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    I have been diagnosed for 15 years with CFIDS and FM, autoimmune thyroid disease for 25 and in the past 3 years MCS. For seven years I went to a naturopath doctor who helped me so much with pain, energy, etc. Then she moved to Boston and I live in North Iowa. 5 years ago I was driving a car, doing some of my own shopping, cleaning, going to church, visiting family in the midwest, etc. Now I am homebound, on the sofa or in bed, cannot do much of anything but write, read, and make supper when possible. Even being on the phone is exhausting. One allergist who helped to diagnose the chemical sensitivies told me menopause made all the symptoms worse. I am feeling like not having any treatments from a good naturopath or accupuncturist has made me slide down hill too.
    Anyone have any ideas for me on where I can find a good one in MN or IA? Help!
    PS one of my symptoms that has gotten sooooooo bad is the internal shaking/tremors. They never go away and get much worse with stress but also with any physical movement that is involving energy. ANyone else have this?

    Thanks all
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    I'm not from MN or IA, but have some generic ideas:

    Have you looked in the phone book or on-line for ND's and acupuncturists in those areas?

    You could try calling or going to your local health food stores or food co-ops and ask there.

    You could contact local chiropractors, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and get some names.

    Does your town have an alternative health directory?

    Is there a compounding pharmacy in your area, maybe they know an ND or acupuncturist.

    Do you go to a CFIDS/FM support group, maybe someone knows someone.

    Keep on trying, I'm sure you'll find the right ND/acupuncturist for you.

    Best wishes always,
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  3. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I found a searchable directory at

    Another site to check out is

    I hope that helps!!

  4. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    we have a CFS,fms, mcs support group in town 80 miles mostly south and some west of cities, along river. also, i have found good docs in Winona, and Madelia. There is supposed to be a good naturopath in Mankato. Blessings to you. jen102

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