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    Oh Granni, a few are discussing liver detox agents on the FM group...dandelion root, charcoal are a couple being talked about. I may check out charcoal and I do take Milk Thistle for many years. My one friend is always trying to help me get out of joint pain...she just sent me her Liver Cleanse receipe, it's a 2 day production and one does eliminate bile stones if done properly...... jam
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    Hi Mikie,

    I'm new here (was on the board years ago). Is it OK to bring up health issues? I read somewhere (oh boy brain fog) on this board that you were "mostly asymptomatic from my CFIDS, FMS, hypothyroidism, and Sjogren's, I still carry the mycoplasma bacterium and whatever Herpes-Family Virus, both or either of which can reactivate if I get run down. " which sounded GREAT to me.

    I am very very weak, homebound, pretty isolated, actually totally isolated ... can't sleep at night, AAARGH. What I'd asked on the prior version was what you attribute your asymptomatic condition to? I've tried the gamut from Glutathione shots, Methyl B12 shots, lots of supplements, working with a very good herbalist in CA (didn't help). If this is the wrong place for this, please just let me know where I could ask you.

    Love the pix of the adorable little girls by lydia

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    Hi Kids

    Bretzie, the porch has no set topic. We just talk about whatever we like. And a lot of
    the time it is health issues. People who want to discuss a specific topic like the use of a
    particular supplement or a doctor in Kansas may want to post on a more specific thread. Anyhoo, welcome back and fire at will. Or post at will.

    As the Russian author who moved to England, Victor Mollo said, it is always good to
    see new faces or old faces rejuvenated by time.

    I can't sleep either. Had insomnia when I was in grade school. Probably something to
    do with the alcoholic and dysfunctional home I grew up in.

    On a more cheerful note, I am reading the latest book by Joan Rivers. I'm so old I
    remember when Joan was new. Anyhoo it says in the introduction that the book was
    written to the best of Joan's memory and may not be 100% factual. Or even 5%. It is a comedic book. Anyone who takes it seriously is an idiot. And those who have a
    problem with that should contact her lawyer Clarence Darrow.

    Gordon went to the library yesterday and brought home 4 books. All for him. Three
    "Murder She Wrote" books and one on dim sum. Which means we now have 4 library
    books on dim sum and nobody knows how many of his own. As Sophie Tucker used
    to sing, "Sum of these Days". We used to have a cocker spaniel whose full name
    was Sophie Tucker, the last of the red hot mamas. Both sophies lived to a
    great age.

    I'm so old I remember seeing Sophie on TV when I was a kid. She was on variety
    shows. Sang songs from her youth. Always wore an evening gown and carried a huge
    hankerchief, kinda like Luciano Pavarotti. Built like him too. Although a big star
    in America she was born in Russia. Wonder if she knew Victor Mollo.

    Mikie, I hope you make a speedy recovery from your iatrogenic injury. You are
    really a nice person to care for the cats with all the other stuff going on. If I find
    any good puns in Joan's book, I will relay them to you. I think she's located in
    a different part of the humor universe though.

    Granni, wasn't there a movie called "Last Train to Zuma"? I know the Monkeys
    had a song called "Last Train to Clarksville" and there's a book titled "Last
    Train to Paris". Anyhoo, exercising to music sounds more fun that just
    plain old exercise.

    Gotta go; back later. Or "Be Back Soon" as the song from "Oliver" goes.
    See, it was originally Dicken's "Oliver Twist", but Lionel Bart gave it a
    new twist by setting it to music.

    Ta Ta
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    Hi, Porchies,

    I'm doing better today. A lot of the aches, which feel like I imagine being run over by a Mac truck must feel, are much less achy. I got up at around 4:00, my new "normal." I worry it will become 3:00 when DST ends. Like Scarlett, I'll worry about that tomorrow. I've already iced my leg and back, taken my 800 mgs. of ibuprophen, put a compression wrap on the leg and elevated it. I will need to do some stretches here pretty soon. I'm just so thankful that my sciatica seems to be holding (knocking on wood here). I have to repot a plant today and string some fishing line for it and another to climb outside. I don't think it will be harmful for my leg and back--famous last words! :) I also have to shower and get to the store; I'm outta milk.

    Cats did fine last night out on the lanai but Tweety is especially restless this morning. She sits in the kitchen window and saw Simon eating his breakfast. I put Sylvester on the windowsill so he could see his old buddy too. Simon looked up and saw them. I watered some plants out on the Balcony and my lanai. My lanai is gorgeous with all kinds of green plants, blooming plants and orchids. Plants are such good Feng Shui. My lanai has white walls and white tile. The fountain in the pond just outside sends ripples of water toward it. Normally, this would be way too much NRG but the plants mitigate it and soften it. My Mom had a pottery fish she bought in Mexico. It is arched gracefully with a huge open mouth. I face it toward the water to "capture" the excess NRG. I'm tellin' y'all, this Feng Shui stuff really works. I need to find something for the health bagua.

    Denise, so good to have you back with us. You are right; all the symptoms of my immune and auto-immune conditions, including OA in my hands (could be RA too ), CFIDS/ME, FMS, hypothyroidism, and Sjogren's Syndrome are gone. I still have to keep the Whatever Herpes-Family Virus under control with Acyclovir. If the mycoplasma infection tries to rear its ugly head, my own immune system usually beats it back into latency. Even though the arthritis in my hand and wrist no longer hurts or swells, there is some deformity which won't go away but, at least, it's been halted. I had a year's treatment with peptide injections (now called, amino acid solution injections as mandated by the FDA). This is a treatment which has been successfully used in Europe for more than two decades. Insurance doesn't cover it. When I did it, the injections cost $300 each but the price has gone up as costs and demand have risen. My doc is Dr. Gomeringer in Fort Myers, FL. Generally, he doesn't know the other docs who do this treatment. There are only about 20 docs in the U.S. who do them. Please, feel free to bring up most anything here.

    Jam, as you know, I never wanted pets at this time in my life but I would rather have these two loving creatures than dump them at a shelter. I've loved them since someone dumped them here five years ago when they were skinny, and wounded, kittens. They did fine living outside and having neighbors feed them but the nasty lady has complained and it is against the rules to feed homeless animals. As it is, I put Simon's food out about 4:00 when I get up. By 5:00, he's already eaten and his dishes come in. I put out filtered water as it's probably the only clean water he gets. Tweety and Sylvester love it and drink a lot. T and S are adjusting to life inside. One nice thing is that I don't have to worry about a flea infestation like we had with them a couple of years ago. I don't even put the flea and tic med on their necks as the vet said it wasn't necessary. Yes, we do what we want and, right now, I want to ensure these kitties have a safe and loving home.

    Rock, I remember when Joan was brand new to comedy too. She can be a bit edgy and make people uncomfortable but I've always loved her. Her latest kerfuffle was caused by an interviewer asking why she wears fur. Joan left the interview in a huff after defending herself by saying the animals were killed years ago and she is an animal rights activist. No animal activist I know wears fur. I'm not saying it's wrong (my Mom had a fur coat years ago) but it's not consistent with modern day animal rights activism. I'm wondering whether she is kinda losing it. I remember her famous fight with Johnny Carson when she took a night show on another network in the same time slot as "The Tonight Show," without even calling him first. He gave her her start and he never forgave her nor spoke to her again. I gotta give her credit, though. She is one of the hardest working people in show biz and has her own line of jewelry, clothing and accessories. Thank you for your sweet, kind words about my caring for the cats. It does have its rewards along with its challenges but y'all know I'm a whiner so I have to whine when they do something like pooping on my throw rug, even if it was my own fault. Now, they have no excuses; there is a nice clean litter box out on the lanai. With the pond out back, perhaps the cats think they are on a cruise and staying on the poop deck.

    OK, kids, gotta get going or I'll never do anything today. Sending my love to all y'all.

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    Not much time to be on here right now. Eating breakfast at the computer again. Rock explained the chit chat board pretty well. If you need to post or get info medications, and RX's please check to the other forums, like CFS/FM forums. Anxious to chat more with you on the Chit Chat boards not to be confused with the Chat rooms area.

    W are here for support, sharing and venting :)!!!

    DH is on his way home and I need to go get dressed and start some work around here. What a mess from the painters, stuff all around.

    Love to everyone,
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    Oh Granni, I eat most meals at my computer, no one to cook for and sit down with....just finished my wonderful romaine chicken sausage wrap with raw onions and dijon mustard (breakfast)....I'm not a cereal or bread person for years now...can't go back to that one.

    Mikie, last night on 20/20 there were 2 segments about women with 60 and 75 cats in their homes and yards, etc....and how the real estate people trying to sell homes around them are having FITS.....this is gross to most of us.

    Bretzie, I remember you and believe you joined here back when I did....

    Too too bad about your reverse sleep issues, can't imagine...I worked long and hard to get my sleep combos to keep me sleeping 8-10 hrs in the night.. I have no clue how to reverse that.

    Today is a bridge day so I'm preparing to go out soon...gotta wash my hair and fix myself to look more human. jam

    Julie, I have a couple lady friends (bridge gals) who still at 65+ are man hungry....both have been married, have children etc...but can't find contentment without a man, talking to one friend last night and she is so stressed in her discontentment, I told her to at least get on a diabetes support group forum to talk with others who deal with Type 2.....she comes across like a cripple often and I'm able to do a toughlove job on her and she hangs up saying: "I love you".....

    My health forums have been my retirement hobby/job. jam
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