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    Wow! Julie, I hope everyone is better. There are evidently all kinds of viruses going around now and some are quite strong, causing all kinds of complications. I'm glad you are resting. Sounds as though the fence is coming along. I hate setting posts. It's been years but I still remember it as something I didn't enjoy.

    Granni, I have such a vivid imagination that I sometimes come up with my own visualizations or, if I use a "ready-made" one, I will customize it to my own needs. I felt so much better after my meditation and visualization yesterday. I actually talked to a friend about what is going on with me and I think she has a better understanding; at least she wasn't rude about it and said she was sorry if she'd been rude. I can't talk to the other one as she is "never wrong" and gets very defensive to the point of lying. I don't need that. I've never felt these people are "wrong" so much as their behavior leaves me feeling worse after being around them. So, it's up to me to remove myself from that negative situation. As you said, I've done what I can and will continue to do what I can for my own self and not expect anything of anyone else. Nasacort is one of what I call my Big Guns in treatment. I don't mess around with steroids but sometimes, it's a choice of the lesser of two evils. Sinus infections have made me sooooo sick and addled my brain. My last semester in college, I got one which made me sick for two weeks. The worst part was that we were taking a very complex math/computer class solving very complex problems. I almost failed. I finally talked to my professor to let him know what was going on. In the end, I got better and ended up with a B in the class. I was happy with that. If I get to the sinusitis early enough with only a day or two of using the Nasacort, it will almost always prevent an infection. And should I actually get an infection, the doc always prescribed Nasacort. Now that it sold OTC, I don't need the doc. Another $50 saved.

    Sunflower Girl, I drink Smart Water and it has electrolytes without any taste or added sugar. Jam is right; sugar is the worst. I can't stand the taste of Gatorade but my Mom used to drink it as she easily got dehydrated and would pass out. In hindsight, it probably affected her heart to get dehydrated like that. She had a couple of really nasty falls when she passed out. Once, as I was waiting for the ambulance, her heart and breathing stopped. I pulled up on her neck to start the old-style CPR and it jolted her back. Well, that and my screaming at her at the top of my lungs not to leave me.

    I felt so much better yesterday after my water aerobics and meditation but started to ache in the afternoon. Don't know whether it was a reaction to working out after a lull or just the last of the HFV symptoms. In any case, I took some acetaminophen and went to bed and watched a "Long Island Medium" marathon. I woke and tried to watch "Revenge," but I fell asleep again. Forget "Game of Thrones." So, I have a lot of catching up On Demand. I slept sooooo deeply. I woke at 5:30 (sleeping in for me :) . Simon was nowhere to be found. I stopped to look at the full moon with Mars just above it. I hope I wake early enough tomorrow morning to see the lunar eclipse. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so it may be too cloudy to see it. This HFV has left my brain addled and my memory kaput. I forgot my new e-mail password and just redid it and have already forgotten it again. I wrote it down yesterday but can't find the bill I wrote it on. I'm a semi-mess :confused:.

    I'm going to get out my light weights and bands and do a little nonaerobic working out today. I need to build some strength for skating and, when I can find someone else to go with me, a kayak trip up the Estero river. My biggest fear is not having enough NRG to paddle. They have two-person kayaks so, perhaps, I could get a nice big strong man, or woman, to help. I'm pretty sure they have them for people who are older, not strong, etc. I even saw one man peddling his kayak in the reclining position like those bikes. When I was in rehab for my shoulder, I warmed up using a stationary bike with moving handles for my arms. OMG! It wasn't long before I was strong as an ox. I think it's because I was a jockette growing up at high altitude in my youth (or "yute" as they said in the movie My Uncle Vinny :D.

    Hmmmm, as I look out the window, it's a bit foggy out. Not much, just a mist. It's a good day to work out and finish my closet project. It's almost done. I should probably get on my Kindle and play some electronic games to try to jog my brain into operation. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Monday morning...I only have a minute, but wanted to check in. Mikie, it sounds like you are doing soooo much better :D I know you're not 100% yet, but just reading your post makes me think you are on your way...

    I stayed home till 2:00 am, when Lindsey asked me to come over cause she hadn't been to bed yet and Liora was getting worse. David was taking care of Lorraine and Isaiah was asleep, so I went over to hold Liora upright in the rocking chair and Lindsey went to get some sleep.

    When David had to leave at 5:45, Lorraine joined me and Liora in the rocking chair. Lindsey and Isaiah came down around 8:30, so we are in full kid mode now, lol!

    Except that David accidentally took the charger to Lindsey's phone, along with his own. So I am going to run in to our local town and get a charger...she doesn't need to be without communication, especially when I will also be gone a few hours tomorrow when I go get Keira.

    So...I probably won't be around the computer the rest of the day...hope everyone is doing ok. Lorraine seems to be doing a little better, Liora is a little worse, but we can manage...and Isaiah is just starting the symptoms. Prayers and good thoughts would sure be appreciated...
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    Mikie: thanks for the info about the Smart Water. And thanks to you too, Jam. The oncologist/nurse tells me NO sugar, and then this doctor tells me to go get gatoraid. I bought 3 of the 6packs so will take two of them back today to the store. I don't want to add to his problems.

    Sounds like you're getting things under control and good that you had that talk with your friend. It's easy to slip into negative talk....I KNOW because I'm guilty, and have to be reminded. A kayak trip????? Gee......that sounds like a ton of fun. I really hope you're able to do that. Are there kayak clubs around you where you could hook up with a strong person.....I would choose a man if possible!!! LOL

    Julie: I'm praying for your family, expecting that your little ones will stay healthy. It's possible that when a bug comes around everyone gets it harder because of the mold. I know you've looked into all the possibilities and haven't come up with a solution yet. Rest when you can.

    I was going to call my DHs primary care doctor this morning but DH said he's better. Geeeeeee.....that's because I'm nagging him constantly about how much water he's drinking. With the chemo it's a minimum 64 oz plus and he's not used to so much liquid. So far, he said he wants to continue with the'm leaning toward finding a doctor who can help without it. He just doesn't understand how all of this drains me of energy. We've been married 46 years and it's scary to think that I might be alone.
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    Good morning awl ! I finally got dressed at close to 11:00 a.m. as I needed to get the Country Style ribs or whatever you call them. They are more like long pork chops. I needed to brown them first in broiler before putting in the crockpot. Put on hi a bit and then on low along with onions and BBQ sauce. I is pretty god cooked that way and they get very tender.

    Sun - Sorry about your DH and glad that seems to be doing better . I know what you mean about having to nag (r pester )them to doing what is needed by the doc. Yes, you are doing the right thing even if you have to nag or get after him, It is so hard to know what to do especially when it is a life threatening problem. Jam is right - keep away from the sugar as I understand it, cancer feeds on sugar. Hard that also from my daughter who had breast cancer. Hope that he isn't a real sweets lover. If so, there are many no sugar treats to be bought, once I awhile. Keeping him hydrated is very important but I know myself who is not a big drinker and have to work on it to drink what I need to or should drink. DH isn't a really big drinker either and we both mostly drink water and he coffee and me Green tea in the a.m. It is SO hard to know what to do in the cancer situation about treatments.

    Keep your head up hon and keep doing what you are doing. I know it is a very stressful situation. If you can try and take a little time for yourself to relax. I know that is also not an easy task.. Keep thinking and praying for you on my long list.

    Julie - Oh my , so sorry to hear that the babies are getting sick again. That sure make for a VERY tired momma and grandma and dad too if he happens be home. Praying that they all will get well soon and you don't get it, whatever it is. I am still coughing some and have some congestion. DH also has it but he doesn't drag on with this stuff like I do. He didn't even go to church yesterday.

    Supposed to go sing tomorrow, geez . I even started taking some antibiotic I had leftover to see if I it will help. The mucous does seem to be less colored than it was. This is the season, I think. Many times starts with allergy and then possibly going into something else.

    Hi also to Rock, Diane, Mikie, Jole, Dar, Frieda, Soul and so many others.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Sun --

    A couple more suggestions for you and hubby. I get dehydrated so easily, and I hate drinking plain water. Usually I have about 16-24 ounces of plain water a day. Then I just can't drink any more water, no matter how hard I've tried over the years. The other liquids that I drink are other things I enjoy drinking, besides water.

    Is sparkling water (like perrier or club soda) maybe with a "squirt" of lime or lemon appealing to your hubby? I drink that sometimes, because I crave some carbonation.

    Glucerna (shakes/drinks). They are marketed for diabetics. My hubby drinks them. But I do too, my doc said that they wouldn't hurt me. (I don't have diabetes.)

    Gatorade G2 -- LOW SUGAR drink. Just an option for you, if all your hubby wants to drink is Gatorade.

    There's a POWERADE drink -- Powerade Zero, it has electrolytes, zero calories, but it also has artificial sweetener (Splenda).

    I've always been researching "sports drinks" since I tend to dehydrate. One I've found is ULTIMA REPLENISHER. It has a store locator on its website. It seems to be sold at Whole Foods (I keep waiting for the Whole Foods to open in my area!). The website said that it's used for cancer patients.

    Now, take all of this with a grain of salt, please! What works for one, you know.... Do your research. Each product I mentioned has a website. I drink all of them, but not the ULTIMA REPLENISHER. I own no stock in any of these companies, etc. Just wanted to give you some suggestions.

    Mikie, I'll have to check into that water you recommended. Maybe with some lemon, and stevia, I could make an electrolyte sugar-free lemonade for me!


    I'm not up to posting any more, right now. I do read all the posts. My thoughts and prayers are with y'all. Oh, BTW, Kevin and I and the kitties are all doing pretty good. :)

    Love and hugs and prayers to all,

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    Sun, I remember when my mother had cancer, and how hard it was on her. As much as we can guide and make suggestions, the ultimate decisions on their treatments and care comes down to them. She chose to stop the chemo after the first treatment because the cancer had already metastacized. The doc said the chemo wouldn't do anything for the cancer, but would help with the pain, and it did do that. It's all so amazing how things affect people differently. I'm sure you're in a fog right now...I remember that also, and the feeling of helplessness is probably the worst! Prayers are with you and your hubby, and hope he's feeling better soon. Keep the faith.....

    Jam, I would have loved having a mother next door when my kids were small too.....but back then even if ours would have been, it wasn't the same as today. When we were married, we were shoved out the door and into life on our own. I remember my parents saying the old 'you made your bed, now you lie in it' I do remember mom loading up their vehicle with baked goods the few times they came to visit was her way of showing love.

    Julie, I hope those little ones get better soon. They go from well to sick so quickly, and you're right, this weather is certainly not helping. We also had snow last night after it being 92 a few days ago! Crazy!

    Mikie, glad you got your swim in. Does chlorine bother you? Since I react so badly to it, I wondered if maybe that's why you seem to feel worse after your water work-outs.

    Rock, I tried looking up some of the books on my Kindle to order, but the ones you guys mentioned on the other thread were so expensive I can't get them. A library nearby would be wonderful, but I can't seem to find any in this farm And I don't get off the farm often enough to do anything but groceries and back home :(

    Granni, I'm ashamed to say I didn't even realize Easter is this weekend! No wonder our kids have been 'hinting' about Easter plans. I really do miss not being able to go to church anymore, and every day seems the same to me. No plans here, although I think I'll check with my kids so I'm not totally suprised if any of them should show up. We do every other Holiday here, and since we had Christmas I think I'm Good luck with your busy schedule!

    Hello to all I missed this round...
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    Hi, Kids,

    Sunflower Girl, one of the things I love about our caring and generous members is all the help and advice offered when one of us has a problem. I'll bet you can find some things which DH can tolerate and which will help him. I was actually drinking too much water at one setting and it caused my overly full bladder to go into spastic mode. Then, it wouldn't empty or it wouldn't empty completely. Now, I drink a bit less and space it out. All that misery and money spent to find out I'm overdoing the water. Oy! :eek: What I've discovered is that one person in here is being rude because she is tired of being here and wants to go home. Her negativity is rubbing off on the rest of us. We've compared notes and decided to just leave her alone. We are back to our usual harmonious selves with this one exception. We've learned a valuable lesson--not to let one negative individual turn us into people we don't want to be and people we don't like. I was starting to strongly dislike myself. I think this is what was cathartic to me. Some of us are going for a Chinese buffet tomorrow after the condo mtg. I'm wearing my new Boho Chic necklace and bracelet. This is the first time in a long time I've looked forward to having a good time with my friends and even bothering to make myself look decent. Needless to say, the offensive woman isn't going with us, by her own choice; she was invited.

    Jole, so good to see you here. Yes, chlorine does bother me if I put my head in it but with the aerobics in the shallow end, I don't dunk. I do love swimming laps but lately, it has caused my knees to ache if I swim laps. My DD has the same problem. So, I use the pool as a convenient way to get my heart rate up without stress on my joints. Don't know what skating will do but I'll likely only skate a couple of times a month. I'm like you; if I'm not paying extra attention, holidays pass and I'm not aware of it. Use to be I made a big deal out of it when the kids were around and even after that but now, I just don't feel like it. I did put my Easter Egg wreath on my front door. I also put a cute little Easter Basket outside on the Balcony on one of the little tables.

    Diane, Smart Water tastes like the best plain water you have ever had, even though it contains the electrolytes. I love it. Costco has it cheaper and when they put it on sale, it's really reasonable. I'm sure you could add whatever you want to it to make a tasty drink. In your shopping online, have you ever encountered Bethlehem Lights? They are flameless candles, wreaths and floral arrangements with timers and battery operated? They cost an arm and a leg. I found a website, Zulily, which has all kinds of clothing, including children's, and home goods at greatly marked down prices. I ordered a lovely clear vase with Calla Lilies which are lighted. They retail for $60 and were sold on one of the shopping websites for $50. I ordered one in pink from Zulily for $20. I'm a sucker for things which light up. :rolleyes:

    Julie, I am better but fear my brain fog is lingering behind my physical healing. I hope you are getting more rest than that. Strange thing--I slept soooooo much better last night. When I woke up, I found my heart pill, my Kozaar, lying in my bed. It must have slipped out of my hand when I was tossing my bedtime meds into my mouth. Doc says I don't need to take it at bedtime so will try taking it mid-day to see whether I can sleep better. I hope and pray everyone is better.

    Granni, I think of you when I go outside in the mornings for coffee on the Balcony. We have a choir of mockingbirds who serenade us with lovely songs. Mockingbirds must be the choirs of the bird world. This morning, however, our peace was disrupted by the gardeners' removing our diseased Queen Palm tree. It had to go, along with the large root ball. They put things back and I tweaked the pots of plants a wee bit. I may have to do more later. Music, in all its forms, even from the birds, is God's gift to the world. How wonderful that you share that gift with others.

    I mentioned Zulily above. I also found something so incredible that I had to get it. I had talked about the peaceful lake and full moon meditation/visualization I now use. Zulily's had a pillow with almost the exact lake and full moon I visualized except that it also has curly clouds, a castle on the hill and a small ship. It is probably for a child but, since I seem to be going through my second childhood ,or 3rd, or 4th :confused:, it seemed appropriate that I should buy it for myself. Serendipitous things like this often happen to me when I'm in the middle of a spiritual evolution. I believe in surrounding myself with things which are meaningful and whimsical. They raise my emotional state. I told Barb that if she ever sees me getting riled up to just tell me to "go to the lake." I find I can do that now at a moment's notice and chill out.

    Well, kids, y'all are probably used to my "W&P" posts and I hope I'm not boring y'all. I enjoy reading everyone's posts. Keep 'em coming!

    Love, Mikie
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    Diane - Good to see or should I say hear from you. I will try and keep some of your choices I mind. I know that I need to drink a lot more than I do. Lots of very good ideas. I have heard about Smart Water Does anyone know if WM has them?

    Mikie - Sounds like you are doing better. Great idea to stay away from that trouble making person. They are everywhere and can cause havoc to what used to be a very harmonious gathering, Enjoy that Chinese buffet. I sounds like FUN and yummy !!!! What the heck is W and P. I will probably kick myself when you tell me.

    I found that I had or have a slight low grade fever so I cancelled at least tomorrow singing with the small group. I just hope I get rid of the fever before this weekend and possibly Thursday - Sat. our Holy Week services. W are supposed to have a small gathering at or house on Easter. Hope it is gone by then or before.

    Have to go finish dinner. I is already done in the crockpot but will have potatoes salad and coleslaw too that we bought.

    Hope to talk to you all tomorrow.

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    PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE !!! It's all filled up and now we go to the next volume. OMG, it going to fast ! See you on the other side..