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    Hi's a new porchlight volume since the other one was "full" :) Well, not really full, but you all know what I mean, lol! I will post this, then come back and visit.

    Please go back and read the last entries...Sunflowergirl's hubby is in the hospital. Sun, I hope they figure out soon what's going on.

    Some of the gang have been discussing "simplifying our lives"...I think that is a great idea.

    Den and I were on the roof quite a bit today...ready to put the steel roofing pieces on part of it...that will make it look like a real house :D

    Apparently my outburst at Sis-in-law yesterday did some good. Boyfriend mowed a lot of the yard for Gpa. I should have "quit" a long time ago, instead of killing myself, trying to make sure it was done. Gpa really couldn't do it with two broken wrists and shouldn't be doing any now...except for MAYBE the very flat parts and only when the weather is okay, considering his lung problems.

    I was looking at our animal shelter's website today and think I found the perfect dog for our family. Her name is Joannie...she's a Black Lab mix (medium size)...3 1/2 years old, so out of the ornery puppy stage. Loves to play fetch and loves attention.

    The volunteer who was messaging me about her says she is very gentle and calm when she gets to be out of her cage. (They all sort of "go crazy" when out in the kennels and someone comes in, because they are trying to say "pick me! pick me!")

    We get Keira back tomorrow night, so I am going to take her and Lorraine with me to meet Joannie. I have already fallen in love with her...watched a video and saw pictures.

    So, that is something to look forward to, for sure.

    I need to finish Den's lunch, then get to bed. Amy is still not feeling the best, but if fever-free will have to go to work tomorrow. At least Keira will be with us so Mommy can just go home from work and straight to bed...Clinton will take care of her.

    Hope everyone had a decent enough weekend. I felt better after deciding not to worry about Gpa's yard, etc., etc. When he is here next weekend, I won't even mention Sis, so will only have to hear about her if Gpa brings something up.

    I called my brother in the middle of his surprise birthday party in Texas...wish I could have gone, but just couldn't do the 14-16 hour drive by myself, in one day. And Den needed me to "hold the rope", lol!
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    Hi Jam...I think we were posting at the same time. Good for you and get rid of things. I am working on it...need to go through my parents' stuff, just haven't had the time. It is over in their mobile home, not in the way of anyone, so I keep putting it on the back burner. Seems like I get started, then have to quit to do something else.

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    Hi, Everydobby, I tried to post on the last Porch and, when I had one paragraph done, I lost it so just decided to wait until today. I had to go back and take a few notes or I'd be lost. Well, maybe, loster than I usually am. :)

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry the chemo has stopped working and DH is in the hosp. I am glad, though, that he is getting the IV for his dehydration. He's going to have to learn he absolutely must drink water. I hope they find out what is causing the blockage. Please let us know and, in the meantime, he and you are my prayers. I'm so glad you have your gardening and painting to help you with stress during this especially stressful time.

    Jam, yes those who went through the Great Depression really hated to let go of "perfectly good" jars. Once, when my Mom was sick, I offered to clean out under her kitchen sink for her. I found it full of washed jars she was saving; that was before recycling. I asked her when she would ever use them and whether I could throw them away. She was so happy with all the organized space she had after the jars were gone. She would have felt guilty throwing those jars away but if I did it, it took the guilt away. I learned when I got divorced that I had to learn to let go. I lost my dream family house, my dog, my fantasy of what a husband should be, basically, my life as I knew it. Same thing when I got sick. I had to go through the grieving process then too. Fortunately for me, I had professional help with a grief counselor both times. I'll wait a bit to ensure that I won't ever use some of my things before I'll be ready to release them. It's a process. I continually cull the closet and give away things.

    Granni, I'm glad you got everything done so packing can be done more easily. I hope and pray you have a safe and happy trip.

    Julie, good for you! I'm glad you spoke up to Sis but I doubt it will last. In the end, you will likely still have to hire someone to do the mowing. At least now, you know it isn't your responsibility to mow it yourself. I doubt she will ever really change so don't waste any of your time and NRG on her. She's not worth the stress she causes and the rest of your family needs you in good shape. Every time you do something to get rid of some stress, tell yourself, "I'm worth it." You are worth it in God's eyes and those of the family who love you. You're worth it to us too. :)

    I got the bldg. smudged and the one next door where Julie lives. She's at her mother's waiting for her back surgery on Tues. I'm still waffling on whether or not to buy the pet door insert. Think I'll talk to the people downstairs because it might be just as noisy if the cats claw at the pet door, trying to open it when the sliding hard door is closed on the rubber flap.

    I also paid two big credit card bills, one including my new glasses and one including my co-pays for the PT. Then, I got my financial papers out to see what I need to do. I have to call my new financial guy for ING to find out how much I have to withdraw when I'm 70 1/2. I tried to read about it but the IRS formula is sooooo complicated that I couldn't figure it out. Actually, I can't figure out how this annuity works even though it comes with colored charts, and I used to be an insurance agent; annuities are insurance products. I read that one needn't take the withdrawal until the April following turning 70 1/2. That would be good. I'd rather not have to take anything. Good news is that the withdrawal does not count toward the guaranteed 7 percent return upon annuitizing. There is a cap on how much one can withdraw before making the guarantee null and void. I hate dealing with this stuff.

    My A/C guy is coming this morning for the annual checkup. I still don't think the unit is performing up to par. I'll have to corral the cats out onto the lanai as the A/C guy usually comes in and out during the checkup. Sylvester has taken to putting his face right in the middle of a small fern out there and just nuzzles it. The fern isn't looking too good. It may be another of those things I have to lose my attachment to. :D

    OK, Guys, enough of this volume of "W&P." I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks JULIE for the new volume !!! DH is at the store and getting gas. I need to eat and get dressed as I have a meeting of or diner group this time. Maybe since I am working on the committee we will be able to go :)! The last two times either DH wasn't feeling well or me - geez !!

    Sun - Sorry DH is in the hospital but hope they will find his problem quickly . Speaking of getting rid o stuff, I need to do that. I know what you mean about saving stuff. I do that a bit but not as bad as my mom. Tat is so true about peeps living thru the depression. They saved almost everything. Due to distance my brother and his wife did the throwing out of stuff. I save a few clean jars to save stuff in the refridge but not like my mom for sure. I need to throw or get rid of some of my clothes. I too have stuff I never wear. I have been trying to give to different charities as they call every month or so and try and ditch some stuff that is still good.

    DH is back and I need to go for now.

    Love Granni

    P.S. Hi to Rock and Mikie. Hpe I didn't miss anyone else. Off to my meeting this mornng.
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    Hey, Kids

    Was just reading "Dear Abby". Some fellow in Wisconsin asked if it would be OK for a
    man of 80 to ask a gal of 50 to dinner. Abby said, Sure. I posted a comment encouraging
    him, but cautioned him not to badger her. Well, after all, I am an alum of the U of W

    Julie, congratulations on turning over Gpa's mowing to someone else. It's always
    hard to relinquish responsibilities to others, but it's also rewarding. Hope the
    new dog is a happy fit for the family.

    With regard to saving glass jars, I guess that made sense when I was a kid. In those
    days housewives canned. Nowadays they don't, and they're no longer housewives. And
    what about margarine tubs? I've been in a couple of back porches that had dozens of
    yellow tubs neatly stacked. (All Sr. Citizen back porches, of course.)

    My parents in law had that Depression era mentality. My father in law drove a bus all
    his adult life. He didn't care for the job too much, but a man who is lucky enough to
    actually have a job doesn't quit. Poor guy came home during his work break for his
    afternoon nap one day when he was 50. Never woke up.

    Granni, bon voyage. As Mikie says, have a safe and happy trip.

    Mikie, you think Sylvester saw one of those signs? "Stop and smell the ferns."

    Gordon has new orchids to smell; although only a few of them have any fragrance.
    He brought home a dozen or so from his last orchid meeting. Four he bought; two
    he won in the drawing; and the rest were gifts. BTW, there is a relatively new
    orchid named Sharry Baby which is reported to smell like vanilla and chocolate.
    These aromas would match its colors. My experience is that the fragrance is
    extremely faint.

    Springwater, hope things are going well at your casa and that you and all of us
    have a little more energy.

    Heard from an old friend; formerly my secretary. Her hubby is a biker. He's had
    several accidents over the decades. Including some with broken bones, hospitalization,
    etc. This last one had turned into a major disaster. Broke his leg a year and a half
    ago. It has not healed. This week they amputated below the knee. He is still
    optimistic. At age 60, he is planning to go back to work and be back on his bike
    by September.

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    :)So many things to do today. Just got back from the dinner group meeting. I should be fun and you should see the house it is going to be at, lovely home on the water, with a pool yet. I get to collect the RSVP's. , that will be fun and challenging seeing as some people in our group are so bad about responding. I need to put the names of everyone in our computer's address book. Will have to wait till I get home to do that.

    I know I will have to do the hair project tonight, even if it very hort. I left it to the last day. I am guessing I may have to do it again at DD's house. I would rather not if possible but we are going to be there about 5 days. W will see if I can stand it or not and wait till I get home. Just wanted to pop in again to say HI to everyone.

    I will hopefully be able t get into PH at DD's house . I should be able to read and then maybe answer if needed.

    Sun - Hope you and DH are feeling somewhat better and they find out his problem with possible blockage or whatever. Hope they can fix it pdq !

    Rock - Glad you are posting. You sound pretty good and even telling us about Dear Abbey. I used to love reading her column. I still would but we no longer take the paper.

    Mikie - You sound like you are feeling better. I hope so !! I have been busy that I have not probably processed the information everyone has been posting lately, very well.

    Julie - Hope you are taking a deep breath and have time to do a little more of what you would like to do and what needs to be done without killing yourself, after eliminating the cutting of gpa's lawn. Hope poor Lindsey is not feeling to awful now that it is almost time for her to have that new baby. Hope thy are all feeling better after that virus they all had not to long ago.

    Jam - Hope you are feeling a-ok to day and get to play Bridge again sometime soon :)!!

    Gotta run and do some more stuff. If I get the chance I will peek in again today. Otherwise I will be back when I can at DD's and when we get home next weekend.

    Love to everydobby inc those not posting and maybe just lurking :)!,
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    Hi again. Had to get online so thought I'd stop in. My computer has been sooooo slooooow that I restored it to a date before Microsoft's last update. Didn't seem to help. Oh well, patience, patience, patience!

    Wow, Granni, pretty soon, you're going to need a social secretary. Wish I had half your NRG. Oops, we must have been posting at the same time.

    Rock, you're still the king of puns. I loved the badger one. Actually, I decided that Sylvester is simply frond of the fern. It's looking perkier today so maybe it likes him as much as he likes it. My Mom used proper Ball canning jars for canning and making pickles but she used some of the reclaimed glass jars for jam and jelly. It was from her that I learned to love making things myself. She was always doing interesting crafts and cooking and baking. I was June Cleaver (without the pearls :) until Phil Donahue came along and raised my consciousness. I needed to be able to support myself and our kids should anything happen to my ex. Something did happen; he lost his mind when he hit mid life but by then, our kids were gone. I think I've mentioned how generous he was in helping me to finish college. It was likely guilt but I prefer to think of it as generosity. But I digress...about the time I was making jelly, Ball came out with little cut glass jelly jars with metal lids with flowers printed on them. We reused what we kept and gave some of them away as gifts. All that was required was a bow on the top. I remember melting paraffin to seal the jelly. I made pickles but usually froze excess veggies from my garden. I remember those days fondly. There is nothing like home made strawberry/rhubarb pie or jelly. Mmmmm!

    My A/C guy came and checked out the compressor. Coolant, and everything else, was fine. We boiled some water and he poured it down the drain. I had done that about a month ago, along with a cup of bleach. The overflow pipe outside belched up a gelatinous blob of fungus which looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. AACK!!! :confused:

    I cleaned out the fur kids' litter boxes for them as I like for them to have a clean place to go. They are both so good about always using their boxes. I also got the framework for our flower boxes lined with foam weather stripping to cushion them on the metal of our newly painted railings. I trimmed the plants which trail over the edges and placed them in the baskets which hold the actual boxes. They look lovely. One little thing at a time. My back hurts a little but that's to be expected. Ooh, ooh, I had better do my PT exercises/stretches. The torn hamstring muscle stretches just a wee bit further each day. I'm going very slowly so it doesn't tear again. I need to find someone to rebuild my glass slider door hardware. It's loose feeling and a bit noisy. I told the people downstairs that I will check into having it fixed but nothing will happen until it's cooler out this fall because the doors have to be removed to fix them.

    OK, everydobby, I am thinking of you all and keeping y'all in my heart. Be well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, et al,

    I really do not have much NRG, just keep on pushing. Glad that when we get to DD's we won't be doing to much except gong shopping with DD and going out to eat, unless e come out with something indoors. I think DH may get a bit bored after while as DD's hubby will be working except for the weekend. and it will be HOT out. Maybe DGS may gout to swim in the wading pool or maybe at a friends.

    Yes, please do keep it slow MIKIE. You don't want to hurt yourself anymore. Speaking of exercises I need to do some as I haven't doe so in so time. Don't think I will have to time today but need to get off this computer. Thinking of you awl.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    A whole day for my DH in the hospital and no answers. He wasn't taken down for the small bowel scan until almost 2 PM. Things move slow at hospitals. My DD wants answers, and wants them now. She can't understand what's taking so long. I'm older and know how things work. He's been asking for morphine........I asked him how he didn't even take advil at home for the pain but NOW he wants the big guns. I don't like the idea. So easy to get hooked on this stuff. I had this years ago when I first had operation for ovarian cyst......I was in LA LA land.
    He's really out of it today. Thanks for all the prayers for him
  10. Mikie

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    Oh, Sun, I was hoping you would have some answers by now. Yes, things in the world of medicine move at a snail's pace. All we can do is pray but I'm sure everyone here is praying for you both. This has to be soooo stressful for you. I also can't understand this new need for pain meds. If he is in a lot more pain suddenly, it ought to be a clue for the docs as to what may be wrong. I don't like having to take opiods but, in the beginning when my FMS pain was so bad, I took Morphine. I didn't like it and haven't gotten hooked on any of the opiods I've taken over the years following surgery, etc. After surgery, ibuprophen reduces inflammation, and thus pain, better than most anything but there are times when nothing but opiods will help. I think the docs need to talk to him about this new need for pain meds to see what might be causing his wanting Morphine. Good luck to you and keep us updated.

    Granni, I admire that you can push through your NRG deficiency. I can, to a point, but I always pay for it later. Yesterday, I was in a lot of pain after lifting those heavy flower boxes up and into their wire baskets. Still, it's good to have them back where they belong. The foam weather stripping was perfect to line the metal parts which hook around the stair railing to protect our new paint. I took my little clippers and trimmed just a couple of low plants which were intruding onto the sidewalk.

    I went down to ask if my opening my sliders just a few inches early in the morning to let the cats in was waking the people downstairs. Well, the husband lit into me viciously, saying the doors are driving him nuts and he's sick of it. I couldn't decide whether he sounded like a bully or a petulant, whining little schoolboy who wasn't getting his way. Seems it isn't the few inches I open the door; it's whenever I slide them all the way open and shut. I stayed down there and he came up to my place to open and shut the door. Yes, it's noisy but no noisier than any slider in here for the people on the lower floor. He said that's not true and stomped out of the house. His wife apologized and it seemed he had yelled at her. His new $1,100 eyeglasses aren't right and he couldn't find his paperwork for them. First of all--$1,100 for a pair of eyeglasses? But I's his business how much he spends on his eyewear. That doesn't give him the right to be an ass. Also, one doesn't need paperwork to take defective glasses back to the optician; they keep records of all their glasses and Rx's.

    I went down as a show of goodwill and met with an ogre. She said he would apologize when he got home. Well, a bit later, he came to my door with his arms out to say he was sorry and, of course, "I know he loves me." Surely didn't sound like it to me. I've been in nonstop pain for several months and I don't think that gives me the right to take it out on others. This stress was the last thing I needed. I told him that I would look into someone to come out and fix the wheels but it wouldn't be until this fall when the temps drop. It's too hot to have large a door off right now. I looked at You Tube and DIY is out of the question for me. But, I did pick up a good tip. I had sprayed silicone on the tracks. The video said one needs to rub paraffin on the tracks as silicone isn't enough for the bottom wheel tracks due to the immense weight of the doors. You have to wipe the track down with alcohol before putting on the wax. I don't have rubbing alcohol so used a dab of vodka. If it helps, I don't mind and it doesn't take much. It's early so I'll have to wait til later to try sliding the doors.

    Luckily, both doors slide so I'll never have to have one side open as I work on the tracks but I will be sliding them. He'll probably think I'm retaliating. I waited until he left for the optician's yesterday to take my shop vac out to clean the tiles on the lanai. These people have lived down there for more than a year and signed a three-year lease renewal. How bad can it be living under me? I do get up early and they sleep late but I try to be as quiet as I can. I'm not going to live my life in fear of disturbing His Nibs but it's in my nature to try to be thoughtful toward my neighbors and I'll continue to try to be quiet up here. I'll let y'all know whether the wax works. I've certainly waxed on about it. Ha, ha! A pun always comes to the rescue in a stressful situation.

    I need to call my ortho doc and move my appt. up. My right shoulder has been in waaaaay too much pain since I tore the hamstring muscle. That shoulder and arm were involved in the exercise I was doing when the muscle tore and it was so violent that I think it did something to my arm or shoulder in the processs. These co-pays will never end. Seems that the pain will never end either.

    Well, another "W&P" post. Seems that nothing exciting happens in my life and, when it does, it's something neg. and stressful. Think I'll resmudge my doorway, stairs and their doorway too. I'll take dull any day over this. Thanks for letting me vent. Now, I can blow it off and let it go.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    No news here. I suppose I could make some up. We went to a film premier last night.
    I had my picture taken on the red carpet. Gordon bought a Lamborghini. I told him to
    get a black one to match my mood. Won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes, and
    am buying one of the Channel Islands. "Twenty six miles across the sea. Santa
    Catalina is awaiting for me."

    Actually we went to a different library branch. Well, every now and then you have to
    take a chance. Go out on a limb.

    Mikie, I agree. Your neighbor is a pill. Maybe new glasses will get him to see (or hear)
    things in a different light. They sure sound pricey to me. Maybe they are those new
    computer glasses?

    I was very fond of your fern frond frivolity. Remember Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate
    Kid"? "Wax on; wax off." I hope your wax the track scheme with vodka works.
    You'll have to be very careful. Don't want the doors to end up tipsy.

    Mr. Miyagi BTW was played by Pat Morita who was also Arnold in "Happy Days".

    Sunflower, my sympathies. Serious medical problems for two at a time is a
    heavy load. Are you able to do any painting, or is not the right time?

    Granni, hope your trip is going well, and you can get some rest and have a
    good time. I remember reading Ann and Abby decades ago. I was shocked
    to find out that these experts were not only sisters but estranged sisters. I
    wondered why they didn't follow the Biblical admonition to "heal thyself".

    Julie, has Keira met Joannie yet? I wish we could have another dog, but we're
    just too old. Couldn't walk it. Your 'hold the rope" job reminds me of a song
    the Chad Mitchell trio used to sing: Hang on the bell, Nellie.

    Gee, there sure were some great groups when we were young. The Kingston
    Trio, the Limeliters, the Seekers, the New Christy Minstrels. Used to play
    bridge with a fellow who had Clarence Treat for a teacher. Clarence was
    the tall, skinny guy who played the double bass for the Christy Minstrels.

    Hugs to everydobby, present and non p.
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    I went back to the hospital last night around 10 PM. His BP had dropped to 70/40 and was going to be transferred to CCU on the lower floor. He's really out of it, incoherent. He's got I felt......too many chemical in his system from all that he's been taking. I've had about 3 hrs. sleep and woke as usual at 6:30. I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back and give me an update. Please pray. It doesn't look good.
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    Hi gang! Long night, here...Den and I were both wide awake till after 2:00 am. Lots on our minds, I guess.

    Sun, hubby's worsening pain must have you very worried. Yes, hospitals can be so slow to figure things out...frustrating, to be sure. Continued prayers from here...

    Dear, dear Sun...I see that you have posted since I started typing this. Praying that the Lord has this situation all under His control and that He lifts you up so you can deal with whatever happens. Praying for Hubby's pain and that the doctors can get him stabilized.

    Granni, have a great time on your trip. Hope you can check in from your daughter's and that your hubby can keep busy enough to satisfy him :)

    Mikie, glad the A/C guy and you could get things figured out. Oh my, I know how careful you are to not try to make noise and disturb your downstairs neighbors...the very fact that you even went down to check with them proves that. Oh goodness, I hope those guys at PT didn't mess up your shoulder too!!!

    Rock, may I come visit you on your island? ;) You and your puns are in fine form, I see, lol!

    Spring, thinking of you and all the things you always have going on...

    Thinking of everyone else, too, hope today is "manageable", at least. I have to admit that I am just overwhelmed by "life"...since spring, it seems. I had such high hopes and plans of getting so much done during my little "window of time" between when the weather broke from winter, until our new grandbaby comes. But it was not to be...having Gpa here took away eight weeks of "prime time." Not his fault, of course, just how things go sometimes.

    Sis will be getting married Friday morning, then they will bring Gpa to our house as they leave on a honeymoon (even though I will be gone to far away chiro.) He has a neighbor lady who can stay with him, but they are insisting on bringing him here anyway...what am I to say? "No, you can't be in my house (the one you own) while I'm gone?" The rules seem to change daily on whether he can be left alone or not...guess it depends on how it suits Sis.

    One thing...I have left the worries of mowing his yard behind me, lol! This new guy may be worth keeping around, if for nothing but that.

    Doesn't look like we will be going to see Joannie after all. One of the volunteers told me (we were chatting on facebook) that she was adopted a few months ago, but the owners' dogs attacked her and she came back terrified of other acts defensively.

    One of the staff called this morning (they are closed over the weekend, so I hadn't talked to anyone who actually works there yet) and told me that Joannie was a stray who went to a farm house and attacked the Golden Retriever that lived there. She has never been adopted out, and they don't even walk her around any of the other dogs at the shelter because she will attack them.

    Oh boy...we can't have that. We were going to be careful when Amy brought Jasmine to visit, but it sounds like it could actually become a dangerous situation. Jasmine would fight back and the grandkids could be caught in the middle.

    Or if David wanted to take her running with him...not good...our neighborhood dogs all run out to greet whoever is going by...or even if I was walking her up the lane to get the mail or something...

    I need to try and get a few things done...waiting for Keira to wake up, so being quiet. But it is 9:30 and I think I can make a little household noise now. That girl likes to sleep, lol, but hasn't been getting to bed very early all summer. Mama is going to have to get her back on schedule soon...her school starts August 15.

    That's all for now, I guess...will check in when I can.
  14. ConfusedInPA

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    Dear Sun,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, DH and family!!!! My goodness, all you're (you and DH) going through.

    I can't think of what else to say right now, I'm tearing up a bit as I type this.

    Stay strong! And keep us updated, please. My prayers are with you and yours.

    Hi to all on the porch. I've been reading the posts, and thinking about y'all, but I haven't felt up to posting lately. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Diane
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  15. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Sun, I'm sending up prayers for both you and DH. At this point, about all one can do is turn things over to God. I hope and pray for the best of outcomes.

    Julie, I'm glad you found out about that dog. When my kids were young, we started feeding a grown stray and we let him in. He seemed like such a nice cat. One night, he went nuts and attacked my DD and exDH. My DD was OK but the ex had red streaks running up his arm. The doc told him that if the streaks kept going to come in. Fortunately, the streaks stopped and he was OK. We took the cat to the Humane Society and told them the cat should be put down as he had attacked two of us for no reason. Next thing, I see him in the newspaper up for adoption. I called them back and told them again that he was not adoptable. Thank God he didn't have rabies. I no longer stress over what I didn't get done that I had planned to do. I was always overly optimistic about what I could do and always disappointed. Now, I have a bit of a plan, sort of an outline of what needs doing according to importance. Of course, appts. and such are of the highest priority as is anything which has a real deadline. After that, I do what I can and the rest can wait. I know it's different when you have family with kids involved but try to remember to ask yourself, "What will happen if it doesn't get done?"

    Rock, I admire your alliteration. So, making puns isn't your only talent of the pen (or computer). I remember Pat Morita fondly from both "Happy Days" and the "Karate Kid" movie. I had to try to balance on one foot in PT so I did the pose the kid did in the movie which made him look like a big bird, standing on one foot. We have a little egret with only one leg and he hunts bugs in the grass around the pond. He does as well as his two-legged brethren. If the man downstairs gives me any more grief, I may drink the vodka and give him a piece of my mind. Oh, better not; I need it myself. I think having different libraries to visit sounds like heaven. Libraries and lecture halls are almost like sacred places to me. I love to learn and read.

    Jam, the doc may inject the shoulder but I'm probably getting close to the limit of steroids I should have. I really don't want surgery and am hoping there might be something I can do. If it's PT, I surely won't go back to the place which did this to me. I'll have to watch all the OR video. I only checked it out briefly.

    I just called and am seeing the doc on Fri. I got DD's voice mail so sent her an e-mail that I'm just not up to having her and DGS down this weekend. Constant pain just takes away one's temperament and desire to do anything. I know Andy will be disappointed but it can't be helped. I miss my family but I have to get this taken care of. It's pouring out after a dry spell so the cats and I are being lazy. A tiny frog got in while I have the door open and boy can they hop. I couldn't catch him to kick him outta here. Tweety chased him under an armoire. It got the cats' blood up for a hunt but, eventually, they just gave up. Our electrician was out to replace our old halogen lights under the carport with LED lights with a motion detector. I can't wait til tonight to see how bright they are. How dull is my life that I'm excited about new light fixtures? Dull, I tell ya, dull!!!

    Love to Everydobby,

  16. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I have bad news about SF...wanted to let you know her husband passed away this AM. The cancer "won" I'm sad to say. Please remember her and her family in your prayers. I give you this news with a heavy heart.:(:(:(
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Got it, Mikie, lol...even though I'm not too BRIGHT sometimes ;)

    Sun, still thinking of you...let us know how you are, whenever you can.

    Jam, I've had lots of acupressure, but no puncture :)

    Decided not to go see any dogs...too overwhelming right now. And going to see if I can just make one trip home with Keira, instead of Wed. and Thurs. both. And...I cancelled the out of town chiro appt. on Friday. I am just not up to dealing with having Gpa here after being gone that much this week.

    Lindsey is in so much pain and her household is in such turmoil...she hasn't been able to keep up at all. David has the kids' room almost finished, but is gone right now for Guard drill...I will be so glad when his time is done; he gets out in February. I want to help her get caught up, but hard to do that with so much other stuff going on...a new dog just isn't really that big a priority.

    Keira and Lorraine are over here watching movies and having a quiet time...I just need to be available when Den gets home from work.
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Windy...we must have been typing at the same time. I am so sorry to hear this news...please give Sun my love and let her know I am continuing to pray for her at this very sad time.

  19. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Active Member

    Windy --

    I am so so very sorry to hear this news!!!

    If you are in touch with Sunflowergirl, please pass on our condolences from me and my hubby Kevin.

    I'm crying right now. I can't imagine how Sun feels. I hope she has family and friends, near, to comfort her.

    And she knows that she has "family and friends" here on the board to comfort her, as well.

    Sun and her family are in our prayers. I am so sorry to hear of this loss.

    Love and prayers,

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Sunflower, so sad to hear the news. I hope you have many happy memories that will
    help you get through the days ahead.

    I wish I could give you a big, gentle hug.