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    Still doing tummy upset, etc. I'm going to try another dose as soon as I finish eating supper.

    Granni, this was $13.25 for a 1 oz. bottle...but at only 3-5 drops a dose, I am guessing it will last a good while. It is not diluted with anything...just says 100% oil.

    Sun, glad it worked so quickly on your sore throat.

    I had a pretty calm day. Had Lindsey bring the kids over at 10:00 this morning and told her I would watch them through lunch, then she could have the twins back for naps.

    She took advantage of some "free time" and just relaxed, then went to the Amish stores. I know she just needs some time to herself each day, then she won't feel so overwhelmed. The kids were no trouble...Gma has different toys to play with, so they kept themselves busy :)

    I laid down after lunch, and Lorraine joined me as she watched cartoons. We never went to sleep, but it was good to just rest...and good for her to have some quiet time since she has been coughing the past couple days.

    I am fading this evening, so I don't have plans to do anything strenuous at all. I offered to get Lorraine to preschool tomorrow, then I can pick up a few groceries and Easter basket things. Don't think we will do a big Easter dinner...Amy, Clinton and Keira will be out of town. Lindsey, the kids and I may go hang out with Amy this Saturday if everyone is well. The guys will all be working, so it will just be Gma, Mamas and kiddos.

    I'll just give everyone their Easter baskets when I get a chance. I like to do something simple...even for the adults, especially the great-grandpas.

    That will wrap up my day...exciting as it was, lol! Take care, everyone...

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    I can't believe that Easter s getting so close, and we really have little plans. One family just son and dil to come over if things don't change. Others have plans or have to far to come.

    My nose is all stopped u right now along with running too at times. DHis sneezing too. Tree pollen is all over here and hoping I can make I to our gig tomorrow. I need to take some cough meds before I go too so I hopefully will not start coughing in the midst of a song. Most of our gkids are too big for Easter baskets but I am not worrying if they are not here. My send a few cards though.

    I have to un for now and go take a shower to get ready for tomorrow. Maybe he shower will help clear our my noose some.

    Julie - You wear me out kiddo. Might need to try some of that Oil of Oregano.

    Thinking of everydobby !

    Granni :)
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    OMG, the day is gone and I didn't do much except for some wash and the kitchen floor. Bought a lamb shoulder roast as it's supposed to be very gentle on the digestive track. I'm running out of steam on what my DH can eat. Going to cook some brown rice which he can also eat for breakfast. Did I mention it's over 90 degrees today!!!!! And I also went to Marshalls to look for jeans for my DH. He's lost weight and it looks like he's wearing someone else's clothes.

    I also have a call into our neighbor re: her cleaning lady. I can't vacuum anymore and my DH can't either. I never thought I would come to this.......having to hire someone to clean. I was the one who could do anything and now my back/neck gives me fits. I HATE getting old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, that is so cute about Lorraine cupping her DD's face in her hands. My DGS misses his DD when he is gone for a four-day trip. The two of them are inseparable when DSIL is home. I think it's nice when people don't care what sex a baby is. All joy and no disappointments. I'm glad you can sleep and get refreshed.

    Granni, let us know how it goes at the rheumy's. I hope he/she can help you.

    Rock, in French, rhume (I may not have spelled that correctly) refers to a cold. Je suis rheumee means literally that "I am colded." They also say, Jais un rhume (or is that une? I can never remember whether words are masculine or feminine). This means that I have a cold. There is a third way of saying it but I can't remember it. I'm probably massacring my French as it is which sounds like fingernails on a black board to anyone who speaks French. I also do not understand the increasing fascination with having expensive things. Things, and this life, are temporary. Showing off with expensive things seems to be compensating for lack of something more permanent and valuable. Every time I see where someone paid a fortune for something, I always think of how many sick and hungry children that might help. I do think it's important to preserve things from eras past but they really belong in museums for all to see. It's people who spend fortunes for clothing and jewelry to compete with others in their social group whom I fail to understand. Thousands for a purse? If one has good taste, one can find attractive purses at JC Penney's. I know the rich give millions to charities (and PAC's) and I think they feel entitled to surround themselves with luxury but it's usually luck, cronyism, inheritance, or using tax loopholes which keep them in the money so it's not like they earned it. I don't resent the rich but it's sad when they spend for superfluous and expensive things just because they can and want to show off. OK, I'm off my soapbox now.

    Jam, did you ever figure out what you're going to do about your computer? I need to go to your other thread and get updated. I hope my info helped. I am saving money like crazy because in six years, my income will drop significantly when I switch to my other IRA annuity. I'll likely have my mortgage paid off in five years as I pay regularly against the principle. I only go out to a concert or show now and then and I have clothes to wear when I dress up a bit. The rest of the time, I'm in my Capris and tees and flip flops, which all cost so very little. I've stocked up when they are cheap cause I don't see them going out of style down here in the jungle. I do spend the money to stock up when things, like paper products, are on sale or I have coupons. I like living the simple life except for some entertainment or sports. My idea of hell is going out all the time to noisy parties. Barb would do it every night of the week if she could. Nothing wrong with that; it's just not for me. There isn't enough Klonopin for those kinds of events.

    I see the gastero's PA this morning and will set my appt. for the colonoscopy next month. I still feel sick with this virus and would just like to stay in bed. I did that all day yesterday so it's probably good I have to go out. Still taking the AV. I really got nothing else so will bid y'all adieu.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Sorry you have that nasty virus. Do you have any fever or anything or just tummy not feeling well, lack of appetite, maybe loose bowels??? I know what you mean about dressing up. I only do so marginally when I go to church (slacks). I don't know when I have worn a dress :)!! Occasionally when we go somewhere special do I dress up.

    Gotta run for now be back later hopefully.

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    Good grief, there were a few posts which must have posted while I was writing "W&P." I went to the doc's asst. this morning. She recommended a colonoscopy now; it's been three years since my last one. General guidelines say five years but because of family history and two kinds of growths in my colon, she and I both thought it best to err on the side of safety. I'm having my colonoscopy in June. They really aren't that bad.

    I stopped at the store on the way home. After lunch, I called the electrician to fix the halogen light under our carport. Then, Barb and I sat on my lanai and drank our red wine while the rain poured. We had some cheese and crackers and talked like a couple of sisters. It was a great afternoon. It's also great to get the rain we needed. I pray CA gets rain in this drought.

    Not much to write about but had to stop in and take care of some spammers. Once again, thanks to everyone who keeps a sharp eye out for them.

    Love, Mikie
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    OK, Folks

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