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    Hi, Rock and Everyone,

    I actually have a bicycle helmet and have considered wearing it. Only problem is that the injuries have all occurred to my left cheekbone just below my eye. Maybe a hockey mask. I've read that head injuries can lead to dementia and now, ALS. So far, all they have caused is poor memory and sleep, both of which I suffer from anyway, only now, it's just worse. Oy! Whine, whine, whine! If they cause problems down the road, it won't show up til much later. :(

    The best sugar cookies I've ever made and eaten are from the old Betty Crocker cookbook. They were called, Ethel's Sugar Cookies. They are not in the new books. I had lost my recipe for them but when Mom died, she had a Betty Crocker cookbook with the recipe in it. It was the old version but Mom had never used it.

    Bealls is having a HUGE coupon sale and Barb and I are going out to the one east of us. It's a better store and my car needs to get out and run. Barb is looking for maxi dresses. We wear them down here in the summer as they are cool and dressy enough to look good. I may pick up a pair of Capri pants in my new, smaller size. I'm still wearing one size too big and they are baggy. I haven't lost more weight because, between allergies and my new head injury, I don't feel up to jogging, even in the pool. And, even if I did feel up to it, the pool is not healthy and needs to be shocked back into health. The water is cloudy. This happens every year after all the people are down here for spring break. It usually takes being shocked twice and, sometimes, a shock with acid. :eek:

    Yesterday, I forgot to get mulch at Home Depot for the spot where the plumbers made a muddy mess fixing the water leak next door. Their backflow valve and meter are on our property and when it sprang a leak, they trampled our bushes while fixing it. The bushes will recover but the ground needs to be covered with fresh mulch. I've started using my serrated blade on a long stick to cut down some palm fronds by the shady lounge end of our Balcony. They have grown into our cacia tree, which needs trimming. Well, with everything growing into everything else, we can't even see some of the cacia tree. In June, the tree trimmers will pare our palm trees down to next to nothing to withstand any hurricanes. They are fully grown back by the next fall. Right now, they are overgrown. I want to trim the cacia myself if I can because the tree trimmers are slashers with no sense of esthetics.

    I bought an unusual orchid yesterday. I hope I don't kill this one. I know now how to care for them. I got the rough bark planting medium and I have an orchid pot. I'll put it in the new pot today. It's an unusual terra cotta color. Barb's is deep purple. I also have to pot the Mandavilla I got in hot pink. Finally, I need to repot my UFO pepper plant as it's in too small of a pot now. I can't keep it watered and it's blooming to form the peppers. Barbara's Angel Wing Begonia is full of pink blooms hanging over the plant stand on the Balcony. We are awash in beautiful plants.

    After we go to Bealls today, we need to run over to Hobby Lobby to look for a new prayer box birdhouse. The old one carried our prayers on little slips of paper and so many prayers were answered. The squirrel ate the side off of it. Our friend and neighbor, whose husband had a stroke and is relapsing, asked me to put up another prayer box. Her DH made a wonderful recovery, for a while anyway, when I put a prayer in the old box for him.

    I woke at 3:30 with a bad headache so got up, shot some Nasacort up my nose, took my allergy pill and two Tylenol and put the ice pack on my head. I'll feel OK to go shopping but by afternoon, I'll be looking to take my nap. I'm going to take a soak in Epsom Salts here in a minute or so. That should help with body aches. Geez, if only I could feel everyday like I felt yesterday... Oh well, I'm thankful for the good days I do get.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    There's a new game on the Homebound/bedbound board. Songs that have food in the title or
    lyrics. E.G., When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore. (Posted by Windblade.)

    I read a book about the Sid Caesar show. Had the world's greatest comic writers: Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Larry Gelbaart, Neil Simon and maybe Carl Reiner. Carl was one of the stars; can't remember if was also a writer.

    Anyway around 1950 someone went out to get lunch and brought back something new. "It's
    called "a pizza pie". The whole thing cost 50 cents or a buck. A slice cost a dime. I remember a decade later when I went off to college. Pizza parlors were springing up all over the country. I always bought a small pizza at the one near our school. Still cost a buck.

    Mikie, glad to hear the good news about Simon. I read an article about head injuries too. It
    was about the shadows or "cats" folks sometimes see out of the corner of the eye. Sorta like
    a shadow wafting by. Anyhoo, it can be caused by a temporal lobe injury decades earlier. Used to happen to me several years ago. Stopped after a short period. Wonder why.

    With regard to tree trimmers, we've had them across the street all week. The power saws keep
    snarling off and on all day. It's amazing to see they are actually accomplishing something. At
    our place they just walk around aimlessly with their leaf blowers.

    Granni, sorry to hear that your computer is possessed. If it happens again, it will be repossessed. Hope your son has nice visit to Kuala Lumpur. Maybe he'll bring back a Kuala bear.

    Oops! My back is acting up. Have to cut this short. Julie, I hope the enzymes spell
    end times for your cramps. Where were you in Germany? Did you learn any Germany?
    Meine Grossmutter war ein Deutscher (My grandmother was German), but I only saw
    her a couple times when I was very young. My recollection is she never spoke anyway.

    Sunflower, did you and GD make sugar cookies? Gordon wants to try Marthla* Stewart's recipe next time. See if it produces a softer cookie. Hope the repairs are soon completed.


    *We always refer to Marthas as Marthla. I think it goes back to the Lucy show and the
    "Slowly I turn" routine.
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    Spring is here! Everything is starting to green up, and trees are coming to life again. We don't have any 'pretty' trees here on the farm. Mostly elm and thorn trees, with a couple of mulberry trees that the kids brought home from school years ago. Unfortunately, before the fruit gets ripe the birds have pretty much devoured them. Grands use to love to pick what they could reach, mostly to see how purple they could make their hands.:rolleyes: Hubby went out yesterday and trimmed the lower branches so he can mow under them.

    All the wind and storms have really sent my pain off the charts the past few weeks. The only thing I've accomplished is to switch out my winter to spring/summer clothes......well, mostly. I'm still wearing the fleece pants yet, but no sweatshirts now. Gaining ground slowly!

    Thinking of all of you...praying for those in need! I love reading all your posts when I'm hurting to bad to takes my mind to another place, and I'm greatful to you all.......Hugs.
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    Greetings to everydobby this afternoon,

    Just go home not to long ago from a Tex Mex Restaurant that we have gone to before that we liked but has moved almost across the street from our subdivision. We had enchiladas and they were very good - yum yum, It was good to get out of the house too for a change, especially for DH.

    Don't know what is going on wit my possessed computer. I doesn't want to type correctly. I need to go sort o slow and check to make sure that it doesn't miss a letter or two or three. Ten I have to go back and redo the sentence. What a pain if I am not really paying attention. Wish I knew what to with it. ANY IDEAS??

    DS should be on the second leg of his trip now according to his wife and FB. It is a good thing I can check ot FB or I wouldn't know a lot of what my family was doing. GEEZ !

    Mikie - Did you or Barb get any great bargains on your shopping spree. I love to go shop but don't go that often any more except with DH and he is not really a shopper, at least stuff that I am looking for myself or even him sometimes,. He rushes around to much and wants to get outta there as fast as possible :)!! It is not fun shopping with him and most guys although I know there are a few that do like to shop for their wives and or themselves. Yes, maybe a hockey mask would work out better for you to protect your face after falls, and fights with ironing boats, etc. Glad that Simon has been coming around more regularly to eat.

    Rock - I forget what you said Gordon was making. How nice to have a cook so you don't have to bother, at least very much.

    Sun - Hoping your tiling and all are coming along well and that DH is feeling better.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better with all your errands today and helping out Grandpa.

    Diane - Missing seeing you around sweetie and Freida to. Please post when you can and are feeling well enough. Hope you are feeling much more relaxed !!!

    Dar - Hope you are at least starting to feel a little better. I know you need your $ so you get all the supps and all you need to feel better.

    Please forgive if I have not mentioned everyone individually.

    Tomorrow will be a busy day and hope the weather will be nice as our small group will be singing at a kids history village festival. We will be singing song from some different eras, at least that I what they wanted. We sing from 2-4 and luckily will sing inside. So we shouldn't get to warm or wet if it rains.

    Lots of hugs ! Missing so many of our Dear Porchies !!

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Well...the best laid plans... (or is that layed? I can never remember). Today, Barb and I set out and finished our shopping at Bealls. Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I had just picked out a new birdhouse/prayer box when the neighbor downstairs from Barb called to say Barb had a water leak and it was coming down into her place. We had to hurry up, pay for the bird house and come right home. They had turned off the water under her kitchen sink and mopped up her floor. The worst water was downstairs. It had seeped under their carpeting like a water floe. I quickly took my carpet shampooer down and started to suck it up. We got 1 1/2 gallons right away. Thing is that, even when we thought we had sucked up all the water in a spot, we would wait a bit and more water had flowed under the carpet and padding and we had to suck it up. Oy! :eek: I finally got up most of it but left the shampooer down there so they could keep sucking up the water until it was finally dried. I don't think it will cause permanent damage as my shampooer really gets the water up.

    While I was down there, I raised up and bashed my head into the shelf in the pass through from their kitchen into the dining room. Everyone heard it crack and I swore like a sailor. I think the "crack" was the shelf and not my noggin. In any case, I stayed upright for a good hour or so before I finally succumed to sleep. I slept all afternoon and when I got up, I was unsteady on my feet. I had plants to water so got to moving around and felt better. It's just been one of those days. Barb got a plumber out and he fixed the ruptured hose under her sink. It could have all been a lot worse had we all been gone for hours.

    The good news is that I got two pairs of long pants or short Capris (I can't decide which) in my new smaller size. That's a milestone! :D With all the coupons, I got two pairs of them and some gold hoop earrings for the price of one pair of the pants alone. These pants are a lighter stretch sheeting cotton and will be cooler for the coming summer weather.

    Rock, Barb had a bad stroke and lost the vision in one eye. It likely did some other damage too but had it not stopped in her eye, it would have killed her. She sees the shadow cats. Have you ever seen Sid Caesar and Mel Brooks do their "2,000 year old man" schtick? It started out as improve and evolved into an act which was on a record. DSIL's family in show biz were best friends of Mel Brooks and his wife, Ann Bancroft. Hope your back is better. Mine has been acting up too and I've been wearing my brace off and on. Ethel's sugar cookies are crisp, especially if rolled out thin. Still, they taste great and are the best kind to ice and decorate.

    Jam, I'm not a compulsive shopper but I do take advantage of the great coupon sales. Many times, I've not bought anything. Right now, I am trying to get a few pairs of Capris which fit. I will eventually take some of the old ones in. Some of my old ones aren't too baggy and I'll just wear them. I'm like you; I don't go anywhere fancy, except an occasional night at the symphony. The rest of the time, I'm in Capris and tees. They don't last long when I wear them all the time. Also, I do a lot of piddling around in the yard and it seems I'm always staining my clothes. I try to wear old things when I know I'm going to be doing dirty work but, sometimes, normal work turns dirty. I was diagnosed with very, very mild COPD about five years ago. I had had asthma in CO and often had bronchitis in the winter there. The last year there, I had pneumonia. The pollen is soooo bad this year from the trees that I've had to get my nebulizer out to relieve the breathing. COPD gets worse over time so I'm glad mine is mild. I hope it stabilizes but it is likely to get worse eventually. I was a smoker in my early life but haven't smoked in more than 25 years.

    Jole, I'm laughing about the kids' purple hands but am so sorry about your pain. Usually when there is wind and changing weather, the barometric pressure is all over the place and that produces pain. I hope you are feeling better. I'm glad it's greening up and spring has arrived.

    Oh, Granni, the mention of Tex Mex makes me hungry for good Mexican food. We just don't have it down here. In CO, we had so many good Mexican restaurants to choose from. Last time I was there, we had delicious food and the best Margaritas I've ever had. I've even considered learning how to cook Mexican but cooking is so much for me to take on anymore and no one else around here likes Mexican food. They are all Northern Yankees and never learned to love Mexican food. I think they've lived deprived lives :( My computer gets the same thing: The keys press but don't always produce letter and when I use the Shift Key, I get nothing and, sometimes, the next two or three letters don't appear either. I've learned to use the Start feature and click on Restart. There is something about the computer's having to boot up which will often resolve the problem. Sometimes, it resolves itself without my help. I know my computer is possessed. Actually, I believe spirits like to hang around electronics and cause trouble. Perhaps instead of Restart, I ought to do an exorcism.

    Neighbors across the street are all leaving tomorrow for NY state, near Buffalo. It will soon be like a ghost town around here. In our bldg. only two couples are Snowbirds. Barb only goes home for two months in the summer. I think she'd rather stay here but she misses all her kids, GKs and GGD. There's another GGD who be born while she is there. She has a nice family. We really enjoyed her GGD (20 months old) on her kids' last visit.

    Gonna end this "W&P" post now. I hope and pray everyone has a pain-free evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - So sorry you hit your head again and hope it doesn't give you any more problems. Also glad that you got home fast enough to deter Barb's flooding damage from becoming any worse than it was. Flooding or water can really make big mess and cause a lot of $ damage.

    As I forgot to mention before, when I shop I do love a bargain, but also can also be happy just getting out and about with a friend. it I most fun that way but sometimes you just have to go alone when you can't get anyone free to go with you. Glad that you did get some capri's and or pants. I forget what you said. It is hard to find pants or capri's that fit right. I am assuming you are shorter and are short wasted which is one problem. I am not tall, just 5'5'' but my torso is a lot longer than my legs and I hate pants when they gap at the waist in the back. My problem is my hips are bigger than my waist ( of course). When is Barb leaving? I know you will miss her but you will keep busy as always.

    Gotta go get ready for nitey nite. I think my son landed in KL but had not called DDIL yet. He will call probably from the hotel. What a LOOOOOG flight or should I say two flights.

    H to Rock also and Jam and who ever else might be lurking.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi, Granni. Wow! Two flights. I always have to do that when I fly to Denver. I hear that Frontier now has a direct flight but I don't think they have business class. I can't do coach on the long leg let alone all the way. I am only 5'4" but my torso is normal and my arms and legs are short for my torso size. So, I really can't wear petites unless it's a dress or skirt. No pants fit me as well as Gloria Vanderbilt. Thank God that Bealls carries a huge variety of them. They also carry Dockers and I can wear those too. All my black long pants I wore to work at Publix were Dockers. Like with you, if the pants fit in the hips, the waist is too snug. GV pants have elastic in the waist but not so that it shows. They come in all colors and lengths. These are the ones I covet and shop for when they are on sale.

    There are time when I like to shop alone and take my time but Barb is a real trooper and will go most anyplace with me and we are never in a hurry (yesterday was an exception--emergency). She leaves the end of June and will return the end of Aug. I'll bet she will not want to leave up North once the new GGD arrives.

    I am not 100 percent yet. I feel like I got bumped on the head. Just read an article in the newspaper that head injuries don't go away very fast. I cut it out so I can continue to use it as an excuse for being scatter brained. :confused: After the first one, my doc told me that my symptoms of memory loss and insomnia could last for months. In rare cases, they can last for years. Yikes! :eek:

    If I can, I'm going to go to Home Depot to get the mulch and try to find four little flower plants that will withstand our hot summer weather. I still need to repot my plants too. I'll ask Barb to go with me to make sure I'm OK to drive.

    Wishing everyone a pain- and head injury free day. :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, I hope today turns out better for you than yesterday was. I'm sorry you hit your head again...I imagine the adrenaline was going pretty good as you rushed back to Barb's and were doing the cleanup. Then just raised up without thinking...

    Can I have a copy of that newspaper article? I need some reasons for my scatterbrainedness...(go figure; spell check just told me that wasn't really a word, lol!) ;)

    I have to say that I love how you find such great bargains...and for things that you need, not just to be spending money :)

    Granni, have you heard news of your son? Hope his flights went just fine and he has a great experience.

    Hi Jole, I'm so sorry the storms and such have gotten your pain escalated. Lorraine is waiting for the mulberries to ripen also. Isaiah loves to eat sand; I imagine he will love the mulberries, lol!

    David said they ought to get a real pet rabbit to put in the kids' play area, since the fencing we used is actually called "rabbit fencing" with the bottom squares closer together to keep rabbits out of gardens (or in with kids, I guess.) Wouldn't Isaiah have a time, eating all those little "raisins" that the bunny leaves? Seriously, that boy will put anything in his mouth...

    We have a little kids bubble mower and I refilled it last evening so Lorraine could mow too. Liora took a turn...the look on her face, when she finally got it going fast enough to make bubbles, was priceless :p

    Rock, we were stationed near Heidelberg at a place called Tompkin's Barracks. That's where Den reported to work, but we lived "on the economy" in the 4th floor (attic) apt. of an older German couple...they told us to call them Oma and Opa. Oma thought it was hilarious that I called Den "Honey" and she would call after him "Honig, Honig!"

    Sun, hope your house is "back to normal" today...all the work done and you have peace and quiet.

    I am still having stomach cramps, but took Gpa to his doctor appt. yesterday. I've not vomited or anything...the cramps will just randomly shoot through my stomach/intestines...they bend me to my knees once in awhile, but then I am fine for a little while.

    Lindsey and some of her friends think it is because of all the spraying that is going on in our fields and in the whole area. I don't really know what to think...just that a lot of people are having the same symptoms, kids and adults both. When my dad's nurse told me that the more (presumably) healthy staff got hit worse than the residents this time...kind of weird, but must just be the type of bug it is.

    I was very careful around Gpa yesterday, and I know I took a chance of giving him something...but he was so desperate to get out of the house and I hated to cancel on him again. At least the weather has allowed him to get outside to his shop the past few days, but just walking over there gets him worn out and out of breath...

    Dar, I've been thinking of you...hope you can get back on your supplements soon. Hope you are holding up right now.

    I'm being quiet since I got up earlier than Den. They had quite a job yesterday, putting some underground wiring in at one of the businesses in town. Took all day and lots of time behind a shovel, besides what the machinery was doing. Hope he can sleep in a little this morning and catch up a bit on his rest.

    On my way home yesterday I stopped at the Amish greenhouse (where we went to the wedding last fall) and picked up some Wave petunias...they spread out so nice and work great in hanging baskets...I got my favorite colors of deep purple and red. Wanted to get them before they ran out...Mother's Day is coming in a couple weeks, and people will be going wild. I think there were about 15 cars (a lot for this area and this small greenhouse) in the parking lot at any given time.

    I also bought a couple of rhubarb plants and another red bleeding heart (since my sweet hubby mowed my other one :mad: ). A neighbor had brought us two lilac bushes and a little red bud tree, so we have a bit of planting to do today.

    Plus, when I stopped up to give Kathryn (Amish girl who helped so much when the twins were newborns) her Happy 21st Birthday card, her mom gave me four little peach trees!

    So, I'd better get a cup of coffee and start thinking about where to put this stuff. Glad Den is home today...I will do the planting, but would like him to move some dirt with the skidloader for me.

    Take care everyone...hope the sun shines on you sometime today!
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    Julie, et al,

    No time to really post now. Have to leave soon for or performance. DS is fine and on the ground but trying to figure out what to do stay up or sleep? I told him to take a nap and put on the alarm and then eat dinner and go to bed. However, he is a big boy and will do what he wants. Not even sure what time it is there. I it is daytime here it is probably almost night time there. It is dark and rainy he said. Luckily today is Saturday and no work.

    Love to all,
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