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    Mikie - So sorry to hear about your hips having arthritis. I hope that it will settle down soon and hope you can get some rest tonight. Maybe tomorrow some heat from a heating pad or bath might help.

    I'll come back tomorrow to check in. Hope the flaring won't be bad tomorrow.

    Goodnight to you and all !

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    Good Tuesday evening! We happen to be in thunderstorm and tornado watches, and flash flood watches...actually we are having quite a bit of rain right now. They had predicted up to 70 MPH winds, so Den helped me get the flowers from the patio into the shop.

    I went out under the awnings after supper and there was just a gentle, steady rain...but the weather report said it will get really nasty later on tonight.

    Sun, those are "Wave" petunias...I get them at the Amish greenhouse for $1.50 each, and they fill a whole pot in just a short time. I love this time of year when we can be outside without getting either too cold or hot. Last winter was so long, it is a real treat to go in and out without grabbing a coat and hat...

    Glad you got to see your new she is a sweetie!

    I talked to my Uncle Harvey this evening, and he then put his daughter on the phone. They are planning to fly to Iowa on Saturday, the 14th and drive down to our area. They'll be here pretty much all day on Sunday...I told her if they were still here at suppertime, we could do a bonfire/wiener roast. She said her kids would love that. Her little girl is Lorraine's age and her little boy is the twins' age. Den is already planning a hayride...or as Amy calls it, a "Ghetto" hayride (since there is no hay, but we do use a playpen and tractor tire on the wagon to keep the little ones from falling off.)

    Linda has two brothers who have not seen each other since their mom died several years ago...I think it will be a great time for everyone.

    Granni, lol, I don't cook every meal...lots of times we have "planned overs"...I fix extra the first time, then reheat it for a meal later on. And the other night I came home with groceries and TV dinners for the guys, cause I was later than I had planned to be.

    Mikie, I sure hope you are "back in the saddle" again real soon...did you just want to scream when the doc found your most tender spot?

    I think I will go sit out under the awning for a little while, and listen to the rain. What would you guys call our little covered patio area? Sometimes I call it the patio, but is that really what it is (or what we are using it for right now, lol.) Or what are some "fancy" names...give me some ideas.
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    Okay, I am not calling anybody here "old"...just thought this was have probably all seen it before ;)


    Remember, old folks are worth a fortune,
    With silver in their hair, gold in their teeth,
    Stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet,
    And gas in their stomachs.

    I have become older since I last saw you
    And a few changes have come into my life.
    Frankly, I have become quite a frivolous old gal...
    I am seeing five gentlemen every day.

    As soon as I wake up,
    Will Power helps me out of bed,
    After which I go to see John.
    Later Charlie Horse comes along
    And he takes a lot of my time and attention.
    After that Arthur Ritis shows up
    And stays the rest of the day.
    He doesn't like to stay in one place very long,
    So he takes me from joint to joint.
    After such a busy day I'm really tired
    And glad to go to bed with Ben Gay.
    What a life!!!

    P.S. The preacher called the other day
    And said at my age I should be thinking
    About the hereafter. I told him,
    "Oh, I do that all the time.
    No matter where I am--in the parlour,
    Kitchen, upstairs, or down in the basement--
    I ask myself, 'What am I here after?'"

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    Hi, Kids, doing much better today, even though it's 4:00 in the morning. I woke at 3:30 and put out Simon's breakfast. I just looked out and he had eaten and was just sitting. I talked to him through my screen door. He always likes that. He may have just been resting to pace himself and might have gone back to his bowl for seconds. Maybe he thinks this is the Golden Corral for cats.

    I opted for oxycodone last night and it really helped. My hip certainly objected to being poked with a needle. I put ice packs on it all evening. I was afraid there for a bit that the injection had set everything back to when I injured it. It took until 1:00 for me to get to sleep and I only got a couple of hours then. Still, I had slept some in the early evening. I just took a swig of Zquil in hopes of getting a couple more hours of sleep but, in the meantime, where do I go? Here to my Online Family. It's just instinct now.

    Jam, Every time I get an x-ray, they tell me I have some arthritis in that joint. When I've had surgery, they clean it out for me. I think the hip will eventually recover but, as you say, once Arthur comes a courtin', he sticks around in our joints. I think that most of us, if we live long enough, will develop some OA. I'm like you; I've had enough PT and the very stretches he wanted me to do are ones I already do, which I learned of when I first had FMS. I still do them today as they are good for most everything. I want to stay not only strong but agile as well. Can't paint my toenails if I can get to them :)

    Sunflower Girl, that idiot neighbor should be thrown to the mountain lions. Poor kitty. I got my IcyHot tens unit at Target. I don't recall that it was on sale but it was only $29.99. It works just like they say the expensve ones do and it has been as helpful with pain as the meds. Relief from pain starts as soon as I turn it on and slap it on my back and rear end. It gives out a soothing motion as it pulses through its cycle. I'm starting to see more ads for it on TV. David Foster is married to a sweet girl named Yolanda. She got Lyme Disease last season and it was so severe, the docs had to run a line into her heart with ABX. She was down out out a lot. She is an ex model who was married to a Middle Eastern man who is filthy rich before Foster. They have a gorgeous daughter. Yolanda is a health nut and actually designed her own beautiful refrig with a glass door which keeps her favorite foods, mostly fruits and veggies, at the perfect temp. "Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Survivor" are my guilty reality pleasures except that they have no resemblance to reality.

    Julie, thanks so much for the adorable rolly-polly bug. It really lifted my spirits. When I was a kid, I loved to roll them up and watch them unroll. That was before much was on TV. Guess we spent our time in intellectual pursuits like rolling up bugs back then. We made dolls out of toothpicks and Hollyhocks. We played softball and hide 'n seek till the street lights came on. We played with our dolls and paper dolls and had lemonade stands. We might not have had all the electronic gadgets like kids do today but we surely had fun. Not far from my house was the city's "kids fishing hole." The city stocked it with fresh rainbow trout and we ate many a dinner from that little pond. We also went to story time at the library and were constantly reading books we took out. I loved the "Nancy Drew" books. That's another thing which I miss--stately old bldgs. for things like schools, libraries and banks. I've said I'm an old fart and this just confirms it. I long for some of the simple things of the past--that is, until I want my Kindle or computer or to watch TV in HD full color. Geez, how did we ever watch those old wavy B&W TV's?

    I have to run down to our mgmt. office today because I missed our mtg. yesterday to see my doc. I have to pay the guys who painted our railing. Any time we spend money out of a reserve acct., it takes two signatures. Frank and Ilona are up North so it's only the mgr. and me left to sign. The tree trimmers hit it with a ladder and put a very small chink in the paint. Now, since it went to metal, we have to have the paint co. come back out to see if it needs to be fixed. The tree trimmers didn't do nearly as good a job as they usually do but it's important to keep our preferred relationship with them as they will bail us out if a tree falls on something during a hurricane. Same for handymen/women and roofers. Fortunately for us, our mgmt. co. has good relationships with many vendors.

    Hope the Zquil kicks in so I can get a couple more hours of sleep before the madness of a new day begins. Don't know whether it was the injection or the Oxy but my depression has lifted--thank God! I hope the big black dog stays away from the door. I'm going to rest again today before I start stretching again and going to the pool for my aquatic workout. I'm starting to feel the Z kick in so guess I'll lie down. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, again.

    Got myself dressed, a little makeup on and went out. I'm still a bit wobbly from the Oxy last night and the Zquil early this morning. I did get back to sleep for a while before I got up. Went to the bank because I keep making extra principle payments on my tiny mortgage to pay it off and the bank here does everything right but the mortgage dept. screws it up every time. So, I am now friends with my personal banker. Good thing he's a nice guy. I am going to try sending a check in by snail mail with the coupon with extra principal payment circled . I hate using checks and don't like snail mail but it appears it may be the only thing we haven't tried other than an auto withdrawal. I want to retain the ability to make whatever size payment I want so I don't want that option. What a screwed up mess!

    I stopped at our mgmt. co. and signed the check. Then, I stopped at Publix for some comfort food as my hip was beginning to hurt. I imagine I'll be taking another Oxy today. They are amazing at relieving inflammation and I can take one or two pills every 4 to six hrs. More flexibility, depending on the pain. I don't get high from them but when they take away the pain, they leave me feeling calmer. Then, I can rest. Right now, my tens unit just shut off and that did the trick for now. Our painter will be out so I can show him the nick in our paint. I don't know when he'll show but he'll call first so I can point it out to him.

    So, think I'll just be lying around today, comforting myself with food (I really hate to do this but it does help when things get this bad). Hope I can find some mindless escape on TV. If not, I can finish reading my Vanity Fair magazine. Chances are that I won't be able to remember what I saw nor read.

    Sending my love to everyone, your loved ones and all your critters too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! Mikie, hope you got some more sleep and are able to do the things you want to do today. A kids' fishing hole...sounds about perfect. Our town has a very majestic courthouse, on the national registry, I believe. So is our library...will have to see if I can find pics.

    Gpa and I got up at 8:00 and he is just finishing his morning routine at 10:00. He was saying that he needs to go back home so I can get a "break" from him and Den and I can do the things we want to do, like work on our house, etc. I told him that we ARE doing the things we want to do...taking care of our family.

    He said well, you had all these plans, but you keep getting interrupted...I told him that was called Life...and that we like to think we have our priorities in the right order. :) I told him about Lorraine demanding yesterday, "set your coffee down, Grandma" (I already knew what she wanted.) As soon as I set my coffee cup on the shelf, she jumped into my arms for a hug, and I was ready for it. :D

    Oops, just got INTERRUPTED when Lindsey came in to tell me the kids were outside jumping in I dropped everything and went out to take pictures and videotape. Lorraine and Isaiah like to get soaked, don't even mind if they fall down...but little Liora doesn't hardly like to get dirty at all. She did run through a couple puddles, then got distracted by the kitties ;)

    Speaking of cats, I found Mama Kitty's two little furballs last evening as I was picking up toys, preparation for the storms. They are several weeks old already and pretty feisty, lol! But so fat and healthy looking...she is such a good mama.

    So, it is getting closer to 11:00 now, and I haven't really gotten anything done except take care of Gpa and play with kids...Gpa went out to watch the fun and Isaiah went running to him, shouting, "Papa, Papa!"

    Will check in later on...hope everyone is doing as well as can be today.

    Mikie, just saw we were typing at the same time...will go back and read your recent post...have a great day!

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    Well, now that it is quiet maybe I can write a post, even if it is a short one. DH is at a meeting and I already wen out to weed for a short time before it starts getting HOT again.. Need to do a few other things around the house too, including towels that were in the drier from yesterday :)!! Also should call and find out my true bank balance for m small acct.

    Mikie - Glad that you were able to sleep some last night, I am sure that you will want a nap or two today. Hope you can relax enough to do that. Also home the painter comes out and will repaint the part that got nicked. Tanks for letting us know about your doc appt., etc. Hope it doesn't hurt quite so much today.

    Julie - I remember my kids growing up with grandpa in the house( FIL). He lived with us for MANY years after his wife died at age 51 or52 of Ovarian Cancer. For the most part it was a very positive experience for us all and the kids, that was till be came ill with dementia/alz. then it was a very sad situation. He died close to his 86th b-day. The kids loved their grandpa and he was such a big help to me as he could still drive till his last years.

    My youngest, a son and his wife decided to help her dad in the same way and take him in for awhile. They thought it was temporary until he started to become ill, etc. He died about a month ago. However, he was in some ways like your SIL. He had left the family and he and his wife never divorced but later on he tried to get more friendly with the rest of the family, until he burned them too. My dear dil just missed her dad so much and so wanted to be near him in his last years even though he had hurt them all so badly. Her brother had little to do with him until the VERY END. Their dad, somehow he knew the end was near in the hospital made his piece as well as he could with his son and my son whom he had called lazy and stuff like that at times he was working at home. Luckily my son was so sweet and patient or the FIL would have been gone from the house early on.

    Sorry to get started on that scenario . Having the grandparent around can be a very good thing for the family although many times it does include more work. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to be super close to our grandchildren but have had some of them over for short visits.. Some are or were to far away and some also had special needs and if I took one brother I would have had to take the other in the family. I used to be so patient and could have lots of kids around no matter what but between my pain and b/p and DH is an only child, so will not go into that :)!! I feel badly that I could not do now what you have been doing but then again I am much older at this point. If I could get rid of the pain maybe that would help. At your age I was dealing wit my kids (5) , one giving me lots of grief and still is, and a grandpa (FIL) starting to have problems. I think all that started what I have now all dealing from STRESS.. I think much of this pressure on me at that time caused the problems I have today. Although my b/p was also in the family but before all this my b/p was normal.

    I know Julie you already have CFS and FM now and I am so glad that you are taking such good of grandpa and the children love him (and so does Red Mittens) . It is a positive experience or everyone for the most part but I hope somehow you could slow down a bit so you don't get worse. Just wish OTHERS would do their part and you know who I mean. I wish also grandpa would speak up for himself more at his(NOT HER )house. Wish Den would really give her a good talking to and remind her that is not her house. I just hope things do not get worse when he does get back home, esp that mess all around limiting when he can go and being dangerous if he does go in certain places he enjoys ( like his work shop).

    Sorry for turning this into a W and P for you and all. Just worried for you is all and soon anther little one will be
    here. Thanks all for letting me VENT !!!

    Hi to awl - Nink, Sun, Dar, Jam, Rock, Diane ,Joan, Elaine and way to many MIA's.

    Hope to get back later on.

    Need to get off very soon in case DH comes home for lunch.

    Granni :)
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    Mikie - Don't feel bad about eating comfort food. I do that too. Things like grilled cheese, tomato soup ( even if it is hot) . Of course Mashed potatoes and gravy is a good one too. Of course I have no roast to go with it either.. Chocolate will work too :)!!! I can think of lot of things but not sure I have them on hand either. Hope you find something you LOVE too to make you feel a little better. Pizza is another one for me even if a lot of ths stuff may not be that good for you or me :)!!! Hope you feel better soon.

    Just had to add this about comfort foods. Now to work on my bank statement.

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    Mikie, everytime I see the word Zquil, I think of a bridge friend, who did have a heart condition and was always changing heart meds, well anyway, I had seen her about a week earlier and then heard she died in her sleep, she was taking Zquil for sleep and we think her heart just couldn't take it.....we were all so shocked that she was gone, but in her sleep, if you are going, that's the way, BUT anyway.....

    When I wake up and can't get back and this happens ENOUGH, I pop a calms forte' (homeopathic) and often an Inositol and Gaba and get back for a few more hours.....I would NOT be without Calms, and I would not touch that Zquil stuff..... jam
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    Hi, y'all,

    Julie, you have perfect priorities! There will always be work to do but family members grow up soooo fast and leave home and we lose others to death. Enjoy them now, as I know you do. Just be sure to take care of yourself along the way.

    Grannie, thanks for your thoughts on comfort food. I've decided a few days of taking it easy and eating a few more carbs than I usually do won't kill me and might make me feel better until the hip is not so painful. It is much better today. You're right; having grandparents around can be good. Poor Andy hasn't lived near any of his grandparents. Now that the kids are moving to Dallas, he will have my DSIL's parents nearby. His other grandma thinks the sun rises and sets on him and I know she will be a great influence in his life. He got to go to his school to meet all the kids who will be in his 4th grade class next year and he already has a harem of little girls flirting with him. Hmmmmm, Mr. Smooth!

    Jam, I don't know that one can assume that it was the Zquil which killed that woman but everything we take usually has risks, especially if one already has a heart problem. I will likely continue to take a slug of it every now and then when I need it. Thanks, though, for your concern.

    I had started using my Surface with the keyboard to start this post and finally had to quit and come back to edit this post. I was afraid I'd go to hell from all my swearing at that keyboard. It's smaller and flat and very sensitive to touch. I love the tablet part of it but I don't like typing on the touchscreen any more than I do the keyboard. This laptop has a 17 1/2" screen, hence, a full size keyboard on which I can type like a wizard. I know all the kids like the touchscreens or little flat keyboards but I guess you can't teach this old dog new tricks. My kids' Apple PC has only the tiny flat keyboard and an HD monitor. No more towers; everything is built in around the monitor. I wouldn't have it. If I only had one computer, it wouldn't be the Surface but I am glad I like the tablet part. Actually, I use my Kindle more for a tablet than the Surface. I plan to get some apps for the Surface so I'll use it more. It does have great news and the screen is really clear in HD.

    Hip is still sore so took the doc's advice to take it easy today as well and ice it up. I took an Oxycodone and the pain is better. The little tens unit really helps too. Our neighbor just had a hysterectomy so Barb went to Publix and got some roses and a balloon from both of us. She was asleep so we left them with her daughter who lives with them. Publix has some of the most beautiful flowers for very little money.

    Well, Kids, it's time for me to go pray for my wretched soul and then, get more rest. I should know better than to try to use an awkward keyboard when I don't feel well. Even less patience than I normally have, which isn't much. Hope y'all have a great evening.

    BTW, Ellie, Goatwoman, posted under my "I Need Help" post. She is better and it's good to hear from her. I know a lot of you know her as she's been around about as long as I have.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Hope you are feeling a bit better with less awful pain that you have been having.

    Julie - Yes, Mikie is right. Your priorities are right on. I just feel guilty at not being able to do some of the things you haven able to do with the gkids. Of course you live right close to Lindsay's family which is great since you are so much help to her and the children. She is very lucky to have you close by . I surely cold have used my Mom when I had most of my family when we moved to TX. I was by myself with little help. Yes, I am repeating Mikie at please try and take care of yourself too. I know that it is not always easy to do and try and stay well with the germs all around.

    Just hoping you will get some help from Sis to Grandpa when he get back to his home. Maybe I am dreaming but that would be ideal and best for you. Maybe Den could hit her over the head or something :)!. LOL

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    Hi, Granni,

    I'm laughing because you only got the first paragraph. I had to change computers as I couldn't take the Surface anymore. It has it's moments but it's not for posting here.

    Thanks, the pain is so much better. I think I'll be almost normal by tomorrow.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,

    Time to turn off this Porch light and turn on the next. This is a repeat of the post above. Tis computer is gong crazy again.

    No more posting on this thread PLEASE.

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    I was awakened at 5:00 this morning by several HUGE thunder booms. They rattled my windows. I thought we were having an earthquake. I live in a small earthquake fault line; there have only been a couple of very small quakes in the last 30 years, but you never know.. After that it rained in sheets for several hours. When I want to complain about the weather, I always bring my self back to "Is it good for the farmers?" Having been born in a farming area and having several cousins whose livelihood has been farming for generations, I have unusual criteria for a city girl.

    Moving on: my downstairs neighbor got a little pup a couple of months ago. She has an older dog who is very well-behaved, so I thought she raised her well. I've now come to the conclusion that that dog is well-behaved because she's older, not because she was well-trained. This new pup, who is now about 5 months old, doesn't know how to walk on a leash, and yips constantly when she outside. When she first got the pup, when the pup barked she would pick her up and hold her close and baby her. She clearly has no idea how to train a dog. I "look forward"
    to having this dog living below me for many years to come. At least she's quiet when she's inside.
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    Nink = Sorry about the storm. PLEASE POST ON THE VOLUME BEFORE THIS ONE - VOLUME 715, THS IS 714.