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    Julie - omigosh, about didn't need this...Ses like grandpa wanted sis to hv someone to share her life, for after he is gone , he sounds resigned..but they better not expect you to pick up the pieces of their own doing and shoulder extra..can't you just just phone rather than going ur self? to check on least til you are better.

    Rock - lots of people with back problems these days..couple of my friends..I kind of hurt mine a whiles ago while bending to pick something up. But it went away after two days..

    Granni - when are you leaving..hope you hv

    Mikie - wish I had a lanai ...I hv to climb two flights of stairs to terrace, when feeling
    unwell it's hard..

    Sun - I remember my schools Sunday church services, I could barely keep awake, I was little, bit even our hostel I charge used to be nodding off towards the middle...
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    Hi Granni and Spring...I guess I was hoping that since we were in kind of "emergent" situations here that she would think of someone other than herself for just this once.

    Lorraine and I took lunch over to Gpa...he was sleeping in his chair, had been there since breakfast. I voiced only a little bit of my disgust at Sis and he, of course, "defended" her, saying that's just how it is now...and to try to discuss it with her would only make things worse. I said, fine, that I was just going to worry about taking care of him the best I can, but I found it disgusting...and I did not want to see her, hear of her, or have her anywhere around my home. He just said, "okay."

    Got back home and rocked Lorraine to sleep at our house. Went over and got Isaiah and rocked him to sleep here too. Then got Liora...she rockabyed just as easily as the other two. They all slept for at least a couple hours :)

    David's mom and I work so well together...she and David's dad entertained the kids until I could get them one at a time rocked to sleep. Then she and I fixed supper and got everyone fed and content.

    After we ate (and after Lindsey fed Josiah) I got to rock him while Linds took a nice relaxing bath. Then I gave the twins a bath and let Lorraine come to our house to take a "big girl shower."

    With all that done, I was done over there for the day, so spent some time with Den...snuggled on the couch, watching one of our favorite series on Netflix called "Leverage".

    I need to get some dishes done and try to find my kitchen counters, then go on to bed. Have had chest pains all day, but when I took some nitro, all it did was give me a headache. I truly think it is just the stress from Den's sister, but will still get things checked out, one way or the other.

    Hope everyone is doing okay...sorry, I don't remember what to talk about, so will just say "hi" and thinking of you guys.
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    Hi Kids

    Quiet day here. All we did was go to the library in Eagle Rock. There was a confusiatin'
    moment when Gordon asked where the paperbacks were and the guy behind the counter
    thought we wanted paper bags. Communication is LA is so difficult much of the time.

    And speaking of things literary, I wrote a fan letter to Fannie Flagg a week or so ago.
    I went to her home page. Followed the instructions regarding how to communicate
    with her. So I sent a letter in c/0 her publisher. It came back today marked "Undeliverable".
    No info regarding why it was undeliverable. Checked the internet. She didn't die.

    On the way home we stopped at Taco Bell. I am not eating much these days, but I
    got a taco the last time we were out. Thought I'd give it a go again. Of course part
    of the appeal of chain eateries is that you know what you're getting. Except I didn't.
    Way too much chili pepper for a white bread descendent of Northern countries like
    Norway. Isn't life just full of disappointments!

    And speaking of haute cuisine, (which we weren't) in checking the spelling of same,
    I found there is a recent movie made in France titled "Haute Cuisine". It is reportedly
    based on the true story of the gal who was the chef for President Mitterrand. Well,
    at least he wasn't running around in Nepal and causing traffic problems for Springwater.

    Spring, is your back OK now? I can't remember how long ago my back fell to
    pieces (ala Patsy Cline). Maybe 20 years. But it really collapsed a year and a half
    ago. I am waiting for QVC or Publix to have a sale on back replacements. Maybe
    Mikie can get me a coupon.

    Diane, hope your cats are doing OK. I had a dream about Zippy last night. It was
    astonishingly short. Couple seconds, I guess.

    Anyhoo Zippy was trotting up the sidewalk to our gate. But he was no longer blind. He
    was young and healthy again. He had on his collar and was dragging her leash. Eager
    to go for a walk. The colors were so vivid. I woke up crying.

    Julie, anybody know why David got sick? Hope he's OK soonest and that you can get
    some much-needed rest. Ya think Josiah is gonna be called "Joe"?

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I got a kick out of your post. We were talking about meditating and you wrote that you needed more time to medicate. Freudian slip? Anyway, it was cute. Hoping you have a good trip.

    Rock, guess you missed my post where I said I looked up Fannie Flagg and whatever I had heard about her dying was incorrect. I'm glad she's still around to write more good books for us to enjoy. Sorry you letter came back but, at least, it didn't go to the dead letter dept. Loved the Energizer bunny joke. I heard he has to wear Depends because he just keeps on going and going and going. I eat at Taco Bell once in a while but not often. Their Mexican food sucks less than any of the Mexican food restaurants around here. When I go to CO, I always go out for good Mexican food and good Margaritas. You can't swing a dead cat in Denver without hitting a good Mexican restaurant. Wish I had a coupon for a better back. All I know is that, as long as I do my PT exercises/stretches for my back, it is better. I keep seeing those back braces you inflate to the exact support you need. Even QVC or HSN had them. Of course, if you get one from the doc, ins. should pay for it. I wonder whether they work.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about David's stomach illness. I'm glad his folks help out. I agree that calling GPA when you are in the situation you are in would work. He needs to understand the consequences of his defending sis and letting her walk all over everyone. It isn't just that but it's a matter of your own health. GPA has been trained and enabled to stick up for her at your expense. Please, do not ignore the chest pains. Even if they are from stress, they are telling you that all is not well with your health.

    Springwater, yes, it is nice to be able to sit on my living room sofa and look out my sliding glass doors to my lanai and the pond out back. Since my condo is on the second, top floor, I have to climb stairs every time I go out, often carrying heavy grocery bags in each hand like a pack mule when come home. I tell myself that climbing those stairs is good for me and exercise which I desperately need. In my yute, I used to spring up the stairs two at a time if I weren't carrying anything like it was nothing.

    It appears it will be a beautiful day today. I've noticed that the sun rises just a bit later all the time. That's good news to me--anything to get through his miserably hot and humid season. If I felt well and went to the pool, I'm sure I'd feel differently. Yesterday, it was gray and rained all day. I think the rain will stay upshore from us today. This crud is hanging on. I'm having a bit of trouble breathing and a bit of pain in my right lung. That's the one where I had pneumonia years ago. Mold and all the pollen counts are high so I'm taking my allergy pill. I may have to break out the nebulizer, especially before bedtime tonight. I'd like to get off the AV but am afraid if I do, the virus will reactivate.

    Sliderman will call today to tell me when they will be here tomorrow. I need to do a bit of cleaning. They will be bringing the doors inside because there is no room to work on them on the lanai. They put down tarps and towels. Still, I'll have to put my coffee table upside down on the sofa to give them room for their saw horses which hold up the doors while they switch out he rollers. I'll also have to bring in a couple of things from the lanai too. I'll be soooo glad when this is done. When I don't feel well, I don't want to do anything but veg. Maybe I'll feel better if I get off my duff and do something. Hope so. Also hope everyone else is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to everyone. Just have few minutes before we go meet for breakfast and then on the bus for our ride t the first library. I forget if we were doing the one in Dallas first or the one I College Station. I should be a nice get away and we will be back tomorrow late afternoon most likely.

    No time talk to all privately or should I say specifically.

    JULIE - TRY and take care of yourself and your little family. Sounds like you can't do much for Grandpa as that is what he wants. She probably was spoiled by him all her life and so he doesn't know how to stand up to her at all. Hope David is doing better. Hope you get checked out soon but I am with you that the stress from you know who is probably at least part of the cause.

    Gotta run for now. See you in a couple days.

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    Good morning, everyone! Awww, Rock...that dream must have been bittersweet...good to see Zippy healthy and young again, but sad to realize it was a dream. Hope you can hang on to some of the good memories, though...

    Mikie, I sure hope the new sliders solve the problem with the doors...and the Grumpy Gus who lives downstairs. You certainly go "above and beyond" to be kind and thoughtful to everyone you cross paths with :)

    Granni, have a great time on your trip...we'll be waiting to hear about it!

    Hi to everyone and thanks for the congrats on Baby Josiah. I doubt he will get called Joe by any of us as that's the name of Amy's first husband, lol!

    I texted Lindsey and told her I felt I should stay away from all of them today. I am having stomach and intestinal issues...could be David's bug, or just everything catching up with me. I could list all the physical symptoms I am having right now, but it would take way too long...and who knows if it is from stress or something more "serious". I say it that way because I know stress can become very serious, so I'm not taking it lightly...but just taking the day off to stay away from the rest of the world today.

    Lindsey and Josiah have to go back to the doctor sometime this week, so I will try to get back on my feet enough to help David's folks with the other kids.

    I will close with a pic of Lorraine holding her new baby brother. This is quite a change from when the twins were born and she felt so "displaced." This time the twins aren't sure about the new baby, but Lorraine has asked to see Josiah quite a bit, so she gets to go upstairs and even gets to hold him. (Makes her feel "big sister special" and she gets "alone time" with Mommy and baby.)

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    Hi ALL!

    Good to read all the posts. But with all going on here, I really can't remember what I've read! Duh.

    The cats are all ok. Beety goes to the vet tonight for an overnight check-in. Easier to have them monitor that she has nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Then they can do dental surgery at their convenience on Wednesday.

    BUT, the regular vet office called yesterday. They said maybe we should think about the Specialist Vet. What?? When I heard that message on the answering machine I immediately called Kevin. Kevin called the vet back, and spoke to a Vet (as opposed to a Tech). When the Vet heard that the specialists couldn't see Beety until 7 weeks, she said "oh no, bring her in here as scheduled."

    Then I found out that Beety is going to have a full mouth extraction, hopefully keeping her canine teeth. I thought she just needed xrays and a cleaning and a pulling of a tooth or two.

    So, I'll have a cat to "nurse" who might have not more than 4 teeth in her mouth, all the others extracted at once. I freaked out. I started crying. I know she'll be in pain, and she'll have pain med. We'll have to feed her canned food?, will she eat? I'm so upset about all this -- which I thought was a routine cleaning, plus a removal or two, has turned into a big project.

    And Kevin is freaked out too. He has PTSD, he says, because he lost a dog (20 years? ago) from a bad batch of anesthesia from the manufacturer. And with time, he says his PTSD is getting worse.

    HELP! Anyone know a good joke????? Make me smile????

    Kevin actually has a call into his primary care doc, to see if he can get Rx'd a couple days of Xanax. He takes meds for High Blood Pressure 3 times a day, and I'm worried about him too.

    Well, that's what's going on here. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

    Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers. And Julie, I love the pics you post! Sooooooo cute. And have a great trip, Granni. And Hi to ALL!

    Love and hugs and prayers,


    PS: Kevin's doc is phoning in a script for Xanax. So, that will help to keep Kevin calm, and hopefully keep his blood pressure lowered.
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    Oh Diane...what a shock! I know you guys will do just fine with taking care of Beety after surgery, but what a worry with it changing from something more "routine" to something pretty major :(

    I guess I would say to just concentrate on one day (or even one hour) at a time. And remember how well you and Kevin work as a team to take care of your fur-babies. You have my prayers that all goes well with Beety, and that you and Kevin can stay calm.

    I am keeping to my promise to myself to stay home today. Haven't really been back to bed, but am glad to get my dishes done and fridge cleaned out. I will take a nap after lunch, but just wanted to get that "peace" of having a little bit done at my house. Seems like my kitchen is the "hub" of the whole household, and when it's a mess, I can't focus on anything.

    Hope everyone is doing as well as can be :)
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    Thanks Julie!

    I understand what you said: even one hour at a time. It's Kevin I worry about though, since he told me about PTSD and that it's getting worse. Hopefully the Xanax will help him get through today and tomorrow.

    I keep up with everything you write. It sometimes strikes close to home. I grew up in a double block house in a small town. My maternal grandparents owned the apartment where I lived, upstairs, with my grandparents and my parents. My grandma's sister owned and lived in the bottom apartment with her family.

    The other side of the house was my grandmother's brother and family (top apartment) and another sister and family (bottom apartment).

    Talk about living close to the family! I sorta can relate to what you go through. Wanting to help. Wanting to make things better. I understand. But promise me, that you will take care of YOU!

    I left home at 23 for a job in the big city (apartment in Alexandria, VA, work in Washington, DC). So I got away from a lot of the family dynamics. But I do understand.

    I just had a good cry over Beety. I hope I can be a good nurse to her, when she gets home. Right now, it's just breaking my heart.

    I better go before I start crying all over my keyboard! (smile)

    I'll talk to y'all later in the week. Y'all take care.

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    Diane: OMG....poor little Beety. All her teeth removed. And poor Diane too. I understand how you're feeling. Worry doesn't help, and obviously it has to be done. I think there might be a disconnect between the front office end and the back office.....the Vet. I'm sure everything will go smoothly at the Vet. so you and Kevin need to stop stressing so much. Not good for him! Was he in service that he's got PTSD? And as to taking care of her afterwards of course you can!!!!! She's be in pain for a couple of days though, and I know you understand the need to wrap her in a towel so you can give her any meds. She still has claws.

    Julie: What a sweet photo of big sister Lorraine and little Josiah. Feel better from that bug.....and let's hope no one else comes down with it.

    Rock: what a sad, sweet dream you had of Zippy. In the past I've had dreams of important people in my life.......though rarely of my parents.......I wonder why. And I don't think I've ever dreamed of a pet who departed though I've missed some terribly. When I had to put down a favorite cat of mine almost l6 years ago I mourned him for months. I've had so many pets over the years but he was just so very special. Who knows why we bond so much with some and not others.

    I'm slowly working my way thru paperwork. Unbelievable. Thought I got SS all straightened out after talking to a supervisor, and yesterday got a letter from them saying basically.....ooops, we goofed so took the $ back and now you still owe us. I called SS today, listened to that SAME music playing over and over and over and over for over 1 1/2 hrs. until someone finally answered. She read the letter I got and then said.....there's definitely a problem and told me to go into the office. A sept 23 date was the earliest so thursday I'll get up early and stand outside until they open. Not the greatest of areas......if you get my I might take along some sandwiches to pass out among the homeless that congregate along there. Perhaps even some dollar bills for them to buy coffee. At times I just want to cry but it's not going to do me any good.
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