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    Hi Diane, Granni and everyone!

    Diane, hope Beety's xray is clear and they can get her surgery done...then she will be on the road to recovery :) What a worry for you and Kevin, in the meantime...

    I've been eating soup too, even in our hot weather. Lots of times I will fix Den something, then I will just heat up some soup for me. Like Jam, I enjoy soup for breakfast lots of times.

    I have been trying to avoid gluten myself, these past few days. I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but can tell when I eat too much problem foods (pizza, pasta, breads) that I have stomach and intestinal issues. And the fatigue gets much worse.

    I will have to check in my book "Wheat Belly"...the author talks about wheat in particular...and how it is so addictive because it has changed so much in just the past 50 years or less. Hope you feel much better after you detox...

    Granni, my nose has been running all day, lol! Typical August for me...the pollen, dust, etc. just makes things miserable for so many around here...and I am still taking the Grapeseed.

    I am making some headway on the inside of the house...would take MONTHS to do a proper job, so I am just doing the best I can. I don't look forward to when David returns to work next week, but we'll get along, just as we always do :oops:

    The annual picnic at my dad's care center is this Sunday...I will need to get something made...or might even just buy something to take. Our letter of the alphabet (what the last names start with) are to take desserts. Will make sure I have a piece of cherry pie saved for my daddy :) There's an idea...will just order stuff from our Amish neighbors' bakery. That's pretty much a no-brainer, lol...why didn't I think of that sooner?

    Better get back to work. I just heard the washer stop...will hang out the last load of clothes for the day, then work some more on the house.
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    Greetings Julie , et al,

    I don't have runny nose problems but just Post Nasal Drip ( not good for singing but I make due). Don't know if GSE would be helpful with allergies but perhaps it might help to keep that stuff from going into an infection..

    That sounds like a great idea about buying a homemade pie from the Amish ladies and then brig that to the picnic for your Dad. . I usually don't make from scratch pies but if I had to bring one I might would do the same as you or get a frozen one or make an icebox pie with a graham cracker crust . Cherry pie sounds great !!!!

    Do the Amish ladies still where those long dresses with aprons and caps on their heads? Saw them years ago when we went to PA but haven't seen them in a very long time. I am guessing so but just thought I would ask. Ceraily uncomfortable in the summer for sure.

    I used to have lots of IBS type symptoms with occasional diarrhea which I never had since I have had constipation problems all my life. Now they are gone but I do have a lot more gas then I used to have and also a tummy where I never used to have one. When we have read and pasta it I now usually wheat or whole grain. We switched when DH became borderline diabetic. Don't want to spend the time or money to be tested. We have enough bills already. I is hard to eliminate some stuff you really like plus DH will probably fuss about it. I know Den loves his bread not that we have a lot but he wouldn't have soup for lunch in the summer or soup for breakfast but he /we both usually have Cheerios with fruit (blueberries if we an get them) for breakfast. Who knows what to eat these days. One day they say one thing is good and then another time it is no longer good for you. Didn't worry about that so much when we were growing up. Almost everything was good for you except maybe to much sweets.

    Hugz to everyone !
    Granni :confused:
    Granni :)
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    Waiting on supper to cook, while my hot hubby takes an after work nap. Oh, that didn't sound right, lol! Yes, he is a hottie, in my eyes, of course ;)...but he really got hot at work today. He usually comes home and rests before eating supper, then starting on any projects at home.

    Yes, Granni, the gals do still wear the long dresses and hats. They wear a white lighter-weight cap, then their black bonnet goes over that if they go somewhere. They do have different weights of material in their dresses...according to the weather...sort of summer clothes and winter clothes...but made from the same pattern.

    I don't mind wearing dresses, but what I can't see me doing is how they fasten their dresses together with straight pins...I would forever be poking myself :pAnd they go swimming in their dresses...the dresses just sort of float up, and the girls keep pushing them back down.

    Better check the oven...I bought a marinated turkey breast and hoping it is done pretty soon. Have a couple sweet potatoes to microwave, sliced home-grown tomatoes and some watermelon. That will be plenty for supper...I thawed out some strawberries to eat over vanilla ice cream for an evening snack.

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    Hi all!

    Just pokin' my nose in to see how all are doing. Hard to keep up.

    Work is absolutely nuts! Chiro visits helped a lot. He did tell me however, I need new orthotics. That's what's been causing the awful swelling in my left ankle.

    Finally got all my supplements refilled and started taking them yesterday. Don't have all my meds because I'm going to see about changing some.

    Got to make appointment with G.P. to see about changing my levothyroxine to Armour Thyroid. The Lodine XL (pain med) has never been all that effective
    , and I've been on it 18 years building up a resistance to it. I'm tired of the side effects. Dry mouth, wearing the enamel off my teeth. I've lost four teeth and now have four more broken at the gum line. I'm going to ask him about medicinal marajuana. (Don't know if I spelled that right).

    I've been researching it and it would eliminate the need for both the pain med and the ambien for sleep disturbances. It is now being prescribed specifically for FM and other pain-related conditions. (Might help the arthritis too). I noted a big painful knot on my thumb knuckle a few weeks ago. I already knew I had it in my hips and that my knuckles were becoming painful and affected.

    It's now legal for medicinal use in my state and they are getting ready to build a dispensary within 5 miles of my home. This has got to be a better answer than grogged, still in pain, and losing my teeth!

    My supplements do help a lot once I get them into my system and get balanced out. I'm already a little less tired. That's a plus.

    Still mourning my Pye Pye. It just isn't the same when I come home. KoKo the Siamese is still being lap cat. BooBoo is just BooBoo. But there's this big empty space where Pywacket was.

    Julie, that was so funny. It's nice to know that after years of marriage you still think your DH is a Hottie. :D I hope things are lightening up for you. You've had sooooo much going on in your life. Hope too, that your own physical condition has improved and you're doing okay.

    To all others on the Porch, Granni, Spring, Sun, Rock, everybody, Lots of Loves!

  5. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member good to hear from you! I have been wondering how you've been getting along. How is your son doing? Hope things are starting to look better for him.

    Glad you have gotten some relief from the chiro...I don't know what I would do without mine. Our girls even take the grandkids, since birth.

    I hope you can get the medical MJ...didn't know it was legal in our parts, lol!

    I imagine you will miss Pywacket for quite awhile...they sure do find a place in our hearts, don't they? Our new dog, Oreo, is a really sweet girl. I do have to give her enough physical exercise, though, or she gets bored and chews whatever she can find...mostly the kids' plastic toys that happen to be lying around the house.

    I need to get some tennis balls for her to chase...we have been using "drop apples" that we find under the trees. They work for awhile; when I throw them, she does bring them (sort of) to me...or at least close by...then I throw them again. But, eventually, she just decides to EAT them, so I know she's done playing :p

    She won't run around on her own...I have to get her started, then she runs laps around the house and heads towards me on a dead run. I don't know how she gets stopped, but she does...then immediately sits so I will pet her.

    I'm still working on keeping her from "herding me", lol! I know it's just part of her breed (Australian Shepherd, crossed with who knows what) but when we are running around the yard and she starts growling and acting like she is going to nip me in the legs, I have to get after her. She has only caught my skin one time, but that was enough to make me more careful. She doesn't play that way with the kids...seems to understand that they are little and that she can't be too rough.

    She wants to play with the cats so bad...they come to her and roll over on their backs, but when she starts to play, they hiss and scratch at her. I'm sure she is very confused, lol!

    I'd better get on to bed. Will watch the three older kids tomorrow so Lindsey and David (and baby Josiah) can get out by themselves.

    Lorraine is really getting "too big for her britches." She wants a pair of earrings (play ones I think) and her mom must have told her no. So she said that she and her daddy were going to go shopping by themselves and he would buy them for her...and they would leave Mama at home so she wouldn't fuss about it.

    I think Daddy set her straight pretty quick, lol!

    Will check in with you all tomorrow!
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    Wow! Lots of posts since I was here yesterday morning. Julie, I laugh thinking of Oreo herding you around the farm. She sounds like a wonderful addition to the family. Cats are teases. They probably want her to play with them but aren't ready for such an active doggie. I'll bet they will be good friends eventually. I enjoy reading about your family life. Maybe you should write a book.

    Granni, if you have written some in a post and hubby wants the computer, simply tell us he needs it and post what you have. You can say you'll be back. Then, you can edit your post to add to it. I do it now and then. Or, you can save your post by highlighting what you've typed, click on ctl plus the letter c. Later, come back to post and click on ctl plus v and what you've written will appear as if by magic. Voila!

    Dar, glad you got your supps. Hope you can get your meds figured out. If you take anything expensive, have you tried appealing to the pharma for a free, or reduced price, on the meds? Docs have the forms to fill out. Even if you don't qualify for free, you may qualify for reduced costs. I only take generic meds so I don't spend much on them. Good luck to you.

    As I told Granni, I am going to close this out to go back to page 1 to see whom I missed. I'll be right back.

    Windy, glad to see your post. I hope you can come back to the Porch and sit a spell with us.

    Diane, I hope Beety's x-ray is clear. Bless her little heart. It'll be a huge relief when this is over. I ask St. Francis to watch over all our pets.

    I just lost everything from here on. I'm so disgusted that I'm going to close this post and come back later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Awww, Mikie, I'm sorry you lost some of what you had typed...that gets very frustrating as it takes effort (a lot of it for me, lol) to try to remember what people have said and reply to everyone...sometimes I just can't, and I know that's okay, but I wish I could be "on top of things more"...something to work towards, I guess.:)

    Yes, I think Oreo and the cats will eventually become great friends...they just have to be around each other long enough to develop that trust. Gabby loves dogs and would follow Sheba around all the time...if Sheba lay down anywhere, Gabby was right on top of her, making herself comfy-cozy.

    Well, I just wanted to say good morning to everyone. Lindsey and David will bring the kids over in a couple hours, so I need to pick up some of my mess/clutter from the past two days. They are going to look at two or three vans for sale...need something with more room between middle and back seats, for getting around inside to install carseats (and kids) :p Right now they have to climb over the middle seat (with a child in their arms) to get everyone buckled in.

    Joan, I hope you are doing are the arrangements for your dear son-in-law going? I found his name and went to the website for the funeral home. Viewed the guest book and read all the wonderful things people were saying about him...sounds like a super guy. I am sorry for all his family and friends to have lost him...

    I'd better get busy before it gets wild in here...raining today, so we won't be going outside to play or "Mo, Mo" as Isaiah likes to say. Sometimes I give them short rides on my mower, but I refuse to actually mow with them on my lap...too hard to maneuver the levers and keep the kids safe too.

    Take care, everyone...have a good enough day!
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member's Beety? All over her bronchitis I hope and ready for her oral surgery. Poor kitty. And how are you and Kevin doing? Full of worry I'm sure.

    Mikie: don't you just HATE when you lose a post. Usually I've put in all my effort and steam on the first one and have to come back later. I was thinking about your hurting shoulder the other day and any exercises you might have found on Youtube to help. I think I put my arm in a wrong position over a week ago, trying to drag my vacuum cleaner........can't push it anymore......and probably have a really bad strain on the upper muscles. What do you suggest I do? Exercises or do nothing?

    Julie: Your little Oreo sounds like she's fit right in with the family! I'm so happy that things sound like they're settling down around the homestead. And dare I ask how Grandpa and sis are doing? And.......are you missing mowing their lawn? LOL Hope Lyndsy and David find the perfect van for their needs at a good $.

    Dar: You will miss your kitty for quite a while, perhaps always. I would still get teary eyed for over a year after I had to put to sleep my favorite cat.

    I spent a very busy but enjoyable day yesterday with my DGD, Shelby. She asked to come over here so her mom brought her around ll a.m. We hit the P.O., Michaels (oh boy, what an experience with a 6 year old wanting to look at everything) Big Lots, and lunch at Panera Bread. After that it was on to Marshalls where I had a card for some things I had returned. I don't need any clothes so decided to just the two of us to shop for her. Had so much fun in the dressing room, two girls giggling over the clothes. She's pretty good about deciding what she likes and doesn't! Then the Dollar Tree Store and finally Big Five for a new noodle for the pool. After she played in the pool, we came in and we both "sewed". I had to take in a couple of the new tops to fit her and she used the little girl Simplicity sewing machine I had bought at a yard sale a few years ago. The problem is I don't know how to thread this machine and the directions weren't in the box. Does anyone know how this is threaded. The bobbin is on top rather than underneath where the needle would go under. I'm thinking about taking it to a real sewing machine repair store near me and ask if they can help.

    Then after all that we made and frosted cupcakes. I stuck 6 in the freezer, she ate 2 and her dad ate 3 when he came to pick her up so they took home 13 to share with her brother and of course Dad again. I was VERY good and didn't eat even one.

    I forget what we had been talking about but I said I was old and my dear little sweetie came back with, "no Nana you're not old, you're young and sparkly"
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    Good afternoon to y'all!

    I just wanted to report on Beety. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

    Her bronchitis (according to her xrays) is not yet all cleared up. :( So two more weeks on the antibiotic. And pain med (so she can eat). Her temperature was normal. And she has not lost weight (which is what I was worried about, with her teeth).

    So, we wait. And chase her for two more weeks, for her twice daily dose of meds.

    We had trouble finding Beety this morning, which sent my heart racing and my anxiety sky high. She would not come out for breakfast time. She found a new hiding spot, hallway closet, way in the back. She's fine (then and now), walking around, playing, eating a little bit more cat food. We got more ABX from the vet, and Beety got a dose when she got home, so we had to offer food to all the kitties, post-breakfast. Beety can't have her ABX on an empty stomach.

    I wish this was all over, that the bronchitis cleared, and that the surgery could be scheduled.

    I've been reading your posts, and I think of y'all. I had to take a klonopin early today for my anxiety, so I'm a little bit drowsy right now. I have some soup broth heating, and some rice noodles boiling, and I'm looking forward to my lunch. :)

    Take care all! I'll be back when I can.

    Love and hugs,

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    Best wishes to Diane and Beety!

    What ya reading, Diane? I am reading some old English mysteries by Nicholas Blake. Sometimes I forget what exactly is happening, so turn back a few chapters and try again. But the characters are fun, so to hell with the plot I sometimes tell Richard; he laughs....

    Again, double best wishes to you; we know what a strain you are under.

    Love, Barry
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    Dear Ones,

    I am going to try and type some before my left arm/shoulder gives out. Today we went over to the house for a short time while the inspectors were there. I wanted to try and measure a couple of closets for DD who wanted to know about how big they were. Nothing like buying a home you haven't been in :)! They have seen lots of pics that were on the real estate website though we gave them the go ahead afterwards.

    I am trying to get used to their house which has a very small step as you go into the house, you go a short ways and there is a small step - just enough to trip and fall right onto the nice hard tile floor on one side.. Man did that hurt . I was hoping that I did not break anything especially since I have had OP which hopefully now has gone into the Osteopenia stage. That is what the dexa scan said but when taking Strontium Citrate you can't exactly be sure what your status is except scan looking better and no fx's. That sounds good to me. I was really scared at first but put on ice as much as I can. I hope I can take my shirt off tonight. I have been taking Ibuprofen throughout the day so far. it does seem better not as horrible a pain but so far it is very hard to raise my arm. Hope I am not to black and blue when I take off my shirt tonight ( if I can). I usually do bruise easily. Enough about me and my stupid fall. I have already tripped on that little step a couple of times but only one time bad. Tomorrow might be fun off to the dentist for the perio cleaning I was supposed to have at least a month ago . Besides that I know I either need a new filling in one of my bottom front teeth. There is no pain but I can feel it being uneven. Hope I do not need a crown or anything. DH is already complaining of the bills.

    The inspectors didn't find anything bad which is a very good thing, just a few things not very big, like tree limbs being on the roof and one of the a/c units wasn't working up to par they thought. We spoke to DD and I gave her the info and they will have the inspection info tonight by email. They think if no one has bought the house by about med September they will discuss and perhaps move down early depending when the present owners can vacate.

    Barry - Hope you are doing fine or at least not to bad. Enjoy your reading. That can be fun and a comfort to you, as you read. !!

    Gotta run be back later.

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    Mikie - Well I am back at least for awhile. Thanks for the tips on how to save and then go back to a post. I know that I cold also tag onto the last one I wrote after editing. However, I am afraid that those who have already read won't go back and read the same post. Of course even if they don't it won't be a big deal or anything. I will try your other tips at a later time. Hope your shoulder is feeling better than mine after I fell today. At least you didn't trip and fall - what a klutz :)!

    Mikie - P.S. Sorry you lost some of your last post. That is really frustrating to me.

    Julie - Those kids sound so funny and I can see that Miss Lorraine is trying to Rule the Roost:)!!! They are so funny at that age. Speaking of rain we had a bunch today and yesterday late in the day. Hope it doesn't do that tomorrow as I have a late dentist apt/ tomorrow. The lightening crack so hard this afternoon I turned off the computer. You are smart to not mow with those little ones on your lap. It would be awful if one fell down and or then got ran over or cut with mower, or any of those things would be so awful.

    Diane - Sorry Beety has to have two more weeks of meds. HI also to Dar, Sun, and Joan. Trying not to leave anyone out.

    DAR - glad you are back on all or most of your supps. Hope that gets you to feeling much better. You have been off them for quite awhile., haven't you? The Govt. surely takes its sweet time.

    Joan - Hoping all is going well with your DD and family. I know your heart is with them all as they celebrate the life of your DSIL. May God bless you all !!

    Sun - Hope things are getting a little better for you. I know it takes a long time and he will always be I your heart. How cute of your DGD saying you were young and sparkly. You are lucky enough to live close enough to be with her once in awhile or have your DD drop her off. How far are your fro their home? I have only one DGD and she is now almost 21. She never lived all that close but I did see her and her brothers a few times a year and when hey were younger they came in the summer for a week or less. Now we miss a lot of stuff I the city as DH doesn't like to go that far in the bad traffic esp at night. We are going to see one DGS in a football game in a few weeks and before that his brother s in the Tech. Crew for the show DH is not to thrilled but hope we can go. He will not be in the cast, just the crew. So we will not really see him. So we will see . Enjoy your DGD she sounds so cute.

    Granni :)

    H also to Spring Water and hpe it isn't as hot for you. It I here unless I rains a bit and then it is more humid and buggy !!!!
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    Granni: OMG......that's awful, tripping like that. First thing that needs to be done is someone figuring out how to give a slope to the small step. Don't feel bad, my DGS almost did the same thing last week at the catholic church.....a tiny step and he almost tripped. Hope it doesn't give you anymore troubles.

    My DD lives about 25 min. away from me, so I'm able to see them as often as I want, they want! LOL This is a pic. of her taken yesterday. Notice how proud she is of all the cupcakes! A young Martha Stewart.

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    Oh Sun, What a cutie your DGD is. Look at that red hair. Did you have red hair too when you were young or still do :)?? Just had a few minutes to heck the porch and saw you. Had to check to see your DGD. Looks like you had a fun time shopping etc. on your errands.

    Not much going o here. I don't feel to bad now after he fall since I have been putting lots of ice on it. Hope I can get my shirt off to take a hot shower. Will try and get back here tomorrow. Hope my shoulder gets to be more flexible with less pain.

    Lots of hugs to you and everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Why is it closed?. I wanted to share this
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    Hi Arthur...we usually close the porches at around 30 posts or so, then start a new one. This one is titled #737...I think we are working on #740 now. I didn't click on the video since I'm not sure what it is about and will let a moderator check it out first.

    Welcome to the porches...I haven't seen you before, but will go read some of your other posts so I can get to know you :)