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    Hi everyone...thought some might be afraid they would "get caught in the door" on the last porch, so here is a new one to start the work week :p

    I'll get this posted, then come back to visit.

    Okay...don't have a lot of time or energy to stay on here, but just want to let anyone know, who didn't see it before...our dear Joan (lilaclover) lost her son-in-law in an accident. What a tragedy to have happen to any family, let alone our porch family. Sweet lady, I am continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers...

    Lots going on with our porchies...I will try to be better about keeping up with everyone on this thread.

    Told my family I am going to "hole up" in my house for a couple days...trying to regain (or maybe gain for the first time, lol) control of my house. There has just been too much going on ever since early year so far hasn't gone much like I had hoped or planned. Good thing I have learned to be (somewhat) patient, flexible and portable...

    Amy said Keira fell asleep in school on Friday (during a movie.) Keira said she is ready to go back to Kindergarten where they have naps and snacks...otherwise she is loving school.

    I didn't know there were any pictures of me and Josiah on the day he was born (Aug. 2) but found one in Lindsey's pics. He is doing pretty well, so is Lindsey. We'll see how it goes when David returns to work next week. I can't run her household for her, but will be over there a lot (or have the other kids here) so she can get adjusted to having a preschooler, two toddlers and a newborn at the same time...that's why it's so important to me to get my ducks (somewhat) in a row this week :rolleyes:


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    julie look beautiful! As you said, Josiah looks very filled up..not wrinkly like most babies do.

    joan ....o my, i was so happy to see yr first post and then cried when i read yr second..i guess im still
    raw from losing my own brother last dec and hearing about Suns dear DH...not too long ago..that
    energy and mood wise its been an ongoing battle for very long now, didnt help...but so glad you let
    us know..praying for your family in this difficult difficult time

    granni ...i hope the hot weather cools down..soon ..i cant stand heat..

    rock ....i can understand you wanting to move somewhere too..
    im like gordon...cant stand heat..but its getting hot everywhere

    sun - seems like the board people hv some nice son in laws, that is so encouraging
    to hear..but then the ma in laws are such nice people..

    mikie - i feel its time for some of us to get some respite from feeling lousy health
    wise n otherwise..i totally get the exhaustion part..i think, for me, i start actually
    wondering what the point of it all, is. doesnt make sense for life to be like this.

    ive been watching ..the good wife...its a surprisingly good tv show about lawyers

    i wish we got oprah/ellen but theyre not airing these days....

    i just bought a book about forgiveness...and tapping into law of attraction by
    forgiving...its a very easy book to follow.. maybe thats an area i need to explore

    lets see..

    take care, all

    God Bless
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    Hi Springwater...thank you for the compliments :) Yes, Josiah looked like a much "older" baby, from the moment he was born. He is just pretty much "perfect"...or maybe that's a grandma's biased view?

    I wish you all could come for a retreat here on the is, for the most part, so very peaceful. And safe...I can walk around outside in the middle of the night, if I choose. I can think of so many places I have lived or visited where one would not dare leave clothes on the line overnight, let alone hang them out or take them off after dark.

    Other than all the work that just comes naturally when living out in the country, it is a great place to be...and I don't even mind the work, but wish I felt better so could do a better job at it.

    Oh, and I won't name any names, but a certain black and white dog ran off for a little while yesterday and came home smelling of cow manure...seems she found a nice place to roll around. So....she had to endure a bath and some scolding. But all is forgiven today and I will just need to keep a closer watch on her. (Actually, she was outside with the kids and I was napping) but slipped away when David turned his back for just a short while.

    I'd better get back to work. Alternating physical work (laundry, dishes, etc., etc.) with paperwork (filing, bill paying, etc.) so I don't get too burned out with any one thing. Poor Den will get a very simple supper tonight and tomorrow night...I am standing firm to getting some of MY OWN things done. :)

    Hope everyone is doing as well as can be...
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    Julie: Nice photo of grama and Josiah! And yes, he was all filled out and soooooo adorable. When my DGD was born I had double pneumonia and couldn't see her for 5 weeks. She had already changed a lot and I missed so much. Poor little Kiera....she must have been really tired or the movie wasn't that exciting. And I hope Lyndsey will be able to get a routine going once David is back to work.

    Spring: I think we're all wishing for cooler weather. But I know you and Mikie really contend a lot with the humidity because of all the rain you get. Ugh....I hate humidity.

    This weekend was very busy for me, which I found was a wonderful change for my life. Saturday my DGD, Nika, was baptized in LosAngeles. An old Catholic Church which was full of stained glass windows, a very large gold altar at the front which I understand used to belong to William Randolph Hearst. For those you don't know about him, he plundered Europe for treasures of all kinds he could bring home and have installed in his castle near San Simeon, calif. This altar was like something you would see in a church in Europe. Literally the entire front of the church was gold, including the sides of the altar. My DGS stood by me during the baptism asking all kinds of questions, since he had never been in a church like that.

    And yesterday was my DGS and my day.......we were baptized in some large pools out on the church lawn. It was very, very hot so I for one was very happy to get immersed! This summer has been a real life changing one for me.

    Today it's back to paperwork, still trying to straighten out my finances.
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    Hi Sun...congratulations on your baptism. I'll bet your DGS was really interested...can't say I have ever been in a church like that, either. We did visit some beautiful cathedrals in Europe (when Den was stationed in Germany with the Army.)

    Yes, quite a few changes for you this summer. Hopefully, you will find a new "normal" as you adjust to the loss of your hubby.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to see your DGD until you had recovered from pneumonia...I remember that now. Lindsey is doing so much better with this baby #4. Lorraine was her first (so naturally nervous) then David got deployed when she was a month old. The twins were a handful from the very beginning (just because there was double everything....joys as well as work.) Rough pregnancies left Lindsey worn out before the babies even got here.

    So many blessings this time...David home, his parents here the first week, the pregnancy was much easier (in comparison) and Lindsey has the experience that comes with already having three other children. Even nursing is easier this time...and no colic is a major "plus."

    Okay, I am into my "paperwork hour", I guess being on the computer counts, true? Better get back at it, though :)
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    TigerLilea, hope it's okay to move your post over here so Joan and everyone can see it.

    This is Tiger's post to Joan, from the last volume:
    {Joan, I am very sorry to hear about your son-in-law. It is always hard when someone dies, but especially when it is sudden and very unexpected. My thoughts are with you and your family.}
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    Good afternoon to everyone,

    Sun - I don't envy your with all the paperwork and stuff that has to be done after a tragedy of losing your DH. I am not the greatest as finances although I can do a check book and basics but DH works with some stocks and he got a degree in business and accounting. I have my small checking account with my social security and he has two accounts, one we pay our bills out of and he is many times having to move $ from one acct. to another. Very confusing for me. Of course as one does it a time or two you remember, hopefully Hope you are finding things easy enough for you on things your DH used to take care of. Sometimes though with my fuzzy brain I get things a little mixed up. Congrats on your Baptism and your DGD ( I think it was or DGS).

    Julie - Thanks for starting the new Porch and transferring Tiger's post over hear. Glad to hear from you and yes it time for you to try and have a little tie for yourself even if it means to do your own dishes and laundry and PAPER WORK - UGH !! Glad Lindsey's pregnancy was easier of course with just a single birth this time, it should have been easier for her. She also have nursing down to a science with having already nursed Lorraine and the twins before Josiah. How is Miss Lorraine taking the big sister role? She just might like to be the big boss a time or two or three :)!! Of course she will have to relinquish that role when Keira comes by :)!!

    Thanks also for the cute pic of you and Josiah. He is as beautiful as you are or visa versa :) !

    Spring Water - I know that Joan losing her dear SIL has brought you back more tears as you think back to losing your DB, as well as SUN too I am sure after losing her DH such a short time ago. Lots of good thoughts and prayers go out to you both as well as Joan.

    Joan - I hope you are now with your family, and that you can all help each other through this terribly trying time. It was so wonderful to see you come back on the Porch yesterday but then such sad news to you and us all. Come back when you can sweetie. We sure have missed you. You will be in all of our thoughts and prayers. since I didn't see you today and not sure about yesterday. My mind gets a bit blurry at times and this is a new Porch volume.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling OK

    Big hugz to everydobby inc those not mentioned .

    Granni :)
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    I had to come back.

    My granddaughter posted a beautiful picture of her and her wonderful dad.

    Tim loved scubudiving and was a professional in it. He had traveled to places on his bucket list of diving spots He had gone to Guam and had seen the bottoms of beautiful oceans all over. Sunday, he was diving with others in Lake Michigan when he didn't appear. Friends found him, took him to the hospital and called my daughter to tell her
    and she immediately her 3 children and 2 brothers. My oldest son went up there and my youngest had the chore of telling me.

    I talked for the first time to Dawn today and she kept telling me why I should stay home. I understand. With my walker I would always be in the road. And I guess my 3 grandchildren and 2 daughter-in-laws are just handling it all. God bless them.

    From what I have heard it was probably a heart attack while he was at the bottom of the water. He dearly loved seeing what was down there. He taught diving in two colleges and was licensed to do so.

    I still haven't come to grips with it. Just want to tell you.

    Hugs and thank you, sear friends.

    Gentle Hugs,


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    Hi Granni and Joan...

    Granni, I think it's great that your hubby is so good with the business/numbers end of things. Den and I kind of share the bookkeeping chores, but I try to keep on top of the bill paying, etc. That's one thing I'm working on during my time at home this week...getting our filing system back on track, so we're not constantly hunting for papers, receipts, etc.

    Joan, thanks for checking in again. Oh my, what an awful thing to have happen...even though Tim was doing something he loved to do. You must all still be in "shock."

    I imagine your kids are thinking of your health/pain situation and stamina, not so much that you would be "in the way." I hope your daughter and some of her kids/grandkids can visit you as soon as it is possible. They are probably all busy trying to help make arrangements, etc. Will everything (services, etc.) take place four hours away? That would be so hard on you to travel back and forth, or to be away from your home for any length of time...still, I'm sorry you won't be able to be there.

    Stop by here as often as you can...we all care about you!
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    Joan - Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. I can't stay either as I need to start dinner early as Choral Society stars again tonight. What an awful and scary thing for Tim an you all. At least he was doing what he loved to do with scuba diving.

    I know you would love to e there for and with the family but it would hard for you as you said with your walker. I know that you will be there in your spirit. May God bless you and your dear family.

    Sorry but I need to get going.

    Love to you,
    Granni :(
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    thought I would post a photo of me with my two granddaughters, taken last week.

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    Well, we may be sick but from the pics of Julie and Sun, you guys look mahvelous.

    Julie, little Josiah looks soooo content in your arms. He is definitely a keeper! I can only imagine how much work there is on your farm. I hope and pray for NRG and good health for you and yours.

    Sun, congratulations again on your baptism. Many Catholic churches, even those which appear humble on the outside, have very ornate altars. I'm glad you are busy and painting again. I continue to pray for healing and hope for you.

    Springwater, I'm reading a book, "Whispers," by a pastor. He says God talks to us but our minds are often so busy that we do not hear Him. The meditations I'm doing on Oprah/Chopra are helping me despite the fact that I usually don't do meditation with an intent. I usually don't chant mantras. I just try to quiet my mind to give my brain a respite and to let God's messages come through. Sometimes, I clear my chakras. However, these guided meditations seem to be freeing me from anxiety. When I've been sick or injured as long as this last siege, I often feel depressed or numb and wonder what this is all for. I always remind myself that this is also part of the human experience. Just because I'd rather feel well and be bustling around doesn't mean that God doesn't have other ideas of what I need. There is something to be learned from every experience. Sometimes the worst experiences bring us the most insight and spiritual growth. Hard to see at the time, though. I forgive easily. Being too judgmental is my problem in some instances. I can often see both sides and understand why another feels differently but, sometimes, I am too quick to judge. I'm getting better with age (like a fine wine :)

    Joan, I continue to pray for you and your family. This sudden loss is so traumatic. Please take time to deal with your loss as we all pray for healing for you and yours. It takes time but, in time, loss becomes less raw. I don't believe we are ever the same with such loss but some healing is possible. We are all sending you our love.

    I have to go over to the condo mtg. this morning. The gardeners are not only enlarging the mulched areas around our plants, another guy comes along with Roundup and kills another 3 inches of grass. This means they either get to charge us for laying more sod or putting in more mulch. We have a very weak board and a mgr. with attitude so it ain't easy. I thought about running for the big board but decided I just don't need the stress. It's enough to be on our bldg.'s little board. The big board president is a friend but is totally incompetent to be in that position. We waste tens of thousands of dollars because she signs bad contracts she doesn't understand what is in them. I don't want to be in constant confrontation with her. Still, it's hard to see how this place is run.

    I'd rather crawl back into bed but I've been doing that and it doesn't help. I had stopped the AV due to side effects; same with the ibuprophen. Now, I just feel like crap and have had to go back on the AV. Whine, whine, whine! I need to go to the store but hate to buy food I may end up throwing out due to strange appetite swings. I hate not eating fresh produce but have no appetite for it so end up eating something processed. Sometimes, I just don't eat. This is about as run down as I've been short of being bedridden. Actually, I'm either in bed or on the sofa most of the time but it's not the same as when I truly was bedridden. Still, I'm good for nuttin'.

    Hope everyone is having a better day than I.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Windytalker

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    Joan...Better late than never. Please know you and your entire family have my very sincere condolences. Sending prayers...
  15. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Windy - nice to see you and hope you are feeling well or as well as expected. Come back when you can to chat !!!

    Gotta run for now.,

  16. lydia1

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    Good morning, everyone! Boy, am I getting a later start on the day than I had planned...but I still wanted to stop in and say "hi".

    Ironic that the one night I went to bed fairly early (for me) before 11:00...then Oreo woke me up before 2:30 am to go potty. Then Den woke me up at 5:30 (which was okay, because he had a question before he went to work.) So when my alarm went off at 6;30, I just wasn't ready to get up :oops:

    It's now almost 9:30 and all I've done is go outside and play a bit with Oreo (she needs enough physical activity so she doesn't get bored) and have a cup of coffee.

    Sun, I was so glad to see a pic of you and your granddaughters! They are so pretty and you are just beautiful! Hope things are going okay with all the paperwork, etc.

    Mikie, dear are just having to deal with too much sickness, lack of energy, etc. I know when you tell us that you are "in bed or on the couch a lot" that something must really be going on. And I understand how hard it is for you to not be able to do things.

    I sure appreciate the position you're in with the board, and your friend who is in charge, but doesn't do a very good job. Those little stinkers (the gardeners) really have a thing going, don't they?

    I don't like Round Up, and we haven't sprayed the past couple years, because Lindsey is so worried about it being around her family. But I told her I am going to let her dad spray some next year...far away from the house. I can't mow and weedeat everywhere and the kids don't have time, so we have to have a way to keep the fence rows, etc. cleaned up.

    As it is now, the ragweed is starting to "do its thing" and every time I mow close to a big plant, it drops pollen all over me. I am so allergic to's probably the worst thing for me to be around.

    So we told the kids we will spray at the same time they spray the fields...our little bit will be nothing compared to what the farmer does. We won't spray in the yards or anywhere the kids will be, but this is just ridiculous.

    Granni, sounds like you have a busy day going on already :)

    Windy, good to hear from you. Joan, I am still thinking of you and hope your daughter and family are doing as well as possible at a difficult time like this.

    Hi to Springwater, Rock, Diane... everyone else I have missed this morning. I'd better get busy before this day gets away from me. I am watching the three older kids tomorrow while Lindsey and David get out. They are going to look at another vehicle...their van will hold four carseats, but it is pretty tight.

    Take care, everyone...have a good enough day!

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    Hi everybody,

    Just writing a quick hello!

    Joan, I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences are with you.

    I'm nervous and anxious. Beety goes to the vet tomorrow morning, to get a chest xray regarding her bronchitis. If the xray is clear, she'll have her dental surgery rescheduled for soon. Poor dear, I'm so worried about her.

    I send my loving thoughts and prayers to y'all. Julie, I enjoy the pics you post. Sun, how beautiful! Julie, you make me smile with your stories of Oreo. :) Mikie, glad the kitties are settling down for you. Sorry you feel so crappy, and hope you can get a handle on it. Granni, I got your email, just been too preoccupied (worried about Beety to reply). But I did chuckle -- it's the middle of summer here (highs only in low 80's, and Kevin and I made a big pot of beef broth on Sunday). LOL

    Actually, the soup was my idea. I overdid it guys. Completely overdid it with the wheat, gluten, etc. I feel like "you know what." This is my third day of going gluten-free again. And I'm feeling much much better. But for me the gluten causes candida, so I am herxing/detoxing. And by tomorrow or Thursday, I will have CRAVINGS. I WANT A PIZZA!!!!! LOL I'll deal, I'll detox, I'll feel better, and once again, I'll vow not to slip back to my "gluten ways."

    Jam, I keep thinking of you -- my sinuses are not stuffed, or runny, or pounding like a headache. You gave up bread/pasta/gluten, right?? When am I gonna learn that a slip, means a bigger slip, means more and more gluten, until I feel crappy like this? (But why does pizza taste so good?) :)

    I am taking my supps, and they are helping. And when I get "back on my feet again", I'll be back posting regularly.

    So that's an update on me. I'll write more soon! HI to everybody I didn't mention.

    Take care all!

    Love, Diane

    Oh, PS ROCK -- Are you a David Rosenfelt fan ("Andy Carpenter" series)?? I'm reading his new book (HOUNDED), and it's pretty good, so far.
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    A proper good morning to everydobby,

    I started before to chat but knew it was a bad tie. DH needed to check some stuff before he left for his meeting. However I got on and started typing and he needed to computer right way. So, I got off. If I knew how to save it and then go back and finish the post, I would have done so. However, I do not :!! I did start a wash which is at least getting something done today.

    Sun - Thanks so much for posting that picture of you and your dear grandchildren. They are so cute and so are you, my dear :)!!!! As Julie said, I hope things are getting easier for you as you try and settle into a different schedule without your DH. So glad you have your painting and art work to help you get through the day and to hopefully feel better. As Mikie said your hurt and feeling of loss will not disappear but the bad feelings should at least lessen through the years. I know you have lovely memories of him tucked away in your hear forever..

    Julie - I am sure allergies are causing lots of problems on your property for you, Lindsey, and the kids . A lot of that is probably what starts everyone getting sick. Hope you can at least get rid of some of that. Yes, you have to be careful with the spraying too, with your animals and children around. So much to think about. I am sure I also have allergies but never have been tested my whole life. My dad had problems with hay fever and took shots for years till he got tired of taking them..

    Mikie - Sorry you are feeling bad again. Glad that you decided not to try and get on the BIG board of your condo, even if those in charge are not really doing a good job.. You already deal with enough stress, etc..

    Joan - Also thinking of you at this sad time. Sending big hugz and prayers your way. Come back and visit when you fell up to it. God Bess You and your whole family. I know your heart is breaking for your DD an her children.

    Love to all my dear Porchies inc those not mentioned right now !! Also thinking of Spring Water, Diane, Dar, Windy, Barry, Teacher, Elaine, et al !

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    Granni, we were posting at the same time! :) My post is above yours.

  20. Granniluvsu

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    P.S. ----

    Diane - I came back and checked your post. Sorry about your gluten problems and having to go through all this. How do you know you are allergic to gluten and or wheat? Are there any other symptoms other than your candida problem I used to have that problem year ago and at that time I don't think I ate that much wheat, gleuten.. I know what you mean about PIZZA. I too love it and eat it when I can.

    Good luck to Beety tomorrow. Hope her bronchitis has cleared up so she can have her teeth extractions. Let us know how her checkup goes tomorrow please !!

    Do a line, when you are u to it.

    Granni :)
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