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    Sun - I'm so sorry...thinking of you so much...praying for your dear DH. May he be wrapped up in Gods love and light and you and family in healing love and light

    God bless

    Never met you or him but I'm crying. It's like losing someone close I knew for long
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    @sunflowergirl - I am very sorry to hear about your husband. Thinking of you and your family at this time.
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    Thank you everyone. It's been a long day. My daughter, SIL, and youngest son were with me at the hospital this morning as he slipped away. He was so out of it yesterday, and then late last night I drove back to the hospital when they said his BP was down to 70/40. I stayed until l a.m. when he seemed to be doing better but after 3 hrs. of sleeping I called and they asked about putting him on life support. No way, so we all went there to say goodbye. I was praying that he would come out of it for a short time so he could acknowledge our children but he didn't.

    Everyone left by 5 and then that awful aloneness. My oldest son is flying in at l0:30 tonight. I just came back from a fabric store. Wanted to buy something to put some binding on a quilt, just to keep busy. And as I put out my credit card it hit me......I don't even know how to pay some bills, and then I won't be having his salary coming in anymore. To put it plainly, this whole aloneness scares me. I went from my father's house to getting married and I've never lived alone.
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    Dear Sun...again, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. One can probably not imagine, unless having gone through the same thing...

    I'm glad some of your kids could be there with you, and that your oldest son will be there soon. I prayed that my mom would "wake up" long enough for my dad to say goodbye to her, but it was not to be, either. He surely sensed everyone's presence, though...that I do believe.

    I also went straight from living with my parents, to marriage...39 years ago. I guess the best thing would be to take one step, one hour, one day at a time. I can understand feeling all alone, even while surrounded by your children, other family and friends. Yes, do keep busy, if it helps.

    And check back in with us whenever you feel up to it...I am so sad for you. As Springwater said, most of us have not met in person, but we become like family to each other. We are here to listen and to offer support in any way that we can. I feel bad because I think Granni is on her trip and might not have heard...I hope she can check in from her daughter's.

    Continuing to lift you and yours up in prayer...
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    Windy, it is with a heavy heart that I read your post. Thank you so very much for letting us know. We've all been praying. My heart is breaking for Sun. Again, thanks for letting us know so soon.

    Sunflower Girl, I am so very sorry to hear of DH's passing. I know he suffered and so have you. He is now beyond where the pain can hurt him but you are left to grieve. I'm going to put a little prayer in our prayer box that God give you the support you need right now. God bless you.

    Julie, you and Windy must have been posting at the same time. I know you'll be stopping in soon and will see the sad news.

    I'm too sad to post any more right now. This won't be a "W&P" post today, at least, not right now.

    Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby,

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    Wednesday morning...good morning to all...still thinking of Sun and the loss of her sweet hubby. (Mikie, I think you might not have seen "Page 2" of this volume, and the posts from me, Spring, Rock, TigerLilea, Diane and another one from Sun.)

    I, too, am going to keep my post shorter this morning...but still wanted to check in. I think Sun was going to have a late night if her son came in pretty late.

    I will be taking Keira home sometime today...I told Amy I could only handle one (four hour round trip) this week. Keira needed to be home for ball practice this evening and the final game tomorrow evening. But I didn't feel like staying all night and day tomorrow and am just not up to making that trip two days in a row this time.

    Amy got sent home from work yesterday because she was still sick...she went back to the doctor and they diagnosed "pleurisy, from possible pneumonia"...even though the tests she had at the ER over the weekend didn't indicate pneumonia. Well, she stills feels pretty rough...they did send her home with an antibiotic yesterday...

    I also cancelled my out of town chiro on Friday...too hard this week, plus Sis and her new husband were planning to just dump Gpa out sometime during the day, on the way to their honeymoon...even if I wasn't home.

    On one of the hottest days of the summer, Lindsey and David's new A/C went out. It was having trouble keeping up all day yesterday and she texted me late last night that it had completely quit blowing any cold air. At least they have some back-up portable ones for the bedrooms (There is a bigger wall unit in the living room, but when she went to turn it on, she noticed it had a bunch of mildew, etc.)

    I'll have Den call his friend who installed it and see if he can get it fixed. Fred is licensed, but it seems they had trouble with some fittings or something originally (going from new unit to old hookups.) And I am heading over in a bit to clean out the wall unit so she at least has it for today. David is gone, so I'm glad Den and I are around...

    Sun, whenever you read this, please know that I have been thinking about you and praying as you get through this very difficult time.

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    Hi Folks

    Sun, I hope your kids, friends, banker, etc. can help you with some financial advice. You
    might be entitled to social security benefits. Back in the 70s a friend of my mother in law
    was left a widow. She was completely unprepared. Didn't know how to drive or maintain a
    car; write a check; pay bills; etc. But she learned. Several years later my mother in law
    was in the same predicament. Her friend was able to give her a lot of help. Of course these
    gals had one great advantage; they were in good health.

    For some years after my mother died, I kept forgetting. Something would happen, and I
    would think: Oh, I'll have to put that in my next letter. And then I'd remember.

    I was at a 12 step meeting where some fellow was grieving for his dad. Someone suggested
    he write to his dad. At the next meeting, the fellow reported that he felt much better.
    Was going to write another letter. Maybe it's the same thing as visiting the cemetery
    and talking to the departed. You know your friends here will help anyway we can.

    Julie, sorry to hear about Amy's pleurisy. I think that's another name for pleurosis.
    In "The Glass Menagerie" Laura was out of school. She told the teacher she had
    pleurosis. But the "Gentlemen Caller" thought she said, "Blue Roses" so that's
    what he called her.

    There have been at least 3 movies of "The Glass Menagerie". In the one from
    the 50s, Jane Wyman played Laura. All of the films have had great casts except
    for Kirk Douglas who was too much the macho he-man for the part. (Kinda
    like me; Ha Ha.)

    The big event here yesterday was that Gordon gave me a haircut. We have
    nothing planned for today.

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