The rabbits, the neighbor, and me

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by greygodess, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    We have lived in the same house across from an elementary school for 29 years. Every year there has been at least one rabbit living in the bushes at the school.. yesterday there were at least 4 if not 5 running around for hours.

    I was enjoying watching these rabbits when along comes a young man with a corgi like dog on a retractable leash and he walks by the rabbit borough area and then goes back the way he came. My one dog alerts me to all the dogs in the area and I had never seen this dog before. About 15 minutes later he comes back and lets the dog go into the bushes where the rabbits live. As he did this he was looking to the house at the east and laughing and yelling to someone. Like it was a joke. Scaring those bunnies.

    I lost my religion on that one. I went out in the street and called to him using a not very nice name. Donkey comes to mind. When he didn't ackowledge me I called him again by another name and then started over there to confront him.. He just stood there and looked at me. I realized I didn't have my partial in and went back in the house to get it. Also to let my one dog out( he's harmless but this guy wouldn't know that). In letting that dog out the other dog, who is dog aggresive, got out and my husband went after her. When I looked back over at the guy he was gone.

    I guess one mad crazy lady wasn't a problem but a mad crazy lady with a husband and 2 dogs were more that he wanted to deal with. At least I know where he lives.

  2. poets

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    Good for you! More people should take a stand for God's creatures. I don't know what gets into people! Some people need a swift kick in the backside! Maybe he'll think again before he tries something like that.

  3. Cromwell

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    being cruel to animals is a standard by which we measure whether people are cruel to children and often mean towards other humans.

    Thanks for scaring that moron off.

    Although I never eat mammals, I defend the right of others to do so, so long as they are kept and disposed of humanely, which never happens of course except rarely.

    This man probably kicks his dog when it suits him also.

    It is our separation from nature these days that cuases this type of stuff.

    Love Annie

    ps we just spent a long time rabbit proofing with pegged in deer netting, our veggie garden, which is large, then sprinkling back pepper around-also we leave a lot of dandelions and such growing elsewhere for the bunnies. Weed and Feed gets rid of rabbit food they prefer like dandelions, people have no idea what they do to the earth these days.
  4. sisland

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    Thankyou for defending innocent Bunnies! Bet that guy will think twice (Hopefully!) before he does that again!,,,,,DH's and Dogs can be very valuable assets!,,,,,,,,,Sis

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