~ The Rose Among Thorns ~

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    ~ The Rose Among Thorns ~

    The Rose, among the thorns,
    Has shown me the meaning of life
    And took me out of living in strife.

    The thorns, you see,
    Seemed to choke life from me.

    In reality, the cares of the world
    With pain, unfurled,
    Brought me to my knees.

    Life was passing me by
    With no meaning.
    Not being a Christian,
    I could see no reason for living.

    I was at the end of my road,
    With such a heavy load;
    No where to turn.
    But, my heart did yearn ...

    To be in a place of grace.
    As if in a vision, I saw His face;
    The face of HE, the Lord Jesus,
    Emmanuel, with us.

    Upon His head was a crown of Thorns.
    HE looked at me with pain.
    HE could understand and explain.

    HE knew exactly what I felt,
    Through and through.

    HE knew what I knew.
    His heart beat true.

    Though, I was nothing but a fool.
    I could see His mercy.
    His compassion was not cruel.

    HE, then, took from me
    The sin and pain.
    There, it did drain.

    HE took it with Him
    On the cross, where all sin
    Is at a loss and cannot win.

    I, then, knew I could begin anew
    And I felt my spirit cleansed,
    And I was no longer blue.

    Something, beautiful happened to me
    And it was all because I could see.
    Christ, gave His life
    And HE gave it for me.

    Then, HE arose into the sky
    And I knew, with HE,
    I will not die.

    But, I will be as HE
    Who knows the beauty of Love
    That grows like a Rose.

    © 2002 by Elena Ramirez