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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been able to sign in for two days. Just keep getting a message saying that
    my e-mail address is already in use. Well, of course it is. By me. Ha Ha! :rolleyes:
    Good thing Gordon can usually straighten these things out.

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    Hi peeps, and THANK YOU ROCK for starting the new porch. I was going to, but I forgot how to do it! I am still in a dwam from not sleeping too well last night.

    I got an e-mail from a nursery/seed co. that offers plants that are grafts between potatoes and tomatoes. The plant produces both on one plant, toms. above and pots. below. Most peculiar.. maybe I'll try one.

    The weather has been cool and foggy here. When you walk through the woods it's as if it's raining. Our fogs are very dense here as you can imagine. The redwoods thrive in it. A chipmunk has been playing peek-a boo with Shorty, driving him crazy. Yesterday Shorty made a break for one and climbed up the very steep rock garden to try and get the cheeky bugger! He missed. :p

    Mikie, I've never had any problems seeing your new threads. Just to let you know.....

    Went to dentist yesterday. Only place I went, as Richard did the shopping while I was undergoing exam. The dentist was 40 mins. late so I was getting restless and annoyed. Was so glad to get home! The crown he put on last year is too big apparently, so I have to have a smaller one put on. :mad:

    Well, back to my dwam. (anyone know what I'm talking about? o_O A hint -- it's Gaelic.

    Hugs to all,

    Sunflower, we have a curry bush but I've never cooked with it. It has small silvery leaves and tiny yellow composite flowers without petals. On warm days the smell in wonderful. I know there is also a curry leaf plant, but I think it's different. Yeah, I checked and it's a tree with green leaves used in curry! O.K., I think what you and I have is Helichrysum italicum. What do you think?

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    Hi Kids

    Took my 27 year old Toyota to the garage yesterday. Our mechanic will help us
    sell it. It would be a wonderful car for a college kid, but most likely it will be
    sold for scrap. Too bad we can't be recycled. (Oh wait, I forgot. Some of
    us believe we can.) :)

    Finished the latest Garrison Keillor book. It is full of excerpts from previous books
    and talks from his radio show. Only the last chapter is new. It also contains
    some light verse. He's good at that too. The modern equivalent of Mark Twain,
    I think.

    Just started a biography by John Cleese. I was surprised to read that he was once
    a teacher at an English school for boys. The same school he attended. He had some
    advice on teaching.

    Never tell a boy, "Stop talking." They always say they weren't talking. Just say,
    "Don't talk." Then when he says, "I wasn't talking," you can say, "I didn't say
    you were." John is easy to identify in pictures. He is always the tallest person.
    (Although one caption says, "I'm the one that looks like me.")

    Mikie, is "Morning Joe" your news program? Or is itone of the announcers
    named Joe? Or is it a show about a cuppa coffee aka "a cuppa Joe". I looked
    for the origin of "a cuppa Joe". Turns out the Secretary of the Navy during
    WW I was named Josephus Daniels. He banned liquor on Navy ships so
    coffee was pretty much all they had left.

    BTW, one of my grandfathers was a Daniels. My aunt (his daughter) who
    did lots of genealogy research said that branch of the family was from England,
    but probably move there from France. It appears that many of them moved to
    Canada during and after the Revolutionary War. Guess they were tories.

    Hope your friend Ben can help your back and restore you to your usual gay

    Julie, I think a travel show instead of all cartoons is a great idea. Also a
    good idea if a parent has time to read to kids or watch a show with them and
    put in a comment now and then. Good luck with Den's new pressure
    washer and unblocking the pipes.

    Sun, I never heard of a painting trip. Sounds like fun. For talented people who
    can paint, I mean. I guess the rest of us could go on a 'look at paintings' trip.
    Gordon has a new orchid which just put out four buds. He is planning to take
    it to his next club meeting. The name is "pastoral innocence" which suggest a
    painting by Fragonard to me. I can't find one of his landscapes that I can
    copy, but here's a sample of his work.

    His painting of a girl in a swing reminds me of Beverly Sill when she sang the
    French opera "Manon". Gordon loved the picture on the cover of the recording.
    It showed Beverly in a swing being pushed by a tenor about half her size. Well,
    tenors are generally pretty small. You need short vocal cords to hit those
    high notes.


    Springwater, thanks for the travel video. There are several recordings of operas
    from the Verona arena. I have one of Aida. The mezzo soprano had the
    somewhat exotic name of Dolora Zajick. One might think she was from
    someplace in central Europe such as Hungary or Bohemia. And her
    ancestors probably were. But she was born in Oregon and raised in Nevada.
    Had a great career.

    Speaking of the guillotine reminds me of the French peasant boy. He was in
    love with the executioner's daughter. Alas, she wouldn't give him a tumbrel.

    Granni, how did your split pea soup turn out without the hambone? I used
    to have a secretary who didn't even use ham in hers. She used bacon. I
    don't know about her cooking, but her mother was a fabulous maker of
    baked goods and candy. She used to bring platters of stuff to the office
    every Christmas. Glad to hear your keyboard is behaving itself.

    Dar, Diane, Barry, can't type anymore. Gotta go lie down. Talk atcha
    later as one of our pioneer porchers usta say.


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    Hi Lydia! Yes things sure were different in our grandparent's lives. I lead a pretty simple life with Richard. We wash our dishes by hand, have a simple shower ( I would like a bathtub though) and have an incinerating toilet -- plus an outhouse for when the power is out, or if I want to sit and look into the forest ......:p But a simple life is a good life, I think, at least for us. I've lived in London and San Francisco, so do know cities. We used to have wood-heat, but it got too much for my back, so we switched to propane -- a 200 gallon one.

    Mikie I'm glad you are pleased with your television set-up! Sounds wonderful for you. We have sat. t.v. here and don't get the networks (we could if we wanted, but no interest in them) but get so many channels I can't count them, including a lot of music stations. Classic music in the morning, and then at tea-time I put on music of the '40s, 50s, 60s, and so on. We watch a movie each night -- usually on TCM -- usually one that R is interested in from the '40s. Having taught cinema appreciation at college has made him a fount of trivia. I'd like to see him and Rock compete with one another!

    Well time for my lunch (salmon sandwich) and then to read with my kitty cuddling me and then off for a short nap.

    Je Suis Charlie!

    Love to All,
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    THANKS JULIE !!! Why is this writing so tiny ?????? Just wanted to add that we have to stay over night a almost $200 and they get snow and ice up there too. Gotta ruu for now. Luv, Granni

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    Granni - what a headache..being forced to go to someplace even if there are
    A hundred reasons not to. But I understand yr DDs feelings. She would want
    Her side of the family there.

    Rock - was wondering if you went into an energy slump..good to see your
    Post..yay for Gordon. I need someone like that here. Need to fix the fonts.

    Julie - what beautiful water colours..esp the one with the lake. Tranquil
    As the gurus say our minds should be.

    Unfortunately, mine is like a turbulent ocean most of the time..but..practicing.

    Ack - need to answer the phone... BBL

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope y'all are going to have a lovely Sun. It is warmer here already this morning. I think it will get to 80 today. Yea! :) I had to get up to pee so let the kitties in just before 5:00. They aren't as playful and active as when they usually come in. Tweety is jealous of my being on the computer, as usual. Last night, Sylvester decided it would be nice to walk on the keyboard. Not!!! He's getting more and more adventuresome and daring all the time. I'm glad because when he lived outside, he was a scaredy cat--literally. He was depressed and stayed under the parked cars. When he came out, he walked slowly with his tail dragging. Now, he's happy and always has his tail up in the air. He loves living inside with someone to cater to his every need. Tweety is, well, Tweety--spoiled and demanding. I love her moxie but it can wear on me too when she gets too needy. All in all, though, I love being owned by these two little fur kids.

    Rock, thanks for starting a new Porch. I might be a bit worried if my computer indicated that I were already using it. I hope no one has hacked you. Joe is Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Representative in the House. He's from the Panhandle of FL. He can be a bit rude to guests and a windbag but I think part of that is his schtick. He plays off of Mika Brzenski, who tries to keep him and Mike Barnacle in line. Willie Geist and Donny Deutch are regulars. I know I misspelled some of those names. Good thing spelling doesn't count here. Thanks for you good wishes; my back is feeling much better. My gay friend, Ben, never lets me down. BTW, down here, we have to pay the junkyard to take our old cars. Better to give them away. Scavengers love to get them. Was that young man head over heels in love? Love can be the cruelest cut.

    Barry, glad you can see my new posts but, evidently, not everyone can so will just leave the heavy lifting to others. I did go back and close out 772. That tom/pot plant sounds fascinating. I love curry but buy it in the spice aisle. Have you ever gone out at night with a flashlight when it's foggy? The beam seems to go forever. It's kinda spooky looking. When I was flying, I'd go out on a night with very, very light fog and turn on the landing light which would beam out in front of the plane. Even more spooky. :eek: I know I'll miss some of my channels. I have digital music and use that a lot but it's going away. Fortunately, I have lots of CD's, my radio and Pandora for free. If I ever have a windfall, I'll probably go back to cable. In the meantime, I'm discovering a lot of good programming I never saw before on these few channels. I remember when we only had two network channels and one local channel. The rest of the time, I think we stared at the test pattern. Je Suis Charlie Aussi!

    Julie, good thing you are so good natured about all these water drain problems. I hope these problems clear up for you. Other problems pail in comparison. Oh, I just couldn't resist. Thought I had better make the pun before Rock got to it. :) Thanks for moving Granni's post. I know you do the best you can for all your kids and the rest of the family too. My kids don't get jealous because I can't do anything much for any of them, living down here by myself. I do miss them terribly. Hoping they can get down for a visit cause, with the high cost of flying, not to mention the hassle and discomfort, I'll likely not be going anywhere soon.

    Granni, I'm so sorry. You get two trips for the price of one, one of them a guilt trip! :( I do think, however, that you will be glad you went. It's good that DD's angst is out in the open so y'all can deal with it. Her feelings are valid regardless of whether they are based on fact or not; that is how she is feeling. My guess is that they are not. It is only natural for one to spend more time with the one who is closest. As long as DD doesn't think she can guilt you into doing whatever she wants. It doesn't sound like that to me. It just sounds as though she is feeling a bit needy. This happens in many families with siblings. If you acknowledge that you know how she is feeling and that you love her, that is all that is required. There is no need to establish who is right. OK, that will be five cents like Lucy in the Charlie Brown comics. :p

    I hope everydoby has a great Sunday. I'm gonna read the fat newspaper and do the NY Times crossword puzzle. I hope it's not as obscure as last week's. Geez, even lots of puzzle experience wouldn't help someone with that one. I usually manage to finish them and love a twist to them or a level of challenge but when they are next to impossible, it's no fun. DD's Grand MIL is in her 90's. Bless her heart, she has always done them and feared that she was slipping mentally because she could no longer finish all of them. I told DD to tell her that I've been doing them since HS and they are getting more and more difficult. This lady is sharp as a tack.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning Porchies,

    Sorry. I still haven't had time to scan all the recent posts and catch up. I've been running like a striped tiger to get things in gear 'round here.

    I've had a new "hitch" added. My daughter, Darci, the one with all the medical problems and unstable diabetic moved back home Friday night. Her boyfriend broke it off with her because he, "Couldn't handle her medical issues".

    When he was ill, had his arm broken, and needed her she was there for him and his children despite her own conditions. She did all the housework, took a bus to her appointments, watched his kids, cooked all the meals, and took care of them all. She loved them.

    I hate to think or say it, but I think it was more a matter of , her SSI got denied (can't pay his rent for him), her glucose pump got denied by medicaid, (her pancreas chose to attempt to kick in the day she had it tested), and she's no longer able to be left alone to "watch his kids" while he works. So..........she's of no further use to him. I'd seen red flags. He never seemed to be able to keep a job, always seemed to have some "bug" that got him fired regularly when he got one. But she was happy so I kept my trap shut and hoped for the best.

    He said he was so "in love" with her. However, if that were the case, he'd still want to see her and continue to date her even if they had to live apart until her doctor gets this under some sort of control. (Last red flag denoting she was only being used).

    I know this sounds cynical, and I am not by nature a cynical person, but I'd been seeing the red flags for some time with that one.

    I got very little sleep last night, as my son came in a woke me at 11:30 p.m. to tell me I needed to go check on her. I had to call the paramedics. She was awake but writhing on the floor like a worm, I couldn't get her blood sugars with her meter and she needed help asap. Turns out her blood sugar was at 17. She's ok. But this is the way her life goes. She's been in the E.R. or had the EMT's called almost every day for the last 2 months.

    I start today with Donna doing Sundays for her. I will be going in shortly. Boy...........things just keep piling up. My daughter is the only Darci I have so this will just be a part of my life again. I can handle that. I will keep her alive and safe for as long as it takes.

    Hope everyone is safe, warm and well today. Thank you for your support everyone.

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    Hi Kids

    Rained most of yesterday, and it's raining now. We're supposed to be back to dry
    and 70 degrees in a day or two. Got a Christmas card a couple days ago. It's a family
    photo of my brother in MN, his two boys and their 6 kids. Everydobby looks
    happy and healthy. Everybody is blonde or (like me) used to be blonde but then
    segued to brown later on in life. Somebody had the good idea to tell everybody to
    wear blue. It adds a nice unifying touch. My brother is the only one of the 4
    kids in my family to have a happy marriage. .

    Mikie, I never thought of "pail in comparison". Wasn't even on my bucket list.
    Caught your French puns. Reminds me of the opera "Andrea Chenier" which is
    an Italian opera about the French Revolution. The final scene has the soprano
    and tenor singing a lusty duet as they are taken away to the guillotine. The
    tenor was a poet; the plot is more or less based on a true story.

    Barry, Re: Je suis Charlie, did you see the essay in the New York Times by
    David Brooks last Thursday? I just found it on the net. Very sensible,
    I thought.

    I would love to discuss movies et. al with you and Richard, but most of the
    movie lore and trivia I've read over the decades is forgotten or just a
    vague blur. Stuff I've read on the net has largely evaporated within a few

    The Garrison Keillor book I just finished had some light verse by Garrison.
    But there was once verse where the meter was off. I think it was a typo
    or whatever the modern term is for printer's error. I just looked for
    the verse to refresh my memory. Can't find it. So did I read it in some
    other book? All too confusiatin'.

    Julie, thanks for posting the photos. You did a better (more precise) search
    than I. I just looked for Fragonard paintings. You narrowed it down to
    landscapes. Hope that dam water problem is now resolved.

    Dar, good luck with getting those ducks in order. I have no energy to do much
    of anything these days. Is your son still losing weight? I hope you and son and
    your daughter too are all feeling some better.

    Diane, what about the big duck in your neck of the woods? Still bobbing
    around in the harbor? Seven crowns! Yikes! Reminds me of that old
    margarine ad where the crown magically appeared on somebody's head.
    Just looked. I guess Imperial margarine is still on the market. Made by
    Unilever in Canada.

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    My goodness, gone for only one day and here's a ton of posts to read and reply to.

    Spring: I THANK you sooooo much for that travel link. I had never heard of it before and absolutely loved this one of Italy. There are also MANY travel films from other places also so it's opened up a whole new world for me. I was learning so much watching the various villas and about the history surrounding them.

    Barry: I haven't tried the little curry branch yet but I'll let you know. It sounds like we both have the same plant, of course mine is in the little 4" pot. I moved it to a large one with some other small succulents so not sure how fast it will grow. I love the grey green plants. I used to have a large grey santolina but darn it I really don't know what happened to it. At one time I was very much into growing herbs, even had a comfrey plant at our other house. I think I tried it in something and didn't like the taste. I don't have much room for growing plants and have just gone more and more to the succulents as they don't require much water. Of course now, trying to catch rain water I've got gallon jugs everywhere. My rain gutter has come lose from it's connection so need to get the stepladder out today and see what's going on up there.

    Rock: If you've got alzheimers developing you sure don't show it. Your memory is amazing. I happened to catch the TCM station the other night. They were playing Neil Simon's movies. OMG talk about LAUGHING. Two of them with Peter Falk and ensemble......The Cheap Detective and the other one about all the murder mystery authors being brought together in a spooky mansion. Then Plaza Suite with Walter Matthau playing all 3 parts. I really enjoyed that grouping of movies.

    And about the traveling with artists, all you need is $$ and energy! There are a ton for photographers, artists, those that want to study butterflies and insects, etc. etc. Just pick your interest and where you want to travel and pony up with the $$.

    Granni: I was a tad confused at first.....I hadn't realized it was Julie who had posted YOUR post and I kept thinking......I didn't know Den had a 21 year old granddaughter. I think it's good that you and your DH are making the huge effort to attend this very important time of her/their life. My mom was ALWAYS making excuses as to why she couldn't see her grandkids in something special. I'm talking about starting when they were young in grammar school all the way to attending my DDs wedding and reception. Of course my DD and SIL were married in Hawaii on the island of Kaui so I didn't push that (though my SILs grandmother flew there) but my SILs parents gave a followup larger reception a month later here and she wasn't going to attend. I raised a giant fuss about that and insisted. She even refused to have me take her shopping for something special and when she got there she was embarrassed about not being dressed up. But now that she's gone they don't have many memories of her being present much in their life. And the thing was that she only lived about 5 miles from us.

    Diane: sorry Kevin has the flu now. That's good you found some fixins in the larder. Now you HAVE to stay healthy.

    Julie: it's good that you "go with the flow" and have such a good attitude about your plumbing troubles. And......good for you that you refuse to be "guilted". My DD tries to do that with me too. I had to laugh at the pic. of the twins. I can almost hear them. My DGD, almost 7, had a meltdown at the desert house last week and she went into a closet and cried for about 30 min. then when she came out she was back to her happy self. When my oldest son was in preschool he was picking things up all the time from the other kids. His doctor told me to remove him from the school for a month so he could get healthy again. So I understand why Lyndsey didn't want the twins at church.

    An easy day yesterday staying with the grandkids. My DD ordered pizza and chicken to be delivered at noon and because they were both on their electronic gadgets I pigged out on Property Brothers all day along with doing some laundry and folding for her. She said it took 2 hrs. to drive home in the hard rain storm that hit Los Angeles, but over at their home and mine all we've had is sprinkles.......I think. I did see my big copper boiler that I have out to catch rain from the gutter was FULL. I have some empty gallon jugs so will collect some water today from it.
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    Mikie Moderator

    OMG, so many posts and so many problems. I'm sending up a prayer for my Online Family. I'm calling on St. Jude because I think he's a good choice right now.

    Dar, I am so very sorry about your DD. It's horrible when men use women and then break their hearts. Right now, she needs to get her health under control and worry about other things later. God bless you both and good luck.

    Rock, I like the sign, "Nous Sommes Charlie," better but since I can't speak for everyone else, I kept it in the singular. Yes, you are sharp as a tack, my friend. I loved the bucket pun.

    Julie, you're probably not in the mood for puns right now. I just hope things warm up and the drains start working.

    Diane, I'm sorry you are sick. I hope y'all get to feeling better.

    Sunflower Girl, be careful on that stepladder and keep your mind out of the gutter.

    Talked with neighbor and, evidently, Barb and her kids are plotting to move some storage bins we have behind the front hedge and haul them out into the street behind my car. I hope it's just the alcohol talking (they are big drinkers). For the life of me, I can't understand how people can decide to turn so viciously on someone who has been as kind as I have. Those bins are full of heavy stuff and would likely fall apart if anyone tried to move them. If they do anything, I just hope they don't do something to my car. The stress of these horrible people is getting to me. I've been burning my guardian angel candle, praying and smudging to try to protect myself. All the while they are plotting, they are sitting on the chairs I bought so we could relax and enjoy ourselves on the Balcony. Geez! I guess no good deed shall go unpunished. Oh well, when I pass over the Rainbow Bridge, I won't have a mean heart to answer for.

    Guess I had better fix something to eat. My appetite is really messed up with this stress. Still, when I read about everyone's problems here, mine do pail in comparison. If y'all can spare a prayer, I could use one for protection. Thanks.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings awl on this cold and rainy Sunday!! THERE ARE SO MAN POSTS TO CATCH UP ON. PLEASE FORGIE IF I DO NOT ANSWER YOU INDIVIDUALLY. Also this keyboard is driving me crazy again so not sure how long this will be.

    SUN - I see you love PROPERTY BROTHERS TOO. I love them as well as others on on that network. It's fun to see how they fix up the older houses especially.

    DAR - So sorry to hear about your DD Darci. So sorry about all of her problems. Poor kid.. Wish she had gotten that insulin pump. That's awful !! Also yes, you cannot tell these grown up daughters or sons anything about relationships. They think they know and they have to find out for themselves unfortunately.

    JULIE - That picture of those twins on the floor was hysterical. That is typical but glad they finally got their smoothies to make them happy. Hope your weather warms up son and you can get water from your faucets and toilets ok again. Not sure if you got it from the faucets but not the toilets or both. Both are a pain for sure. Yes, we are all spoiled when you think about what our ancestors had to deal with on a daily basis. NO a/c, heat, convenient water supply , washing machines, etc.etc.

    DIANE - So sorry you and Kevin are now fighting the flu. Hope you both are over it son. God you can both help each other out when things get bad.

    Everyone who answered or wrote about my situation concerning DD#1 and our DGD's 21st b-day party almost 200 mlles away . A lot of what you all said was correct. If it was up to me and I could drive everywhere myself I would go myself but that wouldn't look good either. Most of the time, if it is inconvenient in one way or another , bad weather and or traffic involved ,it is usually DH who doesn't want to go . We are or were planning to go in another few weeks to go into the city to see our Grandson in another play - The Drowsy Chaperone. Sounds funny already :)!! He may have a short part but he is mostly on the tech crew. She knew we were going to that but DD was livid that we weren't planning on going to the party. We went to the other twins football game this fall but at the time and the other twins play too. When we would have to go it is bad traffic, etc. and DH is getting to hate that and so do I. If I say anything DH gets upset at me. It didn't used to bother him but guess it does now. We are upset as she made it sound like we NEVER GO TO ANYTHNG THE KIDS DO. I THINK MY #1 DD is also like her father but would never admit it :)!!. DD is also Lucky and myself to that DH didn't come back and say, " Well, if you don't like what WE DO , THEN WE WON'T GO TO ANYTHING. Let me just say that my DH is an only child :)!!

    Haven't heard a think from DD since that day. I sent her two e-mails, one long and another short not being accusatory to her but did try some to explain our positions. The other said we got our rooms for the hotel and to try and understand us a little too and we didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. None of them seemed to be bothered by driving all around from here to there, many miles, even DSIL's parents. DD's MIL is a real estate person, so she is used to a lot of driving;. However, I think she had doe less of that since an accident she had awhile ago. Well l, enough of this stuff. Just hope for good weather driving there to Austin and hope DD is not still upset. Her DH is the cool headed one. There again she is like my DH sometime when they get upset.

    DH is watching the football playoffs this afternoon, along wit 2 of our daughter's who are football nuts. We are in a little football playoff pool.

    SPRING WATER - You asked about the pool one time. We all put in soo much money like $5 or $10 each. It is all the NFL PLAYOFF GAMES and there were a few BOWL GAMES TOO. We all pick our teams and then the winner get the most money at the end, 2nd and 3rd place may get something. Maybe not this time since there are only 5 of us playing. I really don't care about the games but DH wanted me to play so I guess a lot and check out NFL on the computer.

    Hi also to ROCK, BARRY, MIKIE and everyone else I may not have included individually. Get some other stuff to do on the computer before starting dinner. BETTY sorry not to see you back here on the PORCH. Don't feel like you have to post daily or write a book like some of us do at times.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your DD. I can only shake my head and wonder why some things happen. And wish them away. Its comforting, however, to know she has you. And to some extent her dear brother. I pray for good things to happen now. Maybe he was something needed to be thrown out of her life before it was too late.

    Mikie - they are ..what?!! I have a good mind to come out there and take those storage bins
    and place one in the middle of Barbs living room or maybe next to her bed. how dare they..
    even talk like that. Pls do see if the bagua mirror isnt reflecting back negative energy and
    making them worse. When do these people leave? Pls take care of yourself. Go to the seaside,
    park. Away from this. For some moments. Salt water in a bowl absorbs negativity. Try that.Anyway i think Barb is jealous of you running for the board, that or a fiend has gotten into her.Sending prayers too for the negativity to lift. And pure white light to surround all of you there.Oh. Julies post mentioned you flew airplanes..i missed!!!

    Granni - it seems to me you and DH make what efforts you can to do your part re attending DGkids things. The kids should also realise you both arent as young and healthy as them. Thankyou for explaining about 'football bowl' I honestly thought it was some sort of salad of that name.The Drowsy Chaperone is the name i will be given when it is my time to accompany my grandkids to a concert, going by the direction my energy levels seem to be taking.

    Rock - nice to know your DB has a good marriage, what a lovely picture it must make all those children and their parents, grandparents. While i accept not all people are lucky enough to hv
    found the right person in their lives and they mostly are still in the process of working outkarma, its always so heartening to see those who charted good partners and happy marriages
    into their destiny. Would this brother be the forest ranger or sheriff? I know you hv a sister
    who doesnt communicate much.

    Diane - kevin has the flu. just what you did not want. But nice to hear the way you both
    are having each others backs and helping out. I hope the fur babies arent getting in the
    way. I guess by now Tabeeth is used to having to chew her food? Do you let them sit
    on your tummy and letting them rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..away in front of the fire? Oh, nowadays
    there are heaters. Still, one of my favourite childhood memories. A loving pussy cat
    purring on my belly.

    Barry - a tomato and a potato both growing on the same plant??? What next, a being half
    goat half human being cultured in a lab? Not that there arent humans who act the goats,
    have a lot of members in my side of the family who do that but to look like half a one.
    If i were healthy and strong i wouldnt mind living where you do..amongst the flora and
    fauna and wilderness. Sounds amazing. Really. And beautiful.

    Julie - only you could be so cheerful about frozen drain pipes. I love the way youre rustling
    up healthy meals inspite of being housebound and unable to grocery shop. That photo
    was hilarious. Meltdown Madness. But so cute! Takes a bit of diplomatic juggling, doesnt
    it making sure all the kids feel equally looked after, i can understand that about Amy and
    Lindsey because i went thru it with three of my brothers and now the two of them.

    Sun - I had a feeling some here would love those utubes..what a world to discover.
    Places to travel..without leaving ones couch, without spending a dime. That was
    romantic marrying in Kaui (sp?). But a ways to go for family wanting to attend.
    Sun Your dear sons MIL sounds a bit of a perfectionist..and a tad difficult.
    I was chuckling at your confusion re Den and his '21 year old grandkids'. From an ex-wife,
    perhaps? heh heh.

    Didnt get too much done by way of housework yesterday. had to go to town for errands
    but i did pop into this cozy lil restaurant in this touristy hippie kind of area and treat
    my cold and tired self to a nice cuppa and a nice soft hot veggie pizza laden with
    tomato, capsicum and cheese strips. This place in town used to be called Freak Street
    in the 60's and 70s. It used to be a hippie 'flower children' haven and so lovely..
    interesting, vibrant when i came down once in '79 during school vacation.


    oh while we were 'decluttering' my brother tackled the mound of unpaired socks in the store room,and other rooms was able to pair up 30 pairs of socks. yes, 30. Its over a couple of years i guess,a sock would get lost, then we would keep aside, to look for the other one which never got found
    and thats how they piled up, some of them are old with the elastic a bit loose but most are usable andquite a few are almost new.. "hey, ho, the derry oh, the farmer takes a wife, the sock gets found,
    the sock gets found" . That was me doing a little jig. At least we wil save a few rupees on socks
    now. it seemed like money was only going out and out. And whats that they say about 'money savedis money earned.'

    Thats it, my day yesterday unless you count the roast chicken i made which turned out too dry.Id left my brother to turn on the heat because there was power cut when i was there, he isnt
    used to cooking in ovens and left it too long. It had taste, all that parsley sage rosemary andthyme, (without Simon and garfunkel) after all and a generous dose of paprika and lemon
    but no juice. My DH wasnt too thrilled.

    God Bless
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Here's a little thing for those of us with missing socks...



    Julie - pls show this to your socks before putting them into the washer or taking them out


    lydia1 likes this.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hi, Springwater. Glad to see you feel up to posting. In response to your question,
    my brother Barry (of the blue Christmas card) is the now retired deputy sheriff. He
    put up a new garage last year. Had a garage warming party to celebrate. My mother
    always wanted a musical prodigy in the family. Three of us had no musical
    ability to speak of, but Barry played the drums pretty well. He still plays in the
    town band. Last year they went to some festival in a neighboring village. The
    band sat on farm wagon and played jolly tunes while being pulled along in
    the village parade. (The main street in the villages thereabouts is generally
    two blocks long. Not quite the same as the Rose Bowl extravaganza.)

    The cartoons-photos from you and Julie made me search my memory for some
    sort of sock humor. Couldn't think of any but came up with this: What does a
    Scotsman wear under his kilt? Answer: argyle socks.

    Well, that answer makes sense since the argyle pattern comes from Argyll in the
    West of Scotland. But I looked at some pics. Most of the men in kilts were
    wearing white socks that came half way up the shin.

    Julie, I never knew smoothies were such an emotional subject. Have Isaiah
    and Liora been watching Bette Davis movies? Just put a book on hold. It's the
    autobiography of some film director. He directed Bette in 4 or5 films. Thought
    she was Hollywood's greatest actress. Forgot his name. Oh, and thanks for
    the compliment.

    Your eggs, pancakes, potatoes supper sounds delicious. Wish I could eat
    normally again. "Old age is not for sissies." I've seen that quote attributed
    to Bette Davis. I doubt it though. I think most quotes attributed to
    celebs were written by script writers or public relations people. Oh, yeah.
    The director who admired her was Irving Rapper.

    Granni, you can see The Drowsy Chaperone on You tube. In the opening
    scene the actor says it is a musical from the 1920s. But it really isn't. It
    was written in the 1990s in Toronto and came to Broadway a decade later.
    It only has one good number. See Sutton Foster do the bit titled "I don't
    Wanna Show Off". She sings; she dances; she turns cartwheels!

    Gotta go. More to follow I hope. :rolleyes:
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Woke up early but stayed in bed until 4:30. Of course, last evening I was exhausted and fell asleep before I could watch any of my shows. Now, I don't have On Demand to catch up. I did watch some of the Broncos game. Even since the days of Elway as QB, they have usually choaked in the playoffs or championship games. It's a miracle they ever won the Superbowl. Oh well, in the overall scheme of things, sleep is more important than TV. Even though I woke early, I did get seven hours of sleep and feel pretty well today. I try to keep quiet, though, because the people below me sleep late. Cats have been so docile yesterday and today, not doing their usual imitations of little race cars. I got a wind sock out of the box for Goodwill and played with them with it. I moved the long strips of colorful nylon around and they both played with them. This is one sock which doesn't need a mate.

    Have to send birthday card to DD in CO. I also have to clean the lanai today. It's not supposed to be too hot but it's humid. If I get all sweaty, I may wait til tomorrow to take all the hardware back to Comcast. Tues., I get up and shower and do my hair and makeup for the mtgs. I wouldn't want to scare anyone. :) I need to figure out what I'm going to wear to the annual mtg. It's on Sat. morning and it could be cool or hot. It's in the library so it will be comfortable inside but if I dress too warm, I'll be miserable. I always dress up a bit for the annual mtgs. but I don't want to overdo it to appear as though I think I'll be elected. We are very casual down here.

    Talked to my friend, Nancy, last evening and the news on Nancy 2 is improving. They found she has bursitis in her hip, just like I did. That can be the most painful thing. They are giving her an injection in her hip, probably steroids. They are also dumping ABX into her to rid her of the infection which is also in the sciatic nerve. Ouch!!! :mad: She should be home this week. Her daughter came down and that was the best medicine for N2. DD had wanted to come all along but N2 didn't want her to because this was supposed to be just another "little surgery" which turned into a nightmare. DS will be here Wed. I'm so glad; she loves both kids so much. They turned out to be wonderful, just like their Mom. Also talked to Ilona and Frank is improving following his horrid experience with hip surgery and the ensuing infection. Others have had much worse problems than I am having and I try to keep that in mind.

    Springwater, thanks for the tip on salt water. I'll put a bowl of it in the kitchen which is closest to the balcony. I'll use my pink Himalayan sea salt. Barb doesn't need a reason to turn on people; she's been doing it ever since I've known her. It has to be a sickness, one which obviously runs in the family. There is a reason I have this in my life. Perhaps it's to meet the challange without its changing me for the worse. I admit, it's difficult not to let dark thoughts enter my mind about these people. One would think that two close brushes with the grim reaper would have changed her but, obviously, not. I absolutely love those outdoor markets and streets. It must have been a sight when the Hippies were there. Wish I could transport myself and go shopping with you. Glad you got your socks reunited with their mates. Reminds me of the old TV Show, "Laugh In"--"Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me." :) I better put a sock in it with my lame attempts at humor. Laughing at the buddy system for socks. Keeps me on my toes.

    Julie, who know what a great punster you are. You've been holding out on us. Loved the cartoon and the piano puns. Hope after all that chopping, you got major chords and not minor ones. Oh, oh, I'm all keyed up this morning. Thanks for your words of support. You made me smile and that is wonderful. I still feel so bad about your drains and do hope they start working. Did Den use that hot water pressure thingy? I remember living in CO and every few years, someone would forget to disconnect the outdoor hose and the pipes would freeze. So nice that you took Josiah so that the kids could all play in the snow.

    Rock, I think you and Gordon hit the jackpot when it comes to having a great family. Sounds as though you guys have a lot of fun. Isn't that what it's all about? A family doesn't have to mean parents, married forever, and kids. I consider me and the cats a family. I have my Online Family here and my FL family where I live. Both have been so supportive and are getting me though a very difficult time. I think a garage warming celebration inspired. I'd tool on over to party in a garage. There would have to be no drugs, though--speed control. Rumor has it that Scotsmen wear nothing under those kilts but I can't speak from experience. I do wear skirts from time to time and can tell you I wear my undies in case of a wind gust. At my age, no one wants to see that. :confused:

    As sands though the hourglass, so are the days of our lives (where have I heard that). I will miss watching "The Housewives of Beverly Hills." A star from "Days of Our Lives" is on it and I feel sorry for her if she can't hold her own in that bevy of predators. She is married to my DSIL's cousin and he has been on the show a few times. He sure looks like his dad. I'm already adjusting to my new limited viewing selections but I'll get used to it. Now, if I could just get more NRG during the day and stay awake in the evenings...

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day. If I get the lanai cleaned, I'll consider my day good.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - That was funny about the broom and LIORA. I think LORRAINE is starting to use her little noodle and thinking things out. LIORA is still and baby/toddler and wants what she wants NOW. Yes, it will be fun when JOSIAH joins in the fun :)!! It is still cool and was misty and rainy this morning probably hot by your standards, JULIE. It is supposed to hit at least 50, I think. Hope your weather improves.

    I found one of my mails to #1DD in the drafts box so sent it and added a few questions...Surprise she did answer me and didn't say anything bad about the situation. The thing that hurt was that she acted like we didn't do anything or gone anywhere for her kids. She is comparing us to the in laws who do almost everything.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for that picture somewhere in your area - very busy and colorful. I loved those pictures too about the socks. Yes, we have the same problems with missing socks.


    DH just got back from visiting a man in the K of C that was very sick and now in a rehab. facility. He went with another Knight. Said he seems to be doing fairly well considering how sick he was.

    BYE for now !!! DH needs the computer.

    Granni :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We had lots of rain yesterday. The poor cat was sitting under a camellia bush. I
    was hoping she had a better shelter than that. At any rate I opened the back porch
    door, and put down a warm meal for her. She came in and ate. Raced away as
    soon as she finished.

    Julie, loved your piano pun. Reminds me of this pair. What do you get when you
    drop a piano down a mine shaft? Answer: A flat miner. And what do you get if
    you drop a piano on an army base. Answer: A flat major.

    But my favorite instrument joke is: what's the difference between a bagpipe and
    a power mower. Answer: you can tune the mower.

    Do the older kids play fox and geese? We played that a lot when I was a kid. Of
    course in those days the snow was better. :rolleyes: Anyhoo, in addition to the traditional
    field of a wheel with spokes, we made trails outside the wheel that wandered off
    and then came back. Sorta added another dimension, doncha know?

    Mikie, you're right about my family now. Gordon and I are in our 35th year.
    Never had a fight. Doesn't mean we agree on everything. There's no need to.
    It just means that unlike my folks, we do not yell, curse, throw plates, break
    the furniture, kick down the kitchen door, or mutter drunken gibberish
    in place of a rational discussion.

    Hope you have a good day regardless of whether the lanai gets cleaned.

    Springwater, love the pics you post. Your life and city are exotic to us. And
    maybe vice versa. Speaking of socks, did you know we once had a Presidential
    cat named Socks? It was a stray adopted by the Clintons. Like my cat it was
    B & W. Lived to be about 18. Its death was reported in newspapers around the
    world including The Hindustan Times.

    Lincoln was reportedly the first President to have a white house cat. Theodore
    Roosevelt had a cat named Slippers. There's a picture of his youngest son
    Quentin with the cat. Quentin was a fighter pilot during WWI. Was killed
    in combat. Only 20 years old. What is war but old men sending young men to
    fight and die?

    Ok, need to go lie down. I'm sorry I can't respond to everydobby's post at one
    time. In closing, here's what I saw on a coffee mug the other day. WANTED!
    Dead or Alive. Schrodinger's Cat.


  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just had my second soak of the day in Epsom Salts--one to get going to clean the lanai and another to soak the soreness from cleaning the lanai. The lanai was especially challenging because the cats like to fling their litter all over the floor. It's clay and dry and I can usually just vacuum or sweep it up; however, the sprinkler guy adjusted a sprinkler head and it soaked the lanai, including Sylvester while he was lying in his cat condo. Poor little guy. Once the water hits the clay litter, it runs into mush and hardens on the floor. Fortunately, I have that hard floor machine but, with the magnitude of the hardened clay litter, it was a chore. I had to keep going over the same spots. Finally, it's sparkling clean. I'm enjoying it because it last about 5 mins.

    I also watered the orchids I have out there to keep them out of harm's way in the tree by the balcony. Barb has already said she doesn't like them. She evidently got mad at a neighbor because I went down and threaded a needle she was using. She become enraged and started yelling. Her daughter has to keep telling her to calm down. Geez, she's gonna have another stroke if she keeps this up. I really think she's gone over the edge. BTW, the big dog they just had to bring down has been a real pain because they have to rush home to let him out. Barb just sits out on the balcony all hunched over with a horrible look on her face. If people stop out front to talk to me, she huff and puffs. It was stressful but it's actually gotten surreal. Her thug SIL is coming back down on Wed. He is the one who is scary.

    Springwater, thank you sooooo much for the hint about the bowl of salt water. I've done everything I can to protect myself. I've turned it over to God now. When I start to feel negative thoughts about the situation, I quietly pray, "Fill my heart with love; fill my heart with peace; fill my heart with joy." It seems to work so that any negative thoughts don't run away with me. It's basically what they teach in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Stop the thoughts you don't want as soon as you recognize them.

    Julie, I hope you get used to sleeping in the new room. We had naked people skinny dipping in our pool at about 2:45 this morning. I woke, thinking I heard women's voices but, when I looked out the window at the pool, no one was there. The guy from downstairs came up to tell me what was going on. He was trying to find the sheriff's phone no. but, before he could, they were gone. They were drunk and had beer bottles, a big no no! If the bottle breaks in the pool, it has to be drained and that costs thousands of dollars. It can be charged to the condo owner if he or she can be identified. It's definitely someone who lives here as they used a key to open the gate. We laughed because one of the drunken men was complaining about his privates being cold. Good grief! :eek: I remember when my girls were little and it was a three-ring circus, and I only had the two of them. Those kids will likely fight and then grow up to be best of friends. I get a kick out of hearing about them. Thanks for your sweet thoughts about Nancy. She's such a good person and friend that I hate to see her suffer so. Hopefully, it will now be getting better. I hate to see any suffering. Hope you get some good sleep tonight. At least, you don't have to hear about naked people outside your window. :p

    Granni, hi to you too.

    Rock, you and Gordon set an excellent example of how people should treat each other. I admire you for seeing the dysfunction in your family and choosing to do the opposite. Many people continue the dysfunction into another generation and so it goes, on and on. My relationship with Richard was always like what you describe with Gordon. We worked together and would compare notes at the end of the day. What shocked us was how rude so many of our married clients were to each other after decades of marriage. Our whole relationship was built on respect and trying to support one another. If one of us had a bad month, we would give each other some of our sales. Sometimes, I didn't even tell him I was giving him a deal or two. The timing just wasn't right for us back then. Still, I feel blessed for having him for my best friend. He still is and we can tell each other anything. We never fought but our political positions are completely opposite (of course, he is wrong). :) Love, love, love the Schrodinger's cat joke. Wonder whether the cat played with string theory. Sorry, that was lame but it's the best I can do.

    Dear friends, I hope you all have a great evening. I feel sooooo good just to have accomplished something. It's not that warm here today but the humidity is so bad that I had to turn on the A/C. Tomorrow, I'll have a busy day but, after that, I need to clean inside the condo. When it's this humid, if the place isn't kept sparkling clean, it can smell musty, especially with the cats. Still, I feel so blessed to have them. I watched Sir Vester out on a chair on the lanai just enjoying being outside in a light breeze. We have had lots of birds lately and, today, there were to adult storks feeding by the pond under the blooming orange tulip tree. It relieved a lot of stress. Julie says she can't keep her condo while she waits for disability and will sell it and move in with her Mom. She lives way on the other side of town. That probably means she won't be taking the cats back as planned. Guess I'm really a mommie now for good. I just pray they stay healthy cause I can't afford really big vet bills.

    Speaking of money, I'll be taking my cable boxes to Comcast tomorrow to get the cable TV monkey off my back. My friend stopped by out front this morning and I again thanked her for putting me on to this amazing antenna. It brings in perfect high def. I could even buy a DVR at Best Buy or Walmart so I can tape my programs in case I fall asleep. Actually, the DVR's now use chips but it sounds nuts to say I'm going to chip a show. Hah! When the chips are down, I'll take my DVR. Again, lame but I think the pun maker part of my pea brain is tired. So, I bid y'all adieu til morn cometh.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Just came here and realized that I never hit the Post Reply on my Warren Peace post of last evening. Guess I was more tired than I thought from cleaning. Today will be the condo mtg., trip to Comcast to return their cable boxes and a final stop at the gym to which I get a free membership thru my ins.

    Sunflower Girl, Miranda Esmond-White evidently is on PBS every morning at 6:00 here. She is doing a lovely set of stretches. All her moves look sooooo graceful. I pledged when the heart doc was on and will be receiving the gift pack of DVD's, book, CD's and some other material. There is a coupon included. I have to go online and can get a heart monitor for just the S&H cost. If that is too much, I wont get it as I have a watch which provides my heart rate. This doc seems to really know his stuff. He claims that with just a few changes in exercise and eating, many heart-related ailments can be reversed. These sometimes show up as cognitive issues. He recommends a good fish oil. I've been taking the red krill oil sold here and really like it. No fishy burping and it's supposed to be superior for heart health. Doc also said to take magnesium maleate if possible instead of cheap magnesium. I just ordered some here.

    I have noticed since I cut down on the clonazepam, my mind is slowly getting sharper. I've been watching "Jeopardy" and am having fewer problems getting the answer from deep in my mind. A lot of times I know that I know the answer but just can't get it out. Since getting rid of cable, I've been finding a lot of interesting shows and I'm glad I've broken my old habits. I do miss some things but they have been replaced by new things. Before the exercise program, there was a lovely program on the Queen's gardens at Buckingham Palace. It went through a whole year of the plants, birds and small animals in the garden. The amount of work to make everything look natural is staggering. I wonder what it costs to keep the place up. The Queen inspects it all. That's what we need in the hood--a Queen to whip our gardeners into shape. If with their heads!

    Princess Tweety and Sir Vester have not been their usual rambunctious selves in the mornings. He is so funny. Between 8:00 and 9:00 in the evening, he lets me know he wants to go out on the lanai and he wants me to close the door. I usually put Tweety out then because, otherwise, she would come in after I'm asleep and ask to go out. My sleep is problem enough without that. At least there were no naked people in the pool last night (at least, that I know of). As usual, I'm up early. Guess it'll be humid again today. Weatherman and woman keep changing the forecast. It really is more difficult to be accurate here with all the water around us and the atmospheric driving forces which converge down here.

    Well, guess I had better close this son of Warren Peace and go read the paper online. Cutting the delivery of the paper five days a week and reading it online the rest of the week is another great cost-cutting move. It also means less paper to have to recycle. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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