The role of minerals in enzymes

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    "In essence, enzymes are what give us life. Enzymes are molecules involved in speeding up chemical reactions necessary for bodily function. Enzymes work to join molecules together or split them apart. They do this by making or breaking the chemical bonds that join molecules together.
    Most enzymes are composed of a protein, along with an essential mineral, and possibly a vitamin. If an enzyme is lacking the essential mineral or vitamin, it cannot function properly. If the body is provided the necessary mineral or vitamin through diet or nutritional formula, the enzyme is then able to function properly. For example, zinc is necessary for the enzyme that activates vitamin A in your vision. Without zinc in the enzyme, vitamin A cannot be converted to the active form. This deficiency can result in night-blindness.
    Many enzymes require additional support in order to perform their function. This support is called a coenzyme-a molecule that functions along with the enzyme. Like enzymes, most coenzymes are composed of minerals and/or vitamins. If the coenzyme is lacking the mineral component, the enzyme is again powerless. Most heavy metals cause major problems in the body because they take the place of the nutritional mineral in enzymes, making them inactive. In turn, higher dietary levels of nutritional minerals help prevent heavy metal toxicity."

    Ref: Article from Great Smokie Diagnostic Labs and Hair Analysis

    Enzymes break down protien into amino acids (protease), assist digestion, synthesize hormones, neurotransmitters, dissolve scar tissue, dissolve the isoprin protien bond of some viruses, cleanse the blood, dissolve fat (lipase), dissolve fibrin blockages (protease).
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    And if you don't get a good, absorbable mineral supplement or eat lots of veggies, you are probably deficient in them. Don't just get a vitamin supp that has a few minerals in it, get a complete mineral supplement, too.

    Blood tests don't measure things like these. That's why we can feel like we're dying and the ER doctors think we're crazy. Just because they don't happen to be taking measurements of the chemicals that are off in our bodies, they seem to want to believe we are imagining our illness.

    Malnutrition is what is making us feel bad; it is really that simple: we are deficient in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If your body is unable to get them from the food you eat - that is, if your body is too "broken" right now to do that - then buy them in a bottle until your body repairs itself enough to get them from food again. You don't have to be homeless to suffer from malnutrition, you just have to eat foods made by Kraft, Nestle, Keebler, Little Debbie, Nabisco, McD's, KFC, BK . . . etc.

    You may not be deficient in calories, but as far as nutrients are concerned, you're starving to death!


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