The power of prayer in my daughter's life

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    Hi All!

    I haven’t written about my problems with my younger daughter, she’s 23. But now that God has moved in her life I wanted to share. The power of prayer is such a powerful thing!

    Joey barely graduated from high school but did go to junior college one year on a cheerleading scholarship. Cheerleading was the only thing that got her through high school and I had hoped it would prompt her to stay at college long enough for at least an AA degree

    While she was away at school she started drinking. Joey is one of those people who should never have started drinking. At that time she was 19. Now, Joey’s father was an alcoholic who eventually couldn’t handle the problems that caused for him and when Joey was 10 he committed suicide. He left her over $100,000 in insurance money that she got when she was 18. I had no control of when or how she got the money. Joey is one of those people who should never have started drinking. At that time she was 19.

    After a year at college she moved closer to home and pretty much lived off of her insurance money. She eventually got a job at a car dealership but that only lasted about 6 months. When she turned 21 she went to work in the bar. That was the beginning of a downward spiral and before she was 22 she had gone through all of her money.

    Over the last two years she has had trouble holding a job and has moved from place to place, always working in the bars. She also spent all of her free time at the bars and with bar “friends” and went through an ever changing parade of boyfriends, all whom she met at the bar.

    When she drinks she gets mean, just like her father did. She starts fights and gets very physical and makes “drunk calls” to people but doesn’t remember it the next day. This terrified me!

    After loosing yet another job in May she contacted an old friend who now runs a church camp. She used to go to this camp every year and Bob was on staff the last couple of years she went. She applied for a job there and was hired for the summer staff, sort of an assistant activity director type job (they have a challenge course and take the kids rafting so she had to qualify for those and take first aid and CPR).

    The job was supposed to start June 12. She needed a place to live between May 31 and June 12. I told her she could come home if she needed to but Bob called and asked her if she was interested in working in the camp kitchen until the actual staff training started. She went to work June 1. She packed all her stuff up and brought it to my house. We just stacked it all in the spare room and didn’t even put the bed together. I figured she was going to just have to take it all down in the fall if she moved out again. The job would be over near the end of August.

    I’ve prayed for her constantly for so long that it is just habit. Last night I felt an urge to pray for her more and each time I woke up (you all know what that’s like!) I prayed for her again.

    She just called me and told me she had been offered a permanent job in the camp kitchen! She took it and told me she is going to look for another job, too. The camp is about 30 miles from Central Washington University and she says she wants to save her money and try to go back to school!

    I am just walking on Cloud 9 and praising God! I wanted to share!


    Choose joy!
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    I am happy for your daughter, it is really hard to sit back and watch them self destruct. We, as parents, have to do the best we can, then let them learn their own lessons. We had to and so do they.

    I am sorry about the situation of your husband, I have lived with a alcoholic and I have remained single since 1994.

    It is a shame she spent all of money, but I think her wanting to go to work to go back to school is very admirable. I think she will appreicate it more when she earns that degree.

    I wish you and your family the best- hugs and prayers to you all- Carla
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    You never know what God has in store- you just keep praying. I just got back from a Bible camp and the director was Bob, but it wasn't near CWU. But there are those similarities. I hope and pray that this job will help your daughter to quit drinking and to turn her life sounds like it's already changing.

    I went to camp with my twin boys....partly to keep an eye on them and partly because it would be a fun opportunity to serve. It was and I had fun seeing them there having a great time. I helped cook and did music for the camp.

    Hopefully your daughter will go back to school soon-
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    Thank you both.

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    There comes a time when we have to just turn everything over to God.

    This is how I am dealing with my son. I have put it in God's hands.

    I am so happy for your daughter and you, this is such a relief lifted from your shoulders.

    Keeping her in my prayers...lacey
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    Hi there! I am a big believer in the power of prayer. So happy that you received some positive news from your daughter. It's fantastic that she wants to go back to school. I hope your relationship continues to strengthen, love to hear good news! Kim :)
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    but i love to hear stories of how people turn their lives around for the better...we all make mistakes and hopefully we all learn from them the first time...

    some take longer than others...i'm sure she is/was hurting from her father's death...

    hopefully she w/contact w/a good counselor and keep going better places in her life..


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    Thank you all. Yesterday I was feeling awful and wondered why so few responded. You know how it gets when you are really hurting. I just get so down then. Today I feel better and your responses have really helped.

    I really feel blessed by all that has happened. Turning over things to God is so very hard. I want to be in control! I can't be and I need to remember:

    "The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

    Thanks again!


    Choose joy!
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    Hi Greanbean,

    I understand what you mean and am going through a similar situation myself except daughter is much older , divorced and has three boys, two boys living with her one with leukemia & one with LD's. The eldest (17) is living with the dad -that is another story.

    She is working at a hospital MA but right now it is only the weekends. She needs more than working 2 days a week to get along . They promised to give her more hours but lookslike they are backing down so sheis looking around for another also.

    She married early to a guy and they were both immature and he also was an alcoholic that she found out later on. They both did drink but she cut back alot when she started having the kids.

    There is so much to pray for here -

    1- for all the grandkids.

    2- my daughter-her health and a good job (it seems that few places even give insurance any more to their employess so she has none). I think the hospital gives it but of course she is not working enough hours.

    4-So now they have been so busy and haven't been going to church either. All this time she was at least bringing the kids to church,etc. He x husband never went and everything was up to her. Most of the time she was the one who had to bring Jacob to his chemo treatments. Just lately he said he would so some of it (we'll see howlong it lasts)

    The one big thing that is good for her is that she and the two boys were given a free trip this month ( for 5-7 days I think) to Disneywworld through the Make a Wish Foundation. They all need to go . Things have been so hard for her and them all. The kids never got to go anywhere when they were married and now she is just to busy ether working and or trying to find more work !

    I am so happy things are looking up for your daughter Greenbean. I hope things start going better for my daughter soon.

    God bless you and your family !

    Granni (Marilyn)