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    Hi everyone! Go back and read Springwater's post at the end of #713. And read about Dar's sweet, beautiful love story :)

    Gpa and I had a long, but productive afternoon. I took him to the doctor because his left wrist was really hurting; plus the doctor needed to see him in order to refill pain pills.

    Doctor thinks the break (and cast) could have aggravated the carpal tunnel that was already in progress. Still have to wait till the 13th to (maybe) get the casts off his wrists.

    Sis will take him to the urologist tomorrow, so I will just stay home and try to get some things done. I hope he can have a good time, and maybe stop for a blueberry waffle for lunch.

    I was going to just stay in tonight and fold clothes, etc...but the weather report showed lots of rain in the next 48 hours, so I got on the mower till it got too dark to see where I'd been. Den offered to mow with the old mower, but I begged him not to take away any of my "therapy" :p

    Gonna get to bed...Jerome is on hand to fill any requests...
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, thanks for starting a new Porch. I found I had to take notes from the end of #713 or I'd never remember what everyone had to say. As it is, I may have missed someone.

    Julie, I know what you mean about the prednisone. It never made me feel good, even the first couple of days, but it certainly made me feel jittery when I started to taper down. Ever since, I've felt depressed. Good news is that the hip is a bit tender if I push on it but I can get around without pain in the hip itself. I think any pain I have is from my back and that remains to be seen in another chapter of my ongoing woes. It takes two to Tango and GPA and sis are intertwined in a dysfunctional relationship. I'm sure you know this. He is afraid of losing her and she uses this to play her sick little games and for whatever she gets out of it. I know it's killing you to watch this go on and feeling helpless. Please know that by just being so caring for GPA that you are doing more than you know. It would seem that if anyone should confront GPA and sis, it would be Den but he may know the dynamics better than anyone and realizes that it would be in vain and may actually push sis to even worse behavior. This is like what Dr. Phil deals with and I can only imagine what he would say to sis. Yikes! You are a good person and I just hope you get enough rest to deal with all the physical work and stress.

    Sunflower Girl, that poor little cat may not be much longer for this life if the owners don't keep him in at night. When I lived along the foothills in CO, we had all kinds of critters roaming around. Down here in FL, we have them too. Cats, small dogs, children and the frail and elderly are snacks for gators. Usually gators have no interest in humans but there is always some idiot who feeds them and they connect humans with food. Don't know whether y'all saw the video on YouTube with the big black bear lounging in someone's hammock in the yard. It was a hoot but a bit disturbing. We have panthers, which are endangered, and they are in a fenced wildlife reserve but, now and then, one will get out and be hit by a car. I'm surprised that Sylvester and Tweety lasted to grow up while they were living outside all the time. Congratulations on your new baby girl.

    Granni, glad you love your line dancing but sorry it hurts. You are in such good shape and, I'm sure, being so active is part of the reason. Hope I can get back into a more active life soon.

    Barry, I'm sorry you are so exhausted but it's good to see you here. Hope you feel better soon.

    Dar, I'm still over the moon for you to have found such a keeper. Keep us updated.

    Springwater, yes it is too bad that Simon is so elusive but it's not because he is aloof. Something very traumatic must have happened to him and he is very wary of people. I don't think he's always been feral but now, he lives like a feral cat except that he comes to eat. I'm sure his life, like any animal in the wild, is very stressful, having to be on alert all the time. I do not believe he will ever trust so that he can become tame and a pet. Bless his heart. I do what I can for him.

    Rock, I have that KD Lang CD and I love that song. In fact, I love the CD itself. I had downloaded my tunes to one of my old phones and should just use it for my music. I also have a CD player which I can load with five CD's. It seems so old time now but everything seems to come around again. Who knew that ear buds would go out and huge Dr. Dre headphones would be in to the tune (no pun intended :) of several billions when Apple bought them out. When iPods came out, anyone wearing huge earphones would be laughed at. Who's laughing now, all the way to the bank.

    Tree cutters got rained out yesterday so returned today at 7:00, early for noisy work to begin. They did the palm trees in front without touching our cassia tree. I'm glad. It's an awkward looking tree, and it's been sick, but it's the only shade we get on the Balcony at various times during the year and it seems to be trying to recover. It is supposed to pour rain today and, maybe, that's why the tree trimmers started so early. We do need rain.

    I have to go jump into the shower as I look like hell. My appt. with the ortho doc is at 9:30. I hate doc appts. but want to see what I can do for my back now that it seems the hip is almost healed. I'll be glad when the colonoscopy is over. My only concern is the fatty benign tumor. I hope it hasn't grown. I also hope there are no more ployps, even benign ones. Oh well, one thing at a time. I don't know whether it's the Prednisone or not but my appetite I waaaay down. I've been living on cereal, apples and cheese. I need to, at least, start drinking PH's green drink. As someone said earlier, I just want to curl up in a ball and be left alone. Whine, whine, whine!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie et al,

    It is bright and early and DH is out power washing. I to get out and weed for a bit before it gets HOT out again. I am in the wrong program and so it takes forever just to write a sentence. I also saw that SW posted on the wrong thread (the last one) and glad you mentioned it. I wish I knew how to move posts over :)!! Thanks so much for starting our new porch. God luck with your doc visit. Let us know how it goes. Did you fid that the green drink helps your NRG?

    Sun - Have you found out your new dgd name yet? I think you and Mikie are very right about SIS.

    Quick hi to Rock, Julie, Spring Water, Barry, Diane, Dar Jam and whoever else might be lurking about.

    Need to go get dressed so I can go work and beat the heat. Hope to get back later.

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    Granni - hi..yes, this fuzzy old brain is no longer working properly, this is the 2nd time
    i went n posted on wrong thread, im sorry everydobby...:D

    n neither do i know how to copy paste on this ipad...

    Julie - tk u for opening new thread..i guess many here are befuddled with the grip yr
    SIL has on granpa..i got this feeling granpa is one strong guy, tough but his daughter
    he is putty in her hands..

    Jam - ive been a member now long long time, but i only take part in chit chat..i
    joined coz of depression board, but that got deleted, not too many users. but the
    cfs/fibro sufferers..i found i could relate..i took part in a long long discussion re
    homeopathy because i was familiar with that..but we dont hv most treatments
    discussed on these boards, so cant really contribute..


    thought id go out for a while but my legs are hurting a bit..theyre one of my problem
    areas, a clairvoyant zoomed in at once on that issue, tild me i needed to clear out
    blocked energy from my sole minor chakras, i did that today, soaked them in
    salt water and did some meditation..the pain let up enough that i was able to
    do some chores, and cook but now i run outta CFS

    keechu who had been a bit under the weather, and skulking around is alright
    again and the sight of all four dogs yelping with excitement everytime
    i opened the door to go up to the terrace and barking joyously
    and prancing up and down the steps..and chasing crows on the terrace
    lifted my spirits...

    Mikie - once i watched a bear docu and the reporter was showing us an abandoned
    cottage ..and where a bear had dug under the foundation, made a snug lil place
    for himself and listen to this, confiscated a nice big......pillow, to rest on...har har
    har..i honestly wish bears were one of those species who couldnt harm you,
    like a rabbit or squirrel..i wouldve cuddled them to death and played rambunctious
    games with them...they are so CUTE!!! another animal i got such a longing to hv as
    a companion was a minx..when i saw this splendid cat like creature with beautiful
    tawny eyes and ears with tufts in them...i felt so sad she / he was locked up in a
    cage at the zoo...that she gazed atbus calmly but seemed to be in another world made
    me want her out in the wild even more.

    its gotten a tad cooler, its 7.30 pm ...too late to go out now...guess i will just watch
    The Big Bang Theory or Two n A half Men..both are hilarious

    god bless
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    For those of us who are feeling this way...including me, lol! And since it's strawberry season here, well....oh, I think one of Keira's roly poly bugs got out and is on that leaf in the bottom right ;)

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    julie - nifty hat, our friend up there has!!! tks for posting!
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    Here's Gpa having a relaxing breakfast, with lots of company ;) The kids were playing in their yard and eventually joined him too.

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    Hi friends! Sorry I haven't actually said "Good morning" yet :) Sunny day here, but since we are to get a bunch of rain, I probably should "make hay while the sun shines" and get back on the mower.

    Sun, I think of you every time I mow now...and when I am done with a section, I "celebrate" by going in circles, as fast as I can...just like a real carnival ride! :p

    Mikie, hope the ortho doc can help. You are so good to take notes and remember what people said on the last volumes. You are spot on about Sis...I just keep remembering how, when she lived four hours away, I was the only one who would go help her after surgeries and when she had newborns. Then she tells people she never had any help, she had to do it all on her own...

    Granni, woo hoo! for your hubby for getting an early start...hope you don't have to stay out too late to weed...I think you are a lot hotter than we are here.

    Springwater, I'll move your post over here when I finish this, so hopefully I won't lose what I've typed. Non-techie here too, and proud of it, lol!

    Barry, good to hear from you too...please wish Richard as soon-to-be Happy Birthday!

    Gpa and I didn't get up too early this morning, but he called for me when he was ready to get up.
    Lindsey had the kids outside, so they could play before it got too I asked Gpa if he would want to have his breakfast outside. He thought that was a great idea, and I joined him with my coffee (have to cook my breakfast yet.)

    Well, there is my W & P for the day...better get outside and ride my roller coaster...errr, I mean, mower :D Thinking of you guys, and the ones who haven't posted lately...hope all is as okay as can be.
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    This post consists of the two posts from Springwater on the last volume:

    Rock - happy birthday to Gordon..wish him all the best and brightest of everything

    here, bookshops hv dwindled, but card shops are thriving still..and they sell all those
    trinkets like faux red rose in a plastic wrapper n all..the young here are still into
    romantic gestures like that..they sell real imported hybrid roses in all colours in
    the plentiful flower shops but at 40 c a piece they are kinda outta reach for most

    flower shops thrive because of the many festivals..

    Dar - prayers for your dear all the more in awe of you for doing all
    that you do with the things going on in your theres a lovely love
    story going on with you and your SO. very mature, realistic but full of

    i wish you all the best ...

    Jam - oh i know you are agnostic, but spiritual in that you do believe in things
    like pendulums etc..and listen to talks related to growth of the spirit etc on radio..
    my great belief in prayer was a gradual process, as was my great interest in
    spiritual matters..though i always hv been a believer at my core..

    you do fight the good fight against things you believe are harmful, like people
    are involved in stopping fracking etc. if i could i think i would lobby against
    cruelty to animals here, some tourist said her lovely visit was marred by the
    sight of a stray dog poisoned to death by the city council..

    Julie - are the kiddies and all recovered a bit...i loved the idea of sitting
    down in the garden and weeding, Den trimming the plants nearby..and
    just 'sharing' those moments with each other and cherishing the alone
    time...i think dear Dens support and love go a long way in helping you
    stay strong.

    Granni - have fun at the line dancing...the computer went and deleted what i wrote to you and
    Mikie and Sun, , lol! we hv had a bit of rain, some torrential ones too, so our grass has grown a bit...
    good to see my barren yard getting green

    Mikie - im looking forward to when your colonoscopy is over and done with..with
    great results and you can go back to your daily routine...simon is such an elusive
    chap isnt he, really is his own cat, the way he is so aloof and comes and goes when
    he pleases...answers to no man or God, thank goodness he isnt a man, wouldve
    driven his woman crazy!!

    Sun - congrats on the new grand child, saw this show where this man conjured up this beautiful cityscape
    out of a blob n smattering of blue white black paint!! i hope you enjoy your need to have this break now n then for yourself while taking

    care of yr DH...prayers ongoing for his healing and strength..

    last eve i went and bought two new sandals, strictly for my daily wear! flat as
    i could get them, with just two straps on the instep...they look very classic
    which i what i wanted..the shop is known to hv very good quality shoes, albeit
    a tad expensive..but with all the walking i do...ive kinda whittled down
    where i shop based on how sturdy the stuff is.

    i bought them in shiny black and brown. ive been cooking some, DH got a
    yearning for okra , lady fingers and buys them daily..i make a sort of simple

    also had some onion soup for the first time from a packet...a change from
    the usual sweet corn n mixed veg i have. my SIL gave me some potato soup
    which was delish, but i think im getting enough carbs, from our daily rice.

    i get cravings for lentils and yoghurt daily and know that is my bodies way
    of saying i need proteins...

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    Hi AWL,

    Julie - Don't say that you are not a techie - you are better than I, as you moved SW post fro the last volume over here.

    That Sis is something else. I think there is big screw loose in her brain but it is also plain to see that everything revolves or evolves around HER and her wants. I know that I wouldn't want anyone changing my apt hours without my approval and not giving me much notice. You may have told me but I have forgotten. How old is Grandpa. He seems so cute and good with everyone, and to good with some people:)!!!! I like that nice awning where it cuts off the sun outdoors for whoever is resting there. Hope his appointment went well.

    I eat yogurt too but probably should eat the plain as you do but then you get yours from the Amish ladies, correct.? Glad you bought yourself some new sandals. I always feel good when I buy something good for myself, esp if it is something really NEEDED.

    Spring Water - fear not, do not feel bad that you posted on the wrong thread (volume) as I have done that a couple of times myself It was so nice to read your posts. You have a great writing style and everything you talk about is so interesting. Also I love hearing about al the different things in your culture.

    Barry - Hope you both enjoyed Richard's birthday dinner. In fact we are going to one tonight for a friend of ours whose b-day was last week but they couldn't go last week and so we changed our dates. Going to have Italian tonight which is almost my very favorite.

    Mikie - Hope you get well soon but glad you are doing a little better. I know you will be happy when you Colonoscopy is finally done. Simon sounds like a real character, you never know what he is gong to show up or do.

    Hugz to all, including all those not mentioned and MIA !

    Granni :)
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    Jam - As soon as you find or think you have found something to healthy - wham you find it on another list, just the opposite. Yes, how did our parents live so long waiting eating almost everything. A they say I guess, everything in moderation, or at least almost everything. Thanks for checking these things out. We have been eating strawberries usually when we can't find blueberries. Geez, and I am trying to talk DH into eating more fruits. He pretty much already likes most veggies. He has no thyroid issues that I know of but I do. What a pain , to say he least. Also trying to eat more spinach . I love peaches but cannot always get them looking nice and not a bad price.

    We used to try and at a lot of nuts but then DH chipped a tooth and so we are not eating them much. I really enjoy almost all nuts.

    Hope everyone is doing well today. We will be gong out to eat for birthday celebration tonight that was put off from last week. Hooray so I don't have to cook one night. I always look forwards to that and not cooking.

    Julie - Do you ever NOT have to cook? I know you on the farm have big meals, including lunch and dinner or supper or whatever you call the evening meal.

    P.S. edited in : Mikie - What was the green drink powder you were talking about fro PH? I have trying to find it .

    Thinking of so many Porchies today.

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    Hello to All.

    Jam, most of the foods you listed are LIGHTLY goitrogenic, and even less so when cooked -- like the greens you listed. I think our parents survived because they ate more balanced diets than most folk do today.....

    Julie, I loved the photo of gpa! Dogs, cat, flowers and shade (and breakfast of course!) Thank you so much for your loving care.

    Granni, nuts are GOOD for you. Especially walnuts and almonds. I hope you aren't giving them up entirely.

    Short posts,
    Shorty ate a lizard (alive),
    Now thinks he is a fox,

  13. Granniluvsu

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    Barry - Thanks for your post. I know that nuts are good for you but we used to get a big container of mixed nuts from Sams all the time. However, when an almond or other hard nut cracked his tooth, he refuses t eat any. Now DH doesn't want to get them but occasionally I am going to get some for myself.

    Is Shorty your kitty ? Eating a live lizard or anything sounds gross. Better him than me for sure :)! Tat is certainly true that our parents most likely ate more healthy than many of us do today. We try to eat healthy but the way things change from day to day , who knows ???

    Bye for now. Have to start getting ready to go out to dinner. You guys are so lucky. Just hope I your clothes and comb your hair, and maybe a shower if needed.

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    This is just a short post to say thanks to everyone for all your good wishes. The doc said I have arthritis in my hips. The one I hurt feels bruised even though it hasn't been painful and will bear my weight even on one foot. He thought an injection right into the hip itself would help. So, he probed until he found the spot which was so sore it took my breath away. It was OK until the Lidocaine wore off and now it's really hurting. Think tonight I'll peruse my cache of pain meds and take an Oxy- or Hydrocodone before bedtime. Usually acetaminophen does the trick but it's beyond that right now. I'll also likely put the tens unit on it. He had no comment when I told him the $29.99 OTC IcyHot tens unit worked. He wanted me to go to physical therapy but I told him I didn't want to. At $50 a crack, three times a week for three weeks, it'll bankrupt me. He showed me the two most important stretches and they are ones I already do and I told him that. I've been doing them since I was in PT for FMS, 13 years ago.

    So, thank you all. If I weren't in so much pain, I'd address y'all individually but I just can't. Just wated to let you know how the appt. went and thank you so much again. Hope everyone has a pain-free and happy evening. Talk to y'all tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie: those are sure large, beautiful petunias hanging there. And I can see why Gpa enjoys living at your home, lots of movement with kids and animals and you and Den. Why doesn't she just say she wants the house to herself!!!!!! I hate to read what's going to happen once he goes back home BUT he can just set her straight.

    Jam: Those are the foods NOT to eat when you have arthritis? I used to be a big fruit eater but not as much the last couple of years since everything has so much sugar. We have a fig tree and I usually eat about 2 a day when it's putting out figs and the rest of them are given away. This year our pomegranite tree has about 30 or more that set which is amazing.....Im lucky if I get 8 and last year it was 2. I've been fertilizing it like crazy with epson salt so I guess that did the trick. A neighbor trimmed it 2 years ago and I think he cut too much so this past winter I didn't have any branches cut.

    Spring: new sandals! Yea. I'm always on the lookout for a pair that feel good and I like, but so far I'm still wearing my fancy flip flops from over a year ago. I love fresh okra. I usually stir fry onions, green peppers, tomatoes with spices and toss them in. How do you make your curry?

    Mikie: I think at our age any type of injury will cause arthritis to set in. I might look around for one of those tens machines. Didn't you say you got it on sale someplace?

    The little black visiting cat was "mooning" our our females thru the window last night. I went to bed around 10 PM, but around l:30 I heard a terrible racket of cat fighting and then a bang as though it knocked something over, then silence. There was black fur scattered outside and I was afraid a coyote had hopped the fence and got him. I had to run to the store first thing this morning and saw the neighbor when I got back......yelled across the street if his cat was around......yes.....all night........I felt like saying "liar liar pants on fire.! I HATE when someone lies and I see it written all over their face. I told him what happened at l:30......he denied it totally that it was his cat then he said he HATED the cat. Well, now I know whose letting him out.

    My DD and I made it to the hospital to see the new GD.......she's very cute, but refused to wake up for her feeding. And that's one VERY fancy large we were waiting for the valet to bring our car my DD kept whispering and jesturing to a man nearby also waiting for his car......I thought I recognized him but couldn't place was David Foster.......the music producer. I've seen some specials of his on PBS. My DD said that his wife is on Beverly Hills Real real could those women be??????
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    Mikie - So sorry to hear about your hips having arthritis. I hope that it will settle down soon and hope you can get some rest tonight. Maybe tomorrow some heat from a heating pad or bath might help.

    I'll come back tomorrow to check in. Hope the flaring won't be bad tomorrow.

    Goodnight to you and all !

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    Good Tuesday evening! We happen to be in thunderstorm and tornado watches, and flash flood watches...actually we are having quite a bit of rain right now. They had predicted up to 70 MPH winds, so Den helped me get the flowers from the patio into the shop.

    I went out under the awnings after supper and there was just a gentle, steady rain...but the weather report said it will get really nasty later on tonight.

    Sun, those are "Wave" petunias...I get them at the Amish greenhouse for $1.50 each, and they fill a whole pot in just a short time. I love this time of year when we can be outside without getting either too cold or hot. Last winter was so long, it is a real treat to go in and out without grabbing a coat and hat...

    Glad you got to see your new she is a sweetie!

    I talked to my Uncle Harvey this evening, and he then put his daughter on the phone. They are planning to fly to Iowa on Saturday, the 14th and drive down to our area. They'll be here pretty much all day on Sunday...I told her if they were still here at suppertime, we could do a bonfire/wiener roast. She said her kids would love that. Her little girl is Lorraine's age and her little boy is the twins' age. Den is already planning a hayride...or as Amy calls it, a "Ghetto" hayride (since there is no hay, but we do use a playpen and tractor tire on the wagon to keep the little ones from falling off.)

    Linda has two brothers who have not seen each other since their mom died several years ago...I think it will be a great time for everyone.

    Granni, lol, I don't cook every meal...lots of times we have "planned overs"...I fix extra the first time, then reheat it for a meal later on. And the other night I came home with groceries and TV dinners for the guys, cause I was later than I had planned to be.

    Mikie, I sure hope you are "back in the saddle" again real soon...did you just want to scream when the doc found your most tender spot?

    I think I will go sit out under the awning for a little while, and listen to the rain. What would you guys call our little covered patio area? Sometimes I call it the patio, but is that really what it is (or what we are using it for right now, lol.) Or what are some "fancy" names...give me some ideas.
  18. lydia1

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    Okay, I am not calling anybody here "old"...just thought this was have probably all seen it before ;)


    Remember, old folks are worth a fortune,
    With silver in their hair, gold in their teeth,
    Stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet,
    And gas in their stomachs.

    I have become older since I last saw you
    And a few changes have come into my life.
    Frankly, I have become quite a frivolous old gal...
    I am seeing five gentlemen every day.

    As soon as I wake up,
    Will Power helps me out of bed,
    After which I go to see John.
    Later Charlie Horse comes along
    And he takes a lot of my time and attention.
    After that Arthur Ritis shows up
    And stays the rest of the day.
    He doesn't like to stay in one place very long,
    So he takes me from joint to joint.
    After such a busy day I'm really tired
    And glad to go to bed with Ben Gay.
    What a life!!!

    P.S. The preacher called the other day
    And said at my age I should be thinking
    About the hereafter. I told him,
    "Oh, I do that all the time.
    No matter where I am--in the parlour,
    Kitchen, upstairs, or down in the basement--
    I ask myself, 'What am I here after?'"

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids, doing much better today, even though it's 4:00 in the morning. I woke at 3:30 and put out Simon's breakfast. I just looked out and he had eaten and was just sitting. I talked to him through my screen door. He always likes that. He may have just been resting to pace himself and might have gone back to his bowl for seconds. Maybe he thinks this is the Golden Corral for cats.

    I opted for oxycodone last night and it really helped. My hip certainly objected to being poked with a needle. I put ice packs on it all evening. I was afraid there for a bit that the injection had set everything back to when I injured it. It took until 1:00 for me to get to sleep and I only got a couple of hours then. Still, I had slept some in the early evening. I just took a swig of Zquil in hopes of getting a couple more hours of sleep but, in the meantime, where do I go? Here to my Online Family. It's just instinct now.

    Jam, Every time I get an x-ray, they tell me I have some arthritis in that joint. When I've had surgery, they clean it out for me. I think the hip will eventually recover but, as you say, once Arthur comes a courtin', he sticks around in our joints. I think that most of us, if we live long enough, will develop some OA. I'm like you; I've had enough PT and the very stretches he wanted me to do are ones I already do, which I learned of when I first had FMS. I still do them today as they are good for most everything. I want to stay not only strong but agile as well. Can't paint my toenails if I can get to them :)

    Sunflower Girl, that idiot neighbor should be thrown to the mountain lions. Poor kitty. I got my IcyHot tens unit at Target. I don't recall that it was on sale but it was only $29.99. It works just like they say the expensve ones do and it has been as helpful with pain as the meds. Relief from pain starts as soon as I turn it on and slap it on my back and rear end. It gives out a soothing motion as it pulses through its cycle. I'm starting to see more ads for it on TV. David Foster is married to a sweet girl named Yolanda. She got Lyme Disease last season and it was so severe, the docs had to run a line into her heart with ABX. She was down out out a lot. She is an ex model who was married to a Middle Eastern man who is filthy rich before Foster. They have a gorgeous daughter. Yolanda is a health nut and actually designed her own beautiful refrig with a glass door which keeps her favorite foods, mostly fruits and veggies, at the perfect temp. "Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Survivor" are my guilty reality pleasures except that they have no resemblance to reality.

    Julie, thanks so much for the adorable rolly-polly bug. It really lifted my spirits. When I was a kid, I loved to roll them up and watch them unroll. That was before much was on TV. Guess we spent our time in intellectual pursuits like rolling up bugs back then. We made dolls out of toothpicks and Hollyhocks. We played softball and hide 'n seek till the street lights came on. We played with our dolls and paper dolls and had lemonade stands. We might not have had all the electronic gadgets like kids do today but we surely had fun. Not far from my house was the city's "kids fishing hole." The city stocked it with fresh rainbow trout and we ate many a dinner from that little pond. We also went to story time at the library and were constantly reading books we took out. I loved the "Nancy Drew" books. That's another thing which I miss--stately old bldgs. for things like schools, libraries and banks. I've said I'm an old fart and this just confirms it. I long for some of the simple things of the past--that is, until I want my Kindle or computer or to watch TV in HD full color. Geez, how did we ever watch those old wavy B&W TV's?

    I have to run down to our mgmt. office today because I missed our mtg. yesterday to see my doc. I have to pay the guys who painted our railing. Any time we spend money out of a reserve acct., it takes two signatures. Frank and Ilona are up North so it's only the mgr. and me left to sign. The tree trimmers hit it with a ladder and put a very small chink in the paint. Now, since it went to metal, we have to have the paint co. come back out to see if it needs to be fixed. The tree trimmers didn't do nearly as good a job as they usually do but it's important to keep our preferred relationship with them as they will bail us out if a tree falls on something during a hurricane. Same for handymen/women and roofers. Fortunately for us, our mgmt. co. has good relationships with many vendors.

    Hope the Zquil kicks in so I can get a couple more hours of sleep before the madness of a new day begins. Don't know whether it was the injection or the Oxy but my depression has lifted--thank God! I hope the big black dog stays away from the door. I'm going to rest again today before I start stretching again and going to the pool for my aquatic workout. I'm starting to feel the Z kick in so guess I'll lie down. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, again.

    Got myself dressed, a little makeup on and went out. I'm still a bit wobbly from the Oxy last night and the Zquil early this morning. I did get back to sleep for a while before I got up. Went to the bank because I keep making extra principle payments on my tiny mortgage to pay it off and the bank here does everything right but the mortgage dept. screws it up every time. So, I am now friends with my personal banker. Good thing he's a nice guy. I am going to try sending a check in by snail mail with the coupon with extra principal payment circled . I hate using checks and don't like snail mail but it appears it may be the only thing we haven't tried other than an auto withdrawal. I want to retain the ability to make whatever size payment I want so I don't want that option. What a screwed up mess!

    I stopped at our mgmt. co. and signed the check. Then, I stopped at Publix for some comfort food as my hip was beginning to hurt. I imagine I'll be taking another Oxy today. They are amazing at relieving inflammation and I can take one or two pills every 4 to six hrs. More flexibility, depending on the pain. I don't get high from them but when they take away the pain, they leave me feeling calmer. Then, I can rest. Right now, my tens unit just shut off and that did the trick for now. Our painter will be out so I can show him the nick in our paint. I don't know when he'll show but he'll call first so I can point it out to him.

    So, think I'll just be lying around today, comforting myself with food (I really hate to do this but it does help when things get this bad). Hope I can find some mindless escape on TV. If not, I can finish reading my Vanity Fair magazine. Chances are that I won't be able to remember what I saw nor read.

    Sending my love to everyone, your loved ones and all your critters too.

    Love, Mikie