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    Hi is late on Saturday night...saw we had lots of posts on the last volume, so thought I would get a new one going. Lots of good stuff on the last part of #738, so go back and get caught up, then come on and join us over here.
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    Here we are...I have a little more time this evening, so wanted to stay and visit while I can.

    Sun, about the pictures I had posted of Lorraine's first day back to preschool. The teacher in the pictures is Amy's best friend, Jennifer...the one who got married in May. Jennifer is also the preschool director. I think the other teacher (or the pastor or secretary) took the pictures during class.

    Granni, Lorraine loves going to school. There are homeschooling groups all over our area...and the kids who homeschool also can participate in public school classes activities if they choose...classes like music, art, etc...and activities such as sports, etc.

    Personally, I think whether or not to homeschool depends on each situation. I think as much as Lindsey and Lorraine "butt heads" because they are so much alike :rolleyes: it would be good to let someone else be the teacher. Lindsey has her hands full anyway, so teaching her own kids will (in my opinion) bring a lot of unnecessary stress.

    On the other hand, David is home during all weekdays, except for they could sort of tag team and it could work out for them. I haven't even voiced an opinion...what's that saying..."not my circus, not my monkeys" ;) I do love my grandkids, and would do anything for them, but I've been doing pretty well at setting boundaries (in several areas of my life) so I will stay out of the school dilemma.

    Grandmas are the ones who do things like go on field trips when the parents can't...that sort of thing.

    Rock, I loved hearing your "farm report", lol! Glad you saved so much dough on this batch of juice.

    Mikie, I figure if your body needs sleep, it's gonna get it. I ran around all morning and ended up taking a two hour nap in the late afternoon.

    Dar and Rock...I "type" also...;)

    Granni...ouch! So sorry your hubby got stung! :( Hope he is doing much better.

    Diane, hang in there with your kitties. And stay strong with the gluten free...I have done really good this week :p

    Spring, I know you are busy doing something. Yes, seeing all those happy faces each morning would certainly bring a smile. I had a perfect example of God knowing something ahead of time and taking care of things...

    As I mentioned...I made the rounds of Amish stores this morning. Left home around 11:30; stopped for eggs at our closes neighbors' then on up to the bakery to pick up my pies for Dad's picnic tomorrow. Then drove to a sort of "general store" to get a few things for Lindsey. On a few miles farther for some supplements for Den and myself, then backtracked to another general store/grocery store.

    Got home a couple hours later...went to unload and realized I had forgotten my bags at the first general store. So I headed back to pick them up, then drove another mile into a little town to order Den a late lunch at a little gas station/convenience store.

    While waiting on the food, I walked across the street to a new consignment/used furniture, etc. store. Found a blue couch (hide-a-bed) that would be perfect for our living room, especially sleepovers. Called Den and asked him to bring the pickup and come help me load it...he was there in about 15 minutes.

    I am so happy with my purchase! Now, all of our main furniture (that we will move to the new house) pretty much matches in color. I am wanting to go with shades of blue and burgandy...was really wanting to get a big piece called a "sectional" when we moved, but I know we won't have the money for it. But this will work just fine...till our ship comes in, lol!

    I still let Oreo cuddle with me while Den and I watched TV this evening, but I put a cover on the couch. When I don't want her on there, I put some little trays on the seat and they keep her from jumping up.

    This wonderful "chain reaction" started all because I forgot to grab the bags when I left the first store, lol!

    I'd better get on to bed now. The kids were going to our church tomorrow, but Liora has been running a fever for a couple days, so they are staying home. No problem, I will just go on to Dad's picnic and get there on time. They start serving at 11:00, but I wasn't going to get there till after this will work out better.

    Take care, everyone! Hi to anyone I missed...Joan, I continue to think of you and your family.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Not much to tell here. Cats are snoozing. Tweety was restless and needy this morning. I know she misses going outside. She makes the most of being an indoor cat. If I stop what I'm doing and get down on the floor and just love on her, it helps. Sylvester is in his favorite lair--under my bed. I'll bet when I clean under it, there will be a five-pound black ball of fur. My life has been turned upside down by these little fur kids but likely for the better. I have a cloth visor which I wear outside to keep the sun and sweat out of my eyes. I washed it and left it on a chair to dry. Despite having a whole basket of toys, Tweety has decided this visor is her favorite new thing to play with.

    Rock, you're gonna have to do better than "in the 80's" to get my sympathy. It's in the 90's here and in the 100's where DD lives. When temps drop into the 80's in the wintertime down here, we think it's a cold snap. No homes are built in FL without fans in every room. Spose it's all in what ya get used to.

    Granni, hope DH is doing better after being stung. Getting stung at an early age by three wasps has made me very frightened of stinging insects.

    Dar, yes I did need that nap. May need another one today :)

    Julie, it's exciting to think about your new space. I wish we had an Amish community closer to us. There is one up the coast in Sarasota. I want to go up for dinner before all the Snowbirds come back. Evidently, their chicken is to die for. All over, there are women in the long dresses and bonnets riding bicycles. I think it's the pastries where I might lose my mind. Maybe it's a good thing I don't live closer :)

    Hope y'all have a great day and sorry if I missed anyone from the last Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! Speaking of weather, we are predicted to be in the 90's these next three days, then the temp will get cooler with thunderstorms. Hard for Den to know when to take time off work so we can be up on the roof of the new house.

    I guess I will be going to my dad's picnic by myself today...Den got called to go finish up this out of town job he was doing the electric work for. Seems it has been over a year that the people have been remodeling a building to move their business to, so Den goes down as needed. Hoping they are done soon...he really doesn't care to go anymore and would just like to wrap it up.

    Oreo just about wiped out Red Mittens a few minutes ago. She was outside so I let Mittens in to eat in peace (instead of out in the garage with the other cats.) I let Oreo in and was trying to "direct" her to go the other direction, but of course she wanted to see the cat. But the cat wanted no part of her and felt "cornered." I was standing right there so yelled at Oreo as Mittens escaped up the stairs.

    Some of the other cats have made friends with the new dog, but not the one who gets to come inside with Grandma. Boy, oh's bad enough when the human grandkids act out because they have to "share" me, lol. Now, I get to deal with the animals. At least it seems that way...jealousy rears its ugly head, lol!

    I'd better get in the shower and head to town. Have some errands to run after the picnic. Both twins are sick now, so Lindsey is trying to get ahold of their doctor. Might not be able to do anything until tomorrow, though. She absolutely hates emergency rooms, but will do whatever is necessary.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Hi all!

    Thanks guys, for your support.

    I think I was feeling whine-y yesterday when I posted.

    Or maybe I was in "shock" to find Rosie with an injury to her leg! Last I saw, on late Friday afternoon, she and Beety were sleeping on the bed. Then, Kevin got home from work, and Rosie was limping/favoring her right front leg.

    Kevin didn't get home from the vet til around 10:00 p.m. on Friday night. And I worry about him, and his eating, because of his Type 2 diabetes. But he was OK. He took a "diabetic" snack with him to the vet's office.

    In our house, it's always "kitties first" -- mostly 'cause they can't communicate that they have an injury. Thank goodness for the vet (which operates as a vet, animal hospital, 24 hour emergency care).

    Thanks to all who crossed their fingers for us .... I got the pill down Rosie's throat in ONE try! Yippee! And Beety was easy to catch, and got her meds too.

    So, one more pill for Rosie this evening. And Beety still continues on her liquid meds, for another 1-1/2 weeks? Or thereabouts.

    Rock, oh CUPCAKES. I love cupcakes. :)

    Julie, sorry to hear that the twins are under the weather. Hope they can heal quickly, or see their doc, as opposed to an ER visit.

    Granni, OUCH about DH getting stung! Hope he's OK. Kevin gets stung all the time, doing yardwork. And I worry about him! He says, "well, I only got stung about 40 or 50 times!" To me that's 39 times too many!

    Julie, I slipped with the gluten-free yesterday. I wanted "comfort food," and I had a frozen dinner available. Wellllllllll, let me tell ya, I was not a happy camper yesterday evening. I renewed my vow today that NO GLUTEN is BEST, NO GLUTEN is BEST.

    I have to rest now. Unless you're gluten sensitive, you might not understand what I'm talking about. But I feel like ****. I had started to "detox" from the gluten, and then ate some again. Duh duh duh. What a mistake. But I'm back on track again!

    We're making another pot of beef broth, this time with beef liver added to the bones and meat. Kevin's still craving soup.

    And I'm gonna have some shellfish. Steamed mussels with melted butter and garlic. Some cole slaw and a bit of french fries. A seafood feast. Leftover mussels with butter, garlic and rice pasta. Yum!

    Kevin's at the store right now. I'm headed to the couch, to wait for him to come home.

    Hello to EVERYBODY!!!!!!

    I'll be back soon. Y'all take care.

    Love and hugs,

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    Hi Kids

    Earthquake today. It was a six pointer in the Sonoma area; wine country. Where my
    son went to college. Early reports are not too informative. Apparently some injuries but
    no fatalities.

    Gordon threw clothes in the washer; just left to run errands. I did the dishes. Well, I
    can no longer lift a basket of laundry, but I can still lift a mug.

    Dar, thanks for your kind words. I never heard of anybody taking 4 years of typing.
    When I was in High School it was taught for one year; or maybe one semester. I
    was the only boy in the class. Came in handy when I was in college. Some professors
    demanded that work be typed.

    Granni, sorry to hear about DH getting stung. And on the eyelid! Yikes! He's lucky
    to have a nurse in the house. In the crosswords the answer to the clue "what nurses
    do" is TLC.

    Mikie, haven't thought of Steve Martin for a long time. Read his biography some
    years back. I wonder if his tombstone will have an arrow through it. And speaking
    of comics, have you guys seen Andy Kauffman imitate Elvis? And then Jim Carrey
    does an impersonation of Kauffman doing Elvis. All these treasures can be found
    on Youtube.

    Diane, yes, vet bills are outrageous. The last time we took Zippy in for treatment the
    bill was $1150. We had been going to that vet for years. I think he jacked his prices up
    because he was just about to retire. Glad to hear Rosie's leg is better. Sounds like Kevin
    got a bargain on his new computer.

    Julie, more great pics. I found the teacher's attire kinda shocking. She looks like
    she's dressed to wash the car. But then, I haven't been near a grade school for
    decades. The classroom sure looks different from what I remember too. But then
    I was in school during the Eisenhower administration.

    Springwater, glad to hear you had a rejuvenating outing. I am always impressed at
    how well you write in English. Probably better than many of our high school
    graduates. And probably all of our professional athletes.

    Got some pics from my brother the cop. He had a new garage built. He didn't
    say what he did with all the stuff that was in the garage. I'd write and ask him
    but he doesn't respond to e mails. He does call me once or twice a year though.

    Just finished a Maeve Binchy book. A huge book because of the large type. Got
    to the last chapter and realized I had read it before; maybe 20 years ago. But
    that's OK. Worth a reread. Started 3-4 books last week, but gave up on them
    after a few chapters. James Burke reported about 40 years ago that 1000
    books are published everyday. Not likely to run out.

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    Julie - Thanks for starting us up again with a new volume. Hope you have a nice picnic with your Dad. I am sure he loves it with you coming up to visit. To bad Den had to go finish a job and miss it. Sorry to hear about the twins being sick now AGAIN. It is so hard with little ones to keep them well. Usually it is when they start pre school. Maybe Lorraine brought home some kind of a bug that she was just carrying . Who knows with kids the bugs just keep on getting passed around. Hope baby Josiah doesn't catch anything.

    Glad you are taking the time to do more stuff either for you or your direct family, who appreciates you ( at least). Had a busy morning at church with the ministry fair and DH didn't go since his eye was more swollen this morning after no ice or antihistamine in his system. It is not bothering him that much except itchiness and looking yucky when swollen.

    That is hysterical about your jealous animals who are jealous of their time with you . Geez you cannot escape from anyone or anything, can you :)?? LOL

    You are right about each individual child and situation for homeschooling. I agree with you it sounds like Lorraine would do better somewhere else and learning from another "teacher".

    Rock - Glad to see you. Sorry to hear about that earthquake. How far away is that from you? I know it is not close but I know so little about Ca, You are also right about SPRING WATER and how wonderfully she writes and has such good English. Yes, many of the people living here don't "speak or write as well as she does". YOU DO PRETTY WELL YOURSELF EXCEPT IF YOU GET CONFUSIATED ONCE IN AWHILE :)!!! Keep on reading that is keeping you young and your mind at least better than it would have been if you didn't .

    Diane - Sorry to hear about Rosie and her injured leg. Hope she is much better now. I know from speaking to friends about their vet bills - not cheap but you all do what you can for your dear furry friends. Don't feel to bad about slipping off the no gluten wagon. We all do that in regards to whatever we shouldn't eat, every once in awhile. You'll get right back on the wagon so you will feel much better. So nice to have you back on the Porch and PH !!! Sure have been missing you when you were gone.

    Do you actually have leftover mussels with garlic and pasta. There would never be leftovers of that left. Do you have a recipe for that. I have never made mussels but have had them in the restaurant. They are SOOOO good !!

    Mikie - Glad you had a nice nap. Sometimes that is all you need to get to feeling better, at least a little bit. I would yummy things made by Amish ladies too but none around here that I know of. It also sounds a bit tricky to to ride a bike with the long dresses and aprons they wear.

    Sounds like you are not very bored with those kitties around. Hope Tweety has had her fill of attention for awhile. That should last her for a day, or should it???

    Joan - Thinking of you and family dear lady. Drop by when you can and feel up to it.

    Hugz to all including those not mentioned !!

    Can't think of anything else right now. I am sure I will remember something after I submit :)!!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)!!!
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    Hi guys!

    Diane, I'm glad Kevin was able to get Rosie treated right away...hope all goes as well as possible with both the kitties.

    Granni, sorry about hubby's eye being swollen again...hope it heals without any more problems.

    Rock, I think the teachers dress that way because they get down on the floor right along with the kids...lots of playing and pretending/dressing up, etc. When I went to get Lorraine, they were all outside drawing on the sidewalks with chalk. And the teachers were on their hands and knees, tracing around each child :)

    What is that "they" say about plans being made to be broken? Well, Den was waiting for the guy to pick him up for the out of town job...they were going to go on and get Gpa so he could get out of the house a bit.

    But the guy who is on call at the city utilities (where Den is the lead lineman) called and said they had a big problem...a tree fell over and broke a pole off, which pulled out a bunch of lines, so several people were out of electricity. It was a job for more than just the guy on Den switched gears real fast and went on in to work.

    I still went to Dad's picnic, but he was already inside eating in the dining room. Smart move, if you ask was already way too hot outside. (But Dad doesn't care for crowds and I'm sure enjoyed being in the "relatively quieter" dining room.

    I got a plate and ate with him, then my brother and nephew also came and ate with us. We were there for a couple hours, just visiting...

    Afterwards, I ran a couple errands, then came on home. Hadn't heard from Den, so called and found out he was still at work. He will be one tired and hot hubby when he gets home.

    Here are a couple pics of Dad and us kids today.




  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - Gee, you always send such great pics. If I have a pic not sure how to get it onto the screen or right place. Nice pic or your dad , your brother and nephew. I see there were a few others who also liked the quiet and cooler surroundings inside :)!! How hot has it been by you? I know it has been a lot warmer here :)!! Do they have a/c inside the facility where your dad is? I would imagine NO considering where you all live. However things may have changed since I lived up north when we didn't have central air at all and lucky if you had a window unit. We didn't have it but did have a BIG fan when we lived at my parent's home. In some of our areas it was close to 100. I think it was about 95 here.

    Just wanted to pop in when I saw your post. Finished eating dinner and cleaning up so had a little time before trying to get ready for beddy bye after a shower. I don't like to rush the ritual like DH does :)!!!

    Stay well and cool everyone. TTYAL !It is so nice to see your pics Julie.

    'Granni :)!!
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    Granni: OMG....your poor Dh. Sooo painful. Big surprise to find them in the ground. And where were the termites? Good to read that he's a tough guy and no repercussions from the stings. When I was around 10 our neighbors had bee hives, didn't put out water, so the bees came over on our lawns. I loved to go barefoot, and that summer got stung 3 times on my foot. You would have thought that "shoes" would have come to me but I'm just a hillbilly. Even now, winter or summer, I'm usually without them.

    Rock: Does everyone take turns bringing goodies to the meeting? Interesting sounding frosting. Big surprise about the earthquake. I don't turn on the news until late and had to hear about it at church. Of course, here in calif. we SHOULD be used to them.

    Julie: Ah ha.......preschool has started up so get prepared to new bugs being brought home. Just so Josiah doesn't get something. How is Lindsey doing with 4 now? So cute about Lorraine wanting to rock one of her siblings. There was l7 months between my DD and her young brother. My mom would get the biggest kick out of her trying to pick up her big hulking little baby brother. She always was a nurturer when it came to babies. She was only about 10 when the neighbor had another baby and even though she had a daughter the age of my DD she would call and ask if my DD could go to a soccer or baseball game with them so she could help watch the baby.

    By the way, my son and DIL are bringing the baby over on the 30 so my DD can watch her while they attend a family wedding reception. They decided they will take her to the wedding though. I'm too old to want to fuss over babies anymore........even though I loved babies.

    I drug myself out of bed this morning so I could be ready to drive the 30 min. to church. It takes me a minimum of 2 hrs. to wake up, so I had to leave by 8:45. My DD and her family go to the 9:30 service. Afterwards we went for lunch, then I came back and poked around our little village.......starbucks, library, etc. I'm finding I need to be out of the house......just don't feel happy otherwise.
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    Hi Granni...yes, many of the residents either ate in the dining room or had a tray brought to their rooms. A lot of them don't have any family close by, so the "family picnic" doesn't really mean much to them. But they all have a choice at each meal of eating with the group in the dining area or getting a this care center, it really is "all about the residents."

    Yes, there is A/ is very comfortable there with the central air and heat. Some of the rooms are at "the end of the line" as far as the duct work, so they are working on getting window units in for the people who live there, if they choose. My dad is often chilly, so will lie on his bed and be covered up from head to toe, even in the summertime. He wears t-shirts and lounge pants year round...I have different weights of pants for hot or cold weather, and he can put on a long sleeve shirt or sweater over his t-shirt to go out if it is cooler.

    Hi Sun! I see you have posted since I started typing...I guess we all are hillbillies around here too, lol! Lindsey, the kids and I hardly ever wear shoes around the farm. I do (on the gravel driveway) more than I used to...guess my feet have gotten "soft" over the years.

    My poor husband apparently had a "flame out" as he calls them, while working the outage this afternoon. He sort of crashed and they were getting him water and trying to get him cooled down. He said he had a sort of revelation, as he was lying there...that he's not getting enough salt. Where he used to work, they provided salt pills, but not where he works now.

    He's been having tremors for a few weeks now, and we have added calcium, magnesium, and K2...along with the D3 that he was already taking. And since we have an RO water filter, I've been adding minerals back in to the water he takes to work.

    We use sea salt or Real salt...hopefully that is better than regular table salt.

    Anyway, gotta get him back to feeling better...he is never sick, so this is quite frustrating to him. Not that he actually feels sick, but the tremors in his hands are causing him to worry a bit. No way would he go to a medical doctor if he can help it, but I have been talking to him about visiting with Lindsey's alternative doc or going to my out of town chiro. We'll see how the added salt works...

    Gotta get things done tonight...I will take Lorraine to preschool tomorrow, then come back and help Lindsey with the other three.

  12. Granniluvsu

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    Sun - Hi there again !! I know what you mean if I were by myself I also would be a Hillbilly. I do run around in the house barefooted though. Not DH . He almost always has shoes and socks or slippers/house shoes like mocassins. Thanks for your concern about DH. He is doing better and has been taking the Benadryl round the clock and putting on the ice, mostly to the eye. The eye looks fine just the eyelid where he got stung is puffy. We will see how it is tomorrow. As I understand it may take a few days to get out of his system, more or less. He has been doing pretty well all things considered and that he is a lot more vocal than I about things :)!!

    Julie - Sorry to hear about Den getting the tremors while on the job. It might be something to look into. I know these guys just do not want to go to the doc unless they are half dead and then maybe not. That is good what you are doing about the water. Wonder if taking any of the electrolyte sports drinks would be helpful to him. Not sure if it has sugar in them or not. I don't think I have ever drank any of them but have heard all about them. MAYBE some of them might be helpful to him and his situation especially in the HOT weather. Salt is probably a good idea too and SALT might be in some of the sports drinks too but you might want to be on the lookout for some that might have sugar or more sugar in them than he should have. Of course some gives NRG but not sure how much is in any of them.

    Yep, I am afraid once they go to preschool or even K they start bringing more buggies home with them. Of course that is not good for families like Lindsey with a bunch of little ones.

    Guess I will run for now as is getting late, not for you I know as you are up till all hours. We do stay up, sort of and watch the awful news and fall asleep with some late night stuff on. I don't really watch it anyway. We usually try and watch something together at 9 pm but it usually ends up being something he likes ( not that there is much on that I really want to watch other than the food channel and another one). I know when I was younger I used to stay up so late even when DH went to bed as he had to get up early too. I got up early also to do home child care for some time but didn't have to get all dressed up to go out :)!! Yay for that.

    Good night everydobby !!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)!!
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    Flameout? Is this his own words? Scary to both of you, I think. Probably he should be seen by a doctor. DOES GPA have tremors? My mom had essential tremors.......and apprently it is inherited 50% of the time.......which I now have. I take selenium.......100 mcg and Windy gives her DH 5....yes 5 Brazil nuts a day, to chew up. The nuts did nothing for me but the selenium does help a little, but doesn't take them totally away. The doc. told me there is really nothing to help them. I have head tremors......makes it darn hard when I'm trying to paint. I've also learned to stand with my body straight and look slightly to one side or another to stop them. Celtic salt supplies all the mineral needed........I buy mine from Utah.......very high in minerals. And it's up to YOU to get him to the doctor.....most men can't be bothered.

    Thanks Granni.........darn computer and's got a mind of it's own at times. I tried shutting down the computer and bringing it back up.
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Yes, JULIE does Gpa have tremors? I think that is what SUN was trying to write and it might be something to really get checked out, if the salt doesn't help and it continues. If Gpa does it could be something in the gene pool, even if the tremors are not real bad.

    Good night again. Hugz,
    Granni :)
  15. springwater

    springwater Member

    hello all

    Julie - i dont recall you ever saying Den was sick except one or two occasions when he got a
    stomach or cold bug just a few sounds like he was working over much..can be taxing,
    going out and all that physical work and taking cae not to get hurt and then he starts working
    on the new house at home on his off days. He is a hard worker..and i get the feeling he loves
    doing what he does..he always looks so happy and serene in his pics. But the recent months
    hv been a bit hectic hasnt it, with Granpa needing extra care and SIL and her shennanigans
    and then Lindseys excitement ..all coming back to back or at same time. I send good thoughts
    to your dear DH for a complete return to A one health.

    Im happy you hv Oreo, she seems to kind of distract you in a nice way and add her own kind
    of zing to your already busy household.

    I love dogs that are kind of mischievous..even tho it does mean extra work sometimes.
    Rolling around in manure,lol!

    Granni - are having your share of excitement what with your own fall and
    now DH with the bee sting. He seems to be coping well, though. Like someone else
    said, he must be one tough man. Come to think of it, in these parts i havent seen too
    many hornets or bees. We used to hv bee hives clinging to the outside walls in the
    earlier days but not so much now, too much concrete and not enough flowers to
    make food from, in the neighbourhood, i guess.

    Sun - I too feel being cooped up alone most of the time tends to bring me down and
    feel much better for being out. My friend was telling me the same thing. But then
    she has always been gregarious but ive always craved solitude and loved my space.
    I get anxious. But that could be due to the specific things i hv been dealing with
    at present.

    I think going to church is a good idea. Provided the people attending attending
    are mostly nice people and not carrying around negativity. Going to the monasteries
    here and stupas mostly always lifts me up. The energy of prayer in the air.

    Rock - thank you for the nice words about my English. Reading too much in my childhood
    is responsible. Noddy, Enid Blyton, Denise Robins, western comics, Archie comics, and
    then of course all those so called best seller fiction down the years..Taylor Caldwell, Arthur
    Hailey and the like.

    i saw reports about the earthquake on tv..relieved no casualties..what a miracle.

    Diane - !!! the vet fees..thats scary. i hope lil Rosie is soon okay. i remember our Jeff
    the Lhasa apso falling from the terrace ledge four high storeys up down to the cement pavement
    below and no injuries except for a broken thigh bone..the vet said it would cost a whole lot to
    set it and couldnt guarantee recovery so i took him home, bandaged him and let him in
    a corner inside our house..taking his meals to him..he recovered surprisingly soon..and
    one cannot make out he was injured now...a miracle. Like the one where baby Keechu
    almost died of parvo virus and recovered after a night of being administered electrolytes
    and pranic healing. There was a time i thought he had died. absolutely still. i must hv
    cleaned his mess ten times that night of vomit and diarreaoh..and administered electrobion
    orally after each bout. shudder. no can do now. i was young then.

    Dar - thinking of you and your dear son and daughter.

    Mikie - here too i use my room fan nonstop. sometimes to clear stagnant air even if its not
    too hot. these days we are in the 70s.goody.

    my energy and mood is all over the place these before, i had to go to a one year
    prayer ceremony for a brahmin neighbour who expired due to stroke..and after coming
    back, i felt very down. then yesterday i had to attend nephews chinese song competition
    at a college and was very irritable till i got there...on the way back i ran some errands and
    nipped into a eatery to hv a snack and was overcome by such a heavy depression..almost
    rendered me was all i could do to find me a cab and get home. i had some
    leftovers for sons dinner and made hash browns out of boiled potatoes i had, i skipped
    my own dinner and crashed.

    however, i hv some meditations which bring me out of the trough, especially sending
    white light through my entire body concentrating on areas which feel worst..i think
    practise makes it stronger, takes less time to take effect, especially when accompanied
    by prayer.

    its raining again outside. cool weather.

    take care, all

    God Bless
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2014
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Popping in before I go to bed. To answer the tremors questions...Gpa doesn't have them, that I have noticed. But Den's mom did...her head...and they got worse as time went by.

    I told Den we could give this (salt, minerals, etc.) one or two weeks and if it didn't help he would have to see someone about it. Even if it's just my chiro at first...and if he has no answers, we will need to look further.

    Oh husband does not go to the doctor, but I told him if he collapsed or passed out at work, they would automatically take him to the ER and probably do a bunch of tests (which will cost him lots of bucks.) He agreed that he doesn't want that to happen, so is more willing to try to find an answer ourselves. Just gotta know how to go about things, his case, if it might affect his wallet ;)

    I don't know if I mentioned that Amy, Clinton and Keira went camping over the weekend with one of Clinton's daughters and her family. From the pics, it looks like they had a blast...they even took their dog, Jasmine.

    I'd better get on to bed...

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG! Sooooo many posts, unfortunately, too many for me to respond to individually. My virus has just left me feeling like crap! Whine, whine, whine!!!

    I'll be back when I'm feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Oh Mikie! I really just hate that stupid virus that keeps making your life miserable. And all the things that keep all of us from being able to do what we want and just plain LIVE!!! Hang in there, Mikie, and everyone...

    Den made sure I was awake when he left for work at 6:15...Lorraine and I leave at 8:00 am, then I will be back to help Lindsey with the other three.

    Supposed to be 90 degrees today, so it will be a good test of Den's "salt theory"...

    Thinking of you all...
  19. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Active Member

    Hi all!

    Oh Julie -- Good luck to Den today with that hot weather. Does he have any "sports drinks" or "vitamin waters" to drink to stay hydrated?

    I tend to go toooooo low salt with my cooking and eating. I have found that eating too much salt raises my BP, but then I tend to go too low with the salt. I use some additional table salt in my cooking, or heating up leftovers, plus I drink a sugar-free sports drink, plus I take magnesium, etc. We all have to find what works. I asked Kevin about the Himalayan salts, he won't go for it, he says there's not a lot of scientific evidence behind it. But what works, works! Right?

    I love looking at the pics! :)

    Spring -- so you have cooler days? We've just now started having our "summer", with temps in the high 80 degrees F. But I think another cold front is approaching, so we may have "sweater weather" again! Thanks for what you shared about your doggies. Our pets are part of our family!

    Mikie, FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!

    Sun, I think you said that you were getting out of the house more and more. I believe that can help, a bit. Or having friends/family/children visit. My next door neighbor lost her DH during Thanksgiving week. One day, she felt the need to just go! So she packed up her little doggie, and her suitcase, and booked a ticket to Missouri. During that time, she remembered to call one of our neighbors to say she was going to MO. And she had a good 3 weeks there.

    She said that getting out is therapeutic. Plus, some of her children, grands, and great grands can visit her here. ((Hugs)))

    Rock, I head about that earthquake. Did you feel it in LA, from Napa? Even though it lasted 20 seconds, I can't believe the devastation it caused. I hope aftershocks are not a problem.

    Granni, I buy FROZEN SHELLFISH. BANTRY BAY Mussels. SALTY SEAS clams. They were both on "Buy One Get One" special this week. They are in the frozen selection, near the fresh fish counter, but NOT among the "Gorton's fish" and the like. That's where our grocery store stocks them.

    They are 1 pound bags of already cleaned mussels. One dozen small (maybe little neck) clams. The clams are very tiny.

    Two ways to cook them. Microwave. Works wonderfully! Or steamed in a regular pot with a lid!

    Yesterday Kevin microwaved a bag of mussels. Took them out, sprinkled OLD BAY spice. Microwaved a dozen clams, took them out, sprinkled OLD BAY. Melted butter. Some cole slaw on the side.

    If you don't want to microwave, you can steam in a pot, covered with a lid. We'll put a bag of mussels, and a bag of clams, in a "wok" like pot, bit of water, some herbs and spices, like OLD BAY. STEAM in the water and spices, lid on, pop -- the shells open. And a shellfish feast. :)

    I gotta go for now. I have chores to start. I have to finish loading the dishwasher. Change the cat water bowls, etc. Usual and customary.

    A big hi to all. I'll be back later in the week.

    Oh, another request for your fingers crossed for us -- Faithy is now favoring her right eye! She could have had some rough playing with one of the other kitties (both are feeling better). Or it could be pinkeye, or it could be the beginnings of an infection from a scratch from rough-house play! Please keep your fingers crossed for Faithy!

    Can you all imagine that I want to wake up for one morning, and find all OK. And find that the next day. And the next day. And .........

    Love and hugs to y'all,

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    Well, we did the laundry yesterday. I didn't do much else, but Gordon did. Lots
    of plant stuff. He cut down the mystery plants. Neither one of us knows what
    they were. He thinks maybe they are a member of the tobacco family. Anyhoo they
    have feathery flowers that are a purple-red. Some of the birds have been eating
    the seeds, so he left the plants in the backyard for them. Then he hacked away at
    some shrubs and ferns and whatnot that are entangled with the chain link fence.
    Some of that stuff originates in the neighbor's yard.

    And he had a crate full of new orchids to repot. Got 'em at the last orchid meeting.
    Brought home about a dozen plants. Two of which he bought; some of which he won
    in the drawing; some of which friends gave him or traded with him. He said he had
    another couple of plants that he gave to friends.

    Yes, Sunflower, the members bring snacks. They get a ticket for the drawing if they do.
    And they get a ticket for: wearing their name tag; bringing plants for the drawing or
    for display and for acting as judges. Gordon has been the seller and distributor of
    tickets for many years.

    The club has a new rule. Only members can buy tickets. So lately he's been telling
    people with no name tag that they can't buy a ticket unless they bring the membership
    officer to certify they are a paid up member. Annoys some people as you might expect.

    Sun, I can't read your teeny tiny message. Whatever it is that enables one to enlarge
    the letters doesn't work on my machine anymore. But I do want to say that I tired my

    bestest. Ha Ha! Hope your machine is back to normal soonest.

    Julie, love the pics. The canoe scene looks so peaceful. What river is that? The
    dinning room at your Dad's building looks huge. Especially since there aren't many
    tables in it. Is that your brother in the blue shirt. Looks like my Uncle Ernie. Ernie
    was an engineer. During WW II he made some important contribution to the war
    effort. My old scrapbook has an article from the Chicago paper re: same. Something to
    do with munitions.

    I wonder if some of Mikie's pink salt would help Den. Mikie, does that Himalayan
    salt come in blue for guys?

    Mikie, sorry you have been laid low by the vicious virus. Tell the kitties that today they
    must be service cats. Remember our poster Two Cats? She had service cats. They
    used to travel with her in the basket of her electric scooter. If possible, don't do anything
    more strenuous than visit the board until you are better.

    Granni, the earthquake was about 400 miles N of us. They are five little towns in that
    area: Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and I can't remember the other two. The campus
    of Sonoma State College was very serene. Lots of trees and a large pond. My son
    was accepted at San Diego State too, but they have about 40,000 students. He thought
    Sonoma would be better for him; only about 5,000 students. I hope DH's eye is
    much better today.

    Springwater, I used to read Archie comics when I was a kid too. How about that!
    Separated by half the globe we still had something in common. Archie was born
    about the same time I was. He was on the radio too; during the 40s and 50s.

    Diane, Gordon asked me last week, "What is gluten". "I don't know," I explained.
    I remember seeing Julia Child make croissants decades ago. I think it took all
    day. She kept taking that dough outta the fridge and tossing it around and putting
    it back. I think she said the gluten had to relax. And I've read that gluten is a
    protein. But that's all I know. Are lots of people allergic to it?

    I remember the old Irish song about Molly Malone who sold fish and mussels, etc.
    The only time I ever ate mussels was on a bus trip of New England with Gordon.
    They were orange and quite tasty. Never have eaten an oyster. They just look
    way too yucky.

    Ha Ha! Gordon just got outta bed. Walked by the computer room. I told him I
    was asking you about gluten. He said, "Gluten? Gluten? Gluten's what's in
    wheat." I don't think he remembers our discussion. Not fully awake.

    OK, Mikie wasn't here so I did my best to write Warren Peace. Feel better, Mikie.