my noggin from the last thread. Yes, this is exactly like the last head injury but not nearly as severe. Still, two head injuries in the same area of the head in six months is likely the culprit. My friend, who is a nurse, says that if there were something serious, like bleeding in the brain, I'd be having worse symptoms. As it is, my memory and aphasia are getting better. Reading small print is still difficult. I have mild headaches and, sometimes, trouble sleeping. Other times, I can sleep all day and night. All this is like deja-vu. My prayers go out to you and DH for a good path report.

    I just figured out that, sometimes, when I come on, I don't get all the posts. I don't know why but no one is being ignored. I just don't get the posts. Need to check it out. I'm going back over to the end of our last porch to see if I've missed anyone.

    OK, I'm back and think I answered everyone over there. "Over there, over there. It won't be over til it's over over there." Nothing like a WWI song to keep me going. I'm old but not that old even if I feel like Methuzela. I'm getting a rude red, jagged underline under the name but I tried spelling it several ways and it's still there.

    After the board mtg., I decided to go to Bed Bath & Beyond. Or, as Ilona calls it, Bed Bad & Beyond. I picked up another little throw rug in beige with two black borders. These little rugs are the bargain of the century at $10, $8 with my 20 percent off coupon. I have them at the front door, lanai, and in front of the guest vanity. The cats were a bit hard on the one on the lanai so I decided to pick up a spare. Never know how long these things will be available. Also got two of those little plastic containers with the absorbent beads to absorb humidity in our plastic container for paint in our outside storage bin. Don't want those paint cans to rust. I also got some tape to hold down the runner rug in front of my sofa but it doesn't stick to the underside of the rug. I'm taking it back.

    This is my exciting life. I can't whine because I wouldn't have the NRG to live a more exciting one. Went across the street to see how my friend's window installation was going. Lots of men standing around but no work getting done. I made a wise remark and he smacked me on the ass. Now, there was nothing sexual going on, just friendly, like two football players, but I'm wondering whether the tongues will wag. Living in a condo hood with mostly older people is just like Del Boca Vista on "Seinfeld."

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - You surely have been a busy one for now having to much NRG. You went to the Board Mtg and then to the store for BBB bargains. Gee, you are lucky getting some good buys. I haven't been fun shopping in a long time.

    As far as the Smart Phone and its apps, they have them for FB, Google and so many other things I thought I could get one for PH. Maybe not. I do get some posts sent to me on e-mail if I have checked that I want to be notified about a certain thread when answers are posted.

    Julie - Hope you are holding up with everything happening in your family.

    Hope everyone is doing OK. Sure is quiet for a Tuesday (during the week and not weekend). Hope everyone saw Spring Waters post on the last volume . It was a pretty long one There were a few others too, I forget who all posted.

    Hope to get to post tomorrow when DH is gone to a meeting. He may also go out to lunch but not sure I have to go upstairs tomorrow and clean out that storage room that has the a/c and furnace unit in there. We had to take almost everything out of it so they could work. Everything is scattered all over the extra bedroom. . We also got two new gals for our small singing group and so I am in charge of getting them their extra music that the leader couldn't find. So I have to make some copies and give some out tomorrow and have some other copies made. The leader is going on a cruise so no time for her to do it.

    At least we should be warm tonight with the heat.

    Gotta run for now. TTYAL.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Porch people!

    Julie, You sure are having a tough time! So sorry. Glad the baby is still intact. Poor Isiah, that's so sad. Poor little guy. Hope he's doing better. Prayers for you and your family.

    Granni, Hi. Glad to hear you got two new singers. Did you ever get a new choir director?

    I'm just peeking in to see what everyone's up to. Can't stay on too long. Tired. Still icing. Wishing everyone well. Mikie, Sun, Rock, Leah, Diane, Barry, Spring--take care everyone.

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    Dar - No, we do not have a new choir director. The old one just left. The singers were also for my small singing group that goes to different facilities around town, etc.

    Gotta run and I hope your weather gets better soon.

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    OMG Julie.....problems, problems. I do hope little Isaiah will be OK. That sounds very scary. Is this a doctor who also specializes in treating holistically? And I pray that Lyndsey will be able to rest and heal. She's had such troublesome pregnancys. And how are YOU doing aside from stress?

    I'll make this brief since I'm really tired and need to go to bed. The pathology report came back as expected but the surgeon has recommended a nonagressive chemo.....he said he wouldn't even lose his hair......chemo as precaution in case there might be some microcancer cells left. This would be over a 6-8 month period and he wouldn't even have to start this for another 6-8 weeks. He really needs to heal and put some weight back on. Of course my husband ONLY heard he had cancer.....I had to remind him on the way home in the car that yes, he HAD cancer but the tumor and some lymph nodes were removed so at this point he's cancer free.

    Not so good for my son in law's aunt who has been treating for cancer in lung and brain. Its back and so she's getting aggressive treatment again and is sick. She's been receiving chemo for months, lost her hair, been sick, fatigued, etc. so I'm sure she's feeling very depressed. If you all would add Bonnie to your prayers I would appreciate it. She's such an upbeat, happy person even thru what she's gone thru.
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    rock - HOW does one EAT a laddu that size? LOL. Does one make like hansel and gretel and
    break pieces off and eat?

    Leah - hope you feel better soon, I hear theres another snowstorm around that area?
    Im really hoping warmer days come soon and you can sit outside and feel the sunshine.

    Sun - really happy they got it all out..and prayers for dh to keep well from now on till always.
    I hate being out in a car every day. too and i hv been mostly (on public transport mostly) for
    long time now. very fatiguing.

    Granni - 91 and she is still singing? i just admire the folks out there.

    Dar - loved your puns. i get the feeling you just love being independent and are loving
    what you do too. what a great way to be! ins;pite of the stresses that come along with it.

    Mikie - do be careful. these random health problems cropping up every now and then.
    im sure they put stress on your body and mind. and that results in the fatigue getting

    Julie - sorry to hear about Isiaah and Lindseys latest health scare. very relieved
    to know the baby is fine tho. praying for all of you.

    Yesterday we took india cousin brother for lunch, dh took us to this place where
    they serve 'Big daddy' hamburgers..huge beef ones coz i told dh this cousin loves
    meat and we dont get beef normally here. Its near the American Embassy and their
    staff come in so i think they made the taste and all to suit them. I had a veggie
    grill sandwich. Then dh dropped us off to the bus stand and i and brother stayed with
    cousin till his bus arrived.

    after that we ourselves hopped on to another bus which drove us straight down
    to where the stupa is and i walked around. trying to raise my energy. Ive been
    very depleted these past days. hardly achieving any cleaning etc at home.

    even when i take a bath i feel like ive achieved! ive been that tired.

    take care all

    God Bless
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    Hi, Kids,

    Up early so thought I'd drop in. Granni, you are at your usual busy best. Your singing requires a lot of time and work. I hope those who hear your beautiful music appreciate all the work that goes into it. I hadn't really been fun shopping either since I got the shell-shaped bowl for the center of my dining room table. Don't know whether I mentioned that I got a solar sun and moon which stick into the ground outside. I went out early and they were glowing and chancing colors. What wonderful, magical things we have if we want them. I didn't understand that you were wanting to get online on your smartphone. My smartphone won't work on wi-fi and it's a TracFone so it uses up my minutes if I go online. I only keep it because it costs me between $12 and $16 a month. I have two laptops, one which is also a tablet, so I really have no need to use my phone for anything but calling and texting. Ilona got a new Samsung and it's almost as big as a small tablet. Beautiful screen and it does everything the tablet does. Only thing is that it is very expensive. There is more and more competition for phone plans so the cost is coming down. Wish we had more options for TV and internet. Comcast has this area sewn up.

    Dar, I hope you get better and can come and "sit a spell." Take good care of yourself. You have such a demanding job.

    Leah, I hope you feel better as well. I know you've really had a hard time of it lately. Rest up so you can tell us about all the beauty which surrounds you. In the meantime, use those images to help you heal.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm sorry about the path report but if the doc is this optimistic, it sounds as though he is confident they got it all. The chemo lite is just to take care of any cancer cells which might have escaped. Tell DH to imagine he is playing Pac Man and the chemo is gobbling up a rogue cancer cell and leaving him totally cancer free. Or, if this is too scary, tell him he is cancer free and the chemo will keep him that way. In any case, I pray for good health for him. I think when he puts on some weight and feels more normal, it will make all the difference in the world.

    Springwater, it's so good to read a post from you. For some reason, I think I've missed some of yours even though there was no "ignore" in my profile. I don't get it. Your posts are not the only ones which sometimes do not appear when I come online. I've been wondering why our traffic seems down despite the threads filling up. Big Daddy Burgers, huh? Sounds like my kind of place. I don't eat burgers much but when I want one, I almost drool at the thought. It's not just the burger either. The more stuff, like cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, etc., they pile on, the better. We have a Cheeseburger in Paradise place here and I love to eat there. The sides of the place roll up and everything is very funky tropical.

    Went to ins. broker's office yesterday. I need to call the ins. co. directly. I only got credit for half the discounts to which I'm entitled. They pro-rate the discount back to when they actually processed it, not when they received it. Such a scam! I'm tempted to make a complaint to the ins. commissioner's office but I'm afraid the co. will drop me. It's terribly difficult to get ins. down here and it can cost an arm and a leg.

    I also have to go to the bank to get the late fee taken off my mortgage. They draft the payments automatically but every time I try to make an extra payment on the principle, they get confused and think it's a regular payment. This has been driving me nuts. I'll need to either make these payments snail mail with a check and extra principal payment coupon or go directly to my bank to ensure it gets applied to the principle. These are the kinds of things which stress me out. Seems everything is too big with all these mergers and buyouts. They lay off people and those left are doing two or three jobs and can't do a good job of anything. As long as the stocks keep going up and dividends are payed out to stockholders. This can't continue forever with the huge gap in the haves and have nots. It's really not good for anyone. The rich will eventually see their bubble burst.

    Speaking of which, Sara Jessica Parker was on "Morning Joe" yesterday pushing her new line of shoes which will be sold at Nordstrom's. She said they found the "sweet spot" pricing where her shoes were a good value and more available to more people. They sell from $250 to $400. I guess in her mind, that's a value shoe. Not! Most people I know do not spend that on their shoes. And why would they? Almost identical shoes are available at Macy's for far less. Of course, there's that brand snobbery among some people. How many hungry children would $400 feed? Of course, the wealthy buy such shoes and clothing to go to fundraisers to feed hungry children. And the world turns.

    Well, dear Porchies, I'm outta here--no more rants! Love to everyone,

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    Hi Kids

    We had a little rain Monday, but yesterday was sunny. Temp in the 60s. Pleasant
    weather, but California is seriously short of water. We went to the market and the
    library. Gordon took a Chinese phone book to one of the librarians. It is enormous.
    bout 4 inches thick. Weighs as much as a kid; the baby goat kind.

    I could tell you more precisely if we had a scale that worked. We have two bathroom
    scales and neither one is functional; at least not for me. Gordon claims the digital
    one works. So I monkeyed around with it. It finally came to life. Showed I had
    lost 15 pounds. Then I took off my sweatshirt and my gym pants. Now it showed I
    had gained 3 pounds. Ain't modern technology wonderful!

    Granni, I hope you find a good choir director. Don't get one like Mr. Stimson in
    Our Town. He drank too much. BTW, Our Town was once America's most
    popular play. If you've never seen the movie, Folks, it's on Youtube. Entire film
    Made the year I was born. Introduced two newcomers: Martha Scott and Wm

    You can also see the Broadway revival from a decade ago starring Paul Newman.
    I think it was his last Broadway appearance. Strangely believe it: Paul Newman
    and William Holden both played the same part in "Picnic". One on Broadway and
    one in the film.

    Glad to hear the new furnace is functioning.

    Julie, sorry to hear about Lindsey and Isaiah. Scary. Hope you get some rest
    somehow. I wonder how long the fierce storms are going to keep coming.
    Well, you're probably wondering too.

    Mikie, that's a shame about your bumps and aphasia. Is that what you meant to
    say. Ha Ha! I used to have lots of recording of patriotic songs. 100 to 200 records
    probably. I read several times that George M. Cohan's "Over There" was introduced
    in Madison Square Garden by Enrico Caruso. But when I looked on line, I couldn't
    find a confirmation. But we do know Caruso recorded it (in both English and French)
    and it was very popular.

    Dar, sorry to hear you are still icing. Must be a big cake. Ha Ha! Hope you can get
    some rest. Well, I guess that's what we all need. Seems like it's been a century since
    I woke up feeling energized and ready to get started on the new day.

    Freida, I had trouble with a crossword a couple nights ago. The clue was "Kahlo".
    She was the artist who was married to Diego Rivera, the muralist. But she
    spelled her name "Frida" so I had a little trouble getting it to fit. Doing crosswords is
    a lot like being a tailor. Ya gotta get stuff to fit.

    Springwater, it's no wonder you feel depleted. A bath is soothing. Last week I
    fell asleep in the tub 4-5 times. Got my paperback soaked. That reminds me.
    It should be dry by now. I've only got about a chapter or so till the end.

    Started a new book by a guy who usually writes screenplays. His surname is
    Merrick, so maybe he's a relative.

    Hugs to Barry and Joan and Diane and anybody else my feeble brain has overlooked.
    (Four leaf clovers not included.)

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    Hi SG

    Do you like Fontina cheese? I used to eat it some years back. Have cut down on dairy products. I read the calcium interferes with regularity. Regarding your comment, about my remembering so well, I pretty much check everything before I post it. For example, I remembered the cheese as "Fontana" and sorta thought it was Irish rather than Italian.

    However, I am trying to give up being a perfectionist, so I don't get too upset anymore
    when posts come out in less than ideal form. I make a list of what to say to whom. When
    I did the post above, I left somebody out. You. Seems I forgot to turn the page over.
    Oh well. "These things happen in the best of families." I think that anachronistic quote
    was said by Kathrine Hepburn in "The Lion in Winter". (I didn't bother to verify
    that. Ha Ha!)

    Give DH a punch on the shoulder for me. I sure hope the non aggressive chemo
    gets rid of any lurking troublemakers.

    Today is trash pickup day. Also the day I have to move my car because the street
    sweeper comes tomorrow. And then again on Friday for the other side of the street.
    Of such trifles are our lives composed.

    Just read "Shelter" by Monte Merrick. I think it's the sort of book that can be read
    by both teens and adults. Reminds me of "Catcher in the Rye" or "To Catch A
    Mockinbird" or "Huckleberry Finn".

    Hope every has a good day. Or if not, at least a pretty good day.

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    Hi to everyone. Have to pass on some info to fellow choir members with no director . Have some interim info that was sent on but a few have no internet or computer so need to call them. We will meet a bit early as usual for warm up on Sundays with no practices in between unless someone is found to lead us.

    One of the gals I need to call lives mostly by herself, is a widow and lives in daughters home. However, the daughter works and lives or stays in an apt I guess or something like that during the week wherever she is working and then comes home when she can on the weekend. So my friend is by herself a lot and she tends to be a bit depressed. So when I call her I may on be on the phone with her for some time :)!!

    There was info sent to me and I have to go see if it is on the computer yet. It was on the phone but not the computer. So, I thought I would get on the computer and check the Porch.

    Diane - I have been following that awful storm. I am sure my brother and his family and some gkids will have to deal with it. Sorry you had to cancel the appt. but you certainly didn't want to drive in that awful storm or Kevin either. Deicing the car and windows, etc. sounds like something we used to do in NY and it surely was not any fun at all. I know you all will be happy to see the coming of spring.

    When you bread the fish do you fry or bake it DIANE?

    Hang in the sweetie and everyone else too living in the cold and frigid climates. Right now it is 46 with awful North winds. It feels a lot worse than that, for sure.

    Thinking of so many of you Dar, Sun, Rock, Julie, Frieda, Barry, Spring Water, Joan, Elaine and our many MIA's. Off to make some phone calls.

    Big hugz to awl.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sun - I finally found an read your report from the pathologist. I am so happy that the doctor at least seems hopeful. I know it is hard to tell DH that. He sounds like my DH in some ways. Glad he will have some time to heal first before starting therapy. Try and get some weight on and eat healthy, etc. Stay away from sugar that is not good for cancer growth I understand. In other words sugar helps cancer growth. However, you may already be looking into all that, what to eat and drink after the surgery and during and after treatment. I know my daughter who had breast cancer is still doing that and so far so good. Thinking and praying for you and your DH.

    Have you heard of BOOST which is a drink and there are many different kinds. It helps put on weight, and or muscle and other different things. Google it and check it out and you will see what they have. I did some time ago for a friend of mine. They have different flavors . Special hugz to you both.

    Hi also to Jam, Rock, Freida, et al. FREIDA, by the way, my middle name is Rose. That was also the name of my aunt, my mothers only sibling who came from CZ, and their mother . Unfortunatly I never got to meet her since she died when my Mom and Aunt were little children. There was also an aunt of my mother who married a FREIDA ( last name).

    Gotta run for not and start dinner for DH.

    Love ya all,
    Granni :)
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    It's early, not even 5:00 a.m. yet. I just lost my post but, fortunately, I had only typed a few words. Seems that everything electrical is acting up. Mercury may be retrograde in the Zodiac. In any case, it's a pain!

    Rock, I don't know what aphasia means but then, sometimes, I'm just at a loss for words. It's all getting better but it just takes time and patience. I have nothing but time; however, patience is another story. God, give me patience. Give it to me NOW! I saw the movie, "Frida" and really enjoyed it, although her life was not all wine and roses. I usually enjoy biopics. Can y'all imagine the next generation sitting through a movie on Justin Beiber? Did I spell that correctly? There is a petition with more than enough signatures to take away his green card and ship him back to Canada. It probably won't happen. There ought to be a place where we can ship all these juvenile troublemakers until they either age out or come to their senses. If they are celebs, they just go through the revolving door of justice (or nonjustice) and come back out to cause more trouble. On the other hand, it does support all those rags sold on the way out of the supermarket.

    Diane, brrrrrrrrr! Shoveling and de-icing. AACK! I had enough of that in CO where it doesn't even show that much. Too bad all that snow in the East can't be sent to CA. Why hasn't CA decalred the drought a Nat'l disaster? That's where much of our food comes from. In any case, I feel for all y'all who have had waaaaay too much cold and snow this year. It gets depressing after a while. Only thing to do is take a cruise if all the flights to the ports aren't cancelled.

    Granni, I hope you can get your phone problem worked out. Is PH the only website you have trouble getting on the phone? I still suggest a tablet. They are cheap and great for most tasks one can do on a computer except anything using disks. I think disks are on the way out too. Flash drives have taken their place. Seems the more gizmos we get, the more trouble we have. They are wonderful when they work. Hope you get a leader soon. My Mother's name was Rose and we got a dark red Desert Rose for the Balcony and dedicated it to her. Many of the plants around our bldg. are memorials for our loved ones.

    Leah, thanks for your usual kind words. I feel I whine a lot over little things but it seems, in my life, it's the little things which bug me. Case in point--my computer just went off. It's because my battery is shot. Still, it's always plugged in and shouldn't do this. Fortunately, it saves my session and when I log back on, voila!, I'm back here. Hope you are doing better and better.

    Jam, I know you are an advocate for not fluoridating our water supplies. I feel the same way. I drink water from my fridge which filters not only the water, but also the ice cubes. I don't think it gets rid of the fluoride, though. Some of us are allergic to certain types of fluoride and I suspect it's from being exposed to it all our lives. I drink Smart Water in between my other water for my electrolytes. It's expensive but I get it on sale at Costco and stock up.

    Yesterday, I went to the pool and did aerobics to get my heart up for 20 mins. My hip and back are killing me. If I can't do that, then I can't do aerobics unless I use a stationary bike and even that my cause hip problems. Guess it's time to see the doc. I'm hoping I can get Synvisc shots instead of any kind of surgery. Even arthroscopy of the hip would likely cost me $1,000 in co-pays with the new cuts to Medicare. People will stop taking care of themselves only to cost M/C more in the long run. Sooooo myopic!

    Well, gotta run and pay my bills. Catch y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am here again,

    I have had a horrid time getting on the porch. It didn't like anything I did. Finally one day after 35 min. I gave up to try again. Why do they do things like that? But #1 son was here and got all of my messed up passwords straightened out, finally!!

    Oh winter!!! Since the first of Jan. we have had very cold weather, lots of snow, no schools in session and on and on. I will never get used to haveing a -14 temperature all day along with tons of snow. We had a little time with rather normal temps., then it began again. I know that there are many of you that are suffering the same thing. I am so happy though that I am IN:).
    I don't have to go outside at all.

    My D and SIL were here the day after Christmas and can't seem to get back because of wether and various other things, scubbing trip ( don't think that is spelled right) In hopes of tomorrow.

    Julie: Even when I am absent a long time, I come back and your sweet family is having more health issues. I am so sorry. I pray that Lindsey and her tiny babe will be OK. It all seems to go on and on.

    Someone suggested a cruise-----no, no, no. They seem to come back to port with a ship full of flu people. That would be so awful.:(

    Health-wise, I have good days and really bad ones. Yesterday was awful----so much pain in arm and shoulder, scatic pain in hip, knee in pain. back hurts and by night, I am at the end of my rope. Today is better. The head o the exercise program is emphatic about my taking the exercises 4 times a week. She said to exercise what doesn't hurt-------that is a joke! I do what I can then the next days, my whole body is in pain. Diagnosis? Why??

    i may have ----- arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder and rotor cuff. he instantly said it wasn'nt arthritis but all of the other 3. I never mentioned Fibro. I went to the hospital for x-rays and they came back with "arthritis". Told his sec. that is the one that it definitely wasn't. Now i don't trust him and really don't trust the x-rays. I got some strongwer pain med. to take if and when it hurts. Seldom take it but did yesterday a.m. Didn't do much.:mad:

    Beginning to have pain now so hope that I will join all of you dear people again, very, very soon.:D

    Gentle Hugs to U'all,

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    We had a few minutes of rain today. Not enough to fill a wading pool. Despite the rain,
    we bravely went out to do errands. The library and the recycling center. We don't have much
    to recycle now that I don't drink sodas anymore.

    Just read a book with a colorful title. "The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head." A more
    descriptive title might be: The Other Side of the Couch-A psychiatrist Solves His Most
    Unusual Cases.

    For some reason unknownst to me, the book was published with the first title in 2010 and
    with the second title the following year. Anyhoo, the patient who stood on her head had been
    found wandering the streets, disheleved, and babbling. Turned out she was suffering from
    Hypoglycemia: low blood sugar. And then the was the patient who had brain fog. Not
    from CFS but from polydipsia; drinking too much water.

    Jam, have you seen the yellow water in Sochi? Russia (and the USSR) has been
    a third world country for most of its inhabitants all during the last century. The
    only area of high technology seems to have been the military.

    Yes, Gordon and I would love to come play bridge with you except that I can no
    longer remember what's going on. And Gordon hasn't played for 10-15 years so he'd
    be outta condition. As in other areas, once we were pretty good but now not
    so much.

    Diane, what did you do with your beef strips, peppers and onions. Let me guess.
    Sauted them and served on a bed of rice. The weather still terrible there? I'd look
    it up, but then I probably lose my post.

    Can't sit any longer. Gonna go lie down. Be back soonest.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Again

    Had a nap. I see we had some rain while I was in the arms of Morpheus. Did you guys
    see the news about the stolen Stradivarius? It was recovered. Jack Benny had one.
    He said, "If this isn't really a $30,000 Stradivarius, I'm out $120." He left it to the Los
    Angeles Philharmonic.

    I used to have a flute, a kazoo, and a plastic banjo. Couldn't play any of them worth
    a hoot. Wonder whatever happened to them. Maybe sold at the sale my folks had
    in the 70s when they sold the house. Probably sold my comic book collection then too.

    Granni, is this the coldest winter you've spent in Texas? I pretty much think of
    Texas as looking like the Old West in the cowboy movies. Deserty. Of course the
    Old West couldn't have been all desert. After all, they raised all those cattle and sheep.
    Do you have an interim choir director? Maybe the members are taking turns?

    Mikie, here's a mnemonic device I used for desert and dessert. Jello has a double
    letter and it's a dessert. Cool, huh? Cool as Cool Whip. I used to take a pie to
    office potlucks. (Land O Goshen!) I couldn't remember "potluck". Had to
    Google it.) Anyhoo, it was very simple: pie shell, canned pie filling, and Cool
    Whip mixed with something. Cream cheese, I guess. Well, anyway it made a
    big impression on the gals since all the other single guys brought something like
    a couple liters of soda or a jar of pickles.

    Speaking of little things, you know the song "It's the Little Things You Do
    Together"? It's from the Broadway Show "Company". It has no melody
    to speak of, but the lyrics are amusing. By Stephen Sonheim. A very
    successful composer and lyricist. So far as I know, his only good tune
    is "Send in the Clowns". Someone must have helped him with that one
    because it doesn't sound like any of his other songs.

    Gotta Go

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Lilac, sorry you are having problems with your shoulder. I had surgery on mine and it is now well but it was hell going through all the PT afterward.

    Rock, it was in French class that we all struggled with dessert and desert. They are pronounced differently and Madam was always on our case about it. She was straight from Paris and wanted us speaking like we were too. Well, bless her heart; that should be the goal but Americans have accents just like everyone else. My French neighbor complimented me on my French accent so I guess it paid off but I never get to speak French any more. She only wants to speak English except every now and then. I get more practice with our gardeners speaking Spanish and I'm really rusty at that. Of course, I've heard of Stephen Sondheim but never that show nor that song. I've always loved "Send In The Clowns," even though I suffer from couleraphobia. I'm sure I misspelled that too. Clowns freak me out and I've come to realize I'm not alone.

    Jam, all my surgeries have vastly improved my life. Surgeries on my knees have saved knee replacements and I hope I never have to have a joint replaced. I do think I need to see the doc about my hip, though. There are treatments, and laparoscopic surgery, to avoid hip replacement if damage is moderate. My Mom was a very wise woman who was informed about health issues. She was against putting fluoride in our pure Rocky Mountain glacier water I grew up on. Still, those who stood to make a fortune, and find a way to turn waste into profits, prevailed. I remember when all the kids in school were given a new tube of toothpaste with fluoride in it. It tasted horrible and we all threw it out. I still wonder whether a lifetime of getting fluoride in my water did cause my fluoride allergy. Thank God, I can tolerate some types of it but not in Cipro and other fluoroquinolones. In a way, I'm glad as Cipro has been shown to cause damage to tendons. When I had my bicep tendon repaired, the doc said it was in bad condition. Seems FMS causes damage to all our soft tissues.

    Not much to report here. Our usually beautiful weather is still nice and warm and breezy but gray and cloudy all day yesterday. There was more than a 50 percent chance of rain but we didn't see a drop. Same is forecasted for today and tomorrow. I hope we get some rain out of it.

    I need to go to the pool to run today. The water feels really cold until I get warmed up running. Guess it's already paying off in terms of BP. Mine was way lower last night. Will have to see whether it pays off, along with my diet, when the doc checks my cholesterol. Don't want to take a statin. One already has a class lawsuit against it. Don't need one more drug. Ilona takes one and thinks that means she can eat sweet baked goods all day long. Yikes! That is sooooo bad for one's health. Exercise has always been the key to containing my weight but after I worked out the other day, my back ached, my hip really hurt all evening, and I had plantar faciaitis in my foot. I know I spelled that incorrectly but nothing I do gets rid of the red jagged underline so I give up. It is only supposed to take 20 mins. at target heart rate, three times a week, to achieve a big increase in good health. Just need to push myself to get into the habit of doing it.

    I lay out in the sun last time but got no tan on my pasty skin. Due to surgery, laser treatment, and topical chemo on my face, I have to be really careful and wear lots of sunscreen on it. I also put it around the back and front of my neck and on my chest. I've stood behind old ladies in the market and can't help but notice how wrinkled the backs of their necks are. I think it's one area most of us forget but it one of the most exposed areas.

    Wish I could export our warm weather to everyone in the cold. Stay warm and well.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    A quick warm Hi to awl. It is either freezing or a little above it. It may hit 39 today they said. However, we will be going into Houston this afternoon to go to dinner with eldest daughter and part of family an then to see the Musical Shrek being done by the High School our grandson go to . That should be interesting. I know nothing about Shrek or the movie or play but have seen the character, if it is the same one I have seen in automation sometime. This grandson is almost 16 along with his twin but he isn't into sports but is interested in Theater Arts. He is working on the sets and is a tech of sorts. Not sure if it will hold my DH interests but I like almost any musical, in one way or another.

    Joan /Lilac - So happy to see you post but sorry you have been having so much pain as well as trying to get into the PH site. I haven't had any problems, at least not lately, on getting to post, at least on the computer. Do you have a little book or tablet that you can write down all your Pass words and Usernames so as not to get confused. I do and it helps a lot. Of course, if you do not have many passwords or UN it is still good to write it down. There should also be a place where you sign in that says to save ( if you want to save the password to the computer, you can check it). Then supposedly it should not ask you every time. I just to and it gets me right on. I occasionally have to sign in but not all the time and it depends also if you want to post and not just browse. I have my prohealth on my FAVORITES and so I just click on it.

    Hope you feel better and that the therapy will be of some help to you. Please come back and visit us soon. I know it is cold by you and not much better here today although no snow. Did have a very little bit yesterday but it came and went very quickly. STAY WARM !!

    Rock - Hi there friend! You playing bridge sounds like me I tried to play again. I don't remember much about it but I know you really have to think , not great for my FM brain :)!! Regarding our missing choir director -We do have a pianist who will play for us at Mass and warm up before. So far no director which may take some time to find. So far also no practice on Wed. night which does give us a break but sometimes we need some correction on different parts.

    Julie - Hope you are hanging in there with all the sickness, cold weather , etc. going on at your house. Be careful traveling in that bad stuff sweetie. Hope to hear from you soon and SPRINGWATER, SUN, DAR, JAM and all I have forgotten at the moment.

    BTW, anyone heard anything from WINDY?? Missing her too, as well as ELAINE and so many others !:(

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)