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    Hi, Kids,

    Lilac, sorry you are having problems with your shoulder. I had surgery on mine and it is now well but it was hell going through all the PT afterward.

    Rock, it was in French class that we all struggled with dessert and desert. They are pronounced differently and Madam was always on our case about it. She was straight from Paris and wanted us speaking like we were too. Well, bless her heart; that should be the goal but Americans have accents just like everyone else. My French neighbor complimented me on my French accent so I guess it paid off but I never get to speak French any more. She only wants to speak English except every now and then. I get more practice with our gardeners speaking Spanish and I'm really rusty at that. Of course, I've heard of Stephen Sondheim but never that show nor that song. I've always loved "Send In The Clowns," even though I suffer from couleraphobia. I'm sure I misspelled that too. Clowns freak me out and I've come to realize I'm not alone.

    Jam, all my surgeries have vastly improved my life. Surgeries on my knees have saved knee replacements and I hope I never have to have a joint replaced. I do think I need to see the doc about my hip, though. There are treatments, and laparoscopic surgery, to avoid hip replacement if damage is moderate. My Mom was a very wise woman who was informed about health issues. She was against putting fluoride in our pure Rocky Mountain glacier water I grew up on. Still, those who stood to make a fortune, and find a way to turn waste into profits, prevailed. I remember when all the kids in school were given a new tube of toothpaste with fluoride in it. It tasted horrible and we all threw it out. I still wonder whether a lifetime of getting fluoride in my water did cause my fluoride allergy. Thank God, I can tolerate some types of it but not in Cipro and other fluoroquinolones. In a way, I'm glad as Cipro has been shown to cause damage to tendons. When I had my bicep tendon repaired, the doc said it was in bad condition. Seems FMS causes damage to all our soft tissues.

    Not much to report here. Our usually beautiful weather is still nice and warm and breezy but gray and cloudy all day yesterday. There was more than a 50 percent chance of rain but we didn't see a drop. Same is forecasted for today and tomorrow. I hope we get some rain out of it.

    I need to go to the pool to run today. The water feels really cold until I get warmed up running. Guess it's already paying off in terms of BP. Mine was way lower last night. Will have to see whether it pays off, along with my diet, when the doc checks my cholesterol. Don't want to take a statin. One already has a class lawsuit against it. Don't need one more drug. Ilona takes one and thinks that means she can eat sweet baked goods all day long. Yikes! That is sooooo bad for one's health. Exercise has always been the key to containing my weight but after I worked out the other day, my back ached, my hip really hurt all evening, and I had plantar faciaitis in my foot. I know I spelled that incorrectly but nothing I do gets rid of the red jagged underline so I give up. It is only supposed to take 20 mins. at target heart rate, three times a week, to achieve a big increase in good health. Just need to push myself to get into the habit of doing it.

    I lay out in the sun last time but got no tan on my pasty skin. Due to surgery, laser treatment, and topical chemo on my face, I have to be really careful and wear lots of sunscreen on it. I also put it around the back and front of my neck and on my chest. I've stood behind old ladies in the market and can't help but notice how wrinkled the backs of their necks are. I think it's one area most of us forget but it one of the most exposed areas.

    Wish I could export our warm weather to everyone in the cold. Stay warm and well.

    Love, Mikie
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    A quick warm Hi to awl. It is either freezing or a little above it. It may hit 39 today they said. However, we will be going into Houston this afternoon to go to dinner with eldest daughter and part of family an then to see the Musical Shrek being done by the High School our grandson go to . That should be interesting. I know nothing about Shrek or the movie or play but have seen the character, if it is the same one I have seen in automation sometime. This grandson is almost 16 along with his twin but he isn't into sports but is interested in Theater Arts. He is working on the sets and is a tech of sorts. Not sure if it will hold my DH interests but I like almost any musical, in one way or another.

    Joan /Lilac - So happy to see you post but sorry you have been having so much pain as well as trying to get into the PH site. I haven't had any problems, at least not lately, on getting to post, at least on the computer. Do you have a little book or tablet that you can write down all your Pass words and Usernames so as not to get confused. I do and it helps a lot. Of course, if you do not have many passwords or UN it is still good to write it down. There should also be a place where you sign in that says to save ( if you want to save the password to the computer, you can check it). Then supposedly it should not ask you every time. I just to and it gets me right on. I occasionally have to sign in but not all the time and it depends also if you want to post and not just browse. I have my prohealth on my FAVORITES and so I just click on it.

    Hope you feel better and that the therapy will be of some help to you. Please come back and visit us soon. I know it is cold by you and not much better here today although no snow. Did have a very little bit yesterday but it came and went very quickly. STAY WARM !!

    Rock - Hi there friend! You playing bridge sounds like me I tried to play again. I don't remember much about it but I know you really have to think , not great for my FM brain :)!! Regarding our missing choir director -We do have a pianist who will play for us at Mass and warm up before. So far no director which may take some time to find. So far also no practice on Wed. night which does give us a break but sometimes we need some correction on different parts.

    Julie - Hope you are hanging in there with all the sickness, cold weather , etc. going on at your house. Be careful traveling in that bad stuff sweetie. Hope to hear from you soon and SPRINGWATER, SUN, DAR, JAM and all I have forgotten at the moment.

    BTW, anyone heard anything from WINDY?? Missing her too, as well as ELAINE and so many others !:(

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi gang...we are still up and running! Keeping close watch on Lindsey so she doesn't have to lift or do anything to put pressure on that area...hopefully, the tear will heal itself. She has a doctor appt. on the 20th (my daddy's birthday!) and we hope he will lift the restrictions a bit.

    Amy was coming here this weekend, but was getting a rough cold and didn't want to "infect" anyone. She may still come part to help her friend prepare for her wedding in May...Amy is a bridesmaid...she and Jennifer have been friends since preschool :) But Jen lives 45 minutes from us, so Amy may just go help Jen, then go back home.

    Clinton stayed home from work the other day cause Keira didn't have school...they went to an indoor amusement park. I am so glad both of our sons-in-law step it up and do their parts...

    I got to the local chiro yesterday and he helped my headache...Yay! Will try to get in to the other one, week after next. Can't go this next week as I will be at Amy's Tues. nite through Wed. nite, then all day on Friday. Keira's daycare lady will be gone Wed and Fri, so I need to get Keira to and from school. I'm going Tuesday evening because Amy invited me to go to parent-teacher conferences with her and Keira (Clinton will still be working and Keira's dad is working out of state.)

    David's schedule is all messed up as far as what days and nights he works, so I had to take all that into consideration. Den will help Lindsey Tuesday night while David has an EMT class, then I have the rest of times covered.

    I told the chiro yesterday that I had made appts. to see him, but kept having to cancel. He said, "Well, your schedule isn't really your own these days, is it?" I agreed, but I know it's just a "season"...and so far, I have made it through all the other "seasons" that have been thrust upon I trust that I will be fine :p

    The best thing is that God has arranged to allow only one or two things to happen at a way could I have managed everything all at once, lol! And if I die before I get my "junk" sorted and under control...well, I guess the kids will just have to take care of it, true? People are much more important than any of my junk...

    I will just say a quick "hi" to everyone...I'm slow getting around this morning, but wasn't worried because we had Lorraine overnight and David is home during the day today.
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    Hi Everyone. We had some nice rain yesterday but still could use much, much more. I'm trying to do my part in saving water. I've got a jug at the sink and fill it when I need to get hot water to wash dishes. I used to do this in the bathtub too when it was manditory to cut. Not pleasant to turn on the shower to just get wet, then turn it off while you soap up, turn it on quickly to rinse then turn off again. Some cities are already asking for a cut of 20%. I put in a ton of succulents a few years ago so I'm good.

    Jam: I've never bought crystal geyser, but will have to check it out. I buy big jugs of distilled water, and then get my minerals from salt from Utah. I used to think distilled was just for the iron until I read about it from health experts. Tastes like regular water just no chemicals, floride or minerals.

    Mikie: I applaud anyone who can speak another language. My brain just couldn't take it in and remember, and in the 60s you didn't have to take a language or science if you were a business major. Bad mistake on the part of schools back then.

    Your neighbor is being VERY foolish about statins. But she's in the majority of people who buy into everything the drug companies put out. I've got asthma like you, actually it's under control unless I have to exercise or walk fast. I've got an inhaler but have never used it since I'm scared of side effects. I tend to have a fast heart rate, at times when I was walking it hit 200 BPM. I suppose I need to try it though and see how it affects me. Do you use your inhaler every day?

    Granni: Maybe one of your choir members can jump in and take over director job? I always was in singing groups and choirs in HS and college and I remember a few times one of the students took over the job of warming us up, and the pianist at times.

    Rock: Have you been enjoying the beautiful stormy black skies the last couple of days? I love it when the skies get all dark blue and then the sunlight hits the trees and makes them bright yellow. At that time I run out with my camera if it's not rainy. And, least you did play bridge. I NEVER could understand it.
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    Sun, I used to get delivery of distilled water exclusively but then read so much of the pitfalls of just distilled so changed my order to 1/2 distilled and 1/2 spring and then found with the spring I was getting, my glass teapot was turning white with too much minerals. So quit arrowhead delivery and now use crystal geyser only but they don't deliver so have to buy my stock and our local pavilions can't keep it on the shelves enough...people I talk to love crystal geyser....

    I saved a article from Dr. Mercola, Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water...
    Maybe you can find it totally VOID of everything that we need...

    A nice rain, but we need more more more. There is naturally occurring fluoride in our rain.

    I agree statins are deadly and I have a post here somewhere on this issue.....big money for pharma thou. jam
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    Julie - Glad to hear that you are among the living :)! You are just so busy all the time but then again you are still YOUNG :)!! Or at least younger than I, so that should be helpful. Hope that you will be back to post more often but if your activities keep you from doing so we understand. Hope Lindsey continues to do well with her pregnancy. Aren't you glad that it isn't twins again :)??? How old will the twins be when this new one is supposed to arrive??

    Sun and Rock - Yes we could warm ourselves up before Mass but being able to sing everything acapella (sp?) can be a bit tricky and then to get the congregation can be even trickier especially if it is a new song or hymn. This Sunday will be interesting. It will be the first time we are singing without our fearless leader (director), Hope we don't have to go to long without one. Although then we will have to go to practice during the week. Right now, esp. with the cold weather, I am happy to stay home . It is in the 30's today and is supposed to be close to 60 tomorrow. Can't believe it but we will see. That is the crazy TX weather for you.

    Freida - Thinking of you sweetie. Hoping you are doing better today and have a little more NRG and your vocal cords warmed up a bit to speak. Don't know how I get dragged into these chats ? I think that the chat box is close to where I am typing and show how I get pulled in. The chatting is good but I have enough to do besides the regular chit chat board. I wish there was some option on the chat board so the person knows that you (or I) are not ignoring them but cannot chat right now.

    Spring Water - How are you doing? Hopefully you can have some time to rest soon without all these prayer vigils, etc. Thinking of you and so many others. We will working on be leaving soon to go into the city to see our #1 daughter and part of family, go to dinner and then to the play our grandson is working in. It is so cold out. I have thermal bottoms under my velour pants with jacket to go with it. That is an outfit but I will have a jacket to go under that.

    Bye for now and hope to see you tomorrow even though it is Saturday. If it is warm as they say tomorrow DH will have me working outdoors on the "grounds'. Not my favorite things to do ):! However, we can't afford to jhave it done so there we are.:mad: Thinking of you all !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Jam - Do the Crystal Geiser have flavors? It seems to me that they do. I think a friend of mine has them or did but I haven't seen her in some time. Where do you get yours. It seems to me they aren't cheap but I wonder if Sams carried them. Haven't looked at WM.

    Will keep an eye out to see what the price is. I too have the filters on my refrig. water.

    Gotta run . Off to the potty !
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    Granni, I don't know, flavored water doesn't interest can check online when you have an extra minute....often our pavilions market, which is owned by vons, which is owned by safeway runs specials on 1 gallon jugs for $1, when the sale is off, price is 1.49 usually....still a good deal as I see it. It's just lugging it home that is the challenge, but so far I do it....clean water is too important to me.....and I keep gallons in my trunk too, never know when our earth will shake.

    I think 99cent store sells 1 gallon jugs for 99cents....but I don't make a special trip to that store...I'm not a pennywise, pound foolish person....gas here cost me the other day $3.83/gal. jam
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    Frieda. Yes, we all care about you and pray for the healing you so deserve. Keep up with your exercises and whatever you can eat. I haven't posted much lately, but I do love reading your posts. You're always so upbeat and full of compassion for everyone.

    A termite inspection guy was out yesterday to do an inspection. We've had a lot of droppings in the garage, even after I've cleaned a month ago I saw it again. Well, after an hr inspection of house and garage we're free of termites.....turns out its cricket droppings instead. Now I need to search for a safe, healthy method to exterminate them from the garage!!!!!! And I need to find something safe to be applied to a pine tree stump that has termites. One company was going to saturate it with poison for $200 and another one said they refer this type of complaint to an environmental agency. Hmmmmmm.......I need to do research on this.

    I'm fighting bad fatigue and just can't seem to get the right amount of sleep to shake this off.
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