The power of prayer!

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    Thank you every one that prayed for my grandson. He made it. He gave everyone quite the scare, but he made it. He has fluid in one lung..pnemonia, and has been on oxygen for a couple of days. He's doing well enough now, that going home with anti-biotics should be ok. Having that chest cough sent him into one of his weezing ordeals that he gets, and always needs treatment. The treatment just didn't do the trick, and the ambulance crew had to take him to the hospital. Thank the Lord, he was taken in time for the oxygen needed and other helps. Our poor daughter has been through so much, and of course their other children. Thank you again,
    Love Cynthia
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    I didnt know your grandson was sick.....but so happy to know he got to the hospital in time...praying for full recovery for the little one..and a healthy happy long life.

    God Bless
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    It is great that he is on the mend . I will keep him and your whole family in my prayers.