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    Hi everyone! Hope you will indulge me for just a bit...will try to post pictures of our new baby...Josiah David, 7 lbs 2 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.



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    Well, the past 24 hours have been slightly hectic, to say the least. The most exciting part started at 3:00 am, when Lindsey called to say they needed to head to the hospital. I went over to stay with the kids until their friend, Emily, could come get them...only problem was that Lindsey couldn't get ahold of Emily...

    So, I called Amy and she headed here after it got daylight. Meanwhile, I had to run to our local hospital for some followup labs (will explain that later) and as I was driving, Emily called me and we arranged for her to come pick up the other three kids (Den was watching them while I ran to town.)

    Amy and I got to our house at about the same time, so she took over from Den while I got myself ready. Emily got there, took the kids, and we three took off for the hour drive to the hospital. Got there around 11:00 am. Meanwhile, David's folks were on their way from Tennessee.

    We visited with the kids a bit, then went to the cafeteria for some lunch, came back to the room, then left again to let Lindsey and David have some alone time. David texted about 3:45 for me to call his parents...they were close by, so I went downstairs to meet them at the entrance. Then David texted again that "he is here!"

    So we four grandparents and Amy got to meet Josiah at the same time. He is beautiful, very well filled out and already nursing like a champ!

    Amy and I were in the room when Lorraine was born, only David and a bunch of medical people when the twins were born, and this time Lindsey just wanted her and David and the doctor to be problem with us, so we just waited outside.

    Emily is keeping the other three kids overnight...David's folks are crashed at their house. Dennis rode home with them, while Amy and I got supper for Lindsey and David, then we came on home. I have to take the baby carseat to them in the morning, because they forgot it, in their rush to get going.

    I had to go for labs this morning, because Den had to take me to the ER last evening. I was shopping in town, visited my dad and got groceries. Started having chest pains and couldn't get my breath.

    Cut my trip short and headed just a mile from our house and couldn't go any farther. Chest was hurting and I was shaking so bad, I called Den to come get me.

    The EKG wasn't too bad, but I still have a Left Bundle Branch Block...not life threatening, but my symptoms were still indicating "heart"...chest pain, labored breathing, pain going up to my neck and jaw and down my left arm. Chest xray looked okay. They checked "heart enzymes" and they were not elevated, but doctor said they could still go up, and wanted me to stay overnight.

    I said I couldn't (glad I didn't) but had to go in this morning so they could repeat the heart enzymes bloodwork. I didn't get a call that anything was wrong, so I am assuming they were fine.

    I suppose "stress" could have had a bit to do with it, true? I did agree to try to get into the cardiologist earlier than the 18th, but I'm not so sure it's not a problem with my lungs, instead of my heart. I didn't feel anxious at all, but it could have also been "just" a panic attack?

    Anyway, it's all over now...and the baby got here and everyone is doing just fine. Will still try to get to the bottom of my weakness and's different than the CFS junk I've had for so long. I'm not going to mess around with possible heart stuff, but I really don't think that's it...other than being extra stressed this year (really ever since Den's dad fell and had to stay with us for almost two months.)

    So, that's how my day went...hope everyone else is doing okay. Gonna head to bed now :)
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    Hi Julie

    A big welcome and best wishes to Josiah and his loving parents. Great pic of Lindsey
    and David with their new son.

    That heart business sounds scarey. Sure hope you're right; not really serious.

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    Congratulations to Julie, lindsey David and the whole Essary family on the birth of Josiah

    A warm welcome to Josiah..lovely pics

    Julie - really seems like you did too much running...sending good thoughts for you to be completely well

    Bit busy, will check in later

    Everyone, take care

    God Bless
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    Julie...Congratulations!! How wonderful and exciting...I'm truly happy for all of you. Needless to say, I wish him health and happiness.

    Granni...Wanted to comment on your request for info on flooring. Please, whatever you do, do NOT buy laminate flooring. I thought it was the latest and greatest when we renovated this house. It's turned into such a big problem. If you want more particulars, just post and I'll reply. It takes far more care than natural wood, tile or vinyl me!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie congratulations on baby Josiah. He is definitely a keeper! I hope everything is OK with your heart. Even if everything comes back "normal," I think this is an omen of things to come with too much stress, worrying about everyone but yourself, and overdoing things. I hope and pray you can get some rest and enjoy your newest grandbaby. This is such exciting news here on the Porch. Thanks for the pic.

    Rock, wow! I must have been a rich kid because we had chalk and didn't have to use a brick to draw our hopscotch outlines. I used to love to design more complicated ones. So your feral kitty is feeling at home. That's good. All cats deserve a place where they know some kind person cares about their welfare. Even a cat like Simon, who won't let anyone near him, seems to enjoy sitting in my chair or lounging on our step.

    Diane, the whole video of you guys chasing Beety down for her meds played in my mind. If I didn't know how frustrating and exhausting it is for you, it would make me laugh. Cats are so wily and, I swear, they know when something is coming that they don't like. I think they have Kitty ESP.

    Julie must have come over yesterday to bring some food and treats for the cats. I feel so bad because I had my note on the door to please not ring the bell as I was resting. I wish she would have called because I wouldn't have minded her coming in. I'll have to call her. I hate it that she climbed the stairs with her back surgery still not healed. I was just in one of those places where I was beat down from months of pain and dealing with my chronic virus. Even though the AV is helping, it has side effects. My pain is 90 percent better but, at this point, I'm just exhausted, mentally and physicaly. Whine, whine, whine!

    Last night about nine, Sylvester hopped up on my bed to tell me he wanted to go out on the lanai. Both cats lined up and went out. I hope this continues. Perhaps we're making headway in developing patterns of living. This morning, being well rested, both were full of NRG. They chased each other around the condo. Now, they are asleep. I've read the Sunday newspaper and will try to do the NY Times crosswork puzzle. It'll likely make me sleepy too. This place is a flop house for me and the cats.

    As always, I send my love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie, Josiah David is a little cutie! Congratulations!

    It's time to slow down and start taking care of yourself! You won't be able to help anyone else if you let your own health slide.
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    Hi all,

    Oh Julie! Josiah is beautiful! What a joy and a blessing. Congratulations!!!

    Sorry I haven't been posting much everyone. Work is tearing me up. I've been unbelievably tired and spending almost all of my spare time down in my bed during the week and on weekends except for the odd post on the Home Bound Forum. I actually fell asleep at my desk at work two weeks ago when I sat down to eat my lunch. (Never did get my lunch). And driving home, I've found myself concerned about falling asleep as I drive on some days. I'm just so exhausted.

    Have had 4 chiro adjustments in two weeks, but my hip's been messed up so long, it's going to take a couple or few more to get it to stay in place. The ball in my right hip is tipped forward in the socket, which is affecting the other hip, so my whole pelvic region is twisted. It's been very hard to walk and be on my feet 40+ hours a week.

    Doc says my ankle swelling up is not an adjustment problem but that I need new orthotics. Can't afford them, so that's not an option. Will just have to tough that out with Ibuprofin, Aspercreme and Arthritis Sports Rub. Helps a little.

    Regrettably, I've been grieving as well. My beloved old Pyewackett, my big boy and constant lap companion, the American Bombay cat I've had for years, passed away on the foot of my bed on the 23rd. I'm afraid I will be grieving for a while. He was one of a kind. Irreplaceable. I've had other cats and animals, but never one I shall miss as much as he. The Vet said he was just old. He just stopped eating and drinking for about 48 hours, then expired. He just gave out. Thankfully, he seemed not to be suffering. He was just very tired. He now rests next to Harry the parakeet I buried in the yard some 52 years or so ago. So he has company.

    Oh! Happy Day! Habitat for Humanity has old french doors. Am going over there today to see about dimensions and prices, (hopefully cheap). Wish me luck. I want to find two for the closets in my bedroom, strip them, stain them a color compatible with the old white paneling on my walls, and apply some pretty "vine/flower" artwork in acrylics to the frames, (cover with polyurethane spray), and each glass pane flowered, so they match. Then mount them with hinges, magnetic closures and find some old glass knobs for pulls. Should be pretty when done.

    Then it's on to finding 3 french windows, 2 in one size and 1 larger, (which they don't have at the moment), and doing the same thing to them only mounting them with big hooks in front of the tops of my existing windows, then running a pretty curtain rod with the "right" curtains to cover the bottom half of the 3 windows. This will make my room sunnier during the day, but will alleviate any sight from the street into my room at night.

    I had a friend who did this with one french window in her kitchen and I loved the idea. It looked fantastic. When I'm done, my room will be much lovelier and more cozy and inviting. Then I can take down the old "hippie beads" from the big closet doorway and the old folding door my Siamese shredded with her, (declawed), knuckles which is just hanging in shreds from the frame. Very "tacky" looking.

    My daughter Darci is coming with Cleo, (grand daughter), to help finish cleaning out my big closet today. When done, I've enlisted help to move my chest of drawers into the big closet with my other dresser, (closet used to be my nursery, it's big), turn my humongous oak/wrought iron queen double pillow top bed around and put it on the other end wall, and then move my computer desk into my room on the wall my bed was on. This way, my T.V., all my movies, and electronic equipment will all be in one room. Then I never have to leave my room except to eat and well...........etc.

    Love to all,

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    Dar Ones,

    Just got back from church and ate some lunch. So, here I am and am so glad that Julie posted pics for all our pals on PH who wanted to see little Josiah's picture who were not able to go to Face Book.. Lindsey and David also look wonderful as well as does baby Josiah. Maybe now everyone can rest a little- ha, well that sounds good anyway with 3 other young ones at home. Believe me, I understand but I didn't have twins too. I had 5 single births.

    Julie - Congratulations again and just love the pictures. Please take care of yourself. Maybe now that will at least be a signal for you to slow down. I know it is hard to but you are only one person, in case you forgot :)!! LOL Maybe now you will try and stop the running constantly. I know it is difficult but as I said before take what happened to you as a sign to slow down. Thinking about you all. Josiah is a very long baby like my first girl who was either 21 inches or 21 1/2 " I that first pic it looks almost like he is smiling. Maybe he is very happy to get out of his cramped quarters and that Lindsay is feeling better too but I hope she didn't have any episiotomy pain.

    Windy - So happy to hear fro you. If you can I would love to hear your tale about the laminate. We aren't planning on doing anything for a few months at least but are trying to find out the best things. I know from watching those home shows on TV that everyone seems to like and want the real hardwood. There are beautiful and of course more expensive but probably worth it in the end! If you want to you might want to send a CONVERSATION to me about it or you could put it on another CC post for everyone to read which might help others too. Hope you are dong OK. Missing you here on the Porch !! Hope to hear fro you soon again.

    Dar - My but you have been a busy one moving things around and such. I am all worn out thinking about all that. Sorry that you have been feeling so rotten and HAVE TO WORK !! Hope you feel better soon and et your room and everything looking and feeling GREAT !!!!! We sure have been missing you too.

    Mikie - Those kitties are so funny. Sounds like you might have them trained or almost so to tell you when they want to go out on the lanai. That is great then they won't keep you up with whatever they do in there :)!!!

    Diane - I hope Beety continues to do better even without the surgery or I sure hope that he or someone else can help her if that one dr. can't find the time to work on her. That is too weird. I would think that if the regular vet. sent you to him ( the specialist) that he would think she needed it or possibly so but he should be seeing her SOON to see if he thinks she needs the surgery right away. How can he tell fro a phone call ??

    Sun - Thinking of you too and everything yu have been going through lately ! Well everydobby, have lots to do today and then tomorrow too. Will be gone Tuesday and Wed. till evening. Just getting my supps in order is chore ):!!

    Love to you all,
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    Hi, Everydobby,

    Rock, Windy, Spring and Tiger Lilea, it's so nice to see regulars and people we haven't seen for a while all coming to congratulate Julie and her family.

    Dar, it's especially a treat to see you here but I wish the news on your health were better. It's scary to think you might fall asleep at the wheel. I understand the whole hip/pelvis thing. I just finished physical therapy for sciatica because one of my hips is higher than the other and everything is tilted forward. The overzealous PT tech had me stretch my hamstring muscle, which wasn't warmed up, and the muscle tore. As if that weren't enough, my shoulder impingement has acted up and caused all kinds of pain. Finally, everything is getting better but it's been a long haul; however, not as long as yours. Is there any way the doc can teach you to do your own adjustment? The tech showed me how to get my hip back where it belongs. I will send up some prayers for you. I think the whole idea of the French doors and windows sounds like a great project.

    Granni, we were posting at the same time but, at least, it let me know so I could say Hi to you. I think the cost of real wood flooring has come down since it was first all the rage. I would love it instead of my tile in here but I do like carpeting everywhere else. If I did have wood flooring, I'd need area rugs.

    I've been watching Oprah's "Soul Sunday" shows with Deepak Chopra. Starting on Aug. 11th, they are having lessons in meditation. Meditation is an accepted practice in all religions and research has shown the physical benefits of practicing it. In Psalms in the Bible, it reads, "Be still and know that I am God." Deepak Chopra is a doctor, trained in the U.S. so this isn't some kind of far out New Age thing. There will be a new audio meditation every day for 21 days. If anyone is interested, go to Oprah's website and click in the box with her and Deepak regarding the meditation. There is a sample meditation on his website. I did it and it was very relaxing and left me feeling good.

    For a couple of days, I've felt as though something has just taken the wind out of my sails. I noticed my lymph nodes are swollen, I have a bit of a headache and my throat is sore. I'm guessing it's my old nemesis, the Whatever-Herpes-Family virus despite my still being on the Acyclovir. I'm getting nothing done but my intuition tells me that nothing is exactly what I supposed to be doing. Thank God I have that luxury. I've noticed the cats don't worry about getting things done and they lie around all day so I'm taking my cue from them til I feel better. I can't help but love them more all the time.

    We had a downpour yesterday and it sounds as though we might get another one today. Guess I'll wrap things up here. My love to everyone whether I managed to address you personally or not and also for our MIAs.

    Love, Mikie
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    Another quick HI to awl !!

    Dar - So sorry about your dear kitty Pyewackett. What a cute name !! Where did you get that one? I know when you have these pets a long time they are just one of the family and it is so hard when they have to leave you. Hope he didn't suffer to much. Sorry I forgot to mention it before. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Mikie - Hi there kiddo ( you are probably a few years younger than I so I can call you kiddo :)!!! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling up to snuff as they say, not that you may ever do , like me but feeling worse is not a good thing. Here's hoping that that virus doesn't keep you down to long but please do REST.

    Gotta go and meet DH for diner. Steaks on the grill with mushrooms. He does the steak and I do everything else but I will take him coking the steaks :)!!!!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: Am I the only one who thinks Josiah is a spitting image of his daddy? And I must say, Lyndsey is looking very glamorous after having given birth! How soon will they be released? I'm sorry you're having some heart troubles.....anxiety can do awful things to the body so let's hope that's all it is.

    Mikie: sorry to read you're under the weather with a virus now. just can't seem to get to feeling spunky again. You may have read that I'm going to check into "bundling" direct TV, my land line phone, and Verizon internet. You might want to check it out.

    Granni: I love mushrooms. How do you fix them?

    I went to church this morning......11:45 service so that meant it wasn't over until l:30. My stomach was growling for food! But the 9:30 service is hard for me to get there, since it's almost 30 min. drive. After the service I asked the couple next to me, who do I talk to for prayer. Well, as it turned out in this almost 1500 seating capacity I sat right next to the perfect couple, since they are in a special group for this. So after tearfully relating all that's going on in my life, I came away feeling much relieved. I firmly believe God directs my path.

    It rained last California in the summertime. So we're all sweltering with humidity. UGH.
  13. springwater

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    Windy, Darrae - nice to see you both...

    Dar - your job did seem very demanding energy wise, I used to marvel how you did all of, we are no strangers to horrible CFS so we empathize. Also so sorry about dear Pyewackett, I've no doubt her loss contributed to yr energy all those other things which happened, the finance muddle n all..nothing like a string of bad events strung together to bring ones energy and mood down.

    Pls giv yrself extra TLC.

    Granni - mmmm...mushrooms and steak , sounds yummy, seems like you're doing a lot of lucky, the upcoming overnight trip sounds interesting.

    Julie - it's been a little too much excitement around you, what with building new house, sis and her escapades, Dens dads fall, new baby and having to help out with the other lil ones AND finding time to go see your own dad. I guess yr heart is literally telling you, STOP. Julie. REST.

    Rock - I guess you would need a lot of water to keep the garden from drying out..must be so many plants..I think twice about planting new trees now ,,for the same reason..not there is any extra space, is yr energy slump a little better? Mine is about the same.. I'm still dragging me self around. :)

    Mikie - I can imagine how exhausted you are...I'm kind of glad the cats are there to distract you, I love watching cats especially at play...hv u cleaned out yr crystals properly? Salt water, smudging, white lightish violet light, I'm wondering why has the herpes come back.

    I remember when my friends and I were cleaning crystals, she said they were all clean after a soaking in salt water, and she was more intuitive in scanning for pranic healing, this other friend and I picked up the crystal and it was hurting our it obviously had dirty energy if this friend was going to use it for healing, I think the patient might hv got's why I don't use crystals now...too many grey areas I need the answers to at the moment

    Is there a nice place nearby where there's lots of positive energy where you can rejuvenate? A quiet spot near the sea? A church where the energy is good? A gathering where people are happy?

    This is why I try going to places like monasteries, or take a detour and go by a quiet bylane...and visit get from without what I'm depleted in within
    There was this tv news clip that showed 'laughing clubs' in India, people gathering on the sea shore doing exercises and then laughing out their part of their regime..they said it keeps down their blood pressure , makes them fitter ..they were mostly older gen and they looked very happy I must say, lol.

    Sun - your post came up while I was editing..been thinking of you... I'm glad you were able to talk to that nice couple..stay dry! Looks like you're getting a lot of rain too!

    Not much to report..the Indian prime minister has come and my way to the monastery blocked off by security,,, no buses allowed, traffic jams, I hope he leaves soon..he is disrupting my schedule...

    God bless
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    Wow SUN, that was an extra long service , it seemed like. Ours usually lasts about an hour or a little more. Sometimes it may be 1 hr and 15 min or so when the Priest or Deacon gives the extra long homily. Hope your tummy growling was not to loud in church :)!! I know that feeling too :)!! How nice that you sat next to people who were so understanding about what you have been going through with your DH..

    Yes, I agree with you that David and Josiah look a lot alike, from the few pics that I have seen.

    Speaking of cooking mushrooms. I really do not have a recipe. I just cook them in a fry pan with some oil or butter and maybe a little onion too and then add a little liquid, sometimes red wine, you can add a little beef broth if you have it but you don't need much (just a couple of splashes or 1/3 - 1,4 cup). Mushrooms have so much liquid (water) in them anyway. Stir and sauté while stirring occasionally. You can also add a beef boullion cube if you have some.. Cook till tender. If it get to juicy make sure the cover is off and cook a little more.. You can add salt an pepper but I add some Ms. dash garlic and herb blend and maybe add some garlic too from the jar. I don't think you can ruin a mushroom :)! That is if you like them like we do.

    We are needing rain again !! The humidity left us for a short while but it is coming back with the promise of some rain. We will see. So many days they promise it to us and it goes everywhere else but to our place.

    Hugz to everydobby !!

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    Granni: speaking of rain, we just had a 45 min. deluge!!!!!! Unbelievable. I ran around the house in shorts, a windbreaker and barefoot, looking for large buckets, etc. to catch some of this liquid gold. I'm thinking "monsoon" like what Spring describes, fierce wind blowing along with the rain. It's still thundering so don't know how long this will last. It was coming down so hard that the rain gutters couldn't keep up, so it was like sheets of water all around the house.

    My DDs dog is looking at me with that........I have to go potty.......I told her to go sleep it off!
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Dar, I almost forgot to send my condolences for Pyewackett. Was your kitty named after the cat in "Bell Book and Candle?" I loved that movie and the cat. I'm sure you are missing him. Sending up a prayer for peace and comfort for you.

    Granni, thanks for the good wishes for my getting rid of this virus. I'll stay on the AV's a little longer; wish I had when it first reared its ugly head. I think, after reading how much you do, that you are younger than any of us. When is your bus trip? I hope you enjoy it. Mmmmmm! Burgers and mushrooms--yummy!

    Sun, I think CA can use all the rain y'all can get. We only have our summer rainy season to resupply our aquafiers to last all year. It's dry in the winter. Summertime is actually more beautiful down here because everything is so green. We are not allowed to have cable dishes in our condo/townhouse village so we are stuck with Comcast. Prism is coming but DSL will never catch up with broadband for wi-fi, so I'll just stay with Comcast. I don't want a landline but I may check into their "Triple Play," bundling the phone with cable and internet. As it is, I have the "Double Play" which bundles cable and internet. Some take the Triple Play but don't use the phone part. Glad you left church feeling better.

    Springwater, this virus is in the Herpes Family but has not been identified. Docs don't think it's necessary as the treatment is the same whether it's EBV, CMV or HHV-6. Herpes Viruses never go away; they just go latent in the body. If a person gets injured, sick, under a lot of stress or run down, the virus will try to reactivate. The AV makes me lose my appetite but I still have to eat so I don't eat right when I'm on them. Think I'll just use my Nutri-Bullet and make healthy drinks. I just feel depressed and lethargic. I'm glad I have the cats too. The crystal I use for a pendulum gives me consistent info and I always pray before using it. Yes, crystals can pick up neg. energy. I'm going to do another smudging, maybe today. Hope you are surviving the monsoon season. There is a full moon on the 10th and I'll put my crystals out under the moonlight. I am not far from many beaches here but I think our pond out back with its fountain is an excellent sacred area. My lanai has plants all over it but right now, it's too hot to sit out there. It's also too hot for the beach. Heck, I don't even want to go to the pool. I think that has more to do with how I feel than the weather.

    Cats both went out about 9 last night. I had to trick them by going out on the lanai with them and then coming back inside and closing the door. Once out there, they enjoy being out in the night air with all the noises coming from the night critters in the pond. Also, evidently, they carry on a conversation with the cat downstairs who also spends the night on her lanai. I slept til almost 4:00 this morning.

    Sliderman (that's the name of the business) is coming out Wed. to refurb my sliding glass doors. My friend Julie, and the cats' other mother, lives in a downstairs condo and she can hear the noisy doors upstairs even though they were refurbed. I think Old Grumpy, downstairs, thinks once mine are done, he will hear nothing. After I spend my money having these doors refurbed, what I want to hear from him is nothing!

    I think I slept better after meditating yesterday. I can do it on my own but the guided meditation from Deepak Chopra is sooooo relaxing. Docs say people are less stressed and have lower BP after meditating. Chopra has such a soothing voice to get one into the meditation. Then, he trails off and just lets one meditate on one's own. I'm glad I signed up for the 21-day series. It's free. Evidently, if one does something for 21 days, it's more likely to become a habit. If one does it for 60 days, the brain is rewired. People who meditate daily handle stress better. I hope so.

    I'm going to lie down and hope "Morning Joe" lulls me into a nap.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Another quick one. DH will need this computer soon and have a bunch to do today to et ready for our overnight trip. We leave tomorrow morning.

    Mikie - Glad you are getting your sleep and hope that helps you to start feeling better. That was funny about having to trick the cats outside onto the lanai. I need some time to try and medicate. I seems lately that the meditating or quiet time is on the computer :)!!! Ned to go do so outside work too before it gets to hot.

    Julie - Hope all is well and wondering if Lindsay is home now. They surely do not keep them there very long. DH is HOME.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Just gave the cat some kibble. I wonder if kibble was invented by Guy Kibbee. Nah,
    probably not. He was a character actor. In oodles of pictures. Some of them notable
    such as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Our Town. If you want to see his picture,
    look at IMDB rather than Wikipedia. The later has a terrible pic of him.

    Anyhoo, Dar, I am sorry to hear of Pyewackett's passing. From your post on the
    Homebound Board, he sounds like a cat with a wonderful personality who lived
    a long life and also served as a therapy cat. I know you will miss him terribly.

    Your remodeling project sounds way too ambitious for me. The most I ever did
    was hang a picture and paint an old drop leaf table. I don't know what kind of
    wood it was, but my mother and I painted it some wretched shade of ochre about
    60 years ago. Forty years ago I visited my Minnesota brother and his family. The
    old table, now restored is their kitchen table. Was still in service when I was there
    a decade ago.

    Mikie, did you hear about the energizer bunny? He's a criminal. Was arrested
    and charged with battery. I hope you feel better soon. It is manifestly unfair to
    have so many ailments at one time. I encourage you to file a protest with the
    appropriate government department.

    Sunflower, we missed the heavy rain you got although we did have a light rain a few
    days ago. ("Rain" starring Joan Crawford is another movie Guy Kibbee was in.)
    Does the humidity have any effect on your painting? My mother wouldn't make
    meringues or divinity if the air was humid.

    Granni, your recipe for fungi sounds like lots of fun. Gordon sometimes buys
    dried mushrooms at the Asian store. They have a faint pattern on them. Kinda
    like you see on sand dollar sea shells. I had some when I was a kid. Some lady
    in florida sent a whole buncha sea shells. Never did know who she was or why
    she sent them. Maybe someone who was in normal school with my mother.

    Julie, are you still waiting for test results? Hope you feel a lot better. Sounds
    scary. Are there lots of helpers around for the new mom?

    Gotta go. Back acting up. Have to come back later.

  19. lydia1

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    Parents and baby home last evening. David in ER in middle of night with severe vomiting and diarrhea. Lindsey up all night with baby. Called me at 6:30 that she needed help. I went over.

    Den's dad was supposed to be here today because Sis and ? were going out of town to an medical appt. for him. I called and left a message that the ER said David was contagious, I was having chest pains, Lindsey was trying to deal with a new baby, David's folks were trying to take care of kids.

    Sis and ? told Gpa what was going on, then LEFT HIM ALONE ANYWAY! So, I will go check on him around lunchtime and Den will go stay with him after work.

    SOMEONE TELL ME HOW IN THE HECK I AM SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! We can handle the stuff here, but I would have thought Sis would have stayed home with her dad after she heard my message. But he said that "since they were married now, she would have to go with him"..."things have changed, and that's just the way it's going to be." I said, "Well, they have put you on the back burner"...he didn't argue with that.

    Gotta go, just checking in and venting.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Good grief, is here anything else that can happen in your family all at once??? So sorry to hear about poor David. Just what you all do not need more sickness and things going on. The only good thing that has happened is that sweet baby being born. Hope David gets better soon and that maybe it is a 24 virus and will not pass it on to others.

    Did you think that sis was gong to change after getting married - of course not !! She will continue to be selfish an put herself and now her new husband first. I am guessing that part is just an excuse not to help Grandpa.

    As far as taking care of yourself, just do what you can and TRY to leave the rest alone, as much as you can. I know you need to help Lindsey and family but you cannot do everything for everyone, esp when you are feeling badly. I know Lindsey understands as much as she can with her busy little family, about you feeling badly but I am guessing she is also worn out. Sis on the other hand could care less about anyone but herself. :(

    I just got in from weeding - yuck before it gets super hot out and now doing more wash and hope to a little packing later. Don't need much since it is an overnight ( 2 day visit) an then home in the early evening the next day.

    Hi also to SPRINGS WATER, ROCK AND MIKIE. Sorry that I cannot post to you all separately. Can't really stay on here to long. Tying to cool down after being outside with the bugs going I my noise, eyes, and everywhere. I was covered up from head to toe other than my face.

    Gotta run for now. May try and get back before leaving tomorrow morning.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)