The Price That Has Never Changed ! !

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    We hear about "Raising Prices"
    Of “Inflation" and the “Economy”

    From Gasoline to the Taxes Crisis
    But there's a Price set for Eternity !

    This Price, it will not rise
    Nor shall escalate in cost

    With no fine print nor lies
    It was Paid and set upon a Cross.

    This Price, it won’t inflate
    There’s Warranty for Life

    This one you can’t deflate
    And it Paid for sin and strife.

    No Government or Uncle Sam
    Can ever interfere !

    Paid by the Blood of the Lamb-
    God made that very clear.

    This Price you can’t negotiate
    For it’s the same for all

    There is no Expiration Date
    And shall have no "Re-call".

    No taxes can ever occur
    For any gender, age or race

    For God says in His Holy Word
    His Son took everyone's place.

    Invest your heart in Jesus
    The Benefits are great !

    Call on Jesus Christ today
    Earth-time is getting late.

    Poem Written By:
    Tammy Boatman-Young

  2. blessings

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    How inspiring , in this day when all around is "sinking sand", and has a price tag attached to it.

    Praise and Glory to God Almighty, for His gift of salvation, FREE for the 'taking'. John 3:16