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    Hi everyone...not too far from midnight in my neck of the woods. Saw we had over 30 posts, so thought I would get a new porch going while I was on here.

    Hope everyone is doing okay...go back and catch up on the last posts from #725.

    After I got back from town this afternoon, I went over and mowed Gpa's yard. I wanted to get it done so I could have the rest of the week sort of "free." I didn't get home till after 7:00 pm...but Den had found some leftovers in the fridge for supper.

    The kiddos were in our little wading pool, but just getting done with their "swim." Lindsey and David took the twins home, but Lorraine stayed cause she wanted to take a shower at Gma's house...I have a shower with a hose and it is easier for the kids to use. Figured Lorraine could use some time to herself.

    Got her back home, then helped Den on the house for about an hour. I am mostly the "go-fer" on the ground, but did have to join him at the top of the scaffolding a time or two.

    We still made time for our TV date at 9:00 pm...gotta be done by 10:00 cause that is Den's bedtime...he seldom varies from that schedule. :)

    Next week will be interesting....Keira will be here all week (I have to get her to a T-ball practice on Wed. and game on Thurs.) Not such a big deal, except Gpa will be here Mon. morning thru Thurs. afternoon. So that means I will be sleeping on the floor will be okay,though. Sis is going out of town and we don't want Gpa to be left alone like she has done in the past. At least we found out about it and could make the proper arrangements.

    I am watching the kids for Lindsey and David tomorrow, so they can go to the home supply store. Probably mid-morning thru lunchtime. Not a dull moment, I would say, lol!

    Better get my clothes out of the washer and head to bed myself...thinking of you all!
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    Hi Kids

    The crepe myrtle trees are in bloom again. They had flowers in May too. The much filmed
    Carroll Street has several of these trees; really large ones. They are spectacular. Here's
    a pic of a smaller one:


    The colors range from purple through shades of pink and red. If you look up Carroll Street
    on Wikipedia, you can see most of the houses on the street. The big picture at the top of
    the page shows the house that is opposite our corner of the block. It is painted in shades
    of green with gold trim. It is the biggest and most impressive house in my humble etc.

    Springwater, are you buried in chores without any helpers? Do they have agencies to
    supply same in your city? Not that I've ever hired any. I did go with a friend one time
    to a U-Haul place though. He hired two Mexicans who were standing around on the
    sidewalk waiting for work. I think he paid them ten bucks @ to help him move. Only
    took about an hour for the heavy items.

    My mother had zinnias and dahlias in her garden. She thought zinnias were nice,
    cheerful plants for the garden. She would not use them in bouquets or bring them in
    the house though. They were "strictly outside plants." She had some dark red dahlias
    she put on display in a milk glass dish. Very dramatic.

    Sunflower, I am all out of practice at drying dishes, but I do wash them now and then.
    Not only is air drying less work, it is supposed to be less germy. BTW, there are
    several videos about hygiene on Youtube. The star is Germy the Germ.

    Your drink with pineapple and strawberries sounds yummy. Not so sure about kale
    though. What about flax seed? Does that have any taste?

    Granni, yes our celebrations of birthdays and holidays are not much. Pretty much non
    existent. I can't sit long enough to go out for dinner, but Gordon's birthday was last
    month, and I told him I'd treat to dinner if he'd go pick up the stuff. He said there wasn't
    much point since I can't chew most of what they serve. As for fried rice, which I can
    eat, he can and does make that often right here. How soon will you painting project
    be done? Are you having repairs or alterations too?

    Mikie, I sent an e mail to an old friend and used your Miley Cyrus joke. I gave credit
    to my witty cyber friend in Florida.

    Hugs everydobby
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Rock, you are still the King of Puns. I was wondering whether she takes drugs. If so, the song should be, "High Ho." One year at Publix, they got those cloth reusable shopping bags with "Ho, ho, ho!" on them. I called them, ho bags. Two of the women, who are sisters to one another and also sisters of Kathy Hilton (mother of Paris Hilton) on "Housewives of Beverly Hills" were child actresses in Disney movies. Kim, the older of the Housewives was in "Return to Witch Mountain." She was so cute. Now, she looks sooooo haggard from alcoholism. They toss around filthy language when they fight; all of them on that show do. I'll bet Walt is turning in his grave. Yes, our Crepe Myrtles are gorgeous too. I've always loved Zinnias; they are so big and bright in all those colors. I did buy a blood red Mandavilla at Lowe's the other day. I'll put my pink one in the open area under the stairs at the other end off the bldg. I'm going to put ours at the foot of the stairs. I'll run fishing line down from the stair railing for it to climb on. Red at the entrance is very, very good Feng Shui.

    Julie, what a beautiful pic of the kids with Sheba. It looks like a professional shot. Sheba is in her protective pose, with her back to her family, facing out so she can see, and deal with, any threats. That's a sign of how much a dog loves someone and how much the dog takes its responsibility. When you work on the house, do you have your own hard hat and tool belt? Trust me, it's a real turn on for men. I was much younger when I worked on our house but I wore my tool belt over my cutoff jeans. I also wore work boots. Doesn't sound sexy? Just try it!

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you were injured in PT too. We put our trust, not to mention our bodies, in the hands of medical professionals and they should never hurt us. "First, do no harm." I go in this morning so they can see how the leg is doing. I'm more concerned about the sciatica, which is now worse again. Three weeks and $400 in co-pays down the drain--insult on top of injury. Bosch dishwashers do not even have an automatic dry function. I don't use mine. I turn it off and, when the dishes are done, I open the door and let it air dry. It only takes a bit and uses a lot less NRG. Sorry DH doesn't like the NB drink. Maybe if you just do fruit, he would drink it. With the new blood thinners, it's OK to eat pretty much anything but with the old Warfarin, you can't have vitamin K so no greens, like kale. Is he drinking the one you bought in the can (can't remember the name)?

    Granni, I've worn contacts for years but the glasses I have are sooooo comfortable, and I look good in them, that I seldom bother with the contacts. When I had Sjogren's symptoms, my eyes were too dry to wear them. I have no trouble with them; they are very comfortable. My new glasses are plum colored titanium with very lightweight polycarbonate (a fancy word for plastic :) lenses. I use progressive lenses. I'm anxious to get my new ones. I've had these old ones quite a while. You didn't make a mistake. The hamstring is a term for both tendons and muscles. My tendons are intact but the muscle is what tore. A torn muscle will heal. A completely torn tendon requires surgery. I snapped my bicep tendon about 12 or so years ago and had to have surgery on it. It's a big-deal surgery which can sideline an athlete for a year. It sidelined me for about six months and I've been told never to hang by that arm.

    Well, dear ones, I had better go make myself look less horrid as my PT appt. is at 8:00. When I get home, if I can walk without too much pain, I have to take my garbage down. I just dumped the litterbox contents in a big garbage bag and double bagged it. It will mean an extra trip to the dumpster but her litter doesn't clump like Scoop Away does. Poor Sylvester had to go while I was cleaning it out. He waited for me and then made a beeline to the box. In many ways, these kitties are so sweet and so good. I've lowered my expectations a bit and cracked down on them where it counts and it seems to be working. I don't have time to re-read what I've typed so if there is poor grammar or typos, please overlook them.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good sun-shiney morning, everyone! I made sure I got up when my alarm went off the first time :rolleyes: so I can get a few things done before the kiddos get here. Lindsey and David haven't been out alone in weeks (or maybe months?) so I will encourage them to have a lunch date while shopping for groceries and supplies for the house. Glad I got Gpa's yard mowed yesterday; don't have it to worry about.

    Rock, those myrtle trees are so pretty! I doubt many of the plants, trees, etc. that you guys (and Mikie) have would survive an Iowa winter. Celebrations at home can be just as fun, true? Den asked if I wanted to rent a cabin overnight or do something else for my birthday...I told him we have so much going on right now that it would just seem like more "work." We do have a "date night" planned for tomorrow...we're out of 2 X 4's, so will be going to the home supply store ourselves, lol! funny about the hard hat and tool belt! Den's big "sexy thing" is when I wear a ball cap and let my ponytail hang out the hole in the back of the cap, lol! Around home I usually wear my hair twisted up into a barrette, and once in awhile he will ask me to put it up in a ponytail instead. Maybe it reminds him of when we were dating (41 years ago) and my hair was long...I've only been letting it grow again the past couple of years. Now, if only it were so easy to go "back in time" with this old body ;)

    About the pic...yes, a photographer came to the farm and took family pictures that time.

    Hope this PT appt. goes better than the last one..."no pain, no gain" is very over-rated.

    Hello to everyone who stops by the porch today...hope you have a good enough day. I will be knee deep in toddlers till early afternoon, so won't be on here much.
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    Good morning awl. Gee cannot believe this new Porch has so many posts already. The guys are here getting ready to paint. I am in the den and think I do not need to leave here but will when DH gets home from his breakfast (men's).

    Mikie - I hope you come home feeling better from PT and not worse.

    Rock - The painters/handyman are painting, fixing leaks and problems that needed to be fixed before painting, I will be thrilled when they are done.. There is dust EVERYWHERE but I know it can't be helped. Glad you can eat fried rice and there is lots of good stuff in it. I love it too but I haven'[t eatn Chinese food I so ti,
    Julie - I hope you survive the toddlers :)!! LOL I know how busy they can be. Hope to hear from you later on. I know when the little ones are around it would be hard to even concentrate on what you are reading or writing on the computer. Did I miss something? Where was that picture of you all and Sheba that some were talking about.?? I had to laugh about your TV date with Den. We usually meet up in the bedroom at 9:00 to watch something. If the program bores me, I may do some lite reading :)!! (magazine, or medical stuff or supps I need to buy, etc.).

    Gee the men sometimes are so quiet I can hardly tell there is anyone here. Good thing my cleaning lady is coming next week . I will need the help in getting rid some of this dust. I have already dusted so before putting some of the stuff back.

    Sun - Did you find that book you wanted to read at the library? I think you said the library. Was it for fun reading or medical? Hope DH is doing better today. Yes, maybe fruity a drinks would be more palatable for him, with maybe some veggies that are not in the green leafy category that would interfere with his clotting issues. I am sure this whole thing is so overwhelming . You have to b so careful of what interferes with what. Still need to do some more reading in that book to see if I can find anything that might be helpful at all.. Of course none of it helps he won't take or drink it. Poor guy and you to, I am sure it can be very frustrating. Thinking about you and so many others going through this type of thing.

    Jam and SW - Hope all is well with you both.

    Hope to check back later to see how things are going !!

    Thinking of everyone including those not mentioned or seen recently on the porch - Dar, Windy, Leah, Elaine and to many to mention.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Just have a sec before I go "on duty"...we are going to play outside while it is nice and fairly cool.

    Granni, that pic is towards the end of the last volume...I think it ended up being post #28 or some such. Good luck staying out the men's way, lol!
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    Home at last; home at last. Thank the Lord Almighty I'm home at last. Home, where I can wrap my leg, put on the TENS unit, and ice everything up. Evidently the reason my sciatica has been so painful the last two days is because the accident, when I tore the muscle, was soooo violent and painful that it was like a whiplash for my whole bod. Today, the tech put my pelvis/hips back into alignment and did myofacial release and massage. It feels a lot better. The boss of the place just called and said if the leg isn't much better in a week or two, or gets worse, to call and they will work on my without my having to pay a co-pay. I told him I appreciated his calling. I really think it will just take time. I watched many You Tube videos so I know how to care for the hamstring. Just wanted to update everyone. I'm optimistic it will get better now. Thank you all for your sweet concern and support.

    Julie, ain't nothin' gets guys more excited than a long ponytail. I like the way they look hanging out the back of ballcaps. My hair is short but they sell the caps with the ponytail attached. Seems kinda like cheating to me. I wish I had a pic of how I looked in my construction outfit. I'll bet our paperboy, who is now grown, still gets the hots when he sees a toolbelt ;) When is your birthday? We used to keep up on these things but I never know whose is when now.

    Granni, glad the guys are quiet. I hate having noisy repairmen around. Glad you have the cleaning woman to clean up after them too. I could use a cleaning woman about now. Decided to let the garbage sit until in the morning when it's cooler. I really shouldn't be doing anything today but resting, massage, icing and compression. I've been watching a really good, but really sad, movie, "The Best Man Holiday." I need to head into the bedroom so I can elevate the leg. I've put the note, with Julie's little rolly-polly bug on it in the window of the storm door so no one will bother me.

    Love to everyone,

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    Hi awl,

    The guys he finally left for the day. They'll be back tomorrow but at least I will have the weekend with them gone. They are good though but they haven't gotten into the real living areas yet. The other area are looking nice and clean though. Since I was stuck outside I decided to tackle my many pages of recipes. I put some in a couple of loose leaf binders but I only had 2 packages of those separators. I still have many more which I think I will look through and maybe can a bunch. I will probably get rid of many others later on. I threw out some and gave some of the small Campbells booklets that are pretty old but have good recipes I to one of the painters who was talking about trying to cook with and or for his family and girlfriends. My problem is I am a lazy cook lately and don't like recipes with to many ingredients in them :)!! I collect them and maybe some day I'll make them ! At least I am strarti9g to make some order or at least try too. What a mess I have - ugh !!

    Julie - Were you talking about the picture o Lindsay, David, baby Lorraine and dear Sheba? I did see that one but it sounded like there was another. Maybe I misunderstood. Those girls and Isaiah at the picnic table, the small one for kids was so cute. They are getting so big. Not sure if I saw that one on the Porch or on FB. Things really will be hopping when the new baby is born. Hope she is not feeling to uncomfortable. Nice that they can get away for the afternoon, Lindsay and David to do some shopping. Even that feels like a date and is wonderful they can escape for awhile to have lunch and do what is needed. Shopping when the kids are small can be quite hectic, I know. So nice of you to watch those babies for awhile. I know it is very much appreciated. Just wondering if Lindsay is still nursing the twins?

    Mikie - Glad you got home so you can do everything to help your torn muscle heal properly. That was also nice of the head doc to call you to say you didn't have to pay for your treatments after a certain date if still feeling very painful. Hope that you will much better soon but try and rest a bitt more, I know that is some what hard to do. Hope the rest tonight will help you.

    Time to go and start some dinner., easy casserole with chicken, cr. of mushroom soup, and stuffing mix. So easy and good.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Julie - O dear, Sis is engaged. I hope that doesn't cause more problems . If he sticks around maybe he can take over the mowing !!! Really if he does stick around I would give up that job right away, even if you like to do so and see Grandpa too. I don't know what I is about some women who always think that they have to have a man constantly. If they don't have one they have to go find one right away. Poor grandpa though, it sounds as if this new guy may not let dear Grandpa get in a word in edgewise in his own house. Maybe this guy needs a home or a place to stay.

    Well, I wanted to check in before getting my shower and all. Put one of the rooms sort of back together before they come back tomorrow and tear another room apart tomorrow.

    Gotta run for now and hope all are dong well. Hope to see you all tomorrow .

    Granni :)
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    Anyway...think I will post that pic of Lindsey's kids here. These little ones are what keeps me going, so I can forget about Sis and her disgusting life.

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    That picture is just to cute !!! Those little ones are sure getting big and will soon have a baby brother or sister. Isaiah sure looks like he is getting tall, not sure if it is the outfit or not. Is Liora almost as tall as her brother, or what? Can't tell from the picture. Not sure if she is sitting down or not. The picture is also very colorful. Maybe Lindsey and David will have another boy to even out the score :)!!!! LOL Have thy discussed names with you at all?? It is nice that they have lots of space outdoors to play.

    IF Sis and he do marry he should at least take on some of the responsibility of mowing and doing other things around the house, or picking up the downstairs. I know that you want to visit with Grandpa and see how he I doing but you could do that in junction with something else so at least he can earn his keep. I surely doesn't sound like she is. Wow, I hope that (them marrying) doesn't cause extra problems for Grandpa and for you all.

    Hope everydobby has a nice restful sleep, including Mikie !! However, if the kitties make noise hopefully they won't be heard since they are out in their safe and cozy Liani(sp)? .

    Thinking of Sun, Spring Water, Dar, Diane, Joan , Windy and any others.

    Hope to get here sometime tomorrow.

    Nighttall !!!

    Granni :)
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    Julie: What a soap opera you've got there with sis. Can't Den just tell her what a "jerk"/fool she is? Does Gpa want this? Can't he just tell her to move out of his house with Den backing him up? Is this going to be HER house when Gpa passes away?

    And that pic. of the 3 little ones is adorable. Isaiah does really LOOK like all boy.

    Granni: sounds like you've got some good painters! How much longer? You must be having the whole inside painted, and I'm sure it's going to feel wonderful once it's all done.

    Mikie: I think those kitties are slowly slipping back into the routine they had with you before. That's great news. Yep, just like little to train them.

    Rock: I love crepe myrtle trees! Such "fluffy" flowers. My dad planted about 20 bushes back in the 50s. My grandfather worked at a local park where they were planting them and these were extras. Those bushes were ripped out years ago after my parents home was sold and demolished to build condos but occasionally I drive past the park and those crepe myrtles are still standing and huge.

    1. Is the house you live in one of those old victorian homes? About 35 years ago we went to one of the yearly Carroll Ave. restoration gatherings, went thru some of the old houses that were open, and I drooled over all of them. I wanted soooooo much to live in one of those. I think you mentioned Gordon's mom owned it originally. How long ago did she purchase it? AND as I recall we went to a party given by a friend of my DH......a BD party.......and I remember how they talked about how much work they had put into their home, restoring it.
    I think I'm getting "cold feet" about the colonoscopy. Yesterday I had a bad day with hypoglycemia and then again today. I was doing a search on how people manage who have this problem. And my cleaning lady was telling me about how her DH passed out an hr. before leaving for the hospital. I'm not afraid of the procedure, but the day of prep scares the heck out of me. I have the appt. for the consultation next week so I'm making a list of questions to ask him. I'm one of those people who has to EAT protein rather than drink something since from the time I was a teenager.
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    Wow, Julie, this just keeps getting worser and worser. I would have had to bite my tongue talking with sis's boyfriend not to say, "Gee, you are just like the last ten guys sis came home with." I never say these things but think of them later when I'm still seething. I try not to seethe as it's so bad for us but an ongoing problem, in which you are not able to call the shots, can't help but be ever present in your mind. I am worried that sis' behavior has accelerated from neglect to possibly knowingly putting GPA in a very dangerous situation with that treadmill. She wouldn't be the first one to be thinking a parent is the only thing standing between her and the house. Also, she may be thinking it would be easier to keep a man if GPA were out of the way. I'm sorry for voicing these dark thoughts but I can't help it with just what I know from your postings. She is beyond nuts; she's scary. :eek: Let's segue to something better: that pic of the kids is GREAT!!! Do you have a really good camera? My computer has an HD screen and a lot of pics aren't as clear as yours because they don't have enough pixels. In any case, they are adorable. :)

    Granni, I'm sure you will be glad when all those guys are done and your home is repaired and beautified. Geez, I get excited when I get a new knick-knack for my condo. Hope you got the one room kinda put back together. It will make you feel better about the chaos everywhere else. Keep telling yourself, "This too shall end," and when it does, everything will make you happy. :)

    Sunflower Girl, yes, please do talk to your doc about your problems with the prep, considering your situation. There is another way they can do a colonoscopy; they use a scan. It isn't intrusive but my guess is that it requires the prep too. The colon must be cleaned out so that little flat polyps, like I have, can be seen with the light. :confused: I hope the doc has an answer for you.

    I woke at 1:00 this morning and took a swig of ZQuil to get back to sleep. I got an ice bag for my headache and snorted some nasal spray. I felt stuffed up. Of course, seeing lights on in the condo got the cats riled up but I just left them outside until almost 6:00 when I finally woke up. My leg is a bit sore and my body still feels as though I was in a car wreck but I think the pelvis/hip area is still in place. They showed me another way to try to pop it back in if it should pop out again. When the muscle tore, it was so violent that I think it just caused everything to move in a way God never intended. OUCH!!! :mad: I've been sloooooowly stretching out the hamstring and massaging the area. Of course, I elevate it, wrap it and ice it. It'll take a while for it to heal. In the meantime, the sciatic pain is much less but it's sore too from all the massage and breaking down the myofacial trigger points. Seems as tough when anything happens, it triggers those sore lumps; hmmmm! Could that by why they are called trigger points? ;)

    I checked at Lowe's again after I left PT to see whether they have gotten the foam sleeve filters for my wet 'n dry vac in yet. They are on order. Still not in. I'm going to check other stores to see whether I can find them. Without them, wet pickup is impossible. They had a special on orchids for only $16.99. That's cheap for nice orchids. I found a purple one which looks as though the blossoms have little faces. There are two blooming stems. Barb's purple one has smaller blooms which are solid, like purple velvet. I had to repot it as their orchid expert taught me to do. I had bought an orchid pot and bark medium to plant it in. It was actually planted in pretty good bark as it was. The original pot it came in, which isn't what an orchid ought to be in, is beautiful--terra cotta with a ribbed design at the top and glazed a beautiful blue below the ribbing. I need to find something to plant in it. It's tall and would even look good in the kitchen with some utensils in it.

    I had put the cats out a bit earlier last evening as Tweety was getting restless, crying and trying to walk on top of things. Then, I slept later so they were out there a long time. I noticed my little throw rug out there was bunched up. Well, they had used it for a litter box and bunched it up to cover up their mess. AACK!!! :confused: I had to pick up the solid stuff. Both had peed on it too. After cleaning if off, I threw it in the washing machine. Last time I had them, I had put a litter box out there under one of the chairs. I may do that again. They make a mess around their litter boxes when they cover things up but vacuuming up litter on the floor is more appealing than finding poop and pee on my rug. :eek: All in all, though, they are being pretty good. They will only get mellower as they age. I can see a big difference between now and when they were last here.

    Today is a big day. I take the garbage down and collect my mail. I'll have to make two trips down because I have the contents of their litter box to take to the dumpster, plus recycables. It's the litter Julie had brought over and it's not as good as Scoop Away. With Scoop Away, pee forms into a solid clump like cement. With the one Julie was using, the scoop caused the clumps to break apart. Eventually, the box smelled like ammonia. With Scoop Away, one never has to replace the litter because all the waste is removed each time it is cleaned. I have to add to it from time to time but never have to throw it all away. I looooooove Scoop Away!

    AACK!!! They are running one of those SPCA commercials on "Morning Joe." I have to change the channel. I can't bear to watch them. I have my hands full with these two scamps who own me now. I can't afford to support any more charities so why watch those sad, helpless animals? I hope they do get a lot of money and I support anything for animals, children and the elderly, basically, those in our society who are helpless. I just can't help financially. I don't have the health to volunteer at the shelter and, even if I could, I don't think I could stand to see the animals caged up, waiting for homes. Geez, after using my throw rug for a bathroom, these two are lucky not to be looking for a new home. Just kidding! Think I'll go get the spare litter box for them to use at night.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Just popping in again this morning to check in with everyone. I was reading JULIE'S SAGA. Oh what to do if poor Grandpa gives in to her after awhile and she doesn't listen to anyone. It sounds like a big accident waiting to happen, in more ways than one. That is all I can say about this messy situation. Hang it there girl !! DH will be back soon from working out and will probably need the computer when he gets home.

    It makes me feel what a boring life I lead but that is OK too. There is only so much you can do when he person you are trying to take care of as well as the daughter who is supposed to be living there and helping out her father is so mixed up and acting like a bad teenager. If things get really worse Den will HAVE to really step in, I am afraid, or call in some authorities who are suppose to be helping the elderly, or trying to keep people from taking advantage of them . However, if Grandpa keeps backing her up who knows what other than perhaps talking him in. WHAT A MESS !! You really don't need any more people at your house, no matter how much you love them (Grandpa). Oh dear !!!

    The painters are working away in the dining room and living room, I think. When they get to our bedroom and master bath and kitchen that will be fun. That will be next week, I think. BTW, we will be gone most of the week after next week. Talk about a hectic week before. It will be busy and wild with painters probably still here and trying to get ready to go on our trip to see daughter #4.

    Mikie - you surely have been busy with all your comings, goings, muscle pain, sciatica, etc. etc. plus kitty cats :)!!! Glad you will try and keep them and hope it works out for you, and them. They surely had better behave as they really have it great where they are now - with you :)!!! Hope you feel better really soon. I think another litter box out there on the lanai sounds like a great idea.

    Sun - Try not and get cod feet. Yes, make yourself a list of questions to ask the doc regarding your special situation and see what he says. The prep is no fun for sure but it wasn't as bad as the first time I had a sigmoidoscopy - horrible drinking stuff. This stuff wasn't as bad, only two bottles of stuff if I remembered to add water to, if I remember correctly. The colonoscopy was take a nap tie for me :)!! Hang in their sweetie.

    TTYAL !! DH is home.

    Gotta run for now !

    Love to all,
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    Julie: I'm seeing mucho troubles with this man moving into the house. I see it.....he's the one getting the better deal cause he's getting a house to live in and sis probably pays for everything. And.......I'm sure she's filling Gpas head with......."wouldn't it be great to move in permanently with Julie and Den".'s another about finding someone to move into the house to take care of and watch over Gpa? That would be 4 people living there.

    OMG.......that scares the heck out of me that they could be plotting things. And......would she be going to the same lawyer with Gpa that you know of, to change anything, unbeknownst to you? If so, perhaps you need to have a talk with the lawyer, that you be notified of anything.

    Well, I made my decision. I need to cancel my consult with the doc. re: colonoscopy. I spend almost every day from waking to about mid afternoon fighting the low blood sugar feelings and the shakes and I can't knowingly put myself in this position. I figure if God wants to take me home with cancer, then that's the way I'll go. In the meantime, I work on staying very regular to flush out the body.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sun - Just curious about what you use to detox. I have read about many and really just haven't done so. There never seems to be the right time. I am so happy to after all thee years being fairly regular. Normally I would have gone every 3-4 days if lucky. Geez !! The Benefiber and extra Magnesium have helped me a lot !!!!! Some of those drinks you have been making for DH sounds like they would be wonderful for you to. Not sue I cold get my DH to eat or drink anything with kale in it :)!! Well, you have made your decision and so keep on doing what you are doing. You sound like you will be good and healthy, at least with your bottom half :)!!!

    Julie - I agree with Sun it sounds like lots of trouble with sis, boyfriend and Grandpa.. Some people have no common sense. I know like one of my daughters. Can't even say much about her cause I know little right now and somehow think it is probably good I don't know what is going on. May d be wit you and help you all on this journey. Who knows what is going to happen with them all. Was sis the only girl in the family or the baby.? Cause she acts like she was treated royally or at least wishes she were.

    I may be going soon to Zumba Gold at our club. It is the Senior version so will see. I wish they would have called it Zumba Silver then that would have made sense. It is dance moves to music which I love since I am not doing much dancing any more. Hate to go out in the heat again - ugh !!

    I need to get dinner started before I go, or at least get a few things out to e ready to fix it. We'll see how much NRG if I have any, in a short while, first if I even get there. LOL

    Mikie - Hope you are doing well today.

    Jam -Glad you popped in to say hi. Hope you are feeling as OK as you can be. I know what you mean about trying to keep things simple. However, sometimes things happen and you can thrown a curve ball as they say.

    Bye for now. Thinking of everyone,

    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Julie, I think you have gone way beyond what anyone should have to. I'm glad you have your own loving family. I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday. I know you enjoy your family and they all love you too. That's no small thing! I'd also say just turn it over to God and ask for His protection for GPA. Bless your heart; you're such a good person.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you've been fighting the low blood sugar. Maybe when it's more stabilized, you could, at least, have the consult. There may be something the doc can do. You have your hands full right now with DH and low blood sugar.

    Jam, I'm with you when it comes to keeping life simple. These cats certainly complicate things but Julie and I are all they have. Other than that, my life is so beautifully dull and I hope it stays that way. I've lived through drama in my younger years and never want to again.

    Granni, I hope you enjoy your Gold Zumba. I imagine they named it for the Golden Years. You are one busy woman and you keep yourself in good shape.

    THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GOOD WISHES FOR MY BACK AND LEG. I still feel as though I've been in an auto accident. I'm trying to be a bit more active and do a couple of stretches. I'm running a slight temp and that may be why I hurt all over. I may have picked up a bug. That would explain why I woke at 1:00 with a stuffy head. I managed to take the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster and get my mail. I also put the other litter box out on the lanai. Hopefully, no pooping on my throw rug tonight.

    Today is the 12th anniversary of my Mom's passing. I usually sit outside each year and just be quiet and look at the sky and other beauty around me. Something unusual always happens. There was a cumulus cloud and just over the top of it was a small cloud which looked just like a halo over it. Also, I emptied my wet 'n dry vac and found a 10 cent Euro coin. It was minted in 2002, the year Mom died. They say when you find pennies minted in the year of someone's death, they are Pennies From Heaven. I put it by her picture. I'll never stop missing her and can still remember her beautiful smile. Time does help heal. It doesn't mean you forget; it just means the pain isn't quite as raw and painful.

    The cats are snoozing, one on the top of the back of the loveseat and the other on one of their little mats on the floor. Like with kids, they look so sweet and innocent when they sleep that you can almost forget how ornery they can be. My neighbor downstairs brought up some treats her cat refuses to eat. There are some treats these guys turn up their noses at if I just put them on the floor but they scarf them up when mixed with their food. I have to be a bit tricky just to survive them.

    My love to all my Online Family,

  18. bretzie

    bretzie Member

    Hi Mikie,

    I'm new here (was on the board years ago). Is it OK to bring up health issues? I read somewhere (oh boy brain fog) on this board that you were "mostly asymptomatic from my CFIDS, FMS, hypothyroidism, and Sjogren's, I still carry the mycoplasma bacterium and whatever Herpes-Family Virus, both or either of which can reactivate if I get run down. " which sounded GREAT to me.

    I am very very weak, homebound, pretty isolated, actually totally isolated ... can't sleep at night, AAARGH. What I'd asked on the prior version was what you attribute your asymptomatic condition to? I've tried the gamut from Glutathione shots, Methyl B12 shots, lots of supplements, working with a very good herbalist in CA (didn't help). If this is the wrong place for this, please just let me know where I could ask you.

    Love the pix of the adorable little girls by lydia

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2014
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Bretzie, the porch has no set topic. We just talk about whatever we like. And a lot of
    the time it is health issues. People who want to discuss a specific topic like the use of a
    particular supplement or a doctor in Kansas may want to post on a more specific thread. Anyhoo, welcome back and fire at will. Or post at will.

    As the Russian author who moved to England, Victor Mollo said, it is always good to
    see new faces or old faces rejuvenated by time.

    I can't sleep either. Had insomnia when I was in grade school. Probably something to
    do with the alcoholic and dysfunctional home I grew up in.

    On a more cheerful note, I am reading the latest book by Joan Rivers. I'm so old I
    remember when Joan was new. Anyhoo it says in the introduction that the book was
    written to the best of Joan's memory and may not be 100% factual. Or even 5%. It is a comedic book. Anyone who takes it seriously is an idiot. And those who have a
    problem with that should contact her lawyer Clarence Darrow.

    Gordon went to the library yesterday and brought home 4 books. All for him. Three
    "Murder She Wrote" books and one on dim sum. Which means we now have 4 library
    books on dim sum and nobody knows how many of his own. As Sophie Tucker used
    to sing, "Sum of these Days". We used to have a cocker spaniel whose full name
    was Sophie Tucker, the last of the red hot mamas. Both sophies lived to a
    great age.

    I'm so old I remember seeing Sophie on TV when I was a kid. She was on variety
    shows. Sang songs from her youth. Always wore an evening gown and carried a huge
    hankerchief, kinda like Luciano Pavarotti. Built like him too. Although a big star
    in America she was born in Russia. Wonder if she knew Victor Mollo.

    Mikie, I hope you make a speedy recovery from your iatrogenic injury. You are
    really a nice person to care for the cats with all the other stuff going on. If I find
    any good puns in Joan's book, I will relay them to you. I think she's located in
    a different part of the humor universe though.

    Granni, wasn't there a movie called "Last Train to Zuma"? I know the Monkeys
    had a song called "Last Train to Clarksville" and there's a book titled "Last
    Train to Paris". Anyhoo, exercising to music sounds more fun that just
    plain old exercise.

    Gotta go; back later. Or "Be Back Soon" as the song from "Oliver" goes.
    See, it was originally Dicken's "Oliver Twist", but Lionel Bart gave it a
    new twist by setting it to music.

    Ta Ta
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    I'm doing better today. A lot of the aches, which feel like I imagine being run over by a Mac truck must feel, are much less achy. I got up at around 4:00, my new "normal." I worry it will become 3:00 when DST ends. Like Scarlett, I'll worry about that tomorrow. I've already iced my leg and back, taken my 800 mgs. of ibuprophen, put a compression wrap on the leg and elevated it. I will need to do some stretches here pretty soon. I'm just so thankful that my sciatica seems to be holding (knocking on wood here). I have to repot a plant today and string some fishing line for it and another to climb outside. I don't think it will be harmful for my leg and back--famous last words! :) I also have to shower and get to the store; I'm outta milk.

    Cats did fine last night out on the lanai but Tweety is especially restless this morning. She sits in the kitchen window and saw Simon eating his breakfast. I put Sylvester on the windowsill so he could see his old buddy too. Simon looked up and saw them. I watered some plants out on the Balcony and my lanai. My lanai is gorgeous with all kinds of green plants, blooming plants and orchids. Plants are such good Feng Shui. My lanai has white walls and white tile. The fountain in the pond just outside sends ripples of water toward it. Normally, this would be way too much NRG but the plants mitigate it and soften it. My Mom had a pottery fish she bought in Mexico. It is arched gracefully with a huge open mouth. I face it toward the water to "capture" the excess NRG. I'm tellin' y'all, this Feng Shui stuff really works. I need to find something for the health bagua.

    Denise, so good to have you back with us. You are right; all the symptoms of my immune and auto-immune conditions, including OA in my hands (could be RA too ), CFIDS/ME, FMS, hypothyroidism, and Sjogren's Syndrome are gone. I still have to keep the Whatever Herpes-Family Virus under control with Acyclovir. If the mycoplasma infection tries to rear its ugly head, my own immune system usually beats it back into latency. Even though the arthritis in my hand and wrist no longer hurts or swells, there is some deformity which won't go away but, at least, it's been halted. I had a year's treatment with peptide injections (now called, amino acid solution injections as mandated by the FDA). This is a treatment which has been successfully used in Europe for more than two decades. Insurance doesn't cover it. When I did it, the injections cost $300 each but the price has gone up as costs and demand have risen. My doc is Dr. Gomeringer in Fort Myers, FL. Generally, he doesn't know the other docs who do this treatment. There are only about 20 docs in the U.S. who do them. Please, feel free to bring up most anything here.

    Jam, as you know, I never wanted pets at this time in my life but I would rather have these two loving creatures than dump them at a shelter. I've loved them since someone dumped them here five years ago when they were skinny, and wounded, kittens. They did fine living outside and having neighbors feed them but the nasty lady has complained and it is against the rules to feed homeless animals. As it is, I put Simon's food out about 4:00 when I get up. By 5:00, he's already eaten and his dishes come in. I put out filtered water as it's probably the only clean water he gets. Tweety and Sylvester love it and drink a lot. T and S are adjusting to life inside. One nice thing is that I don't have to worry about a flea infestation like we had with them a couple of years ago. I don't even put the flea and tic med on their necks as the vet said it wasn't necessary. Yes, we do what we want and, right now, I want to ensure these kitties have a safe and loving home.

    Rock, I remember when Joan was brand new to comedy too. She can be a bit edgy and make people uncomfortable but I've always loved her. Her latest kerfuffle was caused by an interviewer asking why she wears fur. Joan left the interview in a huff after defending herself by saying the animals were killed years ago and she is an animal rights activist. No animal activist I know wears fur. I'm not saying it's wrong (my Mom had a fur coat years ago) but it's not consistent with modern day animal rights activism. I'm wondering whether she is kinda losing it. I remember her famous fight with Johnny Carson when she took a night show on another network in the same time slot as "The Tonight Show," without even calling him first. He gave her her start and he never forgave her nor spoke to her again. I gotta give her credit, though. She is one of the hardest working people in show biz and has her own line of jewelry, clothing and accessories. Thank you for your sweet, kind words about my caring for the cats. It does have its rewards along with its challenges but y'all know I'm a whiner so I have to whine when they do something like pooping on my throw rug, even if it was my own fault. Now, they have no excuses; there is a nice clean litter box out on the lanai. With the pond out back, perhaps the cats think they are on a cruise and staying on the poop deck.

    OK, kids, gotta get going or I'll never do anything today. Sending my love to all y'all.