The Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system - CFS, the cause, the solution

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    Aside from being both a former (and sometimes present) CFS patient, and cancer survivor, I am also a scientist and entrepreneur in the Nutraceutical and Biotechnology fields.

    After working very closely with Russian scientists and researchers, the obvious has been made more obvious yet I'm surprised why the "experts" such as Dr. Cheney have not understood and approached these concepts earlier.

    I shall quote an excerpt from this research article on the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system's relationship to the HPA axis

    "The neuroendocrine and immune systems communicate bidirectionally. The neuro-immune-endocrine interface is mediated by cytokines acting as auto/paracrine or endocrine factors regulating pituitary development, cell proliferation, hormone secretion, and feedback control of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis"

    "THE NERVOUS, ENDOCRINE, and immune systems are anatomically and functionally interconnected. These organ systems both express and respond to a large number of common regulatory molecules including steroids, neuropeptides, cytokines, and neurotransmitters, which provide the molecular basis for integrated, bidirectionally coordinated neuroendocrine-immune responses to homeostasis disturbances induced by stress, inflammation, or infection (1, 2, 3). HPA axis activation, which is under primary hypothalamic control by CRH (4), is critical for maintaining physiological homeostasis under these circumstances. "

    Now, CFS is basically termed "sickness behavior" by the scientific community, this is basically the response of the nervous system towards certain immune messengers called cytokines, particularly IL6 and TNF-alpha. They are considered pro-inflammatory cytokines. The target of these 2 cytokines (among many others) is the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in the brain. They are also at times secreted by the adrenal glands as well as macrophages (first line immune cells). Chronic release of these mediators eventually exhausts and disrupts the entire HPA axis and nervous system resulting in system wide disregulation. What we know as Fibromyalgia is actually the effects of excess TNF alpha causing muscle pain, and in some cases muscle loss.

    So why are these cytokines released? Well the answer to that can be any of the following reasons:
    1. Infection (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc)

    2. Autoimmunity, inflammatory conditions due to obesity/syndrome X - research has shown that stored FAT becomes an endocrine organ which secretes pro-inflammatory cytokines systemically creating a system wide inflammatory state (generally feeling horrible and hot/feverish). Long term this is what causes cancer. yes TNF alpha is a potent MUTAGEN (research article on this available)

    3. Undiagnosed, non-clinically visible tumor (cancer). My history of Mono (EBV) eventually gave me testicular cancer. So basically CFS led to cancer, and cancer further perpetuated CFS. Its BIDIRECTIONAL PEOPLE!! Cancer is the finally result of a imbalanced body. Many may already be at the tumor stage and not even know it.. Sometimes CFS exists for years simply because the cancer has not yet been located by a scan or blood test.. GET TESTED, just in case..

    So far we have been addressing CFS from the Psycho/Neuro aspect for the most part assuming it was a Brain based issue and under the false presumption that these patients are immune suppressed, we have been giving them further immune stimulants, worsening the problem. Now it is time to approach the problem from the right to the left (immune system backwards), modulating it and calming it.

    The key here is to put out the fire, that is, suppress and balance out the immune system and in turn, the other systems will find their homeostasis.

    1. It has been recently discovered that Vitamin D3, is the immune systems master traffic controller and referee. It makes the immune system work smarter and tells it when to quit. It also supports proper adrenal function and neurotransmitter secretion. It downregulates TNF alpha where and when it needs to be reduced.

    I personally recommend a highly bioactive form, which is biodynamically cultivated as a foodstate form by MEGAFOOD. However, if you have allergies to bakers yeast, do not take this form. It is fermented using yeast as a chaperone microorganism with vegetable extracts. If not this brand, then a D3 made from Lanolin. NO FISH OIL BASED D3. It gets lodged in liver tissue and barely has any effect other than giving people GI problems. 1000 IU's twice daily.

    2. Transfer Factor CLASSIC by 4Life. It is not like the transfer factors most of you are bombarding your bodies with here. This transfer factor actually downregulates an over-active immune system. 1 capsule 3 times daily is good.

    3. A product called i26 HyperImmune Egg by Legacy for life. It downregulates all autoimmune processes and significantly reduces levels of TNF alpha and IL6. Brings the entire immune system into an efficient balanced state while dramatically increases energy and recovery. Also has been shown to increase the body's conversion of HGH to IGF-1.

    4. "TRANSMAX" Resveratrol 500mg by Biotivia. This is a miracle molecule. Not only does it restore damaged mitochondria, allows the body to regenerate new mitochondria, it also downregulates TNF alpha and other inflammatory cytokines, acts as a mild adaptogen and antidepressant. Resveratrol is also touted as the "excersize pill" (more on excersize below). It will help the cells and body properly utilize carbohydrates and possibly prevent and reverse metabolic syndromes. 1 capsule once or twice daily

    5. Curcumin preferably C3 with Bioperine. Curcumin also reduces inflammatory cytokine levels dramatically. 300-500 mgs daily

    6. A homeopathic remedy originally designed for cancer and AIDS patients, developed in brasil called CANOVA, licensed in India as "ANBUTA". Clinically tested to reverse waisting syndrome in cancer and AIDS patients due to elevated TNF alpha, restore body mass, and appetite, while shrinking tumors. These drops (taste like plain water) are homoepathically imprinted with a proprietary blend of substances that activate macrophages (primary innate immune cells) while dramatically reducing TNF alpha! Body aches (fibromyalgia) is relieved in the process.

    7. LOVAZA - The ultimate in concentrated Omega 3 EPA/DHA. Ask your doc for a prescription. Nothing sold on the market today is as pure as this. EPA/DHA downregulate inflammatory cytokines system wide especially in the liver (the fattiest organ). Remember FAT? Yes the liver becomes a pro-inflammatory gland intoxicating the whole body causing fatigue and affecting the nervous system. Lovaza is now being tested in clinical trials for non-alcoholic hepatitis. If you do have metabolic syndrome X, for Gods sake, please eat sensibly!! Lower carbohydrates! FAT is the inflammatory enemy here! Excess carbs trigger the liver into producing more fat even if you are in a low fat diet! Fats are necessary, lower the carbs and the liver will eventually recover. 1 capsule twice or 3 times daily.

    8. For those patients with serious adrenal exhaustion due to this chronic imbalance, with 2 obvious symptoms of hypotension (low blood pressure) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), should take ORGANIC LICORICE ROOT by Solaray. In the morning before breakfast 2-3 capsules depending on the severity. This will help reverse the entire trend, by recycling circulating corticoid hormones, which act as natural anti-inflammatory agents. Also giving the adrenal glands time to restore their proper function.

    If you were told you have low DHEA levels, DONOT take synthetic DHEA. This is a powerful tumor growth promoter. You never know if you have a tumor brewing somewhere in your body (i speak from experience). Best way to replenish these levels is to take a product called DRENAMIN by Standard Process.

    9. For those who have syndrome X (elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes) forced EXCERSIZE is a MUST which will be much more tolerable once the cytokine storm is quenched. Best excersize for CFS is a WAIST TWISTING DISC. This is the ultimate in low impact, non exhaustive excersize that is detoxifying, great for the lymphatic system and neuro-endocrine and cardiovascular system.
    You should take a natural FOOD based B-complex or multi made my MEGAFOOD. Synthetic supplements should be tossed out the window, they only create a toxic body burden with all the excipients, binders and fillers, not to mention throwing the body off its homeostatic metabolic balance. No large dose single amino acids, minerals, vitamins, orthomolecules except ascorbic acid (can be taken as powder dissolved in a glass of water upto several grams daily). Co-Q10 no more than 30mg daily only the Kaneka brand which is fermented. Also, if their are any underlying iodine and mineral deficiencies, then a product called ORGANICALLY BOUND MINERALS by Standard Process is perfect. Has concentrated kelp and alfalfa supplying organ iodine and potassium. 2 key minerals required for proper energy metabolism. DONOT TAKE MAGNESIUM! Magnesium downregulates adrenal catecholamine production which will make you more tired, more depressed and more foggy minded.

    Once the immune system is calmed, inflammation reduced, fat burned off, the Nervous system will be given a chance to recuperate and re-instate its proper homeostatic control. This is vital to allow the body to restore itself.

    Fighting off invaders is sometimes not worth it, and very difficult, sometimes in the process, tissues are damaged (such as in autoimmune illnesses, where they may actually be infectious diseases by yet unknown pathogens, and the collateral damage is vital organs). THE MAIN GOAL HERE IS TO PUT OUT THE FIRE, AND ALLOW THE BODY TO GET BACK IN CONTROL!!

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    for those who are suffering from insomnia, panic attacks and anxiety, the best thing to do initially is purchase or rent the device called ALPHA STIM SCS. This is a safe form of Cranial ElectroTherapy Stimulation. It personally did wonders for me. An hour a day, clipped to the earlobes. Relaxes the mind, brightens the mood and within 3 weeks of use, panic attacks and insomnia are a thing of the past! This is an amazing device with over 35 years of research behind the technology.

    Now, why excersize is important. Popping B vitamins (catalysts) is useless without the spark plugs. The spark is ignited in our muscles and organs during physical exertion. The exertion creates a combustive state in our cells, allowing them to further synthesize other important substances like coQ10 and carnitine (yes your body produces them WHEN NEEDED ONLY!). Now the reason many CFS sufferers are deficient in Q10 is simple. CoQ10 shares a metabolic pathway with cholesterol, and once the body becomes inactive, and maintains or increases carb intake, that pathway shifts into the cholesterol synthesis pathway (storage) instead of the Q10 synthesis pathway (fat oxidation/burning). So its a perpetual downward loop into a sedentary state. Excersize is a method by which we force our body into becoming our OWN BUILT IN VITAMIN SHOP! Our cells produce bioenergetic fuel only when we give it a reason to! Once the cytokine storm is quenched, you need to find the bravery to push your body to the edge. You WILL BEGIN TO FEEL CONDITIONING INCREASING SLOWLY. IF YOU EVER CRASH, TAKE A CAPSULE OR 2 OF LICORICE ROOT,some vitamin C and 2.5mg of NADH. This will bring you back. SLEEP BEFORE 11PM or midnight a MUST!
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    I have CFS, NASH, Myasthenia Gravis (MG), and FM.

    NASH diagnosed by liver biopsy about 8 years ago. I am not one bit
    overweight, don't drink at all. I took milk thistle and my liver enzymes
    returned to absolutely normal

    Then I began Omega 3s about 1 year ago; added Vit D3 about 4 mos ago; all
    of a sudden my liver panel of AST and AZT (?) was off the charts!

    My doctor said my potassium was also low; ordered one month supply.

    Am also taking niacin for cholesterol; worked great at first, now not.

    Dr. said to decrease the niacin to one every other day (500mg). I cannot
    take statins because of the two muscle problems FM and MG.

    So, you're saying I shouldn't take the Omega 3s? Doubt my dr. would
    Rx LOVAZA. I rarely eat carbs, just complex ones. I do eat meat of
    any kind, for energy! Mostly chicken, fish, pork loin, some beef.

    I'd love to be able to afford all the supplements you mention, as I
    think there is something important to what you are saying. I don't
    think you are trying to 'prescribe' for anyone, though. There has
    been a ton of info given in the same helpful way as yours; it's up
    to each to decide what to try in order to gain some strength.

    Thank you for a most interesting post...

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    while I admire and respect Dr Cheney, and I think some of his research has made a lot of sense, I found that for me fish oil was helping A TON with brain fog, skin and hair, sleep, mood......and possibly even energy.....I am not as sure about the energy part bc so many things effect it that the way I have been feeling may have nothing to do with fish oil/lack of

    ....however, I had to stop taking fish oil bc it started refusing to stay down.....since then I have had a harder time sleeping, have started losing my hair again, have more skin issues inc hives, have been much more depressed, and have experienced a lot more brain fog....have also been crashing quite badly (but like I said, I am not sure if that's related, or not) desperately trying to figure out a way to get the benefits I had from it w/o throwing up every time I take it

    just my experience, for what its worth

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