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    I replied to the post I wrote yesterday, but I was afraid you all would not read it since I am a day past responding. Words cannot express the Prayers and kindness you all have sent to my son Michael and myself. I am overwhelmed by the support I have been given. Just to validate you all that said you did not have the experience of losing a child. I lost quite a few people in my life, My Father when I was twenty, I thought that was the end as far as being in pain. But nothing can express the pain I am feeling at the loss of one of my children.
    Also it does not upset me your beliefs that James has gone on to a better place and it will be ok one day. Ladies and gents I'm just not there yet. I still believe GOD should have performed a miracle before or after he died, so I would not have to live with out him. My son Michael is somewhat at peace with this maybe one day I will feel the same. I know I am selfish in the extreme, but I am Praying for that also.
    GOD Bless all of you
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    May The lord Bless you and Keep you till the day you meet again.

    I have not a clue as to how you are feeling, but I understand about losing some one dear to me. SO I will pray for you and send you HUGS FROM ME TO YOU. Just know that you have friends here and I am one of them.
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    in taking James when He did. But you can have comfort in the fact the he is in heaven, which means he lives. You will be reunited one day. You have that assurance. Love, Terri