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    Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Last dance, Folks. Pull on your boots, find your
    partner, and take your places.

    Honor your partner; curtsey and bow.
    Grab your gal and show 'er how.

    Circle 'round and go to town.
    All jump up and don't come down.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where your are.

    Do Si Do, then form a ring.
    Let's have fun till the birdies sing.

    Allemande left with the old left hand.
    Weave the ring. Now ain't life grand!

    First two couples, forward and back.
    Next two couples, take the same track.

    Chickens in the hen house. Pigs are in the sty.
    The time has come to say goodbye.

    Lets' have a big hand for the band. Earl Peterson
    on the fiddle, Shirley Utz on the piano and
    Hilde Runger on the accordion. Before you
    leave be sure and shake the gals' hands. Give
    Earl a big kiss.

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    Wow, thanks Rock...for opening up again, and for that great call! Amazing that we are at neat to have been here for part of the porch history :)

    I have been in and out today...Den and I went to Lindsey and David's church this morning...Lindsey was singing a special number. Got home and fixed a quick lunch for us and her and the kids. David was at work and so busy he didn't even get time to stop by for any of the service.

    Took a short nap, then Den and I had some work to do on my parents' mobile home roof...actually have been needing to finish the "soffit" part of the new roof. Den and Clinton just built a roof over the existing one when we moved the trailer here, because Mom and Dad's roof was leaking and patches/sealers just weren't working. But the guys didn't really get the project done, so rain would blow in between the two roofs and still cause leaks.

    I was just going to throw some plastic up, but Den is helping me do it right...went to town last night and bought materials. Only got a start on it today, but hope to get done before really bad weather hits.

    I will be gone all day tomorrow. Den's dad asked me to take him to the pulmonary doctor who moved his practice over two hours away. Gpa needs a checkup every six months, and this will be the first time at the new location.

    We plan to enjoy some "Veterans Day meals" too...many restaurants serving free food to veterans. Since Gpa was at the Landing of Normany in WWII, we always try to make sure he gets to enjoy a free meal and visiting with other vets.

    I found a copy of a true story called "A Tootsie Roll Tale" about some of the battles during WWII. Might be able to google it, or I will explain a little more about it later. Anyway, you are supposed to give out copies of this story, along with a few Tootsie Rolls. I made 40 copies and bought 2 bags of Tootsie Rolls...thought Gpa would enjoy doing that.

    Can't stay on here long, but wanted to tell Springwater how glad I was to hear from her...have missed you and worried if anything was wrong.

    Lindsey and now Amy have been feeling pretty rough. The kids are holding their own, but Isaiah seemed to be a little worse today. They are going to the "far away" chiro tomorrow...maybe he can help what's going on. Amy has been resting all weekend, so I hope she can manage a full work week.

    Better get to bed...very long day tomorrow and I am not feeling anywhere near 100%, but glad Gpa asked me to take him.
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    Thanks, Rock, for starting us off with a new Porch. I have got to get to Trader Joe's before the huge onslaught of Snowbirds make going down that way impossible. Those brooms are sold at Publix for around $5. I almost had an asthma attack when they displayed them near my cash register. They had to move them. It's one thing to get a whiff of them but quite another to be around them for hours. Some people have houses in which the front door is parallel to the back door, allowing too much Chi to race through the house. Putting something wooden over the back door keeps the Chi from doing that. The usual item is a wooden flute but a wooden broom would work as well. Loved the term, Lone Arranger! I laughed about my "Manuel" labor but in this case, it's Pedro. I have never seen that cartoon, "Argyle Sweater." I'll have to look it up. Our elderly population down here only likes their old tried and true comics. Every year, they vote for which to keep and which to toss. I love "Get Fuzzy" but the old folks, which actually includes me, don't get it. I read the weekly newspaper online but go to Yahoo to read the comics.

    Julie, I hope that crud y'all have had doesn't just keep recycling. That often happens with kids. I saw all the ads on TV about the free dinners for Vets. I think that's so nice. I keep seeing all these other ads for charities for Vets for helping them heal. I think it's a wonderful idea but it also makes me furious that our government just goes off to war without planning on taking care of the Vets' needs when they return. It's a national disgrace!

    Springwater, I knew what you meant, that you wouldn't have to actually remove walls physically. There are many homes which do not easily lend themselves to Feng Shui. In that case, one can only do one's best or Feng Shui each room. I have some lovely crystals. I had programmed one for healing but now use it for pendulum work. It's got silver on one end, so I can't soak it in salt water but I often put it out under the full moon's rays. I use the "Crystal Allay Cards" for quarterly forecasting. They are always right. I like them so much better than Tarot. I also love that each stone and crystal has it's own frequency which can be used to call on for help.

    Granni, the work is all done! Woohoo! Yesterday, I got started at 7:00 and was done by a little past 9:00. I took four large garden bags full of clippings down to the dumpster. Everything is pruned and raked up. The last thing I did was to plant some orange New Ginnea impatiens in the flower boxes which hang in front of the stair landings. The boxes also have some kind of variegated vine which hangs over the edge around the flowers. It looks amazing, especially since the boxes hang above our orange Ixora bushes. It feels sooooo good to have it all done. Yes, I'm a bit stiff and sore, especially my hands, but I'm so glad I got it done. I haven't been able to catch Julie so I can see the kitties. From what she has told Barb, everything is going well and that makes me happy. As much as I love them, I'm glad to be free of the responsibilities of pets. Of course, I would take them back in a heartbeat if they needed me but I know they have a good, loving home.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for your kind words about my making the right choice when my neighbor was sick. She ended up driving herself and, evidently, was OK. I think this poor woman just freaks out when she has to handle anything. Those of us who are old hands at living alone don't let much panic us. Mmmmmm! Clam Chowdah! I love it. Also, oyster stew. I'm hungry for salmon and Publix has it on sale. Gonna run to the store this morning. I bought the movie, "Hugo" and love it. I just knew that it is one I would watch over and over. I saw a special on those antique automatons. Fascinating! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to watch movies, or do much of anything else, since taking on the yard project.

    Today I have to get through my paperwork and throw out old junk mail. Each day, I have scanned my mail and removed bills and other important mail. I've just piled up the junk. I have a stamp which covers my name and address before putting things in the recycle bin. It's amazing what identity thieves can do with only a name and address. It's more work but I breathe more easily too. I will continue to take care of the needs of the landscaping but will turn my attention to the inside of my condo. I also need to clean the carpets in the SUV because we used it to transport all those plants and mulch. Passenger mats need to be cleaned too. I'm tired and have been sleeping a lot but every day, I thank God that I have the energy to do what needs doing. Landscaping is more rewarding than housework or paperwork but I'll just have to soldier on.

    Hope everyone else has NRG and a pain free day and some joy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Grandpa was at the Normandy landing on D Day?! Wow! Sixty nine years ago!
    The greatest armada ever assembled in history. Dwight D Eisenhower was in charge.
    He had no combat experience, but was highly regarded as an organizer/planner.
    He was the third 5 star General in our history.

    Is there a family history that includes Granpa's memories, Julie? One of my ancestors
    wrote two books, but never even mentioned his service in the Civil War. A big thank
    you to Grandpa and all our other vets.

    The book by Fannie Flagg that I just read is about the women pilots during WW II.
    They flew new planes from the site where they were manufactured to military
    bases. SG, I loved the book. I hope you do too.

    Thanks for the automaton video. I remember reading about same years ago. The simplest
    machines had a small person inside. A dwarf or a real child. But I never saw this sophisticated creation. Isn't it amazing that it still survives and is functional?

    I wish I were still functional. Ha Ha!

    I had not heard about people donating their luggage. Funny, huh. Everyone wants to
    have nice luggage. No one wants to have baggage.

    Granni, the radio and print reporter who always started his broadcasts with the Mr and
    Mrs America quote was Walter Winchell. He was a colorful character and incredibly popular.

    Well, I have nothing scheduled for today. Pretty much the case most days. Gordon told
    me he was going to do something, but I can't remember what. Well, I hope we all can
    manage to get something accomplished today.


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    Almost ready to head out...Gpa wanted a "wake up call" at 8:00 am and I just did that, now need to get myself rounded up, lol!

    Rock, Gpa came to each of our girl's American History class when they were in high school. Someone recorded one of those visits, so we have a video of him speaking and showing some of his things from the war. He will be 92 next week, on the 21st...quite a guy...

    Mikie, glad you got all that yardwork done...sorry it ended up being so much more than you had bargained for. War is bad, all the way around, isn't it? I agree, it would be better if the vets were treated better when they returned.

    Better get going...Hi to everyone!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Since my early morning post, I managed to lose my breakfast and visit the porcelain throne at least six times--Herxing! :confused: Bah! At least, it means lots of little critters are dying off. The signature headache is fairly mild so that is a good thing. I had thought I was through and went out. Good thing the diarrhea stopped long enough for me to shop until it started up again when I got home. Timing is everything in life.

    Picked up my Rx's at Target. I talked the woman there into filling my other two a few days early so they would all be refilled on the same day. As it is, I just get three filled and a couple of days later, I have to go back for the other two. I needed a new pair of sneakers but Target didn't have anything of value.

    I went to Bealls and tried on all those crazy neon Nikes. Nothing felt right. Then I tried on a pair of Avias, a brand I usually don't wear. They feel really good. As it is, they are silver with hot pink trim. They were $60 but Bealls was taking $5 off all their regularly priced shoes. So, I'm thinking I'll get them for $55 and use my $10 coupon. When the clerk rang them up, they were on sale for $29.99. With my coupon, I got those $60 shoes for $19.99. Woohoo! Gotta love a deal. I ruined my old sneakers doing the landscaping. One sole came completely off. For a bit, it was flapping in the wind.

    Finally, I stopped at Publix and got some chicken tenders. Even with my stomach upset, I needed to eat something. I plan to rest the remainder of the day. I know I overdid it with the gardening. It'll take a bit to get some NRG back.

    Rock, those women pilots not only ferried new planes but also towed targets for other pilots to shoot at. It was considered very dangerous work. Those old planes were built for average sized men and very difficult for women to fly simply due to the size of everything and the strength needed to handle them. If a plane goes into a dive, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to pull the nose back up.

    Julie, saw a bit of President Obama's speech today. He acknowledged a WWII vet who was 107 years old. The man looked nowhere that age and was able to rise for his standing ovation.

    I'm catching up on TV shows I missed due to falling asleep early. I am so drained at the end of each day. Good thing for On Demand.

    Love, Mikie
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    Made it back okay...was a long day, but Gpa held up very well. We always have fun and do our share of laughing whenever we spend time together. At the free veteran breakfast (at one of our grocery store delis) they wouldn't let me pay for my meal...said, "Spouses are free too." I said, "Well, I'm just the daughter-in-law" and the guy at the counter insisted. So, Gpa and I laughed on the drive, because I would still be "Mrs. ______"

    We stopped for an early supper on the way home, at a had a good, busy day. Roads were a little slick as we got closer to home, but made it okay.

    Mikie, I am so sorry you got sick again...yes, I bet you did overdo quite a bit...but I know you felt it was necessary and I'm so glad you got the planting, etc. done. Hope you feel better very soon.

    Jam, I give my grandkids those mini cones...they are happy and just enough for them.

    I'll post a pic of me and Gpa today...was a lot of fun watching him visit with other veterans. Gotta crash now...had a bad headache for a good part of the day, but didn't want to let on to Gpa. Now I'm home and can just chill till bedtime.

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    Hi Kids

    If I knew how to post a pic, I would. We got a notice of an orchid show that shows a
    monkey orchid. If you're curious, search for Monkey Orchid Flowers, Photos. They grow
    in the mountains of Ecuador and Peru. Their genus name is not simian as you might
    expect, but Dracula.

    Gordon has been doing lots of work in the garden. Yesterday he divided an orchid into 5
    pieces and transplanted them. He also dug out the bird of paradise plant which was a
    substantial undertaking involving sawing and digging. We also took down the venetian blind
    in the computer room and washed it with the hose. Probably hadn't been cleaned in 30
    years. His mother, and I'm quoting him, was a terrible house keeper although she was superb
    at keeping junk. We got rid of lots of stuff when we moved in, but there must be a least a ton of stuff that needs to be disposed of.

    Sounds like Grandpa had a nice day, Julie. Glad to hear you have a video of him talking
    about his experiences. My dad brought back lots of stuff from WW II including K rations,
    medals, a gas mask, his false teeth (he got 'em in the army). Probably the most collectible
    items were two German daggers in scabbards with Swastikas on the hilts. Wonder if
    anyone in the family knows where they are. I see similar stuff on the net for sale priced
    at several thousand dollars.

    Mikie, I note you've been working your discount magic again. You should do all the shopping
    for our government. I thought of you last night when I was looking at opera recordings. A
    budget recording company sells CDs of live opera performance. The cost for a 2CD set is usually around $15.

    One of these recordings is now out of print, but you can buy it on Amazon for $3769!* I
    think the seller has been sitting to close to the speakers for far too long. I wouldn't pay that
    much if the singers came to my house and did a live performance. Anyhoo, I looked
    around the net. Found the same thing on sale for $14.27. (Didn't even need a coupon.)

    *Not a typo. They are really asking for $3769. I doubt they are serious. Maybe it's an
    attempt to drum up publicity. The performance, BTW, was way back in 1969 when we
    were all young, slim, beautiful and healthy (I hope).

    Chili with turkey sounds good, Jam. I never eat canned chili. Too spicy for me. Actually
    I haven't eaten chili since I left home. For some reason most people put chili powder in
    it. My mother's chili was bland a tuna hot dish.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Jam, thanks for the "tour" of TJ's. It sounds heavenly. I have GOT to go. Even this early, though, the streets are crowded with Snowbirds. I had better go soon or not until after next May. I wonder whether, if war were not so profitable, we would be so inclined to wage it. I love chili. I should make some. When I've been sick or out of commission for a while, I just stop cooking. I still eat halfway decent food but I just don't make it myself. I do try to stay away from the highly processed stuff.

    Rock, your story of the opera set made me think of my downstairs neighbors. They love fresh air so open all the windows as soon as they are up and about. The other morning, I heard them singing opera but I think each was singing from a different one. He is from England and she from France. They have been here more than 30 years but both have thick accents. They love it here and are American citizens. They seem so happy and playful, singing all the time. They are very active, playing tennis, swimming, and going out gadding about. Now that's the way to be retired. If only the rest of us had the NRG to be like them.

    Dracula orchid, huh? If you get too close to it, does it bite you and drink your blood? If you stare at it, does it drive you batty? I had a lovely orchid but it died. I found out later that Lowe's would have given me my money back or replaced it. The orchid expert told me why it didn't make it. They have to be repotted when you get them home, out of that mossy stuff they come in, and potted in one of those wooden airy boxes or a pot with air slots around the base. The medium for repotting them is bark so the little roots get air. Well, who knew? Other than my fatality, they seem to be easy to grow down here. I may try again one of these days. It's very hard on me to lose a plant. I'll definitely look up Monkey Orchid. Honestly, I was shocked myself at the deal I got on those sneakers; I didn't know they were half priced. Then, when I used my $10 coupon, they were 1/3 of the original price. I've been too busy working in the yard to go shopping. Guess that's a way to save money too.

    Julie, thanks for the good wishes. Yes, I definitely overdid it. You look beautiful and Grandpa is a handsome man. Thanks for posting the pic. I'm so glad y'all got to enjoy the meal. I think it's such a nice thing for restaurants and delis to do a little something for our Vets. Even a small token of appreciation means so much. We owe our Vets more than we can ever repay but, at least, we can say thanks.

    I'm off to the condo mtg. this morning but not til 9:30. They owe me a check for landscaping supplies I bought for the project. I still have to get together the major share of receipts for reimbursement. I love to just go out and look at the way everything turned out. The orange flowers are beautiful and so different from the usual pinks and reds. Inside the stairwells, where flowers won't grow, we have a variety of green and red foliage. Those who live here, and visitors, are the only ones who see in there but it's like a little secret garden which delights us each and every time we see it. Now, if I can only get some NRG to clean the condo. I think the ABX, especially when I Herx, keep me feeling a bit down.

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Tuesday morning...the sun is out, but still a layer of snow showing on the ground. I hope the road I have to travel today isn't still slippery...I really need to go to the chiro. Actually, going to his office manager first, for a deep tissue massage (focusing on my neck and left shoulder/arm/hand.) Then over to the chiro for a finishing touch...

    When I get home, I need to get ready for Susan from Tennessee...she will be here sometime during the night...leaving after work for the nine hour drive to Iowa.

    Rock, what a price for a CD! I was eleven years old in 1969, lol! Was so skinny, and could do lots of somersaults, flips, etc., etc. The last time I tried to do a cartwheel (sometime in my 40's) I pulled a hamstring and ended up in the ER :eek:Haven't tried one since...

    Den's dad brought some interesting things back from the war also...our nephew has most of his stuff, but Gpa gave Amy his dog tags and mess kit.

    Mikie, not that it would ever happen in Iowa in the wintertime, but I can't imagine our nice quiet area being overrun by snowbirds, or any other "migraters". I do understand that they help the economy, though. Hope your herxing doesn't last too long...

    I'd better get myself around...have a couple hours before I leave, but tons to do now and when I get back. We are always in some sort of chaos when Susan comes, but I guess she understands and doesn't mind...she comes back every year, or even sooner. :p

  11. lydia1

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    Hi gang...have been home awhile, but feel so scatter-brained, I haven't even gotten all the groceries put away yet. The gal spent over 1 1/2 hours on my hour appt. massage...I think she helped some. We decided it might be better to just skip the chiro (was to go to him afterwards) in case he "undid" some of the progress on my arm, etc.

    But I was so wiped out afterwards, it took me over two hours to get groceries at two different stores. Oh, and I guess I did go get some lunch during that time too. Need to get busy and ready for Susan...she is on the road and expects to be here around midnight. Den just got called to an outage, so I am just sort of in limbo...I do have some supper in the oven...

    Anyway, the reason for my "unsettledness" brother called from Texas...the one who is two years younger than me, so he's 53. His wife is several years older than he is...she is German and they met and married when he was stationed over there...just had their 31st anniversary this summer.

    Bill wanted to tell me that they had just gotten through a very rough three weeks...what started as "heart flutters" with my sis-in-law has turned out to be Stage 4 lung cancer. I was driving and had to pull over to talk to him.

    I don't remember if he said it has spread to other organs or not, but is in both lungs...yes, she has smoked for years. I'm thinking he said it hasn't spread, but they can't do radiation. Doctor did some genetic testing today (blood work) and she is to go back in three weeks to find out what can be done for her, as far as chemo, oral meds, etc....

    I was just at a loss for words...he said she doesn't want her name "out in public"...wants to keep it just within the family. I know nobody on here would know who she is, but I won't mention her name per her request...

    My first thoughts are that she may not have long, but I didn't say that. My brother sounded so optimistic, but did understand that there is no cure, only treatment. All I know is that he will be absolutely lost without her...she makes almost all the "household decisions", etc...I don't mean to get ahead of things here, but I just feel so bad for them.

    She is going to keep working her part-time job and they are going to try to "live life as normally as possible." I told him we were planning to go down there in February, but could come sooner if necessary...he said we were welcome anytime. I guess we'll wait and see what the doctor says in three weeks.

    Sorry, that's all the time I have on the computer right now. Hope everyone is doing well...
  12. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I'm very sorry to read this. Windytalker would be the one to ask questions re: this. I will pray for them. Devastating.
  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Sun and Jam...I am still in a bit of shock. Jam, your SIL was my age...

    I don't think my sis-in-law will do anything other than what the doctor says...I think she does take some supplements, but I don't know what kinds. But, her doc may have some alternative treatments up his sleeve...he did tell them that they can do so many different/better things now than they could even five years ago.

    I really haven't been able to do much since I got home. Had to get groceries, and I think it took me so long because I was just taking my time and not rushing. But since I got home, I have been just slogging along...wish I could do more to get ready for company, but still recovering from the weekend before last, with sick kiddos.

    Yesterday really wore me out, but since my FIL asked me to take him, I wouldn't have said no, unless it was just impossible. Lindsey and David will be gone to Tennessee for a week over Thanksgiving...I will do a lot of resting then. :)

    Susan is a young, very busy gal, so usually just sleeps a lot when she is here, and she will spend a lot of time at Lindsey's, playing with the kids. She is "family" so I know she understands that I can't get things done. I did get her room ready and trying to make a path through the rest of the house...then won't stress about what's not done, but will just enjoy her company.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your DSIL. That's tough news to get. I'm sending up a prayer for her and the family. We were just talking out on the Balcony about how many we've lost around here to cancer. Joe, our neighbor I mentioned earlier, just lost his wife to lung cancer and she never smoked. It was very quick but I understand that's not always the case. I'm sure you know that it's better to give the body some down time after therapeutic massage because so many toxins are released in the process. Hope you can get some rest.

    Jam, Eisenhower warned us about the military/industrial complex. There are an unbelievable number of companies which profit from war, including the civilian soldiers who do everything our soldiers do but for many times the money made in the service. Haliburton was only one such company which had contracts with the govt. without even having to submit bids. They even provided the MRE's which fed the soldiers in the field. There is so much waste in our defense spending. Govts. should have to have the same stds. of cost reduction which every company has to have to survive. I am glad so much attention is being brought to our Vets to show the real costs of war. It breaks my heart to see so many really young men and women with lost limbs, brain injuries and the worst injuries, the ones which cause PTSD and suicide. Sorry to be such a downer here but if we ignore this, we will just get ourselves into another useless war in some gawd awful country which is so backward that the term "third world" is too advanced for their society. In the end, they still end up hating us so why do we do it? Our national defense does not depend on invading other countries. Yes, if they provide sanctuary or training grounds to terrorists, we can act on that but that doesn't require invading them. Sorry for the rant. I guess Veterans Day just brought my angst to a head.

    After the condo mtg. yesterday, I came home and decided to trim the one Hibiscus bush I had missed. Then, it came to me that I hadn't checked the bushes around our air conditioners. They had to be cut back to give circulation to the units. I left the cuttings to the so-called landscapers to pick up. That's the least they can do if they aren't going to do their jobs. The front of our bldg. looks soooo good and it gives me pleasure just to look at it. We have a beautiful "Spinning Bottle" Hibiscus which is orange with red and purple in the center of the flower. It is spectacular.

    Rock, I looked up those Monkey Orchids. I didn't realize that the whole bloom looks just like a monkey's body, a monkey wearing a hat. When the "hat" is pulled back, you can see the monkey's face. What an amazing thing to see. We have Ghost Orchids here in the Everglades. They were thought to be extinct but a few have made an appearance. They are not particularly attractive but it's nice to know we haven't lost them to extinction. I may try another orchid after all my work is caught up, if ever. All this outside work has really set me back. I keep thinking it's done and then something else comes up. Oy!

    I'm still very tired and achy. My hands are swollen and when I slept there for a while, they would go numb. It's just from the repetitive motion of working with the clippers pruning the bushes. It's time to work on our budgets for 2014. I've barely had time to look ours over. Our other two board members are in TX visiting their kids til after Thanksgiving. That ought to give me time to study it. We got a settlement from the company which bought the foreclosed unit in our bldg. so we can put it into a reserve acct. for uninsured damages. Our insurance has a $35,000 deductible, per incident, for hurricane damage. This basically means that anything short of total wipeout is on us. I'm glad we have this put away as it's almost impossible to find people when a bldg. is so damaged that it is uninhabitable and they have moved. No one wants to try to track them down to get money for a special assessment to rebuild. We have flood insurance to completely rebuild. Only a category 4 or 5 storm could possibly send a surge which might knock our bldg. off the foundation. That's what happened in the Phillipines with that horrible cyclone, which is just another name for a hurricane. We were lucky this year but we always have to be prepared for the worst.

    Absolutely have to do some work in here today. I fall into a very deep sleep early in the evening each night and miss all my shows. I just found out that Season 4 of "Housewives of Beverly Hills" has started so now am playing catch up. Again, thank God for On Demand. My favorite new show of the season is "The Blacklist" with James Spader. Barb watches it too. After I finally get this condo cleaned up, I may put up a few Christmas decorations. I've skipped fall decorations, except for my fantastic fall wreath on the door. I won't put up much, just a few things to get me in the spirit. In Target, they had CD's with all the old Christmas songs and it instantly took me back to my childhood. Time seems to be whipping by at warp speed these days and I keep wondering where the time has gone. That's a sign of old age. AACK!

    Well, this old lady is going to go load the dishwasher and start cleaning, even though it's only 5:00 a.m. I have to be quiet until the folks get up downstairs. They sleep til 8:00. That's usually not a problem because we are out on the balcony having coffee. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Once again, I am "lurking" attempting to keep up with all your newsy posts. Of course, I did read Julie's post about her SIL and the devastating news of her Stage 4 Lung Cancer. My heart goes out to everyone affected...these will be trying days for so many, especially Julie's SIL.

    The progression of her disease will depend on her "type" of lung cancer. There are 2 types...small cell and non-small cell. Small cell is extremely aggressive.

    There are so many different treatments for this type of disease, I can't comment on what might be prescribed for her. It's "how" she's treated that's important. When anyone, and I mean "anyone", takes the stance..."well, she smoked", they're basically saying she "deserved" it. Not so! But, this attitude can and does overflow to the people treating her and that's the worst of it.

    My niece, who died last January (never smoked!), had physicians who "experimented" on her (also Stage 4) and her days were totally miserable. They DID extend her life by about 6 months, but the quality was soooooo very, very poor. This I DO NOT want for Julie's SIL.

    I feel what's most important is that she needs to know that most cancer survivors eat a high protein diet combined with lots of "organic" veggies and fruit. This is "statistical"!! Vegetarian diets aren't successful, regardless of what you might read somewhere else. Cancer feeds on sugar, so junk food is a total no-no. No more McDonald's, etc.!! No more "pop". Soy and corn need to be avoided like the plague (over 90% contains pesticides). Organic dairy is good! Preferably, "raw" milk if it's gotten from a "clean" source. "Grass fed" beef is preferred. But, an occasional treat can't be outlawed. It's good for the "soul".

    I feel I know what's going through her mind...and it's too hard to explain here. She WILL be in my prayers...

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Mikie and true, Windy, about people having that mind-set if the person smokes. I am guilty, not of thinking they "deserve" cancer, but just thinking about the people I know who have smoked and also gotten lung cancer.

    But last night, I came across a blog of a young woman (early 30's) who had never smoked. She developed a cough and went to the doctor, but he assured her it was "just allergies"...she went several months before receiving a correct diagnosis. Two years later, she is still fighting for her life...the cancer has spread to her brain, so they are actually being more aggressive with that than with her lungs.

    Perhaps when we go down to visit, I can talk to her about diet, etc...hard to do over the phone, and if I just started sending literature/research to her, I think she would be very insulted and angry. But I will definitely run things by my brother and see what he thinks she would be open to discussing.

    I guess we are "wait and see" until her blood chemistry comes back and they see the doctor again. I thought Stage IV meant that it had spread to other organs (even though my brother said it hadn't) but in this young girl's blog, she said she was diagnosed that way because it was in both lungs, as in the case with Sis.

    I truly am worried for my brother...he has health problems also, and has dealt with depression off and on for years. I doubt he would move back to Iowa, but I'm glad they live very close to her sister and husband...and my brother works for the same company that his BIL does. Also, my brother's step-son (who he has raised since he was six years old) is only an hour away from them, so it's not like my brother will be completely alone later on.

    Well, our little gal got here around 12:30 in the night, but I stayed up another hour or so...worn out again today. But she is at the kids' right now and I am just going to putter around and work on some lunch.

    Thanks for the prayers and well is hard for me to not just rush down there and try to help my brother and Sis, but they don't need that right now...they just want "life as normal", and I will respect that.
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies!

    No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. It's just that time of year for me. From Halloween to New Year's is "Dar" has no time for Dar time. Between decorating, undecorating, decorating, undecorating,'s a nightmare in my field. I was honored, exhausted, but honored to spread Veteran's Day out over 3 days for my Veterans. On Friday the 8th, I took a group to the Milan Civic Center for a Veteran's luncheon where they received recognition, plaques, pins, and the company of other Veterans.

    It was very moving. Brought tears to my eyes when one of my favorite residents, a Marine Vet, who is very wobbly and can barely stand any length of time insisted upon standing for the Star Spangled Banner. I had hold of his his belt loop in the back and an arm under his arm. Brought tears to my eyes he was shaking so badly but would not give up.

    My Dad was a WWII Marine Corps Vet who fought all over the South Pacific. I wore his Guadal Canal pin, his Marine Corps bull dog pin, and his 45 year VFW pin in his honor. My brother was a Navy Vet, my oldest son's dad, (deceased) was an Army Vet, my oldest daughter is dating a fellow still serving in the Army and served in Iraq, and my fella of 12 years is a 4 year Army Vet and 6 year Navy Seal Vet. So Veteran's Day is very special to me. Something I am passionate about.

    On Sunday, the 10th I had a motorcycle group, (all veterans), come to the facility to serve my Vets a catered luncheon and talk with our vets. They loved it! Some of these guys are pretty young and still serving. Some have been in Iraq, some in Egypt, some in Afghanistan, and some in Viet Nam.

    On Monday, the 11th, I had a Patriotic music program with M-Jam Karaoke for them and afterwards served red, white and blue long johns from Hy-Vee and Soda in the coffee area.

    In that weekend, I racked up 7 hours of overtime. Today I took down all the patriotic deco, and took off early to "downsize" the overtime. They don't like overtime where I work. Sorry I've missed so much.

    Julie. sorry to hear about your DSIL.

    Mikie, sorry you're sick again. Get better love.

    Rock, thanks for starting the new page. Always so much fun to hear about you and Gordon and your funny jokes!

    To all Else I may have forgot to mention love to all! And, I don't remember who mentioned oyster stew and clam chowder, but Yuuuummmmm!!!!! Two of my favorites!!

    Will try to be back on soon.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Gang,

    Well, I didn't get anything started yesterday. I finally wore myself down to where I needed a whole day in bed. It's so restorative to the aching body. Hands are still swollen. It's only about 5:15 a.m., but I've already loaded the dishwasher. Can't run it til the folks downstairs are up. Sooooo, I decided to come check out my Online Family.

    Dar! What a pleasant surprise to see your post. You have been a busy lady. I hope we get to hear from you more now. What always stands out to me is that every generation has had its war and returning Vets. Almost everyone has a Vet in one war or another. I'm glad to see that we are finally honoring them for their service. Even more sobering is a trip to Arlington to see how many have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Julie, I agree that the issue of smoking should not enter into the conversation when one has contracted cancer. Now, so many who have never smoked have lung cancer. As a former smoker, I know just how difficult it is to stop smoking. I have COPD many, many years after I quit. It just doesn't seem fair that someone who never smoked can get lung cancer. There are so many kinds of cancer but researchers are finally learning that treatment often needs to be tailored to each patient. I keep your SIL in my prayers.

    Rock, Yahoo carries the comic , Argyle Sweater, and I've been reading it. For anyone who likes play on words, it's a riot. I like reading my comics on Yahoo because they are in color every day. I read our newspaper online 'cept for Sat. and Sun. and don't like the little B&W funnies during the week. Nothing much to tell after I slept all day yesterday so will sign off for now.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Julie - so sorry to hear about your SIL. That is just terrible. I only had time to check the posts very quickly and get off. I have to run to chiro. in a minute or two. Will try and get back later. Has been a very busy couple of days. It is

    Hope to check in later today. So behind in everything including exercises - ugh.

    Love you all,
  20. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Dar...What a wonderful tribute to those veterans.:) I suspect their hearts were touched deeply. I know this all had to be a lot of work for you, but you brought a lot of happiness to them. I know your work isn't finished...especially since other holidays are in the wings. Just can't take care of others if you don't take good care of yourself.

    Julie...It's good to know your brother and SIL have a strong support system in their family. That's very helpful!!! I'm not sure how the "stages" of lung cancer are rated. I was Stage 3A which meant the main tumor was in a lung but lymph nodes outside of the lung were affected and, at the time, not a surgical candidate. It could be since she has it in both lungs that's the reason for the Stage 4 diagnosis since she's also not a surgical candidate. I'm curious to know if it's traveled outside her lungs.

    Even though Lance Armstrong has retired in shame, he was an inspiration to me. He developed prostrate cancer (from bike riding) that traveled to his lungs and his brain. And, he beat it and he couldn't have beat it without the use of steroids. It's too bad he took advantage of it after his cure.:(

    But, do know this, prayers least they worked for me. And, the more, the better.

    Mikie...I guess I didn't realize you were sick again. Gads, gal, you need a break! Hope you're starting to improve.

    To all...please stay well (or as well as possible).