The Reason I might need Surgery,

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    I read the report that was sent along with my Referral authorization form. I already knew about the results of former MRI's on my neck.

    What I didn't know, was that I have what is called ,
    "Right Mastoid Disease". I went and looked this condition up on the net. just type in the name, and a Bunch of sites come up.. Surprised the Heck out of me.

    The stupid Neruo, that I was seeing, Never mentioned that little detail to me.
    Now I know why I fall so much, because when I do fall, it's usually forward, or to the right, I have all the Symptoms of 2 conditions that are connected with the Mastiod Disease.
    One of the causes's is Tumor's/cysts, and right now I have Digital Muscus Cysts on my fingers, Great Just Great.

    I see a new NeruoSurgeon on the 20th, I am dreading it, my right ear, is wet all the time, and if I lay on it when I sleep, I wake up with it feeling all gooey, but there's not really any discharge involved.

    Back in Dec. of 2000, my right ear closed up for 2 month's, no one knew why. Mainly because I hadn't had the MRI till 2001, that showed this Mastiod Disease.
    Plus having CMP, the Trigger point's called the SCM, is what is causing some of the problems, so once again, another co-exisiting condition and FMS/CMP symptoms are the same.

    Just can't chock it up to FMS, you have to be viligant in checking out symptoms. Don't be afarid to call the Doctor's office because they might think your just having another Flare. Maybe , maybe not.
    Thank the Good Lord that I do have Dr's that will listen to me.

    So now the report say's I have, "bulging of the annulus fibrosis of C3/4 also at the C6/7,

    mild right sided protrusion of C4/5 disc with narrowing of the right C5 exit foreamen.
    same with the left C6 exit.My Cervical spinal cord is normal, well 2 years ago it was. ;o>

    there's more , but that will give you an idea of how much Fun I'm gonna be having this Summer. Dang it.

    Hope you all have a Great day, gotta do errands, the world dosen't stop just cause I feel lousy.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I'm so sorry for all that you're going through and have to face in the future!

    Hoping and praying for peace and comfort for your during this difficult time. Please keep us up to date?

    Many gentle hugs,

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    My prayers and thoughts go out to you. I am so sorry, but I am glad you are getting some medical attention for this. Keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie