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    Wow!!! We are getting close to 700 volumes of the porch! Where is that Elaine...who is going to throw the party?

    I want to get this posted and will move Windytalker's post over here since we haven't heard from her in awhile.

    Right now I need to go help Lindsey get three kiddos out the door to church. Den is at his out of town job and I am just going to stay home and rest...trying to get over this respiratory junk :(

    See you all after while!
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    This is Windy's post from the last porch...sorry, I don't know how to copy her avatar too, but her words are in a different color than mine.....

    Normally, at night I sit and knit/crochet while watching TV. I caught a bug at our local germ factory (aka "hospital") and I just can't seem to concentrate on my next knitting project...feeling too icky. Yes, I have my difficulties like so many here, but (thankfully) I seldom get sick. I decided to bop in to see what all of you are up to these days.

    My DH wasn't feeling well and his doc suggested going to emergency 2 nights ago. It took them seven (yes, 7!!!) hours to determine he has a mild bladder infection. But, part of this is his COPD...he had a dry cough and thought that was the main problem. My DH's main problem is...he flat doesn't drink water! I've bugged him for years to no avail. He also tends to get kidney stones. But, I think he's now finally gotten the message. His bladder infection is a recurrence. I think of SF's DH and his cancer battle and I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for my DH under these circumstances.

    I just had to go look at SF's garden photo...beautiful!! Not unexpected. I visited her in CA several years ago and she has the most fantastic front and back gardens. It's a lot of work and truly admire this about her. This is only one of her many talents. The town she recently visited that was so crowded but ended up feeling worse then left was near where I used to live..."City of Orange" Orange County. I gather what used to be a quaint area (with a circle) is now very commercialized. Glad I'm not there to see this.:(

    I was going to comment on other posts, but am already running out of steam. But, I do have one thing I want to add...

    Mikie...What size shoe do you wear? I have a very nice pair of white ice skates I've only worn twice. I had bought them planning to start lessons, but life got in the way. I found skates run large and a snug fit is necessary. Please post your size...

    Good night all...sending hugs to all of you. Stay as well as possible...

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    I'm back...wanted to mention that Granni, Rock and Sun also had posts towards the end of the last volume :)

    I hadn't heard from Lindsey this morning and when I went over I found out why. They aren't getting out today because Lorraine coughed quite a bit of the night. I don't know if they caught this junk from me or never really got over it from when we were gone.

    At any rate, Lindsey looked like she hadn't slept much...I told her I would fix little English Muffin pizzas for lunch, then hang out with Lorraine while she (Lindsey) and the twins took a nap. By the time they get up, I will most likely be ready to crash again myself...:oops:...boy, am I tired of getting sick. My own fault, I know, for pushing myself. But there is no way I could have told Gpa "no" the other day and Den was at work. Sis's boyfriend is out of state, visiting relatives, and Sis can't get around too well yet, let alone drive.

    They don't ever take a day, just for Gpa, like we did the other day. They run their own errands and Gpa only gets to go if he has an appt. or something. He truly was pretty much housebound all winter, unless we got him and brought him to our house or out to eat, etc. I won't get started on that again, but I had my reasons for pushing myself in order for him to have his own day to do what he wanted to do in town.

    Yes, Lorraine is a little stinker, for sure! And since she disobeyed her mom, she wasn't allowed to stay at my house...had to go home for lunch first, then we hung out afterwards during Mommy and the twins naptime. Sometimes, it's a toss up whether the "punishment" will be worth it or make things too much worse for everyone else o_O

    Their daddy will be home this evening, then leaves tomorrow for his two week training :( Will be home next Sunday, then gone for another week...

    You guys must get tired of hearing me whine, lol! Just ignore the purple posts, if that is the case...:( helps me when I can vent.

    I am feeling more "human" today...which is good. And I am also taking it easy so I can hopefully get completely over this crud. I told Den I couldn't run the woodstove any more this year...the smoke just makes things worse. We are about to the season where we won't need any heat at all, so are just letting the boiler run when it needs to.

    We are to be in the 50's till Wednesday, then 60's and maybe low 70's the rest of the week ! :D Since I am very warm-blooded anyway, it will be very comfortable for me...

    Hope everyone can find something good about today. Dar, I have been worried about you...
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    Julie: I'm sorry you've got some crud again. I think once your immune system gets run down it's just one thing after another. I had been like you a few years ago until someone told me about oregano oil. Don't know if you've tried that or not. If you're interested I'll tell you how I take it.

    My family came yesterday late afternoon to pick up their pooch. She's a sweetie but she weighs over 100 lbs. and gets stubborn and won't move.....I have to be very carefully I don't trip on her, and you know what they say about fish and visitors after 3 days.

    DH still fighting intestinal upsets so perhaps it IS related to the chemo, though the doctor didn't think so. I've had all the irritible bowel syndrome connected to FM for at least 30 years so I understand what he's going thru.......and now he understands more of what I've lived with. But it could be worse. I heard yesterday that my SIL's aunt who is battling cancer is not doing good at all. She's been getting radiation to her brain now and has started to fall besides not having much energy. I think at this point we probably all know someone who has cancer. Of course all our food water and air is polluted.
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    Hi Sun! I'm sorry your hubby is feeling so rough. Stomach/intestinal problems are not fun to deal with.

    Yes, I'd like to hear about the oregano oil. I finally had to quit the grapeseed extract as it was tearing up my stomach...same with the olive leaf extract that Lindsey recommended. I tried them with food, certain times of the day, etc...just hard to ingest something that I know is going to make me feel worse than I already do...

    What a big doggie! I'll bet she enjoyed her vacations at Gma and Gpa's :) We get to watch Sheba (St. Bernard) whenever the kids are gone...she just lays around most of the time, though. We are amazed that she has outlived a St. Bernard's normal life span...but she does have heart trouble. The vet said as long as she has quality of life, to just let her live it the best she can.

    Better get back to "work" just puttering in the kitchen and doing some laundry. No big projects today...
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    Hi, Porchies,

    I'm sorry if I miss someone as it's really difficult for me to switch from one Porch to another without taking notes. I love all y'all even if I miss responding to someone's post.

    Rock, smokers are the big new thing among foodies. The new ones don't look like yours but serve the same function. My DSIL smokes ribs and they are the best I've ever had. Our gardeners are next to useless but our assn. has a contract with them. Gardeners are like house cleaners; they do a decent job for a while and then get lazy. At least, ours have responded to our complaints. Our contract reads that at least one worker who speaks English must be on the property whenever they are working. I'm trying to decide what to do with my skis and my golf clubs. I think I'll hang onto them just a bit longer. Neither are taking up room I need for other things.

    Windy, you are so very sweet. Thank you. I really don't know what size skate I'll need. Having worn flip flops for so long, I can often wear anything from an 8 1/2 to a 10. With shoes, it all depends on the shoe style. Also, I want to look at the different skates available to see which one will serve my needs best. In athletics, I've learned that success depends on tow things: The athlete's skill and the equipment. This athlete's skills are sooooooo rusty that I want to ensure I get forgiving skates which will stay with me as I (hopefully) regain some skill. Again, you are so nice and I appreciate it. I think I'll just go to the pro shop. The prices he quoted me weren't bad at all.

    Julie, I think the combination of being around little ones and overworking, which probably keeps you in a chronic state of being run down, can leave you vulnerable to getting sick. I know you know this but I also know how devoted you are to your family and how much they depend on you. Please, just get some rest.

    Sunflower Girl, I hope DH is feeling better. I think it's good for him to fix his own food. It will make him feel as though he has some kind of control over his health. I pray for him and for you.
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    Something is wrong with the website. I left my post in midstream and planned to edit it to add anyone from the last Porch whose post I couldn't remember. It won't let me do it so had to start another one.

    Granni, I hope you had a good time at dinner and the races. You'll have to let us know how it went. I think my antsiness is getting better. I am going to start making a few small changes to my life, like taking up skating, to see where I want to go. I now have the time and, basically, the health to do things but, lately, I just haven't had the drive. This has happened before in my life and it usually signals signs of changes to come. Not necessarily big changes but changes nonetheless.

    I'm supposed to go downstairs for Frank's birthday cake but don't think I feel up to it. I'll give Barb my card to give to him. This is a day of rest--appropriately on the Sabbath. Tues. is my appt. to make an appt. for my colonoscopy. Just another $50 co-pay! I'm not having it until May. Barb's kids are coming down for a visit this month. She'll drive me to and from the procedure itself. Then, I think everything is taken care of til Sept. Well, the A/C needs a maintenance check in June but I think I'm good other than that.

    I'm watching "Pearl Harbor." I've seen it a number of times but it's such a good movie. I've already previewed last season's "Game of Thrones" so I didn't forget what happened leading up to tonight's season premiere. The other day, I watched "Captain America." The new one in the series is coming out to theatres now. I'll wait til it's free on TV. Marvel is making really good movies about its comics heroes. Great special effects.

    Well, guess I'll go finish watching the movie in my bedroom. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Sorry if I missed anybody and my love to everyone, including our MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: I defrost 2 tsp frozen concentrate apple juice in a juice glass in microwave, about 8 sec., add 5 drops oregano oil, drink it down quickly and follow with water. You could also start with l TBS concentrate instead because O oO is hard to take if you're not used to the strong taste. Sometimes I will kinda gargle it first or swish it in my mouth then swallow. Windy started using 3 drops in about l/4 C water as a mouth wash at night. We both read that it gets in and around the teeth and gums to kill germs. The mouthwash I spit.

    Read up on the oregano's amazing what it can do.

    I used to get bad colds that turned into bronchitis and then turned into pneumonia, but I feel OoO has changed things for me. Even my son has started using this because he was getting sick all the time up in Portland.

    Note: it's recommended not to take OoO for more than about 6 weeks at a time. I usually start it up around Oct thru the winter months, or as needed. If I feel something coming on I drag out the OoO.
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    Hi Sun and Julie, et al -

    Very interesting about the oregano oil. Coconut Oil is also a very good one for so may things. I think that I am fighting the crud also- some coughing and runny nose or stuffy,

    It was so nice to hear from Windy. Thanks Julie for starting up a new Porch and moving Windy's pot over hear.

    Have my yearly Rheumy's dr visit tomorrow. Hope my BP stays rather normal. Last year was terrible.

    Love to awl,
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    Thank you Sun...Hi Granni and Mikie :)

    I will look for oregano oil...I assume in the supplement section at our pharmacy or the Health Market section at the grocery store. Our Amish stores also carry many supplements, might try one of them first as they are closer. It is an actual oil/liquid then...not a capsule, etc? Do you drink it once a day, or more or less often?

    I think I have seen you guys talking about it, but it just didn't "click" at the time...I have brain fog so often, almost scary what I may have missed here and in "real life." My girls know and understand, so they take extra precautions to make sure I understand/remember things....

    Thanks again...Lorraine is having quiet time watching cartoons and I am still puttering. Computer says it is 61 degrees...might get up to 62. Woo hoo!!!!

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    Julie: It's a concentrated liquid, comes in a small bottle. Try it once a day to start. When I was REALLY sick I would take morning and evening. Call your health food stores first. It's gotten very common so I'm sure you can find it locally, if not, order online but then you pay shipping. I just bought 3 bottles of those get one free deals. Can't mentioned who I bought it from though but do an internet search. When I bought at my local Sprouts market, it ran about $26. Online the bottles came to around $8 each. But since you've never used it, buy only bottle, since olive leaf extract bothers you. Don't bother with the capsule since it would be mixed with olive oil probably. And with the liquid you could try the mouthwash system also.

    I first was told about this by a fellow artist who had been battling bronchitis for over 3 weeks, getting antibiotics and it wasn't helping. Her DH read about it and suggested she try two days she was well.
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    Sun, this sounds so encouraging! I can't wait to try it and see how much better I can feel. Maybe I can have Lindsey check for me if she gets out to go to the chiro tomorrow...that little dickens she has in "the oven" kicked Gma this afternoon. Love to feel them move around...but sitting in a position that is causing lots of pain for Mama.
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    what exactly is prolo and why does it work for you? I go thru bad spells with my neck and back. I have to be extremely careful not to sit in certain positions where my neck gets into an S shape. I've been watching TV sitting on a very uncomfortable dining room chair. It's been months since I've sat in anything that would look comfortable. When I get stressed (which seems to be daily) then my muscles tighten up, then I get a lot of pain and tingling in my legs. I know that's because things are laying tight on the nerves.

    Julie: do they know if it's a boy or girl or do they want to be surprised? My son and his wife are expecting a far no name for the baby though.
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    Hi, Kids, I've been taking coconut oil and using it for my skin. I'm hoping it will help increase my HDL when I get my cholesterol panel. I use a Water Pik around the gum margins and I put Listerine and a little hydrogen peroxide in the water. That kills germs. I've been gargling with the leftover water due to my sore throat from this reactivated Herpes-Family Virus. It doesn't seem to want to go away. I didn't go downstairs last night for Frank's birthday--just gave his card to Barb to take down. I got up with swollen lymph nodes. Whine, whine, whine!

    Thank God, I have one more day to rest up and then tomorrow, I have my pre-appointment appointment with the gastero's PA. I keep thinking I'll finish cleaning up my closet but just have no get up 'n go. I'll miss the condo mtg. tomorrow so they will probably talk about something important. Oh well, someone can fill me in.

    That's about it. My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Monday morning! Hope this finds everyone ready to enjoy another new week...I am going to do my best to make it a great one :) Still have this crud, but am looking forward to finding some oregano oil and giving it a try...thanks, Sun, I did a lot of reading about it and think I know what to look for (can't pronounce the things and percentages of them it is supposed to have, but will recognize the words when I see them on the bottle, lol!) One thing is supposed to be over 70% and the other less than 5%...

    Mikie, I am really sorry you are dealing with all this stuff right now :( Yes, I am trying to rest when I least I can sleep all night and wake up feeling a little better, once I get my head "steamed" and have some coffee...

    Sun, the kids don't know the sex of this baby, and I don't think they really care. They have what they need for either boy or girl and I think just want to be surprised this time. A boy would even out the count, lol, but if it's a girl, Isaiah will just be really outnumbered ;)

    Granni, hope you get a good report at your appt.

    Rock, is it like Christmas...with all that "new" stuff in your garage now?

    Will cancel my long distance chiro appt. for Wednesday...just don't have enough energy to make the drive.

    David got home last evening and, I assume, is gone again this morning. Lorraine was having a problem dealing with him being gone and told me she didn't want to see him when he got home ("he's not my favorite daddy anymore") but she was shrieking with delight, as loud as the twins were, when they saw him pull in :D Lindsey posted a pic on facebook of David holding Lorraine. They are grinning and looking into each other's eyes, and Lorraine is cradling her daddy's face in both of her little hands.

    Thinking of everyone and hoping today is a "good enough" day...

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    Just a few minutes of posting before I m off to the Rheumy's.. It is mostly to get my scripts for Flexeril and Klonopin. I hope that my b/p doesn't skyrocket like it did last time.- so weird as I am not afraid at all just afraid of it going up like it did.

    Julie- How cute of Lorraine - she just does NOT want him to be gone at all. Sounds like either sex of the new baby will be perfect !!

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, can't really say it feels like Christmas here, but Gordon did find a Christmas tree in the
    garage last week. It was artificial, about 5 feet tall, and still had a healthy green look. We
    put it out with the lumbar and bed boards. I thought somebody might want it. Nope. Guess
    most folks around here make do with a pinata shaped like a tree.

    There must be hundreds of pinata videos on Youtube and various humor sites. In every one
    of them some kid energetically hits somebody in the head or the crotch.

    Good luck with the oregano oil. Are you pronouncing it like Julia Child? She always said

    Hope your visit with the Rheumy goes well, Granni. Whenever I see that word I think
    of rummy which is both a card game and a drunk.

    Mikie, you can wear your old skates?! How old? I remember about the time I moved to
    LA I got a letter from mom saying my younger brother was using the roller skates I
    had in High School. I thought that was pretty amazing. They were about 15 years
    old; had wooden wheels.

    Ya ever notice who the good skaters were at the rink.? Almost always the kids who
    got the worst grades. Well, I'm glad to hear you're having better luck with coconut oil
    than I did. I got rid of that messy stuff in a hurry. Got a refund too. Ha ha!

    I saw a pretty good pun last night I intended to pass along. Think it was of the feline
    persuasion. Wrote it down; can't find it now. In looking around I found something
    I wrote down sometime previously. From a sign posted in the hall: In Case Of
    Fire, Exit Building Before Tweeting About It!

    SG, sorry that you and DH are both poorly. If there were any fairness in life, at least
    one of you would be well. Or you could alternate. You guys see the news yesterday.
    Some fool with money paid 38 million for an old Chinese cup. I wouldn't take it if
    it were free. Got too many old Chinese dishes around this house already.

    What do people do with the stuff they pay fabulous prices for? Especially ordinary stuff
    that was once touched by a celeb. Put it on display in the living room so they can impress
    their friends. What if the grandkid picks up the cup and drops it? What if the mansion
    burns down? What if etc.?

    Jam, glad to hear you have some savings. I don't think the banks are safe anymore. I
    mean, the idea of federal insurance was that if a bank fails, the government will bail
    it out. But what happens when the banks and the government fail? "Hard Times"
    as Stephen Foster said in his song of the same name.

    Gotta go. My back is ouching, and Gordon wants to write to the Social Security
    people. I'm sure he will get prompt and efficient service. (Hysterical laughter.)

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    I came, I saw, I conquered (sort of) the oregano oil! :confused: Lindsey found some 100% oregano oil at one of our Amish stores. I didn't have any frozen juice concentrate, so just mixed it with some applesauce and water. My first thought was...this stuff is okay to put INSIDE your body, lol! Yes, it burned...and it smells very strong.

    But I have recovered and lived to tell the tale :D No, really, it wasn't that bad...but I will make sure and have it diluted a little better next time. Thanks Sun...I am looking forward to being a whole new woman!
  19. Granniluvsu

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    Julie - Was the oregano oil costly? Not sure I have ever seen it. How much are you supposed to use at a time? Sounds fairly strong. Let us know if you think it helped with anything.

    My dr visit went well and yes my b/p did go up - good grief, as usual. More later. Tomorrow morning is a performance, more like have lunch there and then sing . It is at a local Baptist church Sr. Group.

    Hugz to everydobby.

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    Julie: Glad you found it. Yes, it is strong. Several times I've used it on a hurting tooth as it will take away the pain. I've dipped a Qtip in the bottle and rubbed it around the tooth.

    I hope you get well quickly. I had to take some last night since my throat wasn't feeling good but this morning it's all gone.